Liberal Studies Program
Liberal Studies Handbook

Liberal Studies is an interdisciplinary program that provides a foundation for meeting a wide range of future goals.  It’s one of the largest majors at Fresno State. The curriculum leads to a Bachelor of Arts degree, and students can earn a teaching

credential, if desired.  (Students need to apply and qualify for enrollment in a credential program by completing all program admission requirements.)

If you want to teach elementary school students or special education students, Liberal Studies provides the diversified education that you will need.

If you want to teach high school students, complete a Single Subject major--not a Liberal Studies major. You need to earn a degree in the major/subject you plan to teach.

In addition, the Blended Program is designed for Liberal Studies students who are sure that they want to get a teaching credential.  This program blends subject matter preparation (content) and teacher preparation (pedagogy) by offering coursework in both areas concurrently and in a connected manner. Students in the Blended Program have the opportunity to pursue the major and Multiple Subject or Education Specialist (“Special Ed.”) credential coursework at the same time.