Liberal Studies Program

Liberal Studies is one of the largest majors at Fresno State. The curriculum leads to a Bachelor of Arts degree within the Kremen School of Education and Human Development.

Note: Credential courses are not a part of the Liberal Studies major.
Coursework for the credential programs follows completion of the major courses. Students who wish to enter either the Multiple Subject or Education Specialist Credential programs or both, must apply and qualify for enrollment by completing all program admission requirements.

Those who wish to complete a Single Subject credential to teach middle school or high school do not complete a Liberal Studies major. These students will need to earn a degree with a major in the subject they plan to teach.

What does "Blended" mean?
Many of the courses in the Liberal Studies Blended major include, not only subject matter, also known as content, but also an introduction to the study of pedagogy (art of teaching), thus the term " Blended ". Students completing the “ Blended ” major have the opportunity to complete their major and Multiple Subject Credential or Education Specialist credential within the degree. This is an intricate major and requires that students maintain close contact with Liberal Studies advisors in order to navigate through the major and the credential program appropriately.