Minor in Urban Civic Education

The Urban Civic Education Minor (15 units) prepares students to become change agents working to address community issues. This interdisciplinary minor is available to all students in any academic discipline and is an excellent complement for students pursuing careers in education, psychology, criminal justice, social services, international affairs, and community advocacy. Service-learning is emphasized throughout the program as a way to link Urban, Civic, & Education studies with community experiences to explore the structures, processes, and issues of diverse urban cultural communities and the impact these have on the communities’ children.

For more information: http://fresnourbanciviced.org/about-the-program/


Attention applicants for Spring 2015 Credential Programs:

University Application Opens: August 1, 2014

Program Application: http://www.fresnostate.edu/kremen/applications/cred-admin.html

Please Note: Applications are considered in the order they are received. Applicants must submit a complete application as soon as possible. Admission will close when programs are full.

All deadlines are subject to change without notice. Please check this website frequently for deadlines and other information.


Need assistance in CSET Multiple Subjects test preparation?

Test prep books on reserve in the Henry Madden Library.

 Visit Library Circulation Desk for more information or call 278-2551.

Must have student ID card to view books on reserve.


Stipend available for STEM Concentration!

  • Receive $200 of the $800 Fellowship when you take Physics Pedagogy and Outreach (PHYS 168S). Check out the course's Facebook pictures at www.facebook.com/FresnoStatePhysicsOutreach!! You'll have a great experience learning how to teach science and practicing what you learn in area classrooms with other future teachers! Register now for this course!

  • Receive $200 when you take Environmental Earth and Life Science (NSCI 115) this fall or in a future semester (must also be taking or have taken PHYS 168S to receive the stipend).

  • Receive a total of $400 ($200 each) when you take Engineering Literacy (ENGR 191T) and Energy, Technology, and Society (NSCI 116). These courses will initially be offered during Spring 2014.

Bonus! If you also pass the two CSET tests that lead to a credential in Foundational-Level General Science (FLGS) or Foundational-Level Mathematics (FLM), you will not only receive reimbursement for the tests, but an additional $200 stipend! You can add the FLM or FLGS credential to a Multiple Subject credential and be able to teach math or science courses at the middle school level. 

Next Steps and More Perks: You must email May Lee (mayl@csufresno.edu) to let her know that you're interested in being a Liberal Studies STEM Fellow. (This doesn't formally commit you to pursing this concentration, but it will put you in our contact database.)  Send May your name, schedule for the semester, your email address, and your telephone number for our records. We will be in touch with you regarding get-togethers, free membership in professional organizations, travel scholarships to professional conferences, and more!

Also visit http://fresnostate.edu/academics/stem/news-accomplishments/liberal-studies-concentration.html to read more about the concentration.


MSTI Program 

Fresno State's Mathematics and Science Teacher Initiative (MSTI) is pleased to announce another excellent series of mathematics and science workshops covering the content assessed on the CSET Subtests for Mathematics (I, II, and III), General Science (I, II), and Biology, Chemistry, Earth & Planetary Science, and Physics (III and IV). See below for the workshop schedule. These subtests are designed to assess subject matter competency for the Single Subject credentials in Foundational-Level Mathematics (FLM), Foundational-Level General Science (FLGS), Mathematics, and each of the science content areas. An FLM, FLGS, Mathematics, or Science teaching methods courses is required to add a Single Subject credential to a Multiple Subject credential, as well as to add an additional area of teaching authorization to a Single Subject credential. Fresno State will offer these methods courses during the 2013-2014 academic year. 

If you are planning to earn a Multiple Subject credential and would like to be authorized to teach middle school science or math in a departmentalized setting, the FLM and FLGS credentials are designed for you! You'll have to pass CSET I and II (for math or science) as well as the FLGS or FLM teaching methods course (both will be offered during Spring Semester 2014).

Each CSET math workshop series is only $25, and the CSET science workshops are FREE (refundable deposit required). All workshops will be held on the Fresno State campus. To register for the Math workshops (and to be informed of their location when that information is available), email May Lee (mayl@csufresno.edu). Email Dr. Brad Huff to register for the Science workshops:bradh@csufresno.edu. 

For more details about the workshops and the teaching methods courses, visit www.fresnostate.edu/kremen/documents/MSTI-FresnoStateFall2013.pdf