Rehabilitation Counseling Evaluation Services

The Rehabilitation Counseling Evaluation Services provides comprehensive vocational evaluations, situational assessments, vocational assessments, rehabilitation engineering, assistive technology assessments, and assistive technology training services for people with disabilities.  We have provided services to the community for over 25 years.  We are staffed by professional rehabilitation counselors, all of whom have a minimum of a Master’s Degree in Rehabilitation Counseling.


Our mission of is two-fold. It provides Rehabilitation Counseling Master's fieldwork students the opportunity to work with real clients in a "hands-on" environment. Equally important is the vocational evaluation services we provide to the community.


We provide services that include:

  • Orientation
  • Intake
  • Interest Assessment
  • Achievement Testing
  • Vocational Aptitude Testing
  • Work Sample Administration
  • Individually Arranged Client Conferences
  • Comprehensive Vocational Evaluations
    • We offer comprehensive vocational evaluations, which include but is not limited to: extensive personal interview  conducted by trained staff, review of assistive technology needs, analysis of previous work experience, and psychometric tests for aptitude, vocational interests and personality.
  • Vocational Assessments
    • We provide vocational assessments that include both a written and oral intake with the consumer, as well as an assessment of current educational and vocational interest levels and measurable outcomes and a timeline for completion.
  • Situational Assessments
    • In collaboration with local businesses and on-campus employers, we provide consumers with actual job experience, real-time performance evaluations, soft skills instruction, and individual job coaching.
  • Rehabilitation Engineering Assessment and Modification
    • In collaboration with the School of Engineering and Industrial Technology, conducts functional evaluations in consumer workplaces and/or home environments. Results of these evaluations lead to the design, fabrication, and modification of accessible solutions.  Ergonomic and universal design principles are applied throughout this process.
  • Assistive Technology Assessment
    • We provide comprehensive assistive technology assessment services.  These services include evaluating consumers needs and functional limitations and capabilities.  The Functional Evaluation for Assistive Technology is the primary assessment tool.  Devices are available for consumer trial use as well.
  • Assistive Technology Training
    • We provide individual and group assistive technology training.  This training includes both hardware and software.  Examples include screen reading software (JAWS), screen magnification software (ZoomText), speech recognition software (Dragon Naturally Speaking), refreshable Braille displays, CCTVs, computer input devices, and environmental control units.

Did you know? Translation through our permanent staff is available in Spanish, Hmong, Lao, and Thai. Translation through interpreters is available in nearly all languages.

RCEC also provides a diagnostic profile for the following barriers to employment:

  • Learning Disabilities
  • Traumatic Brain Injury
  • Developmental Challenges
  • Mental Illness
  • Other Disabilities

Each client has an individual conference with an evaluator to discuss barriers to employment, training or education that might be needed and suitable work goals. The evaluator then prepares a written back-to-work plan. Together with our Ticket to Work Program, Job Retention Program, and Workability IV Program, the Evaluation Center, provides students an opportunity to work with real life clients in a real world situation making the Rehabilitation Counseling Program at Fresno State a "national leader in hands-on, real-world rehabilitation".

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