Meet Our Team

Shail Lopez-Ortiz

Executive Director

(559) 278-0353


Shail has 18 years of experience as a rehabilitation counselor. Her background as a business owner for 10 years has enabled her to gain unique insight leading effective teams and organizations. She is passionate about pushing her team to think outside the box and embrace unique strategies when working with students with ID/DD. Every year, Shail works with the team to adopt a theme. This year's theme is IMPACT. We are making an impact. Are you? 


"The only limit to your impact is your imagination and commitment." Tony Robbins

Jasmin Rocha

Residential Coordinator

(559) 278-0173


Jasmin's team teaches Wayfinders students how to perform and master tasks as they relate to time management, hygiene, chores, meal preparation, grocery shopping, cooking, personal finance, and self-advocacy. She conducts weekly 1-on-1 budget workshops to help students practice finance concepts they may be struggling with. Jasmin feels honored to be a part of a team that empowers students with the skills needed to live fulfilling, self-directed lives.

Leslie Shirakawa

Vocational Specialist

(559) 278-0223


Leslie teaches our students appropriate work skills and attitude in Career Development Class and places them in work internships both on the Fresno State campus and out in the community. Leslie has expressed that her favorite part of working for Wayfinders is seeing how much each student has learned, progressed, and grown in their independence and confidence. 


Stephanie Foster

University Inclusion Coordinator

(559) 278-0224


Stephanie works with our students to develop academic goals and helps foster inclusion opportunities for our students on campus by assisting with enrollment and participation in typical Fresno State courses. She enjoys being able to assist our students with living a typical college experience while developing the skills they need to be successful students and live independent lives. 

Ryan Wilson

Activities and Transition Coordinator

(559) 278-1390


Ryan supports students in developing transition plans that will enable the students to have productive and fulfilling lives in the setting of their choosing. He also supports and encourages students to participate in and plan a range of activities that will provide them with skills to independently develop a rewarding social life after Wayfinders. He enjoys witnessing each student's journey toward independence and tracking the success of students who have finished the program.

Gary Hagy

Systems Coordinator

(559) 278-0391


Gary manages our systems to monitor student progress, implements new program design features, and provides support to students for medication management and technology-related skills. He enjoys the freedom to bring new ideas and cutting-edge practices to an expanding program to ultimately improve the lives of others. He has found that the to the same extent our students continually grow as individuals so do the Wayfinders program and staff.


Gabriel Diaz

Case Manager

(559) 278-0020


Gabriel supports Wayfinders students by helping promote independence and self-efficacy. He collaborates with staff, parents, regional center service coordinators, and individual students to implement action plans to address and support student goals. Gabriel finds building a strong rapport with students, witnessing daily growth, and working with an innovative team are the most rewarding aspects of his work.

Donna Martinez

Case Manager

(559) 278-0394


As a case manager, Donna provides support and resources to Wayfinders students. Donna serves as a liaison between the student, parent, and regional center service coordinator. What she most enjoys about her work is observing student growth and development of independence. 

Mackenzie Burke

Administrative Assistant

(559) 278-0390


Mackenzie ensures the efficient day-to-day operation of the Wayfinders office. She provides support to staff, manages the program calendar, oversees correspondence, and assists with the financial management of the program. Mackenzie has a deep appreciation for working with a team of passionate and driven individuals who provide quality support to Wayfinders students.