Accounting, Procurement, Budget, & Mail Policies & Procedures

Acceptable Use of Electronic and Digital Signatures, Policy on Accounting B-44
 Jul 2014
Accounts Payable Acknowledging Procedures, Policy on Accounting B-01
Oct 1997
Accounts Payable Justifications, Policy on Accounting B-03
Oct 1997
Accounts Receivables Management, Policy on Accounting B-38
May 2000
American Express Government Card Program Policy & Procedures Accounting B-15
Mar 2014
Asset Capitalization Criteria, Policy on Controller B-04
Apr 1997
Bank Accounts, Policy on Establishment of Accounting B-25
Apr 2000
Business Reply Charge, Policy on Mail Services B-45
 Jan 1999
Cash Handling, Policy on Accounting B-42
 Oct 2011
Cell Phones and Other Communication Devices, Policy on Accounting B-07
Nov 2011
Chargebacks, Policy on Budget B-08
May 1995
Contract Signatures, Policy on Procurement B-09
Jul 1996
Direct Payment of Incidental Purchases, Policy on Accounting / Procurement B-10
Feb 1999
Envelopes, Policy on Interoffice Correspondence Mail Services B-47
Feb 2000
Generic Invoices, Policy on Accounting B-12
Oct 1997
Hospitality, Policy on Controller B-24
Nov 2014
Honoraria, Policy on Procurement B-21
May 2000
International Agreements, Policy on Review & Approval of President APM 676
Feb 2013
Mail and UPS Shipments, Policy on Personal Mail Services B-50
Feb 2001
Mail Stop Format, Policy on Campus Mail Services B-46
Mar 1998
Multiple Year Requisitions Procurement B-40
 Mar 2000
Non-Profit Standard "A" Permit Mail, Policy on Mail Services B-48
 Apr 1998
Overnight Express Service, Policy on Mail Services B-49
 Jan 1999
Petty Cash Fund, Policy on Accounting B-13
Jun 1998
Prior Year Funds Procedure, Policy on Budget B-14
Apr 1997
Procurement Card Handbook Procurement B-20
Aug 2013
Procurement Procedures, Policy on Procurement B-28
May 2000
Property Accounting/ Disposition (Equipment) Procurement D-02
Feb 2000
Purchase Orders and Direct Pay Procedures, Policy on Confirming Procurement B-29
May 1999
Refund of Fees, Policy on Controller B-30
Apr 2000
Return Address Format, Policy on Mail Services B-51
 Jun 1996
Sales & Use Tax, Policy on California Accounting B-06
Oct 1997
Special Mailings, Policy on Mail Services B-52
 Jan 1999
Trust Accounting, Policy on Accounting B-39
May 2000
Unrelated Business Income, Policy on Financial Services B-43, APM 608
Sep 1998
Vendor Data Records, Policy on Accounting / Procurement B-17
May 1993
Vendor Invoice Requirements, Policy on Accounting B-18
Oct 1997