University Advancement Policies & Procedures

(Development, Naming, Publications, Media & Workplace Messaging)

Bulletin Board, Policy on University University Communications F-05
Jun 2012
Gift Procedures, Policy on VPUA F-01
Jan 1999
Gifts, Endowments, Naming - Advancement Services Policies & Procedures Manual VPUA APM 611
Jan 2010
Gifts, Sponsored Support, and Other Resources Acquired Through External Relationships, Guidelines on the Administration of VPUA F-02
Jan 2005
Name, Policy on University University Communications F-06
 Apr 2000
Name/Seal/Logo, Policy on Use of University's University Communications APM 635
Aug 1998
Name, Trademark and Logo on Food and Beverage Products, Policy on Use of University VPUA F-03
Oct 2012
Naming of Facilities & Properties on Campus, Policy on President D-11, APM 643
Mar 1996
Publications, Policy on University Communications APM 627
Sep 2002
Social Media Posting, Policy on University Communications F-04
Nov 2012
Stationery & Business Cards, Policy on Official Campus University Communications APM 640
Dec 1997
Web Policy University Communications APM 623
Apr 2013