Workplace: Employment and Safety Policies & Procedures

Policy on Access to Barred Records by Auditor CSU Chancellor’s Office G-01 NA
Policy on Accessibility (INTERIM) Human Resources G-63 Mar 2014
Policy on Additional Employment: Faculty & Staff Human Resources G-02 Feb 2003
Policy on Additional Employment: Managers Human Resources G-54 Apr 1999
Policy on Auxiliary Additional Employment: Written Employment Agreements President's Office G-35  Sep 1999
Policy on Administrative Appointments Faculty Affairs G-03, APM 320 Nov 2012
Policy on Alcoholic Beverages on Campus, Use of EHS/RMS G-04, APM 646 Jul 2000
Policy on Assistive Device Program Human Resources G-05 May 2008
Procedures on Attendance Reporting Payroll G-06 Jul 1999
Policy on Audio or Video Surveillance Equipment, Use and Installation of VPA G-60, APM 648 Jan 2008
Policy on Campus Police Public Safety G-07 NA
Policy on Certificates of Insurance - Outside Group EHS/RMS G-36 Mar 2000
Policy on Christmas Trees EHS, RMS G-08 Dec 1995
Policy on Citizenship Service, Jury Duty Human Resources G-48 Jun 2000
Policy on Combustible Materials / Open Flame, Burning of EHS/RMS G-09 Mar 1998
Policy on Commercial Insurance EHS/RMS G-46 Apr 1999
Policy on Community Service Human Resources G-10 Mar 1998
Policy on Compensatory Time-Off Human Resources G-11 Apr 1998
CSU Rules on Conflict of Interest CSU Chancellor’s Office  html-icon  NA
Policy on Delegation of Authority for Approving Employment Transactions Human Resources G-61 Nov 2010
Policies and Procedures for Addressing Discrimination, Harassment, and Retaliation for University Faculty, Staff & Student Assistants Human Resources G-25 Aug 2012
Systemwide Policy Prohibiting Discrimination, Harassment and Retaliation Against Employees and Third Parties and Procedure for Handling Discrimination, Harassment and Retaliation Allegations by Employees and Third Parties - Executive Order 1096 CSU Chancellor's Office EO 1096  Jun 2014
Complaint Form and Procedures for Filing a Complaint of Harassment or Discrimination Human Resources G-25 (Form) Jul 2006
Policy on Dispute Resolution Human Resources APM 415 Apr 1996
Policy on Driving on State Business Controller, EHS/RMS G-14 Jul 2014
Policy on Drug Free Work Place EHS/RMS G-15, APM 391 May 1989
Policy on Employee Assistance Services EAP G-17 Feb 1997
Policy on Employee Transaction Form Procedures Human Resources G-18 May 2000
Policy on Ergonomics and Use of Special Funds Human Resources G-19, APM 647 Aug 2014
Policy on Essential / Non-Essential Personnel Human Resources G-58 Jul 2002
Policy on Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA) Human Resources G-42 May 1999
Policy on Fee Waiver Human Resources G-43 May 1999
Policy and Procedures for Fingerprinting and Conducting Background Checks Human Resources G-62, APM 315 Dec 2013
Policy on Flexible Work Week Schedule Human Resources G-20 Sep 1999
Campus Gift to Agency Procedure (also see CSU Rules on Conflict of Interest) VPA G-64  Nov 2008
Campus Gift to Agency Form (also see CSU Rules on Conflict of Interest) VPA G-64 Form Nov 2008
Policy on Job Descriptions Human Resources G-44 Jul 2000
Policy on Key Control - Campus Keys Facilities/Key Control G-22 Mar 1999
Policy on Key Control - Campus Lockbox Procedures Facilities/Key Control G-55 May 2003
Policy on Laser Safety Guidelines EHS/RMS G-40 Apr 1999
Policy on Nepotism Human Resources G-49, APM 303 Jan 2008
Policy on the Display of the Flag at half staff President G-16 May 2000
Policy on Nursing Mothers and Lactation Support Human Resources G-59 Mar 2012
Policy on Position Descriptions Human Resources G-45 Jul 2000
Policy on Probationary Period Waivers Human Resources G-39 Nov 1996
Policy on Procedures for Approving Leave Due to Illness When All Sick Leave Has Been Exhausted Human Resources G-53 May 2000
Policy on Procedures for Investigating Employee Fiscal Misconduct Human Resources G-41 Feb 2000
Process for Reassigning Permanent Employees Human Resources G-65 Sep 2007
Policy on Request and Approval of In-Range Salary Progressions Human Resources G-52 Dec 2002
Policy on Requests for Reconsideration Human Resources G-56 Apr 2002
Policy on Request for Representation CSU Chancellor’s Ofc G-24 Mar 1997
Policy on Risk Management / Environmental Health & Safety EHS/RMS G-38 Mar 2000
Policy on Smoke-Free Campus Human Resources G-57 Jul 2014
Policy on Special Consultant Classification Human Resources G-27 Jun 1998
Policy on Telecommuting Controller G-29 Nov 1997
Policy on Training Human Resources G-37 Nov 2001
Policy on Vacation Buyout Approval Requests Human Resources G-30 Mar 1998
Policy on "Whistleblowers" Human Resources G-32 Sep 2003
Policy on Worker’s Compensation Program Human Resources G-21 PDF icon
Policy on Workplace Threat of Violence EHS / Public Safety G-33 Dec 2012