We welcome you to the Asian Faculty & Staff Association (AFSA) at Fresno State!

Come join us to work on issues, activities & programs that will enrich us all as professionals!

Why Should I Join AFSA?

AFSA was founded at Fresno State in December 2008, and is seeking faculty and staff interested in supporting Asian and Asian-American issues and activities on campus. AFSA Purposes include:

  1. Utilize membership dues to award book scholarships for students.
  2. Host regular monthly meetings and assorted social gatherings for AFSA members and co-host holiday events with other faculty and staff associations on campus.
  3. Sponsor, support and partner with other groups to promote and host Asian-related cultural activities on campus and elsewhere.
  4. Afford opportunities for faculty and staff across campus to meet, interact, and socialize both formally and informally on a regular basis.
  5. Support the Asian American Studies Program Coordinator and students.
  6. Provide enhanced opportunities and funding to develop, enhance, and nurture professional leadership, communication, and organizational skills as part of a well-regarded campus organization.

How to join AFSA?

Copy the following text to your e-mail, type or choose the appropriate information in the brackets, and e-mail the text to Gil Kim at gikim@csufresno.edu.

My name is [FirstName (OtherName) LastName], and I am a [faculty or staff] member in the Department of [DepartmentName], [CollegeName] at Fresno State. I would like to join AFSA and will abide with the Bylaws of AFSA. I am forwarding my annual membership fee of fifteen dollars ($15) in [cash or check or other ways] through [campus mail (Mail Stop PB 20) or other ways].

AFSA Application Form (PDF, 200 kb)

Current and Previous Board Members

Events and Activities