The Madden Library thanks our sponsors for the Henry Madden Library's exhibition, Rollin Pickford:  An Artist and His Collectors for their generous support:

Gold Level
Coke and James Hallowell
Kay and Jim Provost

Silver Level
Barbara Moyle Dimock
Susan and James McClatchy

Bronze Level
Pat Hillman
Patricia Pickford
Geri and Jerry Tahajian

Special Thanks to:
Betty Aller
Joe Denham
Jean Carter
Virginia Eaton
Jennifer and Michael Graves
Shari Hara
Jean Janzen
Elaine Lynn
Marcie Morrison
Paul Pierce
Bobby and Charles Roberts
Janice Jansen and William Sivick
Dave Tyckoson
Joy and Doug Uyeki

His Collectors:
Suzi and Eric Acree
Tracy Collins
Roger and Elizabeth Deforest
Barbara Moyle Dimock
Virgina Eaton
Fresno Art Museum
Guarantee Real Estate
Patti Handley
Jill Jefferson
Shelli Joyer
Don Larson
Charles McAlexander
Ken and Regina Peters
William and Kelly Pipes
William Sivick, CPA
San Joaquin River Parkway
Gaylore Stearns
Stoughton Davidson Accountancy
Joy and Doug Uyeki