Welcome to the UFO!

What is the UFO?

The Untenured Faculty Organization was formed in 2009 to provide support and opportunities for professional development to pre-tenure faculty. We meet regularly and offer frequent workshops on matters of interest to junior faculty such as the RTP process, grant funding, teaching, technology and other topics.

Click on the links to see UFO officers, UFO events, plus the agendas and minutes of UFO meetings.

Upcoming Events

1) UFO End of Semester Potluck Party

The Untenured Faculty Organization (UFO) is pleased to welcome all tenure-track faculty and lecturers to celebrate the end of Fall 2014 semester.

   - Location: VERC Conference Room

   - Date and time: Thursday, December 11, 2014, 4:00-6:00PM.


2) Events in Spring 2015 semester

- Academic Senate and "What's Next?" (tentative February 27, 2015):

  a) Discuss role of Academic Senate and service opportunities at university level

  b) Discuss the path to Full Professor and administrative tracks

- Early Tenure/Promotion (tentative open date):

  a) Panel discussion with those that achieved early tenure/promotion

- "Best practices" for RTP binders (tentative April 16, 2015):

  a) Discuss best practices for putting together RTP binders

  b) Include panelists from all levels of review (Dept., College, UBRT, etc.)

- Lecturer to Tenure-track (tentative end of April):

  a) How can this be done in a "politically correct manner"?

  b) Discuss tools to set yourself up, search and find a tenure-track position

- End of Academic Year Event (tentative May 7, 2015):

  a) Final event to celebrate the end of academic year

We are looking for faculty that are interested in serving with us to help make our 'Untenured' faculty successful. Please join us to find out more about our organization and how you can make a difference!

Contact Us

The Nguyen is the current webmaster of the UFO. He may be contacted at then@csufresno.edu.