Responses to your feedback

Photo of Dr. Joseph I CastroJuly 13, 2015 – I want to thank all of you who submitted your thoughts on this feedback page. I read every comment submitted!

I am encouraged by many positive remarks about what Fresno State does best. I am especially pleased to see multiple comments that we are a campus that genuinely cares about student success and takes steps to make that happen.

Comments on what we can do better are very helpful to me and Cabinet members as we continually look for ways to improve our University. I appreciate your honesty, your desire to see our University improve and your genuine affection for Fresno State.

Members of my Cabinet and I have prepared responses to the most commonly submitted concerns. I hope these will help explain and clarify some issues and inform you about background and procedures on others.

Please click here to read responses.

Joseph I. Castro, Ph.D. M.P.P.