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  1. Jody Hironaka-Juteau (Chair), Interim Dean for the College of Health and Human Services
  2. Francine L. Oputa (Vice Chair), Director for Central Valley Cultural Heritage Institute and Center for Women and Culture 
  3. Alex Espinoza (Vice Chair), Department of English Faculty 
  4. Vicki Taylor, Project Coordinator
  5. Michael CaldwellAssociate Vice President for Faculty Affairs
  6. Frank Lamas, Vice President for Student Affairs 
  7. Dennis Nef, Vice Provost
  8. Angel Sanchez, Associate Vice President for Institutional Effectiveness 
  9. Jan Parten, Associate Vice President for Human Resources (Natacha Thompson, designee)
  10. Christina RoybalDepartment of Athletics Representative 
  11. Janice BrownDirector for Services to Students with Disabilities 
  12. Luz GonzalezDean, appointed by the Provost (two-year term (ending June 2015)
  13. Ronald Avedisian - two-year term (ending June 2015)
  14. VACANT - three-year term (ending June 2016) 
  15. Andrew Jones (Chair), CFED 
  16. Brian TsukimuraFaculty - two-year term (ending June 2015)
  17. Susana HernandezFaculty - two-year term, (ending June 2015)
  18. Julie MooreFaculty, Julie Moore (ending June 2017)
  19. Joy Goto, Faculty - three-year term (ending June 2017) 
  20. Moses Menchaca, ASI President, one-year term, (Lizbeth De La Cruz, designee) (ending June 2015)
  21. May Yang, Graduate student representative, appointed by President, one-year term (ending June 2015) 
  22. Lisa Misipeka, Faculty - three-year term (ending June 2017)
  23. Judy Clement, Staff - two-year term (ending June 2015) 
  24. VACANT, Special Assistant to the Provost, - two-year term (ending June 2015)