2016-2020 Strategic Plan


To boldly educate and empower students for success.



Discovery. Diversity. Distinction.


Strategy Statement:      

Fresno State will implement bold, focused strategies designed to maximize success for our diverse student body. In collaboration with our community partners, we will provide a transformative educational experience that prepares students to serve and to lead in the Central Valley, the state, and beyond while improving the overall graduation rate.


Strategic Priorities:

Priority One: Enhance teaching and learning through best practices, innovative programs, and high-impact experiences that attract talented and diverse students and contribute to retention, extraordinary learning, the development of the whole student, and lifelong success.

Metrics: We measure progress and success by employing the metrics provided by the California State University Office of the Chancellor relevant to graduation rates, GPA, and retention. Additionally, student satisfaction measures are developed and assessed.


  1. Access to classes.
  2. Curriculum and course redesign.
  3. Co-curricular and student support services promoting engagement and a sense of belonging.


Priority Two: Invest in a dynamic environment to attract, develop, and retain talented and diverse faculty and staff.

Metrics: We measure progress and success by analyzing metrics provided by the Office of Institutional Effectiveness, Faculty Affairs, Human Resources, and Organizational Excellence.  We also will participate in the Chronicle of Higher Education’s “Great Colleges to Work For” survey, a study designed to measure workplace strengths and recognize institutions that have built great places to work.


  1. Strategically develop faculty and staff to support enrollment growth.
  2. Fair compensation to include salary, benefits, and workload. 
  3. Recruitment.
  4. Onboarding.
  5. Training, leadership, and professional development.
  6. Aspire to achieve Chronicle of Higher Education’s “Great Colleges to Work For” designation.
  7. Strengthen culture of fairness, respect, diversity, and shared governance.


Priority Three: Align our physical and technological infrastructure to support a sustainable and welcoming campus environment.

Metrics: We measure progress and success through the completion of projects and initiatives as prioritized by an updated physical master plan that supports the strategic plan and student success initiatives. 


  1. Modernize and upgrade existing facilities and infrastructure.
  2. Plan for new facilities and spaces to support enrollment growth.
  3. Embrace technology to support innovation, teaching and learning.
  4. Implement innovative parking and transportation strategies.
  5. Build and operate a healthier, more sustainable campus environment.


Priority Four: Grow and develop collaborative and engaged community partnerships to increase support for students and the University.

Metrics: We measure progress and success by tracking outcomes of K-16 partnerships, monitoring the number of service learning opportunities and internships and the hours spent on each, quantifying the impact of research on the community, tracking contributions and donations, and assessing the quality of collaborative efforts.


  1. Support the Central Valley Promise outcomes.
  2. Increase campus-community connections through service learning, internships, short courses, continuing education, and community-based problem solving research.
  3. Plan and launch a comprehensive campaign to support campus strategic priorities.


Download Strategic Plan Flyer (2.9M)

As of 3/4/2016