Chicano and Latin American Studies

Chicano and Latin American Studies (CLAS) is an interdisciplinary department that has been successful in presenting a highly informed, active, and challenging view of the Chicano/Latino experience in the United States and the cultures in Latin America. Chicano and Latin American Studies provides an opportunity for a pluralistic exchange of ideas in an interdisciplinary academic setting, where faculty, students, and visiting Chicano and Latin American scholars can share experiences and create a dynamic, intellectual environment.

The Chicano and Latin American Studies Department is designed to meet the following objectives:

  • To promote an awareness of the historical and cultural roots of Chicanos/Latinos in the United States.
  • To enhance an understanding of Latin America and to cultivate an appreciation of ethnic and national differences among all people.
  • To critically analyze the Chicano and the Latin American experience in terms of significant issues, theories, current problems, and solutions.
  • To provide students with a set of important professional skills to be utilized as they interact creatively and constructively with Chicano/Latino communities and multicultural society at large.

The department emphasizes an interdisciplinary approach to the study of family life, history, politics, culture, and the arts of Chicano and Latin American communities. The courses reflect an integrated approach in providing students with greater knowledge and understanding of the social reality and diversity of Chicanos and Latin Americans.

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