2008-2009: Walton v. Blitz News Network

When Professor Lane Hamilton is found dead in a parking lot, Blitz News Network declares a local politician as the culprit. Did the network have sufficient information upon which to base such a claim or was gubernatorial candidate Drew Walton wrongfully defamed?

2007-2008: State of Midlands v. Bobbi Campbell

On the night of November 30, 2006 Dawn Francis, a Child Protective Services worker was stabbed by Bobbi Campbell with a needle infected with HIV. Was this the result of a drug-induced craze, or was Bobbi Campbell simply protecting her child from an unknown assailant?

2006-2007: Jeffries v. Polk County Police Department

After Jamie Conmey, a police officer, shoots a robbery suspect, placing him in a coma, the entire police department comes under investigation. Did Officer Conmey have sufficient reason to use lethal force on Max Jeffries, or was this an excessive reaction as a result of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, a mental defect that should have kept him off duty?

2005-2006: State of Midlands v. Tyler Perry

Tyler Perry was in desperate need of money to pay for a much needed medical operation. But would she kidnap her friend’s daughter for ransom? The Police Department thinks so. But did they really investigate all of the suspects?

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