The Faculty

Our experienced and dedicated faculty hold doctorates from many prestigious universities. Some bring years of experience in professional careers they now teach about. They take pride in providing students with a high quality education and opportunities to engage in research.

Department of Africana Studies Program 

DeAnna Reese  
Marvita Gowdy
Donald Cheek
Malik Simba
T. Hasan Johnson
 Meta Schettler

Department of Anthropology

Hank Delcore
Charles Ettner
Walter Dodd 
Penny Verin-Shapiro
Roger LaJeunesse
Adela Santana
Jim Mullooly
Kristina Roper
Franklin NG
Michael Eissinger
John Pryor
Lisa Anderson
Dvera Saxton

Department of Chicano and Latin American Studies 

Anabella Espana-Najera
 Adela Santana
Christina Herrera
Dora Leal
Maria-Aparecida Lopes
Phillip Gonzales
Carlos Perez
Armando Gomez
Ramon Sanchez
Art Amaro
Victor Torres 

Department of Criminology 

Emma Hughes
Jenna Kieckhaefer
Keith Clement
Jason Kissner
Chadley James
Hollianne Marshall
Kenneth Ryan 
Otto Schweizer 
Candice Skrapec
Yoshiko Takashi
Rosalinda Acosta-Mabre
Allen Azizian
Joe Blohm
Delia Frausto-Heredia
Lynn Button
James Herbert 
Neil Dadian
Megan Herrera 
Roxanne Farias
Marilyn Herzog 
Patrick Farmer 
Katherine Hickman
Jose Flores 
Christopher Irwin 
Timothy Kams 
George Kikuchi 
Jennifer Leahy 
Ernie Licalsi 
Steve Magarian 
Robert Mcdonald 
John Owen
Roberto Orellana 
Gordon Park 
Lissa Parker 
Steve Patton 
Marina Pincus  
Jana Price-Sharps 
Amber Salveson 
Charles Shuler 
Donna Snow 
Marcus Tafoya 
Travis Tubandt 
Stephanie Torres 

Department of Geography

Segun Ogunjemiyo 
Chih Hao Wang
Michelle Calvarese 
Sean Boyd 
Hongwei Dong 
Stuart Mcfeeters 
C.K. Leung 
Leroy Dansby 
Sam Omolayo 
Keith Woodcock 

Department of History

Mark Arvanigian 
Maria Lopes 
Daniel Cady 
Maritere Lopez 
Lori Clune 
DeAnna Reese 
Michelle Denbeste 
Blain Roberts 
Jill Fields 
Malik Simba 
Bradley Jones 
William Skuban 
Melissa Jordine 
Frederik Vermote 
Ethan Kytle 
Donald Anderson 
Rowena Bermio 
Allen Carden 
Vernon Creviston 
Michael Eissinger 
John Farrell
Brad Hart
Jose Garza
Mildred Jessie
Andrea Johnson
Lars Maischak
Victoria Malko
Joe Orbock
Alicia Rivera
Elvia Rodriquez

Department of Political Science 

Yishaiya Abosch
Lisa Bryant
Kurt Cline
Jeffrey Cummins
Kenneth Hansen
Thomas Holyoke
Russell Mardon
Melanie Ram
Mark Somma
Michael Becker
Dennis Driggers
Annabella Espana-Najera
Nick Hernandez
Michael Lukens
Marcus Tafoya
Gina Wallace

Department of Sociology 

Deborah Helsel
Matthew Jendian
Andrew Jones
Timothy Kubal 
Jennifer Randles
Christopher Sullivan
Sarah Whitley
Natasha Hagaman
Robin Huigen
Gregory Kennedy
Vera Kennedy
Catherine Medrano

Edward Nelson
Janine Nkosi

Department of Women Studies 

Kathryn Forbes
Loretta Kensinger
Larissa Mercado-Lopez
Janet Slagter
Mary Coomes
Dakota Draconi
Natasha Hagaman-Cummins
Melissa Knight
Enid Perez
Morghan Young

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