Welcome to the History Project @ Fresno State!

Based in the History Department at California State University, Fresno, the History Project @ Fresno State serves Central Valley K-12 teachers, students, schools, and school districts by supporting the development of curriculum based on the California History-Social Science Standards. Our objective is to foster student achievement by equipping teachers with the content knowledge and teaching models necessary to promote academic literacy and renewed interest in history and the social sciences. The History Project achieves these goals by offering institutes and workshops covering three major areas:

  1. Developing Academic Literacy
  2. Deepening Classroom Content
  3. Supporting the Standards


The History Project @ Fresno State is the Region 7 professional development provider for teachers of history/social science, and one of seven California History / Social Science Projects commissioned by the California State Legislature with administrative oversight from University of California Office of the President. History Project services meet NCLB standards for high-quality professional development.

For Contracting Our Services:

Contact Melissa Jordine, Project Coordinator and Faculty Advisor, for more information.

A NCLB professional development provider.
Earn HOUSSE points.
College credit available.