Dr. Ram and Students

Students Majoring in Political Science

Our majors come from a wide variety of backgrounds and plan to follow many different careers paths with their bachelors or masters degrees in political science. During their time at Fresno State our students come to know the faculty well, and in some cases are given opportunities to participate in research. Many of our students even get to present research papers at professional political science conferences. Other students become very politically active while working on their political science degrees, working on local campaigns, interning for elected officials, and even working for local, state, and federal government. Many of our students are also active in political organizations on campus.

To learn more about the many types of careers you can pursue with a political science major, as well as the department's student organization, click on the buttons to the left.

Anne BedasciMersereau

Anne Bedasci and Jenna Mersereau presenting at the inaugural honors 
program for the College of Social Scinece


Political Science Major Advising

Please click here to find out who your faculty advisor is.

The department REQUIRES you to bring your most recent Degree Audit Reporting System, or DARS, form with you to your advising meeting. Your advisor will not meet with you if you do not bring one.

For more information on what DARS is, please click here.

For more information on how to view and print your latest DARS report, please download this file and look at the second page.

Remember that all students must complete Fresno State's writing requirement, either by taking a course with a "W" designation or passing the writing exam. Information on the writing exam can be found here.

For your convenience, here is a list of General Education (GE) requirements all Fresno State students must fulfill. Here is a list of GE courses offered by the College of Social Sciences.

Students interested in the legal studies certificate we offer should also be aware of these requirements.

Here is a list of requirements for graduation.

More information on advising can be found here.

For more information on the many resources the university offers students, including health and academic support information, check out the Fresno State Student Resource Guide.

Students with any concerns regarding their personal safety are encouraged to consult the CARE Team website for information on what they should do.