A student may totally (completely) withdraw from all courses up to the last three weeks of instruction. Complete withdrawal during the last three weeks of instruction is only permitted in cases such as accident or serious illness, where the cause of withdrawal is due to circumstances clearly beyond the student's control. If a student withdraws through the first four weeks of instruction, only the date of withdrawal is posted on the permanent record. If the student withdraws after the first four weeks, a W is posted for each class as well as the official date of withdrawal. For purposes of subsequent registration and catalog determination, students are considered as having been enrolled for that semester.

A student who withdraws from the university after the tenth day of instruction and who is in good academic standing (not disqualified) is eligible to enroll the following semester without reapplying for admission. A student remaining unenrolled at the university for only one semester and not enrolling at another accredited institution during the interim must apply for readmission, may use the short application form available from the Admissions Office, and is not required to pay the application fee. However, a student attending another accredited institution or not enrolled for two or more consecutive semesters must reapply and pay the application fee. Contact the Evaluations Office regarding possible consequences if you remain away from California State University, Fresno more than one calendar year.

To withdraw from all courses for the current term, complete the Drop/Withdrawal Form and follow instructions.

Consult the current Class Schedule for specific withdrawal instructions, procedures and deadlines.