Career Planning Handbook 2016-2018Career Planning Handbook

Career Development Center Handbook 2016-2018 ( PDF)


Exploring Majors

  • Career Assessment & Exploring Your Options (PDF)
    • Using the O*Net and OOH After the Kuder Journey (PDF)
  • The Career Development Process (PDF)
  • Online Resources: Career Planning (PDF)

Exploring Careers & Networking

  • Informational Interviewing & Networking (PDF)

Resumes & Interviewing

  • Undergraduate Resume Template (PDF)
  • Graduate Resume Template (PDF)
  • Action Verbs (PDF)
  • STAR Stories Worksheet for Behavioral Interviewing (PDF)
  • Dressing for the Interview (PDF)
  • How Are You Rated During an Interview (PDF)
  • Interview Question and Answers (PDF)


  • Looking for a Job or Internship (PDF)

Working Internationally

  • 7 Strategies of Obtaining International Employment (PDF)

Free Career Resources for Non-Fresno State Students

  • Free online career assessments (PDF)