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Beacon Integrity 2013 Nominees


Holly Baum and Bernie VinovrskiHolly Ann Baum and Bernard Vinovrski (Associate Vice President for Enrollment Services)

Rick Chacon and Bernie VinovrskiRick Chacon and Bernard Vinovrski

Mary Galvan and Bernie VinovrskiMary Galvan and Bernard Vinovrski

William Hardaway and Bernie Vinovrski
William Hardaway and Bernard Vinovrski

Jessica Medina and Bernie VinovrskiJessica Medina and Bernard Vinovrski

Francis Pena and Bernie VinovrskiFrances Pena and Bernard Vinovrski

Holly Ann Baum's Beacon Integrity Award  

Dr. Oliaro and Holly Ann BaumPaul Oliaro (Vice President for Student Affairs) and Holly Ann Baum

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William Hardaway's Beacon Integrity Award

 Dr. Oliaro and William HardawayDr. Paul Oliaro and William Hardaway

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Service Excellence Award 2013 Nominees

 Cynthia Dolan and Bernie VinovrskiCynthia Dolan and Bernard Vinovrski

Kathy DunbarKathy Dunbar

Gabriela Encinas and Bernie Vinovrski
Gabriela Encinas and Bernard Vinovrski

Alicia Montejano Alicia Montejano

Gary Nelson and Bernie VinovrskiGary Nelson and Bernard Vinovrski

Dirk Ruthrauff and Bernie Vinovrski
Dirk Ruthrauff and Bernard Vinovrski

Phong Yang and Bernie VinovrskiPhong Yang and Bernard Vinovrski


Robyn Gutierrez's Service Excellence Award

 Dr. Oliaro and Robyn Gutierrez Paul Oliaro  and Robyn Gutierrez

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Phong Yang's Service Excellence Award

Dr. Oliaro and Phong Yang Paul Oliaro and Phong Yang

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