Financial Aid Fee Deferment Criteria

A Financial Aid Fee Deferment does not pay your fees and does not waive your fees.

A Financial Aid Fee Deferment permits eligible students to delay payment of class registration fees.  Deferments are issued based on the expectation that fees will be paid by financial aid.  This deferment allows students with unpaid fees to remain registered for classes, but only until the fifth week of the semester.

WARNING!   If you are issued a fee deferment but subsequently discontinue to meet the criteria listed below, your fee deferment will be removed; you will be responsible for paying your own fees and meeting the fee payment deadlines in effect at the time.  If your deferment is removed and you do not meet payment deadlines, you will be subject to disenrollment from classes.

Students utilizing a fee deferment to postpone payment of tuition and/or class registration fees agree to:
  • Have university tuition and fees paid out of their financial aid awards.
  • Be responsible for paying any balance due for tuition and fees by the end of the fifth week of the semester if financial aid to pay these fees in full has not been disbursed by the beginning of the fifth week.
  • Acknowledge that they will be subject to disenrollment from classes if fees and tuition are not paid in full by the end of the fifth week of the semester.


To receive and remain eligible for a fee deferment, students must meet all of the following criteria. Fluctuations in any of this criteria, most commonly enrolled units and EFC (due to FAFSA corrections submitted by the school or student), may cause you to lose or gain deferment eligibility.

  • Maintain enrollment in at least 6 undergraduate units, 4 graduate (200 series) units or 3 doctoral (500 series) units for the term
  • Meet Financial Aid Satisfactory Progress requirements
  • Have a Financial Aid Application (FAFSA) for the current year on file with the Financial Aid Office.
  • Have completed all Financial Aid TO DO items
  • Have a current Expected Family Contribution (EFC) of 5234 or less   OR    Have accepted Federal Perkins, Direct or PLUS Loan for the term
  • Have been admitted to a Degree or Teacher Credential granting program:  Bachelors, 2nd Bachelors, Cal State Teach, Teacher Credential, Masters, or Doctorate
  • Have accepted student loans in “good standing” and owe no repayment of financial aid to the Department of Education
  • Have no drug convictions that will prevent you from receiving financial aid
  • If you have been disqualified for Satisfactory Academic Progress reasons, you have been given a one time fee deferment for the July 29, 2016 fee payment deadline. No future fee deferments will be issued for future fee payment deadlines. SAP disqualifications must either be resolved by August 19, 2016 or a payment must be made to prevent disenrollment from the next fee payment deadline.

If you have any questions about your Fee Deferment eligibility, please call the Financial Aid Office at:  (559)-278-2182