SAP Policy 2015/2016 PDF

In accordance with state and federal regulations, Fresno State has established standards of satisfactory academic progress (SAP) for all financial aid applicants.  These standards apply to all grant, loan and work-study programs administered by the Financial Aid Office.

The purpose of these regulations is to encourage the timely and successful completion of a degree or credential objective. All prior academic activity at the college level is considered in determining SAP whether or not financial aid was received.

When accepting disbursement of a financial aid award you are entering into a contract with the Financial Aid Office agreeing to maintain satisfactory academic progress.  It is important that you read and understand the following financial aid standards for maintaining SAP.    

Note: There will be NO undergraduate funding after 180 attempted units


Financial aid funds are available only to students who are admitted and enrolled in an eligible degree or credential granting program.


Financial aid programs require a minimum enrollment of 6 units for undergraduate or 4 weighted units (200 series) for graduate students.  Limited Federal Pell Grant funding is available for eligible undergraduate students enrolled in less than 6 units.


To maintain Satisfactory Progress, students must successfully complete a minimum percentage of the total units they have taken. (Refer to SAP Table)

Units passed successfully refer to the completion of units with grades of A, B, C, D or Cr. Units with a grade of F, I, IC, W, WU, NC, RD, RP, or AU are excluded.

Total units taken refer to all units taken at California State University, Fresno plus all accepted transfer units whether or not degree applicable. Repeated units are included, audited units and units dropped before census date are excluded.

How to Calculate Completion Percentage using a copy of your Fresno State transcript:

1. Add up all the total units taken, including all transferred units, courses with F, I, IC, W, WU, NC, RD, RP, or AU, and grade substitution

2. Add up all units passed, including all transferred units and grade substitutions

3. Divide to calculate your percentage by: Units Passed divided by Total Units Taken

SAP Table

Total Units Taken 2 Target
   % 3
Minimum% 4
Minimum% 4
0 – 14.99 100% 50% 70%
15 – 29.99 100% 60% 73%
30 – 44.99 100% 70% 76%
45 – 59.99 100% 73% 77%
60 – 74.99 100% 75% 78%
75 – 89.99 100% 80% 82%
90 - 104.99 100% 83% 85%
105 –119.99 100% 85% 87%
120 – 134.99 100% 87% 89%
135 – 149.99 100% 88% 90%
150 – 180.00 100% 90% 95%


Undergraduate:  Funding will be suspended once a student exceeds 180 total units taken 2.
Post Baccalaureate: Funding will be suspended once a student exceeds 38 total units taken 2.

Total units taken 2 includes all units taken at California State University, Fresno and transfer units accepted, whether or not degree applicable.


Probation: Students who pass less than the target percentage, but more than the minimum percentage for their total units taken are considered to be in financial aid probation status. Student in probation may continue to receive funds. 

Disqualification: Students who 1) do not pass the minimum percentage of their total units taken or 2) exceed maximum unit funding limits or 3) become academically disqualified
Disqualified students are no longer eligible to receive financial aid.


You may petition to have your financial aid eligibility reinstated if extenuating circumstances contributed to your disqualification status.

Petition Deadlines:

Priority Deadline: July 10th

Fall Semester Deadline: October 30th

Spring Semester Deadline: April 1st

Minimum Unit Completion Petition:

If you failed to meet , your minimum unit completion requirement, see SatisfactoryProgress Petition for forms and instructions.   Completed petitions submitted with supporting
documentation will be approved or denied based on review by a financial aid counselor or petition committee.

Maximum Unit Funding Limit Petitions:  If you have exceeded or will exceed your maximum unit funding limit, you may request an extension thru(continued on back):

  • Program Unit Extension Request - Maximum funding limits may be increased for undergraduate students who prove to be enrolled in a program that requires more than 120 units and post baccalaureate students who prove to be enrolled in a program that requires more than 30 units.
  • Maximum Unit Petition - May be submitted to the Director of Financial Aid if you do not qualify for a Program Unit Extension or if this extension would not be sufficient to fulfill program requirements.  Petitions must be made in writing.
    Note: There will be NO undergraduate funding after 180 attempted units

Information specific to the appeal process can be found by clicking on the above links and/or referencing the online forms at /studentaffairs/financialaid/onlineforms


A successful appeal will result in Financial Aid Probation status which will require review after one semester of aid.


Students not meeting the satisfactory progress standards outlined in this policy have the right to appeal.  Petitions are typically handled in the following order.  If not satisfied with the outcome of an appeal, the student may progress to the next level of appeal.

  • Financial Aid Counselor, who may refer the appeal to the next level
  • Financial Aid Committee
  • Financial Aid Director
  • External Financial Aid Appeals Committee

       Note:  This is the final level of appeal.


Students who are not meeting academic requirements are assigned an Academic Standing of “Disqualified” by the Records Office and are not eligible for financial aid.  If you have questions concerning your academic disqualification status, you must contact Student Success Services, Joyal Administration Building, Room 224 or (559) 278-1787


Financial aid applicants must notify the Financial Aid Office before:

  • Reducing their academic load
  • Withdrawing from Fresno State

Dropping units or withdrawing from the University may result in a financial aid billing.  The University may withhold registration, official transcripts, and future financial aid until full payment has been received.

If you withdraw, some or all of the aid you received may have to be repaid.  If you drop units or withdraw after a term’s census date you may be placed in a financial aid probation or disqualification status.


For change of majors please see the Degree Requirements section in the catalog. 


5Academic Load:

 Fulltime =       12+ units (8 units of 200 series)
 ¾-Time =        9 -11.99 units (6 units of 200 series)
 ½-Time =        6 - 8.99 units (4 units of 200 series)
 < ½-Time =   1 - 5.99 units

7Census Date:  The end of the 20th day of instruction each semester.  (Refer to your Schedule of Courses.)

Completion Percentage:  Completion percentage =  total units passed divided by total units taken

4Minimum Percentage:  The minimum percentage of total units taken students must pass to remain eligible for financial aid. (refer to Table A)

3Target Percentage: Successful completion of all enrolled courses (100%)  

2Total Units Taken:  All units taken at California State University, Fresno plus all accepted transfer units whether or not degree applicable.

Repeated and remedial units are included.
Audited units and units dropped before census are excluded.

For financial aid purposes total units taken are frequently greater than transcript reported units.

Units Passed:  Units completed with grades of A, B, C, D, or CR.  (Units with a grade of F, I, IC, W, WU, NC, RD, RP, or AU are excluded.)

6Weighted Units:  For graduate students, 200 series units count as 1.5 units each in determining Financial Aid  units of enrollment


See your “To Do” list for applicable deadlines


Check your status on the web at


Call the Financial Aid Office at (559) 278-2182


Visit our office, Joyal Administration Building, Room 296