Health P.A.W.S. Presents... 

Invite The Health Promotion and Wellness Services Department into your classroom, organizational meeting, Sorority/Fraternity gathering, or resident hall meeting for a 45-50 minute presentation. We will do our best to accommodate your request. 

For more information or to request a presentation, please contact Kathy Yarmo at 559.278.6739 or

Topics Include: 

Stress LESSon 

Being a college student can be stressful. Gain tips and tools on managing stress and maintaining good mental health. 

Stress Management for Academic Success

Learn about the mind body connection. This presentation teaches strategies for reducing stress and anxiety and provides students with an opportunity to practice stress management techniques in class. Facilitated by Dr. Leslie Weiser, Psychologist. 

Sex Jeopardy

Sex Jeopardy is a fun and interactive way to address the topics of safer sex and pregnancy prevention.

Nutrition Makeover

A healthy diet does not need to be complicated or time consuming. We will discuss the most common issues for busy college students and explore how simple changes can have a big impact on health. The presentation features examples of college students and an interactive discussion on how to assess your eating habits and make lasting changes.

Smart Nutrition for a Healthy Brain

Good nutrition is important in maintaining optimal brain function. Studies show that nutrition affects brain development and function throughout our lives. Fueling your brain with the right foods can have improve concentration, memory, and moods. This presentation will discuss what nutrients improve brain health and what you can do now to help your brain function better. Included is an interactive quiz designed to assess your current diet and identify areas for improvement. 

Protect Your ‘Dogs: Alcohol Overdose Prevention

This presentation gives students an overview of alcohol consumption and discusses the myths associated with drinking, tips on responsible drinking and how to help someone suffering from an alcohol overdose.

Question Persuade Refer (QPR) for Suicide Prevention

Suicide is the 2nd leading cause of death for college students. This presentation covers information on helping others, misconceptions about suicide, warning signs, and how to refer a person for help. Requires a minimum of 1 hour (can be split between two class periods). Students will receive a certificate acknowledging their training in QPR.

Prescription Drug Abuse

Prescription drugs are now the leading cause of death in the U.S. The Lock it Up Project presents information on the dangers of drug abuse, real life stories, how to help a friend and finding community resources.

Up in Smoke: Myths and Misconceptions around Marijuana Use

Marijuana continues to be the most commonly used illicit drug in the U.S. The Performing Above the High (PATH) Project presents information on the consequences and misconceptions associated with the use of marijuana.