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Have you been feeling down or stressed? Have you been wondering whether you have a problem with alcohol or your eating habits?

Ulifeline provides a mental health screening tool, information about mental health issues, and resources for learning more and getting help.

To learn more about how you’re doing, take a free, anonymous self-assessment. 


Have you been through a lot of life changes recently? Are you concerned about your stress level?

Take this free online stress assessment to find out how much stress can affect you.

If your score is high, consider talking with a counselor to learn how to manage your stress.

Learning Style

Everyone learns differently. If you are experiencing learning challenges, you may need to make a change based on your learning style.

Click to take a free self-assessment of your learning style.

Test Anxiety

Do you experience stress, anxiety and/or discomfort around test-time? You may be experiencing test anxiety.

Take a free self-assessment to learn more about the factors that may be affecting you and how you can control them. 

Study Skills

Are your study skills effective? Take this free study skills quiz to find areas where you can improve.