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The Department of Biology offers a Bachelor of Science degree with a curriculum that integrates the fields of physiology, anatomy, ecology, evolution, biodiversity, molecular, cellular and developmental biology. Students may focus their studies by combining courses in these areas of biological process with courses that survey a select group of living organisms, such as plants, animals, or microbes. In addition, students can prepare for a variety of professional careers, including medicine, dentistry, veterinary medicine, pharmacy, high school teaching, microbiology, wildlife management, fisheries, and biotechnology.

The department is housed in a well-equipped, modern facility, with up-to-date scientific equipment for use in laboratory and computational instruction. Greenhouse and animal care facilities provide additional support to the instructional programs. Field courses take full advantage of Fresno’s central California location, offering trips to the Sierra Nevada, the Mojave Desert and the Pacific Coast. In addition, Fresno,
in cooperation with six other CSU campuses, operates Moss Landing Marine Laboratories at Monterey Bay, providing instructional and research opportunities for Marine Biology degree programs.
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Research is a big part of the college’s appeal: Its topflight faculty members are actively involved in a myriad of projects, so there’s also plenty of opportunity for students to dive into research, whether its preserving the environment or hunting down a cure for diseases.

The college prides itself on how its faculty works closely with students to ignite their intellectual talent, curiosity and imaginations. To support these efforts, the college has modern facilities that enrich the experience. These sites include the sleek Science II Building opened in 2004 with its teaching labs for the departments of computer science, psychology, and earth and environmental sciences; the Downing Planetarium and Space Museum; and the state-of-the-art Department of Justice Crime Laboratory. In addition, students studying marine biology can participate
in projects at the Moss Landing Laboratory located on the central coast.

What you learn in this college builds a strong foundation for careers in science and mathematics as well as quality preparation for careers in medicine, dentistry and other professions. There also are numerous special programs to enhance your education, such as the Biomedical
Physics Program that brings together students, faculty and members of the local medical community and includes opportunities for summer internships.

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