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Why are our graduates in such demand? Maybe it’s because they gain in-depth, first-hand exposure to production agriculture due to our location in the most productive agricultural county in California and the presence of a large university farm located on campus. The Crop Production Management option provides students with an opportunity to pursue agronomic, horticultural, and farm management careers requiring a general understanding of agricultural business.
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About The College

Simply put, this college – operating in the top agricultural region in the world – is on the cutting edge of the latest advancements and improvements. The studies and research undertaken here reflect the vast diversity of modern agriculture and the college’s distinguished reputation. Its research programs, for example, have helped provide solutions around the globe.

Using an 1,011-acre University Agricultural Laboratory as its base, the college prepares students for challenging careers by tying academics to real-world experiences. The faculty has forged strong relations and partnerships with leaders in the industry and government. The college’s
California Agricultural Technology Institute is widely recognized, and its renowned viticulture and enology program operates the first commercially bonded winery on a U.S. university campus.

Always striving ahead, the college is involved in exploring smart and innovative ways to make agriculture more efficient, such as research in water development and water-saving irrigation techniques. Its Industrial
Technology department and its laboratories serve students with technical interests in a variety of areas. The college also prides itself on a spectrum of agriculturally related endeavors that reach beyond the complexities of plant and animal sciences: Food science and nutrition, family consumer science, and child development. Even athletics. Did you know its equestrian team is one of the top-ranked teams in the country? Request a viewbook for more information on this college.

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