Early Start Exemptions

View the document "Your Pathway to College Readiness" to see the ways you can be exempt from the Early Start Program. 

If you have questions about the California State University placement tests, ELM/EPT/EAP, click here to go to the Educational Testing Services website.

Below are ways you can qualify for an exemption from Early Start:

1.  If you receive the minimum required score on the English Placement Test (EPT) and/or Entry Level Mathematics Test (ELM).

Placement Test English Placement Test (EPT) Entry Level Math Test (ELM)
Required Score 147 50


2. If you are in any of the following categories:

  • You are a non-resident of California (including international students)
  • You successfully completed the Fresno State Summer Bridge Program
  • You participated in a qualified Early Assessment Program (EAP)


3. If you earned the appropriate scores in the following exams:

Test Required score for ELM Requirement
SAT 550 or more on the mathematics portion of the SAT reasoning test

550 or more on a mathematics subject test (level 1 or level 2)

ACT 23 or more on the mathematics test
AP 3 or more on Advanced Placement Calculus or Statistics
Test Required score for EPT Requirement
SAT 500 or more on the Critical Reading section
ACT 22 or more on the English Test
AP 3 or more on either the Language & Composition or Literature & Composition exam


4.  If you file an Exemption Petition for a "Serious and Compelling Reason".

At Fresno State, a committee with representation from Admissions, Advising Services, and the faculty will review exemption petitions and make recommendations to the Dean of Undergraduate Studies, who will make the final decision and notify the student (via email) of the campus’ decision.  The Dean of Undergraduate Studies may grant exemptions to the Early Start program for students who document a serious and compelling reason for not participating in, or completing, an approved Early Start program.

Please note that the Fresno State Honor Code states that providing false information is grounds for dismissal from the University. Students petitioning for an exemption must provide written documentation that substantiates the reason(s) for not participating in the Early Start program. Without sufficient and qualifying supporting documentation, petitions will be denied. Click here for Exemption Petition.

Refunds for Early Start Exemptions - If you become exempt from the Early Start requirement BEFORE the conclusion of the class, you will automatically be dropped from your course.

YOU WILL NEED to submit a Refund Petition for your Early Start fees if you become exempt. Click here for the Refund Petition form.

NO EXEMPTION REFUNDS will be permitted after the conclusion of your Early Start class.

Course Start Date June 20 July 5 July 18
Last day to receive an exemption refund July 1 July 15 July 29