Early Start Costs, Fee Waiver & Refunds

Program Fees (covered by fee wavier)

Early Start program fees include tuition-fees for courses and student fees for the program. Program fees are covered by the Early Start fee waiver (see below).


Tuition Fees

Early Start tuition fees are $182 per unit at every California State University Campus. 

Early Start English 1 ($182): The on-campus, Sunnyside High, and online versions of ESE 1 include 15 hours of class time and cost $182.

Early Start Math 1 ($182): The on-campus and online versions of ESM 1 include 15 hours of class time and cost $182.

Early Start Math 3 ($546): The on-campus ESM 3 class includes 50 hours of instruction and costs $546.


Student Fees

Early Start students pay two student fees for access to campus services. These fees are paid only once, regardless of how many Early Start classes the student takes at Fresno State. Every California State University campus charges the same student fees. 

Student Health Center Access Fee ($1): Grants Early Start Students access to the Student Health Center.

University Student Union Access Fee ($1): Grants Early Start students access to the University Student Union and Student Recreation Center.


Fee Waiver (Financial Aid)

Students who have submitted a FAFSA and meet a specific estimated family contribution (EFC) will be eligible for a waiver of Early Start program fees. The waiver does not cover other expenses, such as textbooks, parking, paper, pens, printing, etc.

To check fee waiver eligibility (Fresno State students only):

  1. Login to MyFresnoState.
  2. Click on "Student Center."
  3. Click on "My Admissions and Program Applications."
  4. Click on "Remediation/Early Start."
  5. Fee waiver eligibility information is in the third box, "Financial Aid Information."

Non-Fresno State students should refer to their home CSU campus' portal to check fee waiver eligibility.


Refunds for Dropping Classes 

Students are eligible for refunds if they choose to drop an Early Start course on or before the first day of class. All Early Start classes begin on one of three dates: June 19, July 3, and July 17, 2017.  Students may drop Early Start classes in MyFresnoState and submit an Early Start Program Change/Refund Form (see below) to obtain a refund. 

After the first day of instruction, students may only obtain a refund if they become exempt (see "Refunds for Exemptions" below) or with a serious and compelling reason.

Serious and compelling reasons include military service, jury duty, serious illness, childbirth, etc. To request a refund for a serious and compelling reason, students must complete an Early Start Program Change/Refund Form and attach supporting documentation, if applicable. The Executive Director of Continuing and Global Education will consider all refund requests for serious and compelling reason and may request additional explanation or documentation from the student. 


WARNING: Students who drop out of the Early Start program without an exemption must either fulfill the Early Start requirement in another manner or file an exemption petition. Failure to fulfill the Early Start requirement is grounds for revocation of admission to Fresno State.


Refunds for Exemptions

Some students will become exempt from Early Start after registering for an Early Start class. This can happen when test scores or high school grades are received by Fresno State that exempt a student from the Early Start requirement. The Exemptions page includes detailed information on possible exemptions.

Students who become exempt after registering for an Early Start class will be automatically dropped from the class and receive an automatic refund. Exempt students do not need to submit a refund form. Their refund will be issued to the mailing address they have on file in MyFresnoState.


Refunds due to Changes in Fee Waiver Status

On rare occasions, a student will register and pay for Early Start, but not qualify for an Early Start fee waiver until a later date. This can happen when a student's FAFSA or other financial aid documentation is incomplete at the time of Early Start registration.

The Remediation/Early Start Page displays the most up-to-date information concerning a student's fee waiver status. If a student believes that they should qualify for a fee waiver, but do not, then they should take the following steps:


Fresno State Students:

  1. Review their MyFresnoState Student Center and confirm that there are no Financial Aid-related activities on the "To Do" list.
  2. Contact the Financial Aid office at Fresno State and verify that all necessary documentation has been received.


Non-Fresno State Students:

  1. Review their student account at their home CSU campus for any unfinished Financial Aid activities.
  2. Contact the financial aid office at their home CSU campus and verify that all necessary documentation has been received.

NOTE: Changes to student information for non-Fresno State students will take 1-2 business days to update at Fresno State.


If a student becomes eligible for a fee waiver after registering for Early Start, they should submit an Early Start Program Change/Refund Form (see above) and mark "W" for "received fee waiver and requesting refund." An Early Start specialist will contact the student and walk them through a re-registration process to qualify for the fee waiver.


Other Expenses (not covered by fee waiver)

Students may pay additional expenses for textbooks or other campus services. The Early Start fee waiver does not cover expenses beyond the program fees listed above. 


Textbooks & Class Supplies

Students will receive a syllabus from their instructors on textbooks and other materials. The guidelines below should help students prepare for Early Start. These estimates are subject to change.

Early Start English 1 - Students will need to print reading materials and documents that will be made available online. Estimated cost for this course is $20 for supplies, copying, and printing.

Early Start Math 1 - Students will need to purchase a booklet at the Kennel Bookstore for about $15. Students in the online class may have a different requirement. Students should bring pencils and paper.

Early Start Math 3 - Purchase the textbook used for the University's Math 4R class from the Kennel Bookstore approximately $95.97+tax (e-book) or $149.27+tax (e-book plus loose-leaf book). Students should refer to the Kennel Bookstore for refund and textbook buyback policies.

Students should NOT purchase any textbooks until they receive a syllabus and/or specific instructions from their instructors.



Early Start students may purchase Early Start parking passes for $20. See the Parking page for more information. Students should refer to Traffic Operations for parking pass refund policies.