Non-Fresno State Students

The Early Start program is open to students who are attending other CSU campuses in the fall, but want to attend Early Start classes at Fresno State. The program fees and expenses are the same for non-Fresno State students, and Early Start grades are automatically uploaded by Fresno State to students' home CSU campuses. 

Selecting Fresno State

Students must use their CSU campus' equivalent of the Remediation/Early Start Page to select Fresno State as their Early Start campus and then click "confirm". Once confirmed, Fresno State will email the student (usually within 1-2 business days) with details on how to create a student account and register for classes. Students have until mid July to select Fresno State as their Early Start campus.

Students who have previously applied or taken classes at Fresno State will already have a student account, ID, and login credentials. Their accounts will be updated with an Early Start registration link after they select Fresno State as their Early Start campus.

NOTE: Non-Fresno State students may see some "leftover" notifications on their MyFresnoState account if they applied to Fresno State, but accepted admission to another CSU campus (e.g. a notification to attend Dog Days orientation). These leftover notifications are not relevant to Early Start. Students may contact us if they have questions about specific notifications.

Early Start & Fee Waiver Eligibility

Non-Fresno State students should continue to refer to their campus' equivalent of the Remediation/Early Start Page for updates to their Early Start statuses and fee waiver eligibility. 

NOTE: Any changes to a student's Early Start exemption statuses or fee waiver eligibility will take 1-2 business days to update at Fresno State. 

Access to Campus Services

All Early Start students have access to campus services offered by the University Student Union, Student Recreation Center, and Student Health Center for the duration of the program (June 18 - July 27, 2018). 

All students may also purchase Early Start parking permits from Traffic Operations. Non-Fresno State students should bring a copy of their class schedule that shows Early Start enrollment when purchasing a parking permit.

Non-Fresno State students may obtain a free Early Start student ID card from the Bulldog Card Office to access campus services during the program. Fresno State students will receive their student ID cards at Dog Days Orientation.