Checking Your Early Start Status

Incoming freshmen will have access to the Remediation/Early Start Page (also referred as the Smart Page in some references). The Fresno State version of this page includes three sections: English, Math, and Financial Aid Information. Other CSU campuses have similar pages, but the formats may vary.

Fresno State Students

To access the Remediation/Early Start Page:

  1. Log into MyFresnoState.
  2. Click on "Student Center."
  3. Click on "My Admissions and Program Applications" (the second green arrow).
  4. Click on "Remediation/Early Start."

Below is an example of the Remediation/Early Start Page for Fresno State students:


A video tutorial for the Remediation/Early Start page can be found here.

English and Math Statuses

Remediation and Early Start statuses are based on test scores and course grades that have been submitted to Fresno State. Students who are exempt from Early Start will see an exemption notification on this page. See the Exemptions page for more details.

If a student believes that a test score or grade should exempt them from Early Start or remediation, but it is not reflected on this page, then they should contact Ricardo Andrade to find out if the information was received. New ELM and EPT test scores may take a few days to be added to the page. It is the student's responsibility to ensure that all other transcripts and test scores reach Fresno State. 

Selecting a Different Campus

By default, an incoming Fresno State freshman will have Fresno State listed as their Early Start campus. Students who want to complete Early Start at another location may change their campus preference until July 15. Students may select different schools for English and Math if they prefer.

Students will need to click "Confirm" to finalize their campus choice(s) after making any changes. Students should be contacted by their new Early Start campus via their Fresno State Mail account within a few business days. 

Financial Aid Information

The "Financial Aid Information" box will tell students if they qualify for a waiver of their Early Start program fees. Students who have submitted a FAFSA and meet a specific estimated family contribution (EFC) will be eligible for a waiver of program fees. This fee waiver does not cover ESM 3 textbooks, parking expenses, or course supplies (e.g. paper, pens, printing).

Confirm Button

Students may use the "Confirm" button to approve changes to their Early Start campus choices.

NOTE: The Confirm Button will not register students in Early Start classes or take them to the registration screen. To register for Early Start, return to the Student Center, click on the first green arrow, "My Academic Records & Registration," and then "Enroll in Early Start." See the Registration page for detailed instructions.

Non-Fresno State Students

Students who are taking Early Start at Fresno State but attending another CSU campus in the fall can access their Early Start status on their home campus' student portal. Click here for more information.