Course Descriptions

Two Early Start courses will be available in Summer 2018.

Early Start English (ESE 1)

This is a 1-semester-unit course and is offered in three formats: a two-week, face-to-face class; a two-week, online class; and a condensed, four-day, face-to-face class.

University Catalog Description: Meets the Early Start Requirement. Designed to prepare students for the university's first-year writing requirement by teaching students a variety of academic reading and writing strategies.

Early Start Mathematics (ESM 2)

This is a 2-semester-unit course and is offered in a three-week, face-to-face format.

University Catalog Description: Designed for the Early Start Program. Three areas covered: 1) numbers and data - arithmetic, calculations, percentages, fractions, ratios, square roots, arithmetic mean; 2) algebra - algebraic expressions, properties of exponents, polynomial arithmetic, rational expressions, linear equations, systems of linear equations, linear inequalities, quadratic and rational equations, absolute value, slope; 3) geometry - perimeter, area, volume, Pythagorean Theorem, similar triangles, distance formula, angles.