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Services for Students with Disabilities

Henry Madden Library, Suite 1202
5200 North Barton Avenue M/S ML125
Fresno, California 93740-8014

Phone: (559) 278-2811
Fax: (559) 278-4214

Services for Students with Disabilities Staff

Jeanette Johnson

Jennie Johnson -Director / Disability Management Specialist (DMS): works with students with all disabilities. SSD liaison for students & faculty in College of Health & Human Services, Craig School of Business, College of Social Sciences, and Jordan College of Agricultural Sciences and Technology.



Carlos Diaz

Carlos Diaz - Disability Management Specialist (DMS): works with students with all disabilities. SSD liaison for students & faculty in the College of Arts & Humanities, Kremen School of Education & Human Development, Lyles College of Engineering, and College of Sciences & Mathematics.




Rima Maldonado

Rima Maldonado - Reading/Alternate Media Services Coordinator: coordinates the assessment, acquisition and production of alternate format accommodations for textbooks and other instructional materials.






Open- No PhotoRobert Salinas - Assistive Technology (AT) Coordinator:conducts evaluation, training, installation, maintenance, and technical support of assistive and adaptive technology for students and coordinates Assistive Technology Lab services.




Nyxy Imes

Nyxy Imes - Alternate Testing Services Coordinator: coordinates alternate testing accommodations and supervises the student services team for the front desk.







picture of Troy Polnitz

Troy Polnitz - Student Support Assistant-:  Coordinates on-campus student transportation (SCOUT) services, note taking and classroom services and other student support services








Picture of Dianna ClaytonDianna Clayton -Lead Interpreter and Communications Coordinator-Coordinates sign language interpreters, CART,  and communication services for students who are Deaf or hard of hearing.







Veronica Aguilar   Veronica Aguilar - SSD Program Assistant


TRiO - Student Support Services -Disabilities Staff

Picture of Wendy Nelson-WhiteWendy Nelson - Program coordinator is responsible for the organization, planning, implementation, continuous review, and analysis of the TRIO SSSD Grant.







Christy Gorden Christy Gorden- Learning Specialist -provides  learning strategies, counseling and academic support 








Open- No PhotoOpen -M.A.P.S. Peer Mentor Program representative for Fresno State students with spectrum disorders and related challenges., working with DMS, Carlos Diaz.






Faith Perez pic  Faith Perez - Program Assistant.






You may contact any of the staff by calling (559) 278-2811.

The information on this website is available in alternate formats. Please call our office at (559) 278-2811 to make your request.