Manage My Club

Your organization is responsible for completing the Club Registration process during the first four weeks of the fall semester.

The Club Registration process includes: (1) updating the Club Registration Form, (2) updating the Officer and Advisor Agreement Forms, and (3) viewing the Club and Organization Orientation Videos.

Failure to register your organization will result in loss of recognition with the university.

Club Registration Step-by-Step Instructions

Anytime your organization changes officers or advisor throughout the year, you are required to update the information with the Student Involvement Center. Updating this information ensures important information and communication coming from our office is being sent to the correct individuals within your organization.


Tax ID Information

1 Can we use Fresno State's tax ID number?


2 Can we use ASI's tax ID number?


3 Where can my organization secure a tax ID number?

Tax ID numbers are issued independently from the IRS. Application forms can be picked up in USU 306.

Raffles & Drawings

1 Can we host a raffle on campus?

No, due to state law.

2 Can we have a drawing with no money transactions?

Yes, come to USU 306 for more information.

Posting Signage on Campus

1 Can we chalk in the Free Speech Area?

Yes, prior approval needed from Student Involvement.

2 Can we chalk in other areas on campus?

Prior approval from Plant Operations needed.

3 Can we place handbills on cars?


4 Can we put anything on cars?


5 Can we utilize the outdoor kiosks?


6 Can we use the bulletin board/ display boards in each building around campus?

Most boards are available for any postings, others you may need to receive permission (see contact info on the board for details.)

7 Banners hanging over the USU ledge/pit

Need prior approval via the Reservations Office

8 Are we allowed to stake within the Peace Garden?


9 Can we use A Frames?


10 Can we use H Frames/wooden stakes?

oDue to the maintenance of grass areas, only stake in flower beds or near trees.

11 Can we pass out handbills?

Only in the Free Speech Area.


1 Can we have an on-campus event and sell tickets that go to my organization/community cause/philanthropy?

Yes, information regarding logistics can be provided by the Event Review Committee.

2 Can we collect dues on behalf of our organization?


Can we have off-campus fundraising (partnering with a local business/ flyer with percentage of sales with local org).


4 Can we fund raise on campus?

It varies on a case by case basis, contact Student Involvement with your request to seek approval.

Club Finances

1 Can we request funds from ASI?

Yes, up to $3,000 per semester. See ASI for more details.

2 Can IRA funding be requested?

Yes, these organizations must have a direct connection to a department (with academic ties). See ASI for more details.

3 Are campus bank accounts available for my club/organization?

Yes, ASI offers an on campus bank account to clubs.

Serving & Selling Food on Campus

1 Are we allowed to serve food on campus?

2 Are we allowed to sell food on campus?

3 Food Waiver Form

Complete and submit a Food Waiver Form detailing your request at least 30 days in advance.

4 We are a Pepsi Campus

Only Pepsi products are allowed to be served on campus. A large water container with individual cups is ok.

5 Food Service Training

Contact the Environmental Health and Safety, Risk Management & Sustainability Department

Here are some additional resources that may be helpful when managing your organization: