Academic Test Center (FFS 210)

The Academic Test Center (ATC) is a campus facility that helps both faculty and students with their testing needs. We provide a proctored, secure, quiet, relaxing environment for test takers and a simple by email set up for Faculty. Our facility administers early takes and make-ups for exams that have or will be given in the classroom. We also supply a good testing environment for department exams such as the US Constitution Test, Medical Interpreting Exam, and Calculus Readiness Exam.

Notice to faculty: We have limited seating within our facility. Tests administered will be on a first come first serve basis. Please turn in test materials and dates as early as possible to reserve your exam slot.                  



Academic Test Center Policies and Procedures

ATC hosts NON -full classroom exams.(If interested in having your full class test please contact or go back one page and click on the University Test Center link for more info)

 Please make sure your students know we are located in FFS 210.

Students using ATC must have their Fresno State student ID. If they do not have their ID, they may go to the Bulldog Card Office at Joyal 156 to obtain a new card.

Exams can be set up via email! Please send Coversheet (Link below) and exam in one email to

Exams must be picked up by the instructor or a designated person. We do not return exams via campus mail.

FINALS WEEK INFO: The ATC has very limited seats which has resulted in a 100 exams per day limit. This limit has been set by the campus and will be filled on a first come first serve basis. Please turn in all exam materials as soon as possible to be sure space is still available.



If you are a non Fresno State student interested in scheduling an exam then please go back to the home page and click on the Testing Office link. The Academic Test Center only gives Fresno State make-up and early take exams and the Calculus Readiness Test for our students. If you are taking the US Constitution Test or Medical Interpreting Exam, please email us at for more information. For Calculus Readiness Test information, please see the link below.

If you are a Fresno State student and have any questions about your exam please contact your instructor. If you have questions regarding the Academic Test Center then please view the Student FAQ’s link below.

Lost ID's can be found at check-in and are sent to the Bulldog Card Office Joyal 156 daily