MSP is a partnership program between California State University, Fresno/University Migrant Services and Migrant Education Programs. MSP offers ten classes in ten different subjects taught by Fresno State faculty and staff. College students serve as instructional assistants and positive role models for migrant children. In addition, MSP participants will be exposed to college life and learn about different career opportunities.

Classes offered:

Agricultural Science
Students will conduct field studies and agricultural laboratory experiments.

Digital Video
Students will learn how to prepare video clips utilizing computer technology.

Digital Audio
Students will learn about mass communication/advertisement
production through hands on activities.

Students will participate in hands on laboratory chemical experiments.

Folk Music & Dance
Students will learn music theory and will apply it with hands on experience using autoharps, lap dulcimer, mandolin, guitar, banjo, and various rhythm instruments from folk tradition.

Guitar/Beginning Band
Students will be introduced to music with an emphasis on guitar and will be involved with hands on activities.

Students will learn about physical fitness, human movement, and exercise.

Students will be involved in experiments such as electricity, magnetism, heat, and thermodynamics.

Research & Internet
Participants will learn about basic research methods using the World Wide Web and library resources.

Theatre Arts
Students will participate in theatrical performances and improve their language, intonation, characterization, and overall presentation skills.

A school bus will be arranged to provide transportation to and from the university on a daily basis.

Daily schedule:
9:00 am to 2:00 pm daily.

MSP participants will have lunch at the Fresno State Residence Dining Facility.

Students will receive a certificate of participation and be acknowledged during a closing program where students will showcase their accomplishments during the two weeks of program activities.

For more information contact:

Raúl Z. Moreno
University Migrant Services
5150 N. Maple Ave., JA62
Joyal Admin. Building #224
Fresno, CA 93740-8026
Phone: (559) 278-5750
Fax: (559) 278-2323