Teaching Online

CSU Online Course Services (CSU-OCS) offers professional development opportunities for tenure-track faculty and lecturers developing hybrid/blended, online, or flipped courses. For more information on courses available and to register, visit the CSU-OCS site

If you need help building a course, you are welcome to make an appointment with an instructional designer

The APM 206 Policies and Procedures on Technology Mediated Courses and Programs was approved in Spring 2018. The policy states that faculty who will be teaching online or blended courses (beyond 20% of the entire course) must successfully complete the required online training.

In consultation with the office of the Vice Provost, any faculty teaching a blended I (20 - 66%), blended II (67-99%) or an online course (100%) must be trained prior to teaching the course. To meet this need, Fresno State has adopted the CSU Quality Learning & Teaching (QLT) Rubric for quality assurance of online and blended courses.

The Policies and Procedures section explains the steps for completing the online training requirement.