Current Students

The Department of Theatre and Dance  is now accepting nominations for the Student Theatre Arts Representative and Student Dance Representative. Submissions can be made digitally by using the forms below. The deadline to submit nominations is 4:00pm on Friday, September 17th.

Great God Pan

Stage Matters

A short video on why / how / if theatre matters in America. To find out more information on this video, please visit the Theatre Communications Group  website.

Stage Matters from Theatre Communications Group.

Career Opportunities

Professional theatre and dance are very competitive areas especially for performers. Nevertheless, our graduates have more than held their own as actors and dancers in the professional world. As designers, production specialists, and managers, our students have readily found career opportunities. The rapid expansion in web-based production promises even more opportunity in the field.

Graduates have also found successful careers in related fields such as radio and television, journalism, rock performances, and touring productions. Many graduates teach in high schools, community colleges, and universities. Several former students have found their theatre training as an asset in such careers as law, theology, and politics.