Southeast Asian Studies, Minor


Department of Anthropology

Southeast Asian Studies Minor Requirements

The Minor in Southeast Asian Studies focuses on the cultures and peoples of Southeast Asia, and on their communities outside Southeast Asia, especially those in the United States. For further information, contact the Department of Anthropology at 559.278.3002.

Lower-division courses (6 units)
ASAM 15 and ARTH 12

Language courses (6 units) (Pre-approved by coordinator)
HMONG 1A - HMONG 1B, HMONG 4, HMONG 100, HMONG 101, LING 140T, LING 121, LING 190

Upper-division courses (9 units)
Select from: ANTH 123, ANTH 190, ARTH 140, ARTH 143, ARTH 190, ASAM 110, ASAM 138, ASAM 140, ASAM 190, GEOG 177T

Total (21 units)

Note: The minor also requires a 2.0 GPA and 6 upper-division units in residence.


  1. Interdisciplinary course designed to introduce students with no previous background to the understanding of multiculturalism and ethnic diversity in mainland Southeast Asia. Using a contemporary historical and socioeconomic framework, this course examines concepts of ethnic identity, gender relations, nation states, ethnic conflicts, war and global conflict, diaspora, and transnationalism.


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