Pre-Music, B.M.


Department of Music

Pre-Music Major

Admission into the Pre-Music Major is a two-step process: (1) admission to the university (2) successful music audition and acceptance into an instrument or voice studio. Students may apply for admission into one of the Bachelor of Music degree options (Music Education, Instrumental Performance, Vocal Performance, Jazz Studies, or Composition) the semester during which they will complete all pre-Music Major coursework. Approval will be contingent upon satisfactory fulfillment of the prerequisites and the grade point average standard. Students who fail to complete all coursework in the Pre-Music Major and/or do not pass Jury I or the Composition Jury in two attempts will not be permitted to continue in the Pre-Music Major.  

In order to gain admission and enroll in the additional music courses required for the respective options, students must do the following: 

  1. Complete the following courses or their equivalents with a C or better in each course: 
    MUSIC 1A, MUSIC 1B, MUSIC 1C, MUSIC 1D, MUSIC 40, MUSIC 41, MUSIC 42, MUSIC 43 (16 units) Music 4A, MUSIC 4B, MUSIC 4C (see note 2) (6 units)
  2. All options other than Composition: Pass Jury I on instrument/voice; Composition option: Pass Composition Jury
  3. Have a cumulative grade point average of at least 2.67
  4. Submit a Change of Major Request form requesting admission into one Bachelor of Music options. Students may obtain this form from the Department of Music office in the main Music Building M134 or online at

Exit options: Students who pass Jury I or the Composition Jury and complete all coursework in the Pre-Music Major but fail to maintain a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.67 in the Pre-Music Major will be allowed to continue in the Bachelor of Arts Music as a Liberal Art degree

Criteria for retention, progression, and graduation from the Bachelor of Music include a minimum grade of C in each required music course. Music courses may be repeated only once to achieve a C grade. Any student who receives less than a C grade after their second attempt will not be permitted to continue in the Bachelor of Music major, but may continue in the Bachelor of Arts - Music as a Liberal Art degree. 

Advising Notes

  1. All students majoring in music (Pre-Music Major, Bachelors of Music, and Bachelors of Arts in Music) receive mandatory advising each semester with a faculty advisor assigned by discipline. Students may not register for classes until they have received their advising.
  2. Students with an instrumental emphasis in Piano take MUSIC 14 and MUSIC 114 (4-units total) in lieu of Music 4A, MUSIC 4B, and MUSIC 4C.
  3. Pre-Music Major courses must be taken in the following sequence: MUSIC 1A, MUSIC 1B, MUSIC 1C, and MUSIC 1D; MUSIC 4A, MUSIC 4B, and MUSIC 4C; MUSIC 40, MUSIC 41, MUSIC 42, and MUSIC 43. It is recommended that incoming students take MUSIC 1A, MUSIC 4A, and MUSIC 40 concurrently to ensure successful completion of all Pre-Music Major coursework by the end of their sophomore year. 


The Department of Music faculty has backgrounds in varied areas of specialization. Many members of the faculty have national and international reputations as performing artists and teachers. Others are well known for their scholarly research, articles, and books. They are all dedicated to providing students with the best music education possible both in their classes and studios.

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