The Traditional Ballad Index

Version 6.4

August 31, 2022

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Book titles in the Traditional Ballad Index have been abbreviated to save space. We have tried to make the abbreviations obvious. The abbreviations used are listed below.

NOTE: Unless otherwise specified, books are fully indexed, i.e. all items in the books have been included in the Index. Some books which contain both folk and non-folk songs have been partially indexed -- that is, only songs known to be folk or already included in the index have been included in the references. Partially indexed books are marked

In the list that follows, if no indexer has been listed for the book, it means that it has not yet been fully indexed.

Care should always be taken to see whether a book is indexed by Page or by Number, i.e. the song number in the collection. (Numbers have been preferred where possible, as they are less likely to change with new editions.) In general, pages are preceded by the symbol p. or pp. (e.g. Cray-EroticMuse, pp. 1-2) and numbers are simply noted (e.g. Child 200).

For books added starting with version 1.6, the list shows the release which first included the book (e.g. Belden-BalladsSongsCollectedByMissourFolkloreSociety was added in Release 1.6).

Journals and Periodicals

Frequently Cited Manuscripts

List of Authors and their Books

List of Indexers and Books Indexed

Initials of Contributors to the Notes

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