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MS-DOS/IBM PC Software Instructions

Please Note: The Ballad Index software is not just another Windows application. It began life as a DOS program, and frankly, it looks a lot like the sort of software the Windows was supposed to abolish: Keystroke-driven, with no graphics or sound or anything pretty like that. I don't like it any better than you do, but it's hard to make pretty software while still producing something that can also run on Mac OS and UNIX machines.

For these reasons, it is strongly suggested that you read the instructions in the ReadMe file before you try the program.

Be sure to read the What's New file for information on changes to the current version.

To use the PC Ballad Index, you will need to download three sets of files: The software and the data files. (The three are kept separate so they can be updated separately.) Select the software that is appropriate for your computer, then download the Macintosh version of the data file.

Note: Both software and data file are in ZIP. You will need a program capable of extracting ZIP archives (PKUnzip) to use them.

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