The Traditional Ballad Index Version 6.4

Copyright © 2022 by Robert B. Waltz and David G. Engle.

10,000 Years Ago [Cross-reference]

10th MTB Flotilla Song [Cross-reference]

13 Highway: (2 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #29487}

151 Days [Cross-reference]

1861 Anti Confederation Song, An [Cross-reference]

1913 Massacre: (4 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #17663}

1918 East Broadway: (1 ref.)

2 Y's U R (Too Wise You Are): (2 refs. <1K Notes)

23rd Flotilla: (2 refs. 6K Notes) {Roud #29405}

'31 Depression Blues: (2 refs. <1K Notes)

413 Squadron: (1 ref. 5K Notes) {Roud #29404}

417's Lament: (1 ref. 1K Notes) {Roud #29403}

500 Miles [Cross-reference]

692 Song: (1 ref. 6K Notes) {Roud #29402}

900 Miles [Cross-reference]

A Begging We Will Go (I) [Cross-reference]

A Begging We Will Go (II) [Cross-reference]

A Chaipin-ar-leathuaic A'bhfeacais Na Caoire: (2 refs. <1K Notes)

A Chur Nan Gobhar As A' Chreig (For Herding the Goats from the Rock): (1 ref. <1K Notes)

A Corting Miss Sarrow [Cross-reference]

A Cruising We Will Go [Cross-reference]

A Diller, A Dollar: (2 refs. 2K Notes) {Roud #19753}

A Is for Apple Pie: (8 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #7539}

A Is for Apple Pie (II) [Cross-reference]

À La Claire Fontaine: (10 refs. <1K Notes)

A la Puerta del Cielo [Cross-reference]

A Pheaid Bhui Na Gcarad: (1 ref. <1K Notes)

A Ram Sam Sam: (1 ref.) {Roud #36090}

A Robin, Gentle Robin [Cross-reference]

A Robin, Jolly Robin: (9 refs. <1K Notes)

A Robyn Jolly Robyn [Cross-reference]

À Saint-Malo, Beau Port de Mer (At Saint Malo Beside the Sea): (10 refs. <1K Notes)

A St. Malo, beau port de mer [Cross-reference]

A Stoir Mo Chroidhe [Cross-reference]

A Stor Mo Chroi (Treasure of My Heart): (4 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #3076}

A stór mo croidhe [Cross-reference]

A Tisket, A Tasket [Cross-reference]

A Was an Apple Pie [Cross-reference]

A was an apple-pie [Cross-reference]

A Was an Archer (Tom Thumb's Alphabet): (3 refs. 2K Notes) {Roud #20563}

A Wooney Cooney Cha a Wooney: (2 refs. <1K Notes)

A-25: (2 refs. 8K Notes) {Roud #29401}

A-25 Song, The [Cross-reference]

A-Begging Buttermilk I Will Go [Cross-reference]

A-Begging I Will Go: (15 refs. 2K Notes) {Roud #286}

A-Cruising We Will Go: (13 refs. 2K Notes) {Roud #8825}

A-Growing (He's Young But He's Daily A-Growing) [Laws O35]: (51 refs. 13K Notes) {Roud #31}

A-Hunting We Will Go: (8 refs. 3K Notes) {Roud #12972}

A-Jogging Along [Cross-reference]

A-Lumbering We Go [Cross-reference]

A-Lumbering We Will Go [Cross-reference]

A-Mumming We Will Go: (3 refs. 1K Notes) {Roud #22576}

A-Nutting I'll Not Go [Cross-reference]

A-Nutting We Will Go [Cross-reference]

A-Rolling Down the River (The Saucy Arabella): (2 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #8343}

A-Rovin': (29 refs. 3K Notes) {Roud #649}

A-Rovin', A-Rovin' [Cross-reference]

A-Roving on a Winter's Night [Cross-reference]

A-Roving On One Winter's Night [Cross-reference]

A-Walking and A-Talking [Cross-reference]

A, a, a, a, Gaude celi domina [Cross-reference]

A, a, a, a, Nunc gaudet ecclesia [Cross-reference]

A, A, A, d'r Winder der is da (A, A, A, Winter Is Here): (2 refs.)

A, U, Hinny Bird: (3 refs.) {Roud #235}

A. R. U.: (4 refs. 4K Notes) {Roud #29309}

A'body's Like to be Married but Me: (7 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #7160}

AA Gunner Lay Dying, An [Cross-reference]

Aaron Burr: (3 refs. 2K Notes)

Aaron Hart: (2 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #4146}

Aaron's Lovely Home [Cross-reference]

Abalone: (5 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #10113}

Abandonado, El: (5 refs.)

ABC Song (I), The: (1 ref. 4K Notes) {Roud #5044}

ABC Song (II), The: (3 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #7122}

ABCD: (1 ref.) {Roud #22602}

Abdul Abulbul Amir [Cross-reference]

Abdul da Bool Bool de Meer [Cross-reference]

Abdul the Bulbul Emir (I): (15 refs. 2K Notes) {Roud #4321}

Abdul the Bulbul Emir (II): (3 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #4321}

Abdul, the Bulbul Ameer [Cross-reference]

Abdul, the Bulbul Amir [Cross-reference]

Abdulla Bulbul Ameer [Cross-reference]

Abdullah Bul-Bul Amir [Cross-reference]

Abe Lincoln Stood at the White House Gate: (4 refs. 3K Notes) {Roud #6867 and 48}

Abe Lincoln Went to Washington [Cross-reference]

Abel Brown the Sailor [Cross-reference]

Abendglocken, Die [Cross-reference]

Aberdonians Fare Ye Weel: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #12949}

Abie's White Mule: (1 ref.)

Abilene: (2 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #26032}

Aboard of the Kangaroo [Cross-reference]

Aboard the Henry Clay: (2 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #9160}

Aboard the Kangaroo [Cross-reference]

Aboard the Resolution [Cross-reference]

Abolition of the Provinces, The: (10 refs. <1K Notes)

Abolition Show, The (The Great Baby Show): (3 refs. <1K Notes)

Aboot the Bush Willy [Cross-reference]

About the Bush, Willy: (4 refs.) {Roud #3149}

Above a Plain: (3 refs. <1K Notes)

Abraham Lincoln Is My Name: (1 ref. <1K Notes)

Abraham the Sailor [Cross-reference]

Abraham's Daughter: (2 refs. 2K Notes)

Abram Brown the Sailor [Cross-reference]

Abroad As I Was Walking [Cross-reference]

Abroad for Pleasure (Through the Groves II): (2 refs.) {Roud #1046}

Absalom, My Son [Cross-reference]

Absent Friends and You, Mary (Lines to Delia): (4 refs. 1K Notes) {Roud #27900}

Absent-Minded Man, The: (2 refs.) {Roud #5855}

Acadian Lullaby [Cross-reference]

Accident down at Wann, The: (1 ref.)

According to the Act: (5 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #8341}

Account of a Little Girl Who Was Burnt for Her Religion, An [Cross-reference]

Ach, Du Lieber Augustine: (4 refs. <1K Notes)

Acre of Land, An [Cross-reference]

Acres of Clams (The Old Settler's Song): (6 refs.) {Roud #10032}

Across a Steeple: (1 ref.)

Across the Blue Mountain: (2 refs. 2K Notes) {Roud #25278}

Across the Fields of Barley [Cross-reference]

Across the Great Divide: (1 ref. <1K Notes)

Across the Hall: (2 refs.) {Roud #7646}

Across the Line: (1 ref.)

Across the Rocky Mountain [Cross-reference]

Across the Stillness of the Lake: (1 ref.)

Across the Western Ocean: (9 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #8234}

Across the Western Ocean (II) [Cross-reference]

Across the Western Ocean I Must Wander [Cross-reference]

Across the Wide Missouri [Cross-reference]

Actor's Story, The: (1 ref.) {Roud #9606}

Ada: (3 refs. <1K Notes)

Adam and Eve Could Never Believe: (2 refs. 4K Notes) {Roud #1387}

Adam Bel, Cly of the Cloughe, and Wyllyam of Cloudeslè [Cross-reference]

Adam Bell Clime of the Cloug[he] & William off Cloudeslee [Cross-reference]

Adam Bell, Clim of the Clough, and William of Cloudesly [Child 116]: (14 refs. 11K Notes) {Roud #3297}

Adam Cameron: (3 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #5528}

Adam Catched Eve: (3 refs. 2K Notes) {Roud #V37609}

Adam Driven from Eden [Cross-reference]

Adam et Eve (Adam and Eve): (1 ref.)

Adam Gordon, or The Burning of Cargarff [Cross-reference]

Adam Gorman [Cross-reference]

Adam in Paradise: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #2955}

Adam in the Garden: (5 refs. 2K Notes) {Roud #5970}

Adam in the Garden Pinning Leaves: (11 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #15647}

Adam Was a Gardener [Cross-reference]

Adams and Liberty: (5 refs. 2K Notes) {Roud #V22694}

Adams's Crew: (2 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #8843}

Adelita: (2 refs.)

Adeste Fideles (O Come All Ye Faithful): (18 refs. 4K Notes) {Roud #24755}

Adieu: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #12960}

Adieu de la Mariee a Ses Parents (The Married Girl's Farewell to her Parents): (1 ref.)

Adieu Lovely Nancy [Cross-reference]

Adieu Madras: (1 ref.)

Adieu My Lovely Nancy [Cross-reference]

Adieu My Native Land Adieu: (2 refs.) {Roud #13891}

Adieu Sweet Lovely Nancy: (11 refs.) {Roud #165}

Adieu to Bogie Side: (4 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #4593}

Adieu to Bon County: (2 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #15553}

Adieu to Cold Weather [Cross-reference]

Adieu to Dark Weather [Cross-reference]

Adieu to Erin (The Emigrant): (1 ref.) {Roud #2068}

Adieu to Lovely Garrison: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #17892}

Adieu to Maimuna: (1 ref.) {Roud #8226}

Adieu to Old England: (4 refs. 1K Notes) {Roud #1703}

Adieu to Prince Edward's Isle [Cross-reference]

Adieu to the Banks of the Roe: (1 ref.)

Adieu to the Stone Walls: (1 ref.) {Roud #15602}

Adieu Ye Banks and Braes of Clyde: (1 ref. <1K Notes)

Adieu, False Heart: (2 refs.) {Roud #11042}

Adieu, Sweet Lovely Jane [Cross-reference]

Admiral Benbow (I): (10 refs. 4K Notes) {Roud #227}

Admiral Benbow (II): (5 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #3141}

Admiral Byng: (4 refs. 12K Notes) {Roud #3791}

Admiral Hosier's Ghost: (4 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #22377}

Admiral Russel's Scowering the French Fleet: or, The Battle at Sea [Cross-reference]

Admiralty House Supper Song: (1 ref.) {Roud #29406}

Adventures of Jack O'Donohoe, The [Cross-reference]

Adventures of Sandy and Donald, The [Cross-reference]

Advertise (It Pays to Advertise): (5 refs.)

Advertising Kelly: (1 ref.) {Roud #8830}

Advice to Girls [Cross-reference]

Advice to Paddy: (1 ref. <1K Notes)

Advice to Sinners: (2 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #7847}

Advice to the Boys [Cross-reference]

Ae May Morning [Cross-reference]

Ae Nicht We A' to Banff Did Gang: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #13014}

Aeroplane Song, The [Cross-reference]

Aff Wi' the Auld Love: (2 refs.) {Roud #6834}

Afore Daylight: (1 ref.)

African Counting Song: (1 ref. <1K Notes)

After Aughrim's Great Disaster: (1 ref. 3K Notes) {Roud #16907}

After Big Game: (1 ref.) {Roud #15003}

After the Ball: (21 refs. 2K Notes) {Roud #4859}

After the Ball Was Over, Sally Plucked Out Her Glass Eye: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #4859}

After the Battle Mother: (11 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #4277}

After the War Is Over: (1 ref.) {Roud #7530}

Afternoon Like This, An: (1 ref.) {Roud #11217}

Ag Lochan na Muinge: (1 ref. <1K Notes)

Again the Loud Swell Brought the Object in View: (2 refs.) {Roud #13556}

Agdalina [Cross-reference]

Aged Indian, The (Uncle Tohido): (2 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #6553}

Ages of Man, The: (9 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #617}

Aggie Bell: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #6154}

Aghaloe Heroes [Cross-reference]

Agincourt Carol, The: (18 refs. 4K Notes) {Roud #V29347}

Agricultural Irish Girl, The: (3 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #V12873}

Ah Roop Doop Doop: (2 refs.) {Roud #7607}

Ah Wonder Who's A Knocking: (1 ref. <1K Notes)

Ah Wooney Cooney [Cross-reference]

Ah-Hoo-E-La-E: (2 refs. <1K Notes)

Ah, Hoo-E La-E [Cross-reference]

Ah, Poor Bird: (3 refs. <1K Notes)

Ah, Smiler Lad: (2 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #5942}

Ah! Si Mon Moine Voulait Danser!: (5 refs.)

Aiken Drum: (8 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #2571}

Aiken Drum (II) [Cross-reference]

Aikendrum: (6 refs. 5K Notes) {Roud #2571}

Aikey Brae: (2 refs.) {Roud #2500}

Aileen A-Roon [Cross-reference]

Aim Not Too High [Cross-reference]

Aimee McPherson: (3 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #10296}

Ain' Go'n to Study War No Mo [Cross-reference]

Ain' No Mo' Cane on de Brazos [Cross-reference]

Ain' No Mo' Cane on dis Brazis [Cross-reference]

Ain't God Good to Iowa?: (1 ref.)

Ain't Goin' to Worry My Lord No More [Cross-reference]

Ain't Going to Rain No More [Cross-reference]

Ain't Gonna Grieve My God No More: (1 ref.) {Roud #8903}

Ain't Gonna Grieve My Lord No More: (11 refs.) {Roud #12801}

Ain't Gonna Let Nobody Turn Me Round [Cross-reference]

Ain't Gonna Marry: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #7048}

Ain't Gonna Rain No More: (24 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #7657}

Ain't Gonna Study War No More [Cross-reference]

AIn't Gonna Work on de Railroad [Cross-reference]

Ain't Got No Place to Lay My Head: (1 ref.) {Roud #10027}

Ain't Got to Cry No More: (1 ref.) {Roud #11774}

AIn't Gwine Study War No More [Cross-reference]

Ain't Gwine to Work No More: (1 ref.)

Ain't It a Shame [Cross-reference]

Ain't It Great to Be Crazy?: (3 refs.) {Roud #15691}

Ain't It Hard to Be a Nigger [Cross-reference]

Ain't It Hard to Be a Right Black Nigger [Cross-reference]

Ain't No Buggers Out Tonight: (1 ref.)

Ain't No Bugs on Me: (8 refs. 2K Notes) {Roud #17569}

Ain't No Grave Can Hold My Body Down: (3 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #12182}

Ain't No More Cane on this Brazos: (11 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #10063}

Ain't No Use O' My Workin' So Hard [Cross-reference]

Ain't No Use Workin' So Hard: (7 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #7876}

Ain't Nobody But You Babe: (1 ref.)

Ain't She Neat Ha Ha: (1 ref.)

Ain't That Trouble in Mind [Cross-reference]

Ain't Workin' Song: (1 ref.) {Roud #15585}

Ain't You Glad [Cross-reference]

Ain't You Got a Right To the Tree of Life: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #12352}

Aina Mania Mana Mike: (2 refs. <1K Notes)

Aince Upon a Time [Cross-reference]

Ainst Upon a Time [Cross-reference]

Aippley and Orangey [Cross-reference]

Air Force Alphabet: (2 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #21103}

Air Ye Waken, Maggie? [Cross-reference]

Airlie House [Cross-reference]

Airly [Cross-reference]

Airy Bachelor, The (The Black Horse): (7 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #3027}

Aja Lejber Man (I'm a Labor Man): (1 ref.)

Al Bowen [Cross-reference]

Alabama [Cross-reference]

Alabama Blossom [Cross-reference]

Alabama Bound (I) (Waterbound II): (9 refs. 3K Notes)

Alabama Bound (II): (16 refs. 2K Notes) {Roud #10017}

Alabama Flood, The: (3 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #21696}

Alabama Gal [Cross-reference]

Alabama John Cherokee [Cross-reference]

Alabama Sweetheart [Cross-reference]

Alabama, The [Cross-reference]

Alan Bain [Cross-reference]

Alan Bane [Cross-reference]

Alan Maclean: (5 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #2511}

Alarmed Skipper, The (The Nantucket Skipper): (4 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #9172}

Alas alas the wyle [Cross-reference]

Alas And Did My Savior Bleed: (3 refs. 2K Notes) {Roud #15070}

Alaska, or Hell of the Yukon [Cross-reference]

Albany Jail: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #6587}

Albany Jail, The [Cross-reference]

Alberta [Cross-reference]

Alberta Blues: (5 refs. 2K Notes)

Alberta Homesteader, The [Cross-reference]

Alberta, Let Your Hair Hang Low: (5 refs.) {Roud #10030}

Albertina: (3 refs. <1K Notes)

Albury Ram, The [Cross-reference]

Alcohol and Jake Blues: (1 ref. <1K Notes)

Alder Salmon, The: (1 ref.)

Alderman and His Servant [Cross-reference]

Alderman of the Ward: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #15471}

Alderman's Lady, The: (8 refs. 2K Notes) {Roud #2533}

Ale and Tobacco [Cross-reference]

Ale-Wife an' Her Barrelies, The [Cross-reference]

Ale-Wife and Her Barrel, The: (4 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #6031}

Ale-Wife, The [Cross-reference]

Alec Robertson (I): (3 refs. <1K Notes)

Alec Robertson (II): (1 ref.)

Alec Whitley: (4 refs. 12K Notes)

Alec's Lament: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #14001}

Alert, The: (1 ref.) {Roud #20516}

Alexander [Cross-reference]

Alfarata, The Maid of Juniata [Cross-reference]

Alford Vale: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #3954}

Alfred D Snow, The: (1 ref.) {Roud #20425}

Ali Alo: (1 ref.)

Alice (The Bathtub Song): (3 refs.) {Roud #27650}

Alice B. [Cross-reference]

Alice Is Over in Liverpool: (1 ref.) {Roud #29061}

Alice, Where art Thou: (1 ref.) {Roud #25271}

Alison [Cross-reference]

Alison and Willie [Child 256]: (5 refs.) {Roud #245}

Alknomook [Cross-reference]

All Among the Barley: (5 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #1283}

All Are Talking of Utah: (2 refs.) {Roud #10849}

All Around de Ring, Miss Julie: (2 refs.)

All Around Green Island's Shore: (4 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #6353}

All Around My Hat (I): (9 refs. 5K Notes) {Roud #567}

All Around My Hat (II) [Cross-reference]

All Around the Maypole: (3 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #18168}

All Around the Mountain, Charming Betsy [Cross-reference]

All Around the Ring [Cross-reference]

All Bells in Paradise [Cross-reference]

All Bound Round with a Woolen String: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #3725}

All Bow Down [Cross-reference]

All Chaw Hay on the Corner: (2 refs.) {Roud #7890}

All Day, All Night, Merriam: (1 ref. <1K Notes)

All For Me Grog [Cross-reference]

All for the Men: (12 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #5040 and 2648}

All Go Down to Rowser's [Cross-reference]

All Go Hungry Hash House, The [Cross-reference]

All God's Children Got Shoes: (29 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #11826}

All God's Chillun Got Shoes [Cross-reference]

All God's Chillun Got Wings [Cross-reference]

All Gone: (1 ref. 1K Notes) {Roud #29060}

All Gone for Grog [Cross-reference]

All Hail the Power of Jesus's Name: (6 refs. 6K Notes) {Roud #17726}

All Hail to Thee, Moon: (2 refs.) {Roud #21150}

All Hands Away Tomorrow [Cross-reference]

All Hid: (2 refs. 2K Notes) {Roud #22746}

All I Want Is a Little More Faith [Cross-reference]

All I've Got's Gone: (5 refs. <1K Notes)

All In Down and Out Blues: (3 refs. 1K Notes) {Roud #17520}

All in the Scenes of Winter [Cross-reference]

All In Together, Girls: (4 refs.) {Roud #19211}

All Is Vanity, Saith the Preacher: (2 refs. <1K Notes)

All Is Well: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #5455}

All Jolly Fellows [Cross-reference]

All Jolly Fellows That Handles the Plough: (13 refs.) {Roud #346}

All Jolly Fellows Who Follow the Plough [Cross-reference]

All Last Night and the Night Before [Cross-reference]

All Mah Sins Been Taken Away [Cross-reference]

All My Sins Are Taken Away (I) [Cross-reference]

All My Sins Been Taken Away: (8 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #4205}

All My Trials: (8 refs. 1K Notes) {Roud #11938}

All Night Long (I): (2 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #6703}

All Night Long (II) [Cross-reference]

All Night Long (III) [Cross-reference]

All Night Long (IV): (2 refs. <1K Notes)

All Night Long Blues [Cross-reference]

All Night Long, Mary: (1 ref.) {Roud #7908}

All Night, All Day: (4 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #17677}

All Night, Jesus, All Night: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #15626}

All Noddin' [Cross-reference]

All of a Row: (2 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #1474}

All on Account of a Bold Lover Gay [Cross-reference]

All on Spurn Point [Cross-reference]

All over Arkansas: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #7678}

All Over the Ridges: (1 ref.) {Roud #4561}

All Over This World: (1 ref.) {Roud #11953}

All Over Those Hills: (1 ref. <1K Notes)

All Quiet Along the Potomac Tonight: (11 refs. 1K Notes) {Roud #6557}

All Ragged and Dirty (Here I Stand All Ragged and Dirty): (4 refs.) {Roud #7663}

All Round My Hat [Cross-reference]

All Round the Loney-O [Cross-reference]

All Smiles To Night [Cross-reference]

All Tattered and Torn [Cross-reference]

All the Boys in our Town [Cross-reference]

All the Girls in France: (1 ref. <1K Notes)

All The Good Times Are Passed And Gone [Cross-reference]

All the Good Times Are Past and Gone: (5 refs.) {Roud #7421}

All the Men in Our Town: (2 refs.) {Roud #12969}

All the Months in the Year [Cross-reference]

All the Nice Girls Love a Candle: (1 ref.) {Roud #10254}

All the Pretty Little Horses: (29 refs.) {Roud #6705}

All the Way Round [Cross-reference]

All Things Are Possible If You Only Believe: (1 ref. <1K Notes)

All Things Are Quite Silent: (3 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #2532}

All this day ic han sought [Cross-reference]

All this tyme this songe is best [Cross-reference]

All Through the Beer [Cross-reference]

All Through the Night (Ar Hyd Y Nos): (8 refs. <1K Notes)

All Through the Rain and Squally Weather: (1 ref. <1K Notes)

All Together Again: (3 refs. <1K Notes)

All Together Like the Folks o' Shields: (1 ref.) {Roud #3173}

All Under the Leaves, and the Leaves of Life [Cross-reference]

All Ye That's Pierced by Cupid's Darts: (2 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #9261}

All Ye Who Delights in a Jolly Old Song [Cross-reference]

All You That Are Unto Mirth Inclined (The Sinner's Redemption): (2 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #2431}

All You That Love Good Fellows [Cross-reference]

All's Well: (1 ref.) {Roud #25996}

Alla Balla (Ella Bella; Queenie, Queenie): (1 ref.) {Roud #19361}

Alla En El Rancho Grande (Down on the Big Ranch): (1 ref.)

Allan Adale [Cross-reference]

Allan o Maut (I) (Why should not Allan Honoured Be): (4 refs. 1K Notes)

Allan o Maut (II) (How Mault Deals With Every Man): (9 refs. 3K Notes) {Roud #V39177}

Allan o Maut (III): (2 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #164}

Allan Water [Cross-reference]

Allanah Is Waiting for me [Cross-reference]

Alle Acha [Cross-reference]

Alle maydenis, for Godes grace [Cross-reference]

Allelu! Allelu! Everybody sing Allelu!: (1 ref. 1K Notes)

Alleluia, Alleluia [Cross-reference]

Alleluia, Amen: (2 refs.)

Allelujia, Amen [Cross-reference]

Alleluya, Alleluia, Deo patri sit gloria [Cross-reference]

Allen Bain [Cross-reference]

Allen Bayne [Cross-reference]

Allen Die Villen Naar Iseland: (1 ref.)

Allen Die Villen Naar Island [Cross-reference]

Allen-a-Dale [Cross-reference]

Allen, Larkin and O'Brien: (3 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #V47672}

Allen's Bear Fight Up in Keene: (1 ref.) {Roud #18143}

Allentown Ambulance: (1 ref.) {Roud #27875}

Allerbeste Kock, Der: (1 ref.)

Alles Ist Hin! [Cross-reference]

Alley-Alley-O, The [Cross-reference]

Alleywetter, Jaunty Alleywetter [Cross-reference]

Alliance Song: (3 refs.)

Alliford Bay: (1 ref.) {Roud #24972}

Alligator Purse [Cross-reference]

Alligator Song [Cross-reference]

Alligator Song (Railroad Song) [Cross-reference]

Allison Gross [Child 35]: (10 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #3212}

Ally Ally Oxen Free: (2 refs. <1K Notes)

Almost Done: (4 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #10064}

Almost Over: (1 ref.) {Roud #12035}

Aloha Means We Welcome You: (1 ref.)

Aloha Oe: (6 refs.) {Roud #22679}

Alone and Motherless: (1 ref.) {Roud #16265}

Alone on the Shamrock Shore (Shamrock Shore III): (7 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #9786}

Along the Kansas Line [Cross-reference]

Along the Lowlands: (1 ref.) {Roud #9142}

Along the North Strand [Cross-reference]

Along the Road the Old Man Came: (1 ref.)

Along the Shores of Boularderie: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #2715}

Alonzo the Brave and Fair Imogene: (10 refs. 2K Notes) {Roud #4433}

Alonzo the Brave and The Fair Imogene [Cross-reference]

Alouette (Lark) (II): (2 refs. <1K Notes)

Alouetté! (I): (14 refs. <1K Notes)

Alphabet (I), The [Cross-reference]

Alphabet (II), The [Cross-reference]

Alphabet of the Bible, The: (2 refs. 12K Notes)

Alphabet of the Ship [Cross-reference]

Alphabet Song (I): (2 refs.) {Roud #21101}

Alphabet Song (II), The [Cross-reference]

Alphabet Song (III), The [Cross-reference]

Alphabet Song (IV) [Cross-reference]

Alphabet Song (V): (1 ref. <1K Notes)

Alphabet Song (VI -- Joe Watson's): (1 ref.)

Alphabet Songs: (4 refs. 1K Notes) {Roud #3303}

Als I Lay Upon a Nith (As I Lay Upon a Night II): (8 refs. 5K Notes)

Als I me rode this endre dai [Cross-reference]

Alsea Boys [Cross-reference]

Alsea Girls [Cross-reference]

Altered Days: (3 refs. <1K Notes)

Although My Love Be Black: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #13590}

Altimover Stream [Cross-reference]

Altoona Freight Wreck, The [Cross-reference]

Always Been a Rambler [Cross-reference]

Always on the Spree: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #6048}

Am I Born to Die? (Idumea): (3 refs. 1K Notes) {Roud #6678}

Am I the Doctor? [Cross-reference]

Amalgamate as One: (1 ref.) {Roud #7743}

Amanda [Cross-reference]

Amasee: (3 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #11010}

Amazing Grace: (52 refs. 4K Notes) {Roud #5430}

Amber Marg'et Oh Gal: (1 ref. <1K Notes)

Amber Tresses Tied in Blue: (4 refs.) {Roud #4230}

Ambletown: (7 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #269}

Amelia Jane: (1 ref.)

Amen: (1 ref. <1K Notes)

Amen, Brother Ben: (1 ref.)

America (My Country 'Tis of Thee): (20 refs. 2K Notes) {Roud #V16615}

America, America: (1 ref. <1K Notes)

America, the Beautiful: (13 refs. 2K Notes)

America's War of Independence: (1 ref.) {Roud #23388}

American Aginora, The: (4 refs. 4K Notes) {Roud #7352}

American and Irish Privateer, The [Cross-reference]

American Boys [Cross-reference]

American Jump: (2 refs.) {Roud #20646}

American King, The [Cross-reference]

American Stranger (I) [Cross-reference]

American Stranger (II), The [Cross-reference]

American Volunteer, The: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #3696}

American Woods [Laws M36]: (3 refs.) {Roud #1809}

Americans Have Stolen My True Love Away, The [Cross-reference]

Amhrain An Tsagairt: (1 ref. <1K Notes)

Amhrainin Siodraimin: (1 ref. <1K Notes)

Amhran An Ghanndail: (1 ref. <1K Notes)

Amhran Pheaidi Bhig: (1 ref. <1K Notes)

Amnesty Meeting in Tipperary, The: (3 refs. 2K Notes) {Roud #V1461}

Amola, E: (1 ref.)

Among the Blue Flowers and the Yellow [Cross-reference]

Among the Green Bushes in Sweet Tyrone: (1 ref.) {Roud #13534}

Among the Heather [Cross-reference]

Among the Little White Daisies: (5 refs.) {Roud #7401}

Amos and Andy [Cross-reference]

Amsterdam [Cross-reference]

Amsterdam Maid, The [Cross-reference]

Amy and Edward [Cross-reference]

An "Croppy Lie Down" (The "Croppy Lie Down"): (1 ref. <1K Notes)

An Bearla Brea: (1 ref. <1K Notes)

An Bhfeaca Sibh Coil: (1 ref. <1K Notes)

An Binnsin Luchra (The Little Bench [or Bunch] of Rushes) [Cross-reference]

An Binsin Luachra: (2 refs. <1K Notes)

An Bothainin Iseal Gan Falthas: (2 refs. <1K Notes)

An Bothar O Thuaidh: (1 ref. <1K Notes)

An Brannda Thiar (Whiskey on the Way): (1 ref. <1K Notes)

An Bunnan Buidhe [Cross-reference]

An Cailin Aerach (The Airy/Light-Hearted Girl): (1 ref. <1K Notes)

An Chutil Daigh-re: (1 ref. <1K Notes)

An Corn Oir: (1 ref. <1K Notes)

An Eos Whek [Cross-reference]

An Gamhain Geal Ban: (2 refs. <1K Notes)

An Goirtin Eorman: (1 ref. <1K Notes)

An leam is in the world I-lit [Cross-reference]

An SeanDuine: (1 ref. <1K Notes)

An Spealadoir: (1 ref. <1K Notes)

An Wedhen War An Vre (The Tree on the Hill) [Cross-reference]

An' He Never Said a Mumblin' Word [Cross-reference]

Ananias: (2 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #11815}

Anchor's Aweigh, The: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #9445}

Anchors Away (Parody) [Cross-reference]

Anchors Aweigh, Love [Cross-reference]

Ancient Auntie: (1 ref.) {Roud #18995}

Ancient Farmer, The [Cross-reference]

Ancient Riddle, An: (1 ref. 1K Notes) {Roud #2079}

And a Begging We Will Go [Cross-reference]

And Am I Born to Die? [Cross-reference]

And As They Rode Along the Road As Hard As They Could Ride [Cross-reference]

And by a chapell as Y came [Cross-reference]

And Merchants There Are: (1 ref.) {Roud #13054}

And Must I Be to Judgment Brought?: (2 refs. <1K Notes)

And Sae Will We Yet: (13 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #5611}

And She Skipped Across the Green [Cross-reference]

And should that Boney Peartie have roty thousand still [Cross-reference]

And So Will We Yet [Cross-reference]

And So You Have Come Back to Me [Cross-reference]

And the Green Grass Grew All Around [Cross-reference]

And There Is No Night in Creede: (1 ref.)

And They Called It Ireland [Cross-reference]

And You'll Remember Me [Cross-reference]

Andersonville Prison: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #4033}

Andra Carnegie: (1 ref.) {Roud #22222}

Andrew Bardean [Cross-reference]

Andrew Bardeen [Cross-reference]

Andrew Barden [Cross-reference]

Andrew Bartin [Cross-reference]

Andrew Barton [Cross-reference]

Andrew Batan [Cross-reference]

Andrew Coupar (Andrew Cowper): (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #18038}

Andrew Davidson [Cross-reference]

Andrew Jackson's Raid: (2 refs. 6K Notes) {Roud #7954}

Andrew Lammie [Child 233]: (12 refs. 2K Notes) {Roud #98}

Andrew Marteen [Cross-reference]

Andrew Martine [Cross-reference]

Andrew Roo: (1 ref.) {Roud #7185}

Andrew Rose: (7 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #623}

Andrew Sheehan [Cross-reference]

Andro and His Cutty Gun: (2 refs.) {Roud #2868}

Andy Brown [Cross-reference]

Andy McElroe: (1 ref. 7K Notes)

Andy Pandy [Cross-reference]

Andy's Gone with Cattle: (4 refs. <1K Notes)

Ane Madam: (2 refs. <1K Notes)

Aneath My Apron: (2 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #899}

Anford-Wright, The [Cross-reference]

Angel Band: (8 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #4268}

Angel from the North, The: (3 refs. <1K Notes)

Angel Gabriel, The: (2 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #815}

Angel of Death, The [Cross-reference]

Angel's Whisper, The: (12 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #2061}

Angelina: (1 ref.) {Roud #12427}

Angelina Baker: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #18341 and 17854 and 7043}

Angelina Brown: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #24933}

Angeline [Cross-reference]

Angeline the Baker [Cross-reference]

Angels from the Realms of Glory: (4 refs. 2K Notes) {Roud #8358}

Angels of Queen Street: (1 ref.)

Angels Proclaim the Happy Morn: (1 ref.) {Roud #15685}

Angels Roll Dem Stones Away: (2 refs. 1K Notes) {Roud #11877}

Angels Sang Out the Sweet Story [Cross-reference]

Angels Singin' Round Me Bed [Cross-reference]

Angels Singing Around My Bed: (3 refs. <1K Notes)

Angels Watching Over Me [Cross-reference]

Angels We Have Heard on High: (4 refs. 7K Notes) {Roud #23663}

Angels' Whisper [Cross-reference]

Angie Mimey [Cross-reference]

Animal Fair: (11 refs.) {Roud #4582}

Animal Song: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #3710}

Ann Boleyn [Cross-reference]

Ann o' Drumcroon: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #13338}

Ann O'Brien [Cross-reference]

Anna [Cross-reference]

Anna Gray [Cross-reference]

Anna Lee (The Finished Letter): (8 refs.) {Roud #474}

Anna Sweeney: (1 ref.)

Anna, Anna, Split the Banana: (1 ref.)

Anna, Manna, Mona, Mike [Cross-reference]

Annachie Gordon [Cross-reference]

Annan Water: (5 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #6562}

Anne Boleyn (With Her Head Tucked Underneath Her Arm): (3 refs. 94K Notes)

Annie: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #1791}

Annie Breen: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #4045}

Annie Dear I'm Called Away: (4 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #5700}

Annie Dear, Good-Bye: (2 refs. 2K Notes) {Roud #5770}

Annie Franklin [Cross-reference]

Annie Girl [Cross-reference]

Annie Gray: (4 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #24031}

Annie Laurie: (24 refs. 6K Notes) {Roud #8179}

Annie Lee [Cross-reference]

Annie Mackie: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #6803}

Annie Moore: (6 refs. 1K Notes) {Roud #2881}

Annie of the Vale: (4 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #7950}

Annie Young, The: (1 ref. 1K Notes) {Roud #30705}

Anniebelle [Cross-reference]

Anniversary of the Shutting of the Gates of Derry: (1 ref.) {Roud #V42293}

Announcements: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #26053}

Anonn's Anall, Is Trid An Abhainn: (2 refs. <1K Notes)

Another Fall of Rain (Waiting for the Rain): (9 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #22614}

Another Man Done Gone: (7 refs.) {Roud #10065}

Another Man's Wedding [Cross-reference]

Another of Seafardingers, describing Evill Fortune [Cross-reference]

Another of Seafarers, describing Evil Fortune: (3 refs. <1K Notes)

Another Shower of Rain [Cross-reference]

Anson Best: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #3669}

Anstruther Camp: (1 ref.) {Roud #4370}

Answer to the Gypsy's Warning [Cross-reference]

Answer to Twenty-One Years: (10 refs.) {Roud #4997}

Answer to Youghal Harbour: (3 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #2734}

Antarctic-Equator: (1 ref.)

Antelope, The [Cross-reference]

Anti-Confederation Song (I): (6 refs. 8K Notes) {Roud #4518}

Anti-Confederation Song (II): (4 refs. 28K Notes) {Roud #24295}

Anti-Fenian Song, An: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #4519}

Anti-Gallican, The: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #3169}

Anti-Rebel Song, An: (1 ref. <1K Notes)

"Antis" of Plate Cove, The: (2 refs. 5K Notes) {Roud #4554}

Ants Go Marching, The: (3 refs.) {Roud #18336}

Any Old Iron: (1 ref.) {Roud #32461}

Anyhow [Cross-reference]

Anything (I): (2 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #4648}

Anything (II): (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #1952}

Anzy Panzy [Cross-reference]

Apartment for Rent, Apply Within [Cross-reference]

Ape, Lion, Fox and Ass, An: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #1325}

Apex Boarding House, The [Cross-reference]

Apon a mornyng of May [Cross-reference]

Apple Farm Blues: (1 ref.) {Roud #29486}

Apple Jelly, My Jam Tart [Cross-reference]

Apple on a Stick: (1 ref.) {Roud #25031}

Apple Pip, Apple Pip: (1 ref.)

Apple Praties: (3 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #29058}

Apple Sauce and Butter: (1 ref.) {Roud #11867}

Apple Tree Wassail (I): (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #209}

Apple Tree Wassail (II): (1 ref. <1K Notes)

Apple Tree Wassail (III): (1 ref.)

Apple Trees: (1 ref.) {Roud #22812}

Apple-Cheeked Rider: (3 refs.)

Appleby Fair: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #16699}

Apples and Oranges: (3 refs.) {Roud #19423}

Apples Are Red, Oranges Are Yellow [Cross-reference]

Apples, Peaches, Cream on Tart [Cross-reference]

Apples, Peaches, Creamery Butter: (2 refs.)

Apprentice Boy (I), The [Laws M12]: (19 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #903}

Apprentice Boy (II), The [Cross-reference]

Apprentice Boy (III), The [Cross-reference]

Apprentice Sailor, The [Cross-reference]

Apprentice, The [Cross-reference]

Apres la Guerre: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #10534}

April Fool Is Coming On [Cross-reference]

April Fool is Gone and Past: (4 refs.) {Roud #20438}

Apron of Flowers, The [Cross-reference]

Apron, The [Cross-reference]

Ar Bruach Na Laoi: (1 ref. <1K Notes)

Ar Eirinn Ni Neosfainn Ce hi (For Ireland I Will Not Tell Whom She Is): (2 refs. 2K Notes) {Roud #5240}

Ar Hyd Y Nos [Cross-reference]

Ar Maidin Inne Cois Feile Bhinn: (1 ref. <1K Notes)

Ar Maidin Roim Noin: (1 ref. <1K Notes)

Araby Maid, The: (2 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #6725}

Aran's Lovely Home [Cross-reference]

Aranmore Disaster, The: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #2956}

Arbour Hill: (1 ref. <1K Notes)

Arcade Building Moan: (2 refs.) {Roud #4907}

Arch and Gordon: (3 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #4130}

Archangel Open the Door: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #11987}

Archer [Cross-reference]

Archerdale [Cross-reference]

Archie o Cawfield [Child 188]: (15 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #83}

Arctic Ice and Flippers: (1 ref. 1K Notes) {Roud #V44815}

Ard Tack: (2 refs.)

'Ard Tack [Cross-reference]

Ardaig Leat Do Shusa: (1 ref. <1K Notes)

Ardlaw Crew, The: (2 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #5651}

Are the Signals All Right: (1 ref. <1K Notes)

Are Ye Sleepin' Maggie?: (2 refs.) {Roud #4897}

Are You a Camel?: (2 refs. <1K Notes)

Are You a Hood-a-lum: (1 ref.)

Are You From Dixie?: (2 refs.) {Roud #10083}

Are You Happy or Lonesome [Cross-reference]

Are You There Moriarity! [Cross-reference]

Are You There, Moriarity?: (4 refs. 1K Notes) {Roud #V38725}

Are You Tired of Me, My Darling? [Cross-reference]

Arethusa, The: (7 refs.) {Roud #12675}

Arise and Bar the Door-O [Cross-reference]

Arise and Open Your Door: (1 ref.)

Arise and Pick a Posie: (1 ref.) {Roud #2445}

Arise Gudewife [Cross-reference]

Arise, Arise [Cross-reference]

Arizona: (2 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #5104}

Arizona Boys and Girls [Cross-reference]

Arizona Home [Cross-reference]

Ark, The [Cross-reference]

Arkansas [Cross-reference]

Arkansas Boys [Cross-reference]

Arkansas Navvy, The [Cross-reference]

Arkansas Sheik, The [Cross-reference]

Arkansas Song, The: (1 ref.) {Roud #3131}

Arkansas Traveler (II), The [Cross-reference]

Arkansas Traveler, The (fiddle recitation): (47 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #3756}

Arkansaw Traveller, An [Cross-reference]

Arlie, Barley, Buck, and Doe: (1 ref.)

Arlin's Fine Braes: (4 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #517}

Arm Chair, The [Cross-reference]

Armored Cruiser Squadron, The: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #10267}

Armoured Car, The: (1 ref. <1K Notes)

Army Life [Cross-reference]

Army of the Free, The: (1 ref. 3K Notes)

Army Song, The: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #21720}

Aroostook War, The: (2 refs. 7K Notes)

Around a Western Water Tank [Cross-reference]

Around Cape Horn (I) [Cross-reference]

Around Cape Horn (II) [Cross-reference]

Around Green Island Shore [Cross-reference]

Around Her Neck She Wore a Yellow Ribbon: (5 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #10642, etc.}

Around the Corner: (3 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #22247}

Around the Grove as I Was Walking [Cross-reference]

Around the Hills of Clare: (1 ref.) {Roud #18467}

Around the Horn [Cross-reference]

Around the One that Stole the Sheep: (1 ref.)

Around the Rugged Rocks [Cross-reference]

Around the World and Home Again [Cross-reference]

Arrat, an Marrat, an Fair Mazrie [Cross-reference]

Arrival of "Aurora," "Diana," "Virginia Lake," and "Vanguard," Loaded: (1 ref. 12K Notes) {Roud #V44821}

Arrival of the "Grand Lake" and "Virginia Lake" With Bumper Trips: (1 ref. 6K Notes) {Roud #V44600}

Arriving Back at Liverpool [Cross-reference]

Arroyo Al's Cow-Pony: (1 ref.)

Arseholes Are Cheap Today: (2 refs.) {Roud #10234}

Arsenic Tragedy, The [Cross-reference]

Arthur: (1 ref.)

Arthur a Bland [Cross-reference]

Arthur Bond: (1 ref.) {Roud #9219}

Arthur Clyde: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #15752}

Arthur Curtis's Horse: (1 ref.) {Roud #1949}

Arthur Desmond: (1 ref. <1K Notes)

Arthur McBride: (9 refs.) {Roud #2355}

Arthur Nolan [Cross-reference]

Arthur O'Bower: (2 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #19979}

Arthur O'Bradley's Wedding (I): (8 refs. 4K Notes) {Roud #365}

Arthur O'Bradley's Wedding (II): (2 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #365}

Arthur O'Bradley's Wedding (III): (4 refs. 4K Notes) {Roud #365}

Arthur O'Bradley's Wedding (IV): (2 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #365}

Arthur's Seat: (4 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #6851}

Artillery Alphabet, The: (2 refs.) {Roud #21722}

As 'Twuz and As 'Tiz: (1 ref. <1K Notes)

As Bacchus Frequented His Frolics [Cross-reference]

As Bell and Blow: (1 ref.) {Roud #6232}

As Bessie sat doon wi' her seam by the fire [Cross-reference]

As Broad as I was Walking: (4 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #23793}

As Dew in April [Cross-reference]

As I Cam Ower Strathmartine Mains [Cross-reference]

As I came by a grene forest syde [Cross-reference]

As I Came Home So Late Last Night [Cross-reference]

As I Came Over Yonder's Hill (Turkey Song): (1 ref.) {Roud #4234}

As I Climbed Up the Apple Tree: (1 ref.) {Roud #19821}

As I Gaed in Tae Bonnie Aberdeen: (1 ref.) {Roud #13138}

As I Gaed ower a Whinny Knowe [Cross-reference]

As I gaed owre yon heich heich hill [Cross-reference]

As I Go Sing: (1 ref.) {Roud #6899}

As I Grow Old [Cross-reference]

As I Lay Upon a Night (Alma Redemptoris Mater): (11 refs. 1K Notes)

As I Lay Vpon a Nyth (I) [Cross-reference]

As I lay vpon a nyth (II) [Cross-reference]

As I Roamed Out [Cross-reference]

As I Rode Down Through Irishtown [Cross-reference]

As I Rode Out (I) [Cross-reference]

As I Rode Out (II) [Cross-reference]

As I Roll My Rolling Ball [Cross-reference]

As I Roved Out (I) (Tarry Trousers II): (11 refs.) {Roud #427}

As I Roved Out (II) [Cross-reference]

As I Roved Out (III) [Cross-reference]

As I Roved Out (V) [Cross-reference]

As I Roved Out (VI) [Cross-reference]

As I Roved Out One Evening (I): (2 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #2752}

As I Roved Out One Evening (II): (1 ref.) {Roud #29057}

As I Roved through an Irish Town [Cross-reference]

As I sat at my spinning wheel [Cross-reference]

As I Sat on a Sunny Bank [Cross-reference]

As I Sat Under a Sycamore Tree [Cross-reference]

As I Set Down to Play Tin-Can [Cross-reference]

As I Set Off To Turkey [Cross-reference]

As I Sit Here Alone: (1 ref.)

As I Staggered From Home Yesterday Morning: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #15472}

As I Strolled Out One Evening [Cross-reference]

As I walked by a forest side [Cross-reference]

As I Walked Forth in the Pride of the Season: (2 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #9785}

As I Walked Oot One Sabbath Mornin': (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #13000}

As I Walked Out (I) (A New Broom Sweeps Clean): (2 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #2751}

As I Walked Out (II) [Cross-reference]

As I Walked Out (III) [Cross-reference]

As I Walked Out (IV) [Cross-reference]

As I Walked Out (V): (1 ref.) {Roud #1139}

As I Walked Out in the Streets of Laredo [Cross-reference]

As I Walked Out on a Fair May Morning [Cross-reference]

As I Walked Out One May Morning [Cross-reference]

As I Walked Out One Morning in Spring [Cross-reference]

As I Walked Through the Meadows [Cross-reference]

As I Wandered by the Brookside [Cross-reference]

As I Want Down to Mas' Cornfiel' [Cross-reference]

As I Was A-Walking (I) [Cross-reference]

As I Was A-Walking (II) [Cross-reference]

As I Was A-Walking by Newgate One Day [Cross-reference]

As I Was A-Walking by Yon Green Garden: (1 ref.) {Roud #3865}

As I Was A-Walking Down Ratcliffe Highway [Cross-reference]

As I Was Going by Charing Cross: (3 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #20564}

As I Was Going down Piggy Wiggy Track [Cross-reference]

As I Was Going into the Fair of Athy [Cross-reference]

As I Was Going O'er the Moor [Cross-reference]

As I Was Going Over London Bridge (The Dead Rat): (3 refs.)

As I Was Going to Banbury [Cross-reference]

As I Was Going to Darby [Cross-reference]

As I Was Going to Romford [Cross-reference]

As I Was Going to St. Ives: (5 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #19772}

As I Was Walkin' Down Wexford Street [Cross-reference]

As I Was Walking [Cross-reference]

As I Was Walking Down In Yon Valley: (2 refs.) {Roud #6277}

As I Was Walking o'er Little Moorfields [Cross-reference]

As I Was Walking Through the Grove [Cross-reference]

As I Was Walking Through the Wud: (2 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #13064}

As I Went A-Walking One Fine Summer's Evening [Cross-reference]

As I Went by the Luckenbooths: (2 refs. <1K Notes)

As I Went Down in the Valley to Pray [Cross-reference]

As I Went Down to New Bern [Cross-reference]

As I Went Down to Newbern: (3 refs. 5K Notes) {Roud #6641}

As I Went Down to Port Jervis: (2 refs. 1K Notes) {Roud #1924}

As I Went Out for a Ramble: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #4163}

As I Went Out One Summer's Day [Cross-reference]

As I Went Over Yonders Pond: (1 ref.) {Roud #5050}

As I Went Up the Brandy Hill [Cross-reference]

As I Went Up the Silver Lake: (1 ref.) {Roud #15769}

As I'd Nothing Else to Do [Cross-reference]

As Now We Are Sailing: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #1810}

As Off to the South'ard We Go [Cross-reference]

As One Day I Chanc'd to Rove [Cross-reference]

As Robin Was Driving: (2 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #1396}

As Shepherds Watched Their Fleecy Care: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #1518}

As shot and shell were screaming [Cross-reference]

As Slow Our Wagons Rolled the Track (The Girl I Left Behind Me): (1 ref.)

As Soft as Silk: (3 refs.) {Roud #20566}

As Sure As Comes Your Wedding Day: (3 refs. <1K Notes)

As Susan Strayed the Briny Beach [Cross-reference]

As Sylvie Was Walking: (5 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #170}

As Tears Go By: (1 ref. <1K Notes)

As the Black Billy Boils: (3 refs. <1K Notes)

As the King Lay Musing on His Bed [Cross-reference]

As the King Went A-Hunting [Cross-reference]

As the Ship Sailed Away From Ireland: (1 ref.) {Roud #13687}

As Tom Was A-Walking: (2 refs.) {Roud #4587}

As We Trek Along Together: (1 ref.)

As We Were A-Sailing [Cross-reference]

As Welcome as the Flowers in May: (11 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #4347}

As Willie and Mary Strolled by the Seashore [Cross-reference]

As y yod on ay mounday [Cross-reference]

As yee came from the holye [Cross-reference]

As-Tu Connu le Per Lanc'lot?: (1 ref.)

Ash Grove, The (Llwyn On): (8 refs.) {Roud #24988}

Ashes to Ashes, Dust to Dust: (3 refs.) {Roud #19277?}

Asheville Junction, Swannanoa Tunnel [Cross-reference]

Ashland Strike, The: (1 ref. <1K Notes)

Ashland Tragedy (I), The [Laws F25]: (5 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #2263}

Ashland Tragedy (II), The [Laws F26]: (3 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #2264}

Ashland Tragedy (III), The [Laws F27]: (3 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #2265}

Ask the Watchman How Long: (4 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #16415}

Asleep at the Switch: (4 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #7370}

Aspell and Carter: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #30696}

Ass and the Orangeman's Daughter, The: (5 refs. 3K Notes) {Roud #6543}

Ass's Complaint, The: (3 refs. 2K Notes) {Roud #V20702}

Assay Thy Friend Ere Thou Hast Need: (9 refs. <1K Notes)

Assist me all ye muses, For to compose a song [Cross-reference]

Astrologer, The: (2 refs.) {Roud #1598}

At a Cowboy Dance: (2 refs.) {Roud #11095}

At a place where he me set [Cross-reference]

At Barnum's Show: (2 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #7600}

At Boston One Day as the Chesapeake Lay [Cross-reference]

At Brighton: (1 ref.)

At Home, My Lassie [Cross-reference]

At Paddy Mayock's Ball: (1 ref.)

At Penhill Crags He Tore His Rage (Owd Bartle Poem, Burning Bartle): (1 ref. <1K Notes)

At Pittsburg Landing our Troops Fought Hard: (1 ref. 2K Notes)

At Sullivan's Isle: (1 ref. <1K Notes)

At the Back o' Benachie: (1 ref. <1K Notes)

At the Boarding House [Cross-reference]

At the Boarding House Where I Live [Cross-reference]

At the Cross [Cross-reference]

At the Feast of Belshazzar [Cross-reference]

At the Foot of the Mountain Brow [Cross-reference]

At the Foot of Yonder Mountain [Cross-reference]

At the Gate Each Shearer Stood [Cross-reference]

At the Gate of Heaven (A la Puerta del Cielo): (3 refs.)

At the Halt on the Left: (1 ref.) {Roud #10564}

At the Jail [Cross-reference]

At the Mataura: (1 ref. <1K Notes)

At the Sign of the Apple (The Twig So Tender; The Tavern): (2 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #7365}

At Twenty-One [Cross-reference]

Atching Tan Song (I), The: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #1732}

Atching Tan Song (II), The: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #1732}

Athabaskan's Finish: (1 ref. 7K Notes) {Roud #29407}

Atisket, Atasket (I Sent a Letter to My Love): (11 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #13188}

Atlanta Blues [Cross-reference]

Atlantic Cable, The (How Cyrus Laid the Cable): (1 ref. 39K Notes) {Roud #14077}

Attend All Ye Drivers: (1 ref.)

Au Bois, Mesdames (To the Woods, My Ladies): (1 ref. <1K Notes)

Au Bord d'une Fontaine [Cross-reference]

Au Clair de la Lune (By the Pale Moonlight): (3 refs. 1K Notes)

Au Revoir to Our Hardy Sealers: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #26072}

Auchnairy Ball, The: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #6063}

Auchynachy Gordon [Cross-reference]

Auckland to the Bluff: (1 ref.)

Auction Block [Cross-reference]

Auction of a Wife [Cross-reference]

Augathella Station [Cross-reference]

Aughalee Heroes, The: (5 refs.) {Roud #6546}

August Gale (I), The: (1 ref. 2K Notes) {Roud #30700}

August Gale (II), The: (3 refs. 1K Notes) {Roud #9431}

Aul' Eppie Ironside: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #13573}

Aul' Maid, The [Cross-reference]

Aul' Man's Dawtie, An: (1 ref.) {Roud #7191}

Aul' Meldrum Toon [Cross-reference]

Aul' Sanners an' I: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #6043}

Aul' Widow Greylocks: (2 refs. 2K Notes) {Roud #6264}

Auld Bachelor, The [Cross-reference]

Auld Carle wi' His Beard, The [Cross-reference]

Auld Carle, The [Cross-reference]

Auld Den o' Mains, The: (2 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #6146}

Auld Eddie Ochiltree: (3 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #5637}

Auld Fisher's Farewell to Coquet, The: (1 ref.) {Roud #3160}

Auld Fite Naig, The: (1 ref.) {Roud #13020}

Auld Gardener's Wife, The: (2 refs.) {Roud #6303}

Auld Hat, The [Cross-reference]

Auld Horse's Lament, The: (1 ref.) {Roud #5980}

Auld Johnny Grant: (1 ref.) {Roud #7243}

Auld Lang Syne: (18 refs. 2K Notes) {Roud #13892}

Auld Lang Syne (II) [Cross-reference]

Auld Luckie [Cross-reference]

Auld Luckie of Brunties: (3 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #5577}

Auld Maid in a Garret [Cross-reference]

Auld Maid's Lament, The: (4 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #6283}

Auld Man and the Churnstaff, The [Cross-reference]

Auld Man Armed Himself Wi a Sword, The: (1 ref.) {Roud #15527}

Auld Man He Courted Me, An [Cross-reference]

Auld Man's Mare's Dead, The: (3 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #5880}

Auld Man's Mear, The [Cross-reference]

Auld Man's Mear's Deid, The [Cross-reference]

Auld Man's Song, The [Cross-reference]

Auld Matrons [Child 249]: (3 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #3915}

Auld Merchant, The: (1 ref.) {Roud #7165}

Auld Quarry Knowe, The: (3 refs.) {Roud #6147}

Auld Robin Gray : (13 refs. 2K Notes) {Roud #2652}

Auld Roguie Grey [Cross-reference]

Auld Seceder's Cat, The [Cross-reference]

Auld Soldier, The [Cross-reference]

Auld Song from Cow Head, The [Cross-reference]

Auld Tammy Barra [Cross-reference]

Auld Warrack's Plough Feast: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #6073}

Auld Wife and Her Cattie, The: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #6112}

Auld Wife and the Peat Creel, The [Cross-reference]

Auld Wife Ayont the Fire, The [Cross-reference]

Auld Wife beyont the Fire, The: (2 refs.) {Roud #4294}

Auld Wife to the Bell-Rope Ran, The: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #7173}

Auld Yule: (1 ref. 1K Notes) {Roud #6017}

Aunt Dinah's Quilting Party [Cross-reference]

Aunt Jemima's Plaster: (11 refs. 2K Notes) {Roud #974}

Aunt Maria: (5 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #11418}

Aunt Nancy [Cross-reference]

Aunt Rhody [Cross-reference]

Aunt Sal's Song (The Man Who Didn't Know How to Court): (7 refs.) {Roud #776}

Aunt Tabbie [Cross-reference]

Aunt Tabby [Cross-reference]

Aupres De Ma Blonde: (7 refs.)

Aura Lea: (7 refs. <1K Notes)

Aura Lee [Cross-reference]

Aurore Bradaire [Cross-reference]

Aurore Pradere: (3 refs.)

Australia [Cross-reference]

Australia (Virginny): (5 refs. 1K Notes) {Roud #1488}

Australia for Me! [Cross-reference]

Australia Our Home: (2 refs.) {Roud #V20380}

Australia Will Be There: (1 ref.) {Roud #11249}

Australia's on the Wallaby: (5 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #24705}

Australian Courtship [Cross-reference]

Australian HIghwayman's Song [Cross-reference]

Austrian Went Yodeling, An: (1 ref.)

Automobile Trip Through Alabama: (2 refs.)

Autumn Dusk/Coimfeasgar Fogmair: (1 ref.)

Autumn Is Bo-Peep, The [Cross-reference]

Autumn to May [Cross-reference]

Auxville Love, The [Cross-reference]

Avalon Blues: (3 refs.)

Ave, Maris Stella (Hail, Star of the Sea): (13 refs. 2K Notes)

Average Boy, The: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #7539}

Average Rein: (1 ref. <1K Notes)

Avington Pond: (1 ref.) {Roud #1654}

Avondale Disaster (I), The (The Mines of Avondale) [Laws G6]: (16 refs. 3K Notes) {Roud #698}

Avondale Disaster (II), The [Laws G7]: (4 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #3250}

Aw, Poor Bird [Cross-reference]

Awa Whigs Awa: (1 ref.) {Roud #8686}

Awa' tae Cyprus: (2 refs.) {Roud #6015}

Awake and Join the Cheerful Choir: (1 ref.) {Roud #23664}

Awake Awake (Awake Sweet England): (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #2111}

Awake Ye Drousy Sleeper [Cross-reference]

Awake, Arise, You Drowsy Sleeper [Cross-reference]

Awake, Awake (New Year's Carol): (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #701}

Awake, Awake, You Drowsy Sleeper [Cross-reference]

Awake, O Awake [Cross-reference]

Away Down East (I): (3 refs.) {Roud #3726}

Away Down in Sunbury: (1 ref.) {Roud #12056}

Away Down Yonder [Cross-reference]

Away Hey! Oh, Haul Him High-O! [Cross-reference]

Away in a Manger: (7 refs. 3K Notes) {Roud #25304}

Away on a Hill [Cross-reference]

Away Out On the Mountain: (5 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #15887}

Away to Wisconsin [Cross-reference]

Away with Rum [Cross-reference]

Away, Away [Cross-reference]

Away, Idaho [Cross-reference]

Away, Rio! [Cross-reference]

Away, You Black Devils, Away (Bird Scarer's Cry): (1 ref.) {Roud #1730}

Awfa Chap for Fun, An: (1 ref.) {Roud #21755}

Awful Execution of John Bird Bell: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #1108}

Awful Wedding, The [Cross-reference]

Awful, Awful, Awful [Cross-reference]

Axe Talkin': (1 ref.)

Ay Ban a Svede [Cross-reference]

Ay Ban a Svede from Nort' Dakota [Cross-reference]

Ay waukin O [Cross-reference]

Ay, Ay, Ay, Ay, Gaude celi domina [Cross-reference]

Ay, Ay, Willie Man: (1 ref.) {Roud #13142}

Ay! Vienen los Yankees! (Hey! Here Come the Yankees!): (1 ref.)

Aye Lord, Time Is Drawin' Nigh [Cross-reference]

Aye She Likit The Ae Nicht: (2 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #135}

Aye Wauking, O: (4 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #6749}

Aye Work Awa': (1 ref.) {Roud #6084}

Aylesbury Girl, The [Cross-reference]

Ayrshireman's Lilt, The: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #6962}

B-17, The [Cross-reference]

B-A-Bay [Cross-reference]

B'y' Sara Burned Down [Cross-reference]

Baa Baa Black Sheep: (7 refs. 2K Notes) {Roud #4439}

Baa-Baa Black Sheep (II) [Cross-reference]

Baa! Go the Goats: (1 ref.)

Babbity Bowster: (10 refs.) {Roud #8722}

Babcock Bedtime Story, The: (1 ref.)

Babe Is Born All of a May, A: (10 refs. 2K Notes)

babe is born to blis vs brynge, A [Cross-reference]

Babe Is Born To Bliss Us Bring, A: (11 refs. <1K Notes)

Babe of Bethlehem, The: (3 refs. 2K Notes) {Roud #11878}

Babes in the Greenwood, The [Cross-reference]

Babes in the Wood (II) [Cross-reference]

Babes in the Woods, The [Cross-reference]

Babies on Our Block, The: (11 refs. 56K Notes) {Roud #9572}

Babitie Bowster [Cross-reference]

Baboon's Sister [Cross-reference]

Baby Baby Bunting [Cross-reference]

Baby Boats [Cross-reference]

Baby Bumble Bee [Cross-reference]

Baby Bumblebee: (2 refs. <1K Notes)

Baby Bunting [Cross-reference]

Baby Bye: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #22137}

Baby It Must Be Love: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #17669}

Baby Livingston [Cross-reference]

Baby Lon [Cross-reference]

Baby Loves to Boogie: (1 ref. <1K Notes)

Baby Owlet: (4 refs. <1K Notes)

Baby Please Don't Go: (6 refs.)

Baby, All Night Long: (10 refs. <1K Notes)

Baby's Ball: (1 ref.) {Roud #14007}

Baby's Boat's a Silver Moon (The Slumber Boat): (3 refs.) {Roud #22411}

Babylon Is Fallen (I): (2 refs. 11K Notes) {Roud #13968}

Babylon Is Fallen (II) [Cross-reference]

Babylon Is Falling: (7 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #7706}

Babylon, or, The Bonnie Banks o Fordie [Child 14]: (28 refs. 13K Notes) {Roud #27}

Bachelor Blues: (3 refs. <1K Notes)

Bachelor Boy, The [Cross-reference]

Bachelor's Complaint, The [Cross-reference]

Bachelor's Hall (I): (2 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #7031}

Bachelor's Hall (II): (15 refs. 1K Notes) {Roud #385}

Bachelor's Hall (III): (2 refs.) {Roud #14002}

Bachelor's Lament (I), The: (2 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #5755}

Bachelor's Lament (II), A: (7 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #3771}

Bachelor's Lament (III), The: (5 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #24294}

Bachelor's Lament (IV), The: (1 ref.)

Bachelor's Lay, The [Cross-reference]

Bachelor's Prayer, The: (1 ref.) {Roud #11380}

Bachelor's Son, The: (1 ref.) {Roud #10226}

Bachelor's Walk: (2 refs. 3K Notes) {Roud #3049}

Back and Side Go Bare, Go Bare! [Cross-reference]

Back Bay Hill: (4 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #1811}

Back in the Hills: (1 ref. <1K Notes)

Back o Reres Hill, The [Cross-reference]

Back o' Bennachie, The [Cross-reference]

Back o' Rarey's Hill, The (The Jilted Lover): (4 refs.) {Roud #6847}

Back of the Loaf the Snowy Flour: (2 refs. <1K Notes)

Back to Jericho: (4 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #7694}

Back to Larkins' Bar: (1 ref. <1K Notes)

Back Water Blues [Cross-reference]

Backblock Shearer, The: (8 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #29042 and 24808}

Backblocks Shearer, The [Cross-reference]

Backburn Is a Bonnie Place: (1 ref.) {Roud #13039}

Backsides Rule the Navy: (2 refs.) {Roud #8346}

Backward, Turn Backward (I): (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #5092}

Backward, Turn Backward (II) [Cross-reference]

Backwater Blues: (6 refs.)

Backwoodsman, The (The Green Mountain Boys) [Laws C19]: (22 refs. 1K Notes) {Roud #641}

Bacon and Greens: (1 ref.) {Roud #31239}

Bad Ale Can Blow a Man Down: (1 ref. <1K Notes)

Bad Boy, The [Cross-reference]

Bad Brahma Bull (The Bull Rider Song): (4 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #3239}

Bad Companions [Cross-reference]

Bad Company [Cross-reference]

Bad Girl's Lament, The (St. James' Hospital; The Young Girl Cut Down in her Prime) [Laws Q26]: (24 refs. 1K Notes) {Roud #2}

Bad Lee Brown (Little Sadie) [Laws I8]: (20 refs.) {Roud #780}

Bad Luck Attend the Old Farmer: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #17894}

Bad Luck to the Man: (2 refs.)

Bad Luck to This Marching: (1 ref.) {Roud #V4109}

Bad Man Ballad [Cross-reference]

Bad Mind: (2 refs.)

Bad Tom Smith: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #4300}

Bad Wife, The [Cross-reference]

Badai na Scadan (The Herring Boats): (1 ref. <1K Notes)

Badger Drive, The: (9 refs. 4K Notes) {Roud #4542}

Baffin's Bay [Cross-reference]

Baffled Knight, The [Child 112]: (37 refs. 2K Notes) {Roud #11}

Bagenal Harvey's Farewell: (1 ref. 2K Notes)

Baggage Coach Ahead, The: (24 refs. 3K Notes) {Roud #3529}

Bahama Lullaby: (1 ref. <1K Notes)

Baile Mhuirne: (2 refs. <1K Notes)

Bailey's Daughter of Hazelentown, The [Cross-reference]

Bailie's Daughter, The [Cross-reference]

Bailiff's Daughter of Islington, The [Child 105]: (47 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #483}

Bailiff's Daughter, The [Cross-reference]

Bainbridge Tragedy, The: (1 ref.) {Roud #3700}

Bake a Pudding, Bake a Pie: (1 ref.)

Baker, Baker, Bake Your Bread: (1 ref.)

Bal Chez Boulé, Le (Boule's Ball): (2 refs. <1K Notes)

Balaclava (I) [Cross-reference]

Balaclava (II) [Cross-reference]

Balaena, The [Cross-reference]

Balance Unto Me [Cross-reference]

Balance-bob Works Up and Down: (1 ref.)

Balbriggen Landlord: (1 ref. 2K Notes) {Roud #V39513}

Bald Eagle: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #3425}

Bald Knobber Song, the: (8 refs. 44K Notes) {Roud #5486}

Bald-Headed End of the Broom, The: (19 refs.) {Roud #2129}

Baldheaded End of the Broom, The [Cross-reference]

Baldy Bane [Cross-reference]

Baldy Green: (2 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #22293}

Baldy's Teeth Were Long: (1 ref.)

Balena, The [Cross-reference]

Balinderry [Cross-reference]

Ball at Davidson's, The: (1 ref.) {Roud #6065}

Ball Gawn Roun' (The Ball Is Going Around): (6 refs. <1K Notes)

Ball of Kerrymuir, The [Cross-reference]

Ball of Kinnie Muir, The [Cross-reference]

Ball of Kirriemuir, The: (8 refs. 1K Notes) {Roud #4828}

Ball of Yarn: (18 refs. 2K Notes) {Roud #1404}

Ball-Bouncing and Rope-Jumping Song, A (Hello, Sir) [Cross-reference]

Ballad of a Young Man [Cross-reference]

Ballad of Ben Hall (II) [Cross-reference]

Ballad of Ben Hall, The: (7 refs. 2K Notes)

Ballad of Ben Hall's Gang, The [Cross-reference]

Ballad of Big Jim Folsom, The [Cross-reference]

Ballad of Billy the Bull Rider: (1 ref.)

Ballad of Bloody Thursday, The: (2 refs. 1K Notes)

Ballad of Bosworth Field, The: (8 refs. 33K Notes)

Ballad of Bunker Hill: (2 refs.)

Ballad of Bunker Hill, The: (1 ref. <1K Notes)

Ballad of Captain Bob Bartlett, Arctic Explorer: (1 ref. 1K Notes) {Roud #V44819}

Ballad of Captain Kidd, The [Cross-reference]

Ballad of Davy Crockett, The [Cross-reference]

Ballad of Elbert County Jail [Cross-reference]

Ballad of Fireman Dodge, The: (1 ref.) {Roud #14034}

Ballad of Grace Brown and Chester Gillette, The [Cross-reference]

Ballad of Hardin Town, The: (2 refs. <1K Notes)

Ballad of Kelly's Gang [Cross-reference]

Ballad of Louis Collins, The [Cross-reference]

Ballad of Lydia Pinkham, The [Cross-reference]

Ballad of Major Andre, The [Cross-reference]

Ballad of Master M'Grath, A [Cross-reference]

Ballad of Master McGrath, A [Cross-reference]

Ballad of Nate Champion, The [Cross-reference]

Ballad of Nathan Hale, The [Cross-reference]

Ballad of New Orleans (II), The: (2 refs. <1K Notes)

Ballad of New Scotland, A: (1 ref. <1K Notes)

Ballad of Oliver St. John Gogarty, The [Cross-reference]

Ballad of Pearl Bryan and Her Sad Death in the Kentucky Hills at Fort Thomas, The [Cross-reference]

Ballad of Queensland, A [Cross-reference]

Ballad of Sam Hall, The [Cross-reference]

Ballad of Sealing Ships and Sealers: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #V44818}

Ballad of Springhill [Cross-reference]

Ballad of Talmadge, The: (2 refs.) {Roud #22285}

Ballad of the Braswell Boys: (2 refs.) {Roud #4772}

Ballad of the Carpenter: (1 ref. <1K Notes)

Ballad of the Deacon's Ox: (1 ref.)

Ballad of the Drover (Death of Harry Dale): (4 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #22624}

Ballad of the Erie Canal [Cross-reference]

Ballad of the Frank Slide: (1 ref. <1K Notes)

Ballad of the Kelly Gang: (5 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #22593}

Ballad of the Pirate Wench: (1 ref.) {Roud #27888}

Ballad of the Tea Party: (5 refs.)

Ballad of the Territorial Road: (1 ref.)

Ballad of the Virgin Sturgeon, The [Cross-reference]

Ballad of White-Water Men, A: (1 ref.) {Roud #8858}

Ballad of William Bloat, The: (2 refs. 1K Notes)

Ballad of Wyoming Massacre [Cross-reference]

Ballad on the Scottish Wars (As y yod on ay mounday) [Cross-reference]

Ballad to a Traditional Refrain: (1 ref.)

Ballan Doune Braes: (7 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #6819}

Ballastliedje: (1 ref.)

Ballentown Brae [Cross-reference]

Ballet of de Boll Weevil, De [Cross-reference]

Ballinderry: (8 refs. 1K Notes) {Roud #2983}

Ballinderry Marriage, The: (1 ref.) {Roud #9049}

Ballindown Braes [Cross-reference]

Ballintown Brae [Cross-reference]

Balloon Flew Ov'er 'Ampton Town, A: (1 ref.) {Roud #23407}

Balls of O'Leary, The: (1 ref.) {Roud #8401}

Balls to Mister Banglestein: (1 ref.)

Ballstown (Great God, Attend): (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #15051}

Bally James Duff [Cross-reference] {Roud #6327}

Ballyburbling: (1 ref. <1K Notes)

Ballycastle, O!: (1 ref.) {Roud #13455}

Ballyeamon Cradle Song: (1 ref.)

Ballyjamesduff: (3 refs. 2K Notes) {Roud #6327}

Ballymonan Brae: (1 ref.) {Roud #13456}

Ballynure Ballad, The: (3 refs.) {Roud #7211}

Ballyshannon Lane, The: (1 ref. <1K Notes)

Balm in Gilead: (13 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #11967}

Baloo Baloo Balight [Cross-reference]

Baloo My Boy, Lie Still and Sleep [Cross-reference]

Balou, My Boy, Lie Still and Sleip [Cross-reference]

Balowe [Cross-reference]

Balthazer, Melchior and Jasper [Cross-reference]

Baltic Lovers, The: (3 refs. 8K Notes) {Roud #2323}

Baltimore [Cross-reference]

Baltimore (Up She Goes): (3 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #4690}

Baltimore Fire, The: (6 refs.) {Roud #12392}

Baltimore, The [Cross-reference]

Bambocheur, Un (A Vagabond Love): (2 refs. <1K Notes)

Bamboo (River Come Down): (1 ref. <1K Notes)

Bamboo Briars, The [Cross-reference]

Banana Boat Song (Day-O): (8 refs. 2K Notes)

Banbury Cross: (5 refs. 1K Notes) {Roud #21143}

Band o' Shearers, The: (7 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #1524}

Band ob Gideon (Gideon's Band; or, De Milk-White Horses) [Cross-reference]

Band of Banshee Airmen, A: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #29408}

Band of Gideon (The Milk-White Horses): (2 refs.) {Roud #12361}

Band Played On, The: (11 refs. 2K Notes) {Roud #9615}

Bandit Cole Younger [Cross-reference]

Bandyrowe [Cross-reference]

Bang Away, Lulu (I): (7 refs.) {Roud #8349}

Bang Away, Lulu (II): (6 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #4835}

Bang Away, Lulu (III): (2 refs.) {Roud #4835}

Bangidero: (2 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #3222}

Bangor and No Surrender: (1 ref. 2K Notes)

Bangor Fire, The: (1 ref. <1K Notes)

Bangum and the Bo' [Cross-reference]

Bangum Rid by the Riverside [Cross-reference]

Bangum Rode the Riverside [Cross-reference]

Banished Defender, The: (6 refs. 2K Notes) {Roud #13469}

Banished Lover, The (The Parish of Dunboe): (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #2963}

Banishment [Cross-reference]

Banishment of Patrick Brady, The: (1 ref.) {Roud #V1371}

Banjo Pickin' Girl [Cross-reference]

Banjo Picking, The [Cross-reference]

Banjo Song, The [Cross-reference]

Banjo Tramp: (1 ref.) {Roud #11732}

Bank Fishermen: (1 ref.) {Roud #18252}

Bank of the Arkansaw, The [Cross-reference]

Banker Brown: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #9989}

Banks o' Deveron Water, The: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #3784}

Banks o' Doon, The: (6 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #13889}

Banks o' Loch Erie, The: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #12950}

Banks o' Red Roses, The [Cross-reference]

Banks o' Skene, The: (4 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #5613}

Banks o' the Nile, The [Cross-reference]

Banks of Allan Water, The: (4 refs. 1K Notes) {Roud #4260}

Banks of Allen Water, The [Cross-reference]

Banks of Banna, The: (7 refs. 1K Notes) {Roud #2058}

Banks of Boyne, The [Cross-reference]

Banks of Brandywine, The [Laws H28]: (12 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #1970}

Banks of Champlain, The: (4 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #2046}

Banks of Claudie, The [Cross-reference]

Banks of Claudy (II), The [Cross-reference]

Banks of Claudy, The [Laws N40]: (48 refs. 1K Notes) {Roud #266}

Banks of Cloddie, The [Cross-reference]

Banks of Cloddy, The [Cross-reference]

Banks of Cloughwater, The: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #7961}

Banks of Clyde (IV), The: (2 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #6267}

Banks of Dundee, The (Undaunted Mary) [Laws M25]: (52 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #148}

Banks of Dunmore, The: (4 refs. 8K Notes) {Roud #3109}

Banks of Glencoe, The [Cross-reference]

Banks of Green Willow, The [Cross-reference]

Banks of Inverary, The [Cross-reference]

Banks of Inverness [Cross-reference]

Banks of Inverurie (Inverary), The: (13 refs.) {Roud #1415}

Banks of Kilrea (I), The: (1 ref.) {Roud #2495}

Banks of Kilrea (II), The: (1 ref.) {Roud #2495}

Banks of Low Lee, The [Cross-reference]

Banks of Mullen Stream, The: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #9205}

Banks of My Native Australia, The [Cross-reference]

Banks of Newfoundland (I), The [Laws K25]: (22 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #1812}

Banks of Newfoundland (II), The: (11 refs.) {Roud #1972}

Banks of Newfoundland (III), The [Cross-reference]

Banks of Newfoundland (IV), The: (1 ref.) {Roud #4434}

Banks of Newfoundland (V), The: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #5088}

Banks of Ohio (II), The [Cross-reference]

Banks of Panama, The [Cross-reference]

Banks of Penmanah, The [Cross-reference]

Banks of Red Roses, The [Cross-reference]

Banks of Sacramento, The [Cross-reference]

Banks of Schuylkill, The [Cross-reference]

Banks of Sicily (The 51st Highland Division's Farewell to Sicily): (2 refs. 16K Notes) {Roud #10501}

Banks of Sullane: (4 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #9718}

Banks of Sweet Dandee, The [Cross-reference]

Banks of Sweet Dundee (I), The [Cross-reference]

Banks of Sweet Dundee (II), The [Cross-reference]

Banks of Sweet Loch Rae, The: (4 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #3821}

Banks of Sweet Loch Ray, The [Cross-reference]

Banks of Sweet Lough Neagh, The [Cross-reference]

Banks of Sweet Loughrea, The: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #3821}

Banks of Sweet Primroses, The: (18 refs. 2K Notes) {Roud #586}

Banks of Sweet Tralee, The (An Answer to Undaunted Mary) [Cross-reference]

Banks of Sweet Trawlee [Cross-reference]

Banks of the Arkansas, The: (1 ref.) {Roud #10436}

Banks of the Ayr, The [Cross-reference]

Banks of the Ban [Cross-reference]

Banks of the Bann (I), The [Laws O2]: (13 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #889}

Banks of the Bann (II), The [Cross-reference]

Banks of the Bann (III), The [Cross-reference]

Banks of the Boyne, The [Cross-reference]

Banks of the Clyde (I), The: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #3815}

Banks of the Clyde (III), The [Cross-reference]

Banks of the Condamine, The [Cross-reference]

Banks of the Dee (I), The: (10 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #3847}

Banks of the Dee (II), The: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #3814}

Banks of the Dee (III), The: (1 ref.) {Roud #3484}

Banks of the Dizzy, The [Cross-reference]

Banks of the Don, The: (2 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #3846}

Banks of the Gaspereaux, The [Laws C26]: (8 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #1925}

Banks of the Inverness, The: (8 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #3813}

Banks of the Lee (I), The: (1 ref.) {Roud #6857}

Banks of the Lee (II), The [Cross-reference]

Banks of the Little Auplaine, The [Cross-reference]

Banks of the Little Eau Pleine, The [Laws C2]: (20 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #706}

Banks of the Miramichi, The: (3 refs.) {Roud #4622}

Banks of the Mossen, The: (3 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #1646}

Banks of the Murray, The [Cross-reference]

Banks of the Nile, The (Men's Clothing I'll Put On II) [Laws N9]: (40 refs. 3K Notes) {Roud #950}

Banks of the Ohio [Laws F5]: (34 refs.) {Roud #157}

Banks of the Pamanaw, The [Cross-reference]

Banks of the Pleasant Ohio, The [Cross-reference]

Banks of the River Dee, The [Cross-reference]

Banks of the River Ness, The [Cross-reference]

Banks of the Riverine, The [Cross-reference]

Banks of the Roe, The: (1 ref. 1K Notes)

Banks of the Roses, The: (13 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #603}

Banks of the Schuylkill, The: (4 refs.) {Roud #2045}

Banks of the Silver Tide [Cross-reference]

Banks of the Spey, The: (2 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #6780}

Banks of the Sweet Viledee [Cross-reference]

Banks of the Tweed, The: (2 refs. <1K Notes)

Banks of the Wabash [Cross-reference]

Banks of the Waikato: (2 refs. 1K Notes)

Banks of Tralee, The [Cross-reference]

Banks of Yorrow, The [Cross-reference]

Bann Water Side, The: (4 refs.) {Roud #3037}

Banna's Banks [Cross-reference]

Bannocks o' Barley: (2 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #5653}

Bannocks o' Barley Meal: (4 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #5653}

Bannow's Bright Blue Bay: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #20522}

Bannow's Lonely Shore: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #20526}

Banstead Downs [Cross-reference]

Bantry Girl's Lament for Johnny, The: (5 refs. 2K Notes) {Roud #2999}

Banua Jail: (1 ref. <1K Notes)

Baptist Game, The [Cross-reference]

Baptist, Baptist Is My Name [Cross-reference]

Baptists, The: (1 ref.) {Roud #25118}

Baptizing Hymn [Cross-reference]

Bar Harbor By the Sea: (1 ref. 2K Notes)

Bar the Door O [Cross-reference]

Barb'ry Allan [Cross-reference]

Barb'ry Allen [Cross-reference]

Barbara Allan [Cross-reference]

Barbara Allen [Cross-reference]

Barbara Alling [Cross-reference]

Barbara Buck [Cross-reference]

Barbara Helen [Cross-reference]

Barber Song, The: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #9158}

Barber, Barber, Shave a Pig: (3 refs.) {Roud #20568}

Barber's Cry: (1 ref.) {Roud #3665}

Barbery Allen [Cross-reference]

Barbra Allan [Cross-reference]

Barbro Allen [Cross-reference]

Barbro Buck [Cross-reference]

Barbry Ella [Cross-reference]

Barbry Ellen [Cross-reference]

Barbue Ellen [Cross-reference]

Bard of Armagh, The: (13 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #2654}

Bard of Culnady, The/Charles O'Neill: (1 ref.) {Roud #9449}

Bardy Train, The [Cross-reference]

Barefoot Boy with Boots On, The: (7 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #6675 and 9616}

Barefoot Nellie: (1 ref. <1K Notes)

Bargain of Judas, The [Cross-reference]

Bargain With Me: (2 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #366}

Barge Song, The [Cross-reference]

Bargeman's ABC, The [Cross-reference]

Bargeman's Alphabet, The: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #21100}

Barges: (2 refs.) {Roud #17912}

Bark Gay Head, The: (2 refs.) {Roud #2008}

Barking Barber, The [Cross-reference]

Barkshire Tragedy, The [Cross-reference]

Barley Bree, The: (2 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #5876}

Barley Corn, The [Cross-reference]

Barley Grain for Me, The [Cross-reference]

Barley Mow, The: (13 refs. 2K Notes) {Roud #944}

Barley Raking (Barley Rigs A-Raking): (6 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #1024}

Barley Straw, The [Cross-reference]

Barnacle Bill the Sailor [Cross-reference]

Barney: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #10524}

Barney and Katie [Laws O21]: (11 refs.) {Roud #992}

Barney Blake: (1 ref.) {Roud #3828}

Barney Bodkin Broke His Nose [Cross-reference]

Barney Brallaghan: (12 refs. 2K Notes) {Roud #9592}

Barney Bralligan [Cross-reference]

Barney Buntline [Cross-reference]

Barney Flew Over the Hills to his Darling [Cross-reference]

Barney Mavourneen [Cross-reference]

Barney McCabe: (3 refs. <1K Notes)

Barney McCoy: (18 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #2094}

Barney McShane: (4 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #15469}

Barney O'Hea: (6 refs.) {Roud #V170}

Barney O'Lean: (3 refs.) {Roud #5347}

Barns o' Beneuchies, The: (4 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #2176}

Barnyard Serenade [Cross-reference]

Barnyard Song, The [Cross-reference]

Barnyard Tumble: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #17678}

Barnyard, The [Cross-reference]

Barnyards o' Delgaty, The: (10 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #2136}

Baron o Leys, The [Child 241]: (5 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #343}

Baron of Brackley, The [Child 203]: (14 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #4017}

Baron of Brackly, The [Cross-reference]

Baron of Braikly, The [Cross-reference]

Baron of Gartley, The: (2 refs. 1K Notes) {Roud #5873}

Barque Ohio Outward Bound 1850: (1 ref.) {Roud #25997}

Barr of the Western Chain: (1 ref.)

Barrack Hill Cavan, The: (2 refs. <1K Notes)

Barrack Street [Cross-reference]

Barrack's Song, The: (1 ref. <1K Notes)

Barrel of Pork [Cross-reference] {Roud #15912}

Barren Town [Cross-reference]

Barrin' o' the Door, The [Cross-reference]

Barrosa [Cross-reference]

Barrosa Plains: (2 refs. 2K Notes) {Roud #2182}

Barrossa Jack: (1 ref.)

Barrs' Anthem, The: (1 ref. <1K Notes)

Barry Grenadiers, The: (1 ref.)

Barry of Macroom: (1 ref. <1K Notes)

Barrymore Tithe Victory, The: (1 ref. 1K Notes) {Roud #V40152}

Barton Mummers' Song: (1 ref.)

Bas an Chroppi (The Dead Croppy): (1 ref. <1K Notes)

Baseball [Cross-reference]

Bashful Courtship, The [Cross-reference]

Baskatong, The: (3 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #3681}

Basket: (1 ref.) {Roud #20732}

Basket of Eggs, The: (14 refs.) {Roud #377}

Basket of Onions, The: (1 ref. <1K Notes)

Basket of Oysters, The [Cross-reference]

Basket-Maker's Child, The: (2 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #7379}

Basketong, The [Cross-reference]

Bastard King of England, The: (7 refs. 5K Notes) {Roud #8388}

Bastard Stephen (The Maid of the Mountain Glen): (1 ref.) {Roud #10145}

Bat Shay: (1 ref. <1K Notes)

Bataille des Sept Chenes, La [Cross-reference]

Batchelor, The [Cross-reference]

Batchelor's Walk [Cross-reference]

Bateman's Tragedy (Young Baithman): (4 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #22132}

Bathtub Song, The [Cross-reference]

Batltle of Corichie, The [Cross-reference]

Batson [Laws I10]: (2 refs. 2K Notes) {Roud #4178}

Battle at Charleston Harbor, The: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #V31424}

Battle Cry of Freedom, The: (18 refs. 2K Notes) {Roud #V20863}

Battle Hymn of the Republic, The: (25 refs. 1K Notes) {Roud #V17636}

Battle of '82: (1 ref.) {Roud #18191}

Battle of Aboukir Bay, The [Cross-reference]

Battle of Alford, The: (2 refs. 1K Notes) {Roud #3802}

Battle of Alma (I), The: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #1221}

Battle of Alma (II), The [Cross-reference]

Battle of Antietam Creek, The: (1 ref. 2K Notes) {Roud #15487}

Battle of Ballycohy, The: (3 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #25270}

Battle of Balrinnes or Glenlivet, The [Cross-reference]

Battle of Baltimore, The: (2 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #13958}

Battle of Barossa, The: (5 refs. 3K Notes) {Roud #2182}

Battle of Bothwell-Bridge [Cross-reference]

Battle of Boulogne, The: (7 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #3175}

Battle of Bridgewater, The: (1 ref. 10K Notes) {Roud #4030}

Battle of Bull Run, The [Laws A9]: (4 refs. 8K Notes) {Roud #2202}

Battle of Carrickshock, The: (1 ref. 3K Notes) {Roud #9772}

Battle of Cedar Creek, October 19, 1864 [Cross-reference]

Battle of Corrichie, The: (4 refs. 2K Notes) {Roud #6318}

Battle of Corrymuckloch, The: (2 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #5843}

Battle of Elkhorn Tavern, The, or The Pea Ridge Battle [Laws A12]: (10 refs. 75K Notes) {Roud #2201}

Battle of Falkirk Muir, The: (1 ref.)

Battle of Fisher's Hill: (4 refs. 17K Notes) {Roud #7029}

Battle of Fort Sumter: (1 ref.)

Battle of Fredericksburg, The [Cross-reference]

Battle of Gettysburg (I), The [Cross-reference]

Battle of Glenlivet, The, or The Battle of Altichallichan: (2 refs. 1K Notes) {Roud #8182}

Battle of Halifax, The: (1 ref. 3K Notes) {Roud #29409}

Battle of Harlaw, The [Child 163]: (13 refs. 13K Notes) {Roud #2861}

Battle of Jericho [Cross-reference]

Battle of Kilcumney, The: (1 ref. 1K Notes) {Roud #23995}

Battle of Killiecrankie, The: (1 ref.) {Roud #8188}

Battle of King's Mountain: (2 refs.)

Battle of La Hogue, The [Cross-reference]

Battle of Lake Erie -- 1813, The: (1 ref.)

Battle of Lake Erie, The: (4 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #2826}

Battle of Loudon Hill, The [Cross-reference]

Battle of Mill Springs, The [Laws A13]: (5 refs. 5K Notes) {Roud #627}

Battle of New Orleans, The [Laws A7]: (3 refs. 10K Notes) {Roud #V20125}

Battle of Otterbourn, The [Cross-reference]

Battle of Otterbourne, The [Cross-reference]

Battle of Otterburn, The [Child 161]: (22 refs. 3K Notes) {Roud #3293}

Battle of Pea Ridge [Cross-reference]

Battle of Pea Ridge (II): (1 ref. 3K Notes) {Roud #3133}

Battle of Pentland Hills, The: (3 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #8186}

Battle of Philiphaugh, The [Child 202]: (4 refs. 1K Notes) {Roud #4016}

Battle of Point Pleasant, The: (4 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #4029}

Battle of Prery Grove, The [Cross-reference]

Battle of Prestonpans, The [Cross-reference]

Battle of Queenston Heights, The: (1 ref. 8K Notes) {Roud #4524}

Battle of Schenectady, The (The Schenectady Massacre): (2 refs.) {Roud #6613}

Battle of Seven Oaks, The [Cross-reference]

Battle of Sheriffmuir, The: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #2867}

Battle of Shiloh Hill, The [Laws A11]: (9 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #2200}

Battle of Shiloh, The [Laws A10]: (4 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #2199}

Battle of Stone River, The: (2 refs. 7K Notes) {Roud #16820}

Battle of Stonington: (1 ref. 2K Notes) {Roud #V42138}

Battle of the Baltic, The: (2 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #27999}

Battle of the Boyne (I), The: (5 refs. 20K Notes)

Battle of the Boyne (II), The: (1 ref. <1K Notes)

Battle of the Boyne (III), The [Cross-reference]

Battle of the Boyne Water, The [Cross-reference]

Battle of the Diamond, The: (1 ref. 4K Notes)

Battle of the Falkland islands: (1 ref. <1K Notes)

Battle of the Kegs, The: (7 refs. 3K Notes) {Roud #V21421}

Battle of the Navvies, The: (2 refs. 1K Notes) {Roud #V3578}

Battle of the Nile, The [Laws J18]: (2 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #1892}

Battle of the Reidswire, The [Cross-reference]

Battle of the River Plate, The: (1 ref. <1K Notes)

Battle of the Wilderness, The: (3 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #V30296}

Battle of the Windmill, The: (3 refs. 5K Notes) {Roud #4523}

Battle of Trafalgar (I), The [Cross-reference]

Battle of Trafalgar (II), The [Cross-reference]

Battle of Trenton, The: (3 refs. <1K Notes)

Battle of Vicksburg, The: (4 refs. 11K Notes) {Roud #4500}

Battle of Waterloo (I), The [Cross-reference]

Battle of Waterloo (II), The [Cross-reference]

Battle of Waterloo (III), The [Cross-reference]

Battle of Waterloo (IV), The [Cross-reference]

Battle on Vinegar Hill, The: (1 ref. <1K Notes)

Battle That Was Fought in the North, The: (1 ref. 1K Notes)

Battle with the Ladle, The [Cross-reference]

Battle-Ship-Main, The [Cross-reference]

Battlecry of Freedom, The [Cross-reference]

Battlefields of France, The: (1 ref. 3K Notes)

Battler's Ballad: (1 ref.) {Roud #22615}

Battleship Maine (I), The [Cross-reference]

Battleship Maine (II), The [Cross-reference]

Battleship of Maine: (9 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #779}

Battleship, The Maine, The [Cross-reference]

Baw Burdie: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #15115}

Bawbee Allen [Cross-reference]

Bawbie Livingstone [Cross-reference]

Bawdy Alphabet, The: (2 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #21104}

Bay Billy: (1 ref. 1K Notes)

Bay of Biscay: (8 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #24928}

Bay of Biscay O (I), The [Cross-reference]

Bay of Biscay O (II), The [Cross-reference]

Bay of Biscay, Oh (Ye Gentlemen of England II) (The Stormy Winds Did Blow) [Laws K3]: (5 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #524}

Bay Road Girls They Have No Pride, The: (1 ref.)

Bayou Sara, The: (4 refs. 1K Notes) {Roud #10010 and 4139}

Bazaar, The: (1 ref. <1K Notes)

Be at Home Soon Tonight, My Dear Boy [Cross-reference]

Be Careful in Choosing a Wife: (4 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #4744}

Be Home Early Tonight, My Dear Boy: (8 refs.) {Roud #7451}

Be Kin' to Yer Nainsel, John: (2 refs. 2K Notes) {Roud #2480}

Be Kind to the Loved Ones at Home: (2 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #21394}

Be Kind to Your Web-Footed Friends: (5 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #10248}

Be Merry, Be Merry (A Pryncyple Poynth of Charyte): (8 refs. <1K Notes)

Be Prepared: (3 refs. <1K Notes)

Be Present at Our Table, Lord: (7 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #37301}

Be Quick for I'm in Haste: (2 refs.) {Roud #1589}

Be Very Still: (1 ref.) {Roud #13007}

Be ware, squier, yeman, and page [Cross-reference]

Be You Dark or Be You Fair: (1 ref. <1K Notes)

Beach of Strablane, The [Cross-reference]

Beaches So Green [Cross-reference]

Beale Street Blues (Ramblin' Blues): (3 refs.) {Roud #11551}

Beam of Oak (Rambling Boy, Oh Willie): (9 refs. 2K Notes) {Roud #18830}

Beans, Bacon, and Gravy: (6 refs.)

Bear Away Yankee, Bear Away Boy: (1 ref. <1K Notes)

Bear Chase, The: (5 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #6675}

Bear Hunt: (2 refs. <1K Notes)

Bear Hunters of 1836, The: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #4154}

Bear in the Hill, The: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #15552}

Bear Lake Monster, The: (1 ref.) {Roud #10913}

Bear River Murder, The: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #3286}

Bear Song, The: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #12456}

Bear the News, Mary: (1 ref.) {Roud #15556}

Bear Went Over the Mountain, The: (7 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #3727}

Beardiville Planting: (1 ref.) {Roud #9462}

Beau Galant, Le (The Handsome Gentleman): (1 ref.)

Beau Grenadier, Le (The Handsome Grenadier): (1 ref. <1K Notes)

Beau Militaire, Le (The Handsome Soldier): (1 ref.)

Beau Monsieur Tire Ses Gants Blancs, Le (The Handsome Gentleman Throws His White Gloves): (1 ref. <1K Notes)

Beautiful: (1 ref.) {Roud #15535}

Beautiful and Bold Trainer-O [Cross-reference]

Beautiful Bill: (2 refs.) {Roud #5061}

Beautiful Brown Eyes: (6 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #17030}

Beautiful Churchill: (1 ref.) {Roud #13459}

Beautiful City [Cross-reference]

Beautiful Damsel, The [Cross-reference]

Beautiful Dreamer: (8 refs. 3K Notes) {Roud #24434}

Beautiful Hands of the Priest, The: (2 refs. 7K Notes) {Roud #5218}

Beautiful Home: (2 refs.) {Roud #17237}

Beautiful Isle of the Sea: (6 refs.) {Roud #13893}

Beautiful Lady of Kent, The: (4 refs.) {Roud #2812}

Beautiful Light O'er the Ocean [Cross-reference]

Beautiful Light o'er the Sea [Cross-reference]

Beautiful Mary from Sweet Limerick Town: (1 ref.) {Roud #9262}

Beautiful Nancy: (2 refs.) {Roud #18525}

Beautiful Sta'h [Cross-reference]

Beautiful Star (II): (1 ref. <1K Notes)

Beautiful Star (Star of the Evening): (7 refs. 1K Notes) {Roud #13751}

Beautiful Star in Heaven so Bright [Cross-reference]

Beautiful Susan [Laws M29]: (3 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #1022}

Beautiful, Beautiful Brown Eyes [Cross-reference]

Beautiful, Beautiful Ireland: (1 ref.) {Roud #5225}

Beauty of Buchan, The: (2 refs. 2K Notes) {Roud #5630}

Beauty of Garmouth, The: (1 ref.) {Roud #5535}

Beauty of Limerick, The [Cross-reference]

Beauty of the Braid, The: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #9477}

Beauty Stands at the Crossroads: (1 ref.)

Beauty, Beauty Bride, The [Cross-reference]

Beaver Cap, The: (5 refs.) {Roud #6366}

Beaver Creek [Cross-reference]

Beaver Dam Road: (3 refs.) {Roud #7477}

Beaver Island Boys, The [Laws D17]: (4 refs.) {Roud #2238}

Beaver River: (1 ref.) {Roud #2982}

Bebe Hung One On Us: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #31262}

Because He Was Only a Tramp [Cross-reference]

Beckwith Tragedy, The [Cross-reference]

Becky at the Loom: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #7368}

Bed Is Too Small for My Tiredness: (3 refs.)

Bed of Primroses, A [Cross-reference]

Bed-Making, The: (3 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #1631}

Bed-Time Song (I), The [Cross-reference]

Bedbugs [Cross-reference]

Bedford Fair [Cross-reference]

Bedford Van, The: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #21999}

Bedfordshire May Day Carol [Cross-reference]

Bedlam [Cross-reference]

Bedlam Boys [Cross-reference]

Bedlam City: (4 refs.) {Roud #968}

Bedlam City (II) [Cross-reference]

Bedmaking [Cross-reference]

Bedmaking, The [Cross-reference]

Bedroom Window [Cross-reference]

Bedtime Prayer, The [Cross-reference]

Bee Baw Babbity: (2 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #8722}

Bee Boh Babbity [Cross-reference]

Bee-i-e-i-e [Cross-reference]

Bee, The: (2 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #V22674 and V11161}

Beefcan Close, The [Cross-reference]

Beefsteak When I'm Hongry [Cross-reference]

Been All Around the Whole Round World: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #10037}

Been All Around This World [Cross-reference]

Been Down Into the Sea: (3 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #7108}

Been in the Pen So Long: (2 refs.) {Roud #29310}

Been in the Storm So Long: (5 refs.) {Roud #15325}

Been on the Chain Gang: (1 ref. <1K Notes)

Been on the Cholly So Long [Cross-reference]

Been on the Choly So Long [Cross-reference]

Been on the Job Too Long [Cross-reference]

Been Riding: (1 ref.)

Been to the Gypsy (St. Louis Blues): (2 refs. <1K Notes)

Beer Barrel Polka (Roll Out the Barrell): (1 ref. 2K Notes) {Roud #25648}

Beer Is Best: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #23889}

Beer, Beer, I Love Thee: (1 ref. <1K Notes)

Bees of Paradise: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #5029}

Before I'd Be a Slave [Cross-reference]

Before the Daylight in the Morning (Dirty Nell): (2 refs.) {Roud #5714}

Before This Time Another Year [Cross-reference]

Beg Your Pardon, Grouchy Grace: (1 ref.)

Beg Your Pardon, Mrs. Arden: (1 ref.)

Beggar (I), The [Cross-reference]

Beggar (II), The [Cross-reference]

Beggar Girl, The: (5 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #1304}

Beggar Laddie (II), The [Cross-reference]

Beggar Man (I), The [Cross-reference]

Beggar Man (II), The [Cross-reference]

Beggar Wench, The: (7 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #2153}

Beggar-Laddie, The [Child 280]: (7 refs. 2K Notes) {Roud #119}

Beggar's Daughter of Bednall-Green, The [Cross-reference]

Beggar's Dawtie, The [Cross-reference]

Beggar's Song, The [Cross-reference]

Beggarman (I), The: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #3080}

Beggarman (II), The [Cross-reference]

Beggarman (III), The [Cross-reference]

Beggarman Cam' ower the Lea, A [Cross-reference]

Beggarman's Song, The [Cross-reference]

Beggars and Ballad Singers: (4 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #5977}

Beggars of Coudingham Fair [Cross-reference]

Beggin, The [Cross-reference]

Begging Song, The [Cross-reference]

Begone Dull Care: (4 refs. 1K Notes) {Roud #13896}

Begone, Bonnie Laddie [Cross-reference]

Behave Yoursel' Before Folk: (4 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #6094}

Behind the Cold Iron Door: (2 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #29055}

Behind the Great Wall [Cross-reference]

Behind the Lines: (1 ref.) {Roud #10557}

Behind These Stone Walls: (3 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #2808}

Behind These Walls of Gray: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #27699}

Behind Yon Blue Mountain [Cross-reference]

Behy Eviction, The: (1 ref. <1K Notes)

Beinn a' Cheathaich: (3 refs. <1K Notes)

Belfast Beauty, The: (2 refs. 1K Notes) {Roud #V2003}

Belfast Cockabendy, The: (1 ref. <1K Notes)

Belfast Lass, The: (1 ref. <1K Notes)

Belfast Mountains (The Diamonds of Derry): (4 refs. 1K Notes) {Roud #1062}

Belfast Riot, The: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #12462}

Belfast Sailor, The: (3 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #20545}

Belfast Shoemaker, The [Cross-reference]

Belfast Town: (2 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #3579}

Belfast Tram, The: (1 ref. <1K Notes)

Believe I'll Call the Rider: (1 ref.)

Believe Me If All Those Endearing Young Charms: (15 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #24850}

Believe Me, Dearest Susan: (1 ref.) {Roud #4689}

Believer I Know: (1 ref. <1K Notes)

Belinda [Cross-reference]

Bell Da Ring: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #11989}

Bell Done Ring, The [Cross-reference]

Bell Doth Toll, The: (4 refs.) {Roud #31154}

Bell Goes A-Ringing for Sai-Rah: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #13656}

Bell Hendry (I): (2 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #6167}

Bell Hendry (II): (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #6167}

Bell Horses: (3 refs.) {Roud #19300}

Bell Over Yonder: (1 ref. <1K Notes)

Bell Tune: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #1516}

Bell-Bottom Trousers [Cross-reference]

Bell-Bottom Trousers (II): (2 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #269}

Bell-Cow, The [Cross-reference]

Bell, oh, Bell oh, Bell a ring a yard oh! [Cross-reference]

Bellaghy Fair [Cross-reference]

Bellamena: (1 ref. 2K Notes)

Bellburns Tragedy, The: (1 ref.) {Roud #25317}

Belle: (1 ref.)

Belle Brandon: (6 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #7423}

Belle Cherche Son Amant, La (The Beautiful Woman Seeks Her Lover): (1 ref.)

Belle Est Morte Entre les Bras de Son Amant, La (The Beautiful Woman Died in her Lover's Arms): (1 ref.)

Belle Gunness: (3 refs. 51K Notes) {Roud #21615}

Belle Layotte: (1 ref.)

Belle Mahone: (1 ref.) {Roud #13636}

Belle Nanon (Beautiful Nanon): (2 refs.)

Belle of Baltimore, The: (1 ref.) {Roud #13957}

Belle of Long Lake, The [Cross-reference]

Belle Recompense, Une (A Beautiful Reward): (1 ref. <1K Notes)

Belle Regrette Son Amour Tendre, La (The Beautiful Woman Sorrows for Her Tender Love): (1 ref.)

Belle-a-Lee: (1 ref. <1K Notes)

Belles of Renous, The: (1 ref.) {Roud #1964}

Belleville Convent Fire: (2 refs.) {Roud #4342}

Bells Are Ringing for Me and My Gal, The [Cross-reference]

Bells are Ringing, The (Eight O'Clock Bells): (3 refs.) {Roud #12986?}

Bells Go Ringing for Sarah [Cross-reference]

Bells in Heaven: (0 refs.)

Bells of Heaven, The [Cross-reference]

Bells of Hell, The: (3 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #10532}

Bells of London Town, The [Cross-reference]

Bells of Shandon: (15 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #9562}

Bells of Westminster [Cross-reference]

Beloved Land, The: (1 ref.) {Roud #6456}

Belt wi' Colours Three, The: (1 ref.) {Roud #5534}

Beltrees Sang, The [Cross-reference]

Ben Backstay: (5 refs.) {Roud #21256}

Ben Backstay's Warning [Cross-reference]

Ben Block [Cross-reference]

Ben Bolt: (11 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #2653}

Ben Breezer [Cross-reference]

Ben Butler, or The Yankee Soldier: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #5048}

Ben Deane [Cross-reference]

Ben Dewberry's Final Run: (8 refs. 1K Notes) {Roud #14015}

Ben Fisher: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #3699}

Ben Hall: (4 refs. 9K Notes) {Roud #3352}

Benbow, the Brother Tar's Song [Cross-reference]

Benbraddon Brae: (1 ref.) {Roud #9215}

Bendemeer's Stream: (3 refs. <1K Notes)

Beneath the Barber Pole: (2 refs. 10K Notes) {Roud #24979}

Beneath the Surface: (1 ref.)

Beneath the Weeping Willow Tree [Cross-reference]

Benjamin Bowmaneer: (3 refs. 4K Notes) {Roud #1514}

Benjamin Deane [Laws F32]: (8 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #2271}

Benjamin's Lamentation, The [Cross-reference]

Benjamin's Lamentations, The [Cross-reference]

Benjamins' Lamentation for their Sad Loss at Sea by Storms and Tempests [Cross-reference]

Benjy Havens [Cross-reference]

Benny Havens: (4 refs. 2K Notes) {Roud #7707}

Benonie [Cross-reference]

Bent County Bachelor, The [Cross-reference]

Bent Sae Brown, The [Child 71]: (5 refs.) {Roud #3322}

Benton: (2 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #5906}

Benton County, Arkansas: (2 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #7624}

Benton Crew, The: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #5907}

Bergere Fait du Fromage (The Shepherdess Makes Cheese): (4 refs. <1K Notes)

Bering Sea: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #25994}

Berkshire Lady's Garland, The: (2 refs.) {Roud #31423}

Bernard Riley: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #5500}

Berry Fields o Blair, The [Cross-reference]

Berryfields of Blair: (3 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #2154}

Bervie's Bowers: (3 refs.) {Roud #6157}

Berwick Freeman, The: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #5988}

Besanschoot An: (1 ref.)

Beside the Brewery at St. Mihiel: (1 ref.) {Roud #13615}

Beside the Kennebec: (1 ref. 7K Notes)

Besom Maker, The: (5 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #910}

Bess of Ballymoney: (1 ref. <1K Notes)

Bess the Gawkie: (4 refs.) {Roud #8416}

Bessie Beauty [Cross-reference]

Bessie Bell and Mary Gray [Cross-reference]

Bessie Combs: (1 ref.)

Bessie of Ballington Brae [Laws P28]: (11 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #566}

Bessie of Ballydubray [Cross-reference]

Bessie off Bednall [Cross-reference]

Bessy Bell and Mary Gray (I) [Child 201]: (23 refs. 4K Notes) {Roud #237}

Bessy Bell and Mary Gray (II): (10 refs. 2K Notes) {Roud #237}

Bessy Bingle [Cross-reference]

Best Bed's a Feather Bed: (1 ref.) {Roud #1123}

Best Little Doorboy, The: (2 refs.)

Best of Friends Must Part, The: (3 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #24894}

Best Old Feller in the World, The [Cross-reference]

Best Thing in Life, The: (2 refs.) {Roud #18253}

Best Thing We Can Do, The [Cross-reference]

Besuthian: (1 ref. 2K Notes) {Roud #6075}

Betrayed Girl, The [Cross-reference]

Betrayed Maiden, The [Cross-reference]

Betsey [Cross-reference]

Betsey Bakered [Cross-reference]

Betsey Brown: (4 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #7618}

Betsey Grey [Cross-reference]

Betsy [Cross-reference]

Betsy B [Cross-reference]

Betsy Baker: (9 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #1288}

Betsy Bay [Cross-reference]

Betsy Bell: (5 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #5211}

Betsy Brennan's Blue Hen: (7 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #7289}

Betsy Brown: (3 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #7150}

Betsy from Pike [Cross-reference]

Betsy Gray: (2 refs. 4K Notes) {Roud #6541}

Betsy Is a Beauty Fair (Johnny and Betsey; The Lancaster Maid) [Laws M20]: (26 refs.) {Roud #156}

Betsy Mealy's Escape: (3 refs.) {Roud #12530}

Betsy of Ballindorn Brae [Cross-reference]

Betsy of Dramoor: (2 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #3667}

Betsy of Dromore [Cross-reference]

Betsy of Dundee: (6 refs. 1K Notes) {Roud #2791}

Betsy the Waiting Maid [Cross-reference]

Betsy Walton [Cross-reference]

Betsy Watson [Cross-reference]

Betsy, Betsy from London Fair [Cross-reference]

Betsy, My Darling Girl: (1 ref.) {Roud #5008}

Better Be Safe Than Sorry: (1 ref.)

Better Bide a Wee [Cross-reference]

Better Get Your Ticket: (1 ref. <1K Notes)

Better Live Humble: (1 ref. 1K Notes)

Betty and Dupree [Cross-reference]

Betty Anne [Cross-reference]

Betty Botter Bought Some Butter: (3 refs. <1K Notes)

Betty Brown (I): (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #3689}

Betty Brown (II) [Cross-reference]

Betty Fair Miss [Cross-reference]

Betty Grable Went to France [Cross-reference]

Betty Mull's Squeel: (2 refs. 2K Notes) {Roud #6105}

Betty, Betty, Set the Table [Cross-reference]

Between Stanehive and Laurencekirk: (3 refs.) {Roud #5589}

Between the Forks and Carleton: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #4514}

Between the Meadow and the Moss: (1 ref.) {Roud #7222}

Beulah Land (I): (3 refs. 1K Notes) {Roud #4899}

Beulah Land (II) [Cross-reference]

Beverly Maid and the Tinker, The (The Tinker Behind the Door): (10 refs.) {Roud #585}

Bewar, sqwyer, yeman, and page [Cross-reference]

Beware Chalk Pit: (1 ref.)

Beware of an Aberdonian: (1 ref.) {Roud #22214}

Beware of Larry Gorman: (2 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #9422}

Beware, Oh Take Care: (9 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #7619}

Beware, Squire, Yeoman, and Page [Cross-reference]

Bewick and Graham [Child 211]: (8 refs. 5K Notes) {Roud #849}

Bewick and Grahame [Cross-reference]

Bewick and the Graeme, The [Cross-reference]

Beyod the Sky [Cross-reference]

Bhean Iadach, A [Cross-reference]

Bheir Me O: (2 refs. <1K Notes)

Bible A-B-C, The [Cross-reference]

Bible Alphabet, The (The Bible A-B-C): (1 ref. 3K Notes) {Roud #16404}

Bible Baseball Game, The: (2 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #12784}

Bible Is a Holy and Visible Law, The (Rope-Jumping Rhyme): (1 ref.)

Bible Stories [Cross-reference]

Bible Story, The: (1 ref. 1K Notes) {Roud #1179}

Bible Tales [Cross-reference]

Biblical Baseball Game, The [Cross-reference]

Biblical Cowboy, The [Cross-reference]

Bicycle Built for Two (Daisy Bell): (10 refs. 3K Notes)

Bicycle, The: (2 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #5233}

Biddy Mulligan the Pride of the Coombe [Cross-reference]

Biddy Rooney: (2 refs.) {Roud #2705}

Biddy You Are So Handsome: (1 ref.) {Roud #6174}

Biddy, Biddy, Hold Fast My Gold Ring: (5 refs.) {Roud #15652}

Big Bal' Eagle [Cross-reference]

Big Ball's in Boston [Cross-reference]

Big Ball's in Town [Cross-reference]

Big Black Bull, The: (2 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #7612}

Big Boat Up de River [Cross-reference]

Big Boat's Up the Rivuh [Cross-reference]

Big Brazos River [Cross-reference]

Big Camp Meeting in the Promised Land: (4 refs. 1K Notes) {Roud #11970}

Big Combine, The: (1 ref. <1K Notes)

Big Corral, The: (2 refs.)

Big Day in Atlanta [Cross-reference]

Big Diamond Mine, The: (1 ref.)

Big Eau Claire, The [Cross-reference]

Big Fat Hog (Insult Rhymes): (1 ref.)

Big Fat Mama [Cross-reference]

Big Fat Mama Blues [Cross-reference]

Big Fat Woman: (3 refs.) {Roud #15184}

Big Five-Gallon Jar, The: (3 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #9412}

Big Gun Shearer (I), The: (2 refs. <1K Notes)

Big Indians [Cross-reference]

Big Jeest, The [Cross-reference]

Big Jim: (1 ref.) {Roud #15549}

Big Jim in the Barroom: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #5011}

Big Jimmie Drummond [Cross-reference]

Big Kilmarnock Bonnet: (3 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #5861}

Big Maquoketa, The: (2 refs.)

Big Red Rooster and the Little Red Hen, The [Cross-reference]

Big Roaring Fire, The [Cross-reference]

Big Rock Candy Mountain, The: (18 refs. 2K Notes) {Roud #6696}

Big Sam: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #9982}

Big Ship Sailing, A: (5 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #4827}

Big Ship Sails, The [Cross-reference]

Big Shirt, The [Cross-reference]

Big Stone Gap: (1 ref.) {Roud #3414}

Big Strong Man [Cross-reference]

Big-Eyed Rabbit: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #4200}

Big-Gun Shearer (II), The (The Tomahawker): (2 refs. <1K Notes)

Bigerlow [Cross-reference]

Bigler's Crew, The [Laws D8]: (22 refs. 3K Notes) {Roud #645}

Bilberry Town [Cross-reference]

Bile 'Em Cabbage Down [Cross-reference]

Bile dem Cabbage Down [Cross-reference]

Bile That Cabbage Down [Cross-reference]

Bile Them Cabbage Down: (21 refs.) {Roud #4211}

Bili Boi [Cross-reference]

Bilin' Cabbage [Cross-reference]

Bill Bailey, Won't You Please Come Home?: (15 refs. 1K Notes) {Roud #4325}

Bill Brown the Poacher: (5 refs.) {Roud #609}

Bill Cutlass, the Pirate Rover: (1 ref.) {Roud #V23230}

Bill Dunbar: (2 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #3677}

Bill Grogan's Goat: (14 refs. 1K Notes) {Roud #4574}

Bill Groggin's Goat [Cross-reference]

Bill Hopkin's Colt: (2 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #4156}

Bill Hopkins' Colt [Cross-reference]

Bill Jones: (3 refs.) {Roud #17540}

Bill Martin and Ella Speed [Cross-reference]

Bill Mason: (4 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #12393}

Bill Miller's Trip to the West: (2 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #6625}

Bill Morgan and His Gal: (6 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #11344}

Bill Peters, the Stage Driver: (1 ref.) {Roud #8012}

Bill Scrimshaw and the Scotsman: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #1089}

Bill Seymour the Bold Seaman: (1 ref. <1K Notes)

Bill Stafford [Cross-reference]

Bill the Bullocky: (5 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #10221}

Bill the Weaver [Cross-reference]

Bill Vanero (Paul Venerez) [Laws B6]: (15 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #632}

Bill Wiseman: (5 refs. <1K Notes)

Billboard Song, The: (3 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #15715}

Billie Johnson of Lundy's Lane [Cross-reference]

Billie Magee Magaw [Cross-reference]

Billie Vanero [Cross-reference]

Billy and Diana [Cross-reference]

Billy and Nancy [Cross-reference]

Billy Barlow (I): (9 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #236}

Billy Barlow (II): (1 ref. 1K Notes) {Roud #7758}

Billy Barlow (III - Civil War): (2 refs. <1K Notes)

Billy Barlow in Australia: (6 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #8397}

Billy Booster: (1 ref.)

Billy Boy: (58 refs. 1K Notes) {Roud #326}

Billy Brink [Cross-reference]

Billy Broke Locks (The Escape of Old John Webb): (3 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #83}

Billy Byrne of Ballymanus: (4 refs. 2K Notes) {Roud #2376}

Billy Came over the Main White Ocean [Cross-reference]

Billy Go Leary [Cross-reference]

Billy Goat, The [Cross-reference]

Billy Grimes the Rover: (30 refs. 2K Notes) {Roud #468}

Billy Hughes's Army: (1 ref. 2K Notes) {Roud #10587}

Billy Johnson's Ball: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #2139}

Billy Ma Hone: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #265}

Billy Magee Magaw [Cross-reference]

Billy Modick [Cross-reference]

Billy My Darling: (2 refs. <1K Notes)

Billy O'Rourke: (10 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #2101}

Billy of Tea, A: (2 refs.)

Billy Pitt and the Union: (1 ref. 1K Notes) {Roud #V8767}

Billy Po' Boy [Cross-reference]

Billy Richardson's Last Ride: (4 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #10440}

Billy Riley: (3 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #4701}

Billy Taylor [Cross-reference]

Billy the Kid (I): (11 refs. 4K Notes) {Roud #5097}

Billy the Kid (II): (2 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #5098}

Billy the Kid or William H. Bonney: (1 ref.)

Billy Veniro [Cross-reference]

Billy Vite and Molly Green: (4 refs.) {Roud #12992}

Billy Vites [Cross-reference]

Billy Weever [Cross-reference]

Billy White [Cross-reference]

Billy, the Rambling Soldier [Cross-reference]

Billy's Downfall: (1 ref. <1K Notes)

Billy's Dream: (2 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #4323}

Billy's Wife [Cross-reference]

Bingen on the Rhine: (4 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #3517}

Bingo: (25 refs.) {Roud #589}

Binnorie [Cross-reference]

Binorie [Cross-reference]

Bird and I: (1 ref.)

Bird in a Cage (II) [Cross-reference]

Bird in a Gilded Cage, A: (15 refs. 3K Notes) {Roud #4863}

Bird in the Bush, The [Cross-reference]

Bird in the Cage [Cross-reference]

Bird in the Lily-Bush, The [Cross-reference]

Bird Rocks, The: (5 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #6348}

Bird Song, The [Cross-reference]

Bird Starver's Cry: (2 refs.) {Roud #1730}

Bird's Courting Song, The (The Hawk and the Crow; Leatherwing Bat): (29 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #747 and 18169}

Birdie Darling: (2 refs.) {Roud #7948}

Birdie with a Yellow Bill [Cross-reference]

Birdie, Birdie: (1 ref.) {Roud #5043}

Birdies' Ball, The: (1 ref.) {Roud #4462}

Birds: (1 ref.)

Birds in the Spring, The: (5 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #356}

Birds in the Wilderness [Cross-reference]

Birds on a Stone [Cross-reference]

Birds Sing Sweeter, Lad, at Home, The: (1 ref.)

Birken Tree, The: (6 refs.) {Roud #5069}

Birks of Aberfeldy: (5 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #5070}

Birks of Abergeldie [Cross-reference]

Birks of Abergeldy, The: (2 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #5070}

Birmingham Boys, The [Cross-reference]

Birmingham Jail (I) [Cross-reference]

Birmingham Jail (II) [Cross-reference]

Birmingham Man, The [Cross-reference]

Birmingham Road: (1 ref. <1K Notes)

Birmingham Town: (2 refs.) {Roud #22312}

Birth of Robin Hood, The [Cross-reference]

Birthday Cake, The: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #16808}

Bisbee!: (1 ref.)

Biscuits Mis' Flanagan Made, The: (1 ref.) {Roud #5000}

Bishop Scrope That Was So Wise, The [Cross-reference]

Bishop Zack, the Mormon Engineer [Cross-reference]

Bishop, The: (1 ref.) {Roud #10904}

Bishop's Song, The: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #10905}

Bishoppe and Browne [Cross-reference]

Bitin' spider going 'round bitin' everybody, The [Cross-reference]

Biting Spider: (4 refs. 2K Notes) {Roud #17296}

Bitter Withee [Cross-reference]

Bitter Withy, The: (14 refs. 2K Notes) {Roud #452}

Bizzoms [Cross-reference]

Black and Amber Glory: (1 ref. <1K Notes)

Black and Dirty [Cross-reference]

Black Ball Line, The: (8 refs. 1K Notes) {Roud #2623}

Black Betty: (4 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #11668}

Black Billy Tea: (4 refs. <1K Notes)

Black Bottle, The (The Bottle of Grog): (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #3832}

Black Bottom Blues [Cross-reference]

Black Cat, The: (1 ref.)

Black Chimney Sweeper, The [Cross-reference]

Black Cook, The: (14 refs. 8K Notes) {Roud #2310}

Black Currant, Red Currant, Raspberry Tart [Cross-reference]

Black Devil, The [Cross-reference]

Black Duck, The [Cross-reference]

Black Eyed Daisy [Cross-reference]

Black Fish, White Trout [Cross-reference]

Black Fly Song, The: (1 ref. <1K Notes)

Black Friday [Cross-reference]

Black Gal (I): (2 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #6714}

Black Gal (II) [Cross-reference]

Black Gal, De [Cross-reference]

Black Girl [Cross-reference]

Black Girl's Beaus, The: (1 ref. <1K Notes)

Black Hawk War Song, The: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #10910}

Black Hills, The [Cross-reference]

Black Horse, The [Cross-reference]

Black Is the Color: (12 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #3103}

Black Is the Color of My True Love's Hair [Cross-reference]

Black Jack Daisy [Cross-reference]

Black Jack Davy [Cross-reference]

Black Leg Miner, The [Cross-reference]

Black Men Are the Bravest: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #13591}

Black Mustache, The: (13 refs.) {Roud #471}

Black Phyllis: (1 ref. 1K Notes) {Roud #3628}

Black Pipe, The: (1 ref.)

Black Pony Blues (Coal Black Mare): (2 refs. <1K Notes)

Black Ram Night Song (When All Our Work Is Done): (1 ref.)

Black Ram, The [Cross-reference]

Black Rock Pork: (1 ref.) {Roud #6589}

Black Sarpent, The [Cross-reference]

Black Sheep [Cross-reference]

Black Sheep Lullaby [Cross-reference]

Black Sheep, The: (11 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #4282}

Black Snake, Black Snake, Where Are You Hiding?: (1 ref.)

Black Socks: (3 refs.)

Black Socks They Never Grow Dirty [Cross-reference]

Black Stream Driver's Song, The [Cross-reference]

Black Stripper, The: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #9755}

Black Swans, The: (3 refs. <1K Notes)

Black Tail Range, The: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #5762}

Black Them Boots (Goin' Down to Cairo): (3 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #7656}

Black Thing, The: (2 refs. 3K Notes) {Roud #3864}

Black Velvet Band (I), The: (23 refs. 2K Notes) {Roud #2146 and 3764}

Black Velvet Band (II -- New Zealand): (4 refs. <1K Notes)

Black Velvet Band (III), The: (2 refs. <1K Notes)

Black Water Side, The [Laws O1]: (8 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #312}

Black Waters o Dee [Cross-reference]

Black Waterside [Cross-reference]

Black Within, Red Without: (1 ref.) {Roud #20798}

Black Woman: (4 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #10987}

Black-Eyed Daisy, The: (3 refs.)

Black-Eyed Mary [Cross-reference]

Black-Eyed Susan [Cross-reference]

Black-Eyed Susan (Dark-Eyed Susan) [Laws O28]: (20 refs. 2K Notes) {Roud #560}

Black-Eyed Susie (Green Corn): (24 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #4954 and 3426}

Black, Brown, and White: (4 refs.)

Black, The [Cross-reference]

Blackberries, The [Cross-reference]

Blackberry Grove: (3 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #9176}

Blackbird (I), The (Jacobite): (25 refs. 2K Notes) {Roud #2375}

Blackbird (III), The [Cross-reference]

Blackbird (IV), The [Cross-reference]

Blackbird (V), The [Cross-reference]

Blackbird (VI), The [Cross-reference]

Blackbird (VII), The: (1 ref.) {Roud #10147}

Blackbird and Thrush, The: (3 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #2380}

Blackbird Get Up: (1 ref. <1K Notes)

Blackbird in the Bush, The [Cross-reference]

Blackbird of Avondale, The (The Arrest of Parnell): (2 refs. 2K Notes) {Roud #5174}

Blackbird of Mullaghmore, The: (2 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #3474}

Blackbirds and Thrushes (I): (2 refs.) {Roud #12657}

Blackbirds and Thrushes (II) [Cross-reference]

Blackboy's Waltzing Matilda, The [Cross-reference]

Blackell Murry Neet (Blackwell Merry Night): (1 ref.) {Roud #1529}

Blackest Crow, The [Cross-reference]

Blackeyed Susie [Cross-reference]

Blackfoot Rangers: (1 ref. 1K Notes) {Roud #7770}

Blackjack Davy, The [Cross-reference]

Blackleg Miners, The: (3 refs.) {Roud #3193}

Blacklegs, The: (1 ref. <1K Notes)

Blackman's Dream, The: (1 ref. 1K Notes)

Blacksmith (I), The: (10 refs. 2K Notes) {Roud #816}

Blacksmith (II), The [Cross-reference]

Blacksmith (III), The: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #6249}

Blacksmith (IV), The: (1 ref.) {Roud #1468}

Blacksmith Courted Me, A [Cross-reference]

Blacksmith of Cloghroe, The: (1 ref. <1K Notes)

Blacksmith's Song, The [Cross-reference]

Blackwater Side (I) [Cross-reference]

Blackwater Side (II), The [Cross-reference]

Blackwater Side (III) [Cross-reference]

Blackwaterside, The [Cross-reference]

Blackwell Merry Night [Cross-reference]

Blades of Strawblane, The [Cross-reference]

Blaeberries, The [Cross-reference]

Blaeberry Courtship, The [Laws N19]: (13 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #1888}

Blair Festival 1969: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #21432}

Blanche Comme la Niege (White as Snow): (5 refs. <1K Notes)

Blanche, The: (6 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #4583}

Blancheflour and Jellyflorice [Child 300]: (17 refs. 10K Notes) {Roud #3904}

Blandon Blarney Stone, The [Cross-reference]

Blank and Ladder: (1 ref.)

Blanket Curant, The [Cross-reference]

Blankets and Sheets: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #6233}

Blantyre Explosion, The [Cross-reference]

Blaris Moor: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #13386}

Blarismoor Tragedy, The: (3 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #13386}

Blarney Stone, The: (4 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #4800}

Blaser Kallt, Kallt Vader Ifran Sjon, Det (The Cold Weather's Blowin' in From the Sea): (2 refs. <1K Notes)

Blaw the Wind Southerly [Cross-reference]

Blawin' Willie Buck's Horn: (4 refs. 2K Notes) {Roud #13062}

Blazing Star of Drum (Drim, Drung), The: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #2945}

Bleach of Strablane, The [Cross-reference]

Bleacher Lassie o' Kelvinhaugh: (5 refs.) {Roud #3325}

Bleacher Lassie, The [Cross-reference]

Bleaches So Green, The [Cross-reference]

Bleaching Her Claes: (2 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #6766}

Bless 'Em All: (5 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #8402}

Blessed Be That Maid Mary: (5 refs. 1K Notes)

Blessed Be the Name of the Lord: (1 ref. 2K Notes)

Blessed Zulu War, The: (2 refs.) {Roud #5362}

Blessing on Brandy and Beer, A: (1 ref.)

Blessings of Mary, The [Cross-reference]

Blest Be the Tie that Binds: (3 refs. 3K Notes)

Blickerty Brown the Sailor [Cross-reference]

Blin' Auld Man, The [Cross-reference]

Blin' Hughie: (1 ref.)

Blin' Man Stood on de Way an' Cried [Cross-reference]

Blind Beggar of Bednall Green, The [Cross-reference]

Blind Beggar of Bethnal Green, The [Cross-reference]

Blind Beggar's Daughter of Bednall Green, The [Laws N27]: (33 refs. 3K Notes) {Roud #132}

Blind Beggar's Daughter of Bethnal Green, The [Cross-reference]

Blind Beggar's Daughter, The [Cross-reference]

Blind Boy (I), The: (1 ref.) {Roud #4881}

Blind Child, The: (24 refs. 1K Notes) {Roud #425}

Blind Child's Prayer, The [Cross-reference]

Blind Fiddler, The: (5 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #7833}

Blind Girl, The [Cross-reference]

Blind Johnny Boo [Cross-reference]

Blind Man: (4 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #12357}

Blind Man He Can See, A [Cross-reference]

Blind Man Lay Beside the Way: (1 ref. <1K Notes)

Blind Man Sit in the Way and Cried [Cross-reference]

Blind Man's Regret, The: (2 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #6365}

Blind Man's Song: (1 ref.)

Blind Mattie: (1 ref.)

Blind Orphan, The [Cross-reference]

Blind Sailor, The [Cross-reference]

Blinded by Shit: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #10306}

Blinded by Turds [Cross-reference]

Blinkin' O't, The: (2 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #6135}

Blithe Mormond Braes [Cross-reference] {Roud #6152}

Blockader Mama: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #6633}

Blockader's Trail: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #6647}

Bloke that Puts the Acid On, The: (2 refs. <1K Notes)

Blondie and Dagwood: (2 refs.) {Roud #19212}

Blood Done Sign Muh Name, De [Cross-reference]

Blood Done Sign My Name [Cross-reference]

Blood Done Signed My Name (I), The: (4 refs.) {Roud #11678}

Blood Done Signed My Name (II), The: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #11678}

Blood on the Saddle: (10 refs. 1K Notes) {Roud #3685}

Blood Red Roses: (12 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #931}

Blood Signed My Name: (1 ref. <1K Notes)

Blood-Red Roses [Cross-reference]

Blood-Stained Diary, The: (3 refs. 42K Notes) {Roud #22297}

Blood-Stained Soil [Cross-reference]

Blood-Strained Banders, The: (2 refs.) {Roud #15504}

Bloody Breathitt Farmer: (1 ref.)

Bloody Garden, The [Cross-reference]

Bloody Gardener, The: (9 refs.) {Roud #1700}

Bloody Orkney: (1 ref. 2K Notes) {Roud #10605}

Bloody Tom: (1 ref.)

Bloody War (I) [Cross-reference]

Bloody War (II) [Cross-reference]

Bloody Warning, The [Cross-reference]

Bloody Waterloo [Cross-reference]

Blooming Bright Star of Belle Isle, The [Laws H29]: (10 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #2191}

Blooming Caroline of Edinburgh Town [Cross-reference]

Blooming Mary Ann: (5 refs.) {Roud #6466}

Blooming Star of Eglintown, The: (1 ref.) {Roud #6895}

Blossom Time: (1 ref.)

Blow Away the Morning Dew [Cross-reference]

Blow Away ye Morning Breezes: (2 refs. 2K Notes) {Roud #1025}

Blow Below the Belt, The: (1 ref. 8K Notes) {Roud #30706}

Blow Billy Boy Blow [Cross-reference]

Blow Boy Blow [Cross-reference]

Blow Bullies Blow (I) [Cross-reference]

Blow Fo' Ma Dogoma: (2 refs. <1K Notes)

Blow Gabriel (I): (2 refs. <1K Notes)

Blow Gabriel (II): (1 ref.)

Blow High Blow Low: (2 refs. 3K Notes) {Roud #2069}

Blow My Bully Boys [Cross-reference]

Blow On! Blow On! The Pirate's Glee: (1 ref.)

Blow the Candle Out [Laws P17]: (16 refs.) {Roud #368}

Blow the Fire, Blacksmith: (2 refs.) {Roud #12869 and 2897}

Blow the Man Down: (52 refs. 2K Notes) {Roud #2624}

Blow the Wind Southerly: (1 ref.) {Roud #2619}

Blow the Wind Westerly [Cross-reference]

Blow the Wind Whistling [Cross-reference]

Blow the Winds I Oh [Cross-reference]

Blow the Winds, I-Ho! [Cross-reference]

Blow Ye Winds [Cross-reference]

Blow Ye Winds High-O (Blow the Winds I-Ho, etc.) [Cross-reference]

Blow Ye Winds in the Morning: (18 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #2012}

Blow Ye Winds, Ay Oh [Cross-reference]

Blow Ye Winds, Aye-O [Cross-reference]

Blow Yo' Whistle, Freight Train: (2 refs. <1K Notes)

Blow Your Trumpet, Gabriel (Paul and Silas): (2 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #11860}

Blow, Blow, Bully Boys Blow: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #319 and/or 703}

Blow, Boys, Blow (I): (31 refs. 3K Notes) {Roud #703}

Blow, Boys, Blow (II) [Cross-reference]

Blow, Bullies, Blow (II) [Cross-reference]

Blow, Gabriel, Blow: (1 ref.) {Roud #18150}

Blow, My Bully Boys, Blow! [Cross-reference]

Blowin' in the Wind: (2 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #36094}

Blue [Cross-reference]

Blue and the Gray (I), The: (2 refs. 1K Notes) {Roud #4984}

Blue and the Gray (II), The: (1 ref.)

Blue Bell Bull: (1 ref.)

Blue Belle [Cross-reference]

Blue Bells [Cross-reference]

Blue Bells of Scotland, The: (13 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #13849}

Blue Bells, Cruicille Shells [Cross-reference]

Blue Bleezin' Blind Drunk (Mickey's Warning): (1 ref.) {Roud #6333}

Blue Bonnets Are Over the Border, The: (16 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #14076}

Blue Bottle [Cross-reference]

Blue Cockade [Cross-reference]

Blue Eyed Ellen [Cross-reference]

Blue Eyes [Cross-reference]

Blue Glass: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #2129}

Blue Hen [Cross-reference]

Blue Jacket and White Trousers [Cross-reference]

Blue Juniata, The: (8 refs. 3K Notes) {Roud #4494}

Blue Monday: (1 ref.) {Roud #7727}

Blue Mountain: (4 refs.) {Roud #10861}

Blue Mountain Lake (The Belle of Long Lake) [Laws C20]: (10 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #2226}

Blue Ridge Mountain Blues: (13 refs. 2K Notes) {Roud #11758}

Blue Spells B-L-U-E [Cross-reference]

Blue Tail Fly, The [Cross-reference]

Blue Tailed Fly,The [Cross-reference]

Blue Velvet Band (I), The [Cross-reference]

Blue Velvet Band (II): (2 refs. 2K Notes) {Roud #3764}

Blue Wave, The: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #30699}

Blue Yodel: (1 ref. 1K Notes)

Blue Yodel #4 [Cross-reference]

Blue-birds and Yellow-Birds [Cross-reference]

Blue-Coat Man, The [Cross-reference]

Blue-Eyed Boy Is Mad At Me [Cross-reference]

Blue-Eyed Boy, The [Cross-reference]

Blue-Eyed Ella [Cross-reference]

Blue-Eyed Ellen [Cross-reference]

Blue-Eyed Girl [Cross-reference]

Blue-Eyed Lover [Cross-reference]

Blue-Haired Boy (Little Willie II, Blue-Haired Jimmy): (4 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #1411}

Blue-Haired Jimmy [Cross-reference]

Blue-Tail Fly, The [Laws I19]: (27 refs. 1K Notes) {Roud #1274}

Blue, and Green, and Red, and Yellow [Cross-reference]

Bluebells, Cockleshells: (6 refs.) {Roud #19213 and 19426}

Blueberry Ball, The: (2 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #9945}

Blueberry, Raspberry, Strawberry Jam [Cross-reference]

Bluebird: (10 refs.) {Roud #7700}

Bluebird, Bluebird [Cross-reference]

Bluebird, The: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #9204}

Bluefield Murder: (3 refs.) {Roud #21294}

Blues Ain't Nothin' But, The [Cross-reference]

Blues Ain't Nothin', De: (3 refs.) {Roud #4759}

Bluestone Quarries, The: (1 ref.)

Bluetail Flay [Cross-reference]

Bluey Brink: (8 refs. 2K Notes) {Roud #8838}

Blushing Bride: (4 refs. <1K Notes)

Blushing Rose, The: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #9068}

Blyssid be that mayde Mary [Cross-reference]

Blythe and Bonny Scotland [Cross-reference]

Blythe Mormond Braes: (4 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #4598 and 6152}

Blythe Was She: (2 refs. 1K Notes) {Roud #6123}

Blythe, Blythe and Merry Was She: (1 ref. 1K Notes) {Roud #6123}

Blythesome Bridal, The: (5 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #5889}

Bo Lamkin [Cross-reference]

Bo-Cat: (1 ref.)

Bo-wow and Bo-wee: (1 ref.) {Roud #11501}

Bo' Ranger [Cross-reference]

Bo's'n, The [Cross-reference]

Boa Constrictor [Cross-reference]

Boar's Head Carol, The: (19 refs. 5K Notes) {Roud #22229}

Boar's Head in Hand Bear I, The [Cross-reference]

Boarding-House, The [Cross-reference]

Boarding-School Maidens, The: (1 ref.)

Boardman River Song: (2 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #8857}

Boat Shoves Off, The (We'll Have Another Dance Until the Boat Comes in): (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #23495}

Boat, A Boat, Across the Ferry, A: (3 refs.) {Roud #21037}

Boat's Up the River [Cross-reference]

Boatie Rows, The: (6 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #3095}

Boatin' on a Bull-Head [Cross-reference]

Boating Song (Across the Silver'd Lake): (1 ref. <1K Notes)

Boatman [Cross-reference]

Boatman, The (Fhear a Bhata) [Cross-reference]

Boatman's Boy, The: (1 ref.) {Roud #6591}

Boatman's Dance, The [Cross-reference]

Boatmen's Dance, De [Cross-reference]

Boatsman and the Chest, The [Laws Q8]: (19 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #570}

Boatsman and the Tailor, The [Cross-reference]

Boatswain and the Tailor, The [Cross-reference]

Boatswain Call the Watch: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #27982}

Boatswain's Call (I), The: (1 ref.) {Roud #8227}

Boatswain's Call (II), The (The Courageous Mariner's Invitation): (3 refs.) {Roud #V39810}

Boatswain's Life for Me, A [Cross-reference]

Boatswain's Story, The [Cross-reference]

Bob at His Bowster [Cross-reference]

Bob Cranky's 'Size Sunday: (1 ref.) {Roud #3146}

Bob Cranky's Adieu: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #3148}

Bob Ingersoll and the Devil: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #11736}

Bob Norrice [Cross-reference]

Bob Sims [Cross-reference]

Bob Vail Was a Butcher Boy: (1 ref.) {Roud #2760}

Bob-a Needle: (3 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #11001}

Bobbed Hair, The: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #3077}

Bobbie Bingo [Cross-reference]

Bobby Bingo [Cross-reference]

Bobby Bumble: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #16284}

Bobby Campbell: (1 ref.)

Bobby Shafto's Gone To Sea [Cross-reference]

Bobby Shaftoe: (13 refs. 3K Notes) {Roud #1359}

Bobby Went Down to the Ocean [Cross-reference]

Bobree Allin [Cross-reference]

Bodies o' the Lyne o' Skene, The: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #5996}

Bog Down in the Valley-O [Cross-reference]

Bogend Hairst, The [Cross-reference]

Bogey Man [Cross-reference]

Boggie, The: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #6134}

Boggy Creek or The Hills of Mexico [Laws B10b]: (12 refs.) {Roud #634}

Boghead Crew, The: (2 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #5406}

Bogie [Cross-reference]

Bogie Banks: (1 ref.) {Roud #6768}

Bogie's Banks and Bogie's Braes: (1 ref.) {Roud #6023}

Bogie's Bonnie Belle: (5 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #2155}

Bogie's Braes: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #5542}

Bogieside (I) [Cross-reference]

Bogieside (II) [Cross-reference]

Bogs of Shanaheever, The: (1 ref.) {Roud #5335}

Bohunker and Kychunker [Cross-reference]

Bohunkus (Old Father Grimes, Old Grimes Is Dead): (22 refs. 3K Notes) {Roud #764}

Boil dem Cabbage Down [Cross-reference]

Boil Them Cabbage Down [Cross-reference]

Boire un P'tit Coup C'Est Agreable (Sipping is Pleasant): (2 refs.)

Bolakin [Cross-reference]

Bolamkin [Cross-reference]

Bold Abraham Munn: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #23381}

Bold Adventures of Captain Ross: (1 ref. 28K Notes) {Roud #V21104}

Bold and Saucy China, The [Cross-reference]

Bold and Undaunted Youth, A [Cross-reference]

Bold Aviator, The [Cross-reference]

Bold Belfast Shoemaker, The [Cross-reference]

Bold Ben Hall [Cross-reference]

Bold Benicia Boy, The [Cross-reference]

Bold Benjamin, The: (8 refs. 1K Notes) {Roud #2632}

Bold Black and Tan, The: (2 refs. 4K Notes)

Bold Blackamoor [Cross-reference]

Bold Brannan on the Moor [Cross-reference]

Bold Captain Avery [Cross-reference]

Bold Carter [Cross-reference]

Bold Champions [Cross-reference]

Bold Daniels (The Roving Lizzie) [Laws K34]: (11 refs.) {Roud #1899}

Bold Deserter, The: (6 refs.) {Roud #1655}

Bold Dickie and Bold Archie [Cross-reference]

Bold Dighton [Laws A21]: (8 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #2209}

Bold Doherty: (1 ref.) {Roud #2992}

Bold Dragoon, A [Cross-reference]

Bold Dragoon, The [Cross-reference]

Bold English Navvy, The [Cross-reference]

Bold Escallion and Phoebe [Cross-reference]

Bold Fenian Men (I), The: (5 refs. 1K Notes) {Roud #V8282}

Bold Fisherman, The [Laws O24]: (23 refs. 1K Notes) {Roud #291}

Bold Fusilier, The: (3 refs. 2K Notes)

Bold General Wolfe [Cross-reference]

Bold General Wolff [Cross-reference]

Bold Grenadier, The [Cross-reference]

Bold Hawke: (1 ref. 5K Notes) {Roud #18256}

Bold Irvine [Cross-reference]

Bold Jack Donahoe: (14 refs. 3K Notes) {Roud #611}

Bold Jack Donahoe (II) [Cross-reference]

Bold Jack Donahoo [Cross-reference]

Bold Jack Donahue (II) [Cross-reference]

Bold Jack Donohue [Cross-reference]

Bold Kidd, the Pirate: (2 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #528}

Bold Larkin (Bull Yorkens): (6 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #4420}

Bold Lieutenant, The [Cross-reference]

Bold Lover Gay [Laws P23]: (3 refs.) {Roud #996}

Bold M'Dermott [Cross-reference]

Bold MacCartney [Cross-reference]

Bold Manan the Pirate [Laws D15]: (11 refs.) {Roud #673}

Bold Manning [Cross-reference]

Bold McCarthy (The City of Baltimore) [Laws K26]: (16 refs. 1K Notes) {Roud #1800}

Bold McCarty [Cross-reference]

Bold McDermott Roe: (6 refs. 1K Notes) {Roud #3021}

Bold McIntyres, The: (1 ref.) {Roud #5413}

Bold Nelson's Praise: (2 refs.) {Roud #1574}

Bold Nevison: (4 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #1082}

Bold Northwestern Man, The [Laws D1]: (5 refs. 21K Notes) {Roud #2227}

Bold Northwestmen, The [Cross-reference]

Bold O'Donahue: (2 refs. <1K Notes)

Bold Peddler, The [Cross-reference]

Bold Pedlar and Robin Hood, The [Child 132]: (22 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #333}

Bold Peter Clarke [Cross-reference]

Bold Pirate, The [Laws K30]: (9 refs.) {Roud #984}

Bold Pirates (I), The [Cross-reference]

Bold Pirates (II), The: (1 ref.) {Roud #V36787}

Bold Poachers, The: (7 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #1686}

Bold Princess Royal, The [Laws K29]: (34 refs. 2K Notes) {Roud #528}

Bold Prisoner, The [Cross-reference]

Bold Privateer, The [Laws O32]: (17 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #1000}

Bold Rake, The: (3 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #3036}

Bold Ranger, The: (20 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #796}

Bold Rangers [Cross-reference]

Bold Reynard [Cross-reference]

Bold Reynard ("A Good Many Gentlemen"): (9 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #1868 and 190}

Bold Reynard the Fox (Tallyho! Hark! Away!): (16 refs. 3K Notes) {Roud #2349}

Bold Richard, The: (1 ref. 1K Notes) {Roud #1351}

Bold Robert Emmet: (6 refs. 7K Notes) {Roud #3066}

Bold Robin Hood (I) [Cross-reference]

Bold Robin Hood and the Pedlar [Cross-reference]

Bold Robin Hood Rescuing the Three Squires [Cross-reference]

Bold Robing Hood [Cross-reference]

Bold Robinson [Cross-reference]

Bold Roving Thieves: (1 ref.) {Roud #V6761}

Bold Shoemaker, The [Cross-reference]

Bold Sir Rylas [Cross-reference]

Bold Sodger Boy, The: (2 refs.) {Roud #12829}

Bold Soldier, The [Laws M27]: (43 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #321}

Bold Tenant Farmer, The: (3 refs. 4K Notes) {Roud #5164}

Bold Thady Quill: (2 refs. 2K Notes)

Bold Tinker,The (Daniel O'Connell) [Cross-reference]

Bold Trainor O: (3 refs.) {Roud #12821}

Bold Trellitee, The [Cross-reference]

Bold Trooper, The [Cross-reference]

Bold Turpin [Cross-reference]

Bold Undaunted Irishman, The [Cross-reference]

Bold William Taylor (I) [Cross-reference]

Bold William Taylor (II) [Cross-reference]

Bold Wolfe [Cross-reference]

Bold, Brave Bonair, A [Cross-reference]

Boll Weevil Blues, The [Cross-reference]

Boll Weevil Song [Cross-reference]

Boll Weevil, The [Laws I17]: (44 refs. 1K Notes) {Roud #3124}

Bolliton Sands [Cross-reference]

Bollochy Bill the Sailor: (24 refs. 1K Notes) {Roud #4704}

Bollocky Bill the Sailor [Cross-reference]

Bolo'd: (1 ref. <1K Notes)

Bolsum Brown: (1 ref.)

Bombed Last Night: (1 ref.) {Roud #10531 parody}

Bombin Raid, The: (1 ref.)

Bon Soir, Ma Cherie: (1 ref.) {Roud #FFF}

Bon Ton [Cross-reference]

Bon Vin, Le (The Good Wine): (2 refs.)

Bonaparte (I): (2 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #1992}

Bonaparte (II) [Cross-reference]

Bonaparte on St. Helena [Cross-reference]

Bonaparte's Farewell: (4 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #V21130}

Bonavist Line, The: (5 refs. 11K Notes) {Roud #5206}

Bonavista Harbour: (3 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #7290}

Bondsey and Maisry [Cross-reference]

Bones [Cross-reference]

Boney: (16 refs.) {Roud #485}

Boney on the Isle of St. Helena [Cross-reference]

Boney Was a Warrior [Cross-reference]

Boney's Defeat [Cross-reference]

Boney's Lamentation: (2 refs. 2K Notes) {Roud #2547}

Bonhomme Tombe de L'Arbre, Le (The Fellow Falls from the Tree): (1 ref.)

Bonhomme! Bonhomme!: (2 refs.)

Bonie Dundee [Cross-reference]

Bonnet o' Blue [Cross-reference]

Bonnet o' Blue, The: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #6225}

Bonnet of Blue, The [Cross-reference]

Bonnet sae Blue, The [Cross-reference]

Bonnets o' Blue, The: (2 refs. 6K Notes) {Roud #6006}

Bonnets of Bonnie Dundee, The [Cross-reference]

Bonnie [Cross-reference]

Bonnie Annie [Child 24]: (16 refs. 2K Notes) {Roud #172}

Bonnie Annie Laurie [Cross-reference]

Bonnie Annie Livingstoun [Cross-reference]

Bonnie Banks o' Airdrie, The [Cross-reference]

Bonnie Banks o' Loch Lomond, The [Cross-reference]

Bonnie Banks o' Ugie, The: (2 refs.) {Roud #7206}

Bonnie Banks of the Virgie, O, The [Cross-reference]

Bonnie Barbara O [Cross-reference]

Bonnie Barbara, O [Cross-reference]

Bonnie Bell the Bravity: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #6163}

Bonnie Belleen: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #3862}

Bonnie Bennachie: (1 ref.) {Roud #6787}

Bonnie Betsy [Cross-reference]

Bonnie Black Bess [Cross-reference]

Bonnie Blue Eyes [Cross-reference]

Bonnie Blue Flag, The: (18 refs. 3K Notes) {Roud #4769}

Bonnie Blue Handkerchief, The [Cross-reference]

Bonnie Bogie: (2 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #5645}

Bonnie Bonnie Banks of the Virgie-O, The [Cross-reference]

Bonnie Bower, The [Cross-reference]

Bonnie Boy I Loved, The: (1 ref.) {Roud #6827}

Bonnie Braes o' Turra [Cross-reference]

Bonnie Breist-knots, The: (4 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #5888}

Bonnie Brier Bush, The: (2 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #1506}

Bonnie Broom-Fields, The [Cross-reference]

Bonnie Broughty Ferry Fisher Lass [Cross-reference]

Bonnie Buchairn: (5 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #1101}

Bonnie Bunch of Roses, The [Cross-reference]

Bonnie Doon [Cross-reference]

Bonnie Dundee (I): (3 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #8513}

Bonnie Dundee (II) (O whar gat ye that hauver-meal bannock): (2 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #8513}

Bonnie Eloise: (2 refs.) {Roud #4244}

Bonnie Farday [Cross-reference]

Bonnie Fisher Lass, The: (3 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #5881}

Bonnie George Campbell [Child 210]: (27 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #338}

Bonnie Glasgow Green: (3 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #6262}

Bonnie Glenshee [Cross-reference]

Bonnie Harvest Moon: (1 ref. <1K Notes)

Bonnie Highland Laddie [Cross-reference]

Bonnie Hind, The [Child 50]: (3 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #205}

Bonnie House o Airlie, The [Child 199]: (31 refs. 5K Notes) {Roud #794}

Bonnie House o' Airly [Cross-reference]

Bonnie James Campbell [Cross-reference]

Bonnie Jean: (4 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #7147}

Bonnie Jean O' Aberdeen, She Lang'd for a Baby: (4 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #2293}

Bonnie Jean o' Bethelnie [Cross-reference]

Bonnie Jean o' Foggieloan: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #7264}

Bonnie Jeanie Cameron: (1 ref. 2K Notes) {Roud #13082}

Bonnie Jeanie Shaw: (4 refs.) {Roud #3945}

Bonnie Jeannie Deans: (3 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #6129}

Bonnie Jeannie o Bethelnie [Cross-reference]

Bonnie John Seton [Child 198]: (5 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #3908}

Bonnie Johnnie Campbell [Cross-reference]

Bonnie Johnnie Lowrie [Cross-reference]

Bonnie Kellswater [Cross-reference]

Bonnie Lad That Handles the Plough, The [Cross-reference]

Bonnie Laddie, But Far Awa, A: (1 ref.) {Roud #6848}

Bonnie Laddie, Hieland Laddie [Cross-reference]

Bonnie Lass Among the Heather: (1 ref. 1K Notes) {Roud #2894}

Bonnie Lass Come Owre the Burn: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #3359}

Bonnie Lass o Hietoun Hie, The [Cross-reference]

Bonnie Lass o' Benachie, The: (3 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #6737}

Bonnie Lass o' Fyvie, The [Cross-reference]

Bonnie Lass of Fyvie, The (Pretty Peggy-O): (26 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #545}

Bonnie Lass Owre the Street: (1 ref.) {Roud #7254}

Bonnie Lassie O [Cross-reference]

Bonnie Lassie, Braw Lassie, Faur Are Ye Gaun?: (1 ref.) {Roud #7209}

Bonnie Lassie, Come to the North Hielands [Cross-reference]

Bonnie Lassie's Answer, The: (10 refs.) {Roud #3326}

Bonnie Lassie's Pleydie's Awa', The [Cross-reference]

Bonnie Light Horseman, The: (16 refs. 1K Notes) {Roud #1185}

Bonnie Lizie Lindsay [Cross-reference]

Bonnie Lyndale: (1 ref.) {Roud #12460}

Bonnie Mally Stewart: (2 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #5789}

Bonnie Mason Laddie (I), The: (3 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #5540}

Bonnie Mason Laddie (II), The [Cross-reference]

Bonnie Mill-Dams o' Binnorie, The [Cross-reference]

Bonnie Moorhen, The: (2 refs. 2K Notes) {Roud #2944}

Bonnie Muirhen (I), The [Cross-reference]

Bonnie Muirhen (II), The [Cross-reference]

Bonnie Parks o' Kilty, The: (1 ref.) {Roud #3953}

Bonnie Redesdale Lassie, The: (1 ref.) {Roud #3057}

Bonnie Sandy's Red and White: (1 ref.) {Roud #6835}

Bonnie Ship the Diamond, The: (8 refs. 2K Notes) {Roud #2172}

Bonnie Susie Cleland [Cross-reference]

Bonnie Tyneside: (2 refs.) {Roud #21748}

Bonnie Udny: (6 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #3450}

Bonnie Wee Lass of the Glen, The: (2 refs.) {Roud #6879}

Bonnie Wee Lassie Fae Gouroch, The: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #5212}

Bonnie Wee Lassie That Never Said No, The [Cross-reference]

Bonnie Wee Lassie Who Never Said No, The: (6 refs.) {Roud #2903}

Bonnie Wee Tramping Lass, The: (4 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #5129}

Bonnie Woodha': (4 refs.) {Roud #3778}

Bonnie Woodhall [Cross-reference]

Bonnie Woods o' Hatton, The: (4 refs.) {Roud #5531}

Bonny Anne [Cross-reference]

Bonny at Morn: (2 refs.) {Roud #3064}

Bonny Baby Livingston [Child 222]: (13 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #100}

Bonny Banks of Ardrie-O, The [Cross-reference]

Bonny Barbara Allan [Child 84]: (173 refs. 9K Notes) {Roud #54}

Bonny Bay of Biscay-O, The: (2 refs.) {Roud #6949}

Bonny Bee Ho'm [Cross-reference]

Bonny Bee Hom [Child 92]: (4 refs. 3K Notes) {Roud #3885}

Bonny Birdy, The [Child 82]: (3 refs.) {Roud #3972}

Bonny Black Hare, The: (8 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #1656}

Bonny Blue Handkercheif Under Her Chin [Cross-reference]

Bonny Blue Handkerchief, The: (11 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #378}

Bonny Blue-eyed Jane: (1 ref.) {Roud #26132}

Bonny Blue-Eyed Lassie, The: (4 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #3870}

Bonny Bobby Shaftoe [Cross-reference]

Bonny Boy (I), The: (16 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #293}

Bonny Boy (II), The [Cross-reference]

Bonny Boy from Underneath My Apron, The [Cross-reference]

Bonny Boy in Blue, The [Cross-reference]

Bonny Braw Lad an' a Swagg'rin, A: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #6178}

Bonny Broom, The [Cross-reference]

Bonny Brown Girl, The [Cross-reference]

Bonny Brown Hen, The: (1 ref.) {Roud #9053}

Bonny Brown Jane [Cross-reference]

Bonny Brumefeils, The [Cross-reference]

Bonny Bunch of Roses (II), The: (3 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #12980}

Bonny Bunch of Roses, The [Laws J5]: (44 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #664}

Bonny Bunch of Rushes Green [Cross-reference]

Bonny Bush o' Broom, The: (2 refs.) {Roud #3860}

Bonny Bushes Bright, The [Cross-reference]

Bonny Busk of London, The [Cross-reference]

Bonny Ca' Laddie for Me, A: (1 ref.) {Roud #2276}

Bonny earl of Livingston, The [Cross-reference]

Bonny Earl of Murray, The [Child 181]: (27 refs. 5K Notes) {Roud #334}

Bonny Flora Clark, The: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #13986}

Bonny Foot-Boy, The [Cross-reference]

Bonny Garrydoo: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #13473}

Bonny Green Tree, The [Cross-reference]

Bonny Grey, The [Cross-reference]

Bonny Helen Symon: (1 ref. <1K Notes)

Bonny Hills of Scotland [Cross-reference]

Bonny Hind Squire, The [Cross-reference]

Bonny Hodge: (3 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #1285}

Bonny Irish Boy: (3 refs.) {Roud #5684}

Bonny Irish Boy, The [Cross-reference]

Bonny John Seton [Cross-reference]

Bonny Kilwarren: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #6991}

Bonny Laboring Boy, The [Laws M14]: (23 refs.) {Roud #1162}

Bonny Lad That's Comin' in the Mirk to Me, The: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #6203}

Bonny Laddie, Hielan' Laddie [Cross-reference]

Bonny Lass of Anglesey, The [Child 220]: (2 refs.) {Roud #3931}

Bonny Lass, A Happy Lass, A: (1 ref.)

Bonny Light Horseman, The [Cross-reference]

Bonny Lighter Boy (I), The [Cross-reference]

Bonny Lighter Boy (II), The [Cross-reference]

Bonny Lizie Baillie [Child 227]: (8 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #341}

Bonny Mary Hay: (2 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #7975}

Bonny Mary of Argyle: (2 refs.) {Roud #12904}

Bonny Moor Hen, The: (2 refs. 1K Notes) {Roud #2944}

Bonny Paisley: (3 refs. 1K Notes) {Roud #5638}

Bonny Peggy Irvine [Cross-reference]

Bonny Pit Laddie, The: (1 ref.)

Bonny Portmore: (2 refs. 2K Notes) {Roud #3475}

Bonny Robin [Cross-reference]

Bonny Sailor Boy, The [Laws M22]: (10 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #843}

Bonny Saint John: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #3899}

Bonny Scotch Lad, The [Cross-reference]

Bonny Tavern Green: (2 refs. 2K Notes) {Roud #3110}

Bonny Udny [Cross-reference]

Bonny Wee Lass (As I Went Out One Summer's Day): (1 ref.)

Bonny Wee Lass o' the Glen, The [Cross-reference]

Bonny Wee Window, The [Laws O18]: (13 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #989}

Bonny Willie Macintosh [Cross-reference]

Bonny Wood Green: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #9246}

Bonny Young Irish Boy, The [Laws P26]: (20 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #565}

Bonny, Bonny: (1 ref. <1K Notes)

Bony Lost it Fairly: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #5823}

Bony's Lament [Cross-reference]

Boodie Bo: (2 refs. 2K Notes) {Roud #7163}

Boogaboo, The [Cross-reference]

Booger Man: (1 ref.)

Booker T. Washington: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #11342}

Bookerman, The: (1 ref.)

Books of the Bible, The [Cross-reference]

Boom-de-yada [Cross-reference]

Boom, Boom, Ain't It Great to Be Crazy? [Cross-reference]

Boomdeada: (2 refs. <1K Notes)

Boorowa Was Boorowa: (1 ref. <1K Notes)

Booth Killed Lincoln: (4 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #16990}

Boothbay Whale, The: (1 ref.)

Bootlegger, The (Trammell's Bootlegger): (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #16369}

Boozer, The: (1 ref.) {Roud #8029}

Boozers All: (1 ref.)

Border Affair, A [Cross-reference]

Border Trail, The [Cross-reference]

Border Widow's Lament, The [Cross-reference]

Bordon's Grove: (3 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #2322}

Bores Heed in Hand Bring I, The [Cross-reference]

Boring for Oil: (4 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #10094}

Boris, Boris: (2 refs.)

Borland's Grove [Cross-reference]

Born Free: (2 refs.)

Born in Hard Luck [Cross-reference] {Roud #1422}

Born On Days [Cross-reference]

Boss of the Section Gang, The: (1 ref.) {Roud #8585}

Boston [Cross-reference]

Boston Burglar, The [Laws L16]: (63 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #261}

Boston City [Cross-reference]

Boston Come-All-Ye, The [Cross-reference]

Boston Harbor: (5 refs.) {Roud #613}

Boston Smuggler, The [Cross-reference]

Boston Tea Party (I), The: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #24153}

Boston Tea Party (II), The [Cross-reference]

Boston Tea Tax, The: (3 refs. <1K Notes)

Bosun's Alphabet, The [Cross-reference]

Bosun's Story, The: (4 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #9141}

Bosworth ffeilde [Cross-reference]

Bot'ny Bay [Cross-reference]

Botany Bay (I): (15 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #3267}

Botany Bay (II) [Cross-reference]

Botany Bay (III): (3 refs.) {Roud #V27861}

Botany Bay (IV -- Come All You Young Fellows): (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #261}

Botany Bay Courtship (The Currency Lasses): (4 refs. 2K Notes)

Botany Bay Transport, The [Cross-reference]

Both Sides Now: (2 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #36095}

Bothwell Bridge [Child 206]: (7 refs. 1K Notes) {Roud #337}

Bothy Lads o' Forfar, The [Cross-reference]

Bottle Alley Song: (1 ref.)

Bottle O [Cross-reference]

Bottle of Pop, A Big Banana, A: (1 ref.)

Bottle Up and Go: (4 refs. <1K Notes)

Bottled in Bond: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #7018}

Bottler [Cross-reference]

Bought a Cow [Cross-reference]

Bought Me a Cat [Cross-reference]

Boulavogue: (7 refs. 3K Notes) {Roud #2356}

Bould Tadhy Quill [Cross-reference]

Boum Badiboum [Cross-reference]

Boum-Ba-Di-Boum: (2 refs. <1K Notes)

Bounce Around [Cross-reference]

Bounce Upon Bess: (1 ref. <1K Notes)

Bounce, Bounce, Ball, Ball: (1 ref.)

Bouncing Girl in Fogo, The: (7 refs. 3K Notes) {Roud #2800}

Bound Away on the Twilight: (2 refs. 2K Notes) {Roud #19839}

Bound Down to Newfoundland [Laws D22]: (14 refs. 3K Notes) {Roud #647}

Bound for Amerikee [Cross-reference]

Bound for Botany Bay [Cross-reference]

Bound for Canada [Cross-reference]

Bound for Charlestown [Cross-reference]

Bound for Glory Noo: (1 ref.) {Roud #6103}

Bound for South Australia [Cross-reference]

Bound for Sydney Town [Cross-reference]

Bound for the Promised Land: (16 refs. 3K Notes) {Roud #11897}

Bound For the Rio Grande [Cross-reference]

Bound for the Stormy Main [Cross-reference]

Bound Steel Blues: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #10627}

Bound to Australia [Cross-reference]

Bound to California: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #11253}

Bound to Go (I): (3 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #11974}

Bound to Go (II) [Cross-reference]

Bound to Rio [Cross-reference]

Boundless Mercy (Drooping Souls, No Longer Grieve): (2 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #11820}

Bounty Jumper, The: (3 refs. 2K Notes) {Roud #1976}

Bounty Was a Packet Ship [Cross-reference]

Bounty, The: (1 ref.)

Bow and Balance [Cross-reference]

Bow Belinda [Cross-reference]

Bow Bow Belinda [Cross-reference]

Bow Down [Cross-reference]

Bow Lamkin [Cross-reference]

Bow Low, Elder: (1 ref.) {Roud #12068}

Bow Wow Belinda [Cross-reference]

Bow Wow Wow: (2 refs. 2K Notes)

Bow-Legged Rabbit: (1 ref.)

Bowery, The: (3 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #17616}

Bowes Tragedy, The: (1 ref. <1K Notes)

Bowie, Bowerie [Cross-reference]

Bowl of Green Peas, The: (1 ref.) {Roud #7629}

Bowld Sodger Boy [Cross-reference]

Bowlegged Women [Cross-reference]

Bowling Green: (5 refs.)

Bowling on Bowling Green: (1 ref.)

Bows o London, The [Cross-reference]

Bows of London, The [Cross-reference]

Box Them Off, My Jolly Tars [Cross-reference]

Box Upon Her Head, The [Cross-reference]

Boy and a Girl in a Little Canoe, A [Cross-reference]

Boy and the Mantle, The [Child 29]: (11 refs. 6K Notes) {Roud #3961}

Boy from Wexford, The [Cross-reference]

Boy He Had an Auger, A: (1 ref. <1K Notes)

Boy in Blue, The [Cross-reference]

Boy In Love That Feels No Cold, The [Cross-reference]

Boy in Love, The [Cross-reference]

Boy Killed by a Falling Tree in Hartford: (1 ref.) {Roud #4680}

Boy Meets Girl: (1 ref.) {Roud #10245}

Boy of Love, The [Cross-reference]

Boy on the Land, The: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #520}

Boy That Found a Bride, The (Fair Gallowa'): (3 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #6300}

Boy That Wore the Blue, The (The Soldier's Letter) [Cross-reference]

Boy the Burned in the Berryville Jail. The: (1 ref. 1K Notes) {Roud #15764}

Boy Who Wore the Blue, The [Cross-reference]

Boy With No Shoes [Cross-reference]

Boy's Best Friend Is His Mother, A: (1 ref.) {Roud #1756}

Boyndlie Road: (2 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #5962}

Boyndlie's Braes: (3 refs.) {Roud #5585}

Boyne Water (I), The: (7 refs. 6K Notes) {Roud #795}

Boyne Water (II), The: (10 refs. 3K Notes) {Roud #795}

Boys a-Plenty [Cross-reference]

Boys About Here [Cross-reference]

Boys and Girls Come Out to Play: (5 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #5452}

Boys Around Here, The [Cross-reference]

Boys at Ninety-Five, The: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #9802}

Boys Can Whistle, Girls Can Sing: (5 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #7012}

Boys from County Cork, The: (2 refs. 9K Notes) {Roud #9774}

Boys from Rebel Cork, The [Cross-reference]

Boys in Blue, The [Cross-reference]

Boys in This Country Trying to Advance [Cross-reference]

Boys O Boys [Cross-reference]

Boys of Bedlam [Cross-reference]

Boys of Coleraine, The: (1 ref.) {Roud #8005}

Boys of Fair Hill, The: (1 ref. <1K Notes)

Boys of Kilkenny, The: (12 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #1451}

Boys of Kilmichael, The: (1 ref. 3K Notes)

Boys of Mullabawn, The: (6 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #2362}

Boys of Mullaghbawn, The [Cross-reference]

Boys of Newfoundland, The [Cross-reference]

Boys of Ohio: (2 refs.) {Roud #V25260}

Boys of Old Erin the Green, The: (1 ref.) {Roud #3050}

Boys of Sandy Row, The: (1 ref. 2K Notes)

Boys of Sanpete County, The [Laws B26]: (4 refs.) {Roud #3245}

Boys of the Island, The: (7 refs.) {Roud #9427}

Boys of Virginia, The: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #1451}

Boys of Wexford, The: (6 refs. 2K Notes) {Roud #3015}

Boys Won't Do to Trust, The: (3 refs.) {Roud #6495}

Boys, Keep Away from the Girls [Cross-reference]

Boys, Stay Away from the Girls [Cross-reference]

Bra' Rabbit (Oyscha'): (1 ref.)

Bracey on the Shore: (2 refs.)

Braddock's Defeat: (1 ref. 21K Notes) {Roud #4027}

Brady [Cross-reference]

Brady, Why Didn't You Run? [Cross-reference]

Braemar Poacher, The: (2 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #373}

Braes o Killiecrankie, The [Cross-reference]

Braes o Yarrow, The [Cross-reference]

Braes o' Abernethy, The: (1 ref. 1K Notes) {Roud #3784}

Braes o' Ballochmyle, The: (3 refs.) {Roud #6168}

Braes o' Balquhidder (II), The: (3 refs.) {Roud #541}

Braes o' Birniebouzle, The: (4 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #3343}

Braes o' Broo, The: (3 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #5572}

Braes o' Killiecrankie (battle song), The: (2 refs.) {Roud #8187}

Braes o' Strathblane, The [Cross-reference]

Braes o' Strathdon, The [Cross-reference]

Braes o' Turra, The: (2 refs.) {Roud #6323}

Braes of Balquhidder (I), The: (7 refs. 1K Notes) {Roud #541}

Braes of Balquhidder (II), The: (6 refs.) {Roud #541}

Braes of Belquether, The [Cross-reference]

Braes of Carnanbane, The: (1 ref.) {Roud #13457}

Braes of Killiecrankie, The: (2 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #3874}

Braes of Strachblane, The [Cross-reference]

Braes of Strathblane: (20 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #1096}

Braes of Sweet Kilhoyle, The: (1 ref.) {Roud #13480}

Braes of Yarrow (I), The: (5 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #5838}

Braes of Yarrow (II), The [Cross-reference]

Braes of Yarrow (III), The [Cross-reference]

Braiding Her Glossy Black Hair: (1 ref.) {Roud #9472}

Brain Boxer [Cross-reference]

Brake of Briars [Cross-reference]

Brakeman on the Train: (4 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #8587}

Bramble Briar, The (The Merchant's Daughter; In Bruton Town) [Laws M32]: (37 refs. 2K Notes) {Roud #18}

Bramble Brier, The [Cross-reference]

Bramble, The: (1 ref.) {Roud #13333}

Bran' Een duh Fo'head [Cross-reference]

Branch Hero, The: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #29053}

Brand Fire New Whaling Song Right from the Pacific Ocean, A: (1 ref. <1K Notes)

Branded Lambs [Laws O9]: (10 refs. 2K Notes) {Roud #1437}

Branded on the Forehead: (1 ref. <1K Notes)

Brandon on the Moor [Cross-reference]

Brands [Cross-reference]

Brandy Leave Me Alone: (3 refs. <1K Notes)

Brandywine [Cross-reference]

Brannan Fair o' Banff: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #5913}

Brannigan's Pup: (7 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #2971}

Brannit Coo, The: (1 ref.) {Roud #7210}

Brannon on the Moor [Cross-reference]

Brass-Mounted Army, The: (6 refs. 1K Notes) {Roud #6693}

Brats of Jeremiah, The [Cross-reference]

Brave Ben Hall [Cross-reference]

Brave Boys [Cross-reference]

Brave Boys are They [Cross-reference]

Brave Defender, The [Cross-reference]

Brave Doodley, The [Cross-reference]

Brave Dudley Boys, The [Cross-reference]

Brave Earl Brand and the King of England's Daughter, The [Cross-reference]

Brave Engineer (I), The: (3 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #255}

Brave Engineer (II), The [Cross-reference]

Brave Fireman, The (Break the News to Mother Gently): (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #7371}

Brave General Brock [Laws A22]: (4 refs. 7K Notes) {Roud #2210}

Brave Hunter, The: (1 ref.) {Roud #7013}

Brave Irish Lady, A [Cross-reference]

Brave Lafitte, The: (2 refs. 2K Notes) {Roud #V28306}

Brave Lord Willoughby [Cross-reference]

Brave Marin (Brave Sailor): (5 refs. 2K Notes)

Brave Nelson [Cross-reference]

Brave Old Oak, The: (8 refs.) {Roud #1281}

Brave Queen's Island Boys, The: (1 ref. 3K Notes)

Brave Seaman, The: (1 ref. <1K Notes)

Brave Volunteer, The [Cross-reference]

Brave Volunteers, The: (5 refs. 8K Notes) {Roud #9784}

Brave Wolfe [Laws A1]: (31 refs. 22K Notes) {Roud #961}

Bravery of Pouch Cove Fishermen [Cross-reference]

Bravo Bravissimo: (4 refs. <1K Notes)

Braw Black Jug, The [Cross-reference]

Braw Irish Lad, The [Cross-reference]

Braw Servant Lasses, The: (3 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #5597}

Bread and Butter for My Supper: (1 ref.)

Bread and Cheese to Rorie: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #13571}

Break the News to Mother: (7 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #4322}

Break the News to Mother Gently [Cross-reference]

Breaking in a Tenderfoot [Cross-reference]

Breaking of Omagh Jail, The: (1 ref.) {Roud #3581}

Breast Knots, The [Cross-reference]

Bredalbane: (1 ref. 3K Notes) {Roud #6829}

Brennan on the Moor [Laws L7]: (53 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #476}

Brennen on the Moor [Cross-reference]

Brethren, We Have Met to Worship [Cross-reference]

Brewer Laddie, The: (8 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #867}

Brewer Without Any Barm, A: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #1357}

Brian O Linn [Cross-reference]

Brian O'Linn [Cross-reference]

Brian O'Lyn [Cross-reference]

Brian O'Lynn (Tom Boleyn): (41 refs. 3K Notes) {Roud #294}

Brian the Brave [Cross-reference]

Briar-Rose [Cross-reference]

Brick House [Cross-reference]

Brid Og Ni Mhaille [Cross-reference]

Bride of Bogie, The: (2 refs. <1K Notes)

Bride's Death, The [Cross-reference]

Bride's Farewell, The: (3 refs.) {Roud #2062}

Bride's Murder, The [Cross-reference]

Bridge Was Burned at Chatsworth, The [Cross-reference]

Bridge, The: (1 ref.) {Roud #11316}

Bridget Ann, The: (1 ref. <1K Notes)

Bridget Donahue: (2 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #7416}

Bridget O'Malley: (2 refs. <1K Notes)

Bridgewater Merchant, The [Cross-reference]

Bridgwater Fair: (3 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #1571 and 17807}

Bridle and Saddle, The: (2 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #3666}

Brien the Brave [Cross-reference]

Briery Bush, The [Cross-reference]

Brigade at Fontenoy, The: (4 refs. 5K Notes) {Roud #9758}

Brigantine Sinorca [Cross-reference]

Brigantine Sirocco: (2 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #1814}

Brigantine Sorocco [Cross-reference]

Brigg Fair: (5 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #1083}

Brigham the Prophet: (1 ref.)

Brigham Young (I): (4 refs. 6K Notes) {Roud #8056}

Brigham Young (II): (1 ref.) {Roud #10900}

Brigham Young (III): (1 ref.) {Roud #10901}

Brigham Young (IV): (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #10902}

Brigham Young, Lion of the Lord: (1 ref. <1K Notes)

Brigham, Brigham Young [Cross-reference]

Bright Alfaretta [Cross-reference]

Bright Amanda [Cross-reference]

Bright and Shining City: (1 ref.) {Roud #3401}

Bright Eyed Little Nell of Narragansett Bay [Cross-reference]

Bright Fine Gold: (4 refs. 3K Notes)

Bright Morning Stars (For the Day Is A-Breakin' In My Soul): (2 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #7335 and 18268}

Bright Orange Stars of Coleraine, The: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #8006}

Bright Phoebe: (9 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #1989}

Bright Shades of Blue, The: (1 ref.)

Bright Sherman Valley [Cross-reference]

Bright Sparkles in the Church Yard: (2 refs. <1K Notes)

Bright Star of Derry, The: (1 ref.) {Roud #9754}

Bright Sunny South, The [Cross-reference]

Bright-Eyed Little Nell of Narragansett Bay [Cross-reference]

Brightest and Best: (6 refs. 4K Notes) {Roud #5743}

Brightest and Best of the Sons of the Morning [Cross-reference]

Brighton Camp [Cross-reference]

Brigtown's Plantins [Cross-reference]

Brilliant Light, The: (3 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #V30261}

Brimbledon Fair [Cross-reference]

Brindisi Di Marinai: (2 refs. <1K Notes)

Bring Back My Barney to Me [Cross-reference]

Bring Back My Blue-eyed Boy [Cross-reference]

Bring Back My Bonnie to Me [Cross-reference]

Bring Back My Johnny to Me: (3 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #1422}

Bring Good Ale [Cross-reference]

Bring Him Back Dead or Alive: (1 ref. 1K Notes) {Roud #11205}

Bring In That New Jerusalem: (1 ref.) {Roud #21328}

Bring in the Punch Ladle [Cross-reference]

Bring Me A Little Water, Silvy [Cross-reference]

Bring Me a Rose in the Wintertime: (1 ref. <1K Notes)

Bring Me Back the Boy I Love [Cross-reference]

Bring Me Back the One I Love [Cross-reference]

Bring Me Little Water, Sylvie: (5 refs.) {Roud #11654}

Bring Me My Shotgun: (2 refs. <1K Notes)

Bring the Gold Cup Back to Newtown: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #17890}

Bring Us Good Ale: (16 refs. 1K Notes) {Roud #32821}

Bring Us in Good Ale [Cross-reference]

Bringing Him In Alive: (1 ref.) {Roud #18188}

Bringing in the Sheaves: (8 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #14041}

Brisbane Ladies: (9 refs. 1K Notes) {Roud #687}

Brisk and Bonny Lad [Cross-reference]

Brisk and Bonny Lass, The (The Brisk and Bonny Lad): (5 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #606}

Brisk and Lively Lad, The [Cross-reference]

Brisk Young Bachelor (I), The: (14 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #1572}

Brisk Young Bachelor (II), The [Cross-reference]

Brisk Young Butcher, The: (12 refs.) {Roud #167}

Brisk Young Farmer, The [Cross-reference]

Brisk Young Lad, The: (6 refs.) {Roud #6139}

Brisk Young Lively Lad, The [Cross-reference]

Brisk Young Lover, A [Cross-reference]

Brisk Young Lover, The [Cross-reference]

Brisk Young Plougboy, The: (2 refs.) {Roud #1205}

Brisk Young Rover, The: (2 refs.) {Roud #5794}

Brisk Young Sailor Lad, The [Cross-reference]

Brisk Young Sailor, A [Cross-reference]

Brisk Young Sailor, The [Cross-reference]

Brisk Young Widow, A: (1 ref.)

Bristol Channel Jamboree [Cross-reference]

Bristol City: (3 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #1087}

Bristol Coachman, The: (4 refs.) {Roud #19723}

Bristol Garland The [Cross-reference]

Bristol Town: (1 ref.) {Roud #1058}

Britannia on Our Lee: (6 refs.) {Roud #2014}

Britannia Sat Weeping: (2 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #V7898}

Britannia, the Pride of the Ocean [Cross-reference]

British Buonaparte, The [Cross-reference]

British Grenadiers, The: (11 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #11231?}

British Man-of-War, The: (19 refs. 2K Notes) {Roud #372 and 4616}

British Soldier (I), The (A British Soldier's Grave): (5 refs.) {Roud #1223}

British Soldier (II), The [Cross-reference]

British Soldier's Grave, The [Cross-reference]

Britons, Strike Home: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #1187}

Britons, Strike Home, My Boys [Cross-reference]

Bro' Ephram [Cross-reference]

Broad-striped Trousers [Cross-reference]

Broadlan' Lan': (1 ref.) {Roud #7176}

Brockagh Brae: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #5171}

Brocklesby Fair [Cross-reference]

Broder Eton Got de Coon [Cross-reference]

Broke-Down Brakeman, The: (1 ref.) {Roud #3516}

Broken Breid o' Auchentumb, The: (1 ref.) {Roud #13052}

Broken Bridges [Cross-reference]

Broken Engagement (I -- She Was Standing By Her Window), The: (14 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #3535}

Broken Engagement (II -- We Have Met and We Have Parted), The: (9 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #4250}

Broken Engagement (III) [Cross-reference]

Broken Heart (I), The [Cross-reference]

Broken Heart (II -- Dearest One, Don't You Remember): (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #6575}

Broken Heart (III), The [Cross-reference]

Broken Home, The: (3 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #7411}

Broken Ring (I), The [Cross-reference]

Broken Ring (II), The [Cross-reference]

Broken Ring Song [Cross-reference]

Broken Ring Song fragment [Cross-reference]

Broken Shovel, The: (2 refs.) {Roud #7717}

Broken Ties (I'm Thinking Tonight of My Blue Eyes): (17 refs. 2K Notes) {Roud #460}

Broken Token (I), The [Cross-reference]

Broken Token (II), The [Cross-reference]

Broken Vows [Cross-reference]

Broken-down Gentleman, The [Cross-reference]

Broken-Down Sport [Cross-reference]

Broken-Down Squatter, The: (9 refs. 1K Notes) {Roud #8392}

Broken-Hearted: (1 ref.) {Roud #4332}

Broken-hearted Boy, The [Cross-reference]

Broken-Hearted Gardener, The: (1 ref. 2K Notes) {Roud #7966}

Broken-Hearted Milkman, The [Cross-reference]

Broken-Hearted Shearer, The: (1 ref.)

Bronc Peeler's Song: (1 ref.) {Roud #8052}

Broncho Buster, The [Cross-reference]

Bronco Buster, The: (1 ref.)

Bronco Jack's Thanksgiving: (1 ref.)

Bronk That Wouldn't Bust, The [Cross-reference]

Brookfield Murder, The [Laws F8]: (5 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #2257}

Brooklyn Fire, The [Cross-reference]

Brooklyn Theatre Fire, The [Laws G27]: (11 refs. 2K Notes) {Roud #3258}

Brooklyn, The: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #V29712}

Broom Dasher [Cross-reference]

Broom o the Cowdenknowes (II - lyric), The: (6 refs. 2K Notes) {Roud #8209}

Broom of Cowdenknows, The [Child 217]: (13 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #92}

Broom, Green Broom [Cross-reference]

Broom, The Bonny Broom, The [Cross-reference]

Broomfield Hill, The [Child 43]: (32 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #34}

Broomfield Wager, The [Cross-reference]

Broomhill's Bonnie Daughter: (3 refs.) {Roud #2175}

Broomhill's Bonnie Dochter [Cross-reference]

Broon Cloak On, The [Cross-reference]

Broon Cloak, The: (3 refs.) {Roud #5648}

Broon Coo's Broken the Fauld, The: (4 refs. 1K Notes) {Roud #6317}

Brother Alligator Come Out Tonight: (1 ref. <1K Notes)

Brother Ephrum Got de Coon and Gone On [Cross-reference]

Brother Green: (25 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #3395}

Brother I Got Jesus: (1 ref.) {Roud #18151}

Brother Jack, If You Were Mine: (1 ref.)

Brother Jim Got Shot: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #16643}

Brother Jonah: (1 ref. <1K Notes)

Brother Moses Gone: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #12006}

Brother Noah: (2 refs.) {Roud #8821}

Brother, Can You Spare a Dime?: (1 ref. 1K Notes) {Roud #23551}

Brother, Guide Me Home: (1 ref.) {Roud #12044}

Brother, You Oughtta Been There [Cross-reference]

Brother's Revenge [Cross-reference]

Brothers John and Henry Sheares, The: (2 refs. 5K Notes)

Brothers St. John, The: (1 ref. <1K Notes)

Broughty Wa's [Child 258]: (4 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #108}

Brow of Sweet Knocklayd: (1 ref.)

Brow-bender: (2 refs.)

Brown Adam [Child 98]: (11 refs.) {Roud #482}

Brown and Yellow Ale, The: (3 refs. 2K Notes)

Brown and Yellow Earl, The [Cross-reference]

Brown Bird, The [Cross-reference]

Brown Duck, The [Cross-reference]

Brown Edom [Cross-reference]

Brown Eyes: (2 refs.) {Roud #3394}

Brown Flour: (2 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #9946}

Brown Girl (I), The [Child 295]: (7 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #180}

Brown Girl (II), The [Cross-reference]

Brown Girl (III), The [Cross-reference]

Brown Jug, The (Bounce Around): (4 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #7644}

Brown Robin [Child 97]: (6 refs.) {Roud #62}

Brown Robyn's Confession [Child 57]: (6 refs. 2K Notes) {Roud #3882}

Brown-Eyed Boy [Cross-reference]

Brown-Eyed Gypsies, The [Cross-reference]

Brown-Eyed Lee: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #4042}

Brown-Haired Lass, The: (2 refs.)

Brown-Hairled Girl, The [Cross-reference]

Brown-Skinned Woman, A: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #11639}

Brown's Ferry Blues: (8 refs. <1K Notes)

Brownie Smile Song: (1 ref.)

Brownsville Mountain [Cross-reference]

Bruce's Address to his Army [Cross-reference]

Bruce's Lines: (2 refs.) {Roud #6276}

Bruce's Log Camp [Cross-reference]

Brudenlaws, The [Cross-reference]

Brughaichean Ghlinn-Braon (Braes of Glen Broom): (1 ref. <1K Notes)

Brule Boys, The: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #26142}

Bruntie's [Cross-reference]

Brunton Town [Cross-reference]

Brush Creek Wreck, The: (3 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #4137}

Brush Ye Back My Curly Locks: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #7286}

Brushy Mountain Freshet, The: (2 refs. 7K Notes) {Roud #6643}

Bruton Town [Cross-reference]

Bryan Campaign Song: (2 refs. <1K Notes)

Bryan O'Lynn [Cross-reference]

Bryant's Ranges O: (4 refs. <1K Notes)

Bryng Us in Good Ale [Cross-reference]

Brynie O'Linn [Cross-reference]

Bryno-o-Lynn [Cross-reference]

Bu' alligator, alligator come out tonight [Cross-reference]

Buachaill Na Gruaige Brea Bui: (1 ref. <1K Notes)

Buachaill On Eirne (Boy from Ireland): (1 ref. <1K Notes)

Buachaill Roe, The: (6 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #5730}

Buachaillin Donn: (2 refs.)

Bubble Gum: (2 refs.) {Roud #19256}

Bubblegum [Cross-reference]

Bubblegum, Bubblegum in a Dish [Cross-reference]

Bubbo Le' Me Lone: (1 ref. <1K Notes)

Buccaneer's Bride, The: (3 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #25993}

Buccaneer's Song to His Love, The: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #13939}

Buccaneers, The [Cross-reference]

Buccoo Bay Young Girl: (1 ref.)

Buchan Bobby, The: (1 ref.) {Roud #15746}

Buchan Hunt: (1 ref.) {Roud #15098}

Buchan Laddie, The [Cross-reference]

Buchan Miller, The [Cross-reference]

Buchan Turnpike, The: (2 refs. 1K Notes) {Roud #5961}

Buck Creek Gal [Cross-reference]

Buck Creek Girls [Cross-reference]

Buck Goat Song, The: (1 ref.) {Roud #30708}

Buck Sheep, The [Cross-reference]

Buck-Eye Rabbit: (2 refs.) {Roud #6706}

Buck-eyed Jim [Cross-reference]

Buckets of Water [Cross-reference]

Buckeye Jim: (3 refs.) {Roud #10059}

Buckeye Rabbit [Cross-reference]

Bucking Broncho, The (The Broncho Buster) [Laws B15]: (18 refs. 1K Notes) {Roud #934}

Bucking Bronko, The [Cross-reference]

Buckingham Betrayed by Banister: (2 refs. 10K Notes)

Bucklich Mennli, Des (The Little Humpback): (1 ref. <1K Notes)

Buckskin Bag of Gold: (2 refs.) {Roud #11710}

Buckskin Joe: (1 ref.) {Roud #4949}

Bucktail Boys, The: (1 ref. 11K Notes) {Roud #15022}

Bud Francois: (1 ref. <1K Notes)

Bud Jones: (1 ref.) {Roud #12457}

Budd Lake Plains: (2 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #8866}

Budded Roses [Cross-reference]

Buddies and Pals: (1 ref.)

Buddy Bolden's Blues [Cross-reference]

Buddy Won't You Roll Down the Line: (13 refs. 1K Notes) {Roud #17485}

Budgeon It Is a Delicate Trade, The [Cross-reference]

Buduran's Ball: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #16235}

Buena Vista (I): (2 refs.) {Roud #2829}

Buena Vista (II) [Cross-reference]

Buffalo [Cross-reference]

Buffalo Boy: (8 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #313}

Buffalo Gals: (42 refs. 1K Notes) {Roud #738}

Buffalo Hunt, The: (1 ref.) {Roud #25772}

Buffalo Hunters: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #4633}

Buffalo Hunters, The [Cross-reference]

Buffalo Range (I) [Cross-reference]

Buffalo Range (II), The: (1 ref. <1K Notes)

Buffalo Skinners, The [Laws B10a]: (26 refs.) {Roud #634}

Buffalo Whore, The [Cross-reference]

Buffalo, The [Cross-reference]

Buffer, Don't You Cry for Me: (1 ref.) {Roud #V47334}

Bugaboo, The [Cross-reference]

Bugerboo [Cross-reference]

Bugger Burns: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #4169}

Buggery Boo, The [Cross-reference]

Bugle Britches, The [Cross-reference]

Bugle Played for Me [Cross-reference]

Bugle, Oh!: (2 refs. <1K Notes)

Bugs Go Wild, Simply Wild, Over Me: (3 refs.) {Roud #15687}

Bugs They Go Wild Over Me, The [Cross-reference]

Build a Brick House: (2 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #14050}

Build a House in Paradise: (1 ref.) {Roud #11983}

Building a Slide: (1 ref.) {Roud #4386}

Building of Solomon's Temple, The [Laws Q39]: (10 refs. 52K Notes) {Roud #1018}

Buinnean Bui [Cross-reference]

Buinnean Bui, An: (7 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #5332}

Buinnean Buidhe [Cross-reference]

Bull Connor's Jail: (1 ref.)

Bull Dog Down in Tennessee: (4 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #7879}

Bull Dog, The [Cross-reference]

Bull Fight on the San Pedro, The: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #4048}

Bull Frog: (1 ref.)

Bull Frog, The [Cross-reference]

Bull Run (War Song): (1 ref. 3K Notes) {Roud #5459}

Bull Yorkens [Cross-reference]

Bull-Dog, The [Cross-reference]

Bull-Whacker, The [Cross-reference]

Bulldog and the Bullfrog, The [Cross-reference]

Bulldog on the Bank, The: (5 refs.) {Roud #15368}

Bullfrog (I): (1 ref.)

Bullfrog (II): (1 ref.)

Bullgine Run, The [Cross-reference]

Bullhead Boat, The: (3 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #6590}

Bullockies' Ball, The: (4 refs. <1K Notes)

Bullocky Bill [Cross-reference]

Bullocky-O: (3 refs.)

Bullshit Bill: (1 ref. <1K Notes)

Bully Boat, The [Cross-reference]

Bully Brown: (2 refs.) {Roud #9805}

Bully Crew, The: (1 ref. 1K Notes) {Roud #29052}

Bully in the Alley: (3 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #8287}

Bully of Lot Eleven, The: (1 ref.) {Roud #25156}

Bully of the Town, The [Laws I14]: (25 refs. 6K Notes) {Roud #4182}

Bully, Long Time Ago: (1 ref. <1K Notes)

Bully, The [Cross-reference]

Bum, Bum, Bum, Here We Come [Cross-reference]

Bumblebee Cotton, Peckerwood Corn: (1 ref. <1K Notes)

Bump Me into Parliament: (2 refs.)

Bumpers, Bumbers, Flowing Bumpers: (1 ref. <1K Notes)

Bumpers, Squire Jones: (2 refs. 1K Notes) {Roud #6532}

Bumpkin Brawly [Cross-reference]

Bunch O' Roses [Cross-reference]

Bunch of Bastards: (2 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #29395 and 29949}

Bunch of Blue Ribbons [Cross-reference]

Bunch of Nuts, The [Cross-reference]

Bunch of Roses: (1 ref.) {Roud #16301}

Bunch of Rushes [Cross-reference]

Bunch of Violets, The: (2 refs.) {Roud #5348}

Bunch of Watercresses [Cross-reference]

Bundaberg, The [Cross-reference]

Bundle and Go (I): (4 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #3329}

Bundle and Go (II): (5 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #3330}

Bundle of Truths, A: (6 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #19760}

Bung Yer Eye: (7 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #6513}

Bung Yer Eye (II) [Cross-reference]

Bung Your Eye (II) [Cross-reference]

Bungle Rye [Cross-reference]

Bunker's Hill, A New Song [Cross-reference]

Bunkhouse Ballad: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #8863}

Bunkhouse Orchestra: (2 refs.) {Roud #11093}

Bunnit of Straw, The: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #3728}

Buonaparte on St. Helena [Cross-reference]

Burd Ellen [Cross-reference]

Burd Ellen and Young Tamlane [Child 28]: (1 ref. 1K Notes) {Roud #3962}

Burd Helen (I) [Cross-reference]

Burd Helen (II) [Cross-reference]

Burd Isabel and Earl Patrick [Child 257]: (4 refs.) {Roud #107}

Burd Isbell [Cross-reference]

Burden Down Lawd [Cross-reference]

Bureau, The (The Lads fae the Tap o' the Hill): (1 ref.) {Roud #22212}

Buren's Grove: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #2787}

Burgeo Jail: (2 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #25318}

Burges: (2 refs.) {Roud #15560}

Burglar Man, The [Cross-reference]

Burglar, The [Cross-reference]

Burial of Sir John Moore, The: (8 refs. 3K Notes)

Burial of Wild Bill, The: (4 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #11542}

Burke's Confession: (2 refs. 31K Notes) {Roud #5640}

Burke's Dream [Laws J16]: (6 refs. 3K Notes) {Roud #1893}

Burly, Burly Banks of Barbry-O [Cross-reference]

Burn, Fire, Burn: (1 ref.)

Burnfoot Town: (1 ref. <1K Notes)

Burnie, The: (2 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #5629}

Burning o' Auchindoun, The [Cross-reference]

Burning o' Lady Marjorie, The [Cross-reference]

Burning of Auchindoun [Cross-reference]

Burning of Auchindown, The [Cross-reference]

Burning of Frendraught, The [Cross-reference]

Burning of Henry K. Robinson's Camp in 1873, The: (2 refs.) {Roud #4067}

Burning of Loudon Castle, The [Cross-reference]

Burning of Rosslea, The: (1 ref. 1K Notes) {Roud #2937}

Burning of the Bayou Sara, The [Cross-reference]

Burning of the Granite Mill, The [Laws G13]: (5 refs.) {Roud #1823}

Burns and His Highland Mary [Laws O34]: (21 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #820}

Burns's Farewell: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #6117}

Burns's Log Camp: (2 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #9203}

Burnt Islands: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #18197}

Burnt-Out Old Fellow, The [An Seanduine Doighte]: (1 ref. <1K Notes)

Bury Me Beneath the Willow: (38 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #410}

Bury Me in the Cornfield, Nigger [Cross-reference]

Bury Me in the Garden: (1 ref.) {Roud #15743}

Bury Me Not on the Chickamauga [Cross-reference]

Bury Me Not on the Lone Prairie [Laws B2]: (46 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #631}

Bury Me Out on the Prairie [Cross-reference]

Bury the Dead: (1 ref.) {Roud #25992}

Bush Christening, The: (1 ref. <1K Notes)

Bush of Broom, The [Cross-reference]

Bushel and a Peck: (1 ref. <1K Notes)

Bushel of Wheat: (2 refs.) {Roud #16335}

Bushes and Briars: (4 refs.) {Roud #1027}

Bushman, The: (1 ref.)

Bushman's Farewell to Queensland: (2 refs.)

Bushman's Lullaby, The: (1 ref. <1K Notes)

Bushman's Song, A [Cross-reference]

Bushranger Jack Power: (2 refs. 2K Notes) {Roud #9116}

Bushwhacker's Song: (2 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #11751}

Business of Makin' the Paper, The: (1 ref. <1K Notes)

Busk and Go to Berwick, Johnnie [Cross-reference]

Busk, Busk, Bonnie Lassie: (2 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #832}

Buster Brown (I) [Cross-reference]

Buster Brown (II) [Cross-reference]

But For Your Sake I'll Fleece the Flock [Cross-reference]

But gin I had the sair hairst shorn [Cross-reference]

But He Ain't Comin' Here t' Die No Mo' (Jesus Ain't Comin' Here t' Die No Mo') [Cross-reference]

But I Forgot to Cry: (1 ref.) {Roud #8155}

But the Mortgage Worked the Hardest: (1 ref. <1K Notes)

Butcher and Chamber Maid, The [Cross-reference]

Butcher and the Baker, The [Cross-reference]

Butcher and the Tailor's Wife, The: (3 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #1528}

Butcher Boy (II), The [Cross-reference]

Butcher Boy, The [Laws P24]: (68 refs. 3K Notes) {Roud #409}

Butcher's Daughter, The: (5 refs. 1K Notes) {Roud #5831}

Butcher's Shop, The: (3 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #12979}

Butt-Cut Ruler: (1 ref. <1K Notes)

Butter and Cheese [Cross-reference]

Butter and Cheese and All [Cross-reference]

Buttercup Joe: (4 refs. 1K Notes) {Roud #1635}

Butterfly [Cross-reference]

Buttermilk Boy, The: (2 refs.) {Roud #1227}

Buttermilk Hill [Cross-reference]

Button Willow Tree [Cross-reference]

Button, Button, Who's Got the Button?: (4 refs. <1K Notes)

Buxom Blade [Cross-reference]

Buxter's Bold Crew [Cross-reference]

Buy a Broom: (5 refs. 1K Notes) {Roud #13229}

Buy a Charter Oak: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #7588}

Buy Baby Ribbon [Cross-reference]

Buy Broom Besoms (I Maun Hae a Wife): (3 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #1623}

Buy Broom Buzzems [Cross-reference]

Buy Me a China Doll [Cross-reference]

Buy Me a Rocking Chair [Cross-reference]

Buying Land: (2 refs. <1K Notes)

Buzz: (1 ref.)

Buzzard Lope [Cross-reference]

By a Chapel as I Came [Cross-reference]

By a Fireside Bright and Cheerful: (1 ref. <1K Notes)

By an' by-e I'm goin' t' see the King [Cross-reference]

By and By (I): (3 refs.) {Roud #11963}

By and By (II) [Cross-reference]

By Borden's Grove [Cross-reference]

By By, My Honey [Cross-reference]

By Kells Waters [Cross-reference]

By Kells Waters (Kellswaterside): (6 refs.) {Roud #2730}

By Memory Inspired: (2 refs. 2K Notes)

By Sea to Santiago [Cross-reference]

By the Banks of the Manistee: (1 ref.) {Roud #18194}

By the Blazing Council Fire: (2 refs.)

By the Dry Cardrona: (3 refs.)

By the Edge of the Sea [Cross-reference]

By the Green Grove [Cross-reference]

By the Hush: (7 refs. 21K Notes) {Roud #2314}

By the Hush, Me Boys [Cross-reference]

By the Lightning We Lost our Sight [Laws K6]: (6 refs.) {Roud #1894}

By the Rosy Banks So Green [Cross-reference]

By the Silv'ry Rio Grande [Cross-reference]

By the Silvery Rio Grande [Cross-reference]

By This Wild and Stormy Weather: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #7282}

By West of Late As I Did Walk [Cross-reference]

By west off late as I dyd walke [Cross-reference]

By'm By [Cross-reference]

By'n By: (3 refs.) {Roud #11600}

Bye and Bye [Cross-reference]

Bye and Bye I'm Goin' To See the King [Cross-reference]

Bye and Bye You Will Forget Me (I): (3 refs.) {Roud #6577}

Bye and Bye You Will Forget Me (II) [Cross-reference]

Bye Baby Bunting: (12 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #11018}

Bye Bye My Darling [Cross-reference]

Bye-bye Sweet Rosianna [Cross-reference]

Bye, Bye, Baby: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #16594}

Bye, Bye, Blackbird (Bawdy Version): (1 ref.) {Roud #10148}

Bye, Bye, Longjohns [Cross-reference]

Bye, Old Grover: (1 ref. 1K Notes)

Byker Hill: (2 refs.) {Roud #3488}

Byrontown: (3 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #9202}

Bysshop Scrope, that was so wyse, The [Cross-reference]

C & O Freight & Section Crew Wreck, The: (2 refs.)

C-H-I-C-K-E-N Spells Chicken: (9 refs. 1K Notes) {Roud #21063}

C. & O. Wreck, The (1913) [Laws G4]: (6 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #3248}

C.C. Rider [Cross-reference]

C'est a Paris Y-A-T'Une Noce (There's a Wedding in Paris): (2 refs.)

C'est L'Aviron (Pull on the Oars): (9 refs. <1K Notes)

C'est L'avirson Qui Nous Mene En Haut [Cross-reference]

C'est la Belle Francoise (Beautiful Francesca): (2 refs. <1K Notes)

C'est la Poulette Grise (The Pullet): (1 ref.)

C'etait Trois Jeunes Garcons Partis Pour un Voyage (Three Young Boys Go on a Voyage): (2 refs.)

C'etait une bergere [Cross-reference]

Ca the Yowes to the Knowes [Cross-reference]

Ca' Hawkie Through the Water: (7 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #3159 and 5945}

Ca' Hawkie, drive Hawkie, ca' Hawkie through the water [Cross-reference]

Ca' the Ewes to the Knowes [Cross-reference]

Ca' the Ewes Unto the Knowes [Cross-reference]

Ca' the Yowes (II) [Cross-reference]

Ca'eries Hae Sookit the Kye Dry, The: (1 ref.) {Roud #7281}

Cabbage and Goose [Cross-reference]

Cabbage Head Song, The [Cross-reference]

Cabbage-Tree Hat, The: (1 ref.) {Roud #9115}

Cabin Boy [Cross-reference]

Cabin Boy (I), The [Cross-reference]

Cabin Boy (II), The [Cross-reference]

Cabin Creek Flood, The: (1 ref. <1K Notes)

Cabin in the Valley of the Pines: (1 ref.) {Roud #V12705}

Cadence Count [Cross-reference]

Cadger Bruce: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #6059}

Cadgers o' Dundee: (1 ref.)

Caesar Boy, Caesar: (1 ref. <1K Notes)

Caesar, oh, Caesar: (1 ref. <1K Notes)

Caesar's Victory, The: (1 ref.)

Cahan's Shaden Glen: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #6882}

Cailin Deas Cruite Na MBo [Cross-reference]

Cailin Deas, The: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #3074}

Cailin Gaelach, An (The Irish Girl): (1 ref. <1K Notes)

Cailin Rua, An (The Red-Headed Girl): (2 refs. <1K Notes)

Cain and Abel (When the Great Day Comes): (5 refs.) {Roud #11827}

Cain Killed Abel: (2 refs.)

Cairistiona: (2 refs. <1K Notes)

Cairn-o'-Mount: (5 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #3794}

Cairo (I): (1 ref.)

Cairo (II): (4 refs. <1K Notes)

Caisson Are Rolling Along, The [Cross-reference]

Caisson Song [Cross-reference]

Caissons Go Rolling Along, The (Caisson Song, Field Artillery Song): (4 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #9547}

Caitilin Ni Uallachain (Cathaleen Ni Houlihan): (8 refs. 2K Notes)

Cake, Cake, and Cairneyquhing [Cross-reference]

Calabar, The: (7 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #1079}

Calais Disaster, The: (2 refs.) {Roud #4654}

Calder's Braes: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #5790}

Caledonia (I) [Cross-reference]

Caledonia (II) [Cross-reference]

Caledonia (III -- Jean and Caledonia): (4 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #3801}

Calendar Rhymes: (2 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #1599 and 1954}

Calibar, The [Cross-reference]

Calico Printer's Clerk, The: (3 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #13210}

California (I): (1 ref.)

California (II) [Cross-reference]

California Bloomer: (1 ref. <1K Notes)

California Blues (Blue Yodel #4): (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #11804}

California Boys [Cross-reference]

California Brothers, The [Cross-reference]

California Joe: (3 refs. 1K Notes) {Roud #4645}

California Oranges: (1 ref.)

California Song, The [Cross-reference]

California Stage Company, The: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #8060}

California Trail: (1 ref.) {Roud #8051}

Calinda [Cross-reference]

Calino Casturame [Cross-reference]

Call Dinah: (2 refs.)

Call John the Boatman: (2 refs.) {Roud #9433}

Call Lummy Koo [Cross-reference]

Call Me Hangin' Johnny [Cross-reference]

Call Me Moma Gie Me: (1 ref.)

Call My Little Dog: (1 ref.) {Roud #15765}

Call of Home, The: (1 ref.)

Call of Quantrell, The: (1 ref. 1K Notes) {Roud #7771}

Call of the Fire, The: (3 refs.)

Call the Hogs to Supper: (1 ref. <1K Notes)

Call to the Races at New-Market, The [Cross-reference]

Callahan: (1 ref.) {Roud #18198}

Callieburn [Cross-reference]

Calling In, Calling Out: (1 ref.)

Callino Casturame (Colleen Og a Store; Cailin O Chois tSiure; Happy 'Tis, Thou Blind, for Thee): (5 refs. 1K Notes)

Calliope (This House is Haunted): (1 ref.)

Calliope Song: (1 ref.)

Calm: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #2011}

Calomel: (10 refs. 3K Notes) {Roud #3770}

Calton Weaver, The [Cross-reference]

Calvary: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #12169}

Calvin C: (1 ref.)

Cam' Ye By the Salmon Fishin' [Cross-reference]

Cambric Shirt, The [Cross-reference]

Camden Town: (2 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #564}

Came a Riding (Zum ta di ya): (2 refs. <1K Notes)

Came A-Riding [Cross-reference]

Came Ye O'er Frae France: (3 refs. 9K Notes) {Roud #5814}

Cameloun: (3 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #5592}

Cameron's Gotten's Wife Again: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #13130}

Cameronian Cat, The [Cross-reference]

Cameronian's Dream, The: (1 ref. 3K Notes) {Roud #15005}

Camp 13 on the Manistee: (2 refs. 1K Notes) {Roud #6519}

Camp a Little While in the Wilderness: (1 ref.)

Camp at Hoover Lake, The: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #4373}

Camp Barber's Song, Black Forest [Cross-reference]

Camp Blues: (1 ref.) {Roud #18177}

Camp Fire Goodnight [Cross-reference]

Camp Fire Has Gone Out, The: (1 ref.) {Roud #8035}

Camp Fire Law, The: (3 refs. <1K Notes)

Camp Fire's Burning [Cross-reference]

Camp Hymn [Cross-reference]

Camp Meeting Tonight On the Old Camp Ground: (1 ref. <1K Notes)

Camp Menu Song [Cross-reference]

Camp on de Cheval Gris, De: (2 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #8847}

Camp on McNeal, The: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #1945}

Camp Seven Song: (1 ref.) {Roud #6496}

Camp Thirteen on the Manistee [Cross-reference]

Campaign of 1856, The: (1 ref. 1K Notes) {Roud #7838}

Campaign Song [Cross-reference]

Campanero, The: (2 refs.) {Roud #3094}

Campbell the Drover [Cross-reference]

Campbell the Rover: (6 refs.) {Roud #881}

Campbell's Mill: (2 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #6884}

Campbells Are Coming, The: (8 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #5784}

Campfire Prayer: (3 refs. <1K Notes)

Camphor Song, The: (1 ref. <1K Notes)

Campin' Song: (1 ref.) {Roud #16293}

Camping in the Bend [Cross-reference]

Camptire Goodnight (Now as the Sun Sinks Slowly): (1 ref.)

Camptown Races: (20 refs. 1K Notes) {Roud #11768}

Camptown Races, De [Cross-reference]

Can a Dockyard Matey Run?: (1 ref.)

Can Cala Me [Cross-reference]

Can I Forget the Days of Bliss: (2 refs. <1K Notes)

Can I not syng but hoy [Cross-reference]

Can I Sleep in Your Barn Tonight?: (28 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #768}

Can of Grog, The: (1 ref.) {Roud #2023}

Can of Spring Water, The: (2 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #5215}

Can the Circle Be Unbroken? [Cross-reference]

Can We Clean Your Windows?: (1 ref.) {Roud #10539}

Can Ye Sew Cushions: (4 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #5527}

Can You Rokker Romany?: (3 refs. <1K Notes)

Can You Rokra Romany? [Cross-reference]

Can You Walk a Little Way with it In: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #10308}

Can' Ya Dance the Polka [Cross-reference]

Can'cha Line 'Em: (13 refs. 1K Notes) {Roud #10070}

Can't Cross Jordan: (2 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #11879}

Can't Dance Chicken Foot [Cross-reference]

Can't Help But Wonder [Cross-reference]

Can't Help But Wonder Where I'm Bound [Cross-reference]

Can't Help Crying Sometimes: (1 ref. <1K Notes)

Can't Hide Sinner: (3 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #16450}

Can't Hide Sinner (I) [Cross-reference]

Can't They Dance the Polka [Cross-reference]

Can't Ye Hilo?: (2 refs. <1K Notes)

Can't You Dance the Polka (New York Girls): (12 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #486}

Can't You LIne 'Em [Cross-reference]

Can't You Line It?: (3 refs.) {Roud #10070}

Can't You Live Humble: (2 refs.) {Roud #11952}

Canaan [Cross-reference]

Canada (I): (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #8891}

Canada (II) [Cross-reference]

Canada I O (I) [Cross-reference]

Canada I O (II) [Cross-reference]

Canada-I-O [Cross-reference]

Canada-I-O (The Wearing of the Blue; Caledonia): (17 refs. 2K Notes) {Roud #309 and 5543}

Canada, Hi! Ho! [Cross-reference]

Canaday I O [Cross-reference]

Canaday I-O [Cross-reference]

Canaday-I-O, Michigan-I-O, Colley's Run I-O [Laws C17]: (29 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #640}

Canadee-I-O [Cross-reference]

Canadian Boat Song, A: (4 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #13847}

Canadian Wilderness [Cross-reference]

Canal Boat Song: (1 ref.) {Roud #15007}

Canal Dance, A [Cross-reference]

Canal Street [Cross-reference]

Canaller's Lament, The: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #19886}

Canalman's Farewel (Lay Me on the Horse-Bridge): (1 ref.) {Roud #6592}

Candlelight Fisherman, The: (5 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #1852}

Candy Man: (3 refs. <1K Notes)

Candy Man Blues [Cross-reference]

Cane Creek Massacre, The: (1 ref.)

Cane-Cutter's Lament, The: (1 ref.)

Canned Heat Blues: (1 ref. <1K Notes)

Cannibal King Medley, The: (3 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #20036}

Cannibal Maiden, The: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #9541}

Cannily, Cannily: (4 refs. <1K Notes)

Cannon Ball, The [Cross-reference]

Cannonball Blues [Cross-reference]

Cannonball, The: (6 refs.) {Roud #4759}

Canny Miller and His Wife, The: (2 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #7152}

Canny Newcassel [Cross-reference]

Canny Newcastle: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #3060}

Canny Shepherd Laddie o the Hills, The: (2 refs.) {Roud #3088}

Canoe May Be Drifting, A: (1 ref.) {Roud #37847}

Canoe Song [Cross-reference]

Canso Strait: (12 refs. 2K Notes) {Roud #1815}

Cant-Hook and Wedges [Cross-reference]

Cantie Carlie, The: (2 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #6055}

Cantique De Noel [Cross-reference]

Cantu a Timumi: (1 ref.)

Canuck's Lament: (1 ref.)

Canute Song, The [Cross-reference]

Cap Stone, The: (1 ref.) {Roud #7835}

Cap'n Don't You Know All Your Crew Is Goin' to Leave You [Cross-reference]

Cap'n Paul: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #4685}

Cap'n, I Believe: (1 ref.)

Cape Ann [Cross-reference]

Cape Breton Boy, A: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #25803}

Cape Breton Murder: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #2717}

Cape Cod Chantey [Cross-reference]

Cape Cod Girls: (16 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #325}

Cape Cod Shanty [Cross-reference]

Cape St Mary's [Cross-reference]

Capital Ship, A: (5 refs. <1K Notes)

Cappabwee Murder, The: (2 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #5302}

Cappy, or The Pitman's Dog: (2 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #3145}

Capt. Frederick Harris and the Grates Cove Seal Killers of 1915: (1 ref. 4K Notes) {Roud #V44803}

Captain Abram Kean: (2 refs. 27K Notes) {Roud #V44802}

Captain and the Squire, The [Cross-reference]

Captain Avery [Cross-reference]

Captain Barnwell [Cross-reference]

Captain Barton's Distress on Board the Lichfield: (1 ref.) {Roud #V1856}

Captain Bill Ryan Left Terry Behind: (2 refs. 9K Notes) {Roud #12532}

Captain Bob Bartlett: (2 refs. 52K Notes) {Roud #V45400}

Captain Bover: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #3147}

Captain Bunker [Cross-reference]

Captain Burke [Laws K5]: (4 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #834}

Captain Calls All Hands, The [Cross-reference]

Captain Car, or, Edom o Gordon [Child 178]: (30 refs. 1K Notes) {Roud #80}

Captain Coldstein [Cross-reference]

Captain Colson [Cross-reference]

Captain Colstein [Cross-reference]

Captain Colster [Cross-reference]

Captain Conrod: (3 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #1816}

Captain Coulson [Cross-reference]

Captain Coulston: (14 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #1695}

Captain Death: (3 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #1103}

Captain Devin [Cross-reference]

Captain Don't Feel Sorry for a Longtime Man: (1 ref. <1K Notes)

Captain Don't You Know [Cross-reference]

Captain Doorley and the Boyne: (4 refs. 1K Notes) {Roud #V8384}

Captain Dwyer: (1 ref. 1K Notes)

Captain Every: (4 refs. 6K Notes) {Roud #1674}

Captain Fielding's Tragedy [Cross-reference]

Captain Fowler: (2 refs. 1K Notes)

Captain Frazer's Nose: (3 refs.) {Roud #6296}

Captain Glen's Unhappy Voyage to New Barbary [Cross-reference]

Captain Glen/The New York Trader (The Guilty Sea Captain A/B) [Laws K22]: (22 refs. 3K Notes) {Roud #478}

Captain Grant: (8 refs. 2K Notes) {Roud #1286}

Captain He Go To Him Cabin: (1 ref. <1K Notes)

Captain Henry Thomey: (1 ref. 3K Notes) {Roud #V44634}

Captain Holler Hurry: (3 refs.) {Roud #10989}

Captain Howley [Cross-reference]

Captain If You Fire Me [Cross-reference]

Captain James (The Captain's Apprentice): (8 refs. 7K Notes) {Roud #835}

Captain Jenks [Cross-reference]

Captain Jim Rees and the Katie: (1 ref. 1K Notes) {Roud #9997}

Captain Jinks: (14 refs. 2K Notes) {Roud #4858}

Captain Jinks (playparty): (5 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #4858}

Captain Jinks of the Horse Marines [Cross-reference]

Captain John [Cross-reference]

Captain Kid's Farewell to the Sea [Cross-reference]

Captain Kidd (II) [Cross-reference]

Captain Kidd [Laws K35]: (37 refs. 41K Notes) {Roud #1900}

Captain Larkins: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #29051}

Captain Mansfield's Fight with the Turks at Sea [Cross-reference]

Captain Mills [Cross-reference]

Captain of the Heads' Lament: (1 ref.)

Captain Old Blue: (0 refs. <1K Notes)

Captain Osborn: (1 ref.)

Captain Power: (1 ref.) {Roud #29062}

Captain Robert Kidd [Cross-reference]

Captain Shepherd: (1 ref. 1K Notes) {Roud #9977}

Captain Spinney [Cross-reference]

Captain Strachan: (2 refs. 3K Notes) {Roud #9814}

Captain Thompson: (1 ref.) {Roud #2373}

Captain Thunder: (1 ref.) {Roud #V16978}

Captain Ward and the Rainbow [Child 287]: (42 refs. 7K Notes) {Roud #224}

Captain Ward, the Pirate [Cross-reference]

Captain Wasgatt: (1 ref.)

Captain Webster: (2 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #5713}

Captain Wedderburn's Courtship [Child 46]: (39 refs. 5K Notes) {Roud #36}

Captain Went Below, The: (2 refs.) {Roud #9637}

Captain Wholesome [Cross-reference]

Captain William Jackman, A Newfoundland Hero: (6 refs. 12K Notes) {Roud #6349}

Captain with His Whiskers, The [Cross-reference]

Captain's Apprentice (I), The [Cross-reference]

Captain's Apprentice (II), The: (9 refs. 13K Notes) {Roud #835}

Captain's Ball, The [Cross-reference]

Captain's Got a Luger [Cross-reference]

Captain's Lady (I), The: (2 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #9799}

Captain's Son, The [Cross-reference]

Captaine Carre [Cross-reference]

Captains and Ships: (6 refs. 18K Notes) {Roud #7291}

Capture and Destruction of Sebastopol [Cross-reference]

Capture of For Garry, or Riel's Retreat [Cross-reference]

Capture of New Orleans: (2 refs. <1K Notes)

Capture of the Crown, The: (2 refs. 2K Notes)

Capture of William Wood by the Blackfoot Indians, The: (1 ref. <1K Notes)

Car Ferry Marquette and Bessemer No. 2: (1 ref. 2K Notes) {Roud #19866}

Caramy Achy [Cross-reference]

Carcasho: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #9985}

Card Song, The [Cross-reference]

Cardinals Be Damned, The [Cross-reference]

Careless Billy: (2 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #8795}

Careless Love: (53 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #422}

Carey's Disguise: (1 ref. 1K Notes) {Roud #V8864}

Carfindo, The [Cross-reference]

Cargo Workers: (3 refs.)

Caribou, The [Cross-reference]

Caristiona [Cross-reference]

Carle He Cam' Ower the Craft, The [Cross-reference]

Carle o' Killyburn Braes, The [Cross-reference]

Carle Sits Upon the Sea [Cross-reference]

Carlie, Can Ye Hushle Ony?: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #7244}

Carlisle Lady, The [Cross-reference]

Carload of Alphabets, A [Cross-reference]

Carmack Song, The: (1 ref.)

Carmagnoles, The: (1 ref. <1K Notes)

Carnabane: (1 ref.) {Roud #13545}

Carnal and the Crane, The [Child 55]: (13 refs. 33K Notes) {Roud #306}

Carnatogher's Braes: (1 ref.) {Roud #13546}

Carnlough Shore: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #13458}

Carol for Presenting the Wassel-Bowl, to be Sung upon Twelfth-Day at Night [Cross-reference]

Carol for Saint Stephen Day, A [Cross-reference]

Carol for Saint Stephen's Day, A [Cross-reference]

Carol for St. Edmund's Day, A: (5 refs. 6K Notes)

Carol for the Wassail-Bowl, A: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #209}

Carol for Twelfth Day: (1 ref.) {Roud #3312}

Carol of Bringing in the Boar's Head, A [Cross-reference]

Carol of Hunting, A [Cross-reference]

Carol of the Annunciation, A [Cross-reference]

Carol of the Cherry Tree [Cross-reference]

Carol of the Twelve Numbers, The [Cross-reference]

Carolina [Cross-reference]

Carolina Crew, The [Cross-reference]

Carolina Lady [Cross-reference]

Caroline: (1 ref.)

Caroline and Her Young Sailor Bold (Young Sailor Bold II) [Laws N17]: (20 refs.) {Roud #553}

Caroline and Her Young Sailor Boy [Cross-reference]

Caroline and Young Sailor Bold [Cross-reference]

Caroline of Edinboro Town [Cross-reference]

Caroline of Edinborough Town [Laws P27]: (43 refs.) {Roud #398}

Caroline of Edinburg Town [Cross-reference]

Caroline Pink: (2 refs.) {Roud #19389}

Caroline the Rich Merchant's Daughter [Cross-reference]

Carpenter's Wife, The [Cross-reference]

Carrbridge Castle [Cross-reference]

Carrickfergus: (5 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #26183}

Carrickmannon Lake: (2 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #5177}

Carrie Belle: (2 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #21448}

Carried Water for the Elephant: (1 ref.)

Carrier Dove, The: (9 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #2814}

Carrier's Song, The: (1 ref.)

Carries and Kye (Courting Among the Kye): (3 refs.) {Roud #3785}

Carrigaline Goalers Defeated, The: (1 ref. <1K Notes)

Carrion Crow: (27 refs. 17K Notes) {Roud #891}

Carrion Crow and the Tailor, The [Cross-reference]

Carroll Ban: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #30697}

Carrowclare [Cross-reference]

Carry Him To the Burying Ground (General Taylor, Walk Him Along Johnny): (3 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #216}

Carry Me Back to Green Pastures: (1 ref. <1K Notes)

Carry Me Back to Old Virginny: (17 refs. 2K Notes) {Roud #15431}

Carry Me Back to the Mountains: (2 refs.) {Roud #30152}

Carry mi' akee goa Linstead Market [Cross-reference]

Carryin' Sacks: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #1005}

Carse o' Pommaize, The [Cross-reference]

Carter and the Erie Belle, The: (1 ref.) {Roud #19863}

Carter, The: (1 ref.) {Roud #2408}

Carter's Health, The: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #1384}

Cartin Wife, The [Cross-reference]

Carve Dat Possum [Cross-reference]

Carve That Possum: (5 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #7780}

Casadh an tSugain (The Twisting of the Rope): (1 ref. <1K Notes)

Casam Araon Na Geanna Romhainn: (1 ref. <1K Notes)

Casey Jones (I) [Laws G1]: (54 refs. 11K Notes) {Roud #3247}

Casey Jones (II): (2 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #3247}

Casey Jones (III) [Cross-reference]

Casey Jones (IV) (Casey Jones the Union Scab): (8 refs. 1K Notes)

Casey Jones (V): (1 ref. <1K Notes)

Casey Jones (VI) (World War I version): (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #3247}

Casey Jones the MIner: (1 ref.)

Casey's Whiskey: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #1806}

Cashel Green (I): (1 ref.) {Roud #9461}

Cashel Green (II): (1 ref.) {Roud #13353}

Cashmere Shawl, The: (2 refs.) {Roud #9942}

Casro, Manishi-O: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #2156}

Cassino Town: (1 ref.)

Cassville Prisoner, The: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #5485}

Castaways, The [Cross-reference]

Castel Frentano: (1 ref.)

Castle by the Sea (I), The: (1 ref.) {Roud #8834}

Castle by the Sea (II), The [Cross-reference]

Castle Gardens (I): (2 refs. 2K Notes) {Roud #1455}

Castle Gate, The: (1 ref. <1K Notes)

Castle Hyde: (5 refs. 2K Notes) {Roud #2364}

Castle of Dromore, The (Caislean Droim an Oir): (5 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #31057}

Castle of Drumboe, The [Cross-reference]

Castle on the River Nile: (1 ref. 1K Notes)

Castlebar Boy, The: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #19486}

Castlehyde [Cross-reference]

Castlemaine: (1 ref. <1K Notes)

Castlepollard Massacre, The: (1 ref. 1K Notes)

Castlereagh River, The: (12 refs. 3K Notes) {Roud #8399}

Castleroe Mill: (1 ref.) {Roud #4719}

Castles in the Air [Cross-reference]

Castles in Toviska: (3 refs. <1K Notes)

Casto Hole, The: (2 refs. 1K Notes) {Roud #7015}

Castor Oil: (2 refs. <1K Notes)

Castration of the Strawberry Roan, The: (2 refs. 1K Notes) {Roud #10089}

Cat and Her Kittens, The: (1 ref.) {Roud #22139}

Cat Came Back, The: (12 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #5063}

Cat Came Fiddling Out of a Barn, A [Cross-reference]

Cat Has Kittled in Charlie's Wig, The [Cross-reference]

Cat Played Fiddie on My Fee, The [Cross-reference]

Cat's Eye: (1 ref.) {Roud #9972}

Cat's Got the Measles and the Dog's Got Whooping Cough, The: (4 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #22731}

Cat's in the Well, The [Cross-reference]

Catalina Madalina: (2 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #12800}

Catalina Magdalena [Cross-reference]

Catalina Matalina [Cross-reference]

Catalpa, The [Cross-reference]

Catch Me If You Can: (2 refs.) {Roud #1028}

Catch of the Season: (1 ref. <1K Notes)

Catfish Blues: (3 refs.)

Catfish, The (Banjo Sam): (6 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #7010}

Catharine Johnstone [Cross-reference]

Cathedral of Rheims: (1 ref. 5K Notes)

Catherine Berringer: (1 ref. <1K Notes)

Catherine Etait Fille (Catherine was a Girl): (2 refs. <1K Notes)

Catherine Street: (1 ref.)

Cathie and Me: (1 ref.) {Roud #5570}

Catholic Dogs: (1 ref.)

Cats on the Rooftops: (4 refs.) {Roud #10258}

Catskin: (5 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #20165}

Cattern and Clemen Be Here, Here, Here [Cross-reference]

Cattie Rade to Paisley, The: (3 refs.) {Roud #13023}

Cattie Sits in the Kiln Ring, The: (5 refs.)

Catting the Anchor: (1 ref.)

Cattistock Hunting Song: (1 ref.) {Roud #1658}

Cattle Call: (1 ref.) {Roud #11089}

Cattle Kate [Cross-reference]

Cattleman's Prayer, The: (6 refs.) {Roud #5101}

Caught a Fit [Cross-reference]

Caul's Takin' Me, Gudeman, The [Cross-reference]

Cauld Blaws the Win' Ower the Knock and the Bin: (2 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #16134}

Cauld Kail in Aberdeen (I): (4 refs. 3K Notes) {Roud #8502}

Cauld Kail in Aberdeen (II): (3 refs. 3K Notes) {Roud #8502}

Cauld Kail in Aberdeen (III): (4 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #8502}

Cauld Kail in Aberdeen (IV): (3 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #8502}

Cauld Kail in Aberdeen (V): (2 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #8502}

Cauld Kale in Aberdeen (I-V) [Cross-reference]

Cauldrife Wooer, The [Cross-reference]

Cauries and Kye [Cross-reference]

Cavalilly Man, The: (2 refs. <1K Notes)

Cavan Buck, The: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #2882}

Cave Love Has Gained the Day [Cross-reference]

Cavehill Diamond (I), The: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #3579}

Cavehill Diamond (II), The: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #3579}

Cavenagh Hill: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #17896}

Caviar Comes from Virgin Sturgeon: (8 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #10131}

Caviar Song [Cross-reference]

Caw Hawkie [Cross-reference]

Cawsand Bay: (3 refs.) {Roud #22827}

Caze Love Has Gained the Day [Cross-reference]

Cease Rude Boreas [Cross-reference]

Cease, Ye Stormy Winds [Cross-reference]

Cecil Gone in the Time of Storm: (2 refs. <1K Notes)

Cecil Lost in the Storm [Cross-reference]

Cecilia: (3 refs.)

Cedar Grove, The [Laws D18]: (7 refs. 1K Notes) {Roud #1959}

Cedar Swamp: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #7408}

Celebrated Working Man, The [Cross-reference]

Celebrated Workingman, A [Cross-reference]

Celie [Cross-reference]

Ceo Draiochta Sheol Oiche Chun Fain Me: (1 ref. <1K Notes)

Cert'nly Lord [Cross-reference]

Certainly Lawd [Cross-reference]

Certainly Lord: (5 refs.) {Roud #16357}

Cetch in the Creel, The [Cross-reference]

Chahcoal Man: (1 ref.)

Chain Gang Song (Prison Moan): (2 refs.) {Roud #15595}

Chain Gang Special [Cross-reference]

Chain of Gold [Cross-reference]

Chainmaker Lad, The: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #1126}

Chairs to Mend: (7 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #1335}

Challenge, The: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #6221}

Chamber Lye: (2 refs. 10K Notes) {Roud #8391}

Chaming Woman [Cross-reference]

Champagne Charlie: (9 refs. 1K Notes) {Roud #V17415}

Champagne Charlie Was His Name [Cross-reference]

Champion at Keeping Them Rolling [Cross-reference]

Champion He Was a Dandy: (1 ref.) {Roud #12934}

Champion of Court Hill, The [Cross-reference]

Champion of Coute Hill, The: (2 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #7066 and 9209}

Champion of Moose Hill, The: (2 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #4157}

Chance McGear: (3 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #4054}

Chandler's Shop, The [Cross-reference]

Chandler's Wife, The: (7 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #10256}

Change Islands Song: (3 refs. 2K Notes) {Roud #6343}

Changing Bedrooms: (1 ref.) {Roud #19430}

Changing Berth: (1 ref.) {Roud #9779}

Chanson d'un Soldat (Song of a Soldier): (1 ref.)

Chanson de L'Annee du Coup: (1 ref. <1K Notes)

Chanson de la Grenouillere ("Song of Frog Plain," Falcon's Song): (2 refs. <1K Notes)

Chanson de Louis Riel (Riel's Song II): (2 refs. 1K Notes)

Chanson de Mardi Gras, La [Cross-reference]

Chanson des Metamorphoses, La [Cross-reference]

Chanson des Metis (Song of the Metis, or McDougall at the Border): (1 ref.)

Chanson sur le Desastre de Baie Ste-Anne (Song on the Baie Ste-Anne Disaster): (1 ref. <1K Notes)

Chant of the Coal Quay, The: (1 ref.)

Chanty Song (I) [Cross-reference]

Chanty Song (II) [Cross-reference]

Chapeau Boys: (4 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #1885}

Chaps of Cocaigny, The [Cross-reference]

Charge at Fredricksburg, The [Cross-reference]

Charge the Can Cheerily: (2 refs. 5K Notes)

Charge to Keep, A: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #11817}

Charity Seed, The/We Never Died in the Winter Yet: (1 ref. 2K Notes) {Roud #13357}

Charles Augustus (or Gustavus) Anderson [Laws D19]: (12 refs. 5K Notes) {Roud #646}

Charles G Anderson [Cross-reference]

Charles Gibbs: (4 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #16892}

Charles Giteau [Cross-reference]

Charles Guiteau [Laws E11]: (35 refs. 64K Notes) {Roud #444}

Charles Gustavus Anderson [Cross-reference]

Charles J. Guiteau [Cross-reference]

Charles O'Neill: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #18201}

Charleston Earthquake: (1 ref.)

Charleston Gals: (4 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #12046}

Charley Barley: (3 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #19303}

Charley Bell: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #9201}

Charley Brooks [Cross-reference]

Charley Hill's Old Slope [Laws G8]: (3 refs.) {Roud #3251}

Charley Over the Water: (1 ref. <1K Notes)

Charley Snyder [Cross-reference]

Charley Warlie had a cow [Cross-reference]

Charley, He's a Good Old Man [Cross-reference]

Charley's Escape [Cross-reference]

Charley's Letter [Cross-reference]

Charlie (I): (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #7188}

Charlie (Ii) [Cross-reference]

Charlie and Mary [Cross-reference]

Charlie and Sally [Cross-reference]

Charlie Case Songs [Cross-reference]

Charlie Chaplin Sat on a Pin: (4 refs.) {Roud #19270}

Charlie Chaplin Walks Like This [Cross-reference]

Charlie Chaplin Went to France: (4 refs.) {Roud #19102}

Charlie Chapman Sat on a Pin [Cross-reference]

Charlie Chapman Went to France [Cross-reference]

Charlie Had a Pigeon: (1 ref. <1K Notes)

Charlie Hurley: (1 ref. <1K Notes)

Charlie Is My Darling: (13 refs. 6K Notes) {Roud #5510}

Charlie Jack's Dream: (1 ref. 1K Notes)

Charlie Lawson [Cross-reference]

Charlie Mackie: (3 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #5621}

Charlie MacPherson [Child 234]: (2 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #3881}

Charlie Mopps: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #10678}

Charlie Napier Gordon: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #6795}

Charlie on the M. T. A. [Cross-reference]

Charlie over the Ocean: (2 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #729}

Charlie Quantrell: (3 refs. 7K Notes) {Roud #476}

Charlie Rutledge: (3 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #8024}

Charlie You Can't Lose-A Me [Cross-reference]

Charlie, Charlie, rise and rin [Cross-reference]

Charlie, O Charlie (Pitgair): (3 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #2584}

Charlie, Won't You Rock the Cradle [Cross-reference]

Charlie's Neat [Cross-reference]

Charlie's Sweet [Cross-reference]

Charlotte [Cross-reference]

Charlotte the Harlot (I): (3 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #4839}

Charlotte the Harlot (II): (1 ref.) {Roud #4839}

Charlotte the Harlot (III): (2 refs.) {Roud #4839}

Charlotte the Harlot (IV): (1 ref.) {Roud #4839}

Charlotte the Harlot (V) (Carolina): (2 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #4839}

Charlotte the Harlot Lay Dying (The Dying Harlot): (2 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #10130}

Charlotte, the Frozen Girl [Cross-reference]

Charm Against Ague: (1 ref.)

Charming Beauty Bright [Laws M3]: (37 refs.) {Roud #405}

Charming Belfast Lass, The: (1 ref.)

Charming Betsey [Cross-reference]

Charming Blue-eyed Mary: (7 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #3230}

Charming Bride, The [Cross-reference]

Charming Buachaill Roe [Cross-reference]

Charming Buty Bright, The [Cross-reference]

Charming Judy Callaghan [Cross-reference]

Charming Little Girl (Ephraim Brown; Walter Clements): (1 ref.)

Charming Little Girl (I): (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #11381}

Charming Little Girl (II), The [Cross-reference]

Charming Mary O'Neill [Cross-reference]

Charming Moll Boy, The [Cross-reference]

Charming Molly: (1 ref.) {Roud #1213}

Charming Nancy [Cross-reference]

Charming Sally Ann: (2 refs.) {Roud #3825}

Charming Sally Greer [Cross-reference]

Charming Sweet Girl That I Love, The: (2 refs.) {Roud #9259}

Charming Young Widow I Met in the Train, The [Cross-reference]

Charming Young Widow I Met on the Train, The: (15 refs. 3K Notes) {Roud #3754}

Chase of the O L C Steer [Cross-reference]

Chase of the O. L. C. Steer: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #12500}

Chase That Squirrel [Cross-reference]

Chase the Buffalo (I): (6 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #1026}

Chase the Buffalo (II) [Cross-reference]

Chase the Squirrel: (5 refs.) {Roud #7645}

Chased Old Satan Through The Door: (1 ref. <1K Notes)

Chastity Belt, The: (2 refs. 2K Notes) {Roud #10125}

Chatham Merchant, The: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #11037}

Chatsworth Wreck, The [Laws G30]: (9 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #2198}

Chauffe Fort!: (1 ref. 1K Notes)

Chaun Fine My Deary Hunney: (1 ref. <1K Notes)

Chebungo Trail: (1 ref.) {Roud #4736}

Cheechaco's Lament, The: (1 ref.)

Cheer Up, Cheer Up Ye Auld Horse: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #13526}

Cheer Up, Sam: (2 refs. <1K Notes)

Cheer Up! Russell Street: (1 ref. <1K Notes)

Cheer, Boys, Cheer (I) [Cross-reference]

Cheer, Boys, Cheer (II): (4 refs. 2K Notes) {Roud #13845}

Cheer, Boys, Cheer (III -- New Zealand): (1 ref. <1K Notes)

Cheer, Boys, Cheer (IV): (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #11621}

Cheer, Boys, Cheer (V -- The Song of the Mangle): (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #13845}

Cheer'ly Man: (8 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #395}

Cheer'ly Men [Cross-reference]

Cheerful Arn, The [Cross-reference]

Cheerily, Man [Cross-reference]

Cheerly Man [Cross-reference]

Chef de Gare, The: (1 ref.)

Cheitie Cheitie Bawdrons [Cross-reference]

Cherokee Hymn (I Have a Father in the Prog Ni Lo): (3 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #4213}

Cherries are Ripe: (4 refs.)

Cherry Creek Emigrant's Song: (1 ref.)

Cherry Orchard, The: (2 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #17055}

Cherry Tree Carol, The [Cross-reference]

Cherry Tree Joe McCreery: (1 ref.) {Roud #7738}

Cherry Tree, The: (2 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #2947}

Cherry-Tree Carol, The [Child 54]: (48 refs. 19K Notes) {Roud #453}

Chesapeake and the Shannon (I), The [Laws J20]: (15 refs. 6K Notes) {Roud #1583}

Chesapeake and the Shannon (II), The [Laws J21]: (3 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #1891}

Chesapeake and the Shannon (III), The [Laws J22]: (10 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #963}

Cheshire Cheese [Cross-reference]

Cheshire Gate, The: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #1543}

Cheshire Hunt, The [Cross-reference]

Cheshire Man, The: (2 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #1370}

Chest-Nut Tree, The [Cross-reference]

Chester (I): (5 refs. 7K Notes)

Chester (II) [Cross-reference]

Chester Have You Heard about Harry [Cross-reference]

Chevy Chace [Cross-reference]

Chevy Chase [Cross-reference]

Chewing Gum (I) [Cross-reference]

Chewing Gum (II) [Cross-reference]

Chewing Gum (III): (2 refs.)

Chewing Gum Song [Cross-reference]

Cheyenne Boys [Cross-reference]

Chi-Chi Bud Oh (Company of Birds): (4 refs.)

Chicago (I): (1 ref.) {Roud #25991}

Chicago (II): (1 ref.)

Chicago Line [Cross-reference]

Chichester Boys, The: (1 ref.)

Chick Chick Chicken: (1 ref.)

Chick-a-dee-dee [Cross-reference]

Chick-a-li-lee-lo [Cross-reference]

Chick, chick, chatterman [Cross-reference]

Chicka-Hanka: (1 ref.) {Roud #17444}

Chickadee Song, The: (2 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #4382}

Chickama, Chickama-Craney Crow [Cross-reference]

Chickamy chickamy crannie crow [Cross-reference]

Chickee Chickee Ma Craney Crow (Hawks and Chickens): (8 refs.) {Roud #7661}

Chicken: (1 ref.) {Roud #11777}

Chicken and the Bone, The [Cross-reference]

Chicken Can Waltz the Gravy Around, A [Cross-reference]

Chicken Don't Roost Too High for Me: (8 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #18800}

Chicken Foot: (2 refs.) {Roud #5049}

Chicken in de' Bread Tray [Cross-reference]

Chicken in the Bread Tray [Cross-reference]

Chicken in the Bread Trough [Cross-reference]

Chicken McCraney Crow [Cross-reference]

Chicken Pecking on a Tamborine: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #11370}

Chicken Run Fast: (1 ref.) {Roud #7825}

Chickens They Are Crowing: (6 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #3650 and 14005}

Chickie-Ma-Chickie-Ma-Craney-Crow [Cross-reference]

Chickie, Chickie Chinaman, Sitting on a Fence [Cross-reference]

Chief Aderholt: (5 refs. 52K Notes) {Roud #22302}

Chieftain's Daughter, The: (2 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #6793}

Chiefy Loves Me: (1 ref.)

Chield Morice [Cross-reference]

Chien, Le (Le Petit Chien, The Little Dog): (1 ref.)

Chil Brenton [Cross-reference]

Chilbridge Fair [Cross-reference]

Child at Mother's Knee, A: (2 refs.)

Child in the Budget, The: (3 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #2993}

Child is Born Among Men, A (Honnd by Honnd): (10 refs. 3K Notes)

Child Maurice [Child 83]: (19 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #53}

Child Noryce [Cross-reference]

Child of Elle (I), The [Cross-reference]

Child of Elle (II), The: (2 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #23}

Child of Elly, The [Cross-reference]

Child of God: (1 ref. <1K Notes)

Child of Sorrow: (1 ref. <1K Notes)

Child of the Railroad Engineer, The (The Two Lanterns): (7 refs. 1K Notes) {Roud #5066}

Child Owlet [Child 291]: (2 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #3883}

Child Riddles [Cross-reference]

Child Waters [Child 63]: (24 refs. 2K Notes) {Roud #43}

Child Wedding [Cross-reference]

Child's Lullabye, A [Cross-reference]

Child's Prayer, The: (1 ref.) {Roud #10088}

Child's Song (Dance for your Mammy) [Cross-reference]

Childe Ether: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #3916}

Childe Maurice [Cross-reference]

Childe Waters [Cross-reference]

Childhood Days (I): (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #29672}

Childhood Days (II) [Cross-reference]

Children Do Linger: (1 ref.) {Roud #12010}

Children Go Where I Send Thee: (13 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #133}

Children in the Wood, The (The Babes in the Woods) [Laws Q34] --- Part 01: (45 refs. 5K Notes) {Roud #288}

Children in the Wood, The (The Babes in the Woods) [Laws Q34] --- Part 02 [Cross-reference]

Children in the Wood, The (The Babes in the Woods) [Laws Q34] --- Part 03 [Cross-reference]

Children in the Wood, The (The Babes in the Woods) [Laws Q34] --- Part 04 [Cross-reference]

Children in the Wood, The (The Babes in the Woods) [Laws Q34] --- Part 05 [Cross-reference]

Children Of The Wilderness Moan For Bread: (1 ref. <1K Notes)

Children, We All Shall Be Free: (2 refs.) {Roud #15225}

Children's Song [Cross-reference]

Children's Song on Valentine's Day, at Eastleach: (3 refs.) {Roud #1142}

Chile Girls, The [Cross-reference]

Chillun ob duh Wilduhness Moan fur Bread [Cross-reference]

Chilly Waters: (2 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #8888}

Chilly Winds: (8 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #3419}

Chimbley Sweeper [Cross-reference]

Chimes Grace [Cross-reference]

Chimney Swallow, The [Cross-reference]

Chimney Sweep [Cross-reference]

Chimney Sweeper, The [Cross-reference]

Chimney-Sweeper [Cross-reference]

China Doll [Cross-reference]

China Merchant, The: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #5865}

Chinaman (I), The: (1 ref.) {Roud #9762}

Chinaman (II), The: (5 refs. <1K Notes)

Chinaman Song, The [Cross-reference]

Chinaman, Chinaman (Ching, Ching, Chinaman): (5 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #10348? 19308? 20094?}

Chinee Bumboatman, The: (1 ref.) {Roud #10465}

Chinese Baby-Song [Cross-reference]

Chinese Fan: (1 ref.)

Chinese Government: (1 ref.) {Roud #13241}

Chinese Maiden's Lament: (2 refs. <1K Notes)

Chiney Doll [Cross-reference]

Ching Ching Chinaman [Cross-reference]

Ching Chong Chinaman [Cross-reference]

Chinkapin: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #4153}

Chinning Music [Cross-reference] {Roud #11345}

Chipeta's Ride: (1 ref. 2K Notes)

Chippewa Girl, The [Laws H10]: (6 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #1938}

Chirping of the Lark, the [Cross-reference]

Chisholm Trail (I), The: (39 refs. 6K Notes) {Roud #3438}

Chisholm Trail (II), The: (5 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #3438}

Chivalrous Shark, The: (2 refs. <1K Notes)

Chivvy, Chivvy O: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #1241}

Choice of a Wife, The: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #3695}

Cholly Blues, The: (1 ref.) {Roud #15554}

Choo'n Gum (Chewing Gum; Chew, Chew, Chew; Bubblegum): (6 refs. <1K Notes)

Choose You a Seat 'n' Set Down [Cross-reference]

Choose You a Seat And Set Down: (1 ref.) {Roud #15503}

Chopo: (3 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #8049}

Chopo, My Pony [Cross-reference]

Choppin' Charlie: (1 ref. <1K Notes)

Choring Song, The: (2 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #2157 and 2506}

Chowan River: (1 ref. 3K Notes) {Roud #6570}

Chrissey's Dick: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #26076}

Christ Church Bells: (3 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #1237}

Christ in the Garden: (3 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #4682}

Christ Made a Trance (God Made a Trance): (2 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #2112}

Christ Was a Weary Traveler: (2 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #11882}

Christ Was Born in Bethlea [Cross-reference]

Christ Was Born in Bethlehem: (14 refs. 2K Notes) {Roud #1122}

Christ-Child's Lullaby, The: (2 refs. <1K Notes)

Christian Automobile [Cross-reference]

Christian, Fight On, Yo' Time Ain't Long [Cross-reference]

Christian, Fight On, Your Time Ain't Long: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #18162}

Christian's Automobile: (2 refs.) {Roud #17297}

Christians Automobile [Cross-reference]

Christina [Cross-reference]

Christine Leroy [Laws H31]: (5 refs.) {Roud #2193}

Christmas Comes But Once a Year [Cross-reference]

Christmas Day in the Morning [Cross-reference]

Christmas Day in the Workhouse: (2 refs.) {Roud #10181}

Christmas Drawing Near at Hand [Cross-reference]

Christmas Hymns of the Crucifixion [Cross-reference]

Christmas Is Coming, the Goose Is Getting Fat: (7 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #12817}

Christmas Letter, The: (3 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #5220}

Christmas Now Is Drawing Near [Cross-reference]

Christmas Now Is Drawing Near At Hand: (1 ref.) {Roud #808}

Christmas Rum: (2 refs.) {Roud #9804}

Christmas Song [Cross-reference]

Christmas Time in Ireland: (1 ref.) {Roud #26203}

Christofo Columbo [Cross-reference]

Christopher Columbo: (16 refs. 1K Notes) {Roud #4843}

Christopher Robin (Parody): (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #10240}

Christopher White [Child 108]: (4 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #3974}

Chuck Wagon's Stuck, The [Cross-reference]

Chuck-Time on the Round-Up: (1 ref.)

Chuck-Wagon Races: (1 ref.)

Church Across the Way, The: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #7438}

Church Cove Song: (1 ref.) {Roud #18203}

Church in the Wildwood, The [Cross-reference]

Church of God, The: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #15261}

Church Song, The (Ding a Dong): (1 ref.) {Roud #10244}

Church Without a Prophet, A: (1 ref. <1K Notes)

Church, I Know You're Going To Miss Me [Cross-reference]

Church's One Foundation, The: (5 refs. 7K Notes) {Roud #5433}

Churn Butter Churn, Come Butter Come [Cross-reference]

Churn, Churn, Make Some Butter [Cross-reference]

Churning Song [Cross-reference]

Chylde and hes Stepdame, The [Cross-reference]

Cielito Lindo: (8 refs. <1K Notes)

Cigar Song, The: (1 ref.)

Cigarettes Will Spoil Yer Life: (1 ref.)

Cincinnati Girls [Cross-reference]

Cinderella at a Ball: (1 ref.)

Cinderella Dressed in Yella [Cross-reference]

Cinderella Dressed in Yellow: (9 refs.) {Roud #18410}

Cindy (I): (41 refs.) {Roud #836}

Cindy (II) (Old Jude): (1 ref. <1K Notes)

Cindy in the Summertime [Cross-reference]

Cinnamon, Ginger, Nutmegs, and Cloves [Cross-reference]

Circle Four in London: (1 ref.) {Roud #7658}

Circle Game: (2 refs.)

Circuit Rider's Home: (1 ref.)

Citadel Hill [Cross-reference]

Citi Na gCumann (Kitty of Loves): (2 refs.)

City Council: (1 ref.)

City of Baltimore, The [Cross-reference]

City of Boston (I): (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #18254}

City of Boston (II): (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #V3333}

City of Refuge: (5 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #11828}

Civil War Song: (2 refs.) {Roud #4499}

Cl'ar de Kitchen [Cross-reference]

Clady River Water Bailiffs, The: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #13352}

Clairons Sonnaient la Charge, Les (The Bugler Sounded the Charge): (1 ref. <1K Notes)

Clanconnell War Song, The [Cross-reference]

Clancy's Prayer: (2 refs.)

Clap Hands, Clap Hands: (5 refs.) {Roud #12963}

Clara Nolan's Ball: (1 ref.) {Roud #4480}

Clara Noland's Ball [Cross-reference]

Clare de Kitchen (II) [Cross-reference]

Clare's Dragoons: (8 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #V29379}

Clarence McFadden Learning to Waltz [Cross-reference]

Clarence McFaden [Cross-reference]

Clarence McFaden (Teaching McFadden to Waltz): (9 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #3707}

Clark Colven [Cross-reference]

Clark Sanders [Cross-reference]

Clarksdale Moan: (1 ref. <1K Notes)

Claude Allen [Laws E6]: (10 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #2245}

Claude's Wife: (1 ref.) {Roud #6356}

Claudy Green: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #9479}

Clay Daubin, The (Pease Strae; Jock the New Laird Was New Wedded): (3 refs. <1K Notes)

Clay Morgan [Cross-reference]

Clayton Boone [Cross-reference]

Clean Fireside, The: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #12997}

Clean Pea Strae [Cross-reference]

Clean Song, A: (2 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #8354}

Cleansing Fountain, The: (1 ref. <1K Notes)

Clear Away the Morning Dew [Cross-reference]

Clear Cauld Water, The: (2 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #6052}

Clear the Track (I): (9 refs. <1K Notes)

Clear the Track (II) [Cross-reference]

Clear the Track and Let the Bullgine Run [Cross-reference]

Clear the Track for the Maniac: (1 ref.)

Clear the Track, Let the Bullgine Run [Cross-reference]

Clear, Winding Ayr, The [Cross-reference]

Cleaverie, cleaverie, sit i' the sun [Cross-reference]

Cleedie's House: (1 ref.) {Roud #13051}

Clefs de la Prison, Les: (1 ref.)

Clem Murphy's Door [Cross-reference]

Clementine: (24 refs. 2K Notes) {Roud #9611}

Clementine (Bawdy Version): (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #10257}

Clerk Colven [Cross-reference]

Clerk Colvill [Child 42]: (10 refs. 2K Notes) {Roud #147}

Clerk in ta Offish, Ta: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #13099}

Clerk Saunders [Child 69]: (13 refs. 1K Notes) {Roud #3855}

Clerk's Twa Sons o Owsenford, The [Child 72]: (10 refs. 8K Notes) {Roud #3902}

Clerks of Parch's Cove, The: (1 ref.) {Roud #5112}

Clever Skipper, The [Cross-reference]

Click Go the Shears: (10 refs. 2K Notes) {Roud #8398}

Click, Click, That's How the Shears Go [Cross-reference]

Cliffs of Baccalieu, The: (2 refs. 3K Notes) {Roud #26209}

Clifton Tragedy, The: (1 ref. 2K Notes) {Roud #19835}

Clifton, The: (1 ref.) {Roud #19838}

Clifton's Crew, The: (2 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #19837}

Climate, The [Cross-reference]

Climates [Cross-reference]

Climb Every Mountain: (1 ref.)

Climb to Glory [Cross-reference]

Climbing High Mountains, Trying To Get Home: (1 ref.) {Roud #12104}

Climbing Up My Old Apple Tree: (1 ref.)

Climbing Up the Golden Stairs: (5 refs.) {Roud #7779}

Climbing Up the White House Stairs: (1 ref. 3K Notes) {Roud #11343}

Climbing Up Zion's Hills: (2 refs.) {Roud #3404}

Clime Beneath Whose Genial Sun: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #V28705}

Clinch Mountain [Cross-reference]

Clipper Ship Dreadnaught, The [Cross-reference]

Clock, The: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #6085}

Cloddy Banks [Cross-reference]

Clones Murder, The: (1 ref.) {Roud #2919}

Clonmel Flood, The: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #9776}

Closet Key, The: (1 ref.) {Roud #11593}

Clothier, The [Cross-reference]

Cloud Ships: (3 refs. <1K Notes)

Cloud-Ships [Cross-reference]

Cloudburst, The: (1 ref.) {Roud #4776}

Clouds they Look Black Love, The: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #15119}

Clough Water [Cross-reference]

Cloughmills Fair: (2 refs.) {Roud #6921}

Cloughwater/The Shamrock Shore: (2 refs.)

Clown's Courtship, The: (3 refs.) {Roud #1596}

Club Fist [Cross-reference]

Club Fists [Cross-reference]

Cluck Old Hen: (15 refs.) {Roud #4235}

Cluster of Nits, The [Cross-reference]

Cluster of Nuts, The: (4 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #1261}

Clyde Barrow and Bonnie Parker: (2 refs.) {Roud #22311}

Clyde's Water [Cross-reference]

Clyde's Waters [Cross-reference]

Co Sheinneas an Fhideag Airgid? [Cross-reference]

Coach Boy, The [Cross-reference]

Coachman's Whip: (2 refs.) {Roud #862}

Coaker Song [Cross-reference]

Coaker, The [Cross-reference]

Coaker's Dream: (3 refs. 18K Notes) {Roud #18204}

Coal Black Hair [Cross-reference]

Coal Black Rose: (1 ref.) {Roud #9128}

Coal Creek Troubles: (9 refs. 1K Notes)

Coal Miner's Child, The [Cross-reference]

Coal Miner's Song, The: (1 ref. <1K Notes)

Coal Owner and the Pitman's Wife, The: (2 refs. <1K Notes)

Coal Quay Market, The: (1 ref. <1K Notes)

Coal Ship Song (I): (1 ref. <1K Notes)

Coal Ship Song (II): (1 ref. <1K Notes)

Coal Ship Song (III): (1 ref. 5K Notes)

Coalmine, The: (1 ref.)

Coast of Barbary, The [Cross-reference]

Coast of Peru, The [Laws D26]: (16 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #1997}

Coasts of High Barbary, The [Cross-reference]

Coat That Was Buttoned Behind, The (An Irishman's Coat It Is Buttoned Before): (2 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #24895}

Coatman's Saloon: (1 ref.) {Roud #12450}

Coaxing Polly: (1 ref.) {Roud #7514}

Cobalt Song, The: (1 ref.)

Cobbler (I), The: (25 refs. 4K Notes) {Roud #872}

Cobbler (II), The [Cross-reference]

Cobbler (III), The: (2 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #15884}

Cobbler (IV), The: (1 ref.) {Roud #5975}

Cobbler (V), The [Cross-reference]

Cobbler and the Butcher, The [Cross-reference]

Cobbler Frightened, The [Cross-reference]

Cobbler, Cobbler, Mend My Shoe [Cross-reference]

Cobbler, Cobbler, Where's My Shoe: (4 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #12749}

Cobbler's Bill, The: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #1327}

Cobbler's Boy, The [Cross-reference]

Cobbler's Song [Cross-reference]

Coble o Cargill, The [Child 242]: (2 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #4021}

Cocaine (The Furniture Man): (3 refs. <1K Notes)

Cocaine Bill and Morphine Sue: (4 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #4790}

Cocaine Blues (I): (1 ref. 1K Notes)

Cocaine Lil: (4 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #9543}

Cock a Doodle Doo: (3 refs.)

Cock o' the Midden: (2 refs.) {Roud #9749}

Cock Robin [Cross-reference]

Cock Up Your Beaver [Cross-reference]

Cock Your Beaver: (5 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #8257}

Cock-a-doodle-doo: (2 refs.) {Roud #3464}

Cock-Fight, The: (5 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #211}

Cock, The [Cross-reference]

Cockabendy: (4 refs. 1K Notes) {Roud #13080}

Cockies of Bungaree, The: (6 refs. 2K Notes) {Roud #20415}

Cockle Shells and Silver Bells [Cross-reference]

Cockledemoy (The French Invasion): (1 ref. 1K Notes)

Cockles and Mussels [Cross-reference]

Cocky Doodle Doodle Doo (All Around the Kitchen): (1 ref.) {Roud #11599}

Cocky Robin [Cross-reference]

Cod Banging: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #1747}

Cod Fish Song: (3 refs.) {Roud #149}

Cod Liver Ile [Cross-reference]

Cod Liver Oil: (15 refs. 2K Notes) {Roud #4221}

Cod Liver Oil Song [Cross-reference]

Cod-Liver Oil [Cross-reference]

Codfish Shanty, The [Cross-reference]

Cody Stampede: (1 ref.)

Coe Creek Song: (1 ref.) {Roud #18182}

Coffee Blues: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #20956}

Coffee Grows (Four in the Middle): (12 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #735}

Coffee Grows in a White Oak Tree [Cross-reference]

Coffee Grows on White Oak Trees [Cross-reference]

Coffee Grows on White-Oak Trees [Cross-reference]

Coffee Hot, Coffee Cold [Cross-reference]

Coffin To Bind Me Down, The: (1 ref.)

Cogie o' Yill, A: (4 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #6316}

Cogie, The [Cross-reference]

Cohabs, The: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #10836}

Cois Abhainn Na Sead: (2 refs. <1K Notes)

Cold and Raw [Cross-reference]

Cold Black River Stream, The: (1 ref.) {Roud #3679}

Cold Blow and a Rainy Night [Cross-reference]

Cold Blows the Wind [Cross-reference]

Cold Blows the Winter's Wind [Cross-reference]

Cold Frosty Morning [Cross-reference]

Cold Haily Windy Night [Cross-reference]

Cold Icy Hand: (2 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #16659}

Cold Iron Door [Cross-reference]

Cold Mountains: (3 refs.) {Roud #16858}

Cold Scenes of Winter [Cross-reference]

Cold Stormy Weather [Cross-reference]

Cold Water Song: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #2767}

Cold Winter is Coming [Cross-reference]

Cold Winter Night [Cross-reference]

Cole Younger [Laws E3]: (25 refs. 17K Notes) {Roud #2243}

Coleen Bawn (I) [Cross-reference]

Coleen Bawn (II) [Cross-reference]

Coleraine Girl, The: (1 ref.)

Coleraine Regatta: (1 ref.) {Roud #2968}

Colin and Lucy: (3 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #13919}

Colin and Phoebe [Cross-reference]

Collard Greens [Cross-reference]

Colleen Bawn, The [Cross-reference]

Colleen Dhas Cruthin Amoe [Cross-reference]

Colleen from Coolbaun, The: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #9233}

Colleen from Coolbawn (Sweet Combeana): (1 ref.) {Roud #9233}

Colleen Oge Astore [Cross-reference]

Colleen Rue, The: (3 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #2365}

Colley's Run [Cross-reference]

Collier Lad (II), The [Cross-reference]

Collier Lad, A [Cross-reference]

Collier Lad, The (Lament for John Sneddon/Siddon): (3 refs.) {Roud #921}

Collier Laddie, The: (6 refs.) {Roud #3787}

Collier Lass - Love Song [Cross-reference]

Collier's Bonnie Lassie, The: (2 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #8410}

Collier's Rant, The: (9 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #1366}

Colly, My Cow: (1 ref.) {Roud #6914}

Colomba's Sweet Shore [Cross-reference]

Colonel Ellsworth: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #6593}

Colonel Hay: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #5796}

Colonel Sharp: (4 refs. 17K Notes) {Roud #4110}

Colonel Shelby: (1 ref. 5K Notes) {Roud #7713}

Colonial Courtship: (3 refs. <1K Notes)

Colonial Experience: (4 refs.) {Roud #9110}

Colonna's Lone Shore [Cross-reference]

Colorado Trail, The: (8 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #6695}

Colored School Song [Cross-reference]

Colors (Choosing Game) [Cross-reference]

Colour of Amber (I), The: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #1716}

Colour of Amber (II), The [Cross-reference]

Colter's Candy [Cross-reference]

Colton Boy, The [Cross-reference]

Columbia on Our Lee [Cross-reference]

Columbia the Free: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #2926}

Columbia, the Gem of the Ocean (Britannia, the Pride of the Ocean): (19 refs. 3K Notes) {Roud #25988}

Columbo [Cross-reference]

Columbus Sailed the Ocean Blue: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #19309}

Columbus Stockade Blues: (13 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #7480}

Comber Ballad, The [Cross-reference]

Come a Long Way Home [Cross-reference]

Come a Rittum: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #13528}

Come A' Ye Buchan Laddies: (1 ref.) {Roud #5826}

Come A' Ye Jolly Ploo'men Lads: (1 ref.) {Roud #6855}

Come Aa Ye Tramps and Hawkers [Cross-reference]

Come Aff an' Ye'll Win On Again: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #13143}

Come All Bold Britons: (1 ref.) {Roud #1214}

Come All Good People [Cross-reference]

Come All My Old Comrades [Cross-reference]

Come All That Sail from Edgartown: (1 ref.) {Roud #25990}

Come All Ye Blubber Hunters [Cross-reference]

Come All Ye Bold Young Countrymen: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #1092}

Come All Ye British Tars [Cross-reference]

Come All Ye Fair [Cross-reference]

Come All Ye Fair and Tender Ladies [Cross-reference]

Come All Ye Fair and Tender Ladies (II) [Cross-reference]

Come All Ye Faithful [Cross-reference]

Come All Ye False Lovers: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #4297}

Come All Ye Jolly Hunters: (2 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #24299}

Come All Ye Jolly Ice-Hunters: (2 refs. 2K Notes) {Roud #6345}

Come All Ye Jolly Sailor Boys [Cross-reference]

Come All Ye Jolly Tinner Boys: (1 ref.)

Come All Ye Lonesome Cowboys: (10 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #5482 and 11077}

Come All Ye Maidens in Town and City: (1 ref.) {Roud #6784}

Come All Ye Maids and Pretty Fair Maidens [Cross-reference]

Come All Ye Melancholy Folks [Cross-reference]

Come All Ye Nations, Both Far and Near [Cross-reference]

Come All Ye Old Comrades [Cross-reference]

Come All Ye Southern Soldiers [Cross-reference]

Come All Ye Tramps and Hawkers [Cross-reference]

Come All Ye Unmarried Men [Cross-reference]

Come All Ye Western Cowboys [Cross-reference]

Come All Ye Young Ladies [Cross-reference]

Come All Ye Young Lovers So Pretty: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #13599}

Come All Ye Young Men That Want a Wife: (1 ref.) {Roud #6236}

Come All Yew Blaids What's Marryied [Cross-reference]

Come All You "Solemncholly" Folks [Cross-reference]

Come All You Bold Britons [Cross-reference]

Come All You Bold Canadians [Cross-reference]

Come All You Bold Fellows That Follow the Plow: (1 ref.)

Come All You Fair and Handsome Girls [Cross-reference]

Come All You Fair and Pretty Ladies [Cross-reference]

Come All You Fair and Tender Girls: (7 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #3606}

Come All You Fair and Tender Ladies [Cross-reference]

Come All You Fair and Tender Ladies (I) [Cross-reference]

Come All You Fair Maidens (I): (1 ref.)

Come All You Fair Maidens (II) [Cross-reference]

Come All You Friends and Neighbors: (1 ref.) {Roud #11884}

Come All You Garners Gay [Cross-reference]

Come All You Handsome Jewels: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #7034}

Come All You Jack-Pine Savages: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #4064}

Come All You JackPine Savages [Cross-reference]

Come All You Jolly Cowboys: (1 ref. <1K Notes)

Come All You Jolly Hunters [Cross-reference]

Come All You Jolly Ploughboys: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #5958}

Come All You Jolly Ploughboys (Here's April, Here's May; The Two Brothers): (6 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #202}

Come All You Lads and Lasses: (1 ref.) {Roud #1029}

Come all you lads of high renown [Cross-reference]

Come All You Maidens [Cross-reference]

Come All You Mississippi Girls [Cross-reference]

Come All You Poor Men of the North: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #7772}

Come All You Pretty Fair Maids [Cross-reference]

Come All You Roman Catholics: (2 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #9459}

Come All You Rounders [Cross-reference]

Come All You Tonguers: (3 refs. <1K Notes)

Come All You True Lovers [Cross-reference]

Come All You Valiant Shepherds: (1 ref.) {Roud #1470}

Come All You Virginia Girls (Arkansas Boys; Texian Boys; Cousin Emmy's Blues; etc.): (38 refs. 1K Notes) {Roud #4275 and 2977}

Come All You Warriors: (1 ref. <1K Notes)

Come All You Worthy Christian Men: (9 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #815}

Come All You Young and Handsome Girls [Cross-reference]

Come All You Young Ladies and Gentlemen: (1 ref.) {Roud #1507}

Come All You Young Men: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #7684}

Come All You Young of Wary Age: (3 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #7373 and 6640}

Come All Young People (The Dying Lovers): (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #563}

Come Along: (1 ref.)

Come Along Brother: (1 ref. <1K Notes)

Come Along Down: (1 ref. 1K Notes)

Come Along, Moses: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #12060}

Come Along, My Own True Love [Cross-reference]

Come And Do Your Picket, Boys (Bugle Call Lyric): (1 ref.) {Roud #11240}

Come And Go With Me: (2 refs. <1K Notes)

Come and Go with Me to That Land: (6 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #18072}

Come And I Will Sing You [Cross-reference]

Come and Jine: (1 ref.) {Roud #5057}

Come and Kiss Me, Robin: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #5521}

Come and Let's Go to That Land [Cross-reference]

Come Ashore Jackie Tar: (2 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #5812}

Come Away from that Old Man: (1 ref. <1K Notes)

Come Back Baby: (2 refs.)

Come Back to Erin: (9 refs. 1K Notes) {Roud #13846}

Come Back to Mother Again: (1 ref.) {Roud #6762}

Come Back, Paddy Reilly [Cross-reference] {Roud #6327}

Come Brave With Me the Sea, Love: (1 ref.) {Roud #V41491}

Come Buy My Roses: (1 ref.) {Roud #17799}

Come By Here: (3 refs.) {Roud #11924}

Come By Yuh [Cross-reference]

Come Chise me Oot: (2 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #13505}

Come come pretty Sally and set you down by me [Cross-reference]

Come Down to Tennessee: (1 ref.)

Come Down with the Killock: (2 refs. 2K Notes) {Roud #V44634}

Come Down, Sinner: (1 ref.) {Roud #15247}

Come Down, You Bunch of Roses, Come Down [Cross-reference]

Come En Go Wid Me [Cross-reference]

Come Follow: (3 refs. 1K Notes)

Come Go With Me: (1 ref.) {Roud #12017}

Come Hame to Yer Lingles: (4 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #5892}

Come Hither, Tom: (3 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #1336}

Come Home, Father [Cross-reference]

Come Humble Sinners [Cross-reference] {Roud #7577}

Come Join the Huckleberry PIcnic: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #7517}

Come Lads and Lasses [Cross-reference]

Come Let Us Sing (I) [Cross-reference]

Come List to a Ranger (The Disheartened Ranger): (4 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #5481}

Come Listen to Me, and Pray Give Attention: (1 ref.) {Roud #12999}

Come listen, all ye ploughman lads [Cross-reference]

Come Love Here's a Letter [Cross-reference]

Come on Buh Here Lawd [Cross-reference]

Come On My Hearts of Tempered Steel: (1 ref.)

Come On Up to Bright Glory: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #10977}

Come on, Boys, and Let's Go to Hunting: (1 ref.)

Come On, My Pink, an' Tell Me What You Think [Cross-reference]

Come Out the Wilderness [Cross-reference]

Come Over and See Me Sometime: (2 refs.) {Roud #4947}

Come Over, Playmate [Cross-reference]

Come Raise Me in Your Arms, Dear Brother: (7 refs.) {Roud #7708}

Come Sweet Jane [Cross-reference]

Come Tender-Hearted Christians [Cross-reference]

Come Thou Fount of Every Blessing (I): (4 refs. 7K Notes) {Roud #15066}

Come Thou Fount of Every Blessing (II) [Cross-reference]

Come to Shuck Dat Corn Tonight: (1 ref.)

Come to the Bower (I): (2 refs.) {Roud #16910}

Come to the Bower (II): (2 refs. 1K Notes) {Roud #3045}

Come to the Cookhose Door, Boys (Bugle Call Lyric): (1 ref.) {Roud #11252}

Come to the Fair: (3 refs. <1K Notes)

Come to the Highlands [Cross-reference]

Come to the Hiring [Cross-reference]

Come to the Spare Crew: (1 ref.)

Come Under My Plaidie: (6 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #8694}

Come Under My Plaidie (II) [Cross-reference]

Come Up an' See My Garritie [Cross-reference]

Come Up and See My Garrett: (1 ref.) {Roud #7285}

Come Write Me Down (The Wedding Song): (13 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #381}

Come Write Me Down The Powers Above [Cross-reference]

Come Ye Inksmen [Cross-reference]

Come Ye That Fear the Lord: (1 ref.) {Roud #16371}

Come You Not from Newcastle: (3 refs.) {Roud #8086}

Come Youth and Age [Cross-reference]

Come, All Ye Good People, I Pray You Attend: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #6235}

Come, All Ye Roving Rangers [Cross-reference]

Come, and Listen to My Ditty [Cross-reference]

Come, Birdie, Come: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #7545}

Come, Butter, Come: (8 refs. 1K Notes) {Roud #18167}

Come, Come, My Jolly Lads [Cross-reference] {Roud #24416}

Come, Dear, Don't Fear [Cross-reference]

Come, Emily [Cross-reference]

Come, Gang Awa' With Me: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #7415}

Come, Landlord, Fill a Flowing Bowl [Cross-reference]

Come, Landlord, Fill the Flowing Bowl [Cross-reference]

Come, Let Us Sing (II) [Cross-reference]

Come, Let's Be Singing [Cross-reference]

Come, Life, Shaker Life: (2 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #6669}

Come, Love, Come, the Boat Lies Low: (3 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #10033}

Come, My Lads, and Let's Be Jolly: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #1238}

Come, My Little Roving Sailor [Cross-reference]

Come, My Love (I): (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #12430}

Come, My Love (II) [Cross-reference]

Come, Open the Door, Sweet Betty [Cross-reference]

Come, Polly, Pretty Polly [Cross-reference]

Come, Pretty Polly [Cross-reference]

Come, Rain, Come: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #11753}

Come, Sister,Come [Cross-reference]

Come, Ye Friends of a Social Life: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #1236}

Come, Ye Sinners: (5 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #7555}

Comely Young Dame, The [Cross-reference]

Comet: (1 ref. <1K Notes)

Comfort and Tidings of Joy [Cross-reference]

Comfort in Heaven: (1 ref. 2K Notes)

Comical Dialog between an Honest Sailor and a Deluding Landlady, etc., A [Cross-reference]

Comical Ditty, A (Arizona Boys and Girls): (10 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #4868}

Comin Ower the Tay Brig: (1 ref.)

Comin' Back to Kansas: (2 refs.) {Roud #4890}

Comin' frae Rora: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #6742}

Comin' In on a Wing and a Prayer: (1 ref. 3K Notes) {Roud #32497}

Comin' Thro' the Craigs o' Culter: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #7207}

Comin' Thro' the Hay: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #7263}

Comin' Thro' the Rye [Cross-reference]

Coming Around the Horn: (1 ref.) {Roud #15539}

Coming Down from Bangor [Cross-reference]

Coming Down the Flat: (4 refs. <1K Notes)

Coming Home from the Wake [Cross-reference]

Coming Home Late [Cross-reference]

Coming Round the Mountain (I) [Cross-reference]

Coming Round the Mountain (II -- Charming Betsey): (12 refs.) {Roud #7052}

Coming Through the Rye: (12 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #5512}

Commend Me to the Plooman [Cross-reference]

Commissary Store, The [Cross-reference]

Commissioning of HMS Hood, The: (1 ref. <1K Notes)

Common Bill: (26 refs.) {Roud #442}

Common Sailor, The: (1 ref.) {Roud #16880}

Common Sailors: (1 ref.)

Companions, Draw Nigh [Cross-reference]

Company Cook, The: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #15544}

Company of Boatmen, A [Cross-reference]

Compass and Square, The: (2 refs.) {Roud #5966}

Complainte de Springhill, La (The Lament of Springhill): (2 refs. <1K Notes)

Complications of Life, The: (1 ref.) {Roud #7328}

Comstocker Died in Virginia, The: (1 ref.)

Concerning Charlie Horse: (2 refs. <1K Notes)

Concerning One Summer in Bonay I Spent: (5 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #7292}

Condemned Men for the Phoenix Park Murders, The: (2 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #V8800}

Condescending Lass, The [Cross-reference]

Conditor alme siderum, eterna lux credencium [Cross-reference]

Coney Isle: (4 refs. <1K Notes)

Confederate "Yankee Doodle": (6 refs.) {Roud #7715}

Confession of Mc ifee [Cross-reference]

Congo Justina: (1 ref.)

Connaught Man, the: (1 ref.) {Roud #13538}

Connaught Man's Trip to Belfast, The [Cross-reference]

Connaught Ranger, The: (2 refs.) {Roud #18199}

Connecticut: (1 ref.)

Connecticut Peddler, The: (2 refs.) {Roud #15533}

Connecticut Pedlar, The [Cross-reference]

Connla: (3 refs. <1K Notes)

Connlach Ghlas an Fhomhair (Green Harvest Stubble, The): (2 refs. <1K Notes)

Connor, The Fisherman [Cross-reference]

Conroy's Camp: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #4558}

Conscript How Are You? [Cross-reference]

Conscript's Farewell, The [Cross-reference]

Consider All Ye Fair Maids [Cross-reference]

Consolation Flowing Free: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #7934}

Constable of Dundee, The: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #8261}

Constant Farmer's Son, The [Laws M33]: (25 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #675}

Constant Lover, The: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #5564}

Constant Lovers (II), The [Cross-reference]

Constant Lovers (III) [Cross-reference]

Constant Lovers, The [Laws O41]: (20 refs.) {Roud #993}

Constant Lovers' Garland, The [Cross-reference]

Constant Sorrow [Cross-reference]

Constitution and the Guerriere (II), The: (3 refs. 1K Notes)

Constitution and the Guerriere, The [Laws A6]: (24 refs. 7K Notes) {Roud #626}

Constoga on the Jordan Road: (1 ref.) {Roud #7741}

Consumptive Sara Jane [Cross-reference]

Contented Countryman, The: (5 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #1847}

Contented Wife and Answer, The [Cross-reference]

Conundrum Song: (2 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #15410}

Conversation with Death (Oh Death): (12 refs. 1K Notes) {Roud #4933}

Convert, The [Cross-reference]

Convict and the Rose, The: (2 refs.) {Roud #16149}

Convict Maid, The: (8 refs.) {Roud #5479}

Convict of Clonmel, The: (7 refs. 2K Notes) {Roud #6993}

Convict of Clonmell, The [Cross-reference]

Convict Song [Cross-reference]

Convict Song, The: (1 ref.) {Roud #26266}

Convict's Child, The: (2 refs.) {Roud #V351}

Convict's Lamentation on the Death of Captain Logan, A [Cross-reference]

Convict's Lamentation, The [Cross-reference]

Convict's Return, The: (2 refs.)

Convict's Song, The [Cross-reference]

Coo Coo Bird, The [Cross-reference]

Coo-Coo (Peacock Song): (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #29314}

Coochie Coo: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #11321}

Cook and Shearer: (1 ref.)

Cook and Teamster [Cross-reference]

Cook and the Ladle, The: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #12990}

Cook and the Teamster, The: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #4066}

Cook I Went a-Courtin', A [Cross-reference]

Cook of the Mess: (1 ref.)

Cook, The: (1 ref.)

Cook's Choice, The [Cross-reference]

Cookery Maid, The: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #3771}

Cookie, Cookie: (1 ref. <1K Notes)

Cooks of Torbay, The: (2 refs. 1K Notes) {Roud #7575}

Coolgardie Miner, The [Cross-reference]

Coolie Is Nobody, A: (1 ref. <1K Notes)

Coolie's Run-I-O [Cross-reference]

Coon Can [Cross-reference]

Coon from Tennessee (Till I Die): (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #12397}

Coon Song (I), The: (1 ref. 4K Notes) {Roud #11021}

Coon-Can Game, The [Laws I4]: (13 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #3263}

Coonjine (Coonshine): (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #17469}

Cooper and Donnelly [Cross-reference]

Cooper Milton: (1 ref. <1K Notes)

Cooper o' Dundee, The: (1 ref.)

Cooper of Fife, The [Cross-reference]

Coortin' in the Kitchen [Cross-reference]

Coortin' in the Stable [Cross-reference]

Coortin' to Begin, The: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #6212}

Cootamundra [Cross-reference]

Copper and Silver: (1 ref.) {Roud #23891}

Copper River Song, The: (1 ref.)

Copshawholm Fair: (3 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #9139}

Copy Boy, The [Cross-reference]

Copy of Verses Composed by Captain Henry Every [Cross-reference]

Copy of Verses on Jefferys the Seaman, A: (1 ref.) {Roud #V8561}

Corbitt's Barkentine: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #4086}

Cordial Advice to All Rash Young Men: (4 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #V2112}

Cordwood Cutter, The [Cross-reference]

Corichie or The Hill of Fate [Cross-reference]

Corinna, Corinna: (29 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #10030}

Cork Leg, The: (8 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #4376}

Cork Men and New York Men, The: (1 ref. 1K Notes)

Cork National Hunt, The [Cross-reference]

Cork's Good Humoured Faces: (1 ref. <1K Notes)

Cork's Own Town (I): (1 ref. 1K Notes)

Cork's Own Town (II): (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #V26513}

Corn [Cross-reference]

Corn Cobs, or Yankee Notions [Cross-reference]

Corn Grinds Well, The [Cross-reference]

Corn Pone: (1 ref.)

Corn Rigs (II) [Cross-reference]

Corn Rigs (Rigs o' Barley): (2 refs.) {Roud #1024}

Corn Shucking Song: (1 ref.)

Corn Song, The (Song of Peace): (1 ref. <1K Notes)

Corn-Shucking Song (I): (1 ref.)

Corn-Shucking Song (II): (1 ref.) {Roud #16464}

Corn-Stalk Fiddle: (2 refs.) {Roud #12439}

Cornbread When I'm Hungry [Cross-reference]

Corncraik Amang the Whinny Knowes, The [Cross-reference]

Cornfield Holler: (1 ref.) {Roud #15579}

Cornish Christmas Carol, A: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #15665}

Cornish Girls: (1 ref.) {Roud #3319}

Cornish May Carol [Cross-reference]

Cornish Midsummer Bonfire Song: (2 refs.) {Roud #13472}

Corntime Pain: (1 ref. <1K Notes)

Cornwall Cripple, The [Cross-reference]

Corporal Casey: (4 refs.) {Roud #V15364}

Corporal Schnapps [Cross-reference]

Corporal, The: (1 ref.) {Roud #27873}

Corpus Christi Carol, The: (26 refs. 12K Notes) {Roud #1523}

Corrido al Mineral de Bisbee: (1 ref.)

Corrido de Joaquin Murieta: (1 ref. <1K Notes)

Corrido de la Quemazon de Bisbee, El: (1 ref.)

Corrido de Nogales, El: (1 ref.)

Corrina, Corrina [Cross-reference]

Corrosion Has Set In: (1 ref. 2K Notes)

Corsair's Bride, The: (1 ref.) {Roud #V13692}

Corsair's Farewell, The: (1 ref.) {Roud #V13706}

Corunna's Lone Shore (Wandering Nellie): (3 refs.) {Roud #13114}

Corydon and Caroline [Cross-reference]

Corydon and Phoebe: (9 refs. 2K Notes) {Roud #512}

Cosher Bailey's Engine: (4 refs. 1K Notes)

Cospatrick [Cross-reference]

Costly Crosshaul, The: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #18189}

Cott'n-Dance Song: (1 ref.) {Roud #17446}

Cott'n-Packin' Song [Cross-reference]

Cott'n-Pickin' Song [Cross-reference]

Cottage By the Sea, The: (3 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #1743}

Cottage Door, The [Cross-reference]

Cottage Girl, The [Cross-reference]

Cottage Hill [Cross-reference]

Cottage Maid, The [Cross-reference]

Cottage Well-Thatched with Straw, The: (1 ref.) {Roud #1270}

Cottage With the Horseshoe o'er the Door: (1 ref.) {Roud #3075}

Cotton Eye Joe [Cross-reference]

Cotton Fiel's Back Home [Cross-reference]

Cotton Field Song [Cross-reference]

Cotton Fields Back Home: (4 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #11662}

Cotton Mill Blues (I) [Cross-reference]

Cotton Mill Colic: (9 refs. 1K Notes) {Roud #6688}

Cotton Mill Song, The: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #16945}

Cotton Needs A-Pickin' [Cross-reference]

Cotton Needs Pickin': (3 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #16391 and 17447}

Cotton the Kid: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #4097}

Cotton Wool Pie: (2 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #2722}

Cotton-Eyed Joe: (24 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #942}

Cotton's Patch (I): (3 refs. 8K Notes) {Roud #30316}

Cotton's Patch (II): (3 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #V44826}

Cou' the Nettle Early [Cross-reference]

Couldn't Hear Nobody Pray [Cross-reference]

Couldn't Raise No Sugar Corn [Cross-reference]

Coulter's Candy: (3 refs. <1K Notes)

Councillor, The [Cross-reference]

Councillor's Daughter, The [Cross-reference]

Countersigns, The: (1 ref. 3K Notes)

Counties of Arkansas, The: (2 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #7541}

Counting Apple-seeds [Cross-reference]

Counting Appleseeds [Cross-reference]

Counting Song, The [Cross-reference]

Countrey Lasse, The [Cross-reference]

Country Blade and His Scolding Wife [Cross-reference]

Country Blues: (3 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #428}

Country Carrier, The [Cross-reference]

Country Clown The [Cross-reference]

Country Courtship, The: (10 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #313}

Country Cousin, The, or, I saw Esau Kissing Kate [Cross-reference]

Country Farmer's Son, The (Sweet Nelly My Heart's Delight): (4 refs.) {Roud #8506}

Country Garden, The [Cross-reference]

Country Girl (II), The (The Blooming Goddess) [Cross-reference]

Country Girl, The (The Fair Maid of the West): (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #10099}

Country Ham and Red Gravy [Cross-reference]

Country Hirings: (2 refs.) {Roud #12510}

Country I Was Born In, The: (1 ref.) {Roud #2936}

Country Lass (I), The: (3 refs.) {Roud #5520}

Country Lass (II), The [Cross-reference]

Country Life (I), The: (1 ref.)

Country Life (II), The: (2 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #6297}

Country Life for Me, A: (1 ref.) {Roud #1409}

Country Roads: (2 refs. <1K Notes)

Country Rockin', The: (1 ref.) {Roud #6068}

County Jail (I), The: (3 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #3673}

County Jail (II): (14 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #964}

County Jail (III) [Cross-reference]

County of Kerry, The [Cross-reference]

County of Limerick Buck-Hunt, The: (1 ref. <1K Notes)

County of Saline: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #14055}

County of the Innocent, The [Cross-reference]

County of Tyrone, The: (8 refs.) {Roud #1991}

County Song (The Counties of Iowa): (2 refs.)

County Tyrone, The [Cross-reference]

Coupon Song, The: (2 refs. <1K Notes)

Coupshawholme Fair [Cross-reference]

Courrier, Courrier, Qu'y a-t-il de Nouveau? (Courier, Courier, Say What News Hast There?): (1 ref. <1K Notes)

Court House [Cross-reference]

Court of Cahirass, The: (1 ref. <1K Notes)

Court of Conscience in Cork, The: (1 ref.)

Court of King Caractacus, The [Cross-reference]

Courte Paille, La: (2 refs.)

Courteous Knight, The [Cross-reference]

Courtin' in the Stable (The Workin' Steer): (3 refs.) {Roud #3793}

Courtin' Owre Slow: (2 refs.) {Roud #5369}

Courting Among the Kye [Cross-reference]

Courting Cage, The [Cross-reference]

Courting Case, The: (17 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #361}

Courting Coat, The: (11 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #516}

Courting in the Kitchen [Laws Q16]: (7 refs.) {Roud #1007}

Courting is a Pleasure [Cross-reference]

Courting Jessie [Cross-reference]

Courting My Father's Gray Mare [Cross-reference]

Courting of Aramalee, The [Cross-reference]

Courting Song [Cross-reference]

Courting Song, The [Cross-reference]

Courting the Widow's Daughter (Hard Times) [Laws H25]: (12 refs.) {Roud #659}

Courting Too Slow (I) [Cross-reference]

Courtown Fishermen, The: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #20544}

Courtship of Billy Grimes, The [Cross-reference]

Cousin Emmy's Blues [Cross-reference]

Cousin Harry (Cousin Nellie): (2 refs.) {Roud #4722}

Cousin Nellie [Cross-reference]

Cove Cherry Fair: (1 ref.)

Cove that Sings, The: (2 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #6034}

Covent Garden (II) [Cross-reference]

Covent's Garden [Cross-reference]

Coventry Carol, The: (12 refs. 14K Notes)

Covered Cavalier, The [Cross-reference]

Covering Blue, The [Cross-reference]

Covington [Cross-reference]

Cow Ate the Piper, The: (9 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #8147}

Cow Camp on the Range: (2 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #8043}

Cow Cow Yicky Yicky Yea [Cross-reference]

Cow Hooking Blues: (1 ref.)

Cow Puncher's Lament, The [Cross-reference]

Cow That Ate the Piper, The [Cross-reference]

Cow that Drank the Poteen, The: (1 ref.) {Roud #5170}

Cow the Nettle Airlie [Cross-reference]

Cow With the Piper [Cross-reference]

Cow-Camp on the Range, A [Cross-reference]

Coward, Coward, Buttermilk Soured: (1 ref.)

Cowardy Cowardy Custard: (2 refs.) {Roud #19247}

Cowaye: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #5948}

Cowboy (I), The: (3 refs.) {Roud #11078}

Cowboy (II), The [Cross-reference]

Cowboy (III), The [Cross-reference]

Cowboy Again for a Day: (3 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #5092}

Cowboy at Church, The [Cross-reference]

Cowboy at Work, The: (1 ref.)

Cowboy Boasters [Cross-reference]

Cowboy Boasting Chants: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #15536}

Cowboy in Church: (4 refs.) {Roud #8020}

Cowboy Jack [Laws B24]: (16 refs.) {Roud #3244}

Cowboy Night Song: (2 refs.)

Cowboy of Loreto, The [Cross-reference]

Cowboy Song (I): (1 ref.) {Roud #5483}

Cowboy Song (II), The [Cross-reference]

Cowboy to Pitching Bronco [Cross-reference]

Cowboy Trail, The: (1 ref.)

Cowboy's Challenge: (1 ref.) {Roud #7817}

Cowboy's Christmas Ball, The [Cross-reference]

Cowboy's Dream, The: (36 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #4453}

Cowboy's Farewell, The: (2 refs.) {Roud #12693}

Cowboy's Flat River Girl, The [Cross-reference]

Cowboy's Heaven, The [Cross-reference]

Cowboy's Home Sweet Home, The [Cross-reference]

Cowboy's Lament, The [Cross-reference]

Cowboy's Life [Cross-reference]

Cowboy's Life, A: (7 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #838}

Cowboy's Life, The: (2 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #8062}

Cowboy's Lullaby [Cross-reference]

Cowboy's Meditation: (7 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #4453}

Cowboy's Prayer (I), A: (5 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #11201}

Cowboy's Prayer (II), The: (2 refs.)

Cowboy's Return, The [Cross-reference]

Cowboy's Ride, The: (1 ref.) {Roud #11087}

Cowboy's Soliloquy, The: (9 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #5102}

Cowboy's Sweet By-and-By, The [Cross-reference]

Cowboy's Sweet Bye and-Bye, The [Cross-reference]

Cowboys Victimized: (1 ref.)

Cowboys' Christmas Ball, The: (6 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #4634}

Cowboys' Gettin'-Up Holler [Cross-reference]

Cowboys' New Years Dance, The: (2 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #12501}

Cowcadden's Heroes: (1 ref. <1K Notes)

Cowdenknowes, The [Cross-reference]

Cowe the Nettle Early [Cross-reference]

Cowe, Cowe: (6 refs. 1K Notes) {Roud #13047}

Cowman's Lament, The [Cross-reference]

Cowman's Prayer, The [Cross-reference]

Cowry Cowry Custard [Cross-reference]

Cows in the old field, don't you hear the bell? [Cross-reference]

Crab Song, The [Cross-reference]

Crab-Fish, The [Cross-reference]

Crabe Dans Calalou: (1 ref.)

Crabtree Still: (1 ref.)

Crack Schooner Moonlight, The: (2 refs. 4K Notes) {Roud #19861}

Crackers, Crackers, Penny a Cracker: (1 ref.)

Cradle Lullaby: (1 ref.) {Roud #5562}

Cradle Song (I) [Cross-reference]

Cradle Song (II) [Cross-reference]

Cradle Song, A (Hushaby My Little Crumb) [Cross-reference]

Cradle's Ta'en the Stan' Again, The: (1 ref.) {Roud #7279}

Crafty Farmer, The [Child 283; Laws L1]: (47 refs. 2K Notes) {Roud #2640 and 2637}

Crafty Lover, The [Cross-reference]

Crafty Ploughboy (I), The [Cross-reference]

Crafty Ploughboy (II), The: (1 ref. <1K Notes)

Crafty Wee Bony: (4 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #2642}

Craiganee: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #2743}

Craigbilly Fair [Cross-reference]

Craigie Hill: (4 refs.) {Roud #5165}

Craigston's Growing [Cross-reference]

Cranberry Bogs, The (Cranberry Song): (4 refs. 1K Notes) {Roud #5412}

Cranberry Song [Cross-reference]

Crantock Games [Cross-reference]

Crash!: (1 ref.)

Craven Churn-Supper Song, The: (2 refs.) {Roud #13471}

Craw Killed the Pussie O, The [Cross-reference]

Craw Killed the Pussy-O, The: (4 refs.) {Roud #9221}

Craw's Killed the Pussie O, The [Cross-reference]

Craw's Ta'en the Pussie, The [Cross-reference]

Crawdad: (39 refs. 1K Notes) {Roud #4853}

Crawdad Song [Cross-reference]

Crawford's Defeat [Cross-reference]

Crayfish, The [Cross-reference]

Crazy Dixie, The [Cross-reference]

Crazy Grey Mare, The: (1 ref.) {Roud #13987}

Crazy Jane: (7 refs. 1K Notes) {Roud #6458}

Crazy Old Man from China [Cross-reference]

Crazy Song to the Air of "Dixie": (5 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #29315}

Crazyhead, Michael: (1 ref.) {Roud #16817}

Creamery Butter [Cross-reference]

Creation [Cross-reference]

Creation and the Fall, De [Cross-reference]

Creation Song, The [Cross-reference]

Cree-Mo-Cri-Mo-Dorro-Wah [Cross-reference]

Creel, The [Cross-reference]

Creeping and Crawling: (9 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #329}

Creeping Jane [Laws Q23]: (13 refs.) {Roud #1012}

Creggan White Hare, The: (2 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #9633}

Creole Girl, The [Cross-reference]

Crepe On the Little Cabin Door: (2 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #30115}

Crew from Boston Bay, The: (2 refs.) {Roud #9960}

Crew of the Clara Youell, The: (1 ref.) {Roud #19854}

Cribisse! Cribisse! (Crawfish! Crawfish!): (1 ref.)

Cricket and Crab-louse, The (Down Derry Down): (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #4791}

Cricketty Wee: (2 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #236}

Cricklade Wassailers' Song [Cross-reference]

Crime at Quiet Dell, The: (1 ref.)

Crime of the D'Autremont Brothers, The: (3 refs. <1K Notes)

Crimean War, The [Laws J9]: (6 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #1924}

Criole Candjo (Creole Candio): (1 ref.)

Cripple Creek (I): (27 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #3434}

Cripple Creek (II) (Buck Creek Girls): (3 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #3434}

Cripple Kirsty: (2 refs. 1K Notes) {Roud #6030}

Cripple of Cornwall, The: (2 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #12763}

Crockery Ware: (13 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #1490}

Crocodile (I), The [Cross-reference]

Crocodile (II) [Cross-reference]

Cromie's Orange Buck, The: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #2889}

Cronie is Dead [Cross-reference]

Cronie o' Mine, A: (4 refs.) {Roud #6027}

Cronies o' Mine, The [Cross-reference]

Cronnen's Song: (1 ref.)

Croodin Doo, The [Cross-reference]

Croodlin Dow [Cross-reference]

Crook and Plaid, The: (7 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #5960}

Crooked Gun, The [Cross-reference]

Crooked Man [Cross-reference]

Crooked Rib, The: (2 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #12455}

Crooked Trail to Holbrook, The: (5 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #4037}

Crooked-Foot John [Cross-reference]

Crookit Bawbee: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #2281}

Crooskeen Lawn [Cross-reference]

Croppies Lie Down (I): (5 refs. 1K Notes) {Roud #V17442}

Croppies Lie Down (II): (1 ref. 2K Notes)

Croppy Boy (I), The [Laws J14]: (31 refs. 3K Notes) {Roud #1030}

Croppy Boy (II), The: (8 refs. 1K Notes)

Cross Mountain Explosion, The (Coal Creek Disaster) [Laws G9]: (4 refs.) {Roud #844}

Cross My Heart and Hope to Die: (1 ref.)

Cross the Bridge [Cross-reference]

Cross the Ocean, Cross the Sea [Cross-reference]

Cross the River, Cross the Lake: (1 ref.)

Cross Your Fingers: (1 ref.)

Crossed Old Jordan's Stream: (5 refs.)

Crossing the Bridge: (1 ref.)

Crossing the Divide: (2 refs.)

Crossing the Plains (I): (2 refs.) {Roud #15538}

Crossing the Plains (II) [Cross-reference]

Crosspatrick, The: (3 refs. 2K Notes) {Roud #3806}

Crow and Pie [Child 111]: (3 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #3975}

Crow and the Weasel, The: (1 ref.) {Roud #16856}

Crow Song [Cross-reference]

Crow Song (I), The: (9 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #747?}

Crow Song (II), The [Cross-reference]

Crow Wing Drive: (3 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #8893}

Crow-Fish Man (I), The [Cross-reference]

Crow-Fish Man (II), The [Cross-reference]

Crow, Black Chicken: (3 refs. <1K Notes)

Crowd of Bold Sharemen, A: (5 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #6344}

Crowdy Crawn [Cross-reference]

Crown For Us All, A: (1 ref.) {Roud #16372}

Crowned Him Lord of All [Cross-reference]

Crows in the Garden: (3 refs.) {Roud #4505}

Crows Kept Flyin' Up, The: (1 ref. <1K Notes)

Crucified: (1 ref. <1K Notes)

Cruel Brother, The [Child 11]: (28 refs. 2K Notes) {Roud #26}

Cruel Fate: (1 ref.) {Roud #24309}

Cruel Gamekeeper, The: (6 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #1313}

Cruel Gardener, The [Cross-reference]

Cruel Katie-O [Cross-reference]

Cruel Lowland Maid, The [Cross-reference]

Cruel Miller, The [Cross-reference]

Cruel Mother, The (Or Three Children) [Cross-reference]

Cruel Mother, The [Child 20]: (65 refs. 4K Notes) {Roud #9}

Cruel Ship's Carpenter, The (The Gosport Tragedy; Pretty Polly) [Laws P36A/B]: (45 refs. 1K Notes) {Roud #15}

Cruel Sister, The [Cross-reference]

Cruel Stepmother, The [Cross-reference]

Cruel War (I), The [Cross-reference]

Cruel War (II), The: (1 ref. <1K Notes)

Cruel War is Raging [Cross-reference]

Cruel Was My Father [Cross-reference]

Cruel Was the Press Gang: (2 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #V1839}

Cruel Waves of Huron: (1 ref.) {Roud #19874}

Cruel Were My Parents [Cross-reference]

Cruel Wife, A [Cross-reference]

Cruel Wife, The [Cross-reference]

Crúiscín Lán, The [Cross-reference]

Cruise in the Lowlands Low, The [Cross-reference]

Cruise of the Bigler, The [Cross-reference]

Cruise of the Bouncing Sally, The: (1 ref.) {Roud #7740}

Cruise of the Calabar, The [Cross-reference]

Cruise of the Calibar, The [Cross-reference]

Cruise of the Dove, The: (2 refs.) {Roud #1999}

Cruise of the Lapwing, The: (1 ref.)

Cruise of the Nancy, Banker, The: (1 ref.)

Cruising Round Yarmouth: (3 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #2432}

Cruiskeen Lawn: (12 refs. 4K Notes) {Roud #2309}

Crummy Cow, The: (1 ref.) {Roud #13348}

Cry Is "All Up," The: (2 refs.)

Cry of the Pilchard Man, The: (1 ref.)

Cry, Baby, Cry: (5 refs.) {Roud #16327}

Crybaby, Crybaby [Cross-reference]

Cryderville Jail, The: (13 refs.) {Roud #822}

Crying Family, The (Imaginary Trouble): (4 refs. 2K Notes) {Roud #4653}

Crystal Spring, The: (2 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #1391}

Crystam Stream [Cross-reference]

Cu-Cuc A Chuaichin: (2 refs. <1K Notes)

Cuatro Palomitas Blancas (Four While Doves): (1 ref.)

Cuba (Go, Preachers, and Tell It to the World): (1 ref. <1K Notes)

Cucanandy: (1 ref.)

Cucaracha, La: (3 refs. <1K Notes)

Cuckanandy: (2 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #5301}

Cuckold by Consent, A: (2 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #7283}

Cuckoo (II), The (Camp Song): (3 refs. <1K Notes)

Cuckoo Bird [Cross-reference]

Cuckoo Cherry Tree: (1 ref.) {Roud #19966}

Cuckoo Is a Clever Bird, The [Cross-reference]

Cuckoo Is A Merry Bird, The [Cross-reference]

Cuckoo Is A Pretty Bird, The [Cross-reference]

Cuckoo She's a Pretty Bird, The [Cross-reference]

Cuckoo Waltz: (6 refs.) {Roud #7893}

Cuckoo, The: (67 refs. 3K Notes) {Roud #413}

Cuckoo's Nest (I), The: (8 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #5407}

Cuckoo's Nest (II), The: (2 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #1506}

Cuddy, The: (2 refs.) {Roud #6088}

Cudelia Brown: (5 refs. 2K Notes)

Cuir A Chodladh: (2 refs. <1K Notes)

Culling Fish: (1 ref. 2K Notes) {Roud #9961}

Culloden Field: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #5780}

Culloden Moor: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #5779}

Cum Out De Weederness [Cross-reference]

Cum, Geordy, Haud the Bairn: (1 ref.) {Roud #3161}

Cumarachandhu [Cross-reference]

Cumarashindu: (2 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #13562}

Cumberland and the Merrimac, The [Cross-reference]

Cumberland Crew, The [Laws A18]: (28 refs. 49K Notes) {Roud #707}

Cumberland Gap: (35 refs. 1K Notes) {Roud #3413}

Cumberland Mountain Bear Chase [Cross-reference]

Cumberland Traveller, The: (1 ref. <1K Notes)

Cumberland, The [Laws A26]: (13 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #630}

Cumberland's Crew, The [Cross-reference]

Cunning Cobbler, The [Cross-reference]

Cunnla [Cross-reference]

Cup o Tay, The: (2 refs.) {Roud #13362}

Cup of Cold Poison, The [Cross-reference]

Cupid Benighted: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #4688}

Cupid the Ploughboy [Cross-reference]

Cupid the Plowboy [Laws O7]: (12 refs.) {Roud #986}

Cupid the Pretty Ploughboy [Cross-reference]

Cupid's Garden (I) (Covent Garden I; Lovely Nancy III): (18 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #297}

Cupid's Garden (II) [Cross-reference]

Cupid's Trepan (Cupid's Trappan, The Bonny Bird): (9 refs. 2K Notes) {Roud #293}

Cups and Saucers: (1 ref.)

Curacao: (1 ref.)

Curly Head of Hair: (1 ref.) {Roud #2804}

Curly Locks: (2 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #19787}

Curragh of Kildare, The: (19 refs. 4K Notes) {Roud #583}

Currant Island Wedding: (1 ref.) {Roud #25319}

Currency Lasses, The [Cross-reference]

Curse of Doneraile, The [Cross-reference]

Cursed Dancers of Colbeck, The: (3 refs. 4K Notes)

Curst Wife, The [Cross-reference]

Curtains of Night [Cross-reference]

Curtains of the Night, The [Cross-reference]

Curtis House at Jennings: (1 ref.) {Roud #18190}

Cushion Dance, The [Cross-reference]

Cushnie Winter Sports, The: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #6071}

Custard Pie Blues: (2 refs.)

Custer's Last Charge (I): (2 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #8598}

Custer's Last Charge (II) [Cross-reference]

Custer's Last Fierce Charge [Cross-reference]

Custers... Charge [Cross-reference]

Cut Your Nails Monday [Cross-reference]

Cut Your Nails on Monday (Finger-Nails): (2 refs.) {Roud #20970}

Cutter Water Lily, The: (1 ref. <1K Notes)

Cuttie's Wedding: (3 refs.) {Roud #3357}

Cutting Down the Pines [Cross-reference]

Cutty Wren, The: (8 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #236}

Cya' duh' Key, Gone Home" [Cross-reference]

Cyan' Help from Cryin' Sometime [Cross-reference]

Cyclone Blues [Cross-reference]

Cyclone of Rye Cove, The: (7 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #7116}

D & H Canal, The: (1 ref.)

D-2 Horse Wrangler [Cross-reference]

D-Day Dodgers, The: (6 refs. 12K Notes) {Roud #10499}

D'où Viens-Tu, Bergere?: (4 refs. <1K Notes)

D'r Guckgu (The Cuckoo): (2 refs.)

D'ye Ken John Peel?: (9 refs. 3K Notes) {Roud #1239}

Da Bhfaghainn Mo Rogha Dhe Thriur Acu: (1 ref. <1K Notes)

Da Mbeadh Mac an Mhaoir Agam: (1 ref. <1K Notes)

Da's All Right, Baby: (1 ref.) {Roud #15037}

Daar Was Eens Een Meisje Loos: (1 ref.)

Dabbling in the Dew [Cross-reference]

Dadd driwwe (Over There): (1 ref.)

Daddy Shot a Bear: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #15607}

Daddy Wouldn't Buy Me a Bow-Wow: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #13973}

Daddy, Daddy, Call the Doctor [Cross-reference]

Daddy, I'm a Mormon [Cross-reference]

Daemon Lover, The (The House Carpenter) [Child 243]: (111 refs. 2K Notes) {Roud #14}

Daffy-Down-Dilly: (3 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #19757}

Daily Growing [Cross-reference]

Dainty Davie: (2 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #2387}

Dainty Doonby, The: (7 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #864}

Dainty Downby, The [Cross-reference]

Dainty Ducke, A [Cross-reference]

Dairy Farmer, The [Cross-reference]

Daisy Deane: (4 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #4269}

Dakota Land: (10 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #4899}

Dallas County Jail, The [Cross-reference]

Dallas Gawn a Cuba (Dallas Has Gone to Cuba): (3 refs. <1K Notes)

Dally Roper's Song, The [Cross-reference]

Dalmuir Ploughing Match: (2 refs.) {Roud #5944}

Dalry: (1 ref.) {Roud #5205}

Dam on Baldwin Creek, The [Laws C21]: (4 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #1927}

Damage Control Song: (1 ref.)

Dame Bruin: (1 ref.) {Roud #25119}

Dame Durden: (9 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #1209}

Dame Oliphant [Cross-reference]

Dame Widdle Waddle [Cross-reference]

Dame, Get Up and Bake Your Pies (Christmas Day in the Morning): (3 refs.) {Roud #497}

Damn Fine Kids in Harbour: (1 ref.)

Damn the Filipinos: (3 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #15578}

Damn, Damn, Damn the Filipinos [Cross-reference]

Damper Song [Cross-reference]

Damsel from Cheshire, The [Cross-reference]

Damsel Possessed of Great Beauty, A [Cross-reference]

Damsel's Tragedy, The: (2 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #4663}

Dan (Dan, the Sanitary Man): (1 ref.) {Roud #10542}

Dan Curley: (1 ref.)

Dan Curry: (2 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #9210}

Dan Dan: (2 refs.)

Dan Doo [Cross-reference]

Dan Kelly [Cross-reference]

Dan McChree: (1 ref.) {Roud #7182}

Dan McGinty [Cross-reference]

Dan Murphy's Convoy: (1 ref.) {Roud #9050}

Dan Taylor: (1 ref.) {Roud #8010}

Dan-Dan-oh [Cross-reference]

Dan-Doo [Cross-reference]

Dan, Dan, the Dirty Man [Cross-reference]

Dana Dana [Cross-reference]

Danae, La [Cross-reference]

Danae, The [Cross-reference]

Dance All Night with a Bottle in Your Hand: (3 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #3657 and 10496}

Dance at Clintonville, The [Cross-reference]

Dance at Daniel's Harbour, The: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #25320}

Dance For Your Daddy-O [Cross-reference]

Dance in Peter Street [Cross-reference]

Dance Josey: (2 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #735}

Dance Me a Jig: (1 ref.)

Dance Song [Cross-reference]

Dance the Boatman [Cross-reference]

Dance Ti' Thy Daddy [Cross-reference]

Dance to Thee Daddy [Cross-reference]

Dance to Your Daddy: (16 refs. 1K Notes) {Roud #2439}

Dance, Boatman, Dance [Cross-reference]

Dance, Thumbkin, Dance: (3 refs.) {Roud #12837}

Danced with a Gal With a Hole in Her Stocking [Cross-reference]

Dancers of Colbeck, The [Cross-reference]

Dancing at Whitsun: (2 refs. <1K Notes)

Dancing Dolly: (2 refs.) {Roud #19306}

Dancing in Glenroan (Rinnceoiri Ghleann Ruain): (1 ref. <1K Notes)

Dandoo [Cross-reference]

Dandy Apprentice Boy, The [Cross-reference]

Dandy Chignon, The [Cross-reference]

Dandy Jim from Caroline: (2 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #13924}

Dandy Man, The: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #15129}

Dandy Pat: (3 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #18381}

Dandyman Oh: (1 ref. <1K Notes)

Daniel Cooper: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #V13676}

Daniel in the Den of Lions [Cross-reference]

Daniel in the Lion's Den: (4 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #3614}

Daniel Monroe [Cross-reference]

Daniel O'Connell (I): (7 refs. 2K Notes) {Roud #2313}

Daniel O'Connell (II): (1 ref. 2K Notes) {Roud #2771}

Daniel O'Connell and His Steam Engine [Cross-reference]

Daniel Prayed: (2 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #7692}

Daniel Saw the Stone: (3 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #12210}

Daniel Sullivan [Laws E22]: (4 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #4728}

Danny Boy (The Londonderry Air): (6 refs. 6K Notes) {Roud #23565}

Danny By My Side: (3 refs. 2K Notes)

Danny Sim's Sow: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #5616}

Danny Winters: (2 refs.) {Roud #7648}

Dans le berceau [Cross-reference]

Dans Les Chantiers (The Winter Camp): (5 refs. <1K Notes)

Dans les Chantiers Nous Hivernons [Cross-reference]

Dans les prisons de Nantes (Within the Prisons of Nantes): (3 refs. <1K Notes)

Dans Tous Les Cantons (Through All the Country 'Round): (2 refs.)

Danse de Mardi Gras, Le: (2 refs.)

Danse des Bois Brules, La (Lord Selkirk at Fort William): (1 ref. <1K Notes)

Dansekar the Dutchman: (2 refs.) {Roud #V30470}

Danville Girl, The [Cross-reference]

Dapherd Grey, The [Cross-reference]

Dar Gingo Tre Flickor: (1 ref. <1K Notes)

Dar'll Be No Distinction Dar [Cross-reference]

Darahill: (3 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #3941}

Darby and Joan [Cross-reference]

Darby Jig: (1 ref.)

Darby Kelly: (6 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #21859}

Darby O'Leary: (4 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #6978}

Darby Ram, The [Cross-reference]

Darby's Ram [Cross-reference]

Dardanelles Patrol Song: (1 ref. 12K Notes)

Dargason [Cross-reference]

Darger Lad, The [Cross-reference]

Darius Cole and Mackinac, The: (1 ref.) {Roud #19844}

Dark and a Rovin' Eye, A [Cross-reference]

Dark and Dreary Weather: (6 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #6527}

Dark and Stormy Night [Cross-reference]

Dark and Thorny is the Desert: (1 ref. <1K Notes)

Dark as a Dungeon: (10 refs.) {Roud #6392}

Dark Blue Eyes and Raven Hair [Cross-reference]

Dark British Foes, The [Cross-reference]

Dark Day: (1 ref.) {Roud #17298}

Dark Girl Dressed in Blue, The: (6 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #7022}

Dark Girl of the Valley, The: (2 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #15016}

Dark Hollow (II), The [Cross-reference]

Dark Island [Cross-reference]

Dark Knight, The: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #6526}

Dark Moll of the Valley: (2 refs. <1K Notes)

Dark Scenes of Winter [Cross-reference]

Dark Was the Night, Cold Was the Ground: (8 refs. 4K Notes) {Roud #11819}

Dark-Clothed Gypsy, The [Cross-reference]

Dark-Eyed Canaller [Cross-reference]

Dark-Eyed Gypsy, The [Cross-reference]

Dark-Eyed Molly [Cross-reference]

Dark-Eyed Sailor, The (Fair Phoebe and her Dark-Eyed Sailor) [Laws N35]: (60 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #265}

Dark-Haired Girl, The: (1 ref.) {Roud #9471}

Dark-Haired Jimmy Owen [Cross-reference]

Dark-Skinned Davey [Cross-reference]

Darkey Sunday School, The [Cross-reference]

Darkie Sunday School [Cross-reference]

Darky School Song [Cross-reference]

Darky Sunday School, The [Cross-reference]

Darlin' (I): (2 refs. <1K Notes)

Darlin' (II) [Cross-reference]

Darlin' Cory [Cross-reference]

Darlin' Why You Treat Me So?: (1 ref. <1K Notes)

Darlin' You Can't Have One [Cross-reference]

Darling Black Head: (2 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #15018}

Darling Black Mustache, The [Cross-reference]

Darling Boy, The: (5 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #1452}

Darling Chloe [Cross-reference]

Darling Cloe: (3 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #11390}

Darling Cora [Cross-reference]

Darling Corey: (24 refs.) {Roud #5723}

Darling Corie [Cross-reference]

Darling Cory [Cross-reference]

Darling Grace: (1 ref.) {Roud #10309}

Darling If You Must Leave: (2 refs. <1K Notes)

Darling Johnny O (I): (1 ref. <1K Notes)

Darling Johnny O (II) [Cross-reference]

Darling Little Joe: (10 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #3545}

Darling Little Pink [Cross-reference]

Darling Neddeen: (1 ref. <1K Notes)

Darling Nellie Gray [Cross-reference]

Darling Nelly Gray: (30 refs. 1K Notes) {Roud #4883}

Darling Old Stick: (8 refs.) {Roud #3276}

Darling Song [Cross-reference]

Darling You Can't Love but One [Cross-reference]

Darling, I Have Come to Tell You (Farewell Nellie, Little Bunch of Roses, Many Miles Apart, Don't This Road Look Rough and Rocky): (3 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #16012}

Darling, Soon I Will Be Sleeping: (1 ref.) {Roud #16294}

Darn Little Ford, The: (1 ref.)

Darn the Man That I Can Get: (1 ref.) {Roud #18205}

Darra: (1 ref.) {Roud #5901}

Darrahil [Cross-reference]

Dartmouth Tragedy, The [Cross-reference]

Dashing Away with the Smoothing Iron [Cross-reference]

Dashing Young Lad from Buckingham, A: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #1382}

Dat Lonesome Road [Cross-reference]

Dat's All Right: (1 ref.)

Daughter Ellen: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #13218}

Daughter in the Dungeon, The [Cross-reference]

Daughter of Peggy-O, The: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #117}

Daughters, Will You Marry [Cross-reference]

Davenport: (2 refs.) {Roud #15716}

David Dodd: (1 ref. 2K Notes)

David Lowston [Cross-reference]

David Ward [Cross-reference]

David, David [Cross-reference]

David, David, Yes, Yes [Cross-reference]

David's Flowery Vale: (4 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #2943}

David's Lamentation: (2 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #15055}

Davie and His Kye [Cross-reference]

Davie and His Kye Thegither: (3 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #5545}

Davie Faa [Cross-reference]

Davie's Wooin' [Cross-reference]

Davy: (3 refs. 2K Notes)

Davy Crockett: (10 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #3589}

Davy Crockett (Pop Song Parody): (1 ref.)

Davy Faa (II) [Cross-reference]

Davy Faa (Remember the Barley Straw): (6 refs. 1K Notes) {Roud #118}

Davy Lowston: (5 refs. 6K Notes)

Davy, Davy [Cross-reference]

Dawning of the Day (I), The [Laws P16]: (14 refs.) {Roud #370}

Dawsonville Jail: (2 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #4960}

Dawtie, The: (2 refs.) {Roud #6255}

Day Columbus Landed Here, The: (1 ref.) {Roud #4546}

Day I Lost My Job, The: (1 ref.) {Roud #30150}

Day I Went to Rothesay O, The: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #2142}

Day Is Done (I): (2 refs.)

Day Is Done (II) [Cross-reference]

Day is Dying in the West: (3 refs. <1K Notes)

Day is Past and Gone, The: (5 refs.) {Roud #5718}

Day ob LIberty's Comin', De: (1 ref. <1K Notes)

Day of Judgment, The: (1 ref. 1K Notes) {Roud #12013}

Day of Waterloo, The: (1 ref.) {Roud #2184}

Day That I Played Baseball, The: (2 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #4961}

Day the Co'nel Leave and Gone: (1 ref. <1K Notes)

Day the Pub Burned Down, The: (3 refs. 1K Notes)

Day We Packed the Hamper for the Coast, The: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #9466}

Day We Went to Rothesay-O, The [Cross-reference]

Day We Went to Rothesay, O, The [Cross-reference]

Days Are Awa That I Hae Seen, The: (3 refs. 1K Notes) {Roud #5530}

Days in Old Penobscot Stream, The: (1 ref.)

Days of '49, The [Cross-reference]

Days of Forty-Nine, The: (13 refs.) {Roud #2803}

Days of Hard Luck Swagmen Seem So Long Ago, The: (1 ref.)

Days of Seventy-Six, The: (1 ref.) {Roud #6666}

Days of the Past Are Gone, The: (1 ref.)

Days of the Week (I): (1 ref. <1K Notes)

Days of the Week (II) [Cross-reference]

Days We Went a Gipsying, The [Cross-reference]

Daysman, The: (1 ref.) {Roud #2942}

De Ballet of de Boll Weevil [Cross-reference]

De Blues Ain't Nothin' [Cross-reference]

De Boatman Dance: (22 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #5898}

De Fust Banjo [Cross-reference]

De Los Dorados de Pancho Villa (I Am a Soldier of Pancho Villa): (1 ref.)

De Paris a Rochelle [Cross-reference]

De Shucking ob de Corn: (1 ref.)

De Valera: (1 ref. 5K Notes)

De'il Stick the Minister: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #3153}

Deacon's Calf: (1 ref.)

Deacon's Daughter, The: (2 refs.) {Roud #4674}

Dead and Gone: (1 ref.) {Roud #10973}

Dead Horse Chanty [Cross-reference]

Dead Horse, The [Cross-reference]

Dead Little Boys, The [Cross-reference]

Dead Man's Chest : (2 refs. <1K Notes)

Dead Man's Journey, The: (1 ref. <1K Notes)

Dead Pig, The [Cross-reference]

Deadly Wars, The: (4 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #7284}

Deaf Woman's Courtship, The: (23 refs.) {Roud #467}

Deah of the Devil, The [Cross-reference]

Dear Annie: (2 refs.) {Roud #6652}

Dear Companion (The Broken Heart; Go and Leave Me If You Wish To, Fond Affection): (40 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #411 and 459}

Dear Cork City by the Lee: (1 ref. <1K Notes)

Dear Emerald Isle: (5 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #30111}

Dear Evalina: (15 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #15352}

Dear Evelina, Sweet Evalina [Cross-reference]

Dear Honey: (1 ref.) {Roud #6376}

Dear Irish Boy, The [Cross-reference]

Dear Irish Maid, The [Cross-reference]

Dear John [Cross-reference]

Dear Land: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #9558}

Dear Little Shamrock, The: (9 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #13278}

Dear Lord and Father of Mankind: (4 refs. 1K Notes)

Dear Mallow, Adieu: (1 ref. <1K Notes)

Dear Meal's Cheap Again, The: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #13129}

Dear Mother: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #4214}

Dear Nell [Cross-reference]

Dear Old Ages Boy [Cross-reference]

Dear Old Ireland: (1 ref.) {Roud #30047}

Dear Old New Zealand: (1 ref.)

Dear Old Newfoundland: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #30678}

Dear Prairie Home: (2 refs. <1K Notes)

Dear Son, Leave Thy Weeping [Cross-reference]

Dear-A-Wee Lass, The: (1 ref.)

Dearest Lassie O!: (1 ref.)

Dearest Mae: (4 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #9089}

Dearest Mary: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #31157}

Death and the Lady: (16 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #1031}

Death and the Maid [Cross-reference]

Death in Battle [Cross-reference]

Death is a Melancholy Call [Laws H5]: (6 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #655}

Death is Awful [Cross-reference]

Death Letter Blues: (2 refs. <1K Notes)

Death of a Maiden Fair [Cross-reference]

Death of a Romish Lady, The [Cross-reference]

Death of Admiral Benbow, The [Cross-reference]

Death of Alec Robertson (I): (2 refs.)

Death of Alec Robertson (II), The [Cross-reference]

Death of Andrew Sheehan, The [Cross-reference]

Death of Archbishop Scrope, The: (10 refs. 36K Notes)

Death of Ben Hall (I), The: (8 refs. <1K Notes)

Death of Ben Hall (II), The [Cross-reference]

Death of Bendal, The [Cross-reference]

Death of Bendall, The [Cross-reference]

Death of Bernard Friley, The: (1 ref.)

Death of Birchie Potter: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #6637}

Death of Brugh, The: (1 ref. 5K Notes) {Roud #12941}

Death of Captain Friend, The: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #4076}

Death of Charlie Burger [Cross-reference]

Death of Cilley, The (The Duelist): (1 ref. 22K Notes)

Death of Cock Robin, The [Cross-reference]

Death of Colonel Crafford, The: (2 refs.) {Roud #5341}

Death of Ella Speed, The [Cross-reference]

Death of Ellenton, THe: (1 ref.) {Roud #22286}

Death of Fan McCoy, The: (2 refs. 11K Notes)

Death of Floyd Collins, The [Cross-reference]

Death of Frank Farrel [Cross-reference]

Death of Fred Lowry, The: (1 ref. <1K Notes)

Death of Garfield [Cross-reference]

Death of General Wolfe, The [Cross-reference]

Death of Geordie, The [Cross-reference]

Death of George Stoole, The: (2 refs. <1K Notes)

Death of Harry Bradford, The [Laws C12]: (6 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #2218}

Death of Harry Simms, The: (3 refs. <1K Notes)

Death of Herbert Rice, The [Laws D6]: (4 refs.) {Roud #2232}

Death of Huey P. Long: (1 ref.) {Roud #22310}

Death of Jack Hinton, The [Cross-reference]

Death of Jerry Damron, The: (2 refs.) {Roud #14022}

Death of Jesse James, The [Cross-reference]

Death of Kathy Fiscus, The [Cross-reference]

Death of Les Darcy, The [Cross-reference]

Death of Major Andre [Cross-reference]

Death of Mill o' Tiftie's Annie, The: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #6723}

Death of Molly Bender [Cross-reference]

Death of Morgan, The: (2 refs. 4K Notes) {Roud #8240}

Death of Mother Jones, The: (4 refs. 3K Notes) {Roud #15157}

Death of Mrs. Lydia Woodburn, The: (1 ref.) {Roud #4664}

Death of Nelson, The: (3 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #3549}

Death of Parcy Reed, The [Child 193]: (10 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #335}

Death of Parker, The [Cross-reference]

Death of Queen Jane, The [Child 170]: (26 refs. 15K Notes) {Roud #77}

Death of Robin Hood, The [Cross-reference]

Death of Roy Rickey, The: (1 ref. <1K Notes)

Death of Samuel Adams: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #4131}

Death of Sir Neil Stuart and Donald M'Vane, The [Cross-reference]

Death of Sly Grog, The: (1 ref.)

Death of the Beckwith Child (The Beckwith Tragedy): (2 refs.) {Roud #4672}

Death of William Gilley, The [Laws D5]: (3 refs.) {Roud #2231}

Death of Willie Stone, The: (1 ref. <1K Notes)

Death of Young Robert, The: (1 ref. <1K Notes)

Death or Robin Lyth, The [Cross-reference]

Death Song [Cross-reference]

Death Song for the Huntly Miners: (1 ref.)

Death Was a Little Thing: (1 ref. <1K Notes)

Death-Bed Song [Cross-reference]

Death, 'Tis a Melancholy Day: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #655}

Death, Ain't You Got No Shame?: (2 refs.) {Roud #6682}

Death, What a Solemn Call [Cross-reference]

Debt I Owe: (1 ref. <1K Notes)

Deceitful Husband, The: (2 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #7002}

Deceived Girl, The [Cross-reference]

December cam, the twenty-fift' [Cross-reference]

December Cam': (2 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #6096}

Decision in the Gypsy's Warning [Cross-reference]

Deck of the Willow Green: (2 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #9974}

Deck the Halls (with Boughs of Holly): (8 refs. <1K Notes)

Declaration d'Amour, La (Declaration of Love): (1 ref.)

Deep and Wide: (1 ref.)

Deep Blue Sea (I), The: (9 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #4291}

Deep Blue Sea (II): (5 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #3119}

Deep Deep Sea, The: (1 ref.) {Roud #25989}

Deep Elem Blues: (9 refs. <1K Notes)

Deep in Love [Cross-reference]

Deep River: (16 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #12332}

Deep Sea Tug: (1 ref. <1K Notes)

Deep Sheephaven Bay: (1 ref. <1K Notes)

Deep Water [Cross-reference]

Deer Chase, The [Cross-reference]

Deer Hunt, A [Cross-reference]

Defence of Crossgar: (1 ref. <1K Notes)

Defence of the Castle [Cross-reference]

Defender's Song (II), The: (1 ref. 2K Notes)

Defenders' Song (I): (1 ref. <1K Notes)

Dehorn Song, The: (1 ref.)

Deil's Wooing, The [Cross-reference]

Deitcher's Dog, Der [Cross-reference]

Delaware Punch [Cross-reference]

Delhi Jail, The: (1 ref.)

Delia [Cross-reference]

Delia Gone [Cross-reference]

Delia Holmes [Cross-reference]

Delia's Gone [Laws I5]: (11 refs. 3K Notes) {Roud #3264}

Deliverance Will Come [Cross-reference]

Deluded Lover, The: (7 refs. 4K Notes) {Roud #3479 and 6289}

Dem Bones (I): (2 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #15641}

Dem Bones (II) [Cross-reference]

Dem Golden Slippers [Cross-reference]

Demon Lover, The [Cross-reference]

Demon of the Seas, The: (4 refs. 2K Notes) {Roud #1962}

Demon-Lover, The [Cross-reference]

Dempsey's Lumber Camp [Cross-reference]

Dempsey's Lumber-Camp Song: (2 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #8840}

Den o' Aldbar, The: (3 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #5998}

Den o' Auldbar, The [Cross-reference]

Denis O'Reilly [Cross-reference]

Dennis McGonagle's Daughter Mary Ann: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #9569}

Dennis O'Reilly [Cross-reference]

Dennis Ryan [Cross-reference]

Denny Byrne, the Piper [Cross-reference]

Dens of Ireland, The: (2 refs.)

Dens of Yarrow, The [Cross-reference]

Departed Loved Ones: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #11818}

Department Store [Cross-reference]

Deportee [Cross-reference]

Depot Camp, The: (1 ref. <1K Notes)

Depression: (2 refs. 1K Notes) {Roud #5950}

Der Deitcher's Dog [Cross-reference]

Derby Ram, The: (85 refs. 3K Notes) {Roud #126}

Derby Shed Ram, The [Cross-reference]

Derby Tup, The [Cross-reference]

Derby, Derby: (1 ref. <1K Notes)

Derby's Town [Cross-reference]

Derbyshire Miller, THe [Cross-reference]

Dere is many fine ladies [Cross-reference]

Dere's a ball in from London town [Cross-reference]

Dere's a Little Wheel a-Turnin' in My Heart [Cross-reference]

Dermody and Hines: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #9766}

Dermot Asthore [Cross-reference]

Dermot Astore: (8 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #4884}

Derriere Chez Nous (Behind Our House): (2 refs.)

Derry Down: (1 ref. <1K Notes)

Derry Down Fair [Cross-reference]

Derry Gaol [Cross-reference]

Derry Pipe, The [Cross-reference]

Derry Walls Away: (4 refs. 3K Notes) {Roud #V11050}

Derry's Walls: (1 ref.)

Derwentwater: (3 refs. 1K Notes) {Roud #3158}

Derwentwater's Farewell: (3 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #2616}

Description of St. Keyne's Well: (1 ref.) {Roud #V22570}

Dese Bones Gwine Rise Ag'in [Cross-reference]

Dese Bones Gwine to Rise Again [Laws I18]: (18 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #4184}

Deserted Husband, The: (3 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #2130}

Deserter (I), The [Cross-reference]

Deserter (II), The [Cross-reference]

Deserter (III), The [Cross-reference]

Deserter (IV), The: (8 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #493}

Deserter from Kent, The: (5 refs.) {Roud #2510}

Deserter's Lamentation, The: (2 refs. <1K Notes)

Deserter's Meditation, The [Cross-reference]

Deserter's Song: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #11752}

Desolate Widow, The [Cross-reference]

Desperado, The: (3 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #12716?}

Dessur le Pont de Nantes (On Nantes Bridge): (2 refs. <1K Notes)

Destroyer Life: (3 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #15542}

Det Hande Sig I Goteborg (It Happened in Gothenburg): (2 refs. <1K Notes)

Det' Ain't Yuh Got No Shame [Cross-reference]

Deuks Dang Owr My Daddie, The: (3 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #8948}

DeValera Election Song: (1 ref. 1K Notes) {Roud #18470}

Deveron Banks: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #7208}

Devil and Bailiff McGlynn, The: (2 refs. 4K Notes) {Roud #5294}

Devil and the Farmer, The [Cross-reference]

Devil and the Farmer's Wife [Cross-reference]

Devil and the Hackney Coachman, The: (6 refs.) {Roud #1314}

Devil and the Lawyer, The: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #10922}

Devil and the Ploughman, The [Cross-reference]

Devil and the Schoolchild, The [Cross-reference]

Devil Came to My Door, The: (2 refs.) {Roud #1696}

Devil in the Kist, The [Cross-reference]

Devil Sends the Evil Winds, The: (1 ref.)

Devil Winston [Laws I7]: (3 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #4176}

Devil's After Me, The: (1 ref.) {Roud #32553}

Devil's Courtship, The [Cross-reference]

Devil's in the Girl, The: (3 refs.) {Roud #1480}

Devil's Mad and I Am Glad (II), The [Cross-reference]

Devil's Nine Questions, The [Cross-reference]

Devil's Questions, The [Cross-reference]

Devil's Song, The [Cross-reference]

Devilish Mary [Laws Q4]: (29 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #1017}

Devonshire Cream and Cider: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #9083}

Dew is on the Grass, The [Cross-reference]

Dewdrops Are Falling on Me: (1 ref.) {Roud #11339}

Dewey Song (Dewy Was the Grass): (1 ref.)

Dewy Dells Of Yarrow, The [Cross-reference]

Dewy Dens of Darrow, The [Cross-reference]

Dewy Glens of Yarrow, The [Cross-reference]

Dewy was the grass on the morn in May [Cross-reference]

Dey All Got a Mate But Me [Cross-reference]

Di zwiterich Danzer (The Flashy Dancer): (1 ref.)

Dialogue Between an Exciseman and Death: (2 refs.) {Roud #V35056}

Dialogue between Jesus and the Blessed Virgin at the Cross [Cross-reference]

Dialogue Between Orange and Croppy: (1 ref. 3K Notes)

Dialogue Between the Husbandman and the Servingman, A [Cross-reference]

Dialogue entre Deux Metis: Le Cultivateur et la Chasseur (The Hunter and the Farmer): (1 ref.)

Diamond Cook: (2 refs. 2K Notes)

Diamond Joe (I): (2 refs. 4K Notes)

Diamond Joe (II): (3 refs. 1K Notes) {Roud #3585}

Diamond Joe (III): (2 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #3585}

Diamond Lily: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #10255}

Diamond, The [Cross-reference]

Diamonds in the Rough: (3 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #13153}

Diana [Cross-reference]

Diana and Her Sailor Bright: (2 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #2301}

Diana Dors: (1 ref. <1K Notes)

Diana Kitty Annie Maria: (3 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #13666}

Diane Carson Is No Good [Cross-reference]

Dibble-Dabble: (1 ref.)

Dicey Reilly: (3 refs. 1K Notes)

Dicey Riley [Cross-reference]

Dick Darbin, the Cobbler [Cross-reference]

Dick Darby the Cobbler [Cross-reference]

Dick Darlin' the Cobbler [Cross-reference]

Dick Derrick's Rear: (2 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #8844}

Dick Dorbin the Cobbler [Cross-reference]

Dick Fowler [Cross-reference]

Dick German the Cobbler [Cross-reference]

Dick Mooney's Daughter: (2 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #2902}

Dick o the Cow [Child 185]: (7 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #4012}

Dick of Taunton Den [Cross-reference]

Dick the Dasher [Cross-reference]

Dick the Joiner: (3 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #5769}

Dick Turpin [Cross-reference]

Dick Turpin and Black Bess [Cross-reference]

Dick Turpin and the Lawyer [Laws L10]: (17 refs. 2K Notes) {Roud #621}

Dick Turpin's Ride [Cross-reference]

Dick Turpin's Ride (II) (My Bonny Black Bess (II)): (6 refs.) {Roud #856}

Dickie Bird: (1 ref. <1K Notes)

Dickie Milburn [Cross-reference]

Dickson Song, The [Cross-reference]

Dicky Dash: (2 refs.) {Roud #5280}

Dicky in the Yeomen: (2 refs. 4K Notes)

Dicky Johnston [Cross-reference]

Dicky Melbourne [Cross-reference]

Dicky of Ballyman [Cross-reference]

Dicky of Taunton Dean [Cross-reference]

Dicky the Miller: (2 refs.) {Roud #1033}

Did Christ o'er Sinners Weep? (The Weeping Savior): (2 refs. 3K Notes)

Did My Savior Bleed [Cross-reference]

Did the Maine Go Down?: (1 ref. <1K Notes)

Did Ye Ever See the Divil? [Cross-reference]

Did Ye not Promise to Marry Me?: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #6731}

Did Ye See My Lad?: (4 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #2105}

Did You Ever See (I) [Cross-reference]

Did You Ever See a Bear Walk a Tightrope in the Air?: (1 ref.)

Did You Ever See a Fishie?: (2 refs.) {Roud #19310}

Did You Ever See a Horse Fly [Cross-reference]

Did You Ever See a Lassie?: (7 refs. <1K Notes)

Did You Ever See a Porch Swing [Cross-reference]

Did You Ever See the Devil, Uncle Joe? [Cross-reference]

Did You Ever See the Divil?: (1 ref. <1K Notes)

Did You Ever See? (II) [Cross-reference]

Did You Ever Think [Cross-reference]

Did You Ever, Ever, Ever: (3 refs.) {Roud #4253 and 18989}

Did You Hear How Dey Crucified My Lord? [Cross-reference]

Did You Hear My Jesus?: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #15248}

Did You Never Hear of Donald Blue?: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #7149}

Did Your Wife Go Away [Cross-reference]

Diddie Wa Diddie: (2 refs. <1K Notes)

Diddle, Diddle, Dumpling, My Son John: (3 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #19709}

Didn't He Ramble: (11 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #126}

Didn't It Rain: (7 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #6699}

Didn't Lazarus shit on the commisary counter [Cross-reference]

Didn't My Lord Deliver Daniel: (3 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #12348}

Didn't Ol' John Cross the Water on His Knees: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #15587}

Didn't You Hear: (2 refs.) {Roud #10959}

Die an Old Maid [Cross-reference]

Die Moorsoldaten (Peat-Bog Soldiers) [Cross-reference]

Die-Lee-O [Cross-reference]

Died for Love (I): (9 refs. 1K Notes) {Roud #495}

Died for Love (II) [Cross-reference]

Died for Love (III) (Early, Early): (2 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #3817}

Died for Love (IV) [Cross-reference]

Died for Love (V): (2 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #18828}

Died of Love [Cross-reference]

Died on the Ice Fields: (2 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #V44601}

Diego's Bold Shore: (6 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #2006}

Diesel and Shale: (1 ref. <1K Notes)

Dieu du Liberal, Le (The Idol of His Party): (1 ref. 1K Notes)

Dieu vous saue, Dame Emme [Cross-reference]

Dig a Hole in the Meadow [Cross-reference]

Dig My Grave [Cross-reference]

Dig My Grave Long and Narrow [Cross-reference]

Dig My Grave with a Silver Spade: (6 refs.)

Digby's Farewell [Cross-reference]

Digger's Farewell, The: (3 refs. <1K Notes)

Digger's London Leave, The [Cross-reference]

Diggers, The [Cross-reference]

Digging for Gould: (5 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #V15467}

Diggins-Oh, The: (1 ref.)

Diller, A Dollar, A [Cross-reference]

Dilly Song, The [Cross-reference]

Dinah (I): (1 ref.) {Roud #7049}

Dinah (II) [Cross-reference]

Dinah, Dinah Show Us a Leg: (2 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #7052}

Dinah's Lovers [Cross-reference]

Ding Dang Me: (1 ref. 1K Notes)

Ding, Ding, Ding, Here Comes My Wagon: (1 ref.)

Ding, Dong, Bell: (6 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #12853}

Ding, Dong, Bell, Pussy's in the Well [Cross-reference]

Dingle Dingle Doosey: (3 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #15524}

Dingle Puck Goat, The: (2 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #8220}

Dingo Lay: (1 ref. <1K Notes)

Dining Hall Song: (1 ref.)

Dink's Blues: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #15573}

Dink's Song: (7 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #10057}

Dinky [Cross-reference]

Dinky Die: (3 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #10189}

Dinna Think, Bonny Lassie, I'm Gaun to Leave You: (2 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #12948}

Dip Dem (Dip Them): (1 ref. <1K Notes)

Dip Me in de Golden Sea: (2 refs. 1K Notes) {Roud #V40163 and 20892}

Dirandel [Cross-reference]

Dirante, My Son [Cross-reference]

Dirty Black Miners, The [Cross-reference]

Dirty Dishrag [Cross-reference]

Dirty Mistreatin' Women: (1 ref.) {Roud #15572}

DIrty Newfoundlanders [Cross-reference]

Dirty Wife, The: (1 ref.) {Roud #7167}

Dis Mornin', Dis Evenin', So Soon [Cross-reference]

Dis Morning: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #17901}

Dis Ol' Hammer [Cross-reference]

Dis Ole Rock Mine [Cross-reference]

Dis Time o' de Night: (1 ref.)

Disappointed Lover (I), The: (3 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #293}

Disappointed Lover (II), The [Cross-reference]

Disappointed Sailor, The [Cross-reference]

Disappointment of Joe Bowers, The [Cross-reference]

Disaster of the Great Titanic, The [Cross-reference]

Discharged Drummer, The: (1 ref.) {Roud #2303}

Disconsolate Judy's Lamentation for the Absence of Her True Love: (1 ref.) {Roud #V10597}

Disconsolate Lover [Cross-reference]

Disconsolate Maid, The: (1 ref.) {Roud #V22627}

Discovery of Newfoundland: (1 ref.) {Roud #7293}

Discrimination Blues [Cross-reference]

Discussion Between Church and Chapel, A: (4 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #V4224}

Disdainful Lady, The [Cross-reference]

Disguised Sailor (The Sailor's Misfortune and Happy Marriage; The Old Miser) [Laws N6]: (17 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #601}

Disheartened Ranger, The [Cross-reference]

Dishonest Miller, The [Cross-reference]

Dismasting of the Cummings, The: (1 ref.) {Roud #19873}

Disordered [Cross-reference]

Distant Land to Roam, A: (2 refs.) {Roud #17234}

Distressed Maid (I), The [Cross-reference]

Distressed Maid (II), The [Cross-reference]

Distressed Men of War: (1 ref.) {Roud #V31259}

Distressed Ship Carpenter, The [Cross-reference]

District Attorney Blues: (2 refs.)

Dites-moi donc mademoiselle [Cross-reference]

Diverting Show, The: (2 refs.) {Roud #6230}

Diverus and Lazarus [Cross-reference]

Dives and Laz'us [Cross-reference]

Dives and Lazarus (II) [Cross-reference]

Dives and Lazarus (III) [Cross-reference]

Dives and Lazarus [Child 56]: (20 refs. 1K Notes) {Roud #477}

Dividing Line, The: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #7567}

Dixey Bull: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #4075}

Dixie: (34 refs. 6K Notes) {Roud #8231}

Dixie Brown [Laws D7]: (10 refs. 4K Notes) {Roud #644}

Dixie Land [Cross-reference]

Dixie's Green Shore [Cross-reference]

Dixie's Isle [Cross-reference]

Dixie's Land [Cross-reference]

Dixon and Johnson [Cross-reference]

Do 'Round My Lindy: (2 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #16278}

Do as They Do in France: (1 ref. 1K Notes)

Do Come Back Again [Cross-reference]

Do Johnny Booger [Cross-reference]

Do Let Me Go [Cross-reference]

Do Let Me Lone, Susan: (1 ref. <1K Notes)

Do Lord Remember Me: (1 ref.) {Roud #11971}

Do Me Ama [Cross-reference]

Do My Jolly Boy [Cross-reference]

Do Re Mi [Cross-reference]

Do Remember: (1 ref. <1K Notes)

Do They Miss Me at Home?: (6 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #4366}

Do They Think of Me at Home?: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #13939}

Do Thugas Gra Cleibh Duit: (2 refs. <1K Notes)

Do war ich mol in Schtad Redding (Once I Was in the City of Reading): (1 ref.)

Do Weel My Sons [Cross-reference]

Do Ye Ken John Peel? [Cross-reference]

Do Ye Mind Lang Syne: (2 refs.) {Roud #6322}

Do You Know the Muffin Man? [Cross-reference]

Do You Live By Prayer?: (1 ref. <1K Notes)

Do You Love an Apple?: (7 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #654}

Do You See That There Bird On Yonder Tree? [Cross-reference]

Do Your Balls Hang Low?: (2 refs.) {Roud #10259}

Do Your Ears Hang Low?: (4 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #15472}

Do Yours Hang Low? [Cross-reference]

Do-Re-Mi: (1 ref.)

Do, Do, Pity My Case: (2 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #11590}

Dobbin's Flowery Vale [Cross-reference]

Dobe Bill [Cross-reference]

Dobie Bill (Dobe Bill, The Killer): (3 refs. 1K Notes) {Roud #4046}

Dockyard Cavalry, The [Cross-reference]

Dockyard Gate, The: (1 ref.) {Roud #1739}

Dockyard Mateys' Sons: (1 ref.) {Roud #29909}

Docta Bud (Doctor Bird): (3 refs. <1K Notes)

Doctor Blair Was a Man of Skill: (1 ref. <1K Notes)

Doctor Crippen: (1 ref.) {Roud #18472}

Doctor Fletcher (Dr. Pritchard): (8 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #4805}

Doctor Foster Went to Gloucester: (5 refs. 1K Notes) {Roud #19712}

Doctor Jones: (5 refs.) {Roud #3646}

Doctor Monroe: (2 refs.) {Roud #6804}

Doctor Munro [Cross-reference]

Doctor Stafford and the Weaver's Daughter: (9 refs. 1K Notes) {Roud #3868}

Doctor-Man, The: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #12479}

Doctor, Doctor, Can You Tell [Cross-reference]

Doctor, Doctor, Tell Me Quick [Cross-reference]

Doctor's Prescription, The [Cross-reference]

Dodger Song, The [Cross-reference]

Dodger, The: (9 refs.) {Roud #3758}

Dodgers [Cross-reference]

Does the Driver Want a Wee Wee: (1 ref. <1K Notes)

Does Your Heart Beat True to Me?: (1 ref.) {Roud #12961}

Does Your Mother Know You're Out? (I): (1 ref. 8K Notes) {Roud #11756}

Does Your Mother Know You're Out? (II): (2 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #30119}

Does Your Mother Know You're Out? (III): (1 ref. <1K Notes)

Doffin' Mistress, The: (6 refs. 2K Notes) {Roud #2133}

Doffing Mistress, The [Cross-reference]

Dog and Gun [Cross-reference]

Dog and His Gun, The [Cross-reference]

Dog and the Gun (I), The [Cross-reference]

Dog and the Gun (II), The [Cross-reference]

Dog and the Gun, The [Cross-reference]

Dog in the Closet, The (The Old Dyer) [Laws Q11]: (6 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #1006}

Dog in the Midden, The: (2 refs.) {Roud #13042}

Dog in the Wood: (1 ref. <1K Notes)

Dog Meat Man, The [Cross-reference]

Dog on the Tucker Box, The [Cross-reference]

Dog on the Tuckerbox [Cross-reference]

Dog Shark: (1 ref. <1K Notes)

Dog Song, The: (1 ref.) {Roud #6350}

Dog-Catcher's Child, The: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #9604}

Dog's Convention, The: (4 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #5474}

Dog's-Meat Man, The: (4 refs.) {Roud #7515}

Dogger Bank, The: (3 refs. 3K Notes) {Roud #18836}

Dogget Gap [Cross-reference]

Dogget's Gap: (3 refs.) {Roud #11584}

Doggett Gap [Cross-reference]

Doggie Woggie Woo Woo: (1 ref. <1K Notes)

Doggies' Meeting, The [Cross-reference]

Dogie Song: (1 ref.) {Roud #8028}

Dogie Song, The [Cross-reference]

Dogs and Ferrets [Cross-reference]

Dogs in the Alley, The [Cross-reference]

Dogs Meat Man, The [Cross-reference]

Dogs-Meat Man, The [Cross-reference]

Dogs' Meeting, The [Cross-reference]

Dogs' Party, The [Cross-reference]

Doherty's Wake: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #2761}

Dol-li-a: (2 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #2611}

Dole Song (I), The: (1 ref.) {Roud #30698}

Dole Song (II), The: (1 ref.)

Dollar a Day, A: (1 ref. <1K Notes)

Dollar and a Half a Day, A [Cross-reference]

Dollar Down and a Dollar a Week: (3 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #18540}

Dollar, Dollar [Cross-reference]

Dolly Bairdie hid a coo [Cross-reference]

Dolly Grey: (2 refs. <1K Notes)

Dolly Varden Hats, The: (3 refs. 3K Notes) {Roud #6081}

Dolly-Play Song, The [Cross-reference]

Dolly, My Crumpled-Horn Cow: (1 ref. 3K Notes)

Dolly's Brae (I): (2 refs. 2K Notes)

Dolly's Brae (II): (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #6544}

Dolly's Brae (III): (2 refs. <1K Notes)

Dolly's Brae (IV): (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #6544}

Dolphin, The: (5 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #690}

Dolphin's Return, The: (1 ref.) {Roud #V10497}

Dom Pedro, The [Laws D12]: (3 refs.) {Roud #2236}

Don Buck: (1 ref. <1K Notes)

Don Kelly's Girl [Cross-reference]

Don' Cher Look at Me, Ca'line: (1 ref.)

Don't Be a Coward, Don't Be Afraid: (1 ref.)

Don't Be Weary Traveller: (2 refs.) {Roud #12036}

Don't Call de Roll [Cross-reference]

Don't Call the Roll: (5 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #15254}

Don't Care Was Made to Care: (1 ref.)

Don't Come to Michigan: (4 refs.) {Roud #6524}

Don't Count Your Chickens: (2 refs.) {Roud #7584}

Don't Cry [Cross-reference]

Don't Despite a Man Because He Wears a Ragged Coat [Cross-reference]

Don't Dilly Dally on the Way: (2 refs.) {Roud #32460}

Don't Ever Trust a Sailor [Cross-reference]

Don't Forget Me, Little Darling (I): (6 refs.)

Don't Forget Me, Little Darling (II) [Cross-reference]

Don't Get Trouble in Your Mind: (7 refs. 1K Notes) {Roud #14067}

Don't Get Weary: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #12051}

Don't Get Weary Children (Massa Had a Yellow Gal): (11 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #11744}

Don't Get Weary, We'll Get Home By and By: (1 ref. 2K Notes)

Don't Give Us a Make and Mend, Sir: (1 ref.)

Don't Go Down in the Mine, Dad [Cross-reference]

Don't Go in Them Lion's Cage Tonight Mother: (2 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #9629}

Don't Go Out Tonight, My Darling: (5 refs.) {Roud #3521}

Don't Go Ridin' Down That Old Texas Trail: (1 ref.) {Roud #4955}

Don't Go, Tommy: (3 refs.) {Roud #7531}

Don't Knock: (2 refs.)

Don't Leave Me, Lord: (1 ref. <1K Notes)

Don't Leave Your Mother When Her Hair Turns Gray: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #7380}

Don't Let Your Deal Go Down: (21 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #4854}

Don't Let Your Watch Run Down: (2 refs.) {Roud #11641}

Don't Let Your Watch Run Down, Cap'n [Cross-reference]

Don't Lie, Buddy: (2 refs.)

Don't Like a Rich White Man Nohow [Cross-reference]

Don't Like Your Family: (1 ref.) {Roud #11329}

Don't Marry the Mormon Boys [Cross-reference]

Don't Never Marry a Drunkard: (1 ref.) {Roud #724}

Don't Never Trust a Sailor (I) [Cross-reference]

Don't Put Me Off At Buffalo Anymore: (1 ref. 1K Notes) {Roud #26319}

Don't Run Down the Irish (My Father Was Born in Killlarney): (1 ref.)

Don't Say No: (1 ref.)

Don't Sell Daddy Anymore Whiskey: (1 ref. <1K Notes)

Don't Sell Him Any More Rum: (5 refs.) {Roud #7796}

Don't Send Me Home: (1 ref.) {Roud #29410}

Don't Sing Love Songs [Cross-reference]

Don't Speak To Me: (1 ref.)

Don't Stay After Ten: (3 refs.) {Roud #4969}

Don't Stay Away, People [Cross-reference]

Don't Strike Out the Top Line: (1 ref. 2K Notes)

Don't Swat Your Mother, Boys: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #15690}

Don't Take Everybody to Be Your Friend: (1 ref. <1K Notes)

Don't Talk About It: (2 refs.) {Roud #15588}

Don't Tell a Lie [Cross-reference]

Don't Tell Little Lulu: (1 ref.)

Don't This Road Look Rough and Rocky [Cross-reference]

Don't Throw Your Dust [Cross-reference]

Don't Throw Your Junk [Cross-reference]

Don't Turn Around [Cross-reference]

Don't Wed an Old Man [Cross-reference]

Don't Ya Heah Jerusalem Moan? [Cross-reference]

Don't You Feel the Fire A-Burning: (1 ref. <1K Notes)

Don't You Go, Tommy [Cross-reference]

Don't You Grieve After Me (I): (4 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #6698}

Don't You Grieve After Me (II) [Cross-reference]

Don't You Grieve for Me: (1 ref.) {Roud #12089}

Don't You Hear Jerusalem Moan? [Cross-reference]

Don't You Hear Jerusalem Mourn?: (6 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #4945}

Don't You Hear My Hammer Ringing: (2 refs. <1K Notes)

Don't You Hear That Jaybird Call: (1 ref. <1K Notes)

Don't You Hurry Worry with Me: (1 ref.) {Roud #15649}

Don't You Know (Way Over in Williamson): (2 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #15137}

Don't You Leave Me Here: (3 refs. <1K Notes)

Don't You Like It: (1 ref.) {Roud #15646}

Don't You Marry the Mormon Boys [Cross-reference]

Don't You Mind What The Devil Does: (1 ref. <1K Notes)

Don't You Remember [Cross-reference]

Don't you remember sweet Alice? (Ben Bolt) [Cross-reference]

Don't You Want To Go: (1 ref.)

Don't You Weep After Me: (7 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #2286}

Don't Yuh Min' W'at duh Debble Do [Cross-reference]

Dona Dona: (2 refs. <1K Notes)

Dona Nobis Pacem: (7 refs. <1K Notes)

Donagh Hill: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #17893}

Donahue's Spree: (1 ref.) {Roud #25121}

Donal Og [Cross-reference]

Donal Ogue [Cross-reference]

Donal' Blue [Cross-reference]

Donal' Don: (2 refs.) {Roud #13125}

Donald and Glencoe [Cross-reference]

Donald and His Mither: (5 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #6250}

Donald Blue [Cross-reference]

Donald Campbell: (1 ref.)

Donald Duck: (3 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #19311 and 19283}

Donald Monroe [Laws J12]: (19 refs.) {Roud #521}

Donald Munro [Cross-reference]

Donald o' Dundee: (8 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #6716}

Donald of Glencoe [Cross-reference]

Donald Og [Cross-reference]

Donald's Adventure: (1 ref.) {Roud #5832}

Donald's Return to Glencoe [Cross-reference]

Donald's Safe Come Back Again: (2 refs. 1K Notes) {Roud #5791}

Donald's Visit to Glasgow: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #5858}

Donall Og (Young Donald): (3 refs. 2K Notes) {Roud #3379}

Donderbeck's Machine [Cross-reference]

Done Been Sanctified: (1 ref.)

Done Carry de Key an' Gone Home [Cross-reference]

Done Took the Children out of Pharaoh's Hands: (2 refs. <1K Notes)

Doneraile Litany, The: (2 refs. 2K Notes)

Doney Gal: (6 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #3587}

Donkey Riding [Cross-reference]

Donkey Song, The: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #9081}

Donkey-Skin [Cross-reference]

Donkey, The: (5 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #1147}

Donkey's Song, The: (2 refs. <1K Notes)

Donkeyskin [Cross-reference]

Donna Donna [Cross-reference]

Donnelly: (2 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #863}

Donnelly and Cooper: (11 refs. 3K Notes) {Roud #2147}

Donnelly and Cooper Fight, The [Cross-reference]

Donnely and Cooper [Cross-reference]

Donnie Willie: (1 ref.)

Donny Dims of the Arrow [Cross-reference]

Donnybrook Fair [Cross-reference]

Donside: (3 refs.) {Roud #5759}

Donside Wedding, The: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #6054}

Donzella and the Ceylon, The: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #4087}

Doo Me Ama [Cross-reference]

Doodle Dandy: (2 refs. 2K Notes) {Roud #16407}

Doodle Doo [Cross-reference]

Doodlebug, Doodlebug, Get a Cup of Coffee [Cross-reference]

Doom of Campbell, Kelly and Doyle, The: (1 ref. 10K Notes) {Roud #4090}

Doom of Floyd Collins, The [Cross-reference]

Doon by yon Clear Rinnin' Burnie: (1 ref.) {Roud #6727}

Doon the Moor [Cross-reference]

Doors of Ivory [Cross-reference]

Doos o' Dunbennan, The: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #13056}

Doran's Ass [Laws Q19]: (21 refs.) {Roud #1010}

Dors Le Petit Bibi (Sleep Little Baby): (2 refs.)

Dottered Auld Carle, A [Cross-reference]

Dottered Auld Carle, The [Cross-reference]

Double Dutch: (1 ref.)

Double Tragedy, The: (1 ref.) {Roud #10883}

Double-Breasted Mansion on the Square, The: (1 ref.) {Roud #11209}

Double-bunking: (2 refs.)

Dougherty's Boarding House: (1 ref.) {Roud #4729}

Doughnut Song: (3 refs. <1K Notes)

Doughnut, The [Cross-reference]

Douglas Tragedy, The [Cross-reference]

Douglas! Tender and True: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #25550}

Doun the Middle an' Up Again: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #13131}

Dove, The [Cross-reference]

Dowie Dens o Yarrow, The [Child 214]: (44 refs. 2K Notes) {Roud #13}

Dowie Houms o Yarrow, The [Cross-reference]

Dowie Houms of Yarrow, The [Cross-reference]

Down a Country Road I Know: (1 ref. <1K Notes)

Down Among the Budded Roses: (11 refs. 1K Notes) {Roud #6577}

Down Among the Coals: (4 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #24459}

Down Among the Dead Men: (4 refs.) {Roud #9623}

Down at the Station: (5 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #10746}

Down at the Wangan: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #9200}

Down at the Water Tank [Cross-reference]

Down at WIdow Johnson's: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #17902}

Down Bed, The [Cross-reference]

Down by a River Side [Cross-reference]

Down By Blackwaterside: (14 refs. 1K Notes) {Roud #564}

Down by de Ribberside [Cross-reference]

Down by El Alamein: (1 ref.)

Down by Gruyer's Groves [Cross-reference]

Down by Jim Long's Stage: (2 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #7294}

Down by Sally's Garden [Cross-reference]

Down by the Brazos [Cross-reference]

Down by the Brook [Cross-reference]

Down By the Derwent Side: (4 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #1114}

Down by the Fair River [Cross-reference]

Down By the Glenside (The Bold Fenian Men): (2 refs. 1K Notes) {Roud #9266}

Down by the Green Bushes [Cross-reference]

Down by the Greenwood Side [Cross-reference]

Down by the Greenwood Sidee [Cross-reference]

Down By the Groves of Tullig: (2 refs.) {Roud #9288}

Down by the Liffey Side [Cross-reference]

Down By the Magdalen Green: (2 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #2893}

Down By the Mellon Green [Cross-reference]

Down by the Ocean [Cross-reference]

Down by the Old Mill Stream: (3 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #18684}

Down by the River Lived a Maiden [Cross-reference]

Down by the River Where the Green Grass Grows [Cross-reference]

Down by the River, Down by the Sea [Cross-reference]

Down By the Riverside (I) (Study War No More): (32 refs. 2K Notes) {Roud #11886}

Down By the Riverside (II): (2 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #25802}

Down by the Sally Gardens: (5 refs. <1K Notes)

Down by the Sea: (1 ref.) {Roud #10561}

Down by the Sea Shore [Cross-reference]

Down by the Seaside: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #1712}

Down by the Station [Cross-reference]

Down By the Tan-Yard Side [Cross-reference]

Down By the Tanyard Side [Cross-reference]

Down by the Weeping Willow Tree: (1 ref. <1K Notes)

Down by the Wild Mustard River [Cross-reference]

Down by the Yeaman Shore: (1 ref.)

Down By Yon Shady Harbor: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #3830}

Down Came an Angel [Cross-reference]

Down Een duh Walley On My Prayin' Knees [Cross-reference]

Down Erin's Lovely Lee [Cross-reference]

Down Fell the Old Nag: (1 ref.)

Down Hampshire Way: (1 ref. <1K Notes)

Down in a Boston Restaurant: (1 ref.) {Roud #18206}

Down in a Coal Mine [Cross-reference]

Down in a Licensed Saloon: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #7807}

Down in Alabama [Cross-reference]

Down in Arkansas [Cross-reference]

Down in Covent Garden [Cross-reference]

Down in Dear Old Greenwich Village: (1 ref.) {Roud #9537}

Down in Dixie's Isle [Cross-reference]

Down in Jay Bird Town [Cross-reference]

Down in My Garden [Cross-reference]

Down in My Sally's Garden: (3 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #3819}

Down In Old Franklin County: (2 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #14054}

Down in Our Village: (5 refs.) {Roud #1113}

Down in Southern Illinois: (2 refs.) {Roud #14053}

Down in Texas Blues: (1 ref. <1K Notes)

Down in the Arkansas: (13 refs.) {Roud #7626}

Down in the Brunner Mine: (3 refs. <1K Notes)

Down in the Coal Mine: (10 refs.) {Roud #3502}

Down in the Diving Bell (The Mermaid (II)): (3 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #5013}

Down in the Diving Bells [Cross-reference]

Down in the Duckpond: (1 ref.)

Down in the Harbor of Havana: (1 ref.) {Roud #5018}

Down in the Holler: (1 ref.)

Down in the Jungle: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #18993}

Down in the Lehigh Valley [Cross-reference]

Down in the Lehigh Valley (II) [Cross-reference]

Down in the lowlands a poor girl did wander [Cross-reference]

Down in the Lowlands There Grew a Tree [Cross-reference]

Down in the Meadow (Down in the Valley II): (14 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #12967}

Down in the Place Where I Come From: (1 ref. <1K Notes)

Down in the River Where the Green Grass Grows [Cross-reference]

Down in the Taro Patch [Cross-reference]

Down in the Town of Old Bantry (The Black and Tan Gun): (1 ref. 1K Notes) {Roud #12938}

Down in the Tules: (1 ref. <1K Notes)

Down in the Valley: (36 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #943}

Down in the Valley (III) [Cross-reference]

Down In The Valley On My Praying Knees: (1 ref. <1K Notes)

Down in the Valley to Pray: (5 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #4928}

Down in the Valley Washing Her Clothes: (4 refs.)

Down in the Valley Where the Green Grass Grows [Cross-reference]

Down in the Willow Garden [Cross-reference]

Down in Union County: (1 ref.) {Roud #7057 and 7471}

Down in Utah: (2 refs.) {Roud #10858}

Down in Yon Forest [Cross-reference]

Down in Yon Valley [Cross-reference]

Down in Yonder Meadow [Cross-reference]

Down In Yonder Valley [Cross-reference]

Down On Me: (3 refs.) {Roud #12256}

Down on my Luck: (3 refs.)

Down on Penney's Farm [Cross-reference]

Down on Penny's Farm: (8 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #6687}

Down on Roberts' Farm [Cross-reference]

Down on Tanner' Farm [Cross-reference]

Down on the Banks of the Hanky Tank: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #15891}

Down on the Banks of the Ohio [Cross-reference]

Down on the Corner of Dock and Holly: (1 ref.)

Down on the Corner, Chewing Bubble Gum [Cross-reference]

Down on the Farm (I): (1 ref.)

Down on the Farm (II): (2 refs.) {Roud #4375}

Down on the Farm (III): (1 ref. <1K Notes)

Down on the Farm (IV -- Parody): (1 ref.) {Roud #11348}

Down on the Ol' Bar-G: (1 ref.)

Down on the Pichelo Farm: (1 ref.) {Roud #7662}

Down on Your Knees: (1 ref. 1K Notes)

Down the Green Fields: (2 refs.) {Roud #11627}

Down the Green Groves [Cross-reference]

Down the Hall on Saturday Night: (2 refs.)

Down the Line [Cross-reference]

Down the Mississippi Where the Boats Go Push: (1 ref.) {Roud #19314}

Down the Moor [Cross-reference]

Down the River: (8 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #7677}

Down the Road (I): (7 refs. <1K Notes)

Down the Road (II): (1 ref.) {Roud #15128}

Down the Road (III): (2 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #3426 and 11585}

Down the Road (IV) [Cross-reference]

Down the Streets in London [Cross-reference]

Down to de Mire [Cross-reference]

Down to New Orleans (I): (1 ref.) {Roud #7900}

Down to New Orleans (II) [Cross-reference]

Down to the Mire: (1 ref. <1K Notes)

Down Went Dan McGinty [Cross-reference]

Down Went McGinty: (8 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #4870}

Down Where the Coolibahs Grow [Cross-reference]

Down Where the Watermelon Grows: (3 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #27821}

Down Where the Watermelons Grow [Cross-reference]

Down With the Old Canoe [Cross-reference]

Down-Trodden Maryland: (1 ref.)

Down, Derry Down [Cross-reference]

Down, Down Derry Down [Cross-reference]

Down, Down, Down: (6 refs.) {Roud #4758}

Downeast Maid, The [Cross-reference]

Downey's Our Member: (2 refs. 6K Notes) {Roud #9812}

Downfall of Heresy, The: (2 refs. 9K Notes) {Roud #V8272}

Downfall of Piracy, The [Cross-reference]

Downfall of Trade, The: (2 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #V8922}

Downhill of Life, The: (7 refs.) {Roud #1308}

Downward Road Is Crowded, The [Cross-reference]

Downward Road, The: (2 refs.) {Roud #11945}

Doxology, The [Cross-reference]

Dr. Brown [Cross-reference]

Dr. Knickerbocker: (1 ref.)

Dr. Peck [Cross-reference]

Dr. Till of Somerset: (1 ref. 1K Notes)

Draftee's Blues [Cross-reference]

Draggle-tailed Gipsies, The [Cross-reference]

Dragoon and the Lady, The [Cross-reference]

Dragoon and the Maid, The [Cross-reference]

Draherin O Machree [Cross-reference]

Dramdrinker, The: (1 ref.) {Roud #7831}

Drap o' Cappie O, The: (2 refs.) {Roud #5893}

Draw a Bucket of Water: (10 refs.) {Roud #11635}

Draw a Snake (Tip the Finger): (1 ref.) {Roud #20456}

Draw Lebel [Cross-reference]

Draw Level: (1 ref. <1K Notes)

Draw me nere, draw me nere [Cross-reference]

Dreadful Ghost, The [Cross-reference]

Dreadful Massacre of Sixmilebridge, The: (1 ref. <1K Notes)

Dreadful Shipwreck of the Flora Transport (Jane Cardonell): (1 ref.)

Dreadnaught, The [Cross-reference]

Dreadnought, The [Laws D13]: (25 refs. 3K Notes) {Roud #924}

Dream of a Miner's Child [Cross-reference]

Dream of Dolly's Brae, A: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #6545}

Dream of General T. F. Burke, A [Cross-reference]

Dream of Napoleon, A [Cross-reference]

Dream of the Miner's Child, The: (14 refs. 1K Notes) {Roud #2334}

Dream, The [Cross-reference]

Dreaming of a Little Cabin: (3 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #V46935}

Dreams (May All of Your Dreams Be Like Daisies in the FIeld): (1 ref.)

Dreary Black Hills, The: (19 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #3604}

Dreary Dream, The [Cross-reference]

Dreary Gallows, The [Cross-reference]

Dreary Life, The [Cross-reference]

Dreary Weather [Cross-reference]

Dreary, Dreary Life, The [Cross-reference]

Dredge from Presque Isle, The: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #19875}

Drei Reiter Am Thor: (1 ref. <1K Notes)

Drei Wochen vor Oschrdren (Three Weeks before Easter): (1 ref.)

Dressed in Black [Cross-reference]

Dressed In Brown [Cross-reference]

Dressed in Green [Cross-reference]

Drifting and Drifting: (1 ref.)

Drihaureen O Mo Chree (Little Brother of My Heart): (12 refs. 4K Notes) {Roud #2360}

Drill Ye Heroes, Drill!: (2 refs. 1K Notes) {Roud #4436}

Drill, Ye Tarriers, Drill: (19 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #4401 and 4436}

Drill, Ye Terriers [Cross-reference]

Drimindown: (4 refs. 4K Notes) {Roud #2712}

Drinane Dhun [Cross-reference]

Drinaun Dun, The (An Draighnean Donn, The Blackthorn Tree): (5 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #2363}

Drink 'Er Down [Cross-reference] {Roud #17004}

Drink in the Morn, A: (1 ref.)

Drink It Down: (6 refs.) {Roud #17004}

Drink Old England Dry: (5 refs. 2K Notes) {Roud #882}

Drink Round, Brave Boys [Cross-reference]

Drink That Rot Gut: (2 refs.) {Roud #8030}

Drink To Me Only With Thine Eyes: (13 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #V3830}

Drinkin' Bad Bad Whiskey: (1 ref.)

Drinkin' That Wine [Cross-reference]

Drinking and Gambling Gonna Be My Ruin: (1 ref.) {Roud #32511}

Drinking Gin: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #25999}

Drinking Gourd, The [Cross-reference]

Drinking of the Wine: (9 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #7851}

Drinking Rum and Raspberry: (1 ref.)

Drinking Song (I) [Cross-reference]

Drinking Song (II) [Cross-reference]

Drinking Song (III) [Cross-reference]

Drinking Strong Whiskey: (2 refs.) {Roud #5293}

Drive Dull Care Away: (4 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #13988}

Drive It On (I): (2 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #10223}

Drive It On (II) [Cross-reference]

Drive on Cooper Brook, The: (2 refs.) {Roud #25251}

Drive the Cold Winter Away (In Praise of Christmas): (7 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #V9375}

Drive, The: (1 ref.) {Roud #8854}

Driven into Spaniard's Bay: (1 ref.) {Roud #V44630}

Driver Boy, The [Laws G12]: (3 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #3253}

Drivers' Lunch: (1 ref.) {Roud #23380}

Drivin' Steel: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #790}

Driving Away at the Smoothing Iron: (6 refs.) {Roud #869}

Driving Logs on Rainbow: (1 ref. <1K Notes)

Driving Logs on Schoodic: (1 ref.)

Driving Logs on the Cass [Laws C22]: (5 refs.) {Roud #1928}

Driving Saw-Logs on the Plover: (7 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #2797}

Drool Song [Cross-reference]

Drooping Souls, No Longer Grieve [Cross-reference]

Droosy Chiel, The: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #6086}

Drop 'Em Down: (1 ref.)

Drop 'Em Down Together: (1 ref. <1K Notes)

Drop of Good Beer, A [Cross-reference]

Drop-the-Handkerchief [Cross-reference]

Drought, The: (1 ref.)

Drouthy Souters, The: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #6044}

Drover's Dream, The: (9 refs.) {Roud #5473}

Drover's Song, The [Cross-reference]

Droving Song, The: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #9984}

Drownded Boy, The: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #3524}

Drownded Miner, The: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #25987}

Drowned Lover, The [Cross-reference]

Drowned Lovers, The [Cross-reference]

Drowned Sailor, The [Cross-reference]

Drowning in Tears: (1 ref. <1K Notes)

Drowning Lady, The (The Witch Song) [Cross-reference]

Drowning of John Roberts, 1852, The [Cross-reference]

Drowning of John Roberts, The [Laws C3]: (4 refs.) {Roud #2222}

Drowning of Patrick Martin, The: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #12464}

Drowning of Young Robinson, The: (7 refs. 1K Notes) {Roud #3600}

Drowsy Sleeper, The [Laws M4]: (61 refs. 1K Notes) {Roud #22620 and 22621}

Drowsy Sleepers [Cross-reference]

Droylsden Wakes: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #3290}

Drum Major, The (The Female Drummer): (4 refs. 1K Notes) {Roud #1678}

Drumallachie: (3 refs. 1K Notes) {Roud #2481}

Drumboe Castle: (2 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #13466}

Drumdelgie: (6 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #2180}

Drumglassa Hill: (1 ref. <1K Notes)

Drummallochie [Cross-reference]

Drummer and His Wife [Cross-reference]

Drummer and the Cook, The: (8 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #3136}

Drummer Boy Edwin of Waterloo, The [Cross-reference]

Drummer Boy of Shiloh, The [Laws A15]: (8 refs. 1K Notes) {Roud #773}

Drummer Boy of Waterloo, The [Laws J1]: (23 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #1804}

Drummer Maid, The [Cross-reference]

Drummer, The [Cross-reference]

Drummond's Land [Cross-reference]

Drums Beat to Order, The: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #5788}

Drunk Husband, The [Cross-reference]

Drunk Last Night: (3 refs.) {Roud #10531}

Drunk Last Night [Cross-reference]

Drunk Man Blues [Cross-reference]

Drunk Mason, The: (1 ref.) {Roud #6040}

Drunk on the Way [Cross-reference]

Drunkard (I), The [Cross-reference]

Drunkard and His Daughter, or Please Mr. Barkeeper: (1 ref. <1K Notes)

Drunkard Blues [Cross-reference]

Drunkard Father, The [Cross-reference]

Drunkard Is No More, The [Cross-reference]

Drunkard John: (1 ref.) {Roud #9551}

Drunkard Song: (1 ref.)

Drunkard's Child (I), The: (3 refs.) {Roud #7803}

Drunkard's Child (II), The [Cross-reference]

Drunkard's Confession, The [Cross-reference]

Drunkard's Courtship, The [Cross-reference]

Drunkard's Doom (I), The: (20 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #3113}

Drunkard's Doom (II) [Cross-reference]

Drunkard's Dream (I), The: (28 refs. 1K Notes) {Roud #722}

Drunkard's Dream (II), The: (1 ref.) {Roud #7856}

Drunkard's Dream (III) [Cross-reference]

Drunkard's Hell, The: (11 refs.) {Roud #721}

Drunkard's Hiccoughs (Drunken Hiccups): (3 refs.) {Roud #7682}

Drunkard's Hiccups [Cross-reference]

Drunkard's Home, The: (1 ref. <1K Notes)

Drunkard's Horse, The: (6 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #2799}

Drunkard's Legacy, The: (3 refs. 1K Notes) {Roud #V3745}

Drunkard's Lone Child, The: (15 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #723}

Drunkard's Ragged Wean, The: (3 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #3112}

Drunkard's Ragged Wee Ane, The [Cross-reference]

Drunkard's Song (I): (1 ref. <1K Notes)

Drunkard's Song (II) [Cross-reference]

Drunkard's Special [Cross-reference]

Drunkard's Story, The: (1 ref.) {Roud #7798}

Drunkard's Warning, A [Cross-reference]

Drunkard's Wife (I), The: (1 ref.) {Roud #7804}

Drunkard's Wife (II), The: (2 refs.) {Roud #4286}

Drunkard's Wife's Dream, The: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #10918}

Drunken Captain (I), The: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #12639}

Drunken Captain (II), The [Cross-reference]

Drunken Driver: (3 refs.) {Roud #6982}

Drunken Fool, The [Cross-reference]

Drunken Hiccoughs [Cross-reference]

Drunken Hiccups [Cross-reference]

Drunken Maidens: (7 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #252}

Drunken Sailor, The (Early in the Morning): (29 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #322}

Drunken Spree [Cross-reference]

Drunken Tarlan' Crew, The: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #13566}

Drunkerds Hell, The [Cross-reference]

Dry Bones (I) [Cross-reference]

Dry Weather Houses: (2 refs.)

Drygate Brig, The: (5 refs.) {Roud #6039}

Drynaun Dun, The [Cross-reference]

Du Dah Day: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #10838}

Du Dah Mormon Song, The: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #10838}

Du denkscht es dut mich reien (You Think That I Regret): (1 ref.)

Dubbieneuk: (1 ref.) {Roud #6060}

Dublin After the Union: (2 refs. 4K Notes)

Dublin Bay (Roy Neal): (18 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #785}

Dublin City [Cross-reference]

Dublin Heiress, The [Cross-reference]

Dublin Jack of All Trades: (4 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #3017}

Dublin Weaver, The [Cross-reference]

Duck and a Drake, A: (1 ref.) {Roud #19635}

Duck and the Drake, The [Cross-reference]

Duck from Drummuck, The [Cross-reference]

Duck in the Pond, A: (1 ref.)

Duck-Foot Sue: (3 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #9553}

Duckfoot Sue [Cross-reference]

Ducks and Drakes [Cross-reference]

Ducks Fly: (1 ref.)

Ducks in the Millpond: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #11307}

Dudley Boys, The: (3 refs.) {Roud #1131}

Duermete, Nino Lindo: (2 refs.)

Duffy's Blunder [Cross-reference]

Duffy's Hotel: (4 refs.) {Roud #1961}

Dug-Out in the True: (3 refs.)

Dugall Quin [Child 294]: (2 refs.) {Roud #3928}

Duggan's Dancing School: (1 ref.)

Duke a-Riding, A [Cross-reference]

Duke in York, A [Cross-reference]

Duke o' Gordon's Three Daughters, The [Cross-reference]

Duke of Argyle, The [Laws N1]: (4 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #1915}

Duke of Argyle's Courtship, The: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #3797}

Duke of Athol, The [Cross-reference]

Duke of Athole's Nurse, The [Child 212]: (9 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #3393}

Duke of Bedford, The [Cross-reference]

Duke of Berwick's March [Cross-reference]

Duke of Buckingham, The [Cross-reference]

Duke of Buckingham's Hounds, The: (6 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #584}

Duke of Gordon's Daughter, The [Child 237]: (9 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #342}

Duke of Gordon's Three Daughters, The [Cross-reference]

Duke of Grafton, The [Cross-reference]

Duke of Marlborough, The: (10 refs. 1K Notes) {Roud #233}

Duke of York, The [Cross-reference]

Duke William: (9 refs. 3K Notes) {Roud #1544}

Duke William's Frolic [Cross-reference]

Duke Willie: (2 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #13011}

Duke's Daughter, The [Cross-reference]

Duke's Late Glorious Success over the Dutch, The: (1 ref.)

Dukes and Earls [Cross-reference]

Dulcie Jones: (1 ref.) {Roud #16286}

Dulcina: (7 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #9916}

Dumb Maid, The [Cross-reference]

Dumb Wife, The (Dumb, Dumb, Dumb) [Laws Q5]: (27 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #434}

Dumb, Dumb Maid, The [Cross-reference]

Dumbarton's Bell [Cross-reference]

Dumbarton's Bonnie Dell: (5 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #7145}

Dumbarton's Drums: (6 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #8669}

Dumble Dum Deary [Cross-reference]

Dumma Locy Locy: (1 ref.) {Roud #11374}

Dummer Sheener's Gang, The: (3 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #874}

Dummy Line (I), The: (5 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #15359}

Dummy Line (II), The: (7 refs. 1K Notes) {Roud #11776}

Dun Cow, The: (1 ref. <1K Notes)

Dunbar the Murderer: (1 ref. <1K Notes)

Duncan and Brady [Laws I9]: (13 refs. 2K Notes) {Roud #4177}

Duncan and Janet M'Cleary [Cross-reference]

Duncan Campbell (Erin-Go-Bragh) [Laws Q20]: (21 refs. 1K Notes) {Roud #1627}

Duncan M'Callipin (The Tranent Wedding): (1 ref.) {Roud #5982}

Duncan MacCleary: (1 ref.) {Roud #12586}

Duncan MacIntosh: (1 ref.) {Roud #6008}

Duncan MacKallikin: (3 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #5983}

Duncan Macleerie [Cross-reference]

Dundee Jail: (1 ref. <1K Notes)

Dundee Lassie (I), The: (1 ref.) {Roud #21588}

Dundee Lassie (II), The [Cross-reference]

Dundee Once More: (1 ref.) {Roud #21589}

Dundee Weaver, The: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #8108}

Dundee Whaler, The: (1 ref. <1K Notes)

Dundee Whalers [Cross-reference]

Dundee, It's a Pretty Place: (1 ref. 1K Notes)

Dunderbeck: (9 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #4461}

Dungannon Convention, The: (1 ref. 3K Notes)

Dungarvon Whooper (I), The: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #9198}

Dungarvon Whooper (II), The: (1 ref. 1K Notes) {Roud #9199}

Dungiven Cricket Match: (1 ref.) {Roud #13539}

Dungiveny Priory Church: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #13463}

Dunlap Creek: (1 ref.)

Dunlap's Creek: (1 ref.) {Roud #18615}

Dunlavin Green: (5 refs. 1K Notes) {Roud #3010}

Dunn, Gilbert, and Ben Hall [Cross-reference]

Dunphy's Bear: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #23382}

Dunya: (1 ref. <1K Notes)

Dupre Blues [Cross-reference]

Dupree [Laws I11]: (17 refs. 29K Notes) {Roud #4179}

Dupree Tol' Betty [Cross-reference]

Durant Jail, The [Cross-reference]

Durch Gnad so will ich singen (Through Grace Will I Sing): (1 ref. <1K Notes)

Durex Is a Girl's Best Friend: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #10261}

Durham ffeilde [Cross-reference]

Durham Field [Child 159]: (6 refs. 16K Notes) {Roud #3998}

Durham Jail [Cross-reference]

Durham Strike (Durham Lockout): (2 refs. <1K Notes)

Durie Down [Cross-reference]

Dus Ha My A Gan Dhys (Come and I Will Sing You) [Cross-reference]

Dusky Night Rides Down the Sky, The: (1 ref.) {Roud #24420}

Dust an' Ashes: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #15291}

Dust My Broom: (4 refs. 1K Notes)

Dusty Bluebells [Cross-reference]

Dusty Miller (II) [Cross-reference]

Dusty Miller, The: (7 refs.) {Roud #5959}

Dutch Courtship: (1 ref.) {Roud #15139}

Dutch Lullaby, The [Cross-reference]

Dutch Volunteer, The: (2 refs. 1K Notes)

Dutch Warbler [Cross-reference]

Dutchman Song, The: (1 ref.) {Roud #11347}

Dutchman, Dutchman, Won't You Marry Me? [Cross-reference]

Dutchman's Song: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #1820}

Dweley [Cross-reference]

Dwelling in Beulah Land: (1 ref. <1K Notes)

Dwewy-Berry Song, The: (1 ref. <1K Notes)

Dying Aviator, The: (9 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #3454}

Dying Bagman, The [Cross-reference]

Dying Boy, The: (1 ref.) {Roud #7552}

Dying British Sergeant, The: (6 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #2801}

Dying Bushman, The: (1 ref.)

Dying Calfornia [Cross-reference]

Dying Californian (I), The: (22 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #2283}

Dying Californian (II), The: (3 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #2283}

Dying Christian, The [Cross-reference]

Dying Cowboy (II), The [Cross-reference]

Dying Cowboy (III), The [Cross-reference]

Dying Cowboy (IV), The: (1 ref.)

Dying Cowboy I, The [Cross-reference]

Dying Cowboy of Rim Rock Ranch: (2 refs.) {Roud #11098}

Dying Cowgirl, The: (3 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #4775}

Dying Crap Shooter's Blues [Cross-reference]

Dying Crapshooter's Blues: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #17561}

Dying Daughter, The: (1 ref.)

Dying Drunkard, The: (1 ref.) {Roud #7321}

Dying Engineer, The: (1 ref.) {Roud #14018}

Dying Fifer, The: (3 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #1977}

Dying Fisherman's Song, The [Cross-reference]

Dying From Home and Lost (Companions, Draw Nigh): (4 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #7547}

Dying Girl, The [Cross-reference]

Dying Girl's Appeal, The [Cross-reference]

Dying Girl's Message, The: (14 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #3530}

Dying Harlot, The [Cross-reference]

Dying Hobo, The [Laws H3]: (22 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #1937}

Dying Hogger, The: (1 ref.) {Roud #13615}

Dying Hoopmaker, The: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #4072}

Dying Irish Boy, The: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #9988}

Dying Message, The [Cross-reference]

Dying Miller, The [Cross-reference]

Dying Mine Brakeman, The (The True and Trembling Brakeman) [Laws G11]: (17 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #8599}

Dying Minister, The [Cross-reference]

Dying Newsboy, The [Cross-reference]

Dying Nun, The: (8 refs.) {Roud #3532}

Dying Outlaw, The: (2 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #10957}

Dying Ploughboy, The: (4 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #2514}

Dying Preacher, The (Hick's Farewell): (14 refs. 2K Notes) {Roud #2869}

Dying Prisoner, The: (1 ref.) {Roud #4266}

Dying Queen, The [Cross-reference]

Dying Ranger, The [Laws A14]: (28 refs.) {Roud #628}

Dying Rebel, The: (1 ref. <1K Notes)

Dying Redcoat, The [Cross-reference]

Dying Seal-Hunter, The: (2 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #V44797}

Dying Sergeant, The [Cross-reference]

Dying Soldier (I), The (Erin Far Away II) [Laws J7]: (8 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #893}

Dying Soldier (II), The [Cross-reference]

Dying Soldier (IV), The [Cross-reference]

Dying Soldier Boy, The [Cross-reference]

Dying Soldier to His Mother, The: (6 refs.) {Roud #6568}

Dying Soldier, (III) The: (4 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #4428}

Dying Stockman, The [Cross-reference]

Dying Tramper, The: (1 ref. <1K Notes)

Dying Wisconsin Soldier, The: (2 refs. 3K Notes) {Roud #628}

Dying Youth, The [Cross-reference]

E-choin' Horn, The [Cross-reference]

E-ri-e, The: (13 refs. 1K Notes) {Roud #6599}

E-ri-o Canal, The [Cross-reference]

E. A. Horton, The [Laws D28]: (7 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #1840}

E. C. Roberts, The [Cross-reference]

E. P. Walker: (1 ref. <1K Notes)

Each Camp Fire Lights Anew [Cross-reference]

Each Campfire Lights Anew: (4 refs.)

Eadie: (1 ref.) {Roud #15593}

Eagle Rock: (1 ref.)

Eagle With Her Gallant Crew, The: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #30149}

Eamon An Chnuic (Ned of the Hill): (4 refs. 5K Notes)

Earl Bothwell [Child 174]: (4 refs. 3K Notes) {Roud #4004}

Earl Bran [Cross-reference]

Earl Brand [Child 7]: (57 refs. 3K Notes) {Roud #23}

Earl Colvin [Cross-reference]

Earl Crawford [Child 229]: (6 refs.) {Roud #3880}

Earl o' Aboyne, The [Cross-reference]

Earl of Aboyne, The [Child 235]: (10 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #99}

Earl of Douglas and Dame Oliphant [Cross-reference]

Earl of Errol, The [Child 231]: (7 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #96}

Earl of Mar's Daughter, The [Child 270]: (7 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #3879}

Earl of Murray [Cross-reference]

Earl of Westmoreland, The [Child 177]: (3 refs. 2K Notes) {Roud #4007}

Earl Patrick [Cross-reference]

Earl Richard (I) [Cross-reference]

Earl Richard (II) [Cross-reference]

Earl Richard's Daughter [Cross-reference]

Earl Robert [Cross-reference]

Earl Rothes [Child 297]: (2 refs.) {Roud #4025}

Earle Bodwell [Cross-reference]

Earle of Westmorlande [Cross-reference]

Earliest Sea Song [Cross-reference]

Early Early in the Spring (III) [Cross-reference]

Early in the Morning (I) [Cross-reference]

Early in the Morning (II): (1 ref.) {Roud #10038}

Early in the Morning (III): (1 ref.) {Roud #12000}

Early in the Morning (IV -- prison song): (1 ref. <1K Notes)

Early in the Morning when the Cock Begins to Crow: (1 ref.) {Roud #1135}

Early in the Morning, About Eight O'Clock (The Postman's Knock): (1 ref.) {Roud #13177}

Early in the Morning, While I'm Still Asleep [Cross-reference]

Early in the Spring [Cross-reference]

Early in the Spring When I Was Young [Cross-reference]

Early Life in Dixie: (1 ref.) {Roud #10907}

Early Monday Morning: (1 ref. 1K Notes) {Roud #2275}

Early One Foggy Morning: (1 ref. <1K Notes)

Early One Morning: (3 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #12682}

Early One Morning in the Month of July: (2 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #11749}

Early One Spring [Cross-reference]

Early Spring [Cross-reference]

Early Sunday Morning [Cross-reference]

Early, Early All in the Spring [Cross-reference]

Early, Early in the Spring (II) [Cross-reference]

Early, Early in the Spring [Laws M1]: (40 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #152}

Early, Early, by the Break of Day [Cross-reference]

Earsdon Sword-Dancer's Song, The: (2 refs. 2K Notes) {Roud #610}

Earth from Mother's Grave [Cross-reference]

Earth out of Earth [Cross-reference]

Earth upon Earth [Cross-reference]

Ease that Trouble in the Mind [Cross-reference]

East Bound Train, The [Cross-reference]

East Coast Blues [Cross-reference]

East Colorado Blues [Cross-reference]

East Jordan Line, The [Cross-reference]

East Neuk o' Fife, The: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #13097}

East of the Border: (1 ref.)

East Virginia (Dark Hollow): (33 refs.) {Roud #3396}

East Virginia Girls [Cross-reference]

Eastbound Train, The [Cross-reference]

Eastend Rocking, The: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #15106}

Easter Snow: (8 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #2122}

Eastern Light, The [Laws D11]: (10 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #2235}

Eastern Train, The [Cross-reference]

Easy Rider: (18 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #10056}

Easy Rider, Don't You Know My Name: (2 refs. <1K Notes)

Eat Some and Leave Some: (1 ref. <1K Notes)

Eb'rybody Who Is Libin' Got Tuh Die [Cross-reference]

Ebenezer, The: (5 refs.) {Roud #8237}

Echo Canyon: (4 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #4749}

Echo Canyon Song [Cross-reference]

Echo Mocks the Corncrake, The: (8 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #2736}

Echoing Horn, The: (3 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #878}

Eclipse: (3 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #5650}

Ed Hawkins: (1 ref. <1K Notes)

Ed's Thoughts: (2 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #8881}

Eddie Brown [Cross-reference]

Eddystone Light [Cross-reference]

Edelweiss: (1 ref. 1K Notes)

Edgartown Whaling Song [Cross-reference]

Edinburgh Lord and the Country Maid, The [Cross-reference]

Edinburgh Town [Cross-reference]

Edison Machine, The: (1 ref.) {Roud #6615}

Edna's Song [Cross-reference]

Edom o' Gordon [Cross-reference]

Educated Feller [Cross-reference]

Edward (II) [Cross-reference]

Edward (III) [Cross-reference]

Edward (III) (Edward Fitzgerald): (2 refs. 4K Notes)

Edward [Child 13]: (61 refs. 5K Notes) {Roud #200}

Edward Ballad [Cross-reference]

Edward Boyle: (3 refs.) {Roud #2906}

Edward Hickman (Marian Parker IV): (3 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #4106}

Edward Jorgen (Edward Gayen): (1 ref.) {Roud #1537}

Edward Lewis: (3 refs.) {Roud #6635}

Edward Mathews: (1 ref. <1K Notes)

Edward Sinclair Song, The: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #9197}

Edward the Martyr: (2 refs. 21K Notes)

Edward, On Lough Erne Shore: (1 ref.)

Edward's Abdication: (1 ref. 1K Notes)

Edwin (Edmund, Edward) in the Lowlands Low [Laws M34]: (53 refs. 1K Notes) {Roud #182}

Edwin and Mary: (4 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #9070}

Eelie Bob: (2 refs.) {Roud #5802}

Eely Ily Oh, The [Cross-reference]

Een Dat' Low Lan' [Cross-reference]

Eena, meena, mina, mo [Cross-reference]

Eence Upon a Time (Had I the Wyte): (2 refs. 1K Notes) {Roud #7253 and 3361}

Eenie Meenie Minie Mo (Counting Rhyme): (12 refs. 2K Notes) {Roud #13610}

Eenie, Meenie, Dixie, Deenie [Cross-reference]

Eenie, Meenie, Miny, Mo [Cross-reference]

Eenie, Meenie, Tipsie, Teenie [Cross-reference]

Eensy Weensy Spider, The: (5 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #11586}

Eeny, Meeny, Miny, Mo [Cross-reference]

Eerie Orie, Virgin Mary: (2 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #13060}

Eerie, Oarie, Acktie, Ann [Cross-reference]

Eevy, ivy, eevy, ivy, eevy, ivy, over [Cross-reference]

Eevy, Ivy, Over [Cross-reference]

Effects of Love, The: (6 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #1493}

Eggleston Hall [Cross-reference]

Eggs and Marrowbones [Cross-reference]

Eggs In Her Basket [Cross-reference]

Egloshayle Ringers, The: (1 ref.) {Roud #1163}

Ego Sum Pauper: (3 refs. <1K Notes)

Eh, Lor! Miss Molly: (1 ref.) {Roud #14009}

Eia Jesus hodie [Cross-reference]

Eidelweiss [Cross-reference]

Eight Bells: (2 refs.) {Roud #13268}

Eight Famous Fishermen, The: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #2718}

Eight Hearts: (2 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #6145}

Eight Little Cylinders: (2 refs.)

Eight Mile Bridge (Roger O'Hehir): (2 refs.) {Roud #13371}

Eight Shillings a Week: (2 refs.) {Roud #27942}

Eight-Pound Bass, The: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #9196}

Eighteen Hundred and Ninety One [Cross-reference]

Eighty-Eight [Cross-reference]

Eileen: (1 ref. <1K Notes)

Eileen Aroon: (6 refs. 1K Notes)

Eileen McMahon: (2 refs. 2K Notes) {Roud #9282}

Eileen, The Flower of Kilkenny: (3 refs.) {Roud #6369}

Einsmals spatziert ich (Once, As I Went Walking): (1 ref.)

Eire [Cross-reference]

Ej Bor Vi Sorja, Ej Bor Vi Klaga (Oh We Must Not Grieve, We Must Not Grouse): (2 refs.)

Eki Dumah!: (1 ref. <1K Notes)

Ekkeri, akkery, u-kery an [Cross-reference]

El Abandonado [Cross-reference]

El Amor Que Te Tenia (The Love That I Had): (1 ref.)

El-A-Noy [Cross-reference]

Elanoy [Cross-reference]

Elder Bardee [Cross-reference]

Elder Bordee [Cross-reference]

Elderman's Lady, The [Cross-reference]

Eldorado Mining Disaster, The: (1 ref.)

Election Campaign Song: (1 ref. <1K Notes)

Elegy on the Death of a Mad Dog: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #2088}

Elephant Song, The [Cross-reference]

Elevator (Fudge, Fudge, Call the Judge) [Cross-reference]

Eleven Cent Cotton -- Forty Cent Meat [Cross-reference]

Eleven More Months and Ten More Days: (6 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #13327}

Eleven Slash Slash Eleven: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #3438}

Eleven to Heaven: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #133}

Eleventh Street Whores, The: (1 ref.)

Elfin Knight, The [Child 2]: (78 refs. 3K Notes) {Roud #12}

Eli Ah Can't Stan' [Cross-reference]

Eli, You Can't Stand [Cross-reference]

Elisha Thomas: (1 ref. <1K Notes)

Eliza (I): (2 refs.) {Roud #2818}

Eliza (II) [Cross-reference]

Eliza Jane (I) [Cross-reference]

Eliza Jane (II) [Cross-reference]

Ella Dare [Cross-reference]

Ella Lea: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #7949}

Ella M Rudolph, The: (5 refs. 7K Notes) {Roud #2491}

Ella Rea [Cross-reference]

Ella Ree [Cross-reference]

Ella Speed (Bill Martin and Ella Speed) [Laws I6]: (6 refs.) {Roud #4175}

Ella's Grave: (2 refs.) {Roud #6651}

Ellen Brown: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #5370}

Ellen M. Rudolph, The [Cross-reference]

Ellen McGiggin: (1 ref. <1K Notes)

Ellen More: (1 ref.) {Roud #6816}

Ellen O'Connor: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #2887}

Ellen of Aberdeen: (3 refs.) {Roud #2179}

Ellen Smith (II) [Cross-reference]

Ellen Smith [Laws F11]: (16 refs. 7K Notes) {Roud #448}

Ellen Smith Ballet, The [Cross-reference]

Ellen Taylor: (3 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #1282}

Ellen the Fair (Helen the Fair) [Laws O5]: (10 refs.) {Roud #359}

Ellie Rhee (Ella Rhee, Ella Ree): (10 refs. 1K Notes) {Roud #7428}

Ellon Fair: (3 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #2166}

Ellon Market: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #5902}

Ellsworth's Avengers: (1 ref. <1K Notes)

Ellsworths Funeral [Cross-reference]

Elphinston [Cross-reference]

Elsie M Hart, The: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #27093}

Elsie Marley: (8 refs. 1K Notes) {Roud #3065}

Elsie Marley Is Grown So Fine [Cross-reference]

Elwina of Waterloo: (4 refs.) {Roud #1566}

Em Pom Pee: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #12944}

Embryo Cockatoo, The (The New Chum II): (2 refs.)

Emerald Isle, The: (2 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #13396}

Emigrant (I), The: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #7353}

Emigrant (II), The: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #7350}

Emigrant from Newfoundland, The: (3 refs. <1K Notes)

Emigrant's Farewell (I), The: (2 refs.) {Roud #15034}

Emigrant's Farewell (II), The [Cross-reference]

Emigrant's Farewell (III), The [Cross-reference]

Emigrant's Farewell to Donegal, The: (2 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #V40069}

Emigrant's Farewell to Donside, The [Cross-reference]

Emigrants Return, The: (1 ref.) {Roud #7295}

Emigration: (1 ref.) {Roud #V33061}

Emma Been Say: (1 ref. <1K Notes)

Emma Hartsell [Laws F34]: (7 refs. 4K Notes) {Roud #2272}

Emma You My Darlin': (1 ref. <1K Notes)

Emmet's Death: (4 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #V26601}

Emmet's Farewell to His Love [Cross-reference]

Emmet's Farewell to His Sweetheart: (5 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #5224}

Empire Club, The: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #2834}

Employment Song: (3 refs.) {Roud #24296}

En Revenant de la Jolie Rochelle [Cross-reference]

En Roulant Ma Boule: (7 refs. <1K Notes)

En Roulante [Cross-reference]

En Sjoman Alskar Havets Vag: (1 ref.)

Ena, Mena, More, Mi: (2 refs. <1K Notes)

Enchanted Isle, The: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #13537}

End of Patty Haig, The [Cross-reference]

End of the Earth: (2 refs. <1K Notes)

End of the Yaqui Trail, The: (1 ref. <1K Notes)

Ene, Mene, Miny, Mo [Cross-reference]

Engine 143 [Cross-reference]

Engine Bells: (1 ref.)

Engine No. 9 [Cross-reference]

Engine, Engine, Number Nine: (3 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #19220}

Engine, Engine, On the Line [Cross-reference]

Engineer, The: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #8586}

Engineer's Child, The [Cross-reference]

Engineer's Dream, The [Cross-reference]

England's Great Loss by a Storm of Wind [Cross-reference]

English Chanty [Cross-reference]

English Courage Displayed, or, Brave News from Admiral Vernon: (2 refs.) {Roud #V21147}

English Lady Gay, The [Cross-reference]

English Miner, The (The Coolgardie Miner, Castles in the Air): (1 ref.)

English Orphan, The: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #11887}

English Round, An [Cross-reference]

Englishman, Irishman And Scotsman, The [Cross-reference]

Enniscorthy Fair: (1 ref.) {Roud #5312}

Enniskillen Dragoon, The [Cross-reference]

Enniskilling Dragoon, The [Cross-reference]

Enoch Arden: (2 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #17846}

Ensign and the Lady Gay, The [Cross-reference]

Ensilver Song, The: (1 ref.) {Roud #1492}

Ensy Wensy Spider [Cross-reference]

Entendez-Vous: (1 ref.)

Enterprise and Boxer: (2 refs. 3K Notes)

Enterprise and the Boxer, The [Cross-reference]

Entre le Boeuf et L'Ane Gris (Dans le Berceau, In the Manger): (1 ref. <1K Notes)

Entre Paris et Saint Dennie (Between Paris and Saint Dennie): (1 ref. <1K Notes)

Entrenchment of Ross, The: (5 refs. 13K Notes)

Ephram, Ephram: (1 ref.) {Roud #16296}

Epitaph on Peter Wilkie: (1 ref. <1K Notes)

Epitaph on Wattie Cobban: (1 ref. <1K Notes)

Epo i tai tai e: (1 ref. 2K Notes)

Eppie Morrie [Child 223]: (8 refs. 7K Notes) {Roud #2583}

Eppo, ee tye-tye-ai [Cross-reference]

Epsom Races: (5 refs.) {Roud #383}

Equinoxial [Cross-reference]

Ere Around the Huge Oak: (4 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #1251}

Ere You Ask a Girl to Leave Her Happy Home: (3 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #7532}

Erewanna: (1 ref.) {Roud #18207}

Erie Canal (II), The [Cross-reference]

Erie Canal, The: (17 refs. 2K Notes) {Roud #6598}

Erin: (4 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #V30407}

Erin A'Green: (1 ref.) {Roud #2789}

Erin Far Away (I) [Laws J6]: (5 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #1805}

Erin Go Braugh! (I): (2 refs. <1K Notes)

Erin Go Bray: (1 ref. <1K Notes)

Erin Is My Home [Cross-reference]

Erin Is My Home (The Sea Girt Isle): (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #10364}

Erin the Green (I): (2 refs. <1K Notes)

Erin the Green (II): (4 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #6992}

Erin the Green (III) [Cross-reference]

Erin-Go-Bragh (II) [Cross-reference]

Erin, My Country (The Harp of Erin): (8 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #2683}

Erin, the Tear and the Smile in Thine Eyes: (2 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #23967}

Erin's Flowery Vale (The Irish Girl's Lament) [Laws O29]: (11 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #999}

Erin's Green Linnet: (6 refs. 1K Notes) {Roud #12903}

Erin's Green Shore [Laws Q27]: (44 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #280}

Erin's Isle (The Boat That Brought Me Over): (1 ref.) {Roud #3097}

Erin's King (Daniel Is No More): (6 refs. 2K Notes) {Roud #9278}

Erin's Lament for her Davitt Asthore: (2 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #V34516}

Erin's Lovely Home (I) [Laws M6]: (30 refs.) {Roud #1427}

Erin's Lovely Home (II): (1 ref.) {Roud #5175}

Erin's Lovely Lee: (3 refs. 3K Notes) {Roud #5327}

Erin's Lovely Shore: (1 ref. <1K Notes)

Erin's Whisky: (1 ref.)

Eriskay Love Lilt, An [Cross-reference]

Erlinton [Child 8]: (5 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #24}

Errol on the Green [Cross-reference]

Erthe took of erthe, erthe wyth wogh [Cross-reference]

Erthe upon Erthe (Earth upon Earth, Earth out of Earth): (31 refs. 5K Notes)

Es sind zween Weg (Two Paths There Are): (1 ref. <1K Notes)

Es wolte ein Jaejerlein jaje (A Young Hunter Went A-Hunting): (1 ref.)

ESB in Coolea, The: (1 ref. <1K Notes)

Escape of James Stephens, The: (3 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #V8284}

Escape of Meagher, The: (3 refs. 7K Notes) {Roud #V41192}

Escape of Old John Webb, The [Cross-reference]

Escape of the Horton, The: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #4725 and 6563}

Escaped Prisoners, The: (1 ref. <1K Notes)

Escuminac Disaster (I), The: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #9195}

Escuminac Disaster (II), The: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #9194}

Eskimo Hunt: (1 ref. <1K Notes)

Eskimo Lullaby: (2 refs.)

Eskimo Nell: (1 ref.) {Roud #10124}

Eskimo Weather Chant, An: (1 ref.)

Essequibo River: (1 ref. <1K Notes)

Essie Dear: (1 ref.)

Estersnowe [Cross-reference]

Et Nous Irons à Valapariso: (1 ref. <1K Notes)

Et Nous Irons a Valparaiso: (1 ref.)

Eternal Father, Strong to Save [Cross-reference]

Euabalong Ball: (3 refs. <1K Notes)

Eumarella Shore, The [Cross-reference]

Eumerella Shore, The: (11 refs. 2K Notes) {Roud #679}

Eureka! [Cross-reference]

Eurunderee Green (Commemmoration of the Death of Lawson): (1 ref.)

Ev'ry Day Be Sunday [Cross-reference]

Ev'ry Time I Feel the Spirit [Cross-reference]

Ev'rybody Wants to Know [Cross-reference]

Evalina (I): (4 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #17299}

Evalina (II) [Cross-reference]

Evalina, she's got a money 'cumulator [Cross-reference]

Evangelist's Song, The [Cross-reference]

Evans and Sontag (A Story): (1 ref.)

Evelina: (1 ref.) {Roud #18166}

Evelyn: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #12638}

Evening Shade [Cross-reference]

Evening Star (Lær Mig Nattens Stjerne): (2 refs.)

Evening Sun Goes Down the West, The: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #12955}

Evening Train, The: (1 ref. <1K Notes)

Ever After On [Cross-reference]

Ever of Thee: (13 refs.) {Roud #13774}

Ever Since I Been a Man Full Grown: (1 ref. <1K Notes)

Ever Since Uncle John Henry Been Dead [Cross-reference]

Everett County Jail, The: (1 ref.)

Evergreen Shore, The: (1 ref. 2K Notes)

Evergreen, The: (1 ref. <1K Notes)

Everlasting Circle, The [Cross-reference]

Every Day of the Week: (2 refs.) {Roud #21325}

Every Good Ship: (1 ref.) {Roud #23536}

Every Hour in the Day: (1 ref.) {Roud #12018}

Every Mail Day: (6 refs.) {Roud #7490}

Every Man 'Neath His Vine and Fig Tree: (4 refs. 1K Notes)

Every Night When the Sun Goes In: (5 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #3611}

Every Rose Grows Merry in TIme [Cross-reference]

Every Time I Feel de Spirit [Cross-reference]

Every Time I Feel the Spirit: (23 refs.) {Roud #12358}

Everybody Loves Saturday Night: (3 refs. <1K Notes)

Everybody Ought To Make a Change: (4 refs. <1K Notes)

Everybody Wants to Know How I Died: (1 ref. <1K Notes)

Everybody Who Is Living Has To Die: (1 ref. <1K Notes)

Everybody Works but Father: (8 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #4782}

Everybody's Gal is My Gal: (2 refs.) {Roud #11778}

Everybody's Got a Finger in the Pie [Cross-reference]

Everybody's Got to Be Tried: (1 ref.) {Roud #5738}

Everyday Dirt [Cross-reference]

Everything Is Beautiful in Its Own Way: (1 ref.)

Everywhere I Go My Lord: (2 refs.)

Everywhere We Go: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #26354}

Evie and Ivy [Cross-reference]

Evil Little David [Cross-reference]

Evil Woman, The [Cross-reference]

Evil-Hearted Man: (2 refs.)

Ewe Buchts [Cross-reference]

Ewie Wi' the Crookit Horn: (6 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #2140}

Ewing Brooks (Maxwell's Doom) [Laws E12]: (6 refs.) {Roud #890}

Ex-Ranger's Song, The [Cross-reference]

Excel, The: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #26121}

Exciseman in a Coal Pit, The: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #5854}

Execution of Five Pirates for Murder: (2 refs.) {Roud #V30206}

Execution of Frederick Baker, The: (1 ref.)

Execution of Michael Fagan, The: (2 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #V16940}

Execution of Robert Schramle, The: (2 refs. <1K Notes)

Exile of Erin (I), The: (12 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #4355}

Exile of Erin (II), The [Cross-reference]

Exile's Farewell, The: (1 ref.)

Exile's Lament, The [Cross-reference]

Exile's Return, The [Cross-reference]

Exiled Crofter's Lament, The: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #4597}

Exiled Irishman's Lament, The (The Exiles of Erin): (4 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #13387}

Exiles of Erin, The [Cross-reference]

Exiles of New Zealand, The: (2 refs.)

Explosion in the Fairmount Mines, The [Cross-reference]

Express Office, The (He Is Coming to Us Dead): (11 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #3513}

Eye Winker [Cross-reference]

Eye-ball, Eeball: (1 ref.) {Roud #21857}

Eyes of Texas, The: (2 refs. <1K Notes)

Eyesight to the Blind: (2 refs.)

Eynsham Poaching Song (Southrop Poaching Song): (1 ref.) {Roud #1268}

Ezekiel in the Valley: (1 ref. 1K Notes)

Ezekiel Saw a Wheel [Cross-reference]

Ezekiel Saw the Wheel: (18 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #12241}

Ezekiel, You and Me [Cross-reference]

Ezekiel's Wheel [Cross-reference]

F. F. and V. V. [Cross-reference]

F. F. V., The [Cross-reference]

Fa's are ye? I'm Tam Tat's [Cross-reference]

Fa'se Footrage [Cross-reference]

Face duh Risin' Sun [Cross-reference]

Face on the Barroom Floor, The: (7 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #9123}

Face Upon the Floor, The [Cross-reference]

Factor's Garland, The [Laws Q37]: (12 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #572}

Factor's Song, The [Cross-reference]

Factory Girl (I), The: (17 refs. 2K Notes) {Roud #1659 and 30120}

Factory Girl (II), The [Cross-reference]

Faded Coat of Blue: (11 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #4293}

Faded Flowers: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #6983}

Faded Roses [Cross-reference]

Fadgel Hizzy, The: (1 ref. 2K Notes) {Roud #15108}

Fagan the Cobbler [Cross-reference]

Faggot Cutter, The: (2 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #2321}

Faiche Bhrea Aerach An Cheoil: (2 refs. <1K Notes)

Fain Waterloo [Cross-reference]

Fain Waterloo, The [Cross-reference]

Fair and Free Elections: (2 refs. <1K Notes)

Fair and Handsome Girls [Cross-reference]

Fair and Tender Ladies: (48 refs. 1K Notes) {Roud #451}

Fair Annet [Cross-reference]

Fair Annie [Child 62]: (33 refs. 2K Notes) {Roud #42}

Fair Annie of the Lochroyan [Cross-reference]

Fair Anny [Cross-reference]

Fair at Batesland, The: (1 ref.)

Fair at Turloughmore, The: (4 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #3042}

Fair Beauty Bride, A [Cross-reference]

Fair Betsy [Cross-reference]

Fair Brown: (1 ref.) {Roud #11760}

Fair Captive, The: (3 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #15491}

Fair Caroline [Cross-reference]

Fair Charlotte [Cross-reference]

Fair Damsel from London, The [Cross-reference]

Fair Damsel in a Garden, A [Cross-reference]

Fair Damsel, The: (1 ref.) {Roud #4265}

Fair Do, The: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #20523}

Fair Eleanor (I) [Cross-reference]

Fair Eleanor (II): (2 refs.) {Roud #9796}

Fair Eleanor and the Brown Girl [Cross-reference]

Fair Eleanor and the Brown Maid [Cross-reference]

Fair Ellen (I) [Cross-reference]

Fair Ellen (II) [Cross-reference]

Fair Ellender [Cross-reference]

Fair Fannie More [Cross-reference]

Fair Fanny Moore [Laws O38]: (24 refs.) {Roud #1001}

Fair Flo-ella, The [Cross-reference]

Fair Flora [Cross-reference]

Fair Florella [Cross-reference]

Fair Flower of Northumberland, The [Child 9]: (12 refs. 1K Notes) {Roud #25}

Fair Flowers of Helio [Cross-reference]

Fair Gallowa' [Cross-reference]

Fair Helen [Cross-reference]

Fair Indian Lass [Cross-reference]

Fair Janet [Child 64]: (12 refs.) {Roud #44}

Fair Jenny on the Moor [Cross-reference]

Fair John and the Seven Foresters [Cross-reference]

Fair Julian Bond [Cross-reference]

Fair Lady Bright [Cross-reference]

Fair Lady Leroy [Cross-reference]

Fair Lady of London [Cross-reference]

Fair Lady of the Plains, A (Death of a Maiden Fair) [Laws B8]: (9 refs.) {Roud #3130}

Fair Lucy [Cross-reference]

Fair Maid by the Seashore, The [Cross-reference]

Fair Maid in Bedlam, The: (7 refs.) {Roud #605}

Fair Maid in the Garden, The [Cross-reference]

Fair Maid of Ballyagan: (1 ref.) {Roud #6883}

Fair Maid of Glasgow Town: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #5546}

Fair Maid of Passage, The: (1 ref. <1K Notes)

Fair Maid Walking All in Her Garden, A [Cross-reference]

Fair Maid Walking in Her Garden [Cross-reference]

Fair Maid's Choice, The, or The Seaman's Renown [Cross-reference]

Fair Margaret and Sweet William [Child 74]: (66 refs. 3K Notes) {Roud #253}

Fair Margaret and Sweit William [Cross-reference]

Fair Margaret O' Craignaritie: (4 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #5628}

Fair Margaret's Misfortunes [Cross-reference]

Fair Marjorie's Ghost [Cross-reference]

Fair Mary of Livingston [Cross-reference]

Fair Mary of Wallington [Child 91]: (8 refs.) {Roud #59}

Fair Maudlin [Cross-reference]

Fair Nancy from London [Cross-reference]

Fair Nottamun Town [Cross-reference]

Fair o' Balnafannon [Cross-reference]

Fair o' Balnaminna, The (The Lass Among the Heather): (8 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #2894}

Fair of Ballyally-O, The [Cross-reference]

Fair of Rosslea, The: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #12935}

Fair One Let Me In, The [Cross-reference]

Fair Phoeby and Her Dark Eyed Sailor [Cross-reference]

Fair Princess Royal, The [Cross-reference]

Fair Richmond on the James [Cross-reference]

Fair Rosa [Cross-reference]

Fair Rosamond (I): (3 refs. 5K Notes) {Roud #3729}

Fair Rosamond (II) [Cross-reference]

Fair Rosamund [Cross-reference]

Fair Rosamund Clifford [Cross-reference]

Fair Rosanne [Cross-reference]

Fair Rosie [Cross-reference]

Fair Rosie Ann [Cross-reference]

Fair Sally [Cross-reference]

Fair Scotland [Cross-reference]

Fair Town of Greenock, The: (1 ref. 4K Notes)

Fair Tyrone: (1 ref.) {Roud #13533}

Fair Well Green Hills & Soft Meadows [Cross-reference]

Fair Young Miss, The [Cross-reference]

Fairest Lord Jesus (Schonster Herr Jesu): (5 refs. 2K Notes)

Fairest Lord Jesus, Ruler of All Nature [Cross-reference]

Fairie Sang (I), The [Cross-reference]

Fairie Sang (II), The [Cross-reference]

Fairlop Fair: (5 refs. 2K Notes) {Roud #1250}

Fairlop Fair Song [Cross-reference]

Fairy Boy, The: (9 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #9293}

Fairy Calling Song (Come in the Stillness): (1 ref.)

Fairy King's Courtship, The [Cross-reference]

Fairy Knight, The [Cross-reference]

Fairy Lullaby, The: (1 ref. <1K Notes)

Fairy Palace: (1 ref. <1K Notes)

Fais Do Do, Colas: (1 ref.)

Fais Do Do, Minette: (1 ref.)

Faith of Our Fathers, Living Still: (5 refs. 1K Notes) {Roud #V11132}

Faithfu' Sea Captain, The [Cross-reference]

Faithful Friend [Cross-reference]

Faithful Lover, or The Hero Rewarded, The [Cross-reference]

Faithful Nancy, or One Fine Summer's Morning [Cross-reference]

Faithful Plough, The [Cross-reference]

Faithful Rambler, The (Jamie and Mary, Love's Parting): (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #6896 and 6897}

Faithful Sailor Boy, The [Laws K13]: (23 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #376}

Faithful Sailor, The [Cross-reference]

Faithless Boney (The Croppies' Complaint): (1 ref. 2K Notes)

Faithless Husband: (2 refs.) {Roud #7424}

Faithless Widow (I), The: (1 ref.)

Faithless Widow (II), The: (1 ref. <1K Notes)

Faithless Wife, The [Cross-reference]

Fal-De-Lal-Day, A [Cross-reference]

Falcon (I), The: (1 ref.) {Roud #9042}

Falcon's Song [Cross-reference]

Falcon(II), The [Cross-reference]

Fall In for Pay (Pay Parade) (Bugle Call Lyric): (1 ref.)

Fall in the Sea, Fall from the Deck: (1 ref. <1K Notes)

Fall of Charleston, The: (1 ref.)

Fall of Man, The [Cross-reference]

Fall of Rangiriri: (1 ref. <1K Notes)

Fall Tree: (1 ref. <1K Notes)

Fallen Boney: (1 ref. <1K Notes)

Fallin' Down: (1 ref.)

Falling Leaf: (5 refs.) {Roud #7409}

Falling of the Pine: (10 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #4560}

False Bride, The (The Week Before Easter; I Once Loved a Lass): (30 refs. 2K Notes) {Roud #154}

False Hearted William [Cross-reference]

False Henry: (3 refs.) {Roud #6817}

False Knight in the Road, The [Cross-reference]

False Knight on the Road, The [Cross-reference]

False Knight, The [Cross-reference]

False Lamkin [Cross-reference]

False Lanky [Cross-reference]

False Lover (I), The: (5 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #1075}

False Lover (II), The [Cross-reference]

False Lover John [Cross-reference]

False Lover Won Back, The [Child 218]: (13 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #201}

False Maiden [Cross-reference]

False Mallie: (3 refs.) {Roud #5529}

False Nancy [Cross-reference]

False Old Mawkin, The [Cross-reference]

False Sir John, (The) [Cross-reference]

False True Love [Cross-reference]

False True Lover [Cross-reference]

False True Lover (II), The [Cross-reference]

False Young Man, The (The False True Lover): (4 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #419}

False Young Man, The (The Rose in the Garden, As I Walked Out): (22 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #419}

False-Hearted Knight and the Pretty Carol Lynn [Cross-reference]

False-Hearted Knight, The [Cross-reference]

False-Hearted Lover, A: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #6574}

False-Hearted Lover, The [Cross-reference]

False, False Hae Ye Been To Me, My Love: (2 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #8276}

Fame: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #7516}

Famed Killabane: (1 ref.) {Roud #16236}

Famed Waterloo [Cross-reference]

Family's Things, The [Cross-reference]

Famine Song [Cross-reference]

Famous Duke of York, The: (1 ref.)

Famous Farmer, A [Cross-reference]

Famous Fight at Malago, The: (7 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #296}

Famous Flower of Serving-Men, The [Child 106]: (51 refs. 3K Notes) {Roud #199}

Famous Light Brigade, The: (4 refs. 17K Notes) {Roud #1443 and 9419}

Famous Sea-Fight Between Captain Ward and the Rainbow, A [Cross-reference]

Famous Wedding, The [Cross-reference]

Fan Left on Shore: (2 refs.) {Roud #23209}

Fan me soldierman, fan me [Cross-reference]

Fan Mi Solja Man (Fan Me, Soldierman): (5 refs. 1K Notes)

Fan the Lads o' Tough They Ging to Fish: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #13567}

Fan-a-winnow: (1 ref. <1K Notes)

Fancy Frigate, The [Cross-reference]

Fanny Bay: (1 ref.) {Roud #10200}

Fanny Blair: (7 refs. 1K Notes) {Roud #1393}

Fanny More [Cross-reference]

Fanny's Harbour Bawn: (7 refs. 2K Notes) {Roud #4418}

Far Above Cayuga's Waters: (3 refs. <1K Notes)

Far Above Cayuga's Waters (Parodies): (2 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #10284}

Far Awa: (2 refs.) {Roud #6324}

Far Away [Cross-reference]

Far Away, Far Away: (3 refs.) {Roud #24927}

Far Northland, The (The Border Trail): (8 refs.)

Far Over the Forth: (1 ref.) {Roud #3360}

Far, Far at Sea: (3 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #V387}

Far, Far from Ypres: (1 ref.) {Roud #10546}

Fare Thee Well Cold Winter [Cross-reference]

Fare Thee Well, Babe: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #15576}

Fare Thee Well, Cold Winter: (2 refs.) {Roud #1643}

Fare Thee Well, Father: (1 ref.) {Roud #6814}

Fare Thee Well, My Dearest Dear: (1 ref.) {Roud #1035}

Fare Thee Well, My Own True Love: (1 ref.) {Roud #1035}

Fare Thee Well, Titanic [Cross-reference]

Fare U-Well-Lizza [Cross-reference]

Fare Ye Well (I'm Going Home): (1 ref.) {Roud #12005}

Fare Ye Well, Enniskillen (The Inniskillen Dragoon): (18 refs. 1K Notes) {Roud #2185}

Fare Ye Well, Inniskillen [Cross-reference]

Fare ye well, Lovely Nancy [Cross-reference]

Fare Ye Well, My Darlin' [Cross-reference]

Fare You Well, Maggie Darling, Across the Blue Sea: (2 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #6458}

Fare You Well, My Darling: (5 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #3582}

Fare You Well, My Own True Love (The Storms Are on the Ocean, The False True Lover, The True Lover's Farewell, Red Rosy Bush, Turtle Dove): (61 refs. 3K Notes) {Roud #49}

Fare You Well, Sister Phoebe: (1 ref.) {Roud #11372}

Fareweel tae the Borders: (1 ref.) {Roud #21756}

Farewell Address (To Their Countrymen and Friends... at the Summer Assizes for the year 1842): (1 ref.) {Roud #V26602}

Farewell and Adieu to You Spanish Ladies [Cross-reference]

Farewell and Adieu to You, Brisbane Ladies [Cross-reference]

Farewell Ballymoney (Loving Hannah; Lovely Molly): (27 refs. 2K Notes) {Roud #454}

Farewell False-Hearted Young Man: (2 refs.) {Roud #6320}

Farewell He: (16 refs. 1K Notes) {Roud #803 plus 3729, 1034}

Farewell Logie: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #12953}

Farewell My Dear Brethren: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #16539}

Farewell My Dear Brothern [Cross-reference]

Farewell My Friends (Parting Friends; I'm Bound for Canaan): (2 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #15559}

Farewell My Joy and Heart [Cross-reference]

Farewell Nellie [Cross-reference]

Farewell Sweet Molie [Cross-reference]

Farewell Tamintoul: (1 ref.) {Roud #4594}

Farewell to Alvah's Woods and Braes: (2 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #4590}

Farewell to Auld Scotland: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #12957}

Farewell to Bonny Galaway: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #3694}

Farewell to Caledonia (I) [Cross-reference]

Farewell to Caledonia (II) [Cross-reference]

Farewell to Charming Sally [Cross-reference]

Farewell to Fintray: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #12956}

Farewell to Fiunary: (3 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #2317}

Farewell to Girls: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #10917}

Farewell to Greta: (4 refs. <1K Notes)

Farewell to Grog: (1 ref.)

Farewell to Judges and Juries [Cross-reference]

Farewell to Kingsbridge: (3 refs. 4K Notes) {Roud #596}

Farewell to Mackenzie: (1 ref. 2K Notes)

Farewell to Miltown Malbay: (3 refs.) {Roud #5228}

Farewell to My Home in Greta [Cross-reference]

Farewell to Nova Scotia: (5 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #384}

Farewell to Old Bedford: (3 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #16399}

Farewell to Old England [Cross-reference]

Farewell to Pulteney-banks [Cross-reference]

Farewell to Rhynie, Keith, and Glass: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #12952}

Farewell to Slieve Gallen: (2 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #2888}

Farewell to Stirling [Cross-reference]

Farewell to Sweet Glenravel: (1 ref.) {Roud #13551}

Farewell to Tarwathie: (4 refs.) {Roud #2562}

Farewell to the Banks of the Roe: (1 ref.)

Farewell to the Grey [Cross-reference]

Farewell to the Land (Land of Lags and Kangaroos, Land of Rocks): (1 ref. <1K Notes)

Farewell to the Warriors: (1 ref.)

Farewell to Whisky (Johnny My Man): (11 refs.) {Roud #845}

Farewell to You, Ye Fine Spanish Ladies [Cross-reference]

Farewell ye Mormond Braes [Cross-reference]

Farewell, Ballycastle: (1 ref.) {Roud #13544}

Farewell, Charming Nancy [Laws K14]: (23 refs. 1K Notes) {Roud #527}

Farewell, Darling [Cross-reference]

Farewell, Dear Rosanna [Laws M30]: (6 refs.) {Roud #788}

Farewell, Dear Roseannie [Cross-reference]

Farewell, Dearest Nancy [Cross-reference]

Farewell, Farewell, My Own True Love (Soldier's Farewell): (2 refs.) {Roud #23810}

Farewell, Last Going: (1 ref. <1K Notes)

Farewell, Lovely Nancy [Cross-reference]

Farewell, Mother: (3 refs.) {Roud #4263}

Farewell, My Dear Mother: (1 ref.) {Roud #12069}

Farewell, my dear true love, I'll bid you adieu [Cross-reference]

Farewell, my Dearest Nancy [Cross-reference]

Farewell, Nancy [Cross-reference]

Farewell, Sweet Jane [Cross-reference] {Roud #16543}

Farewell, Sweet Mary: (5 refs.) {Roud #414}

Farewell, Sweetheart (The Parting Lovers, The Slighted Sweetheart): (5 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #11422 and 464}

Farewell, The [Cross-reference]

Farewell. Lovely Polly [Cross-reference]

Farfar Soldier, The [Cross-reference]

Farm in the West, The [Cross-reference] {Roud #5247}

Farm Life Song [Cross-reference]

Farm Servant, The (Rap-Tap-Tap): (6 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #792}

Farm Yard, The [Cross-reference]

Farmer (I), The: (1 ref.) {Roud #13356}

Farmer (II), The [Cross-reference]

Farmer (III), The [Cross-reference]

Farmer and His Bride, The [Cross-reference]

Farmer and the Damsel, The [Cross-reference]

Farmer and the Devil, The [Cross-reference]

Farmer and the Shanty Boy, The: (22 refs.) {Roud #670}

Farmer Candidate, The: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #5845}

Farmer Comes to Town, The [Cross-reference]

Farmer Feeds Us All, The [Cross-reference]

Farmer Had a Daughter, The [Cross-reference]

Farmer In His Den, The [Cross-reference]

Farmer In the Dale, The [Cross-reference]

Farmer in the Dell, The: (17 refs. 2K Notes) {Roud #6306}

Farmer in the Well [Cross-reference]

Farmer Is the Man, The: (15 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #5062}

Farmer John: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #13015}

Farmer Jones's Wife [Cross-reference]

Farmer McGee: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #31159}

Farmer Michael Hayes [Cross-reference]

Farmer, He Must Feed Them All, The [Cross-reference]

Farmer's Alliance, The: (1 ref.) {Roud #7742}

Farmer's Boy, The [Cross-reference]

Farmer's Boy, The [Laws Q30]: (40 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #408}

Farmer's Curst Wife, The [Child 278]: (100 refs. 1K Notes) {Roud #160}

Farmer's Daughter (I), The [Cross-reference]

Farmer's Daughter (II), The [Cross-reference]

Farmer's Daughter (III), The [Cross-reference]

Farmer's Daughter (IV), The [Cross-reference]

Farmer's Daughter and Her Servant Man [Cross-reference]

Farmer's Daughter and the Gay Ploughboy, The: (5 refs.) {Roud #1060}

Farmer's Daughter, A [Cross-reference]

Farmer's Dog Lay on the Mat, A [Cross-reference]

Farmer's in His Den, The [Cross-reference]

Farmer's Ingle, The: (2 refs. 1K Notes) {Roud #6019}

Farmer's Life For Me, A: (2 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #4968}

Farmer's Old Wife, The [Cross-reference]

Farmer's Son (I), The [Cross-reference]

Farmer's Son (II), The [Cross-reference]

Farmer's Son and the Shantyboy, The [Cross-reference]

Farmer's Three Sons, The [Cross-reference]

Farmer's Wife and the Devil, The [Cross-reference]

Farmer's Wife I'll Be, A: (4 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #16233}

Farmers Done Over, The [Cross-reference]

Farmers in the Seventeenth Century: (1 ref.)

Farmers, The [Cross-reference]

Farmers' Union Song: (1 ref.)

Farmington Canal Song, The: (3 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #3730}

Farmyard (I), The [Cross-reference]

Farmyard (II), The [Cross-reference]

Farmyard Song (I), The: (3 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #887}

Farmyard Song (II), The [Cross-reference]

Farther Along: (16 refs.) {Roud #18084}

Farval, Farval, Fortjusande Mo (Farewell, Farewell Fascinating Maid): (1 ref. <1K Notes)

Fast Pair of Skis, A: (2 refs.)

Fat Folk's Made o [Cross-reference]

Fat'll I Dee an My Dearie Dee: (1 ref.) {Roud #6115}

Fat'll Mak a Bonnie Lassie Blythe an' Glad?: (1 ref.) {Roud #6748}

Fatal Acquantance, The [Cross-reference]

Fatal Flower Garden [Cross-reference]

Fatal Glass of Beer, The: (3 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #9546}

Fatal Oak, The: (4 refs. 1K Notes) {Roud #9060}

Fatal Ramillies, The: (3 refs.) {Roud #1266}

Fatal Ride, The [Cross-reference]

Fatal Rose of Red: (3 refs.) {Roud #7425 and 13940}

Fatal Run, The: (3 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #14012}

Fatal Snowstorm, The [Laws P20]: (20 refs.) {Roud #175}

Fatal Wedding (II), The [Cross-reference]

Fatal Wedding Morn, The: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #7410}

Fatal Wedding, The: (22 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #3273}

Fate of Ellen Smith, THe [Cross-reference]

Fate of Floyd Collins, The [Cross-reference]

Fate of Franklin, The [Cross-reference]

Fate of Harry Young, The: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #5488}

Fate of John Burgoyne, The: (4 refs. 12K Notes) {Roud #V49765}

Fate of Lee Bible, The: (2 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #4144}

Fate of Old Strawberry Roan, The [Cross-reference]

Fate of Talmadge Osborne, The: (3 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #12188}

Fate of the Beef Steer, The: (1 ref.)

Fate of the Cumberland Crew, The [Cross-reference]

Fate of the Nancy Bell, The: (2 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #V18364}

Fate of the Ramillies, The [Cross-reference]

Fate of the Rena Lee, The [Cross-reference]

Fate of Will Rogers and Wiley Post, The: (2 refs.) {Roud #21706}

Fateful Blow, The: (1 ref.) {Roud #3641}

Fath Mo Mhulaid a Bhith Ann [Cross-reference]

Father Abraham: (1 ref. <1K Notes)

Father Abraham Had Many Sons [Cross-reference]

Father Abraham Had Seven Sons [Cross-reference]

Father Duffy's Well: (1 ref.) {Roud #7296}

Father Get Ready When He Calls You: (2 refs.) {Roud #7406}

Father Grumble [Laws Q1]: (45 refs. 1K Notes) {Roud #281}

Father in Ambush, The [Cross-reference]

Father Is a Butcher: (3 refs.) {Roud #19421}

Father is Drinking Again: (1 ref.) {Roud #7799}

Father McFadden [Cross-reference]

Father Murphy (I): (3 refs. 8K Notes) {Roud #3020}

Father Murphy (II) (The Wexford Men of '98): (4 refs. 4K Notes) {Roud #3020}

Father Murphy of the County Wexford [Cross-reference]

Father O'Flynn: (3 refs.) {Roud #3829}

Father of Heaven, Blessed Thou Be (Make Ye Merry for Him That Is Come): (7 refs. 1K Notes)

Father Sent Me Here A-Courting [Cross-reference]

Father Tom O'Neill [Cross-reference]

Father Took a Light: (1 ref.) {Roud #3403}

Father Was Killed by the Pinkerton Men: (6 refs. 2K Notes) {Roud #22303}

Father We Thank Thee for the Night [Cross-reference]

Father, Dear Father, Come Home [Cross-reference]

Father, Dear Father, Come Home with Me Now: (22 refs. 1K Notes) {Roud #839}

Father, Father, I Am Married [Cross-reference]

Father's Advice: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #1152}

Father's Murder, The [Cross-reference]

Father's Whiskers: (5 refs.) {Roud #13619}

Fathers, Now Our Meeting Is Over [Cross-reference]

Fathom the Bowl: (5 refs.) {Roud #880}

Fatty, Fatty, Two by Four: (1 ref.)

Faughan Side, The: (1 ref.) {Roud #2292}

Faughanvale (I): (1 ref.) {Roud #13461}

Faughanvale (II) [Cross-reference]

Faughhill Shearing, The: (3 refs.) {Roud #3873}

Fault Een Me [Cross-reference]

Fault Is in Me: (1 ref. <1K Notes)

Faultless Bride, The [Cross-reference]

Fause Foodrage [Child 89]: (10 refs. 2K Notes) {Roud #57}

Fause Knicht on the Road, The [Cross-reference]

Fause Knicht, The [Cross-reference]

Fause Knight Upon the Road, The [Child 3]: (34 refs. 1K Notes) {Roud #20}

Fause Lover, The [Cross-reference]

Fause Young Man, The [Cross-reference]

Fayette Brown, The: (2 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #4623}

Faythe Fishing Craft, The: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #7345}

Fear a Bhata [Cross-reference]

Fear of the Buggerboo [Cross-reference]

Featherin' Oot and In: (1 ref.) {Roud #2519}

Feckless Lover, The: (1 ref.) {Roud #6920}

Fee and Flannigan: (1 ref.) {Roud #2919}

Feeing Time (I), The: (9 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #2516}

Feeing Time (II), The: (4 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #2516}

Feel Like a Motherless Child [Cross-reference]

Felix the Soldier: (4 refs.) {Roud #2805}

Feller from Fortune [Cross-reference]

Feller That Looks Like Me, The [Cross-reference]

Fellow that Looks Like Me, The [Laws H21]: (12 refs.) {Roud #2187}

Felon Sewe of Rokeby and the Feeres of Richmond, The: (3 refs. 1K Notes)

Felton Lonnin (Pelton Lonnin') (I, II, III): (2 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #3166}

Female Cabin Boy, The [Cross-reference]

Female Convict, The [Cross-reference]

Female Drummer (I), The [Cross-reference]

Female Drummer (II), The [Cross-reference]

Female Highwayman, The [Laws N21]: (21 refs. 2K Notes) {Roud #7}

Female Rambling Sailor: (5 refs. 1K Notes) {Roud #17784}

Female Robber, The: (5 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #1315}

Female Sailor (I), The [Cross-reference]

Female Sailor (II), The [Cross-reference]

Female Sailor Bold [Laws N3]: (5 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #1699}

Female Smuggler, The: (13 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #1200}

Female Soldier, The [Cross-reference]

Female Transport, The: (7 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #V1284}

Female Warrior, The (Pretty Polly) [Laws N4]: (20 refs. 2K Notes) {Roud #492}

Fency King and the English King, The [Cross-reference]

Fenian Man-of-War, The [Cross-reference]

Fenian Song (I), A: (4 refs. 5K Notes) {Roud #4531}

Fenian Song (II), The: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #3285}

Fenian's Escape, The (The Catalpa): (10 refs. 2K Notes) {Roud #5480}

Fenny Brown [Cross-reference]

Ferd Harold Blues [Cross-reference]

Fergus O'Connor and Independence: (1 ref. 4K Notes) {Roud #V39070}

Ferry Hinskey Town [Cross-reference]

Ferry, The [Cross-reference]

Ferryland Sealer, The (The Sealers) [Laws D10]: (7 refs. 13K Notes) {Roud #4533}

Feste Burg ist Unser Gott, Ein [Cross-reference]

Festive Lumber-jack: (2 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #8894}

Fethard Life-Boat Crew (I), The: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #20557}

Fethard Life-Boat Crew (II), The: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #20556}

Fethard Life-Boat Crew (III), The: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #20558}

Few Days: (4 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #15561}

Few More Days, A [Cross-reference]

Few More Marchings Weary, A: (3 refs. 3K Notes)

Few More Months, A: (2 refs.) {Roud #5421}

Fflodden Ffeilde [Cross-reference]

Ffryar and Boy [Cross-reference]

Fhear a Bhata (Fhir a Bhata: I Climb the Mountains): (6 refs. 2K Notes) {Roud #4356}

Fhideag Airgid, An [Cross-reference]

Fiddelfranz of Germania Settlement: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #38089}

Fiddle-Dee-Dee [Cross-reference]

Fiddle-I-Fee [Cross-reference]

Fiddler's Bitch, The: (2 refs. <1K Notes)

Fiddler's Green: (2 refs.) {Roud #26370}

Fiddling Soldier [Cross-reference]

Field Calls: (1 ref. <1K Notes)

Field of Monterey, The: (3 refs. 8K Notes) {Roud #7366}

Fielding [Cross-reference]

Fields of Labor [Cross-reference]

Fierce Alpena Blow, The: (1 ref. 3K Notes) {Roud #19872}

Fiery Clock Fyece, The: (1 ref.) {Roud #3144}

Fifteen Men Lost on George's Banks [Cross-reference]

Fifteen Men on a Dead Man's Chest [Cross-reference]

Fifteen Ships on Georges' Banks [Laws D3]: (10 refs.) {Roud #2229}

Fifteen Years Ago: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #24938}

Fifteenth Psalm: (3 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #6110}

Fifth of November, The (Guy Fawkes Song): (7 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #16916}

Fifty Cents [Cross-reference]

Fifty Ninth Street Bridge Song: (2 refs. <1K Notes)

Fifty Thousand Lumberjacks: (1 ref.)

Figgerty Gutter: (1 ref.)

Fight and Scratch and Tarry: (1 ref. <1K Notes)

Fight for Home and Honor, A [Cross-reference]

Fightin' Booze Fighter, The: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #11214}

Fightin' Mad: (1 ref.)

Fighting 43rd, The: (1 ref.) {Roud #29396}

Fighting For Strangers [Cross-reference]

Fighting On [Cross-reference]

Filer, The: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #8878}

Filipino Hombre, A: (1 ref.)

Fill a Glass of Sherry: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #1344}

Fill a Pot, Fill a Pan: (2 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #13070}

Fill, Bowl, Fill: (1 ref. <1K Notes)

Fille de la Garnison, La (The Garrison Girl): (2 refs.)

Fille Soldat de Montcontour, La (The Girl Soldier of Montcontour): (1 ref. <1K Notes)

Filles de La Rochelle, Les: (1 ref.)

Fillimeeooreay [Cross-reference]

Fillin' o' the Punchbowl Wearies Me, The: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #6049}

Fin We Gang Up tae London: (1 ref.) {Roud #5986}

Fin Ye Gang Awa Johnnie [Cross-reference]

Final Trawl, The: (2 refs.)

Finch Horse Trade, A: (1 ref. <1K Notes)

Finding of Moses, The: (4 refs. 4K Notes)

Fine Big Woman [Cross-reference]

Fine Broom Besoms (When I Was wi' Barney): (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #1623}

Fine Fat Saucy Chinaman, The: (4 refs. <1K Notes)

Fine Flowers in the Vale O [Cross-reference]

Fine Flowers in the Valley (I) [Cross-reference]

Fine Flowers in the Valley (II) [Cross-reference]

Fine Lady Gay, The [Cross-reference]

Fine Old English Gentleman, The [Cross-reference]

Fine Old English Labourer, The: (1 ref.)

Fine Ould Irish Gentleman, The: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #23518}

Fine Sally [Cross-reference]

Fine Times in Camp Number Three: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #4361}

Fine Waiting Boy [Cross-reference]

Fineen the Rover: (1 ref.) {Roud #V30652}

Finest Fucking Family [Cross-reference]

Finest Waitress, The: (1 ref. <1K Notes)

Fingers and Thumbs: (6 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #1249}

Finikin Lass (Finnigan Lasses): (6 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #2382}

Finished Letter, The [Cross-reference]

Finn Waterside: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #13548}

Finnegan Beginigin [Cross-reference]

Finnegan's Wake (II) [Cross-reference]

Finnegan's Wake [Laws Q17]: (22 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #1009}

Finnigan Lasses [Cross-reference]

Finnigan's Wake [Cross-reference]

Finvola, the Gem of the Roe: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #2291}

Fire Down Below: (11 refs.) {Roud #813}

Fire in the Foretop [Cross-reference]

Fire of Frendraught, The [Child 196]: (11 refs. 2K Notes) {Roud #336}

Fire on the Mountain, Run, Run, Run: (6 refs. 1K Notes) {Roud #4618}

Fire Ship, The: (12 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #4841}

Fire Song [Cross-reference]

Fire, Maringo: (5 refs. 4K Notes)

Fire! Fire! [Cross-reference]

Fire's Burning [Cross-reference]

Fireball MacNamara's Address to his Pistols: (1 ref. <1K Notes)

Firelock Stile: (3 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #1780}

Fireman Bill (Fireman's Song): (1 ref.)

Fireman Save My Child [Cross-reference]

Fireman's Song [Cross-reference]

Fireship, The [Cross-reference]

First Arrival -- "Aurora" and "Walrus" Full: (1 ref. 11K Notes) {Roud #V44602}

First Arrival from the Sea Fishery S. S. Fogota, 1912: (1 ref. 13K Notes) {Roud #V44581}

First Banjo, The [Cross-reference]

First Carol: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #1159}

First Come in it was a Rat, The [Cross-reference]

First Day Of Christmas, The [Cross-reference]

First Day of Yule. The: (8 refs. <1K Notes)

First Families of Fall River: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #3732}

First Good Joy That Mary Had, The [Cross-reference]

First Night's Courtship, The: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #3706}

First Noel, The: (16 refs. 2K Notes) {Roud #682}

First Nowell, The [Cross-reference]

First of May, The (Garland Day): (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #305}

First of the Emigrants, The: (4 refs.) {Roud #9434}

First Old Gent (Square Dance Calls; Lady Round the Lady; Round Up Eight): (1 ref.)

First Thing I Owned Was a Pistol, The [Cross-reference]

First Thing They Asked For, The: (3 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #350}

First Time I Met Her, The (Down in the Valley, Down in the Dark Alley): (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #10123}

First Time I Saw My Love, The [Cross-reference]

First Time that I Saw My Love, The: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #7241}

First to California, Oh, Fondly I Went [Cross-reference]

Fischerlied: (1 ref.)

Fish and Brewis: (2 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #9962}

Fish and Chip Ship, The: (1 ref.) {Roud #1854}

Fish and Chips [Cross-reference]

Fish and Chips (Down by the Liffey Side): (3 refs. <1K Notes)

Fish It Never Cackles Bout, The [Cross-reference]

Fish of the Sea (I), The [Cross-reference]

Fish of the Sea (II) [Cross-reference]

Fishaman Peter [Cross-reference]

Fisher Lad of Whitby, The: (1 ref.) {Roud #V35024}

Fisher Song [Cross-reference]

Fisher Who Died in His Bed, The: (2 refs.) {Roud #4551}

Fisherman at Glen Cove, The: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #18208}

Fisherman Hanged the Monkey, The: (1 ref.) {Roud #5806}

Fisherman of Wexford, The: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #20527}

Fisherman Peter: (1 ref. <1K Notes)

Fisherman Yankee Brown, The: (2 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #19859}

Fisherman, The [Cross-reference]

Fisherman's Alphabet, The: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #21108}

Fisherman's Boy, The [Laws Q29]: (9 refs.) {Roud #912}

Fisherman's Daughter (I), The: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #7417}

Fisherman's Daughter (II), The [Cross-reference]

Fisherman's Girl, The: (13 refs.) {Roud #2809}

Fisherman's Luck [Cross-reference]

Fisherman's Son to the Ice Has Gone, The: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #V44603}

Fisherman's Son to the Ice is Gone, The [Cross-reference]

Fishermen of Newfoundland, The [Cross-reference]

Fishermen's Song (We'll Go to Sea No More): (2 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #20335}

Fishes, The [Cross-reference]

Fishes' Lamentation, The [Cross-reference]

FIshie [Cross-reference]

Fishing Blues: (2 refs. 1K Notes)

Fishing on the Labrador: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #30712}

Fishy Crab, The [Cross-reference]

Fishy, Fishy in the Brook: (1 ref.) {Roud #16338}

Fit Comes On Me Now, The [Cross-reference]

Fit, The [Cross-reference]

Fit's Come on Me Now, The [Cross-reference]

Fit's Come Owre Me Noo, The: (2 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #441}

Fitba' crazy [Cross-reference]

Fitch-Austin Feud, The: (1 ref. <1K Notes)

Five and a Zack: (1 ref. <1K Notes)

Five Bob to Four: (1 ref. <1K Notes)

Five Boss Highway: (3 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #24292}

Five Constipated Men (in the Bible): (1 ref. 2K Notes)

Five Cripples: (3 refs.) {Roud #2422}

Five Fingers In the Boll: (1 ref. <1K Notes)

Five Hundred Miles [Cross-reference]

Five in the Bed: (1 ref.) {Roud #16413}

Five Long Years: (2 refs. <1K Notes)

Five Miles from Gundagai (II) [Cross-reference]

Five O'Clock is Striking [Cross-reference]

Five pears hanging high [Cross-reference]

Five Tinkers [Cross-reference]

Five to My Five: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #16811}

Five-and-Twenty Masons: (1 ref.) {Roud #13038}

Five-Boss Highway [Cross-reference]

Five-Gallon Jar, The [Cross-reference]

Five, Ten, Fifteen, Twenty, Nobody Leaves the Rope Empty: (1 ref.)

Fix Me Jesus: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #17638}

Fixin' to Die: (2 refs.)

Fizzy Gow's Tea Party: (1 ref.)

Flag of Newfoundland, The: (2 refs. 2K Notes) {Roud #26392}

Flag of the Free: (1 ref. <1K Notes)

Flag with the Thirty-Four Stars, The [Cross-reference]

Flambeau d'Amour (Torch of Love): (1 ref. <1K Notes)

Flanders Shore, The: (3 refs. 9K Notes) {Roud #2636}

Flash Colonial Barman, The: (1 ref. <1K Notes)

Flash Company [Cross-reference]

Flash Cows of the City: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #2}

Flash Frigate, The (La Pique): (5 refs. 2K Notes) {Roud #2563}

Flash Gals of the Town [Cross-reference]

Flash Jack from Gundagai: (6 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #24704}

Flash Packet Worts, The: (1 ref.) {Roud #19876}

Flash Stockman, The: (4 refs.) {Roud #22616}

Flash Sydney Shearers, The: (1 ref.)

Flat Bill Beaver Cap [Cross-reference]

Flat River Girl, The [Cross-reference]

Flat River Raftsman, The [Cross-reference]

Flatrock Hills: (1 ref.) {Roud #18209}

Flaunting Flag of Liberty, The: (1 ref.) {Roud #2815}

Flea [Cross-reference]

Flea Fly [Cross-reference]

Flee Fly Flo: (4 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #16804}

Fleecy Care, The [Cross-reference]

Fleeing Servant, The [Cross-reference]

Fleischmann's Yeast [Cross-reference]

Flemings of Torbay, The [Laws D23]: (11 refs. 1K Notes) {Roud #1821}

Flemmings of Torbay, The [Cross-reference]

Flicker: (2 refs.)

Flies Are On the Tummits, The: (2 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #1376}

Flight of Doodles [Cross-reference]

Flim-A-Lim-A-Lee [Cross-reference]

Flirring Away: (1 ref.)

Flirtation [Cross-reference]

Flirting [Cross-reference]

Flirty Love: (1 ref.) {Roud #30126}

Floating Home, A: (1 ref.)

Flodden Field [Child 168]: (9 refs. 3K Notes) {Roud #2862}

Flood Come uh-Creepin' [Cross-reference]

Flood Comes Creeping: (1 ref. <1K Notes)

Floor to Let [Cross-reference]

Flora [Cross-reference]

Flora MacDonald and the King [Cross-reference]

Flora MacDonald's Lament: (3 refs. 6K Notes) {Roud #5776}

Flora, the Lily of the West [Cross-reference]

Flora's Lament for her Charlie: (2 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #V12024}

Florence C. McGee, The: (2 refs.) {Roud #6639}

Florida Storm: (2 refs. 2K Notes)

Florizel, The [Cross-reference]

Floro [Cross-reference]

Flour of England: (3 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #20572}

Flow Gently Sweet Afton: (9 refs. <1K Notes)

Flower Carol, The (Spring Has Now Unwrapped the Flowers): (2 refs. 2K Notes)

Flower o' Northumberland, The [Cross-reference]

Flower of Benbrada, The: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #9476}

Flower of Breakshill, The: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #6158}

Flower of Corby Mill, The: (4 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #2928}

Flower of Corby's Mill, The [Cross-reference]

Flower of Craiganee, The [Cross-reference]

Flower of Dunaff Hill, The [Cross-reference]

Flower of Dunblane, The [Cross-reference]

Flower of Finae, The: (1 ref.) {Roud #25067}

Flower of France and England, O, The: (4 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #5532}

Flower of Glenleary, The: (1 ref.) {Roud #7986}

Flower of Gortade, The: (2 refs. 1K Notes) {Roud #2740}

Flower of Kilkenny, The [Cross-reference]

Flower of Magherally, The: (3 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #3009}

Flower of Northumberland, The [Cross-reference]

Flower of Serving Men, The [Cross-reference]

Flower of Sweet Dunmull, The: (2 refs.) {Roud #2744}

Flower of Sweet Erin the Green, The: (3 refs.) {Roud #2790}

Flower of Sweet Strabane, The: (11 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #2745}

Flower Oracles [Cross-reference]

Flowering Trade, The: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #22781}

Flowers and Weeds [Cross-reference]

Flowers in the Wildwood: (1 ref.) {Roud #29674}

Flowers o' the Forest, The: (6 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #3812}

Flowers of Edinburgh (I), The: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #8480}

Flowers of Edinburgh (II), The: (2 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #6248}

Flowers of Edinrurgh, The [Cross-reference]

Flowers of Fochabers, The: (1 ref.) {Roud #5538}

Flowers of Magherally, The [Cross-reference]

Flowers of the Valley: (1 ref. <1K Notes)

Flowery Garden [Cross-reference]

Flowery Nolan: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #16693}

Floyd Collins [Laws G22]: (17 refs. 31K Notes) {Roud #1940}

Floyd Frazier (Ellen Flannery) [Laws F19]: (4 refs. 1K Notes) {Roud #695}

Flunky Jim (Gopher Tails): (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #4555}

Flute Song: (1 ref. <1K Notes)

Fly Across the Ocean Birdie [Cross-reference]

Fly and the Bumblebee, The (Fiddle-Dee-Dee): (3 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #3731}

Fly Around My Blue-Eyed Gal [Cross-reference]

Fly Around, My Pretty Little Miss: (23 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #5720 and 3648}

Fly Away You Bumble Bee (Sambo): (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #10236 and 29946}

Fly Is on the Turnip, The [Cross-reference]

Fly Little Bluebird [Cross-reference]

Fly Not Yet: (5 refs.) {Roud #31439}

Flyin' U Twister, The [Cross-reference]

Flying Cloud, The [Laws K28]: (46 refs. 4K Notes) {Roud #1802}

Flying Colonel, The: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #10401}

Flying Dutchman, The (Vanderdecken) [Laws K23]: (10 refs.) {Roud #1897}

Flying Fortresses: (1 ref. 10K Notes) {Roud #29394}

Flying Squirrel: (1 ref.) {Roud #5042}

Flying Trapeze, The: (15 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #5286}

Fod: (6 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #431}

Fog-bound Vessel, The: (4 refs. 2K Notes) {Roud #15.3}

Fogan MacAleer: (2 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #13989}

Foggy Dew (I), The (The Bugaboo) [Laws O3]: (43 refs. 3K Notes) {Roud #558}

Foggy Dew (II), The: (3 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #973}

Foggy Dew (III), The: (4 refs. 5K Notes) {Roud #973}

Foggy Dew (IV), The: (4 refs.) {Roud #1118}

Foggy Foggy Banks, The: (2 refs. <1K Notes)

Foggy Mountain Top: (11 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #11735}

Foggy, Foggy Dew [Cross-reference]

Folk o' the Muckle Toon o' Rora, The [Cross-reference]

Folkestone Murder, The: (3 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #897}

Folks on t'Other Side the Wave, The: (1 ref. <1K Notes)

Foller de Drinkin' Gou'd [Cross-reference]

Follom Brown-Red, The: (1 ref.) {Roud #2922}

Follow Me (I): (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #1324}

Follow Me (II): (1 ref.)

Follow Me Down, to the Waters I'm Bound (Baptizing Hymn): (1 ref.) {Roud #31261}

Follow Me Up to Carlow: (2 refs. 2K Notes)

Follow the Drinking Gourd: (9 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #15532}

Follow the Gleam: (4 refs. 6K Notes)

Follow the Trail to the Open Air: (4 refs.)

Fond Affection, A [Cross-reference]

Fond du Lac Jail [Cross-reference]

Fond of Chewing Gum: (10 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #3714}

Fooba-Wooba John [Cross-reference]

Fool's Name, A [Cross-reference]

Foolish and Young: (3 refs. 2K Notes) {Roud #7197}

Foolish Boy, The [Cross-reference]

Foolish Frog, The [Cross-reference]

Foolish Shepherd, The [Cross-reference]

Foolish Young Girl, The [Cross-reference]

Fools of '49, The [Cross-reference]

Fools of Forty-Nine, The: (3 refs.) {Roud #8058}

Fools' Names: (1 ref.) {Roud #25358}

Foondry Lane: (1 ref.) {Roud #21590}

Foot and Mouth Disease, The: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #3069}

Foot of the Mountain Bow, The [Cross-reference]

Foot of the Mountain Brow, The (The Maid of the Mountain Brow) [Laws P7]: (20 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #562}

Foot of Yonders Mountain, The [Cross-reference]

Foot Traveler: (3 refs.)

Football Crazy: (1 ref.) {Roud #6858}

Football Match, The: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #1291}

Footboy, The: (3 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #3580}

Footprints in the Snow: (13 refs. 2K Notes) {Roud #2660}

Footprints on the Dashboard: (3 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #27847}

For A' That and A' That (I): (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #5536}

For A' That And A' That (II) [Cross-reference]

For Baby (For Bobbie): (1 ref. <1K Notes)

For Bales [Cross-reference]

For He'll Plough the Furrows Deep: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #6775}

For He's a Jolly Good Fellow: (7 refs. <1K Notes)

For Health and Strength: (3 refs. <1K Notes)

For I Ain't Goin' T' Die No Mo' [Cross-reference]

For I'm a Good Old Rebel [Cross-reference]

For I'm Nae Awa' to Bide Awa': (2 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #13959}

For Me and My Gal: (3 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #25594}

For My Lawd [Cross-reference]

For My Lord: (1 ref.)

For Our Lang Biding Here (A South Sea Song): (2 refs. 29K Notes)

For Seven Long Years I've Been Married: (8 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #724}

For Six Days Do All That Thou Art Able [Cross-reference]

For Sixteen Months I Courted Her [Cross-reference] {Roud #4391}

For the Beauty of the Earth: (7 refs. <1K Notes)

For the Day Is A-Breakin' In My Soul [Cross-reference]

For the Dear Old Flag I Die!: (2 refs. 2K Notes)

For the Fish We Must Prepare: (1 ref.) {Roud #9963}

For the Orange and Blue: (2 refs.) {Roud #13607}

For the Victory at Agincourt [Cross-reference]

For the Walk So Neat, and the Dress So Gay [Cross-reference]

For Want of a Nail: (5 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #19527}

For Your Diversion I'll Sing a Sang: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #13055}

Forbidden Wedding, The [Cross-reference]

Ford: (1 ref.) {Roud #16806}

Foreign Lander: (2 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #5711}

Foreman, Well Known Jerry Ryan, The [Cross-reference]

Forest Was Covered In Bushes, The [Cross-reference]

Forester Song, The: (1 ref.) {Roud #18210}

Forester, The [Cross-reference]

Forfar Sodger, The: (6 refs. 1K Notes) {Roud #2857}

Forget the East: (1 ref.)

Forget Thee No!: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #13602}

Forget You I Never May: (5 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #460}

Forglen (Forglen You Know, Strichen's Plantins): (4 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #6286}

Forgotten Wife, The (The Black Bull of Norroway; The Red Bull of Norroway; The Brown Bear of Norway): (16 refs. 11K Notes)

Forsaken (I): (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #6812}

Forsaken (II) [Cross-reference]

Forsaken Folk Maun Live: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #6806}

Forsaken Lover (II), A: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #6813}

Forsaken Lover, A [Cross-reference]

Forsaken Maiden, The [Cross-reference]

Forsaken Mother and Child, The [Cross-reference]

Fort Thomas Murder, The [Cross-reference]

Fortification of New Ross, The [Cross-reference]

Fortune My Foe (Aim Not Too High): (4 refs. 1K Notes)

Forty Bottles of Beer on the Wall [Cross-reference]

Forty Dukes A Riding [Cross-reference]

Forty Fishermen [Cross-reference]

Forty Miles [Cross-reference]

Forty Years Ago [Cross-reference]

Forty Years Ago (II): (1 ref.)

Forty-Four Blues (I): (7 refs. 1K Notes)

Forty-Four Blues (II): (2 refs. 2K Notes)

Forty-Nine Bottles [Cross-reference]

Forward, Boys, Hurrah! [Cross-reference]

Fossicker Michael O'Flynn: (1 ref.)

Fossicking Fool, The: (1 ref. <1K Notes)

Found a Peanut: (3 refs.) {Roud #12779}

Foundering of the Asia, The [Cross-reference]

Founding of the Famous C. P. R., The: (1 ref. <1K Notes)

Foundling Baby, The [Cross-reference]

Foundling Child, The [Cross-reference]

Fountain of Blood [Cross-reference]

Fountain of Christ's Blood [Cross-reference]

Fountains Flowing [Cross-reference]

Four and Four are Twenty-Four: (1 ref. <1K Notes)

Four and Twenty Fiddlers: (4 refs. 6K Notes) {Roud #20211}

Four and Twenty Lawyers: (1 ref. <1K Notes)

Four and Twenty Tailors: (10 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #1036}

Four Brave Commanders: (1 ref.) {Roud #8067}

Four Brothers, The [Cross-reference]

Four Drunken Maidens [Cross-reference]

Four Girls of Plymouth Town [Cross-reference]

Four Hands Round in the Euchre Ring [Cross-reference]

Four Horses: (1 ref.) {Roud #12929}

Four Hundred Sail of Shipping FIne [Cross-reference]

Four in a Boat [Cross-reference]

Four in the Middle [Cross-reference]

Four Jolly Fellows [Cross-reference]

Four Leaf Clover: (2 refs. <1K Notes)

Four Little Angels [Cross-reference]

Four Little Johnny Cakes: (6 refs. <1K Notes)

Four Loom Weaver, The [Cross-reference]

Four Maries (Marys), The [Cross-reference]

Four Nights Drunk [Child 274]: (105 refs. 2K Notes) {Roud #114}

Four O'Clock: (1 ref. <1K Notes)

Four O'Clock Blues: (1 ref. <1K Notes)

Four Old Whores: (7 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #5666}

Four Pence a Day: (7 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #2586}

Four Seasons of the Year, The: (5 refs. 2K Notes) {Roud #1180}

Four Seasons, The [Cross-reference]

Four Stiff-Standers: (3 refs.) {Roud #20212}

Four Strong Winds: (2 refs.) {Roud #36099}

Four Thousand Years Ago [Cross-reference]

Four to Go! [Cross-reference]

Four-Leaved Shamrock, The: (8 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #V5560}

Four-Loom Weaver, The: (10 refs. 2K Notes) {Roud #937}

Fourpence a Day [Cross-reference]

Fourteenth of February, The [Cross-reference]

Fourth Day of July, The [Cross-reference]

Fourth of July at a Country Fair (Home Sweet Home to Me): (3 refs.) {Roud #11346}

Fourth of July at a County Fair [Cross-reference]

Fowles in the Frith: (11 refs. <1K Notes)

Fox and Goose, The [Cross-reference]

Fox and Hare (They've All Got a Mate But Me): (7 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #1140 and 3624}

Fox and His Wife, The [Cross-reference]

Fox and the Goose, The [Cross-reference]

Fox and the Grapes, The: (3 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #3713}

Fox and the Grey Goose, The [Cross-reference]

Fox and the Hare, The [Cross-reference]

Fox and the Lawyer, The: (1 ref. <1K Notes)

Fox Chace, The, or The Huntman's Harmony by the Noble Duke of Buckingham's Hounds [Cross-reference]

Fox Chase (I), The: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #3443}

Fox Chase (II), A [Cross-reference]

Fox Hunt, The [Cross-reference]

Fox Hunting, A [Cross-reference]

Fox Is About, The: (1 ref.) {Roud #22140}

Fox Is on the Town [Cross-reference]

Fox Loves the Valley, The: (1 ref. <1K Notes)

Fox River Line, The (The Rock Island Line) [Laws C28]: (8 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #643}

Fox Traveled Out, The [Cross-reference]

Fox Walked Out, The [Cross-reference]

Fox Went Out on a Starry Night, A [Cross-reference]

Fox Went Through the Town, Oh!, The [Cross-reference]

Fox, The: (62 refs. 2K Notes) {Roud #131}

Foxes, The [Cross-reference]

Foxy Davy: (1 ref.) {Roud #16237}

Frae the Martimas Term: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #5908}

Frances Silvers [Cross-reference]

Frank and Ruby: (1 ref.) {Roud #16565}

Frank Dupree [Laws E24]: (10 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #2253}

Frank Farrow: (2 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #4059}

Frank Fidd: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #3281}

Frank Gardiner: (7 refs. 5K Notes) {Roud #9117}

Frank Gardiner He Is Caught at Last [Cross-reference]

Frank James, the Burglar [Cross-reference]

Frankie [Cross-reference]

Frankie and Albert [Laws I3]: (78 refs. 3K Notes) {Roud #254}

Frankie and Johnnie [Cross-reference]

Frankie and Johnny [Cross-reference]

Frankie and Johnny (II - Army Version): (1 ref.)

Frankie and Johnny (III - Day Bomber's Lament): (1 ref.)

Frankie Baker [Cross-reference]

Frankie Blues [Cross-reference]

Frankie Silvers [Laws E13]: (16 refs. 22K Notes) {Roud #783}

Franklin [Cross-reference]

Franklin and His Bold Crew [Cross-reference]

Franklin D. Roosevelt: (1 ref. <1K Notes)

Franklin D. Roosevelt's Back Again: (5 refs. <1K Notes)

Franklin Expedition, The [Cross-reference]

Franklin In Search of the North-West Passage [Cross-reference]

Franklin Slaughter Ranch [Cross-reference]

Franklin the Brave [Cross-reference]

Franklin's Crew [Cross-reference]

Fraserburgh Meal Riot, The: (2 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #5844}

Fray of Suport, The: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #8190}

Fred Karno's Army: (4 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #10533}

Fred Sargent's Shanty Song: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #8895}

Freddy Watson: (1 ref. 1K Notes) {Roud #26417}

Free a Little Bird [Cross-reference]

Free America: (7 refs.)

Free Americay [Cross-reference]

Free and Easy (I): (6 refs.) {Roud #1084}

Free and Easy (II): (7 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #1084}

Free and Easy To Jog Along: (2 refs.) {Roud #1084}

Free At Last: (7 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #10974}

Free Gardener, The: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #5972}

Free Go Lily (Three Gold Lilies): (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #16095}

Free Little Bird: (19 refs.) {Roud #7690}

Free Mason Song: (15 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #1179}

Free Salvation (The Resurrection): (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #4608}

Free Selector, The: (3 refs. <1K Notes)

Free Selector's Song, The [Cross-reference]

Free Silver: (2 refs. 3K Notes)

Free Slave, The: (2 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #4520}

Free Thinkers Reasons for Refusing to Preach: (1 ref.) {Roud #27501}

Free, Free My Lord (I): (1 ref. <1K Notes)

Free, Free My Lord (II) [Cross-reference]

Freebooter, The: (1 ref.) {Roud #V25192}

Freeda Bolt [Cross-reference]

Freedom Are Come Oh: (1 ref.)

Freedom Is a Constant Struggle: (1 ref.)

Freedom on the Wallaby: (4 refs. 1K Notes)

Freedom Triumphant: (2 refs. 2K Notes)

Freehold on the Plain, The: (3 refs.) {Roud #27776}

Freemason King, The [Cross-reference]

Freemason's Song (I), The: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #17746}

Freemason's Song (II): (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #1179}

Freemasons' Song: (2 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #5964}

Freight Train: (6 refs. <1K Notes)

Freight Train Blues (I): (1 ref.)

Freight Train Blues (II): (7 refs.) {Roud #16393}

Freight Wreck at Altoona, The [Cross-reference]

Freighting from Wilcox to Globe: (2 refs.) {Roud #8016}

French Cathedrals (Orleans, Beaugency): (4 refs.)

French Privateer, The: (3 refs. 2K Notes) {Roud #690}

Frenchman's Ball, The [Cross-reference]

Frenchman's Description of a West Branch Cook of the Period 1875-1900, A: (1 ref.)

Frenchmen, The: (1 ref. <1K Notes)

Frennelly [Cross-reference]

Frennet Hall [Cross-reference]

Frere and the Boy, The [Cross-reference]

Frere Jacques (Are You Sleeping; Brother John): (12 refs. <1K Notes)

Fresh Peanuts!: (2 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #16405}

Friar and the Boy, The [Cross-reference]

Friar and the Nun, The [Cross-reference]

Friar in the Well, The [Child 276]: (9 refs.) {Roud #116}

Fried Ham: (1 ref.)

Frieda Bolt [Cross-reference]

Friendless Soldier Boy, The [Cross-reference]

Friendly Road (A Meeting; He Came from Maoriland): (2 refs.)

Friends and Companions [Cross-reference]

Friends and Neighbors (Virginia's Alders): (1 ref. 1K Notes) {Roud #4603}

Friends of Temperance: (1 ref.) {Roud #7800}

Friendship Is a Shining Thing: (1 ref.)

Friendship Is a Shiny Thing [Cross-reference]

Friendship on Indian Run: (1 ref.) {Roud #14080}

Frigging Fusileers, The: (1 ref.)

Frigging in the Rigging [Cross-reference]

Frijole Beans: (1 ref.)

Frisch Auf Mit Alle Mann an Deck [Cross-reference]

Frisch Auf, Alle Mann an Deck (Lively There, All Hands on Deck): (2 refs.)

Frisky [Cross-reference]

Frisky Jim [Cross-reference]

Fritz Truan, a Great Cowboy: (1 ref. <1K Notes)

Frog A-Courting, A [Cross-reference]

Frog and Crow [Cross-reference]

Frog and the Crow of Ennow [Cross-reference]

Frog and the Crow, The: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #7520}

Frog and the Mouse (I), The [Cross-reference]

Frog and the Mouse (II), The [Cross-reference]

Frog and the Mouse, The [Cross-reference]

Frog He Went A-Courting, A [Cross-reference]

Frog He Would A-Wooing Go, (A) [Cross-reference]

Frog in the Meadow [Cross-reference]

Frog in the Middle: (6 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #14047 and 21632}

Frog in the Mill Pond [Cross-reference]

Frog in the Spring, The [Cross-reference]

Frog in the Well (I) [Cross-reference]

Frog in the Well (II), The [Cross-reference]

Frog Round [Cross-reference]

Frog Song, The [Cross-reference]

Frog Went A-Courting: (109 refs. 3K Notes) {Roud #16}

Frog Went Courting, A [Cross-reference]

Frog-Pond: (1 ref.)

Frog, The (Fisherman's Luck): (3 refs.)

Frog's Courtship, The [Cross-reference]

Frog's Wedding, The [Cross-reference]

Froggie [Cross-reference]

Froggie Went A-Courting [Cross-reference]

Froggie Went to Take a Ride [Cross-reference]

Froggie Would a-Wooing Go [Cross-reference]

Froggie-in-the-Millpond [Cross-reference]

Froggie's in the Meadow [Cross-reference]

Froggy Went A-Courtin' [Cross-reference]

Froggy Went a-Courting [Cross-reference]

Froggy Would a-Wooing Go [Cross-reference]

Frolicksome Farmer, The: (4 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #4738}

Frolicsome Sea Captain, The [Cross-reference]

From Hillsborough Town the First of May: (2 refs. 5K Notes)

From Liverpool 'cross the Atlantic [Cross-reference]

From Ogemaw: (2 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #8860}

From Out the Battered Elm Tree: (2 refs. <1K Notes)

From Rocks and Sands and Barren Lands: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #13049}

From Sourabaya to Pasuruan [Cross-reference]

From Surabaya to Pasoeroean: (2 refs.)

From Sweet Dundee [Cross-reference]

From the Brow of the Hill: (1 ref.) {Roud #1298}

From Ver Mount: (1 ref.)

Frostit Corn, The: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #5951}

Frowns That She Gave Me, The: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #4296}

Frozen Charlotte [Cross-reference]

Frozen Girl, The [Cross-reference]

Frozen Logger, The: (6 refs. 3K Notes) {Roud #5470}

Frugal Maid, The [Cross-reference]

Fryar and Boy [Cross-reference]

Fuck 'Em All [Cross-reference]

Fucking Machine, The: (4 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #10237}

Fudge, Fudge, Here Comes the Judge [Cross-reference]

Fudge, Fudge, Tell the Judge [Cross-reference]

Fugitive's Lament, The: (1 ref.)

Full Loads to the Sealers: (3 refs. 1K Notes) {Roud #V44582}

Full Merrily Sings the Cuckoo: (1 ref.)

Fuller and Warren [Laws F16]: (22 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #694}

Fullers Confession [Cross-reference]

Funeral Hymn ("Our Brother's Gone") [Cross-reference]

Funeral Hymn, The: (2 refs.) {Roud #16370}

Funeral Train, The: (1 ref.)

Funiculi Funicula [Cross-reference]

Funiculì, Funiculà: (3 refs. <1K Notes)

Funky Butt (Buddy Bolden's Blues): (2 refs. <1K Notes)

Funniest is the Frog: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #3444}

Furze Field, The: (2 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #1037}

Fust Banjo, De (The Banjo Song; The Possum and the Banjo; Old Noah): (4 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #5467}

Future Mrs. 'Awkins, The: (3 refs.) {Roud #15686}

Future Plans (The G-Man): (1 ref.)

Fy, Fy, Margaret (The Threatened Invasion): (1 ref.) {Roud #8172}

Fy, Let's A to the Bridal [Cross-reference]

Fyah Bun (Fire Burn): (2 refs. <1K Notes)

Fye, Stick the Minister: (1 ref.) {Roud #7230}

Fylemore: (1 ref. <1K Notes)

Fylingdale Fox Hunt, The: (1 ref.) {Roud #1109}

Fyrst day of Yole haue we in mynd, The [Cross-reference]

Fyvie Ploughmen, The: (2 refs.) {Roud #5939}

G for Generosity (Girl Scout Pep Song): (1 ref. <1K Notes)

Gabby Fabbly: (1 ref.)

Gaberlunyie Man, A [Cross-reference]

Gaberlunzie Laddie, The [Cross-reference]

Gaberlunzie Man, The [Child 279A]: (28 refs. 3K Notes) {Roud #119}

Gabriel of High Degree: (10 refs. 1K Notes) {Roud #815}

Gabriel That Angel Bright: (7 refs. <1K Notes)

Gabriel's Trumpet (Baptist Numbered in God): (3 refs.) {Roud #11881 and 10022}

Gabriell of hygh degre [Cross-reference]

Gack Goon Went the Little Green Frog [Cross-reference]

Gae Flit the Coo: (4 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #6274}

Gaelic Football [Cross-reference]

Gaffer Gray: (1 ref.) {Roud #16599}

Gaie-Annee, La [Cross-reference]

Gairdner and the Plooman, The: (2 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #339}

Gairdner and the Ploughman, The [Cross-reference]

Gal I Left Behind Me, The [Cross-reference]

Gal, You Wan' Fe' Come Kill Me? (Tek Akee, Mek Soup) (Woman, Do You Want to Kill Me?) (Take Akee, Make Soup): (3 refs. <1K Notes)

Galbally Farmer, The [Cross-reference]

Gale of August '27, The: (1 ref. 4K Notes) {Roud #9431}

Gallagher Boys, The [Cross-reference]

Gallant 69th, The [Cross-reference]

Gallant Brigantine, The [Laws D25]: (15 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #648}

Gallant Farmer's Farewell to Ireland, The: (2 refs. 2K Notes) {Roud #V4359}

Gallant Female Sailor [Cross-reference]

Gallant Forty-Twa (II), The [Cross-reference]

Gallant Forty-Twa, The: (4 refs. 1K Notes) {Roud #1877}

Gallant Grahams, The: (3 refs. 1K Notes) {Roud #5618}

Gallant Husars, The [Cross-reference]

Gallant Hussar, The (A Damsel Possessed of Great Beauty): (15 refs. 1K Notes) {Roud #1146}

Gallant Hussars, The [Cross-reference]

Gallant Ninety-Twa, The: (1 ref. 2K Notes) {Roud #3776}

Gallant Peter Clarke [Cross-reference]

Gallant Poacher, The [Cross-reference]

Gallant Poachers (I), The [Cross-reference]

Gallant Poachers (II), The [Cross-reference]

Gallant Rainbow, The [Cross-reference]

Gallant Shearers, The: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #5593}

Gallant Shoemaker, The: (4 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #3950}

Gallant Sixty-Ninth, The: (3 refs. 5K Notes) {Roud #V41521}

Gallant Soldier (I), The: (1 ref.) {Roud #5792}

Gallant Soldier (II), The [Cross-reference]

Gallant Soldier, The (Mary/Peggy and the Soldier): (8 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #2496}

Gallant Tommy Boyle, The: (2 refs.) {Roud #19832}

Gallant Victory, The [Cross-reference]

Gallis Pole, The [Cross-reference]

Galloping Randy Dandy O! [Cross-reference]

Gallowa Hills: (4 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #3358}

Gallows [Laws L11]: (12 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #896}

Gallows Tree (I), The [Cross-reference]

Gallows Tree (II), The [Cross-reference]

Gals Around Cape Horn, The [Cross-reference]

Gals o' Chile, The [Cross-reference]

Gals O' Dublin Town, The: (2 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #7989}

Galveston Rose, The: (2 refs.)

Galveston Storm, The: (1 ref.)

Galway Bay: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #9306}

Galway Piper, The: (3 refs. <1K Notes)

Galway Races, The: (4 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #3031}

Galway Shawl, The: (5 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #2737}

Galway Town [Cross-reference]

Gambler (I), The: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #4302}

Gambler (II), The: (4 refs. <1K Notes)

Gambler (III), The [Cross-reference]

Gambler, The (My Father was a Gambler; Hang Me) [Cross-reference]

Gambler's Blues [Cross-reference]

Gambler's Dying Words, The [Cross-reference]

Gambler's Sweetheart, The: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #7426}

Gambling on the Sabbath Day [Laws E14]: (7 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #3544}

Gambling Suitor, The [Cross-reference]

Gamboling Man, The [Cross-reference]

Game of Cards (I), The: (11 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #232}

Game of Cards (II), The: (5 refs. 2K Notes) {Roud #V4231}

Game of Coon-Can, The [Cross-reference]

Game of Howsers, The [Cross-reference]

Game Warden Song: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #9978}

Game-Cock, The [Cross-reference]

Gamekeepers Lie Sleeping: (10 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #363}

Gammal Brigg, En: (1 ref.)

Gan to the Kye Wi' Me: (1 ref.) {Roud #3162}

Ganging Through the Howe, Geordie: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #13585}

Gangspilliedje: (1 ref.)

Gaol Song (II) [Cross-reference]

Gaol Song, The: (4 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #1077}

Garbey's Rock [Cross-reference]

Garden Gate, The: (19 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #418}

Garden Hymn, The: (4 refs. 1K Notes) {Roud #11502}

Garden Where the Praties Grow: (4 refs.) {Roud #4803}

Garden-Gate, The [Cross-reference]

Gardener Lad, The [Cross-reference]

Gardener, The [Child 219]: (13 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #339}

Gardener's Delight, The: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #7186}

Gardner and the Ploughman, The: (2 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #6845}

Garfield: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #9138}

Garfield (II) [Cross-reference]

Gargal Machree [Cross-reference]

Garian's Rock [Cross-reference]

Garland of Love, The: (6 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #1247}

Garners Gay (Rue; The Sprig of Thyme): (17 refs. 2K Notes) {Roud #3}

Garnish: (1 ref. <1K Notes)

Garrawilla (The Shearer's Life): (1 ref. <1K Notes)

Garryowen (I): (3 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #V17540}

Garryowen (II): (6 refs. 2K Notes)

Garryowen, The: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #20538}

Garvagh Town: (1 ref. <1K Notes)

Gas Lights: (1 ref.)

Gasker Song, The [Cross-reference]

Gaspard Tragedy, The [Cross-reference]

Gates of Ivory, The [Cross-reference]

Gates of Londonderry, The: (1 ref.)

Gatesville Cannonball, The: (1 ref.) {Roud #10407}

Gather Ye Rosebuds While Ye May (To the Virgins, to Make Much of Time): (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #24424}

Gather Your Rosebuds While You May [Cross-reference]

Gathering Mushrooms: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #7001}

Gathering Nuts in May: (16 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #6308}

Gathering Rushes: (12 refs. 2K Notes) {Roud #831 and 3380}

Gathering Rushes in the Month of May (Underneath Her Apron): (7 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #899}

Gatineau Girls, The [Cross-reference]

Gatton Tragedy, The: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #22592}

Gauger, The: (4 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #2343}

Gauger's Song, The [Cross-reference]

Gawkie, The [Cross-reference]

Gay Caballero, The: (6 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #10095}

Gay Deserter, The [Cross-reference]

Gay Girl Marie [Laws M23]: (9 refs. 1K Notes) {Roud #1020}

Gay gos hawk, The [Cross-reference]

Gay Goshawk, The [Child 96]: (14 refs.) {Roud #61}

Gay Goss Hawk, The [Cross-reference]

Gay Goss-hawk, The [Cross-reference]

Gay Jemmie, the Miller [Cross-reference]

Gay Maid of Australia, The [Cross-reference]

Gay Muttonbirder, The: (1 ref. <1K Notes)

Gay Oul' Hag, The: (1 ref.) {Roud #5167}

Gay Ploughboy, The: (1 ref.) {Roud #2938}

Gay Spanish Maid, A [Laws K16]: (15 refs.) {Roud #708}

Gay Spanish Mary [Cross-reference]

Gay Wedding [Cross-reference]

Gay Wedding, The [Cross-reference]

Geaftai Bhaile Atha Bui (The Gates of Ballaghbuoy): (2 refs. <1K Notes)

Gee Ho, Dobbin (The Jolly Waggoner): (1 ref.) {Roud #32784}

Gee, Ain't It Great to Be Crazy? [Cross-reference]

Gee, But I Want to Go Home: (9 refs. 3K Notes) {Roud #10053 and 11686}

Gee, Hallo, Hallo, Blackie Cap(Bird Scarer's Cry): (1 ref.)

Geely Don Mac Kling Go [Cross-reference]

Geese in the Millpond: (1 ref.)

Gelobet Sei: (3 refs.)

Gelobt sey Gott im hochsten Thron (Praised Be God in the Highest Throne): (1 ref. <1K Notes)

Gelvin Burn: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #13549}

General Armstrong: (1 ref. 4K Notes) {Roud #16893}

General Dickson, Le (The Dickson Song; Eulogy of Cuthbert Grant): (1 ref.)

General Florido: (2 refs. <1K Notes)

General Fox Chase, The: (6 refs. 1K Notes) {Roud #5226}

General Guinness: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #2914}

General Lee's Wooing: (1 ref. 6K Notes)

General Michael Collins: (1 ref. 11K Notes)

General Monroe: (13 refs. 3K Notes) {Roud #1166}

General Owen Roe: (1 ref. 5K Notes) {Roud #5284}

General Patterson: (1 ref. 3K Notes) {Roud #5021}

General Rawlinson, The: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #26430}

General Scott and Corporal Johnson [Cross-reference]

General Scott and the Veteran: (3 refs. 5K Notes) {Roud #9583}

General Taylor [Cross-reference]

General Wolfe: (8 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #624}

General Wolfe's Song [Cross-reference]

General Wonder: (2 refs. 1K Notes)

Generous Farmer and the Poor Soldier, The: (8 refs.) {Roud #1305}

Genette and Genoe [Cross-reference]

Gentle Annie: (12 refs. 3K Notes) {Roud #2656}

Gentle Boy, The (Why Don't Father's Ship Come In): (7 refs.) {Roud #2973}

Gentle Fair Jenny [Cross-reference]

Gentle John: (3 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #21146}

Gentle Johnnie Ogilvie the Knicht o' Inverwharity [Cross-reference]

Gentle Robin [Cross-reference]

Gentle Shepherdess, The [Cross-reference]

Gentle Young Lady, A [Cross-reference]

Gentle Zephyrs, Blow Ye Lightly [Cross-reference]

Gentleman Frog, The [Cross-reference]

Gentleman Froggie [Cross-reference]

Gentleman Near London [Cross-reference]

Gentleman of Exeter, A (The Perjured Maid) [Laws P32]: (8 refs.) {Roud #997}

Gentleman of the Army, The [Cross-reference]

Gentleman Soldier, The: (5 refs.) {Roud #178}

Gentleman Still, A [Cross-reference]

Gentleman's Meeting, A [Cross-reference]

Gentlemen of High Renown [Cross-reference]

Gentlemen Should Please Refrain [Cross-reference]

Gently Does the Trick: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #8870}

Gently Down the Stream of Time: (1 ref. 1K Notes)

Gently Lead me: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #18033}

Gently, Johnny, My Jingalo: (5 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #5586}

Gents to the Center [Cross-reference]

Geography Song [Cross-reference]

Geordie [Child 209]: (61 refs. 2K Notes) {Roud #90}

Geordie Asking Miss Tiptoe in Marriage [Cross-reference]

Geordie Cunningham: (3 refs. 2K Notes) {Roud #15528}

Geordie Davidson: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #6181}

Geordie Downie: (3 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #3930}

Geordie Gill: (2 refs.) {Roud #1536}

Geordie Moir: (1 ref.) {Roud #6772}

Geordie Sits In Charlie's Chair: (2 refs. 1K Notes) {Roud #3808}

Geordie Williamson: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #5916}

Geordie's Courtship (I Wad Rather a Garret): (3 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #5067}

Geordie's Frank and Geordie's Free: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #7229}

Geordie's Lost His Penker: (3 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #8244}

Geordie's Wig: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #5815}

George Alfred Beckett: (2 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #26431}

George Aloe and the Sweepstake, The [Cross-reference]

George Barnwell (I): (6 refs. 1K Notes) {Roud #546}

George Barnwell (II): (6 refs. 3K Notes) {Roud #546}

George Buck [Cross-reference]

George Bunker: (2 refs.)

George Collins [Cross-reference]

George Collum [Cross-reference]

George Giles [Cross-reference]

George Jones [Laws D20]: (9 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #1817}

George Kelly: (1 ref.)

George Mann: (2 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #4096}

George of Oxford: (3 refs. 22K Notes)

George Reilly [Cross-reference]

George Reily [Cross-reference]

George Ridler's Oven: (5 refs. 5K Notes) {Roud #1319}

George Riley [Cross-reference]

George Washington [Cross-reference]

George Washington Never Told a Lie: (2 refs.) {Roud #19550}

George Whalen [Cross-reference]

George's Bank (I) [Cross-reference]

George's Bank (II): (2 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #16964}

George's Banks [Cross-reference]

George's Quay: (2 refs. 3K Notes)

Georgia [Cross-reference]

Georgia Boy [Cross-reference]

Georgia Buck: (6 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #3428}

Georgia Creek: (1 ref.)

Georgia Land: (1 ref.) {Roud #15655}

Georgia Lullabye: (1 ref.)

Georgie [Cross-reference]

Georgie Allen [Cross-reference]

Georgie and Sally [Cross-reference]

Georgie Best, Superstar: (2 refs. <1K Notes)

Georgie Collins [Cross-reference]

Georgie Porgie: (4 refs. 1K Notes)

Georgie Porgie, Pudding and Pie [Cross-reference]

Georgina [Cross-reference]

Georgina, The: (1 ref. <1K Notes)

Georgy, Me Neck-a-Broke: (1 ref. <1K Notes)

German Clockwinder, The: (3 refs.) {Roud #241}

German Flute, The [Cross-reference]

German Girls, The: (1 ref.) {Roud #9105}

German Musicianeer, The [Cross-reference]

Gerry Ryan [Cross-reference]

Gerry's Rocks [Cross-reference]

Gest of Robyn Hode, A [Child 117] --- Part 01: (29 refs. 3K Notes) {Roud #70}

Gest of Robyn Hode, A [Child 117] --- Part 02 [Cross-reference]

Gest of Robyn Hode, A [Child 117] --- Part 03 [Cross-reference]

Gest of Robyn Hode, A [Child 117] --- Part 04 [Cross-reference]

Gest of Robyn Hode, A [Child 117] --- Part 05 [Cross-reference]

Gest of Robyn Hode, A [Child 117] --- Part 06 [Cross-reference]

Gest of Robyn Hode, A [Child 117] --- Part 07 [Cross-reference]

Gest of Robyn Hode, A [Child 117] --- Part 08 [Cross-reference]

Gest of Robyn Hode, A [Child 117] --- Part 09 [Cross-reference]

Gest of Robyn Hode, A [Child 117] --- Part 10 [Cross-reference]

Get a Bit of Pork: (1 ref.)

Get Acquainted [Cross-reference]

Get Along Home, Cindy [Cross-reference]

Get Along, John, the Day's Work's Done [Cross-reference]

Get Along, Little Dogies: (46 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #827}

Get Away Old Maids Get Away [Cross-reference]

Get Away, Old Man, Get Away [Cross-reference]

Get Hold of This (When There Isn't a Girl About): (1 ref.) {Roud #10708}

Get Me Down My Petticoat: (2 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #2565}

Get Off the Track [Cross-reference]

Get On Board, Little Children: (29 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #13948}

Get Out and Swim: (2 refs.) {Roud #22409}

Get Out of Bed! (Bugle Call Lyric): (1 ref.)

Get Out, Yellowskins, Get Out: (1 ref. 1K Notes)

Get That Boat: (1 ref. <1K Notes)

Get Together (I): (1 ref.)

Get Together (II) [Cross-reference]

Get Up and Bar the Door [Child 275]: (33 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #115}

Get Up Early in the Morning: (1 ref.)

Get Up Goodwife and Shake Your Feathers: (9 refs. 1K Notes) {Roud #5887}

Get Up Gudewife [Cross-reference]

Get up gudewife and shak' your feathers [Cross-reference]

Get Up, Jack -- John, Sit Down [Cross-reference]

Get Up, Jack! John, Sit Down!: (11 refs. 4K Notes) {Roud #2807}

Getting Married (Hog and Hominy): (3 refs.) {Roud #7894}

Getting Upstairs: (2 refs.) {Roud #7891}

Ghaist o' Fern Den, The [Cross-reference]

Ghaist o' Fernden, The: (2 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #5872}

Ghost Army of Korea: (1 ref.) {Roud #2567}

Ghost in the Cellar: (1 ref.)

Ghost of John [Cross-reference]

Ghost of Polly Rock and Her Two Bantlings, The: (1 ref.) {Roud #V1060}

Ghost of the Peanut Stand, The: (3 refs. 2K Notes) {Roud #2762}

Ghost of Willie-O [Cross-reference]

Ghost So Grim, The [Cross-reference]

Ghost Song [Cross-reference]

Ghost's Bride, The: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #6567}

Ghostly Crew, The [Laws D16]: (17 refs. 3K Notes) {Roud #1822}

Ghostly Fisherman, The [Cross-reference]

Ghostly Lover, The [Cross-reference]

Ghostly Sailors, The [Cross-reference]

Ghostly Seamen, The [Cross-reference]

GIddy Giddy Gout: (1 ref.)

Gideon's Band [Cross-reference]

Giein' the Nowte Their Fother: (4 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #3934}

Gien the Nowte Their Fodder [Cross-reference]

Gigantic, The: (2 refs.) {Roud #30127}

Gight's Ladye [Cross-reference]

Gil Brenton [Child 5]: (11 refs. 6K Notes) {Roud #22}

Gil Morice [Cross-reference]

Gil Morissy [Cross-reference]

Gila Monster Route, The: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #9924}

Gilboyd gave orders to James to their assistance go [Cross-reference]

Gilder Roy [Cross-reference]

Gilderoy: (14 refs. 3K Notes) {Roud #1486}

Giles Collins [Cross-reference]

Giles Corey: (1 ref. <1K Notes)

Giles Scroggins: (2 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #1620}

Gilgarrah Mountain [Cross-reference]

Gilgarry Mountain [Cross-reference]

Gilhooly's Dinner Party: (1 ref.) {Roud #8836}

Gill Morice [Cross-reference]

Gill Morrice [Cross-reference]

Gill Stoup, The: (3 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #6047}

Gilly Gilly Wash Wash [Cross-reference]

Gimme de Banjo: (2 refs.) {Roud #9437}

Gimme Him [Cross-reference]

Gimme Oil in My Lamp: (2 refs.)

Gin and Coconut Water: (3 refs. <1K Notes)

Gin Gang Goolie: (2 refs. <1K Notes)

Gin Ye Be For Long Kail [Cross-reference]

Gin Ye See My Lad Kiss Him and Clap Him: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #7225}

Gin Ye Wed a Bonnie Wife: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #15120}

Gin ye'll gie me your hand, Sarah [Cross-reference]

Ging Gang Gooey Gooey [Cross-reference]

Ging gang gooley gooley wash wash [Cross-reference]

Ginger Blue: (5 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #11762}

Ginnie's Gone to Ohio [Cross-reference]

Ginny's Gone to Ohio: (2 refs. 1K Notes) {Roud #481}

Ginseng Blues: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #10620}

Gipsies [Cross-reference]

Gipsies' Glee, The: (1 ref.) {Roud #1244}

Gipsy Girl, The [Cross-reference]

Gipsy King, The: (6 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #1259}

Gipsy Laddie O [Cross-reference]

Gipsy's Warning [Cross-reference]

Gipsy's Warning, The [Cross-reference]

Gipsy's Wedding Day, The [Cross-reference]

Giraffe, The: (1 ref.) {Roud #9108}

Girl and the Oysters, The [Cross-reference]

Girl from Clahandine: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #18474}

Girl from Turfahun, The: (1 ref.) {Roud #6887}

Girl I Left Behind (I), The [Laws P1A/B]: (72 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #262 and 23929}

Girl I Left Behind Me (II), The (lyric): (33 refs. 1K Notes) {Roud #4497 and 7680 and 23929}

Girl I Left Behind Me (III), The: (5 refs. <1K Notes)

Girl I Left Behind Me (IV), The [Cross-reference]

Girl I Left Behind Me (V), The: (3 refs.)

Girl I Left Behind Me (VI), The: (3 refs. <1K Notes)

Girl I Left Behind Me (VIII), The [Cross-reference]

Girl I Left Behind Me, The [Cross-reference]

Girl I Left in Missouri, The [Cross-reference]

Girl I Left in Sunny Tennessee, The: (21 refs.) {Roud #4290}

Girl I Left on New River, The [Cross-reference]

Girl I Loved in Sunny Tennessee, The [Cross-reference]

Girl in Portland Street, The: (3 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #9162}

Girl in Sunny Tennessee [Cross-reference]

Girl in the Army, A [Cross-reference]

Girl in the Blue Velvet Band, The [Cross-reference]

Girl of Constant Sorrow: (3 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #499}

Girl of Killy Kranky, The: (1 ref.) {Roud #2572}

Girl on the Greenbriar Shore, The: (4 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #17338}

Girl Scout Pep Song [Cross-reference]

Girl Scout Prayer [Cross-reference]

Girl Scouts Together: (3 refs. <1K Notes)

Girl That Frose to Death, The [Cross-reference]

Girl that Wore a Waterfall, The [Laws H26]: (8 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #2189}

Girl Volunteer, The (The Cruel War Is Raging) [Laws O33]: (20 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #401}

Girl Who Never Would Wed, The [Cross-reference]

Girl Who Slighted Me, The [Cross-reference]

Girl Who Was Drowned at Onslow, The: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #3287}

Girl Who Wore the Waterfall, The [Cross-reference]

Girl with the Black Velvet Band, The [Cross-reference]

Girl with the Blue Velvet Band, The [Cross-reference]

Girl with the Flowing Hair, The: (1 ref.)

Girl with the Striped Stockings On, The: (2 refs.) {Roud #5359}

Girl with the Waterfall, The [Cross-reference]

Girleen Don't Be Idle: (2 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #16244}

Girls and Boys Come Out to Play [Cross-reference]

Girls Around Cape Horn, The [Cross-reference]

Girls From Newfoundland, The [Cross-reference]

Girls Lover, A: (1 ref.)

Girls o' Aiberdeen, The: (2 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #6003}

Girls of Coleraine, The: (2 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #13460}

Girls of Newfoundland, The: (2 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #9804}

Girls of the King's Navy: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #350}

Girls of the Shamrock Shore: (3 refs.) {Roud #3365}

Girls of Ulan, The: (2 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #22663}

Girls of Valparaiso, The [Cross-reference]

Girls Won't Do to Trust, The [Cross-reference]

Git Along, Josie [Cross-reference]

Git Along, Little Dogies [Cross-reference]

Git Away, Old Man [Cross-reference]

Git Back Blues [Cross-reference]

Git on Board, Little Children [Cross-reference]

Git On the Evening Train [Cross-reference]

Git Up Off'n the Floor, Hannah [Cross-reference]

Git Up, Good Wives, and Shake Your Feathers [Cross-reference]

Give an Honest Irish Lad a Chance (The Honest Irish Lad) [Cross-reference]

Give Me a Blighty Girl: (1 ref.)

Give Me a Hut: (6 refs. <1K Notes)

Give Me a Prein: (2 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #15525}

Give Me a Rose [Cross-reference]

Give Me Him: (1 ref.)

Give Me Jesus: (2 refs.) {Roud #12360}

Give Me Oil for My Lamp [Cross-reference]

Give Me That Old Time Religion [Cross-reference]

Give Me the Roses While I Live: (2 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #17339}

Give Me Three Grains of Corn, Mother [Cross-reference]

Give Me Your Heart (I Have a Sweetheart): (1 ref.) {Roud #7505}

Give My Love to Nell [Cross-reference]

Give the Dutch Room: (1 ref. 2K Notes) {Roud #7762}

Give the Fiddler a Dram [Cross-reference]

Give the World a Smile: (2 refs.) {Roud #29160}

Give Three Cheers for the Red, White, and Blue: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #23522}

Give Up the World: (1 ref.) {Roud #11981}

Give Up the World and Come On, Sun Going Down: (1 ref.)

Give Us a Flag: (2 refs. 5K Notes) {Roud #11631}

Give Us a Song: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #5786}

Glad Tidings Good People: (1 ref.)

Gladys Kincaid (I): (1 ref. 1K Notes)

Gladys Kincaid (II): (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #4114}

Glasgerion [Child 67]: (14 refs. 4K Notes) {Roud #145}

Glasgow Barber, The: (2 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #2908}

Glasgow Doctor, The: (2 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #7166}

Glasgow Fair On the Banks of Clyde: (4 refs.) {Roud #7256}

Glasgow Fair, The [Cross-reference]

Glasgow Green [Cross-reference]

Glasgow Lassie, The: (2 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #7144}

Glasgow Merchant, The: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #7274}

Glasgow Peggy [Child 228]: (10 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #95}

Glasgow Ships: (5 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #12971}

Glasgow, The: (1 ref. 1K Notes) {Roud #7346}

Glashen-Glora: (2 refs. <1K Notes)

Glass Market, The: (2 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #5912}

Glass of Whisky, The: (1 ref. <1K Notes)

Glaw, Keser, Ergh Ow-cul Yma [Cross-reference]

Glead, The: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #6102}

Gleanntan Araglain Aobhinn (Happy Glen of Araglin): (1 ref. <1K Notes)

Glen Alone, The [Cross-reference]

Glen Gyle [Cross-reference]

Glen Isla: (1 ref.) {Roud #21436}

Glen Logie [Cross-reference]

Glen O'Lee: (1 ref.)

Glen of Aherlow, The [Cross-reference]

Glenaloon [Cross-reference]

Glenariffe: (1 ref.) {Roud #13474}

Glenarm Bay: (2 refs.) {Roud #3575}

Glencoe [Cross-reference]

Glendronach: (2 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #5896}

Glendy Burk, The: (5 refs. 3K Notes) {Roud #29373}

Glendy Burke, The [Cross-reference]

Glenelly: (1 ref.) {Roud #13475}

Glenkindie [Cross-reference]

Glenlogie, or, Jean o Bethelnie [Child 238]: (14 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #101}

Glenora, The: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #31208}

Glenorchy Maid, The: (1 ref.) {Roud #13115}

Glenrannel's Plains [Cross-reference]

Glenshesk Waterside, The: (1 ref.) {Roud #9510}

Glenswilly [Cross-reference]

Glenwhorple Highlanders: (1 ref.) {Roud #29411}

Glink Glonk [Cross-reference]

Gloamin' Fa': (1 ref.) {Roud #6239}

Gloamin' Star at E'en, The: (4 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #5569}

Gloamin' Star, The [Cross-reference]

Glorious Beer: (2 refs.) {Roud #V4214}

Glorious Exertion of Man, The: (1 ref.)

Glorious Meeting of Dublin, The: (1 ref. 1K Notes) {Roud #V8269}

Glorious Repeal Meeting Held at Tara Hill: (1 ref. 2K Notes) {Roud #V4968}

Glorious Things of Thee are Spoken: (2 refs. 2K Notes) {Roud #7112}

Glorious Wedding, A: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #5158}

Glory Hallelujah! [Cross-reference]

Glory Land [Cross-reference]

Glory to His Name: (2 refs. <1K Notes)

Glory Trail, The (High Chin Bob): (9 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #12499}

Glory, Glory Hallelujah [Cross-reference]

Glory, Glory, Hallelujah [Cross-reference]

Gloucester Boys Are Going Away, The [Cross-reference]

Gloucestershire Wassailers' Song: (10 refs. 2K Notes) {Roud #209}

Glove and the Lions, The [Cross-reference]

Glove, The [Cross-reference]

Glow-Worm (Gluhwurrmchen): (1 ref. <1K Notes)

Glowerowerum [Cross-reference]

Glub, Glub, Glub Your Boat: (2 refs.)

Glug, Glug, Glug: (1 ref.)

Go 'Long Mule [Cross-reference]

Go 'Way From Mah Window: (4 refs.) {Roud #11017}

Go 'Way from My Window [Cross-reference]

Go A Sparking: (4 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #6359}

Go and bring me old bad Lazarus [Cross-reference]

Go And Dig My Grave: (8 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #15633}

Go and Leave Me [Cross-reference]

Go and Leave Me If You Wish To [Cross-reference]

Go Away From Me, Willie: (2 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #417}

Go Away from My Window [Cross-reference]

Go Away Now [Cross-reference]

Go Away Sister Nancy: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #8811}

Go Away Willie [Cross-reference]

Go bet, penny, go bet, go! [Cross-reference]

Go bet, Peny, go bet, go [Cross-reference]

Go Bring Me Back My Blue-Eyed Boy [Cross-reference]

Go Down Emmanuel Road: (9 refs. 3K Notes)

Go Down Moses, Hold the Key: (1 ref. <1K Notes)

Go Down, Moses: (42 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #5434}

Go Down, Ol' Hannah [Cross-reference]

Go Down, Old Hannah: (13 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #6710}

Go Down, You Little Red Rising Sun: (1 ref.) {Roud #15594}

Go Easy, Mabel: (2 refs.)

Go From My Window (I): (10 refs. 6K Notes) {Roud #966}

Go From My Window (II) [Cross-reference]

Go Get the Ax: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #20046}

Go Hearty: (1 ref.)

Go In and Out the Window: (30 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #4320}

Go In and Out the Windows [Cross-reference]

Go in the Wilderness: (10 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #11846}

Go In, You Big Bumblebee: (1 ref.)

Go Mary and Toll the Bell: (2 refs.) {Roud #15231}

Go On Deacon and Get Your Crown: (1 ref.) {Roud #18165}

Go On, You Little Dogies [Cross-reference]

Go Out and Meet Your Lover [Cross-reference]

Go Over to Ireland: (1 ref. <1K Notes)

Go Personate Some Noble Lord: (1 ref.) {Roud #6721}

Go Preach My Gospel: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #10962}

Go Roun' the Border Susie [Cross-reference]

Go Round and Round the Valley [Cross-reference]

Go Round and Round the Village [Cross-reference]

Go Round the Mountain: (2 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #21191}

Go Slow, Boys (Banjo Pickin'): (3 refs.) {Roud #7783}

Go Tell Aunt Patsy [Cross-reference]

Go Tell Aunt Rhody: (32 refs. 1K Notes) {Roud #3346}

Go Tell Aunt Tabbie [Cross-reference]

Go Tell It on the Mountain (I -- Christmas): (10 refs.)

Go Tell It on the Mountain (II -- Freedom): (2 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #15220}

Go ter Sleep [Cross-reference]

Go to Berwick, Johnny: (4 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #8693}

Go to Boston [Cross-reference]

Go to Helen Hunt for It: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #7641}

Go To Saint Pether: (1 ref. 1K Notes) {Roud #5346}

Go to Sea No More [Cross-reference]

Go to Sea Once More [Cross-reference]

Go to Sleep Little Baby [Cross-reference]

Go to Sleep, My Little Pickaninny: (2 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #18978}

Go To Sleepy [Cross-reference]

Go to Sleepy Little Baby [Cross-reference]

Go Up West [Cross-reference]

Go Wash in That Beautiful Pool: (2 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #7875}

Go Wash in the Beautiful Stream: (2 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #7875}

Go Way, Old Man [Cross-reference]

Go Your Bond: (2 refs.) {Roud #16306}

Go-d'ling: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #17754}

Goat Song [Cross-reference]

Goat's Will, The: (1 ref.) {Roud #13343}

Goathland Fox Hunt, The: (1 ref.)

God Be With You: (3 refs. <1K Notes)

God Be With You Davy: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #16245}

God Bles the Moonshiners [Cross-reference]

God Bless America: (4 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #V44297}

God Bless the Master of this House: (3 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #1066}

God Bless You Merry Gentlemen [Cross-reference]

God Dawg My Lousy Soul: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #10002}

God Don't Like It: (3 refs.) {Roud #15642}

God Got Plenty o' Room: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #12062}

God Has Created a New Day: (7 refs.)

God Help Kaiser Bill: (1 ref.)

God Is at de Pulpit: (1 ref.) {Roud #11888}

God Made a Trance [Cross-reference]

God Moves in a Mysterious Way: (1 ref. 3K Notes)

God Moves on the Water [Cross-reference]

God Prosper Long Our King and Queen [Cross-reference]

God Rest Ye Merry, Gentlemen [Cross-reference]

God Rest You Merry, Gentlemen: (12 refs. 1K Notes) {Roud #394}

God Save Ireland: (7 refs. <1K Notes)

God Save the King (God Save the Queen, etc.): (7 refs. 4K Notes)

God Sent for Us the Sunday [Cross-reference]

God Speed the Plough: (11 refs. <1K Notes)

God Speed the Plow, and Bless the Corn-Mow [Cross-reference]

God Who Touches Earth with Beauty: (3 refs. <1K Notes)

God, He's Gwine to Set Dis World on Fire [Cross-reference]

God's A-Gwine Ter Move All de Troubles Away: (1 ref. 1K Notes) {Roud #17443}

God's Going to Set This World on Fire [Cross-reference]

God's Gonna Set the World on Fire [Cross-reference]

God's Own Country: (1 ref.)

God's Radiophone: (2 refs. 2K Notes) {Roud #7118}

Godalmighty Drag: (3 refs.)

Godamighty [Cross-reference]

Goddesses [Cross-reference]

Goin Over on de Uddah Side of Jordan [Cross-reference]

Goin' Cross the Mountain: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #4624}

Goin' Down the Road Feelin' Bad [Cross-reference]

Goin' Down This Road Feelin' Bad [Cross-reference]

Goin' Down to Cairo [Cross-reference]

Goin' Down to Town [Cross-reference]

Goin' from the Cotton Fields: (2 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #16311}

Goin' Home: (9 refs. 5K Notes) {Roud #15035}

Goin' to Georgia [Cross-reference] {Roud #413}

Goin' to Have a Talk with the Chief of Police: (2 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #10993}

Goin' to Leave Ol' Texas [Cross-reference]

Goin' To Ride On de Cross [Cross-reference]

Goin' to Shout All Over God's Heav'n [Cross-reference]

Goin' to Shout All over God's Heaven [Cross-reference]

Goin' to the bathing house [Cross-reference]

Goin' Up Cripple Creek [Cross-reference]

Goin' up the Mountain [Cross-reference]

Goin' Where My Troubles Will Be Over [Cross-reference]

Going Across the Sea: (11 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #11516}

Going Along [Cross-reference]

Going Around the World (Banjo Pickin' Girl, Baby Mine): (8 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #11519}

Going Back to Dixie [Cross-reference]

Going Back to Weldon: (3 refs. 1K Notes)

Going Back West 'fore Long [Cross-reference]

Going Down the Railroad: (1 ref.)

Going Down the River: (3 refs. <1K Notes)

Going Down the Road Feeling Bad [Cross-reference]

Going Down This Road Feeling Bad: (49 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #4958}

Going for a Pardon: (13 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #7390}

Going Over in the Heavenly Land: (1 ref. <1K Notes)

Going to Boston: (13 refs.) {Roud #3595}

Going to Cairo [Cross-reference]

Going to Chelsea to Buy a Bun: (3 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #946}

Going to Church Last Sunday [Cross-reference]

Going to Clonakilty the Other Day: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #16694}

Going to German: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #29273}

Going to Heaven [Cross-reference]

Going to Heaven by the Light of the Moon [Cross-reference]

Going to Kentucky: (1 ref.) {Roud #19158}

Going to Leave Old Texas (Old Texas, Texas Song, The Cowman's Lament): (10 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #12711}

Going to Little Creek [Cross-reference]

Going to Live Humble to the Lord: (2 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #11952}

Going to Mass Last Sunday [Cross-reference]

Going to Pull My War-Clothes [Cross-reference]

Going to Rest from All My Labor: (1 ref. <1K Notes)

Going to Ride in the Chariot in the Morning: (1 ref.) {Roud #5435}

Going To Ride On the Cross: (1 ref. <1K Notes)

Going to Ride Up in the Chariot [Cross-reference]

Going to See My Girl [Cross-reference]

Going to See My True Love (Jenny Get Around): (2 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #9175}

Going to the Mexican War [Cross-reference]

Going to the Zoo: (2 refs. <1K Notes)

Going Up: (2 refs.) {Roud #12080 and 12356}

Going Up (Golden Slippers II): (2 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #11835}

Going Up Camborne Hill, Coming Down: (1 ref.) {Roud #3102}

Going Up Hippocreek [Cross-reference]

Going West: (2 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #5113}

Gol-Darned Wheel, The: (9 refs. 1K Notes) {Roud #4043}

Gold: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #7774}

Gold Band, The: (3 refs.) {Roud #11632}

Gold Dust Fire, The: (1 ref.) {Roud #10011}

Gold Is the Great Friend of the Masses: (2 refs. <1K Notes)

Gold Is the Root of Evil [Cross-reference]

Gold Spoons vs. Hard Cider: (2 refs. <1K Notes)

Gold Strike: (1 ref.) {Roud #16277}

Gold Watch [Laws K41]: (3 refs.) {Roud #1901}

Gold Watch and Chain (I): (4 refs.) {Roud #16993}

Gold Watch and Chain (II) [Cross-reference]

Gold Watch, The: (2 refs.) {Roud #1311}

Gold's a Wonderful Thing: (3 refs. <1K Notes)

Golden Altar, The [Cross-reference]

Golden apple, lemon and a pear [Cross-reference]

Golden Axe, The: (2 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #7785}

Golden Ball, The [Cross-reference]

Golden Carol, The (The Three Kings): (10 refs. 9K Notes)

Golden Chain: (1 ref.) {Roud #5114}

Golden City [Cross-reference]

Golden Dagger, The [Cross-reference]

Golden Gate Firmly Locked: (1 ref. <1K Notes)

Golden Glove, The (Dog and Gun) [Laws N20]: (59 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #141}

Golden Gullies of the Palmer, The: (2 refs.)

Golden Hind, The: (2 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #9938}

Golden Ring Around My Susan Girl: (2 refs.) {Roud #7405}

Golden Ring Around Susan Girl [Cross-reference]

Golden Slippers (I): (33 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #13941}

Golden Slippers (II) [Cross-reference]

Golden Vallady [Cross-reference]

Golden Vanitee [Cross-reference]

Golden Vanity, The [Child 286]: (137 refs. 2K Notes) {Roud #122}

Golden Voyage, The: (1 ref.) {Roud #V40809}

Golden West: (1 ref.) {Roud #29037}

Golden Willow Tree, The [Cross-reference]

Gone Long Ago: (1 ref.) {Roud #7791}

Gone to Cripple Creek [Cross-reference]

Gonesome Scenes of Winter, The [Cross-reference]

Gonna Buy Me a Horse and Buggy: (1 ref.) {Roud #5003}

Gonna Die With My Hammer In My Hand [Cross-reference]

Gonna Keep My Skillet Greasy [Cross-reference]

Gonna Shout All over God's Heaven [Cross-reference]

Gonna Tie My Pecker to My Leg: (4 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #3438}

Goo Bye Me Lover: (1 ref. <1K Notes)

Goober Peas: (13 refs. 2K Notes) {Roud #11628}

Good Ale (I): (11 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #203}

Good Ale (II): (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #6045}

Good Ale, Thou Art My Darling [Cross-reference]

Good Boy, The: (4 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #13612}

Good Brown Ale and Tobacco [Cross-reference]

Good bye Mursheen Durkin: (3 refs. 2K Notes) {Roud #9753}

Good Company: (2 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #1228}

Good English Ale: (1 ref.) {Roud #1512}

Good for a Rush or a Rally: (1 ref. <1K Notes)

Good Friends and Companions [Cross-reference]

Good King Wenceslas: (8 refs. 2K Notes) {Roud #24754}

Good Looking Man [Cross-reference]

Good Lord, Shall I Ever Be de One [Cross-reference]

Good Lord, Shall I Ever Be the One: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #15284}

Good Lord, When I Die: (1 ref.) {Roud #12070}

Good Lordy, Rocky My Soul [Cross-reference]

Good Luck to the Barley Mow [Cross-reference]

Good Man, A [Cross-reference]

Good Mornin', Blues: (4 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #11687}

Good Morning Miss Carrie: (1 ref.)

Good Morning Mister Railroadman [Cross-reference]

Good Morning My Pretty Little Miss [Cross-reference]

Good Morning, Ladies All (I): (2 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #8284}

Good Morning, Ladies All (II): (3 refs.) {Roud #8290}

Good Morning, Merry Sunshine: (1 ref.) {Roud #7544}

Good Morning, Valentine [Cross-reference]

Good Morrow, Gossip Joan [Cross-reference]

Good News: (17 refs.) {Roud #11891}

Good News -- Chariot's Comin' [Cross-reference]

Good News Coming from Canaan: (1 ref.) {Roud #11893}

Good News In the Kingdom: (2 refs. <1K Notes)

Good News, Chariot's Comin' [Cross-reference]

Good News, Member: (1 ref.) {Roud #12054}

Good News, the Chariot's Coming (I) [Cross-reference]

Good news, the Chariot's Coming (II): (2 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #5435}

Good Night Molly Darling Good Night: (1 ref.) {Roud #9310}

Good Night to You All, and Sweet Be Thy Sleep: (5 refs.)

Good Night, Bye-Bye, Forever: (1 ref.) {Roud #4329}

Good Night, Sleep Tight: (3 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #19322}

Good Nite Darling [Cross-reference]

Good Old Bailing Wire: (1 ref.)

Good Old Days of Adam and Eve, The: (6 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #7836}

Good Old Dollar Bill, the: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #30389}

Good Old Egg-Head: (1 ref.)

Good Old Husband [Cross-reference]

Good Old Jeff [Cross-reference]

Good Old Leathern Bottle, The [Cross-reference]

Good Old Man (I), The [Cross-reference]

Good Old Man (II), The [Cross-reference]

Good Old Mountain Dew: (11 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #938}

Good Old Rebel, The (The Song of the Rebel Soldier): (25 refs. 3K Notes) {Roud #823}

Good Old Slave, The [Cross-reference]

Good Old State of Maine, The: (5 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #1955}

Good Old Summer Time [Cross-reference]

Good Old Way (I), The: (1 ref.) {Roud #16937}

Good Old Way (II), The: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #12041}

Good Religion: (2 refs.)

Good Roarin' Fire, A: (6 refs.) {Roud #6301}

Good Scow Alice Strong, The: (1 ref.) {Roud #19887}

Good Ship Calabah, The [Cross-reference]

Good Ship Cumberland [Cross-reference]

Good Ship Jubilee, The [Cross-reference]

Good Ship Kangaroo, The: (10 refs. 1K Notes) {Roud #925}

Good Ship Mary Cochrane, The [Cross-reference]

Good Ship Venus, The: (7 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #4836 and 8350}

Good Shot, Never Miss: (1 ref.)

Good Time in Georgia: (1 ref.) {Roud #18158}

Good Woman [Cross-reference]

Good-by Mama [Cross-reference]

Good-By, Mike, Good-By Pat [Cross-reference]

Good-by, Mother [Cross-reference]

Good-by, Pretty Mama [Cross-reference]

Good-bye (Goodbye My Brother): (1 ref.) {Roud #12011}

Good-Bye Brother [Cross-reference]

Good-Bye Dolly Gray [Cross-reference]

Good-Bye Everybody: (2 refs. <1K Notes)

Good-bye My Lovely Annie [Cross-reference]

Good-bye My Riley-O [Cross-reference]

Good-bye Sweet Liza Jane [Cross-reference]

Good-bye, My Honey, I'm Gone: (3 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #20911}

Good-bye, My Honey, I'm Gwine [Cross-reference]

Good-Bye, My Lover [Cross-reference]

Good-Bye, My Lover, Good-Bye! [Cross-reference]

Good-Bye, You Old Dty Landers [Cross-reference]

Good-Looking Widow, The: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #7199}

Good-night Ladies [Cross-reference]

Goodbye [Cross-reference]

Goodbye Darling I Must Leave You [Cross-reference]

Goodbye Eliza Jane: (4 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #12403}

Goodbye Fare-Ye-Well (I) [Cross-reference]

Goodbye I Am Going: (1 ref. <1K Notes)

Goodbye Jeff: (1 ref.) {Roud #6614}

Goodbye John: (4 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #24344}

Goodbye John, But Don't Stop Long [Cross-reference]

Goodbye Little Bonnie Blue Eyes [Cross-reference]

Goodbye Liza Jane (I): (2 refs.)

Goodbye Liza Jane (II) [Cross-reference]

Goodbye Liza Jane (III) [Cross-reference]

Goodbye Lovely Lou [Cross-reference]

Goodbye Mama, Goodbye Dada: (1 ref. 2K Notes)

Goodbye to My Stepstone: (11 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #7453}

Goodbye to the Cracking of the Pistols [Cross-reference]

Goodbye to the Old Pick and Shovel: (1 ref. <1K Notes)

Goodbye-ee: (1 ref.) {Roud #25958}

Goodbye, Annie Darling [Cross-reference]

Goodbye, Brother: (2 refs.) {Roud #12004}

Goodbye, Fare Ye Well [Cross-reference]

Goodbye, Fare You Well (I): (2 refs. <1K Notes)

Goodbye, Fare You Well (II) [Cross-reference]

Goodbye, Fare-Ye-Well (II) [Cross-reference]

Goodbye, Little Bonnie Blue Eyes [Cross-reference]

Goodbye, Little Bonnie, Blue Eyes [Cross-reference]

Goodbye, Little Bonnie, Goodbye [Cross-reference]

Goodbye, Little Girl, Goodbye: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #15745}

Goodbye, Mary Dear [Cross-reference]

Goodbye, Mick [Cross-reference]

Goodbye, Mother: (1 ref.) {Roud #15566}

Goodbye, My Blue Bell: (7 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #11331}

Goodbye, My Love, Goodbye: (2 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #4709}

Goodbye, My Lover, Goodbye: (15 refs. 2K Notes) {Roud #15381}

Goodbye, Old Paint: (23 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #915}

Goodbye, Pretty Mama: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #15522}

Goodbye, Susan Jane: (6 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #2328}

Goodbye, Sweetheart, Goodbye: (9 refs.) {Roud #13897}

Goodman's Song, The: (1 ref.) {Roud #5928}

Goodnight Irene: (9 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #11681}

Goodnight Ladies: (11 refs. <1K Notes)

Goody Goody Gout: (1 ref.) {Roud #16346}

Goody-Goody Gouch [Cross-reference]

Goondiwindi [Cross-reference]

Goorianawa: (7 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #9114}

Goose and the Gander, The: (2 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #1094}

Goose Hangs High, The: (2 refs. 4K Notes) {Roud #7763}

Goose Round [Cross-reference]

Gooseberry Grows on an Angry Tree, The: (1 ref.)

Goosey, Goosey Gander [Cross-reference]

Goosey, Goosey, Gander: (5 refs. 1K Notes) {Roud #6488}

Goosie, Goosie Gander [Cross-reference]

Gopher Guts [Cross-reference]

Gordon o' Newton's Marriage: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #6056}

Gorion-Og: (1 ref. <1K Notes)

Gornal Nailmakers' Carol, The [Cross-reference]

Gospel Boat, The [Cross-reference]

Gospel Cannonball: (3 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #18559}

Gospel Pool, The: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #11816}

Gospel Ship (I), The: (2 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #2838}

Gospel Ship (II), The [Cross-reference]

Gospel Train (I), The [Cross-reference]

Gospel Train (II), The: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #11820}

Gospel Train (III), The: (1 ref.)

Gospel Train (V) [Cross-reference]

Gospel Train Am Leabin' (II), De [Cross-reference]

Gospel Train Am Leaving (I): (1 ref.)

Gospel Train is Coming (I), The (Gospel Train IV): (3 refs.)

Gospel Train Is Coming (II), The [Cross-reference]

Gosport: (1 ref.)

Gosport Beach (The Undutiful Daughter): (5 refs.) {Roud #1038}

Gosport Nancy: (1 ref.)

Gosport Tragedy, The [Cross-reference]

Goss Hawk, The [Cross-reference]

Gossip Joan (Neighbor Jones): (8 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #1039}

Gossips' Meeting, The: (10 refs. 2K Notes)

Got Dem Blues: (1 ref.) {Roud #29317}

Got No Honey Baby Now [Cross-reference]

Got No Sugar Baby Now [Cross-reference]

Got No Travellin' Shoes [Cross-reference]

Got the Blues That Can't Be Satisfied: (1 ref.)

Got the Farm Land Blues: (2 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #17630}

Got the Jake Leg Too: (2 refs. 12K Notes) {Roud #17562}

Gotta Travel On: (0 refs.)

Gottuh Tek duh Chillun Outuh Pharaoh Han' [Cross-reference]

Gougane Barra: (5 refs. 1K Notes)

Goulden Vanitee, The [Cross-reference]

Goulden Vanitie, The [Cross-reference]

Government Claim, The [Cross-reference]

Governor Al Smith: (2 refs.) {Roud #17521}

Governor Zane [Cross-reference]

Gowans are Gay, The: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #4295}

Gown of Green (I), The: (5 refs. 3K Notes) {Roud #1085}

Gown of Green (II), The: (5 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #1085}

Gra Geal Mo Chroi [Cross-reference]

Gra Geal Mo Chroi (II -- Down By the Fair River): (8 refs. 2K Notes) {Roud #2329}

Gra Machree [Cross-reference]

Gra Mo Chleibh: (1 ref. <1K Notes)

Gra mo Chroi [Cross-reference]

Gra-mo-chroi. I'd Like to See Old Ireland Free Once More: (2 refs. 1K Notes) {Roud #5204}

Grabe Sinkin' Down [Cross-reference]

Grace Before Meat at Hampton: (1 ref.) {Roud #15285}

Grace Brown and Chester Gillette [Laws F7]: (7 refs. 48K Notes) {Roud #2256}

Grace Darling (I) (The Longstone Lighthouse): (4 refs. 4K Notes) {Roud #1441}

Grace Darling (II): (4 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #V3152}

Grace Darling (III) : (4 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #3811}

Grace, Grace, Dressed in Lace: (5 refs.) {Roud #19323}

Gracie M Parker: (3 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #12469}

Gradh Geal mo cridh [Cross-reference]

Grafted into the Army: (9 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #6596}

Gragalmachree [Cross-reference]

Gramachree: (10 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #4717}

Grampound Wassail. The: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #209}

Grand Conversation on Brave Nelson, The: (2 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #V714}

Grand Conversation on Napoleon, The: (10 refs. 7K Notes) {Roud #1189}

Grand Conversation on O'Connell Arose: (2 refs. 1K Notes) {Roud #V716}

Grand Conversation on Sebastopol Arose (I): (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #V715}

Grand Conversation on Sebastopol Arose (II): (2 refs. 2K Notes) {Roud #V715}

Grand Conversation Under the Rose, The: (8 refs. 2K Notes) {Roud #21272}

Grand Coureur, Le: (2 refs.)

Grand Dissolving Views (I), The: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #V41824}

Grand Dissolving Views (II), The: (2 refs. 2K Notes) {Roud #V41824}

Grand Falls Tragedy, The: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #30701}

Grand Hotel, The: (3 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #30932}

Grand Idaho: (1 ref.) {Roud #19475}

Grand Mystic Order, The: (1 ref. 5K Notes)

Grand Old Duke of York, The [Cross-reference]

Grand River, The [Cross-reference]

Grand Roundup, The [Cross-reference]

Grand Saint Pierre, Ouvre Ta Porte (Great Saint Peter, Open Your Door): (2 refs.)

Grand Templar's Song, The: (1 ref. 1K Notes)

Grandawill: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #15529}

Granddaddy Is Dead [Cross-reference]

Grandfather Bryan: (5 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #17696}

Grandfather's Clock: (23 refs. 6K Notes) {Roud #4326}

Grandfather's Story: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #9059}

Grandfather's Whiskers [Cross-reference]

Grandma Gruff [Cross-reference]

Grandma Grunts [Cross-reference]

Grandma Would Have Died an Old Maid [Cross-reference]

Grandma's Advice: (36 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #282}

Grandma's Song (Memories of 1846) [Cross-reference]

Grandmaw's Advice [Cross-reference]

Grandmere [Cross-reference]

Grandmother's Chair: (20 refs. 4K Notes) {Roud #1195}

Grandmother's Old Armchair [Cross-reference]

Grandpa's Whiskers [Cross-reference]

Grandy Needles: (5 refs. <1K Notes)

Granemore Hare, The: (2 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #2883}

Granfa' Grig Had a Pig: (2 refs.) {Roud #20647}

Granger: (1 ref.) {Roud #7913}

Granite Mill Fire, The: (1 ref. <1K Notes)

Granite Mill, The [Cross-reference]

Grannie Gair: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #6172}

Granny and the Golden Ball [Cross-reference]

Granny Hatchett [Cross-reference]

Granny Will Your Dog Bite?: (8 refs.) {Roud #6389}

Granny, Granny, I Am Ill [Cross-reference]

Granny's Advice [Cross-reference]

Granny's Old Arm Chair [Cross-reference]

Granny's Old Armchair [Cross-reference]

Granua's Lament for the Loss of her Blackbird Mitchel the Irish Patriot: (3 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #V4933}

Granuaile: (2 refs. 5K Notes) {Roud #3034}

Granuwale: (2 refs. <1K Notes)

Grapes in May [Cross-reference]

Grass of Uncle Sam, The: (1 ref.) {Roud #11313}

Grasshopper and a Fly, A: (3 refs. 2K Notes) {Roud #1326}

Grasshoppers Three: (3 refs.)

Grassy Islands: (1 ref.)

Grat for Gruel: (3 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #935}

Grave of the Section Hand, The: (1 ref.) {Roud #9584}

Grave of Wolfe Tone, The: (7 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #9313}

Grave Sinking Down: (1 ref. <1K Notes)

Graveyard, The: (1 ref.) {Roud #11844}

Gray Cat on the Tennessee Farm: (2 refs.)

Gray Goose Gone Home [Cross-reference]

Gray Goose, The [Cross-reference]

Gray Mare, The [Laws P8]: (36 refs.) {Roud #680}

Gray Squirrel: (1 ref.)

Grazier Tribe, The: (3 refs. 1K Notes) {Roud #2998}

Grazier's Dochter, The: (1 ref.) {Roud #3854}

Greaser Joe's Place: (1 ref. <1K Notes)

Greasy Cook, The (Butter and Cheese and All, The Cook's Choice): (15 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #510}

Greasy Grimy Gopher Guts: (5 refs. <1K Notes)

Great A Little A: (3 refs.)

Great American Bum, The (Three Jolly Bums): (14 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #9833}

Great American Flood Disaster, The: (1 ref.)

Great Apache Chief, The [Cross-reference]

Great Big Dog: (1 ref.)

Great big gobs of greas grimy gopher guts [Cross-reference]

Great Big Nigger Sittin' on a Log [Cross-reference]

Great Big Sea Hove in Long Beach, A: (6 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #4426}

Great Big Taters in Sandy Land: (3 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #7909}

Great Boobee, The [Cross-reference]

Great Booby, The: (8 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #12618}

Great Camp Meeting [Cross-reference]

Great Change Since I Been Born [Cross-reference]

Great Day: (1 ref.) {Roud #12224}

Great Day Since I Was Born: (3 refs. <1K Notes)

Great Day! Great Day! [Cross-reference]

Great Elopement to America, The: (1 ref.) {Roud #V4359}

Great Favorite Song, entitled The Sailor's Hornpipe in Jackson Street [Cross-reference]

Great Fight Between Tom Sayers and Bob Brettie, The: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #V9717}

Great Getting Up Morning [Cross-reference]

Great Gittin' Up Mornin' [Cross-reference]

Great God A'mighty: (2 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #15571}

Great God, I'm Feelin' Bad: (1 ref.) {Roud #29308}

Great Grand-dad: (7 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #4446}

Great Grandad [Cross-reference]

Great Granddad [Cross-reference]

Great Grandma [Cross-reference]

Great Historical Bum, The [Cross-reference]

Great Judgment Morning, The: (2 refs.) {Roud #4731}

Great Nineteen Sixteen Fresh, The [Cross-reference]

Great Northern Line, The: (2 refs.)

Great Round-Up, The [Cross-reference]

Great Selchie of Shool Skerrie, The [Cross-reference]

Great Ship Went Down, The (Titanic #16): (2 refs. <1K Notes)

Great Silkie of Sule Skerry, The [Child 113]: (12 refs. 3K Notes) {Roud #197}

Great Speckled Bird, The: (11 refs. 1K Notes) {Roud #7444}

Great Storm Pass Over, A: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #15622}

Great Titanic, The [Cross-reference]

Great Wheel, The [Cross-reference]

Great-Granddad [Cross-reference]

Great, green gobs of greasy, grimy gopher guts [Cross-reference]

Great, High Wind that Blew the Low Post Down, The: (1 ref.) {Roud #7025}

Grecian Bend, The: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #24766}

Greedy Gled o' Mains, The: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #5903}

Greedy Harbour: (2 refs. 3K Notes) {Roud #6344}

Green Above the Red, The: (5 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #V417}

Green Banks of Banna, The: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #3818}

Green Bed, The [Cross-reference]

Green Besoms [Cross-reference]

Green Brier Bush, The [Cross-reference]

Green Brier Shore (II), The: (3 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #549}

Green Brier Shore, The [Cross-reference]

Green Broom: (24 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #379}

Green Brooms [Cross-reference]

Green Bushes, The [Laws P2]: (42 refs. 2K Notes) {Roud #1040}

Green Carpet: (1 ref.)

Green Cockade (I), The [Cross-reference]

Green Cockade (II), The: (2 refs. 2K Notes) {Roud #V37861}

Green Corn (I) [Cross-reference]

Green Corn (II) [Cross-reference]

Green Erin: (1 ref.) {Roud #6782}

Green Eyes, Greedy Eyes: (1 ref.) {Roud #19925?}

Green Fields [Cross-reference]

Green Fields and Meadows, The [Cross-reference]

Green Fields of America (I), The: (5 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #2290}

Green Fields of America (II), The [Cross-reference]

Green Fields of America (III), The: (1 ref. <1K Notes)

Green Fields of Canada, The [Cross-reference]

Green Fields Round Ferbane, The: (1 ref.) {Roud #17891}

Green Flag of Erin: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #18469}

Green Flag, The: (1 ref.)

Green Flowers O: (1 ref. <1K Notes)

Green Garden [Cross-reference]

Green Grass (I): (8 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #1381}

Green Grass (II): (1 ref. <1K Notes)

Green Grass Grew All Round, The [Cross-reference]

Green Grass Growing All Around, The [Cross-reference]

Green Grass It Grows Bonnie [Cross-reference]

Green Grass, The [Cross-reference]

Green Grassy Slopes, The: (2 refs. <1K Notes)

Green Grave, The [Cross-reference]

Green Gravel: (24 refs. 3K Notes) {Roud #1368}

Green Gravel, Green Gravel [Cross-reference]

Green Gravels, Green Gravels [Cross-reference]

Green Green [Cross-reference]

Green Green Rocky Road [Cross-reference]

Green Grow the Laurels [Cross-reference]

Green Grow the Laurels (II) [Cross-reference]

Green Grow the Leaves: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #2121}

Green Grow the Lilacs [Cross-reference]

Green Grow the Rashes (II) [Cross-reference]

Green Grow the Rashes, O: (12 refs. 2K Notes) {Roud #2772}

Green Grow the Rushes (III) [Cross-reference]

Green Grow the Rushes (World War II version): (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #133}

Green Grow the Rushes O (II) [Cross-reference]

Green Grow the Rushes-Ho! [Cross-reference]

Green Grow the Rushes-O (The Twelve Apostles, Come and I Will Sing You): (39 refs. 7K Notes) {Roud #133}

Green Grow the Rushes, Ho! [Cross-reference]

Green Grow The Rushes, Oh! (II -- Singing Game): (2 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #12979}

Green Grows the Laurel (Green Grow the Lilacs): (46 refs. 8K Notes) {Roud #279}

Green Grows the Rushes-O [Cross-reference]

Green Grows the Willow Tree: (2 refs.) {Roud #7918}

Green Hills of Antrim, The: (1 ref.)

Green Hills of Erin, The [Cross-reference]

Green Hills of Islay, The: (2 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #24801 and 30128}

Green Island Shore [Cross-reference]

Green Laurel [Cross-reference]

Green Laurels, The [Cross-reference]

Green Leaf: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #7892}

Green Leaves: (3 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #7892}

Green Leaves So Green [Cross-reference]

Green leaves, the green leaves that grow on the vine, The [Cross-reference]

Green Linnet, The: (18 refs. 2K Notes) {Roud #1619}

Green Little Shamrock of Ireland, The [Cross-reference]

Green Mossy Banks of the Lea, The [Laws O15]: (24 refs.) {Roud #987}

Green Mossy Banks of the Lee [Cross-reference]

Green Mountain [Cross-reference]

Green Mountain Boys, The [Cross-reference]

Green New Chum, The: (3 refs. <1K Notes)

Green on the Cape [Cross-reference]

Green Peas and Barley: (2 refs.) {Roud #12977}

Green Peas, Mutton Pies: (2 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #13204}

Green Plaid, The: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #5793}

Green Shores of Fogo, The: (4 refs. 1K Notes) {Roud #6335}

Green Sleeves [Cross-reference]

Green Trees around Us: (1 ref.)

Green Trees Bending: (1 ref. <1K Notes)

Green Upon the Cape: (10 refs. 1K Notes) {Roud #5773}

Green Valley [Cross-reference]

Green Wedding, The [Cross-reference]

Green Willow Tree (I), The [Cross-reference]

Green Willow Tree (II), The [Cross-reference]

Green Willow, The: (3 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #567}

Green Woods o' Airlie, The: (3 refs.) {Roud #3324}

Green Woods of Bonnie-O, The [Cross-reference]

Green-Leaf [Cross-reference]

Green, Green the Grass is Green [Cross-reference]

Green, Green, It's Green They Say: (2 refs.)

Green, Green, You're the Best Ever Seen: (1 ref.)

Greenback (I): (1 ref.) {Roud #11022}

Greenback (II) [Cross-reference]

Greenback Dollar: (9 refs. 2K Notes) {Roud #3420}

Greenback Dollar (II): (2 refs.)

Greenfields (How Tedious and Tasteless the Hours): (4 refs. 1K Notes) {Roud #3385}

Greenhorn Makes Good, A: (1 ref. <1K Notes)

Greenhorn, The: (2 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #8882}

Greenland (The Whaler's Song, Once More for Greenland We Are Bound): (5 refs.) {Roud #970}

Greenland Disaster (I), The: (4 refs. 11K Notes) {Roud #4080}

Greenland Disaster (II -- Sad Comes the News), The: (4 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #6465}

Greenland Disaster (III -- Miscellaneous), The: (2 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #V44707}

Greenland Fishing [Cross-reference]

Greenland Men, The: (1 ref.) {Roud #V29830}

Greenland Voyage, The, or, The Whale Fisher's Delight: (1 ref.) {Roud #V37548}

Greenland Whale Fishery, The [Laws K21]: (39 refs. 5K Notes) {Roud #347}

Greenmount Smiling Ann: (1 ref.) {Roud #4457}

Greenock Railway, The: (7 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #5833}

Greens: (2 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #4491}

Greense's Bonny Lass: (2 refs.) {Roud #6198}

Greenside Wakes Song, The: (1 ref.) {Roud #4585}

Greensleeves: (12 refs. 3K Notes) {Roud #V19581}

Greenwich Pensioner, The: (3 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #17509}

Greenwood Laddie, The: (5 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #2123}

Greenwood Siding, (The) [Cross-reference]

Greenwood Tree, The [Cross-reference]

Greenwood Trees [Cross-reference]

Greer County [Cross-reference]

Greer County Bachelor, The [Cross-reference]

Greer's Grove: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #7004}

Greetings to the Sergeant: (1 ref.) {Roud #10540}

Gregorio Cortez: (1 ref.)

Grenadier and Lady [Cross-reference]

Grenadier and the Lady, The [Cross-reference]

Gresford Disaster, The: (4 refs.) {Roud #3089}

Grey Cat Kittled in Charlie's Wig, The: (5 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #13024}

Grey Cock, The, or, Saw You My Father [Child 248]: (28 refs. 8K Notes) {Roud #179}

Grey Gooise And Gander, The [Cross-reference]

Grey Goose, The: (15 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #11684}

Grey Hawk (I), The [Cross-reference]

Grey Hawk (II), The [Cross-reference]

Grey Mare, The [Cross-reference]

Grey North Sea, The: (1 ref. 2K Notes)

Grief Is a Knot: (4 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #9803}

Grigor's Ghost: (1 ref. 4K Notes) {Roud #4600}

Grim Winter [Cross-reference]

Grimsby Lads, The: (1 ref. <1K Notes)

Grindstone Teamsters and Horses, The: (1 ref.)

Grizzly Bear (Grizzely Bear): (5 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #16673}

Grizzly Hogan: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #6518}

Grog Shop Door, The [Cross-reference]

Grog Tent We Got Tipsy In, The: (1 ref.)

Grog Time of Day (Fine Time of Day): (2 refs. 2K Notes)

Grogal McCree [Cross-reference]

Groggy Old Tailor, The [Cross-reference]

Grouchy Bill: (2 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #6511}

Groun' Hawg [Cross-reference]

Ground for the Floor (I): (5 refs.) {Roud #1269}

Ground for the Floor (II): (3 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #1269}

Ground Hog: (34 refs.) {Roud #3125}

Groundhog [Cross-reference]

Grounding of the Cabot Strait, The: (2 refs.) {Roud #25335}

Group of Jolly Cowboys, A [Cross-reference]

Grouse, Grouse, Grouse: (1 ref.) {Roud #10553}

Grousing [Cross-reference]

Groves of Blackpool, The: (2 refs. 1K Notes)

Groves of Blarney: (10 refs. 2K Notes) {Roud #V668}

Groves of Glanmire, The: (1 ref. <1K Notes)

Groyle Machree [Cross-reference]

Gruig Hill: (1 ref.) {Roud #18996}

Grumbler's Song, The [Cross-reference]

Grün, Grün, Grün: (2 refs. <1K Notes)

Gruver Meadows: (2 refs.) {Roud #22283}

Gude Wallace [Child 157]: (10 refs. 15K Notes) {Roud #75}

Gudeman, Ye're a Drunken Carle: (3 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #13496}

Guerrilla Boy, The [Cross-reference]

Guerrilla Man, The [Cross-reference]

Guess I'll Eat Some Worms: (4 refs.) {Roud #12764}

Gui-Annee, La [Cross-reference]

Guid Coat o' Blue, The: (5 refs.) {Roud #6087}

Guid Guid Wife, The: (1 ref.)

Guid Nicht an' Joy Be Wi' You A': (4 refs. 1K Notes) {Roud #3936}

Guide Me, Oh Thou Great Jehovah: (5 refs. 7K Notes) {Roud #7103}

Guignolee, La [Cross-reference]

Guillannée, La (La Gui-Annee): (7 refs. <1K Notes)

Guilty Sea Captain, The [Cross-reference]

Guinea Negro Song: (2 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #11800}

Guise o' Tough, The: (3 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #3800}

Guise of Tyrie, The: (4 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #6106}

Gull Cove: (2 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #26473}

Gull Decoy, The: (4 refs. 1K Notes) {Roud #9193}

Gum Shellac: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #2508}

Gum Tree Canoe, The: (18 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #759}

Gum-Tree Canoe, The [Cross-reference]

Gumtree Canoe, The [Cross-reference]

Gun Canecutter, The: (1 ref.)

Gunner and Boatswain, The: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #2852}

Gunner's Lament, The: (1 ref. 3K Notes) {Roud #29400}

Gunpowder Tea: (2 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #11622}

Gustave Ohr: (2 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #4099}

Gutboard Blues: (2 refs.)

Guy Fawkes: (2 refs. 1K Notes) {Roud #4974}

Guy of Warwick: (27 refs. 16K Notes) {Roud #V4091}

Guy Reed [Laws C9]: (9 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #1968}

Guyandotte Bridge Disaster, The [Cross-reference]

Guye of Gisborne [Cross-reference]

Guysboro Song: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #1824}

Gwan Round, Rabbit: (1 ref.)

Gwine 'Round Dis Mountain: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #16311}

Gwine Down Jordan (I) [Cross-reference]

Gwine Down Jordan (II) [Cross-reference]

Gwine Down to Jordan [Cross-reference]

Gwine Follow: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #11841}

Gwine Ride Up in the Chariot [Cross-reference]

Gwine T' Res from All My Labuh [Cross-reference]

Gwine Tell-a My Lord, Daniel: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #5059}

Gwine Ter Jine de Band [Cross-reference]

Gwine to Lay Down My Burden [Cross-reference]

Gwine to Live Humble to de Lord [Cross-reference]

Gwine to Run All Night [Cross-reference]

Gwine Up (Oh Yes, I'm Gwine Up) [Cross-reference]

Gwineter Harness in de Mornin' Soon: (1 ref.) {Roud #15569}

Gypsey Davey, The [Cross-reference]

Gypsies, The [Cross-reference]

Gypsy Countess, The [Cross-reference]

Gypsy Daisy [Cross-reference]

Gypsy Davy, The [Cross-reference]

Gypsy Girl, The [Cross-reference]

Gypsy Laddie, The [Child 200]: (132 refs. 6K Notes) {Roud #1}

Gypsy Maid, The (The Gypsy's Wedding Day) [Laws O4]: (23 refs. 1K Notes) {Roud #229}

Gypsy's Warning, The: (22 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #1764 and 3761 and 6421}

Gypsy's Wedding Day, The [Cross-reference]

Gyteside Lass, The: (1 ref.) {Roud #3177}

H'Emmer Jane, The: (6 refs. 3K Notes) {Roud #4425}

Ha Mi Ow-mos En Gun Las (The Octopus): (1 ref.)

Ha, Ha, Ha: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #3638}

Ha'k 'E Angels [Cross-reference]

Haben Aboo an' a Banner: (3 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #7275}

Habit, The [Cross-reference]

Habitant d'Saint-Barbe: (1 ref. <1K Notes)

Hackler from Grouse Hall, The: (1 ref. 3K Notes) {Roud #3035}

Had a Big Fight in Mexico [Cross-reference]

Had a Fine Sash: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #11361}

Had a Little Duck [Cross-reference]

Had a Little Fight in Mexico [Cross-reference]

Had a Little Teddy Bear [Cross-reference]

Had I the Tun Which Bacchus Used: (1 ref. <1K Notes)

Had I the Wyte [Cross-reference]

Haddie Massa an' Haddie Missie: (1 ref.)

Hag's Rant, The: (1 ref. <1K Notes)

Hagg Worm, The [Cross-reference]

Haggertys and Young Mulvanny, The: (1 ref.) {Roud #4559}

Haggis o' Dunbar, The: (3 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #6477}

Hagmena Song [Cross-reference]

Hail Mary [Cross-reference]

Hail to Our Wigwam [Cross-reference]

Hail to the Oak, the Irish Tree!: (1 ref. <1K Notes)

Hail, Hail, Scouting Spirit: (2 refs. <1K Notes)

Hail, Hail, The Gang's All Here: (7 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #9639}

Hail, Smiling Morn!: (5 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #1346}

Hail! Hail! Hail!: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #15240}

Hail! King of the Jews: (1 ref. <1K Notes)

Hainan's Waal: (2 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #5991}

Hairs on Her Dicky Di Do, The: (2 refs.) {Roud #21469}

Hairst o' Rettie, The: (3 refs. 1K Notes) {Roud #3512}

Hairst, The: (1 ref.) {Roud #2167}

Hairy Capie: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #2581}

Hal-an-Tow: (9 refs. 4K Notes) {Roud #1520}

Halarvisa: (2 refs. <1K Notes)

Half Ahead Together: (1 ref. 2K Notes)

Half Crown, The: (2 refs. 2K Notes) {Roud #16988}

Half Door, The: (2 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #5275}

Half Horse and Half Alligator [Cross-reference]

Half-Hitch, The [Laws N23]: (9 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #1887}

Half-Past Ten: (6 refs.) {Roud #2856}

Halifax Explosion, The [Laws G28]: (4 refs. 42K Notes) {Roud #2724}

Hall's Lumber Crew: (2 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #8841}

Halle-Lu: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #11625}

Hallelu, Hallelu: (1 ref.) {Roud #12009}

Hallelujah: (2 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #7632}

Hallelujah (Been Down Into the Sea) [Cross-reference]

Hallelujah Christian, The: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #13917}

Hallelujah, Bum Again [Cross-reference]

Hallelujah, I'm a Bum (I): (18 refs. 1K Notes) {Roud #7992}

Hallelujah, I'm a Bum (II): (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #7992}

Ham and Eggs: (4 refs.)

Ham Bone [Cross-reference]

Hambone: (3 refs. <1K Notes)

Hambone Am Sweet [Cross-reference]

Hamborg, Du Schone Stadt (Hamburg, You Lovely Town) [Cross-reference]

Hamborger Viermaster, De [Cross-reference]

Hamburg, Du Schone Stadt (Hamburg, You Lovely Town): (2 refs.)

Hamburger Fair, The [Cross-reference]

Hame Came Our Gudeman [Cross-reference]

Hame to My Nancy [Cross-reference]

Hame, Dearie, Hame [Cross-reference]

Hame, Hame, Hame: (6 refs. 2K Notes)

Hamfat Man, The: (2 refs. <1K Notes)

Haming on a Live Oak Log (Mister Gator): (1 ref.) {Roud #17457?}

Hamlet Wreck, The: (5 refs. 1K Notes) {Roud #6634}

Hamma-Tamma Damma-Ramma: (1 ref.)

Hammer Man: (1 ref.) {Roud #18764}

Hammer Ring: (4 refs. <1K Notes)

Hammerin' Song [Cross-reference]

Hammering: (2 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #12264}

Hampshire Mummers' Carol (God Sent for Us the Sunday): (2 refs.) {Roud #1065}

Hampshire Mummers' Christmas Carol, The [Cross-reference]

Han Skal Leve: (2 refs. <1K Notes)

Hancock Boys, The: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #4892}

Hand by Hand We Shall us Take [Cross-reference]

Hand Loom v PowerLoom: (1 ref.)

Hand Me Down My Walkin' Cane: (23 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #11733}

Hand O'er Hand (I): (1 ref.)

Hand O'er Hand (II) [Cross-reference]

Hand on My Heart [Cross-reference]

Handcart Song, The: (2 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #4748}

Handcarts: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #10892}

Handful of Earth from Mother's Grave, A: (1 ref.) {Roud #16354}

Handful of Earth, A [Cross-reference]

Handsome Bill: (1 ref.) {Roud #6234}

Handsome Cabin Boy, The [Laws N13]: (19 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #239}

Handsome Charlie's Sing Out: (2 refs.) {Roud #9161}

Handsome Collier Lad, The [Cross-reference]

Handsome Harry (II): (1 ref.) {Roud #21116}

Handsome Harry (The Sailor and the Ghost B) [Cross-reference]

Handsome Joan the Dairy Maid [Cross-reference]

Handsome John: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #6363}

Handsome Molly: (12 refs. 1K Notes) {Roud #454}

Handsome Sally: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #2370}

Handsome Sam [Cross-reference]

Handsome Shepherdess, The [Cross-reference]

Handsome Shone the Dairymaid [Cross-reference]

Handsome Young Airman, The [Cross-reference]

Handsome Young Farmer, The [Cross-reference]

Handsome Young Sailor, The [Cross-reference]

Handwriting on the Wall, The: (1 ref. 2K Notes) {Roud #7123}

Handy Bandy Barque, The [Cross-reference]

Handy Dandy (Handy Pandy, Andy Pany, Amos and Andy): (2 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #19429}

Handy Pandy [Cross-reference]

Handy, Me Boys [Cross-reference]

Hang Down Your Head, Tom Dooley [Cross-reference]

Hang Me, Oh Hang Me (Been All Around This World): (13 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #3416}

Hang on the Bell: (1 ref. 1K Notes)

Hange I wyl my nobyl bow vpon the grenewod bough [Cross-reference]

Hange-ed I Shall Be [Cross-reference]

Hanged I Shall Be [Cross-reference]

Hanging Johnny: (20 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #2625}

Hanging of Charlie Birger: (8 refs. <1K Notes)

Hanging of Eva Dugan, The: (2 refs.)

Hanging of Sam Archer, The: (1 ref.)

Hanging on the Old Barbed Wire [Cross-reference]

Hanging Out Clothes [Cross-reference]

Hanging Out the Linen Clothes [Cross-reference]

Hangman Johnnie [Cross-reference]

Hangman Tree, The [Cross-reference]

Hangman, Hangman [Cross-reference]

Hangman, Slack on the Line [Cross-reference]

Hangman, Slack Up Your Rope [Cross-reference]

Hangman, The [Cross-reference]

Hangman's Song, The [Cross-reference]

Hangman's Tree, The [Cross-reference]

Hangtown Gals: (3 refs.)

Hank! Hah! [Cross-reference]

Hanky Pank [Cross-reference]

Hanky Panky [Cross-reference]

Hanky, The [Cross-reference]

Hannah from Butte, Montana: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #9538}

Hannah Healy, the Pride of Howth: (2 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #9773}

Hannah McKay (The Pride of Artikelly): (1 ref.) {Roud #13543}

Hannamaria: (1 ref. <1K Notes)

Hannibal Hope: (1 ref. <1K Notes)

Hans and Katrina: (2 refs.) {Roud #271}

Hanskin [Cross-reference]

Hanstead Boys [Cross-reference]

Hantoon, The: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #7351}

Hap an' Rowe [Cross-reference]

Hap and Row: (3 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #7252}

Happiness Is Two Kinds of Ice Cream: (1 ref.)

Happiness Runs in a Circular Motion: (1 ref.)

Happy 'Tis, Thou Blind, for Thee [Cross-reference]

Happy Child, The: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #4657}

Happy Coon, The: (1 ref.) {Roud #11766}

Happy Country Lass [Cross-reference]

Happy Crook, The [Cross-reference]

Happy Days of Youth, The: (2 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #6018}

Happy Days to Those We Love: (3 refs. <1K Notes)

Happy Family (I), The: (1 ref.)

Happy Family (II), The [Cross-reference]

Happy Frien'ship [Cross-reference]

Happy Friendship: (4 refs. 2K Notes) {Roud #21761}

Happy Green Shades of Duneane, The: (1 ref.)

Happy in Eternity [Cross-reference]

Happy Is the Miller [Cross-reference]

Happy It Is [Cross-reference]

Happy Land (I Want Some Peas): (1 ref. <1K Notes)

Happy Land of Canaan, The: (4 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #7705}

Happy Land, The [Cross-reference]

Happy Marriage, The: (1 ref.) {Roud #9464}

Happy Morning: (1 ref.) {Roud #11852}

Happy or Lonesome: (3 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #11518}

Happy Pair, The [Cross-reference]

Happy Roon' the Ingle Bleezin': (1 ref.) {Roud #6025}

Happy Shamrock Shore, The [Cross-reference]

Happy Stranger, The [Cross-reference]

Happy Wanderer, The: (3 refs. <1K Notes)

Happy We Are All Together: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #3004}

Happy, Frisky Jim: (3 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #7610}

Harbour Grace: (4 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #2723}

Harbour Grace Affray: (1 ref. <1K Notes)

Harbour Le Cou: (7 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #7297}

Harco Mine Tragedy: (1 ref.)

Hard Luck Blues [Cross-reference] {Roud #1422}

Hard of Hearing [Cross-reference]

Hard Rock Dann: (1 ref.)

Hard Time in Old Virginnie: (1 ref. <1K Notes)

Hard Time in Ole Virginny [Cross-reference]

Hard Times (II) [Cross-reference]

Hard Times (III) [Cross-reference]

Hard Times (IV) [Cross-reference]

Hard Times (V) [Cross-reference]

Hard Times and Old Bill: (1 ref. <1K Notes)

Hard Times at New Little River [Cross-reference]

Hard Times Come Again No More: (15 refs. 2K Notes) {Roud #2659}

Hard Times in Dixie: (1 ref.)

Hard Times in Mount Holly Jail [Cross-reference]

Hard Times in Ol' Virginia [Cross-reference]

Hard Times in Old Virginia: (2 refs.)

Hard Times in the Country [Cross-reference]

Hard Times in the Mill (I): (5 refs. <1K Notes)

Hard Times in the Mill (II): (4 refs. <1K Notes)

Hard Times of Old England, The: (4 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #1206}

Hard Times/De Ole Sheep Done Know de Road [Cross-reference]

Hard to Be a Nigger: (4 refs.) {Roud #15555}

Hard to Rise Again: (1 ref.)

Hard Traveling: (8 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #13926}

Hard Travellin [Cross-reference]

Hard Trials: (2 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #7554}

Hard Up [Cross-reference]

Hard Up and Broken Down: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #7446}

Hard Working Miner (II), The [Cross-reference]

Hard Working Miner, The: (4 refs. <1K Notes)

Hard-Working Miner, The [Cross-reference]

Hard, Ain't It Hard [Cross-reference]

Hard, Hard Times [Cross-reference]

Hardest Bloody Job I Ever Had, The [Cross-reference]

Harding Campaign Song: (1 ref. 1K Notes)

Harding's Defeat: (1 ref. 1K Notes) {Roud #3603}

Hardly Think I Will [Cross-reference]

Hardtack and a Half, A: (1 ref.) {Roud #27502}

Hardy Sons of Dan, The: (2 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #17895}

Hardyknute: (7 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #8180}

Hare Hunting Song [Cross-reference]

Hare of Kilgrain, The: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #2883}

Hare's Dream, The: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #3574}

Hare's Lament, The: (1 ref.) {Roud #5985}

Hares in the Old Plantations [Cross-reference]

Hares on the Mountain: (17 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #329}

Hark from the Tomb: (2 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #7563}

Hark Niebour here [Cross-reference]

Hark the Robbers: (1 ref.) {Roud #13172}

Hark to the Chimes: (5 refs.)

Hark, Hark, the Dogs Do Bark: (4 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #19689}

Hark, How All the Welkin Rings [Cross-reference]

Hark, Sweet Maid, the Trumpet's Sound: (1 ref.)

Hark! Listen to the Trumpeters: (4 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #15230}

Hark! The Herald Angels Sing: (11 refs. 3K Notes) {Roud #8337}

Harlaw [Cross-reference]

Harlot of Jerusalem, The [Cross-reference]

Harm Link [Cross-reference]

Harmless Young Jim: (2 refs.) {Roud #9968}

Harmony Greeting [Cross-reference]

Harness up Yo' Hosses: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #11748}

Harp of Erin (I), The [Cross-reference]

Harp of Old Erin, The: (1 ref. <1K Notes)

Harp of Tara, The [Cross-reference]

Harp on a Willow [Cross-reference]

Harp on the Willow, The: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #7576}

Harp or Lion: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #9763}

Harp That Once Through Tara's Halls, The: (20 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #13392}

Harpin' Mannie, The [Cross-reference]

Harpkin [Cross-reference]

Harrison Brady [Cross-reference]

Harrison Campaign Song: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #7840}

Harrison Town: (3 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #4095}

Harrowing Time: (4 refs.) {Roud #5587}

Harry Bahel [Cross-reference]

Harry Bail [Cross-reference]

Harry Bale (Dale, Bail, Bell) [Laws C13]: (15 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #2217}

Harry Bell [Cross-reference]

Harry Dunn (The Hanging Limb) [Laws C14]: (19 refs.) {Roud #639}

Harry Dunne [Cross-reference]

Harry Flood's Election Song: (1 ref. 1K Notes) {Roud #9770}

Harry Hayward Song, The: (4 refs. 25K Notes) {Roud #22300}

Harry Lumsdale's Courtship: (4 refs. 1K Notes) {Roud #6186}

Harry Lumsden [Cross-reference]

Harry Lyle's Last Train Ride: (1 ref.) {Roud #7127}

Harry Newell [Cross-reference]

Harry Orchard: (2 refs. 36K Notes) {Roud #4105}

Harry Saunders [Cross-reference]

Harry the Tailor: (5 refs.) {Roud #1465}

Harry's Courtship: (1 ref.) {Roud #2470}

Hartford Wreck, The: (3 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #4136}

Harvard Student, The (The Pullman Train): (7 refs. 2K Notes) {Roud #7617}

Harvest: (1 ref.) {Roud #25767}

Harvest Home (III), The: (3 refs. 1K Notes) {Roud #1294}

Harvest Home Song (I): (9 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #310}

Harvest Home Song (IV -- Your Hay Is Mow'd): (3 refs. 1K Notes) {Roud #310}

Harvest Home, The: (3 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #5595}

Harvest is Ower, The [Cross-reference]

Harvest Shearin', The: (1 ref.) {Roud #1301}

Harvest Song (I): (1 ref.) {Roud #2471}

Harvest Song (II) [Cross-reference]

Harvest Song (III) [Cross-reference]

Harvest Song, A [Cross-reference]

Harvey Duff: (1 ref. 2K Notes)

Harvey Logan [Laws E21]: (7 refs. 16K Notes) {Roud #2250}

Harwich Naval Force Song: (1 ref. 1K Notes)

Has Anyone Seen the Colonel? [Cross-reference]

Haselbury Girl, The (The Maid of Tottenham, The Aylesbury Girl): (6 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #364}

Hash o' Bennygak (Hash o' Benagoak): (1 ref.) {Roud #1527}

Hat McGinnis Wore, The: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #22613}

Hat Me Father Wore, The [Cross-reference]

Hat Me Old Man Wore, The: (1 ref.)

Hat My Father Wore, The: (9 refs. 2K Notes) {Roud #4796}

Hat Ned Kelly Wore, The: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #22612}

Hateful Mary Ann: (1 ref.) {Roud #6564}

Hattie Belle [Cross-reference]

Hatton Woods [Cross-reference]

Haud Awa, Bide Awa: (2 refs.) {Roud #6251}

Haud Awa' Frae Me Donald (I): (2 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #6133}

Haud Awa' Frae Me Donald (II): (1 ref.) {Roud #8719}

Haughies o' Indego, The: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #6058}

Haughs O Cromdale [Cross-reference]

Haughs o Newe, The: (2 refs.) {Roud #6781}

Haughs o' Cromdale, The: (13 refs. 4K Notes) {Roud #5147}

Haughs o' Gartly, The: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #6070}

Haul 'Em Away [Cross-reference]

Haul 'Er Away (Little Sally Racket): (3 refs. <1K Notes)

Haul Am Day: (1 ref. <1K Notes)

Haul Away, Boys, Haul Away: (2 refs. <1K Notes)

Haul Away, Haul Away [Cross-reference]

Haul Away, I'm a Rollin' King [Cross-reference]

Haul Away, Joe: (22 refs. 1K Notes) {Roud #809}

Haul Away, My Rosy [Cross-reference]

Haul Away, Old Fellow, Away: (2 refs. <1K Notes)

Haul Him High-O! [Cross-reference]

Haul in Your Bowline [Cross-reference]

Haul in Your Towline [Cross-reference]

Haul on th' Bowlin' [Cross-reference]

Haul on the Bo'line [Cross-reference]

Haul on the Bowlin' [Cross-reference]

Haul on the Bowline: (27 refs. 2K Notes) {Roud #652}

Haul the Alabama Bowline [Cross-reference]

Haul the Bowline [Cross-reference]

Haul, Haul, Haul, Boys: (1 ref. <1K Notes)

Hauling Logs on the Maniwaki: (1 ref.) {Roud #4384}

Hauling Wood to Bangor: (1 ref.) {Roud #12475}

Haunted Falls [Cross-reference]

Haunted Hunter, The: (1 ref.) {Roud #11521}

Haunted Road Blues [Cross-reference]

Haunted Wood: (4 refs. 26K Notes) {Roud #5503}

Hava Na Shira [Cross-reference]

Hava Nagila: (2 refs. 1K Notes)

Hava Nashira (Come, Let's Be Singing): (2 refs. <1K Notes)

Have a Good Stare [Cross-reference]

Have a Little Banjo Beating [Cross-reference]

Have Courage My Boy to Say No: (3 refs.) {Roud #5263}

Have Fun Our Motto Is: (1 ref.)

Have Two Prisoners Here in Jail: (1 ref.) {Roud #12437}

Have You Any Bread and Wine (English Soldiers, Roman Soldiers): (9 refs. 1K Notes) {Roud #8255}

Have You Ever Ever Ever [Cross-reference]

Have You Ever Seen? [Cross-reference]

Have You Ever Watched a Camp Fire [Cross-reference]

Have You Ever Watched the Campfire: (1 ref.)

Have You Heard Geography Sung?: (1 ref. <1K Notes)

Have You Not Heard (Our Dear Savior's Love): (1 ref.) {Roud #2116}

Have You Not Heard of Our Dear Savior's Love [Cross-reference]

Have You Seen My Baby: (1 ref. <1K Notes)

Have you seen my love pass by [Cross-reference]

Have You Seen the Ghost of John? [Cross-reference]

Have You Seen the Ghost of Tom?: (1 ref.)

Have You Seen the Sha? [Cross-reference]

Have you stopped to think when the hearse goes by [Cross-reference]

Haven of Rest, The: (3 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #4727}

Haw low, here we go! [Cross-reference]

Hawai'i Aloha (Beloved Hawaii): (1 ref.)

Hawco, the Hero: (3 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #7298}

Hawg Foot: (1 ref.) {Roud #13914}

Hawk and the Crow, The [Cross-reference]

Hawke's Engagement [Cross-reference]

Hawkie [Cross-reference]

Hawkie Is a Schemin' Bird: (1 ref.)

Hawking: (1 ref.)

Hawks and Chickens [Cross-reference]

Hawks and Chickens Play [Cross-reference]

Haws o' Cromdale, The [Cross-reference]

Hawthorn Bush, The [Cross-reference]

Hawthorn Green, The: (8 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #1072}

Hawthorn Tree (II), The [Cross-reference]

Hawthorne Tree (I), The [Cross-reference]

Hawwer reche (Raking Oats): (1 ref.)

Hay Marshall [Cross-reference]

Hay-o-My-Lucy-o: (1 ref.) {Roud #7895}

Hayes Campaign Song [Cross-reference]

Hayes's Band: (1 ref.)

Haymaker's Jig [Cross-reference]

Haymakers, The [Cross-reference]

Haymaking Courtship [Cross-reference]

Hayseed (I): (2 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #12498}

Hayseed (II), The [Cross-reference]

Hayseed Like Me, A: (7 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #12497}

Hazel Rung, The [Cross-reference]

Hazelbury Girl, The [Cross-reference]

He Ain't Gonna Jump No More: (1 ref.) {Roud #29393}

He Arose from the Dead: (8 refs. <1K Notes)

He Brought Me from a Long, Long Way: (1 ref.) {Roud #18153}

He Came from the North: (1 ref.) {Roud #6548}

He Comes Down Our Alley [Cross-reference]

He Courted Her in the Month of June [Cross-reference]

He Hey, Why Do We Pay?: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #27883}

He Is Coming to Us Dead [Cross-reference]

He Is King of Kings: (3 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #11961}

He Knows: (1 ref.) {Roud #16302}

He Lies in the American Land: (6 refs. 1K Notes)

He Lookit Up into Her Face: (1 ref.) {Roud #7235}

He Mele No Kane (The Water of Kane): (1 ref.)

He Never Came Back: (7 refs.) {Roud #4948}

He Never Said a Mumbalin' Word [Cross-reference]

He Never Went Back on the Poor [Cross-reference]

He Ngeri (A Jeering Song): (1 ref.)

He Plays Comic Music Across the Broadgate: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #7277}

He Plowed the Lowlands Low [Cross-reference]

He Rambled [Cross-reference]

He Rode the Strawberry Roan [Cross-reference]

He Set Me Free: (2 refs. 1K Notes)

He Swore by the Toenails of Moses: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #13563}

He That Will Not Merry Be [Cross-reference]

He That Will Not Merry, Merry Be: (7 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #615}

He Took Her by the Lily-White Hand: (1 ref.)

He Wanted to B in Arkansas [Cross-reference]

He Was a Friend of Mine: (2 refs. <1K Notes)

He Was a Travelling Man [Cross-reference]

He Was Boasting of His Shearing: (1 ref.)

He Was Standing by the Window [Cross-reference]

He Wears a Bonnet for a Hat: (3 refs. 1K Notes) {Roud #6210}

He Who Would Valiant Be [Cross-reference]

He-Back, She-Back [Cross-reference]

He'd Be There: (1 ref.)

He'll Never Fly Home Again: (1 ref. 3K Notes) {Roud #29399}

He'll Never March Again [Cross-reference]

He's a Battle Axe [Cross-reference]

He's a Bonnie, Blue-Eyed Laddie: (1 ref.)

He's a Dark Man: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #3869}

He's a Fine Man, Johnnie Gollacher: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #6179}

He's a Ragtime Soldier: (1 ref.) {Roud #10506}

He's Comin' Here [Cross-reference]

He's Comin' This Away: (2 refs.)

He's Coming to Us Dead [Cross-reference]

He's Going Away for to Stay a Little While [Cross-reference]

He's Gone Away [Cross-reference]

He's Got No Courage In Him [Cross-reference]

He's Got the Money Too: (3 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #7827}

He's Got the Whole World in His Hand(s): (8 refs.) {Roud #7501}

He's My Rock, My Sword, and Shield: (4 refs. <1K Notes)

He's Nae Very Bonnie: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #13587}

He's Owre the Hills, an' He's Whistlin' Bonny: (1 ref.) {Roud #6840}

He's the Lily of the Valley: (2 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #12146}

He's the Man for Me: (1 ref. <1K Notes)

He's Up With a Smile on His Face in the Morning: (1 ref.)

Heab'n [Cross-reference]

Head, Shoulder, Baby: (1 ref.)

Heads, Shoulders, Knees, and Toes: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #36105}

Healin' Waters: (1 ref.) {Roud #15564}

Health to All True-Lovers, A [Cross-reference]

Health to the Company, A (Come All My Old Comrades): (12 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #1801}

Hear de Angels Singin' [Cross-reference]

Hear de Lambs a-Cryin' [Cross-reference]

Hear Dem Bells!: (1 ref.)

Hear that Rumbling: (2 refs.) {Roud #11895}

Hear the Angels Singing: (1 ref.) {Roud #15272}

Hear the Lambs a-Crying: (2 refs. 2K Notes) {Roud #12257}

Hear the Lively Song of the Frogs in Yonder Pond [Cross-reference]

Hear the Lively Sound of the Frogs: (3 refs.)

Hearken, Hearken: (2 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #6288}

Hearken, hearken, and I will tell you [Cross-reference]

Hearken, Ladies, and I Will Tell You [Cross-reference]

Hearse Song (I), The [Cross-reference]

Hearse Song (II), The: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #15546}

Heart Cry from the West, A: (1 ref.) {Roud #26492}

Heart of Oak: (8 refs. 1K Notes)

Heart that Forms for Love, A: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #7367}

Hearts Like Doors Can Ope' With Ease: (2 refs. <1K Notes)

Hearts Like Doors Will Open With Ease [Cross-reference]

Hearts of Gold: (5 refs.) {Roud #2022}

Hearts of Oak [Cross-reference]

Hearts of Oak (II -- A New Sea Song): (2 refs.) {Roud #22234}

Heathen Chinese, The: (2 refs. 3K Notes) {Roud #15777}

Heather Down the Moor (Among the Heather; Down the Moor): (6 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #375}

Heather Jock: (5 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #2339}

Heathery Hills, The: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #5295}

Heave and Go, My Nancy O: (1 ref. <1K Notes)

Heave Away (I) [Cross-reference]

Heave Away (II) [Cross-reference]

Heave Away (III) [Cross-reference]

Heave Away (IV): (1 ref.) {Roud #27503}

Heave Away Cheerily: (3 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #932}

Heave Away My Johnnies [Cross-reference]

Heave Away, Boys, Heave Away (I): (2 refs. 1K Notes)

Heave Away, Boys, Heave Away (II): (1 ref. <1K Notes)

Heave Away, Me Johnnies: (12 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #616}

Heave Away, My Johnny (I) [Cross-reference]

Heave Away, My Johnny (II) [Cross-reference]

Heave Her Up and Bust Her: (1 ref.) {Roud #19894}

Heave on the Trawl (The Smacksman): (2 refs.) {Roud #1788}

Heave, My Boys, Away: (1 ref. <1K Notes)

Heaven Bell a-Ring: (2 refs.) {Roud #12065}

Heaven Bells Are Ringing (I): (2 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #22634}

Heaven Bells Are Ringing (II): (1 ref. <1K Notes)

Heaven Bells Are Ringing In My Soul: (1 ref.)

Heaven Bells, The: (1 ref.) {Roud #12040}

Heaven is a Beautiful Place (I): (2 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #11830}

Heaven is a Beautiful Place (II): (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #11830}

Heaven Is Shining, The: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #15223}

Heaven's a Long Way Off: (1 ref. <1K Notes)

Heaven's My Home: (1 ref.) {Roud #5025}

Heavenly Aeroplane, The: (2 refs.) {Roud #7384}

Heavenly Sunlight (Heavenly Sunshine): (1 ref. <1K Notes)

Heavy-Hipped Woman (Black Gal II): (2 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #6714}

Heavy, Heavy Hangs Over Your Head: (2 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #19434}

Heber Springs Tornado [Cross-reference]

Hebrew Children, The [Cross-reference]

Hech hiegh Durham [Cross-reference]

Hech, Hey, Lowrie lay [Cross-reference]

Hecketty Pecketty: (1 ref. 1K Notes) {Roud #3459}

Hecklin' Kame, The: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #13079}

Hector MacDonald: (1 ref. 5K Notes) {Roud #5774}

Hector Protector: (3 refs. 2K Notes) {Roud #20151}

Hedgehog, The [Cross-reference]

Hedger and Ditcher [Cross-reference]

Hedger, The [Cross-reference]

Heel and Toe Polka: (1 ref.) {Roud #7932}

Heelin' Bill: (1 ref. <1K Notes)

Heenan and Sayers [Laws H20]: (17 refs. 5K Notes) {Roud #2148}

Heezh Ba [Cross-reference]

Heifer, The: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #13347}

Heigh Me Know: (1 ref.)

Heigh-Ho-Diddle-Um-De-A [Cross-reference]

Heigh-ho, Sing Ivy [Cross-reference]

Heights at Alma, The [Cross-reference]

Heights of Alma (I), The [Laws J10]: (21 refs. 17K Notes) {Roud #830}

Heir of Lin, The [Cross-reference]

Heir of Linne (I), The [Child 267]: (17 refs. 1K Notes) {Roud #111}

Heir of Linne (II), The: (4 refs. 9K Notes) {Roud #111}

Helen an' Edwin [Cross-reference]

Helen and Edwin: (1 ref.) {Roud #15102}

Helen of Kirconnell: (10 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #8191}

Helg yn Dreean [Cross-reference]

Heligoland: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #27870}

Hell & Texas Song [Cross-reference]

Hell and Heaven (I've Been Buked and I've Been Scorned): (2 refs.) {Roud #15565}

Hell and Texas [Cross-reference]

Hell Broke Loose in Georgia: (2 refs.) {Roud #13955}

Hell in Texas: (9 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #5104}

Hell-Bound Train, The: (17 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #5103}

Hello Girls [Cross-reference]

Hello Ma Baby: (3 refs. <1K Notes)

Hello Stranger: (2 refs.) {Roud #15144}

Hello, Central, Give Me Heaven: (3 refs.) {Roud #4336}

Hello, Hello Sir: (2 refs.) {Roud #19189}

Hello, Hello, Who's Your Lady Friend?: (1 ref.)

Hello, My Boy, Not I [Cross-reference]

Hello, Somebody: (2 refs.) {Roud #9441}

Hello! Hello!: (9 refs.)

Help Me Drive: (1 ref.)

Help Me to Raise Them: (6 refs. 9K Notes) {Roud #17300}

Helstone Furry-Day Song, The [Cross-reference]

Hembrick Town [Cross-reference]

Hemp-seed I Set [Cross-reference]

Hempseed I Set (Divination Rhyme): (2 refs.) {Roud #19644}

Hempseed, I Sow Thee [Cross-reference]

Hen and Duck [Cross-reference]

Hen and the Duck, The: (2 refs.) {Roud #3712}

Hen Cackle: (20 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #11058}

Hen's March, The: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #13044}

Henhouse Door (Who Broke the Lock?): (15 refs. <1K Notes)

Hennessy Murder, The: (2 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #4128}

Henpecked Man, The: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #13148}

Henry [Cross-reference]

Henry and His Maryanne [Cross-reference]

Henry and Mary Ann (Henry the Sailor Boy): (6 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #2284}

Henry and Nancy: (2 refs.) {Roud #9943}

Henry and Ruth [Cross-reference]

Henry and Servilla: (1 ref. <1K Notes)

Henry Clay Beattie (I): (2 refs. 1K Notes) {Roud #13147}

Henry Clay Beattie (II): (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #13147}

Henry Clay Songs: (5 refs. 5K Notes) {Roud #4495}

Henry Connor of Castledawson [Cross-reference]

Henry Connors [Laws M5]: (7 refs.) {Roud #1909}

Henry Downs: (1 ref. <1K Notes)

Henry Green (The Murdered Wife) [Laws F14]: (17 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #693}

Henry Green of Troy [Cross-reference]

Henry III and the Archbishop of Canterbury [Cross-reference]

Henry Joe [Cross-reference]

Henry Joy: (1 ref. <1K Notes)

Henry Joy McCracken (I): (4 refs. 4K Notes) {Roud #3008}

Henry Joy McCracken (II): (1 ref. <1K Notes)

Henry K. Sawyer [Laws G5]: (5 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #3249}

Henry Lee [Cross-reference]

Henry Martin [Cross-reference]

Henry Martyn [Child 250]: (46 refs. 2K Notes) {Roud #104}

Henry Munroe: (1 ref. 2K Notes)

Henry Orrison [Cross-reference]

Henry Stewart: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #2773}

Henry the Eighth [Cross-reference]

Henry the Sailor Boy [Cross-reference]

Henry V and the King of France [Cross-reference]

Henry Was a High-Learnt Man [Cross-reference]

Henry, My Son [Cross-reference]

Henry's Concern [Cross-reference]

Henry's Downfall [Cross-reference]

Henry's Tribute [Cross-reference]

Henry's Worry Blues: (1 ref. <1K Notes)

Her Age It Was Red: (4 refs.) {Roud #7014}

Her Bonny Blue E'e: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #13336}

Her Bright Smile Haunts Me Still: (8 refs.) {Roud #4353}

Her Bright Smiles Haunt Me Still [Cross-reference]

Her Hair Was Like the Raven's Wing: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #6155}

Her Hair Was o' a Darkish Brown: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #6797}

Her Mansion Is Higher Than Mine: (1 ref. 1K Notes) {Roud #V44986}

Her Mantle So Green [Cross-reference]

Her Mighty Sails the Breezes Swell: (2 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #27803}

Her Name Was Lil [Cross-reference]

Her Servant Man [Cross-reference]

Her Sweetheart [Cross-reference]

Her White Bosom Bare [Cross-reference]

Herd Laddie o the Glen: (1 ref.) {Roud #5128}

Herd Laddie, The (The Herdie): (3 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #5594}

Herd Laddie's Lament: (1 ref.) {Roud #5596}

Herdie Derdie: (2 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #5947}

Herdie, The [Cross-reference]

Herding Lambs Amongst the Heather [Cross-reference]

Here Are the Lady's Knives and Forks: (4 refs.) {Roud #19714}

Here Are Two Dukes [Cross-reference]

Here Around the Ingle Bleezing [Cross-reference]

Here at Thy Table, Lord, We Meet: (2 refs. <1K Notes)

Here beside dwelleth a rich barons doughter [Cross-reference]

Here Beside Dwells a Rich Baron's Daughter (The Juggler): (7 refs. <1K Notes)

Here Come Four Dukes A-Riding [Cross-reference]

Here Come I John Funny: (1 ref.)

Here Come I, old Father Christmas [Cross-reference]

Here Come Three Dukes A-Riding [Cross-reference]

Here Come Three Kings A-Riding [Cross-reference]

Here Come Three Merchants Riding [Cross-reference]

Here Comes a Duke [Cross-reference]

Here Comes a Duke A-Riding [Cross-reference]

Here Comes a Lusty Wooer: (2 refs.) {Roud #13184}

Here comes a poor woman from baby-land [Cross-reference]

Here Comes a Queen from Dover: (2 refs.) {Roud #7897 and 7038}

Here Comes Solomon and All His Glory: (3 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #13203}

Here Comes Someone A-Roving [Cross-reference]

Here Comes Susie: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #16803}

Here Comes Teacher with a Hickory Stick [Cross-reference]

Here Comes the Bride (Parody): (1 ref.) {Roud #20187}

Here Comes the Teacher: (4 refs.) {Roud #19422}

Here Comes the Teacher with a Big Fat Stick [Cross-reference]

Here Comes Three Lawyers [Cross-reference]

Here Comes Uncle Jesse: (1 ref.) {Roud #18726}

Here Comes Uncle Jessie [Cross-reference]

Here Goes a Bluebird [Cross-reference]

Here I Am Amongst You: (1 ref.) {Roud #5278}

Here I Brew and Here I Bake: (1 ref.)

Here I Stand All Ragged and Dirty [Cross-reference]

Here Is a Lady from Barbaree [Cross-reference]

Here Is a Letter, Fair Susannah: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #6830}

Here Is the Church: (7 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #16226}

Here Is to Sweet Ireland: (1 ref. <1K Notes)

Here Lies de Body uv Po' Little Ben: (1 ref.) {Roud #11779}

Here Sits the Queen of England: (1 ref.)

Here Stands an Old Maid Forsaken: (1 ref.) {Roud #8065?}

Here We Are: (1 ref.)

Here We Are Again: (1 ref.) {Roud #10778}

Here We Come (Jamestown, Virginia): (4 refs.) {Roud #19436}

Here We Come A-Wassailing: (12 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #209}

Here We Come A-Whistling [Cross-reference]

Here We Come Gathering Nuts in May [Cross-reference]

Here We Come with a Dan, Dan, Dan ("Riding the Stang" verse): (1 ref. <1K Notes)

Here We Dance Lubin Loo [Cross-reference]

Here We Go Gathering Nuts and May [Cross-reference]

Here We Go Gathering Nuts in May [Cross-reference]

Here We Go in a RIng [Cross-reference]

Here We Go in Mourning: (1 ref.) {Roud #7871}

Here We Go Looby Loo [Cross-reference]

Here We Go Looby Lou [Cross-reference]

Here We Go Loop-dy Lou [Cross-reference]

Here We Go Round a Jinga-ring [Cross-reference]

Here We Go Round the Jing-a-ring [Cross-reference]

Here We Go Round the Mountain [Cross-reference]

Here We Go Round the Mulberry Bush: (16 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #7882}

Here We Go Round the Strawberry Bush [Cross-reference]

Here We Go Up (Hey My Kitty): (8 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #3748}

Here We Go Up, Up [Cross-reference]

Here We Go Zootie-O (Zoodiac): (1 ref.) {Roud #24170}

Here We Have Two Prisoners in Jail [Cross-reference]

Here We Sit Like Birds in the Wilderness: (2 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #19557}

Here We Sit Like Flies in a Sugar Bowl [Cross-reference]

Here We Sit Like Skunks in the Wilderness [Cross-reference]

Here, Jola, Here: (1 ref.)

Here, Rattler, Here [Cross-reference]

Here's a Chorus: (1 ref. <1K Notes)

Here's a Health to All Good Lasses: (5 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #1235}

Here's a Health To All True Lovers [Cross-reference]

Here's a Health to His Majesty [Cross-reference]

Here's a Health to King George: (1 ref.) {Roud #1232}

Here's a Health to Lord Ronald MacDonald: (1 ref.) {Roud #6224}

Here's a Health to My Molly: (1 ref.) {Roud #6996}

Here's a Health to Our Sailors: (1 ref.) {Roud #6839}

Here's a Health unto His Majesty [Cross-reference]

Here's a Health Unto our Maister [Cross-reference]

Here's a Poor Widow [Cross-reference]

Here's a Poor Widow from Sandiland [Cross-reference]

Here's a Prisoner We Have Got [Cross-reference]

Here's a Thing: (1 ref.)

Here's Adieu to All Judges and Juries: (8 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #300}

Here's Adieu to Old England: (2 refs.) {Roud #9941}

Here's an Oul' Widow [Cross-reference]

Here's Away to the Downs: (1 ref.) {Roud #1243}

Here's First to Those Farmers: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #876}

Here's Luck to All My Cocks and Hens [Cross-reference]

Here's My Sister Betsy [Cross-reference]

Here's Sulky Sue: (2 refs.) {Roud #19754}

Here's Tae the Kaim and the Brush: (1 ref.) {Roud #6838}

Here's the Church, and Here's the Steeple [Cross-reference]

Here's the Rosebud in June [Cross-reference]

Here's the Tender Coming: (3 refs.) {Roud #3174}

Here's Three Beggars [Cross-reference]

Here's to --- and --- [Cross-reference]

Here's to a Long Life: (1 ref.)

Here's to the Army and Navy: (1 ref.)

Here's to the Black Watch: (2 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #5798}

Here's to the Devil, With His Wooden Pick and Shovel [Cross-reference]

Here's to the Good Old Beer [Cross-reference] {Roud #17004}

Here's to the Good Old Brandy, Drink It Down [Cross-reference]

Here's to the Grog (All Gone for Grog): (11 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #475}

Here's to Ye A' and a Happy New Year: (1 ref.) {Roud #6074}

Here's to You As Good As You Are (The Bullockies' Toast): (1 ref.) {Roud #22622}

Here's Your Mule: (1 ref. <1K Notes)

Herefford and Norfolke [Cross-reference]

Hereford and Norfolk [Cross-reference]

Herlong's Train: (2 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #5017}

Hermit of Killarney, The: (1 ref. <1K Notes)

Hermit of St. Kilda, The: (1 ref. 2K Notes) {Roud #12994}

Hermit, The: (1 ref.)

Hermitage Castle: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #21744}

Hero of the Coast: (1 ref.)

Herod and the Cock [Cross-reference]

Heroes, British Heroes: (2 refs.)

Herring Gibbers, The: (3 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #667}

Herring in Salt, A: (4 refs. 1K Notes) {Roud #6138}

Herring Loves the Moonlight, The (The Dreg Song): (5 refs. 2K Notes) {Roud #8628?}

Herring Song, The [Cross-reference]

Herring, The [Cross-reference]

Herring's Head, The [Cross-reference]

Herrings' Heads [Cross-reference]

Hesitation Blues: (18 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #11765}

Hesleys, The: (1 ref.)

Hevey's Mare: (1 ref. <1K Notes)

Hewery, Hiery, Hackery, Heaven: (2 refs.)

Hexhamshire Lass, The: (2 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #3182}

Hey a Rose Malindey [Cross-reference]

Hey Arise and Come Along: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #2317}

Hey Baby Right Away: (1 ref.)

Hey Betty Martin: (5 refs.) {Roud #15418}

Hey Bonnie Laddie, Mount and Go: (6 refs. 2K Notes) {Roud #3860}

Hey Bonnie May, wi' Yer True Lovers Gay: (2 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #12968}

Hey Diddle Diddle: (3 refs. 2K Notes) {Roud #19478}

Hey Diddle Diddle, the Cat and the Fiddle [Cross-reference]

Hey Donal, How Donal: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #6258}

Hey Down Derry [Cross-reference]

Hey Everybody: (1 ref.) {Roud #19953}

Hey for the Birds o Benothie: (1 ref.) {Roud #18041}

Hey Hey Watanay [Cross-reference]

Hey How Johnny Lad: (4 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #7148}

Hey how Johnny lad, ye're no sae kind's ye sud hae been [Cross-reference]

Hey Li Lee Li Lee [Cross-reference]

Hey Liddie [Cross-reference]

Hey Liddy [Cross-reference]

Hey liddy liddy liddy, Hey liddy liddy lo [Cross-reference]

Hey Lilee Lilee Lo [Cross-reference]

Hey Little Lassie: (2 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #13503}

Hey Lizzie Lass: (2 refs.) {Roud #6195}

Hey Nevuh, Looka Dey: (1 ref. <1K Notes)

Hey Rube [Cross-reference]

Hey the Bonnie Breistknots [Cross-reference]

Hey the Mantle!: (1 ref.) {Roud #8149}

Hey the Rose and the Lindsay, O [Cross-reference]

Hey Tutti Taitie: (1 ref.) {Roud #8687}

Hey Wi' the Rose and the Lindsay, O [Cross-reference]

Hey Willie Wine [Cross-reference]

Hey You Copycat: (1 ref.)

Hey, Bonnie Lassie [Cross-reference]

Hey, Boys! Up Go We!: (1 ref.)

Hey, Boys! Up Go We! (Australian): (1 ref.)

Hey, Bully Monday: (1 ref. <1K Notes)

Hey, Ho, Nobody Home: (8 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #37118}

Hey, Jock ma Cuddy!: (4 refs. <1K Notes)

Hey, Rufus: (1 ref.) {Roud #10994}

Hey, Shoo All the Birds (Bird Scarer's Cry) [Cross-reference]

Hey, Then, Up Go We (Hey Boys Up Go We): (4 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #V19592}

Hey! John Barleycorn [Cross-reference]

Hey. My Kitten [Cross-reference]

Hi For the Beggarman [Cross-reference]

Hi Ho Jarum [Cross-reference]

Hi Ho Jerum: (5 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #4571}

Hi Ho! Nobody Home [Cross-reference]

Hi Rinky Dum [Cross-reference]

Hi Tak the Bonnie Lassie [Cross-reference]

Hi Yo Boat Row [Cross-reference]

Hi Yo Dinkum Darkey: (1 ref.) {Roud #16295}

Hi-ne-mah Tov: (1 ref.)

Hi, Bara Manishee: (1 ref.) {Roud #6330}

Hiawatha's Wooing: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #14099}

Hibberty Bibberty: (1 ref.)

Hibernia's Lovely Jane [Cross-reference]

Hibernia's Lovely Jean: (1 ref.) {Roud #4385}

Hicarmichael: (1 ref.) {Roud #6981}

Hick's Farewell [Cross-reference]

Hickerty, Pickerty, My Black Hen [Cross-reference]

Hickety (Buck Buck, Horny Cup, How Many FIngers; Mingledy, Mingledy): (2 refs.) {Roud #16287}

Hickety, Bickety, My Black Hen [Cross-reference]

Hickety, Pickety, My Black Hen [Cross-reference]

Hickman Boys, The (The Downfall of Fort Donelson): (2 refs. 6K Notes) {Roud #4902}

Hickory Ben Double [Cross-reference]

Hickory Dickory Dock: (6 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #6489}

Hickory Dickory Six and Seven [Cross-reference]

Hicks Farewell [Cross-reference]

Hicks the Pirate: (4 refs. 19K Notes) {Roud #V28365}

Hicks' Farewell [Cross-reference]

Hicks's Farewell [Cross-reference]

Hidden Still, The [Cross-reference]

Hiddle Diddle Dirdie: (1 ref.) {Roud #13069}

Hide Away (Jonah and the Whale): (7 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #7786}

Hide Thou Me [Cross-reference]

Hidi Quili Lodi Quili: (1 ref. <1K Notes)

Hie Bonny Lassie: (3 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #6136}

Hie Marshall [Cross-reference]

Hielan' Donal': (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #1917}

Hielan' Donal' Kissed Katie: (2 refs.) {Roud #6317}

Hielan' Hills, The: (1 ref.) {Roud #6032}

Hielan' Jane [Cross-reference]

Hielan's o' Scotland, The [Cross-reference]

Hieland Jane [Cross-reference]

Hieland Laddie: (20 refs. 3K Notes) {Roud #4691}

Hieland Rory: (1 ref.) {Roud #5146}

Higgledy Piggledy, My Black Hen: (8 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #13043}

High Above a Theta's Garter [Cross-reference]

High Banks o Yarrow, The [Cross-reference]

High Barbaree [Child 285; Laws K33]: (43 refs. 3K Notes) {Roud #134}

High Barbary [Cross-reference]

High Blanter Explosion, The [Cross-reference]

High Blantyre Explosion, The [Laws Q35]: (8 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #1014}

High Chin Bob [Cross-reference]

High Country Musterer Lay Dying, A [Cross-reference]

High Country Weather: (1 ref.)

High Germany (I): (15 refs. 1K Notes) {Roud #904}

High Germany (II): (6 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #1445}

High in the Highlands: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #6830}

High Minded: (1 ref. <1K Notes)

High O: (1 ref.)

High O, Come Roll Me Over: (2 refs.) {Roud #8294}

High Road to St. Paul's, The: (1 ref.) {Roud #25322}

High Rocks o' Pennan, The: (3 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #3944}

High Society Girl, The: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #11340}

High Times in Our Ship: (1 ref.) {Roud #9964}

High Times in the Store: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #9976}

High Water Everywhere: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #21695}

High Waters: (2 refs.)

High-Chin Bob [Cross-reference]

High-Toned Dance, The: (2 refs.) {Roud #11094}

High-Toned Southern Gentleman: (1 ref.)

High-Topped Shoes [Cross-reference]

High, Betty Martin [Cross-reference]

Highbridge (Through Every Age, Eternal God): (3 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #15052}

Higher Germany [Cross-reference]

Higher That the Mountain Is, The: (1 ref.) {Roud #18042}

Higher Up the Cherry Tree [Cross-reference]

Highery O Valerio [Cross-reference]

Highest is the Leader: (1 ref.)

Highgrader, The: (1 ref.)

Highland Balou, The: (2 refs.) {Roud #9748}

Highland Harry: (4 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #3809}

Highland Heather: (1 ref.) {Roud #5876}

Highland Jane: (4 refs.) {Roud #2554}

Highland Lad and Lawland Lass, The: (3 refs. 1K Notes)

Highland Lad, The: (1 ref.) {Roud #6007}

Highland Laddie (I) [Cross-reference]

Highland Laddie (II), The: (2 refs. <1K Notes)

Highland Laddie (III), The: (1 ref. <1K Notes)

Highland Laddie (IV) [Cross-reference]

Highland Maid, The: (3 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #2183}

Highland Mary: (10 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #1095}

Highland Mary (II) [Cross-reference]

Highland Muster Roll, The: (2 refs.) {Roud #9746}

Highland Soldier, The [Cross-reference]

Highlanders' War-Cry at the Battle of Alma, The: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #5828}

Highlands! The Highlands, The: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #6004}

Highly Educated Man, The [Cross-reference]

Highway Robber, The [Cross-reference]

Highway Song [Cross-reference]

Highwayman Outwitted [Cross-reference]

Highwayman Outwitted, The [Laws L2]: (14 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #2638}

Highwayman, The [Cross-reference]

Hikin' Down de Main Line: (1 ref. <1K Notes)

Hiking Song (I'm Happy When I'm Hiking): (3 refs. <1K Notes)

Hill and Gully: (9 refs. 2K Notes)

Hill o' Callivar, The: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #5992}

Hilli Ballu [Cross-reference]

Hills Above Drumquin: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #9320}

Hills and Glens, The: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #2726}

Hills o' Ballyboley, The: (1 ref.) {Roud #13454}

Hills o' Gallowa', The: (2 refs.) {Roud #5989}

Hills o' Gowrie, The [Cross-reference]

Hills o' Trummach, The: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #6010}

Hills of Connemara (Mountain Tae, Mountain Tay): (3 refs. <1K Notes)

Hills of Cumberland: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #12458}

Hills of Dan, The: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #11759}

Hills of Donegal, The: (1 ref.) {Roud #10685}

Hills of Glenshee, The [Cross-reference]

Hills of Glensuili, The: (5 refs. 1K Notes) {Roud #5087}

Hills of Glenswilly [Cross-reference]

Hills of Mexico, The [Cross-reference]

Hills of New Hampshire: (1 ref.) {Roud #18211}

Hills of Ohio, The: (1 ref. <1K Notes)

Hills of Tandragee (I), The: (1 ref. 1K Notes) {Roud #2884}

Hills of Tandragee (II), The [Cross-reference]

Hills of Tennessee, The: (1 ref.) {Roud #11386}

Hills of Tyrone, The: (2 refs.) {Roud #2925}

Hills, The: (1 ref. <1K Notes)

Hillsville, Virginia [Cross-reference]

Hilo March: (1 ref.)

Hilo, Boys, Hilo: (2 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #8291}

Hilo, Come Down Below [Cross-reference]

Hilo, Johnny Brown [Cross-reference]

Hilo, My Ranzo Way [Cross-reference]

Hilo, Somebody [Cross-reference]

Himmel og Jord [Cross-reference]

Hind Etin [Child 41]: (14 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #33}

Hind Horn [Child 17]: (43 refs. 16K Notes) {Roud #28}

Hindside Afore [Cross-reference]

Hine Ma Tov [Cross-reference]

Hineh Ma Tov: (2 refs. <1K Notes)

Hiney Ma Tov [Cross-reference]

Hingin' on the Nail: (2 refs.) {Roud #6271}

Hinkumbooby [Cross-reference]

Hinky Dicky, Parlee-Voo [Cross-reference]

Hinky Dinky Parley-Voo? [Cross-reference]

Hip, Hip, Hooray [Cross-reference]

Hiram Hubbard [Cross-reference]

Hiram Hubbert [Laws A20]: (6 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #2208}

Hirdie, The [Cross-reference]

Hireing Fairs of Ulster, The [Cross-reference]

Hireman Chiel, The: (4 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #5624}

Hiring Fair at Hamiltonsbawn, The: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #2890}

Hiring Fair, The: (4 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #2516}

Hiring Fairs of Ulster, The: (4 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #6533}

Hiring of the Servants, The: (2 refs.) {Roud #12936}

Hirrum Tirrum: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #6189}

His Jacket Was Blue [Cross-reference]

His Lordship Had a Coachman: (1 ref. <1K Notes)

His Name So Sweet: (1 ref.)

His Wants [Cross-reference]

Historian, The [Cross-reference]

History ob de World, De [Cross-reference]

History of Prince Edward Island, The: (6 refs. 1K Notes) {Roud #4517}

History of the World [Cross-reference]

Hit Him: (1 ref.)

Hitchin May-Day Song [Cross-reference]

Hitler Has Only Got One Ball: (3 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #10493}

Hitler in Bits: (1 ref.) {Roud #30129}

Hitler, Hitler, I've Been Thinking: (1 ref. <1K Notes)

Hitler's Song: (1 ref.) {Roud #25323}

HMS Ariel Song: (1 ref.)

HMS Exeter Song: (1 ref. 1K Notes)

Ho Boys Ho [Cross-reference]

Ho for California (Banks of Sacramento): (27 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #319}

Ho-Hum, Nobody's Home [Cross-reference]

Ho, Ho, Watanay [Cross-reference]

Ho! For a Rover's Life; or The Song of the Pirate: (1 ref.) {Roud #V39487}

Hob-Y-Derri-Dando: (1 ref.)

Hoban Boys, The: (1 ref. 4K Notes) {Roud #28979}

Hobbie Noble [Cross-reference]

Hobbies, The: (3 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #5632}

Hobbleton and Jinnikie: (1 ref.) {Roud #13141}

Hobie Noble [Child 189]: (7 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #4014}

Hobo Bill's Last Ride: (5 refs.) {Roud #7513}

Hobo Diddle De Ho [Cross-reference]

Hobo from the T & P Line, The: (3 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #17631}

Hobo's Grave, The: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #4825}

Hobo's Last Ride (I), The: (4 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #9847}

Hobo's Life, A [Cross-reference]

Hobo's Lullabye: (4 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #16629}

Hoboes Grand Convention, The: (2 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #5445}

Hoboes of Maine, The: (2 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #32546}

Hoboken Fire, The: (1 ref.)

Hobos' Convention, The: (1 ref.) {Roud #9843}

Hobson, the Cobbler [Cross-reference]

Hodge of the Mill and Buxome Nell [Cross-reference]

Hoe-Cake, The [Cross-reference]

Hoffnung, De: (2 refs.)

Hog and Hominy [Cross-reference]

Hog and Tarry: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #13516}

Hog Drovers: (12 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #3596}

Hog Rogues on the Harricane: (1 ref.) {Roud #15604}

Hog Rovers [Cross-reference]

Hog-drivers, hog-drivers, hog-drivers we air [Cross-reference]

Hog-Eye (I) [Cross-reference]

Hog-eye (II) [Cross-reference]

Hog-Eye Man (I), The: (12 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #331}

Hog-Eye Man (II) [Cross-reference]

Hog-eyed Man (III), The [Cross-reference]

Hog-Thorny Bear, The: (2 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #4155}

Hog-tub, The: (5 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #1273}

Hog's Heart, The: (3 refs. 2K Notes) {Roud #24145}

Hog's-Eye Man, The [Cross-reference]

Hogan's Lake: (4 refs.) {Roud #3682}

Hogs in the Garden: (1 ref.)

Hokey Cokey, The [Cross-reference]

Hokey Pokey (I): (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #13519}

Hokey Pokey (II): (4 refs. 2K Notes)

Hol-di-ri-dia [Cross-reference]

Hol' Out de Light [Cross-reference]

Hol' Yuh' Han' (Hold Your Hand): (5 refs. <1K Notes)

Holbeck Moor Cock-Fight, The [Cross-reference]

Hold 'im Joe: (19 refs. <1K Notes)

Hold de Wind [Cross-reference]

Hold Fast My Gold Ring [Cross-reference]

Hold My Hand, Lord Jesus: (4 refs.) {Roud #7487}

Hold My Mule [Cross-reference]

Hold On [Cross-reference]

Hold On, Abraham: (1 ref. 3K Notes) {Roud #15567}

Hold Out to the End: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #12016}

Hold the Baby: (1 ref.)

Hold the Fort: (5 refs. 4K Notes) {Roud #V3085}

Hold the Fort (Union Version): (6 refs.)

Hold the Wind: (6 refs.) {Roud #11946}

Hold the Woodpile Down: (6 refs. 6K Notes) {Roud #4443}

Hold to God's Unchanging Hand: (5 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #16987}

Hold Your Hands, Old Man [Cross-reference]

Hold Your Light: (2 refs.) {Roud #11851}

Hold-Up at Eugowra Rocks, The [Cross-reference]

Hold-Up, The: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #2101}

Hole Hole Bushi (Japanese Work Song): (1 ref. <1K Notes)

Hole in the Bucket [Cross-reference]

Hole in the Elephant's Bottom,The: (1 ref.) {Roud #10150}

Hole In The Wall, The: (4 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #4416}

Hole, The [Cross-reference]

Holla Hi: (6 refs.)

Holla Hi, Holl Ho [Cross-reference]

Holland Handkerchief, The [Cross-reference]

Holland is a Fine Place [Cross-reference]

Holland Song, The [Cross-reference]

Hollin, Green Hollin: (1 ref. <1K Notes)

Holly and his Merry Men [Cross-reference]

Holly and Ivy Girl, The: (1 ref.) {Roud #3188}

Holly and Ivy Had a Great Party [Cross-reference]

Holly and the Ivy, The: (32 refs. 10K Notes) {Roud #514}

Holly Bears a Berry, The: (11 refs. 1K Notes) {Roud #514}

Holly Bough, The/The Maid of Altibrine: (1 ref.) {Roud #7981}

Holly Twig, The [Laws Q6]: (20 refs.) {Roud #433}

Holly, Holly, Ho, The [Cross-reference]

Holmes Camp: (1 ref.) {Roud #4562}

Holver and Heivy made a grete party [Cross-reference]

Holvyr and Heyvy mad a gret party [Cross-reference]

Holy Babe, The [Cross-reference]

Holy Church of Rome, The: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #26524}

Holy Dan: (4 refs. <1K Notes)

Holy Ghost [Cross-reference]

Holy Ground Once More, The [Cross-reference]

Holy Ground, The [Cross-reference]

Holy Is the Lamb of God: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #16939}

Holy Manna: (2 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #5055}

Holy Moses, King of the Jews [Cross-reference]

Holy Moses, What a Job: (1 ref. <1K Notes)

Holy Nunnery, The [Child 303]: (2 refs.) {Roud #3886}

Holy Twig, The [Cross-reference]

Holy Well, The: (10 refs. 2K Notes) {Roud #1697}

Home Again: (3 refs.) {Roud #27504}

Home Brew Rag: (2 refs.) {Roud #17857}

Home Brew Song, The: (1 ref.) {Roud #9192}

Home Came the Old Man [Cross-reference]

Home Een duh Rock [Cross-reference]

Home from the Fair: (1 ref.) {Roud #1513}

Home From the War [Cross-reference]

Home I Left Behind, The: (2 refs.) {Roud #5235}

Home in that Rock: (16 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #12209}

Home in the West [Cross-reference]

Home on the Mountain Wave, A: (2 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #9152}

Home on the Range: (40 refs. 3K Notes) {Roud #3599}

Home Rule for Ireland: (6 refs. 6K Notes) {Roud #V4329}

Home Sweet Home to Me [Cross-reference]

Home to Dinner: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #1339}

Home, Boys, Home [Cross-reference]

Home, Dearie, Home [Cross-reference]

Home, Green Erin, O: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #23057}

Home, Home, Home [Cross-reference]

Home, Sweet Home [Cross-reference]

Home, Sweet Home (Australian Parody): (1 ref.)

Home, Sweet Home (Parody): (3 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #4896 and 11351}

Home! Sweet Home!: (38 refs. 3K Notes) {Roud #13449}

Homesick Boy, The [Cross-reference]

Homespun Dress, The: (12 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #4504}

Homestead Strike, The: (9 refs. 4K Notes) {Roud #7744}

Homesteader, The: (1 ref.) {Roud #25769}

Homeward Bound (I): (32 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #1104 and 927}

Homeward Bound (II -- Loose Every Sail to the Breeze): (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #2016}

Homeward Bound (III) [Cross-reference]

Homeward Bound (IV) [Cross-reference]

Honest Farmer, The: (3 refs.) {Roud #17582}

Honest Girl (I Went to Church Like an Honest Girl Should): (2 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #27679}

Honest Irish Lad, The: (4 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #4522}

Honest Ploughman, The (Ninety Years Ago): (6 refs.) {Roud #619}

Honest Working Man, The: (2 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #4535}

Honey Babe (I) [Cross-reference]

Honey Babe (II) [Cross-reference]

Honey Babe (III): (1 ref. <1K Notes)

Honey Bee [Cross-reference]

Honey in the Rock: (3 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #16119}

Honey Pots, Honey Pots: (1 ref.) {Roud #19197}

Honey, Take a Whiff on Me [Cross-reference]

Honey, Turn Your Damper Down [Cross-reference]

Honeymoon, The (By West of Late As I Did Walk): (2 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #8206}

Honkytonk Asshole: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #10111}

Honour of a London Prentice, The [Cross-reference]

Honour of Bristol, The: (2 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #V29012}

Hontyng of the Cheviat, The [Cross-reference]

Hoodah Day [Cross-reference]

Hoodoo [Cross-reference]

Hook and Line: (1 ref.) {Roud #13943}

Hooker John: (1 ref.)

Hooks and Eyes: (1 ref.)

Hooly and Fairly (I): (2 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #5654}

Hooly and Fairly (II): (4 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #5654}

Hooraw for the Blackball Line [Cross-reference]

Hooray, Hooray: (1 ref.)

Hoosen Johnny [Cross-reference]

Hoot Owl Song: (1 ref.)

Hoot Says the Owl: (1 ref. <1K Notes)

Hootchy Kootchy Dance [Cross-reference]

Hootchy-Kootchy Dance, The: (2 refs. <1K Notes)

Hoow, gossip myne, gossip myne [Cross-reference]

Hop Along Sister Mary (I): (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #17848}

Hop Along Sister Mary (II): (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #11365}

Hop Head: (2 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #9542}

Hop High Ladies (Uncle Joe): (22 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #6677}

Hop High Ladies, the Cake's All Dough [Cross-reference]

Hop Light, Ladies [Cross-reference]

Hop Picking in Kent [Cross-reference]

Hop Song [Cross-reference]

Hop Up, My Ladies [Cross-reference]

Hop-Joint, The: (1 ref. <1K Notes)

Hop-Pickers' Tragedy, The: (2 refs. 1K Notes) {Roud #1729}

Hop, hop, hop, to the butcher's shop [Cross-reference]

Hop, Hop, the Butcher's Shop [Cross-reference]

Hop, Old Squirrel [Cross-reference]

Hop, Skip, and Jump: (1 ref.)

Hopalong Peter: (5 refs. 2K Notes) {Roud #17679}

Hopkin Boys, The [Cross-reference]

Hopping Down in Kent: (2 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #1715}

Horkstow Grange: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #1760}

Horn Fair: (2 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #2482}

Horn of the Hiram Q, The: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #9155}

Horn, Boys, Horn [Cross-reference]

Horncastle Fair: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #21234}

Hornet and the Peacock, The: (2 refs. 4K Notes) {Roud #5339}

Horns, The: (2 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #15004}

Horrors of Libby Prison, The: (1 ref. <1K Notes)

Horse Fly: (4 refs.) {Roud #15699}

Horse Named Bill, A: (6 refs. 5K Notes) {Roud #6674}

Horse Racing Song: (2 refs.) {Roud #1392}

Horse Ran Around, The [Cross-reference]

Horse Shit: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #10137}

Horse Teamster, A: (2 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #4055}

Horse Trader's Song, The: (3 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #5728}

Horse Traders' Song, The [Cross-reference]

Horse Tramway, The [Cross-reference]

Horse Wrangler, The (The Tenderfoot) [Laws B27]: (18 refs. 2K Notes) {Roud #3246}

Horse-Thief, The [Cross-reference]

Horse-Wrangler, The [Cross-reference]

Horse's Complaint, The [Cross-reference]

Horse's Confession, The: (1 ref.) {Roud #25126}

Horses Run Around: (4 refs.)

Horsey: (1 ref.)

Horsey Song [Cross-reference]

Horsey, Horsey, Don't You Stop: (2 refs.) {Roud #21559}

Horsham Boys: (1 ref.)

Horsie, The [Cross-reference]

Horton's In, The: (2 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #4725 and 6563}

Hosannah! Mi Bui' Mi House (Hosannah! I Built My House): (4 refs. 1K Notes)

Hospital Ship Song: (1 ref. <1K Notes)

Hoss and a Flea, A (A Catch): (1 ref.) {Roud #9635}

Hostler Joe: (2 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #7440}

Hot Ash-Pelt, The: (4 refs. 1K Notes) {Roud #2134}

Hot Ashfelt [Cross-reference]

Hot Asphalt [Cross-reference]

Hot Codlings: (2 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #13942}

Hot Corn, Cold Corn (I'll Meet You in the Evening): (9 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #4954}

Hot Cross Buns: (7 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #13029}

Hot Dog (I) [Cross-reference]

Hot Dog (II) [Cross-reference]

Hot Engagement Between a French Privateer and an English Fireship, (An Excellent New Song Entitled A...): (1 ref.) {Roud #V12060}

Hot Nuts: (3 refs.)

Hot Time in the Old Town, A [Cross-reference]

Hotel Tipster, The: (1 ref.)

Hound and the Fox, The [Cross-reference]

Hound Dawg Song, The [Cross-reference]

Hound Dog Song, The: (12 refs. 4K Notes) {Roud #6690}

Hound Dog, Bay at the Moon: (1 ref. <1K Notes)

Hourra, Mes Boués, Hourra!: (1 ref. <1K Notes)

House an' Lan' (House and Land): (2 refs.)

House Carpenter and the Ship Carpenter, The [Cross-reference]

House Carpenter Wife, A [Cross-reference]

House Carpenter, The [Cross-reference]

House Is on Fire, The [Cross-reference]

House o' Glenneuk, The [Cross-reference]

House of Mr Flinn, The: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #7142}

House of the Rising Sun, The: (24 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #6393}

House That Jack Built, The: (7 refs. 1K Notes) {Roud #12921}

House to Let, Apply WIthin: (3 refs.) {Roud #19223}

House to Rent [Cross-reference]

House-Burning in Carter County, The: (1 ref.) {Roud #13945}

Housecarpenter, A [Cross-reference]

Housekeeper's Tragedy, A [Cross-reference]

Housekeeping [Cross-reference]

Housewife's Lament, The: (8 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #5472}

How Are You, Conscript?: (2 refs. 5K Notes) {Roud #15674}

How Are You, John Morgan?: (2 refs. 3K Notes)

How Ashamed I Was: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #20494}

How Can A Poor Man Stand Such Times and Live?: (3 refs. <1K Notes)

How Can I Be Merry Now?: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #6801}

How Can I Keep from Singing: (2 refs. 3K Notes)

How Can I Keep My Maidenhead [Cross-reference]

How Can I Leave You: (1 ref.) {Roud #13605}

How Cauld Those Winds [Cross-reference]

How Come That Blood on Your Shirt Sleeve [Cross-reference]

How Come That Blood? [Cross-reference]

How Come This Blood on Your Shirt Sleeve? [Cross-reference]

How Could I Live: (1 ref.) {Roud #17301}

How Do You Do?: (5 refs. 1K Notes)

How Dry I Am: (3 refs. <1K Notes)

How Five & Twenty Shillings Were Expended in a Week [Cross-reference]

How Five-and-Twenty Shillings Are Expended in a Week: (8 refs.) {Roud #V1598}

How Folks Ride [Cross-reference]

How great is the pleasure How sweet the light [Cross-reference]

How Happy is the Man!: (1 ref.) {Roud #1230}

How Happy's the Mortal: (1 ref. <1K Notes)

How Hard It Is to Love [Cross-reference]

How I Could Ride!: (1 ref.) {Roud #1231}

How I Love the Old Black Cat: (2 refs.) {Roud #15767}

How I Love Them Pretty Yellow Gals: (1 ref. <1K Notes)

How I Wish I Was Single Again [Cross-reference]

How I Wish They'd Do It Now [Cross-reference]

How Kelly Fought the Ghost [Cross-reference]

How Lang Have I a Bachelor Been: (1 ref.) {Roud #8548}

How Lon the Train Been Gone?: (1 ref.) {Roud #16267}

How Long Blues: (14 refs. 1K Notes) {Roud #15204}

How Long Watchman [Cross-reference]

How Long, How Long Blues [Cross-reference]

How Lovely It Was: (1 ref.)

How Many Biscuits Can You Eat?: (4 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #7876}

How Many Boys [Cross-reference]

How Many Children Will We Have? [Cross-reference]

How Many Children Will You Have?: (2 refs. <1K Notes)

How Many FIngers (Mingledy, Mingledy) [Cross-reference]

How Many Horses (Blind Man's Buff rhyme): (1 ref.)

How Many Miles from this to Babylon? [Cross-reference]

How Many Miles to Babyland? [Cross-reference]

How Many Miles to Babylon?: (16 refs. 5K Notes) {Roud #8148}

How Many Miles to Banbury? [Cross-reference]

How Many Miles to Bethlehem? [Cross-reference]

How Many Miles to Burnham Bright? [Cross-reference]

How Many Miles to Glasgow Lea? [Cross-reference]

How Many Miles to Hebron? [Cross-reference]

How Many Miles to London Town? [Cross-reference]

How Many Miles? [Cross-reference]

How Many Years? (Apple, Peach, Pumpkin Pie): (1 ref.) {Roud #19425}

How Much Wood Would a Woodchuck Chuck: (3 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #16343}

How Old Are You, My Pretty Little Miss? [Cross-reference]

How Old Will You Be When You Marry?: (1 ref. <1K Notes)

How Paddy Stole the Rope: (6 refs.) {Roud #2037}

How Pat Is Represented: (1 ref.) {Roud #2969}

How Sad: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #11406}

How Sad Was the Death of My Sweetheart [Cross-reference]

How Sadly My Heart Yearns Toward You [Cross-reference]

How Stands the Glass Around (General Wolfe's Song): (3 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #9397}

How Sweet is the Horn! [Cross-reference]

How Sweet the Love That Meets Return: (4 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #11703}

How Sweet the Rose Blaws: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #13166}

How Tattersall's Cup Was Won: (1 ref. <1K Notes)

How Tedious and Tasteless the Hours [Cross-reference]

How the Money Rolls In [Cross-reference]

How to Dodge the Hard Times: (1 ref.)

How We Go [Cross-reference]

How We Got Back to the Woods Last Year [Cross-reference]

How We Got Up to the Woods Last Year: (3 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #3676}

How Will You Stand in That Day?: (1 ref.) {Roud #7752}

How! we shall have game and sport ynow! [Cross-reference]

Howard Carey [Laws E23]: (6 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #9191}

Howard Kerrick [Cross-reference]

Howard Kerry [Cross-reference]

Howden Fair: (2 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #1086}

Howdy Do [Cross-reference]

Howdy Do, Everybody [Cross-reference]

Howdy Howdy: (1 ref. <1K Notes)

Howdy, Bill (How I Got My Wife): (2 refs.) {Roud #3121}

Howe o' Fife, The: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #6228}

Howes o' Glenorchy, The: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #7273}

Howes o' King-Edward, The: (1 ref.) {Roud #3942}

Hu, Hu, Hu!: (1 ref.)

Huckleberry Hunting: (10 refs.) {Roud #328}

Huckleberry Picking [Cross-reference]

Hucklejee Bread: (2 refs. <1K Notes)

Hudson River Steamboat: (2 refs.) {Roud #6671}

Huey Long: (1 ref.)

Hugh Hill, the Ramoan Smuggler: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #13372}

Hugh McGeehan: (1 ref. 8K Notes) {Roud #4091}

Hugh of Lincoln [Cross-reference]

Hugh of Lincoln and The Jew's Daughter [Cross-reference]

Hugh Spencer's Feats in France [Child 158]: (3 refs. 33K Notes) {Roud #3997}

Hughie Graham [Cross-reference]

Hughie Grame [Child 191]: (22 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #84}

Hughie the Grame [Cross-reference]

Hughie Wricht: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #13048}

Hull's Victory, or, Huzzah for the Constitution: (1 ref.) {Roud #V50491}

Hullaballo-Balay [Cross-reference]

Hullabaloo Balay [Cross-reference]

Hullabaloo Belay: (5 refs.) {Roud #8339}

Hullabaloobalay [Cross-reference]

Hullo me honey! [Cross-reference]

Hully Gull: (1 ref. <1K Notes)

Humback Mule: (2 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #16365}

Humble Beggar, The: (6 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #5511}

Humble Farmer, The: (2 refs.) {Roud #6709}

Humble Village Maid Going a-Milking, The: (2 refs.) {Roud #31126}

Humble Yourself De Bell Done Ring [Cross-reference]

Humble Yourself, The Bell Done Rung: (5 refs. 1K Notes) {Roud #11952}

Humoresque: (3 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #10262}

Humours of Donnybrook Fair (I), The: (3 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #V4007}

Humours of Donnybrook Fair (II), The: (2 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #V4008}

Humours of Glasgow Fair, The: (4 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #6260}

Hump-Back Mule [Cross-reference]

Humphrey Marshall: (1 ref. 1K Notes)

Humping Old Bluey (The Poor Bushman): (2 refs.)

Humpty Dumpty: (8 refs. 1K Notes) {Roud #13026}

Humpy Bumpy [Cross-reference]

Humpy Hargis [Cross-reference]

Hun Skal Leve [Cross-reference]

Hundred and Fifty-One Days: (2 refs. 1K Notes)

Hundred Bottles of Beer on the Wall, A [Cross-reference]

Hundred Years Ago (I), A: (6 refs.) {Roud #926}

Hundred Years Ago, A [Cross-reference]

Hundred Years on the Eastern Shore, A [Cross-reference]

Hung My Bucket on de White Folks' Fence: (2 refs.) {Roud #11801}

Hungarian Ball, The: (1 ref. <1K Notes)

Hungarian Christening, A: (1 ref. <1K Notes)

Hungarian Round: (6 refs.)

Hungry Army (I), The: (5 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #19105}

Hungry Army (II), The: (3 refs. 1K Notes) {Roud #1746}

Hungry Confederate Song, A: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #4498}

Hungry Fox, A [Cross-reference]

Hungry Hash House: (19 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #11719 and 10173 and 7635}

Hungry Hash House Blues [Cross-reference]

Hunky Punky: (1 ref.)

Hunt the Bufalo, or the Banks of the Pleasant Ohio [Cross-reference]

Hunt the Buffalo [Cross-reference]

Hunt the Slipper [Cross-reference]

Hunt the Squirrel: (5 refs. 1K Notes)

Hunt the Wren: (15 refs. 1K Notes) {Roud #236}

Hunter and the Farmer, The [Cross-reference]

Hunter from Kentucky, A [Cross-reference]

Hunter Winds His Bugle Horn, The [Cross-reference]

Hunter's Log Camp [Cross-reference]

Hunter's Song, The [Cross-reference]

Hunters of Kaintucky, The [Cross-reference]

Hunters of Kentucky, The [Laws A25]: (19 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #2211}

Hunters' Chorus: (2 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #15681}

Huntin' for Fun: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #7332}

Hunting Ballad [Cross-reference]

Hunting Carol, A (At A Place Where I Me Set): (9 refs. 1K Notes)

Hunting Deer: (1 ref.) {Roud #28963}

Hunting for a City: (2 refs.) {Roud #11840}

Hunting for the Lord: (1 ref.) {Roud #11848}

Hunting in Chevy-Chase, The [Cross-reference]

Hunting of the Cheviot, The [Child 162]: (38 refs. 7K Notes) {Roud #223}

Hunting of the Wren, The [Cross-reference]

Hunting Parson, The [Cross-reference]

Hunting Priest, The (Parson Hogg; Sing Tally Ho!): (2 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #1861}

Hunting Seals: (2 refs. 2K Notes) {Roud #12526}

Hunting Song (I): (1 ref.) {Roud #2932}

Hunting Song (II): (1 ref.) {Roud #2531}

Hunting Songs (sic.) [Cross-reference]

Hunting Tale, A [Cross-reference]

Hunting the Hare (I): (1 ref.) {Roud #1041}

Hunting the Hare (II) [Cross-reference]

Hunting the Wren (I) [Cross-reference]

Hunting the Wren (II) [Cross-reference]

Huntingdon Shore: (4 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #4415}

Huntingdown Shore, The [Cross-reference]

Huntingtower [Cross-reference]

Huntsman, The [Cross-reference]

Huntsman's Horn, The: (3 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #12920}

Huntsman's Song [Cross-reference]

Hurling Down the Pine [Cross-reference]

Huron Carol, The (Jesous Ahatonhia): (2 refs. 3K Notes)

Hurrah for Arkansas [Cross-reference]

Hurrah for Baffin's Bay: (3 refs. 40K Notes) {Roud #9157}

Hurrah for Greer County [Cross-reference]

Hurrah for the Rover and His Beautiful Lass [Cross-reference]

Hurrah, Hurrah, Hurrah!: (1 ref.)

Hurrah, Lie! [Cross-reference]

Hurrah, Sing Fare Ye Well: (1 ref.)

Hurricane Wind [Cross-reference]

Hurry Sundown: (1 ref.)

Hurry Up, Harry [Cross-reference]

Husband Lamenting the Death of the Wife, The: (1 ref.) {Roud #7957}

Husband With No Courage In Him, The [Cross-reference]

Husband-man and the Servant-man, The [Cross-reference]

Husband's Departure, The: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #7761}

Husband's Dream, The [Cross-reference]

Husbandman and the Servingman, The: (12 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #873}

Hush a Bye [Cross-reference]

Hush a Bye Baby [Cross-reference]

Hush Alee: (3 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #2158}

Hush and Baloo, Babie: (2 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #13514}

Hush You (The Black Douglas): (1 ref. 2K Notes)

Hush-a-Ba Baby On a Tree Top [Cross-reference]

Hush-a-Ba Baby, Dinna Mak' a Din: (2 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #13510}

Hush-a-Ba Baby, Lie Doon: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #13515}

Hush-a-ba Birdie, Croon: (5 refs.) {Roud #15101}

Hush-a-Bye, Baby: (1 ref.) {Roud #9971}

Hush-a-bye, Baby, On The Tree Top [Cross-reference]

Hush-a-Bye, Don't You Cry [Cross-reference]

Hush-oh-bye Baby: (5 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #28971}

Hush, Baby, Don't You Cry [Cross-reference]

Hush, Be Still as Any Mouse: (1 ref.) {Roud #7511}

Hush, Honey, Hush [Cross-reference]

Hush, Li'l' Baby [Cross-reference]

Hush, Little Babbie [Cross-reference]

Hush, Little Baby: (18 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #470}

Hush, Little Baby (II) [Cross-reference]

Hush, Little Bonnie [Cross-reference]

Hush, My Babe [Cross-reference]

Hush, My Dear, Lie Still and Slumber: (4 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #8885}

Hush! Here Comes a Whizz-Bang: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #10527}

Hushaby My Little Crumb: (1 ref.)

Hushabye (I) [Cross-reference]

Hushie Baa, Ee-a-Baa: (1 ref.) {Roud #13508}

Hustling Gamblers [Cross-reference]

Hut that's Upside Down, The: (3 refs. <1K Notes)

Hyah, Rattler! [Cross-reference]

Hymn of Jesus, The: (1 ref. 5K Notes)

Hyn Horn [Cross-reference]

Hynd Horn [Cross-reference]

Hynde Chiel [Cross-reference]

Hynde Etin [Cross-reference]

Hypocrite and the Concubine, The: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #12029}

I Ain't A-Gonna Work a No Mo'!: (2 refs.)

I Ain't Going t' Study War No More [Cross-reference]

I Ain't Going To Die No More: (1 ref.)

I Ain't Gonna Grieve My Lord No More [Cross-reference]

I Ain't Got Nobody [Cross-reference]

I Ain't Got Time to Tarry [Cross-reference]

I Ain't Got Weary Yet: (1 ref.) {Roud #11850 parody}

I Ain't Gwine Study War No More [Cross-reference]

I am a Bo's'n by My Trade [Cross-reference]

I Am a Bonnie Wee Lassie: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #15114}

I Am a Brisk and Sprightly Lad: (2 refs. <1K Notes)

I Am a Brisk Young Sailor: (1 ref.) {Roud #1042}

I Am a Coachman: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #1043}

I Am a Done-Up Man: (1 ref.) {Roud #7683}

I Am a Girl Guide: (2 refs.) {Roud #19225}

I Am a Girl of Constant Sorrow [Cross-reference]

I Am a Gold Lock: (2 refs.) {Roud #19333}

I Am a Great Complainer: (1 ref.) {Roud #7568}

I Am a Great Musician [Cross-reference]

I Am a Jolly Huntsman: (1 ref.) {Roud #30102}

I Am a Little Dutch Girl (II) [Cross-reference]

I Am a Maid That Sleeps in Love [Cross-reference]

I Am a Man of Constant Sorrow [Cross-reference]

I Am a Man of Honor [Cross-reference]

I Am a Newfoundlander: (1 ref. 4K Notes) {Roud #26538}

I Am a Pilgrim: (5 refs. <1K Notes)

I Am a Pilgrum [Cross-reference]

I Am a Poor Stranger [Cross-reference]

I Am a Poor Wayfaring Pilgrim [Cross-reference]

I Am a Poor Widow [Cross-reference]

I Am a Pretty Little Dutch Girl: (4 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #12986}

I Am a Pretty Wench (I): (4 refs.) {Roud #2538}

I Am a Pretty Wench (II) [Cross-reference]

I Am a Rambling Rowdy Boy [Cross-reference]

I Am a Rich Widow [Cross-reference]

I Am a River Driver [Cross-reference]

I Am a Rock: (1 ref. <1K Notes)

I Am a Rover (I) [Cross-reference]

I Am a Rover (II): (1 ref.)

I Am a Roving Peddler: (4 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #24297}

I Am a Soldier of Pancho Villa [Cross-reference]

I Am a Texas Cowboy [Cross-reference]

I Am a Union Woman: (3 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #16050}

I Am a Warrior: (1 ref. <1K Notes)

I Am a Wee Laddie, Hard, Hard Is My Fate [Cross-reference]

I Am a Wee Lassie: (1 ref.) {Roud #6542}

I Am a Wild Young Irish Boy [Laws L19]: (3 refs.) {Roud #1907}

I Am a Young Lassie Just Out o' My Teens: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #7228}

I Am a Young Maiden (If I Were a Blackbird): (15 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #387}

I Am an Ancient Mariner: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #1835}

I Am an Auld Bachelor [Cross-reference]

I Am an Old Bachelor (The Sorrow of Marriage): (1 ref.) {Roud #4866}

I Am Bound for the Promised Land [Cross-reference]

I Am from Ireland [Cross-reference]

I Am Gaun to the Garret: (3 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #818}

I Am Going Home on the Morning Train [Cross-reference]

I Am Going to Heaven: (2 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #11873}

I Am Going to Join In This Army: (1 ref.) {Roud #15253}

I Am Going Where the Blood Flows Stronger: (1 ref.) {Roud #11898}

I Am Growing Old and Gray: (1 ref.) {Roud #10140}

I am my mamma's darlin' child [Cross-reference]

I Am Napoleon Bonaparte [Cross-reference]

I Am Now a Poor Auld Man in Years [Cross-reference]

I Am of Ireland [Cross-reference]

I Am On My Way [Cross-reference] {Roud #2286}

I Am On the Battlefield for My Lord: (6 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #21386}

I Am Seekin' for a City (I Don't Feel No-ways Tired) [Cross-reference]

I Am Sold and Going to Georgia: (2 refs. <1K Notes)

I Am Standing in the Shoes of John: (2 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #11837}

I Am the Duke of Norfolk [Cross-reference]

I am the Master (Dusty Bluebells): (3 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #734}

I Am the True Vine: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #12222}

I Am Waiting on the Levee: (1 ref. 1K Notes) {Roud #10019}

I an' Satan Had a Race: (1 ref.) {Roud #11993}

I Ask that Gal: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #11500}

I Asked That Girl to Marry Me: (1 ref.) {Roud #4220}

I Ate It [Cross-reference]

I Been a Bad, Bad Girl: (1 ref.) {Roud #15591}

I Been a Miner [Cross-reference]

I Been Wukkin' on de Railroad [Cross-reference]

I Believe for Every Drop of Rain that Falls: (1 ref.)

I Believe This Dear Old Bible: (1 ref.) {Roud #7569}

I Belong to that Band: (2 refs.) {Roud #11900}

I Bid You Goodnight (The Christian's Good-Night): (9 refs. 3K Notes) {Roud #15632}

I Binged Avree: (1 ref.) {Roud #2159}

I Blamed My Mither and Never Anither: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #7240}

I Bless the Lord, I'm Born to Die: (1 ref.)

I Bocht a Hennie [Cross-reference]

I Bocht My Wife a Bow o' Maut: (1 ref.) {Roud #13582}

I Bought Me a Rooster [Cross-reference]

I Bought Myself a Cock [Cross-reference]

I Called My Dogs: (1 ref.)

I Came to This Country [Cross-reference]

I Came to This Country in 1865 [Cross-reference]

I Can Buckle a Wheeler [Cross-reference]

I Can Do a Polka, I Can Do a Split [Cross-reference]

I Can Drink an' No Be Drunk: (3 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #13197}

I Can Forgive But Not Forget (Sweetheart, Farewell): (1 ref.) {Roud #6579}

I Can Sing a Rainbow: (1 ref.)

I Can Smoke a Pipe: (4 refs. 1K Notes) {Roud #15093}

I Can Whip the Scoundrel: (2 refs. 28K Notes) {Roud #5019}

I Can't Change It: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #8828}

I Can't Eat, I Can't Talk [Cross-reference]

I Can't Feel At Home In This World Any More [Cross-reference]

I Can't Help But Wonder Where I'm Bound: (2 refs. 1K Notes)

I Can't Sit Down [Cross-reference]

I Can't Stand the Fire: (1 ref.) {Roud #11997}

I Can't Stay Behind: (1 ref.) {Roud #11857}

I Can't Stay Here by Myself [Cross-reference]

I Can't Stay In Egypt Lan' [Cross-reference]

I Can't Stay In Egypt Land: (1 ref. <1K Notes)

I Canna Leave My Mither Yet: (1 ref.) {Roud #6255}

I Cannot Be Your Sweetheart: (2 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #4964}

I Cannot Call Her Mother (The Marriage Rite is Over; The Stepmother): (11 refs.) {Roud #2091}

I Cannot Eat But Little Meat [Cross-reference]

I Cannot Eat But Lyttyl Meat [Cross-reference]

I Cannot Stay Here Baby: (1 ref. <1K Notes)

I Catch-a Da Plenty of Feesh: (4 refs. <1K Notes)

I Catch-a-da-Feesh [Cross-reference]

I Caught a Hare [Cross-reference]

I Come from Salem City [Cross-reference]

I Come to See Jennie [Cross-reference]

I Come to the Garden Alone [Cross-reference]

I Come Up Put uv Egypt [Cross-reference]

I Could'n Live Bedout de Flowers: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #11781}

I Couldn't Hear Nobody Pray: (13 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #11949}

I Couldn't Rest Contented, Until I Found the Lord [Cross-reference]

I Couldn't Stay Away [Cross-reference]

I Courted a Bonny Lass [Cross-reference]

I Courted an Old Man [Cross-reference]

I Did Wrong to My Parents [Cross-reference]

I Didn't Hear Anybody Pray [Cross-reference]

I Died My Petticoat Red [Cross-reference]

I do I do I tries to do [Cross-reference]

I Do Love Sugar in My Coffee O [Cross-reference]

I Do Not Choose to Run: (1 ref. 6K Notes)

I Do Wonder Is My Mother on That Train: (2 refs.) {Roud #11902}

I Don't Care If I Do [Cross-reference]

I Don't Care If I Never Wake Up (My Money Never Gives Out ): (4 refs. <1K Notes)

I Don't Feel No-ways Tired [Cross-reference]

I Don't Feel Weary: (2 refs.) {Roud #12028}

I Don't Have To Worry About Where I Spend Eternity: (2 refs. <1K Notes)

I Don't Know How We Made It Over: (1 ref.) {Roud #16270}

I Don't Know What I'd Do Without the Lord: (3 refs. <1K Notes)

I Don't Know When Old Death's Gwine ter Call Me: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #11903}

I Don't Know Why I Feel So Shy: (1 ref.) {Roud #11325}

I Don't Know Why I Love Him [Cross-reference]

I Don't Let the Girls Worry My Mind: (1 ref. <1K Notes)

I Don't Like a Nigger: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #11866}

I Don't Like Navy Life [Cross-reference]

I Don't Like No Railroad Man: (2 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #11802 and 11865}

I Don't Like to See Boys [Cross-reference]

I Don't Love Nobody: (12 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #7414}

I Don't Love Old Satan: (2 refs.) {Roud #11899}

I Don't Mean to Tell You Her Name (I): (4 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #1271}

I Don't Mind If I Do: (10 refs.) {Roud #847}

I Don't Sing Like I Used to Sing: (1 ref.) {Roud #11901}

I Don't Think Much of You: (5 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #1602}

I Don't Want No More of Army Life [Cross-reference]

I Don't Want No More of Navy Life [Cross-reference]

I Don't Want Nobody Stumbling Over Me: (1 ref. <1K Notes)

I Don't Want to Be a Gambler: (1 ref.)

I Don't Want to Be a Soldier [Cross-reference]

I Don't Want to Die [Cross-reference]

I Don't Want to Join the Army: (5 refs.) {Roud #10263}

I Don't Want to Play in Your Yard: (4 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #16802}

I Don't Want to Stay Here Any Longer: (1 ref. <1K Notes)

I Don't Want You Go On And Leave Me: (1 ref.)

I Don't Want Your Millions, Mister: (5 refs.)

I Don't Work for a Living: (7 refs.)

I Drank a Drink: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #13071}

I Drank My Tay at Scatlan Brae: (2 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #13553}

I Dream of Jeanie [Cross-reference]

I Dreamed I Met Mother and Daddy: (2 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #V10143}

I Dreamed I Went to the U.N.: (2 refs. 1K Notes)

I Dreamed Last Night of My True Love [Cross-reference]

I Dreamed of my True Lover [Cross-reference]

I Dreamt I Had Died [Cross-reference]

I Dreamt Last Night of My True Love [Cross-reference]

I Drew My Ship into the Harbour [Cross-reference]

I Dropped the Baby: (1 ref.) {Roud #14046}

I Dyed My Petticoat Red [Cross-reference]

I Eat My Peas with Honey: (2 refs. <1K Notes)

I Eat Worms [Cross-reference]

I Eight It [Cross-reference]

I Feel Like My Time AIn't Long: (1 ref.) {Roud #12317}

I Feel So Good: (3 refs. <1K Notes)

I fell in love wi' a bonnie lass [Cross-reference]

I Fight Mit Sigel: (6 refs. 3K Notes) {Roud #4867}

I Fights Mit Seigle [Cross-reference]

I Found a Horseshoe: (2 refs.) {Roud #10077}

I Gave Her Cakes: (1 ref. <1K Notes)

I Gave Her Kisses One [Cross-reference]

I Gave My Love a Cherry: (59 refs. 4K Notes) {Roud #330 and 36}

I Gave My Love a Gay Gold Ring [Cross-reference]

I Give My Horn a Blow [Cross-reference]

I Give Thee All (My Heart and Lute): (1 ref. 2K Notes)

I Goes to Fight mit Sigel [Cross-reference]

I Got a Bonnet Trimmed with Blue: (8 refs. 1K Notes) {Roud #8212}

I Got a Gal at the Head of the Holler [Cross-reference]

I Got a Gal in Baltimore: (4 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #7601}

I Got a Girl: (2 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #11791}

I got a home in the Rock [Cross-reference]

I Got a Hope in That Rock [Cross-reference]

I Got a Key of De Kingdom [Cross-reference]

I Got a Key to the Kingdom: (1 ref.) {Roud #11829}

I Got a Letter from Jesus: (1 ref.)

I Got a Little Woman [Cross-reference]

I Got a Woman on Sourwood Mountain [Cross-reference]

I Got de Hezotation Stockings and de Hezotation Shoes [Cross-reference]

I Got Drunk Again [Cross-reference]

I Got Mine: (17 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #7852}

I Got My Questionnairy: (3 refs. <1K Notes)

I Got Shoes [Cross-reference]

I Got to Lay In Yonder Graveyard [Cross-reference]

I Got to Roll: (3 refs.) {Roud #6713}

I Got Wings [Cross-reference]

I Grieve My Lord [Cross-reference]

I Gwine T' Beat Dis Rice [Cross-reference]

I Had a Banjo Made of Gold [Cross-reference]

I Had a Dog as Skinny as a Rail [Cross-reference]

I Had a Handsome Fortune [Cross-reference]

I Had a Heart that Doted Once: (1 ref.) {Roud #7553}

I Had a Little Brother, His Name Was Tim [Cross-reference]

I Had a Little Chicken Who Wouldn't Lay an Egg [Cross-reference]

I Had a Little Cock [Cross-reference]

I Had a Little Horse Whose Name Was Jack: (1 ref. <1K Notes)

I Had a Little Lairdie: (6 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #12962}

I had a little lairdie That sat upo' my thoom [Cross-reference]

I Had a Little Monkey [Cross-reference]

I Had a Little Nut Tree: (5 refs. 6K Notes) {Roud #3749}

I Had a Little Pony (I): (1 ref.)

I Had a Little Pony (II): (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #16341}

I Had a Little Puppy (Pussy Willow, Hot Dog): (6 refs. <1K Notes)

I Had a Little Pussy [Cross-reference]

I Had a Little Rooster (Farmyard Song): (43 refs.) {Roud #544}

I Had a Little Sister Dressed in Pink [Cross-reference]

I Had a Teddy Bear Dressed in Green [Cross-reference]

I Had a Wee Cock and I Loved It Well [Cross-reference]

I Had a Wife: (3 refs.)

I Had But Fifty Cents: (14 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #2798}

I Had One Man [Cross-reference]

I Had the Scarlet Fever: (1 ref.)

I Hae ae Bit Son: (1 ref.) {Roud #7287}

I Hae Been at a Far Awa' Weddin': (1 ref.) {Roud #7212}

I Hae Layen Three Herrings a Sa't (I Cannot Come Every Day to Woo): (2 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #8543}

I hae looked in the glass [Cross-reference]

I Haed a Henny [Cross-reference]

I Hate That Train Called the M & O: (2 refs.)

I Have a Bonnet Trimmed with Blue [Cross-reference]

I Have a Dog: (1 ref.)

I Have a Father Gone to Glory (I Am Alone in this World): (3 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #4213, 3407, and 7519}

I Have a Father in My Native Land: (2 refs.)

I Have a Little Home to Go To: (1 ref.)

I Have a Little Puppy [Cross-reference]

I Have a Loving Sister: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #18157}

I Have a Sister, the Flower o' Manchester: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #12995}

I Have a Sweetheart [Cross-reference]

I Have a Wife [Cross-reference]

I Have a Yong Suster [Cross-reference]

I Have a Young Sister [Cross-reference]

I Have Another Building: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #11959}

I Have Been a Foster (The Old Forester): (5 refs. 1K Notes) {Roud #V50090}

I Have Been a Wild Boy [Cross-reference]

I Have Been Redeemed: (1 ref.) {Roud #16934}

I Have Finished Him a Letter [Cross-reference]

I Have Four Brothers [Cross-reference]

I Have Four Sisters Beyond The Sea [Cross-reference]

I Have Long Since Been Learned: (2 refs.) {Roud #11838}

I Have No Loving Mother Now (Oh, See My Father Layin' There): (5 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #11925}

I Have No Mother Now [Cross-reference]

I Have No One to Love Me [Cross-reference]

I Have No Pain, Dear Mother, Now: (1 ref.) {Roud #10556}

I Have Worked in the Woods: (2 refs.) {Roud #8868}

I Hear from Heaven Today: (1 ref.) {Roud #11862}

I Hear the Teacher: (1 ref.) {Roud #19417}

I Heard From Heaven To-day (Peter, Go Ring Dem Bells) [Cross-reference]

I Heard Somebody Call My Name [Cross-reference]

I Heard the Angels Singin' [Cross-reference]

I Heard the Angels Singing: (1 ref.) {Roud #16308}

I Heard the Preaching of the Elder: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #12223}

I Heard the Reports of a Pistol: (1 ref.)

I Heard the Voice of Jesus Say: (6 refs. 2K Notes) {Roud #22461}

I Hope I'll J'ine the Band [Cross-reference]

I Hope I'll Join the Band (Soon in the Morning): (10 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #7816}

I Hopped up on the Gangway: (1 ref.)

I Jing-a-ling [Cross-reference]

I Just Arrived From Dublin: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #30130}

I Just Got Over in the Heavenly Land: (1 ref.) {Roud #11051}

I Keep My Dogs [Cross-reference]

I Keep My Dogs and Ferrets, Too [Cross-reference]

I Ken Something I'll No Tell: (2 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #15526}

I Ken Whaur I'm Goin': (1 ref.) {Roud #18663}

I Knew by the Smoke [Cross-reference]

I Knew It Was the Blood: (2 refs. 1K Notes) {Roud #10068}

I Know a Boarding-House: (7 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #7636}

I Know a Little Feller [Cross-reference]

I Know a Little Girl: (1 ref.) {Roud #16818}

I Know a Little Pussy [Cross-reference]

I Know a Place: (1 ref.)

I know a wienie man [Cross-reference]

I Know It Was the Blood (One Day When I Was Lost): (1 ref.)

I Know Moonlight: (9 refs.) {Roud #11839}

I Know My Love: (2 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #60}

I Know the Lord Will Make a Way: (4 refs.)

I Know the Lord's Laid His Hands on Me: (3 refs. 1K Notes) {Roud #11960}

I Know When I'm Going Home: (1 ref.) {Roud #11984}

I Know Where I'm Going [Cross-reference]

I Know Where They Are [Cross-reference]

I Know You Rider: (3 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #15575}

I Know You're Tired: (1 ref.)

I Lay Around the Old Jail House (John C. Britton): (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #11734}

I Learned about Horses from Her: (1 ref.) {Roud #V35174 (parody of)}

I Learned about Horses from Him: (1 ref. <1K Notes)

I Left Inverquhomery: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #5917}

I Left Ireland and Mother Because We Were Poor [Cross-reference]

I Left My German Home [Cross-reference]

I Lie in the American Land [Cross-reference]

I Like Coffee, I Like Tea (I) [Cross-reference]

I Like Coffee, I Like Tea (II) [Cross-reference]

I Like Little Pussy [Cross-reference]

I Like Mountain Music: (4 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #25743}

I Like to Be There: (1 ref. <1K Notes)

I Like to Catch Brass Rings on the Merry-Go-Round: (2 refs. <1K Notes)

I Likes a Drop of Good Beer: (2 refs.) {Roud #1502}

I Live Not Where I Love: (9 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #593}

I Live Where I Love [Cross-reference]

I Live with Great Sorrow [Cross-reference]

I Lo'e the Lasses: (1 ref.) {Roud #7213}

I Long For To Get Married [Cross-reference]

I Long to be Wedding [Cross-reference]

I Long To See That Day [Cross-reference]

I Look Down duh Road [Cross-reference]

I Look Down The Road: (1 ref. <1K Notes)

I Looked O'er Yander [Cross-reference]

I Lost My Lad: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #2075}

I Lost My Mull and A' My Sneeshin': (1 ref.) {Roud #7257}

I Love a Nobody [Cross-reference]

I Love Bobby, I Love Bill: (1 ref. <1K Notes)

I Love But One: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #13603}

I Love Coffee, I Love Tea [Cross-reference]

I Love Him Better: (1 ref.)

I Love Little Pussy: (3 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #12824}

I Love Little Willie: (15 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #3538}

I Love Little Willie, I Do, Mamma [Cross-reference]

I Love Me So: (1 ref.)

I Love My Love (I) (As I Cam' Owre Yon High High Hill): (3 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #5548}

I Love my Love (II): (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #3612}

I Love My Love (III) [Cross-reference]

I Love My Love with an A: (3 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #20987}

I Love My Miner Lad [Cross-reference]

I Love My Sailor Boy: (3 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #9603}

I Love My Sweetheart the Best: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #13150}

I Love Nae Apples, I Love Nae Plums: (2 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #16135}

I Love Old Ireland Still: (2 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #V4332}

I Love Sixpence: (11 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #1116}

I Love the Blue Mountains: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #9147}

I Love the Lord: (1 ref.) {Roud #21571?}

I Love to Tell the Story: (2 refs. 2K Notes) {Roud #17488}

I Love You And I Can't Help It: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #6691}

I Love You Well [Cross-reference]

I Love You, Jamie: (2 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #60}

I Love-ed a Lass: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #4197}

I Loved a Lass [Cross-reference]

I Loved You Better Than You Knew: (4 refs.) {Roud #6434}

I Married a Wife: (1 ref.) {Roud #2536}

I Married Me a Wife (I) [Cross-reference]

I Maun Hae My Goon Made: (2 refs.) {Roud #13074}

I May Be Gone [Cross-reference]

I Mean to Go to Heaven Anyhow: (2 refs.) {Roud #11905}

I Measure My Love to Show You [Cross-reference]

I Met a Handsome Lady: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #12644}

I Met a Possum in the Road: (1 ref.)

I Met Her in the Garden Where the Praties Grow [Cross-reference]

I Must And Will Get Married (The Fit): (11 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #441}

I Must Away [Cross-reference]

I Must Live All Alone: (2 refs.) {Roud #1059}

I Must See My Mother [Cross-reference] {Roud #3514}

I Must Walk My Lonesome Valley [Cross-reference]

I Need Another Witness [Cross-reference]

I Never Drink Behind the Bar: (4 refs. 2K Notes) {Roud #38172}

I Never Saw a Man Speak Like This Man: (1 ref. <1K Notes)

I Never Shall Forget [Cross-reference]

I Never Taul Them When [Cross-reference]

I Never Will Marry (II) [Cross-reference]

I Never Will Marry [Laws K17]: (14 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #466}

I Never Will Marry a Man Who Is Rich [Cross-reference]

I Never Will Turn Back Any More: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #11739}

I Often Think of Writing Home: (1 ref.)

I Once Did Know a Farmer [Cross-reference]

I Once Did Love a Girl Named Sal [Cross-reference]

I Once Had a Boy [Cross-reference]

I Once Had a Granny: (1 ref.) {Roud #5109}

I Once Had a Sweetheart: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #11332}

I Once Had a True Love: (2 refs. <1K Notes)

I Once Had Plenty of Thyme [Cross-reference]

I Once Knew a Little Girl [Cross-reference]

I Once Knew a Man [Cross-reference]

I Once Loved a Beautiful Lady: (3 refs.) {Roud #17335}

I Once Loved a Boy [Cross-reference]

I Once Loved a Girl in Kilkenny [Cross-reference]

I Once Loved a Lass (I) [Cross-reference]

I Once Loved a Lass (II) [Cross-reference]

I Onct Was Young: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #8814}

I Owe Ten Dollars to O'Grady: (1 ref.) {Roud #8831}

I Picked My Banjo Too: (2 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #11904}

I Points to Mineself [Cross-reference]

I Promised the Lord: (1 ref. <1K Notes)

I Promist de Lawd [Cross-reference]

I Put My Little Hand In [Cross-reference]

I Reckon You Know What I Mean [Cross-reference]

I Ride an Old Paint: (14 refs.) {Roud #915}

I Ride My Little Horse [Cross-reference]

I Rock from Selma: (1 ref. <1K Notes)

I saw a doge sethyng sowse [Cross-reference]

I Saw a Little Bird [Cross-reference]

I Saw a Man at the Close of Day [Cross-reference]

I Saw a Ship a-Sailing [Cross-reference]

I Saw a Sight All In a Dream: (1 ref.) {Roud #3400}

I Saw a Sparrow [Cross-reference]

I Saw Esau: (4 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #4864}

I Saw from the Beach: (2 refs.) {Roud #25541}

I Saw the Beam in My Sister's Eye: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #11842}

I Saw the Light: (4 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #3410}

I Saw the Light from Heaven (Dry Bones (I)): (2 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #17922}

I Saw the Pale Moon Shining on Mother's White Tombstone: (1 ref.)

I Saw Three Ships: (24 refs. 3K Notes) {Roud #700}

I Saw Three Ships Come Sailing By [Cross-reference]

I Saw Three Ships Come Sailing In [Cross-reference]

I Scream You Scream: (2 refs.) {Roud #19370}

I See A Form, I See a Face [Cross-reference]

I See Paris, I See France: (2 refs. <1K Notes)

I See the Moon: (5 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #19690}

I Sell't the Horse an' I Bocht a Coo [Cross-reference]

I Sent a Letter to My Love [Cross-reference]

I Sent My Brown Jug Downtown [Cross-reference]

I Sent My Love a Letter [Cross-reference]

I Shall Arise [Cross-reference]

I Shall Not Be Blue [Cross-reference]

I Shall Not Be Moved: (23 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #9134}

I shall you tell a full good sport [Cross-reference]

I shall you tell this ilk night [Cross-reference]

I shall you tell this ylke night [Cross-reference]

I Shoo Shiwawa: (1 ref. <1K Notes)

I Shot My Poor Teacher (With a Big Rubber Band): (2 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #16483}

I Sing of a Maiden that Is Makeless (Matchless, Mateless): (15 refs. 4K Notes)

I Sowed Some Seeds: (2 refs.) {Roud #914}

I Spied a Ship Sailin' on the Sea [Cross-reference]

I Spy, I Love My Love with an A [Cross-reference]

I Struck for Better Wages: (3 refs.)

I syng of a mayden That is makeles [Cross-reference]

I syng of a myden [Cross-reference]

I Tend the Leers for Seven Years: (1 ref.)

I Thank You, Ma'am, Says Dan [Cross-reference]

I Think By This Time He's Forgot Her [Cross-reference]

I Think I'll Get Wed When the Roses is Red: (1 ref. <1K Notes)

I Think They'd Be Fain that Wad Follow Wi' You: (1 ref.) {Roud #7248}

I Tho't I Saw My Brothe' [Cross-reference]

I Thought I Saw My Brother: (1 ref. <1K Notes)

I Thought to the Bottom We Would Go: (1 ref. <1K Notes)

I Tickled Nancy: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #18323}

I Told 'em Not to Grieve After Me [Cross-reference]

I Told Him Not to Grieve After Me [Cross-reference]

I Told Them That I Saw You: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #9599}

I Traced Her Little Footprints in the Snow [Cross-reference]

I Truly Understand You Love Another Man: (4 refs.) {Roud #49}

I Tuck Me Some Corn to the County Seat: (1 ref.) {Roud #6583}

I Used to Have a Father: (1 ref.) {Roud #4194}

I Used to Work in Chicago: (6 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #4837}

I Wad Rather a Garret [Cross-reference]

I Wald Be Very Sorry [Cross-reference]

I Walk the Road Again: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #4602}

I Walk with Sorrow [Cross-reference]

I Wan' To Go To 'Evun [Cross-reference]

I Wandered by the Brookside: (9 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #2418}

I Wandered by the Sea-Beat Shore [Cross-reference]

I Wanna Play Piano in a Whorehouse: (2 refs.) {Roud #27846}

I want a die easy when I die [Cross-reference]

I Want a Girl (Just Like the Girl): (4 refs.)

I Want a Nice Little Fellow: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #13154}

I Want a Pretty Woman: (1 ref.)

I Want a Teddy Bear: (1 ref.)

I Want Jesus to Walk With Me: (2 refs.) {Roud #21566}

I Want More Religion: (1 ref.) {Roud #7751}

I Want to Be a College Man [Cross-reference]

I Want to Be a Cowboy: (2 refs.) {Roud #4977}

I want to be a friend of yours, mmm, and a little bit more [Cross-reference]

I Want to Be a Mormon: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #10898}

I Want to Be an Angel: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #18156}

I Want to be Ready (Walk In Jerusalem) [Cross-reference]

I Want to Be Somebody's Darling [Cross-reference]

I Want To Die A-Shouting: (1 ref. <1K Notes)

I Want To Die Easy When I Die: (2 refs.) {Roud #16660}

I Want to Die Like Weeping Mary: (1 ref. 4K Notes)

I Want to Die Like-a Lazarus Die: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #12055}

I Want to Go Back to Georgia: (1 ref.) {Roud #5047}

I Want to Go Home (I) [Cross-reference]

I Want to Go Home (II) [Cross-reference]

I Want to Go to Baltimore: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #7902}

I Want To Go To Heaven: (1 ref. <1K Notes)

I Want To Go To Mexico [Cross-reference]

I Want to Go to Morrow: (5 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #9554}

I Want To Go Where Jesus Is: (1 ref.)

I Want to See Jesus (Bathe in the River): (1 ref. <1K Notes)

I Want to See My Wife: (1 ref.)

I Want to Wake Up in the Morning [Cross-reference]

I Want to Wake Up in the Morning Where the Morning Glories Grow [Cross-reference]

I Want Two Wings [Cross-reference]

I Want You All to Be There: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #911}

I Wante Go Home: (2 refs.) {Roud #9613 and 10547}

I Wanter Jine de Ban [Cross-reference]

I Was Born About Four Thousand Years Ago [Cross-reference]

I Was Born About Six Thousand Years Ago [Cross-reference]

I Was Born About Ten Thousand Years Ago (Bragging Song): (31 refs. 1K Notes) {Roud #3127}

I Was Born in a Frying Pan: (1 ref.) {Roud #19437}

I Was Born in East Virginia [Cross-reference]

I Was Born in Killarney [Cross-reference]

I Was Born in Pennsylvania [Cross-reference]

I Was Born on the River: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #10007}

I Was Chasing One-Elevens: (1 ref. 3K Notes) {Roud #29397}

I Was Despised Because I Was Poor [Cross-reference]

I Was Drunk Last Night: (3 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #7681}

I Was Just Sixteen: (5 refs.) {Roud #2296}

I Was Once a Sailor: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #2021}

I Was Once in a Dark and Lonesome Valley: (2 refs.) {Roud #11909}

I Was Only Seventeen: (1 ref.)

I Was Out Walking [Cross-reference]

I Was Reared in Pennsylvania [Cross-reference]

I Was Sitting on a Stile [Cross-reference]

I Was Standing on Pickets [Cross-reference]

I Was the Boy for Bewitching Them: (6 refs. 1K Notes) {Roud #V17647}

I Was Traveling Down the Bogan: (1 ref.)

I Was Walking through the Dockyard in a Panic: (1 ref.)

I Wear My Pink Pajamas: (4 refs.)

I Went Down to My Girl's House Last Night: (2 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #11785}

I Went Down to My Grandpa's Farm: (2 refs.)

I Went Down to My Gul's House Last Night [Cross-reference]

I Went Down to New Orleans (I): (1 ref.)

I Went Down to New Orleans (II) [Cross-reference]

I Went Down to See Miss Lucy [Cross-reference]

I Went Down to the Depot [Cross-reference]

I Went Down to the Lowground: (1 ref.) {Roud #15770}

I Went Downtown: (3 refs.) {Roud #19420}

I Went Downtown to Meet Mrs. Brown [Cross-reference]

I Went Downtown to See Miss Brown [Cross-reference]

I Went Downtown to the Alligator Farm: (1 ref. <1K Notes)

I Went Home One Night [Cross-reference]

I Went Into Her Mother's House [Cross-reference]

I Went On Board the Ida: (1 ref. <1K Notes)

I Went Out A-Hunting, Sir [Cross-reference]

I Went to a Chinese Restaurant: (2 refs.) {Roud #20093}

I Went to Arkansas: (1 ref.)

I Went to Atlanta: (1 ref.)

I Went to Church Last Sunday [Cross-reference]

I Went to Cincinnati [Cross-reference]

I Went To My Love's Window [Cross-reference]

I Went to My Sweetheart's House: (1 ref. <1K Notes)

I Went to the Fair at Bonlaghy: (2 refs.) {Roud #5349}

I Went to the Hop-Joint [Cross-reference]

I Went to the Woods: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #4563}

I Went Up on the Mountain Top [Cross-reference]

I Whipped My Horse: (3 refs.) {Roud #3267}

I Will Arise [Cross-reference]

I Will Arise and Go to Jesus [Cross-reference]

I Will Bow and Be Simple: (1 ref. <1K Notes)

I Will Give My Love an Apple [Cross-reference]

I Will Give You a Red Dress [Cross-reference]

I Will Give You the Keys of Heaven [Cross-reference]

I Will Have the Whetstone [Cross-reference]

I Will Lay You Down [Cross-reference]

I Will Love Thee Always [Cross-reference]

I Will Not Marry a Farmer [Cross-reference]

I Will Overcome [Cross-reference]

I Will Put My Ship In Order: (6 refs. 2K Notes) {Roud #402}

I Will Rock You Wi' My Foot, Love: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #13507}

I Will Sail the Salt Seas Over: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #2776}

I Will Set My Good Ship in Order [Cross-reference]

I Will Set My Ship In Order [Cross-reference]

I Will Take You Back Again, Kathleen [Cross-reference]

I Will Tell You My Troubles: (1 ref.) {Roud #11208}

I Will Tell You of a Fellow [Cross-reference]

I Wish I Been Dere (I Wish I Been There): (1 ref.) {Roud #11982}

I Wish I Could Pray: (1 ref. 2K Notes)

I Wish I Had Never Known [Cross-reference]

I Wish I Had Someone to Call My Own: (1 ref. <1K Notes)

I Wish I Had Someone to Love Me (I) [Cross-reference]

I Wish I Had Someone to Love Me (II) [Cross-reference]

I wish I was a Child again [Cross-reference]

I Wish I Was A Honasorarius [Cross-reference]

I Wish I Was a Hynocereous: (1 ref. 3K Notes)

I Wish I Was a Little Bird (Nobody Cares for Me): (5 refs.) {Roud #6357}

I Wish I Was a Little Fish: (1 ref.)

I Wish I Was a Little Sparrow [Cross-reference]

I Wish I Was a Mole in the Ground: (18 refs.) {Roud #4957}

I Wish I Was a Single Gal Again [Cross-reference]

I Wish I Was a Single Girl Again [Cross-reference]

I Wish I Was at Home: (1 ref.) {Roud #7710}

I Wish I Was in Dixie's Land [Cross-reference]

I Wish I Were a Little.... [Cross-reference]

I Wish I Were a Single Girl Again: (34 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #436}

I Wish I Were a WIttle Thuger Bun [Cross-reference]

I Wish I Were a....: (3 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #15704 and 37844}

I Wish I Were Single Again (I - Male): (51 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #437}

I Wish I Were Single Again (II - Female): (8 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #436}

I Wish I Were Where Ellen Lies [Cross-reference]

I Wish I Were Where Gadie Rins [Cross-reference]

I Wish I Were Where Helen Lies [Cross-reference]

I Wish I Were Yon Red, Red Rose [Cross-reference]

I Wish I Wuz: (1 ref.)

I Wish I Wuz a Mole in the Ground [Cross-reference]

I WIsh I'd Bought a Half a Pint and Stayed in the Wagon Yard [Cross-reference]

I Wish In Vain [Cross-reference]

I Wish My Captain Would Go Blind: (2 refs.) {Roud #15775}

I Wish My Granny Saw Ye: (4 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #5614}

I Wish My Love (Pitman's Love Song): (2 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #8738}

I Wish My Love Was a Red Rose [Cross-reference]

I Wish My Love Was In a Ditch: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #6572}

I Wish That Girl Was Mine: (2 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #16859}

I Wish That You Were Dead, Goodman: (3 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #5884}

I Wish the Wars Were All Over: (2 refs.) {Roud #2036}

I Wish There Was No Prisons: (2 refs.) {Roud #1708}

I Wish They'd Do It Now: (11 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #1401}

I Wish to My Lord I Was Single Again: (4 refs.) {Roud #17190}

I Wish, I Wish (I) [Cross-reference]

I WIsh, I Wish (II) [Cross-reference]

I Wished to be Single Again [Cross-reference]

I WIth I Were a Little Fith [Cross-reference]

I Won'er Wha'll Be My Man? [Cross-reference]

I Won't Be a Nun!: (5 refs.) {Roud #7630}

I Won't Be My Father's Jack: (3 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #19706}

I Won't Go to Macy's Any More: (3 refs. <1K Notes)

I Won't Marry (I) [Cross-reference]

I Wonder As I Wander: (3 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #15015}

I Wonder If I'll Ever Reach Home: (1 ref.)

I Wonder Wha'll Be My Man?: (3 refs.) {Roud #5571}

I Wonder Wha'll Be My Wife? [Cross-reference]

I Wonder What Is Keeping My True Love Tonight (Green Grass It Grows Bonny): (6 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #858}

I Wonder What's Adae wi' A' the Men! [Cross-reference]

I Wonder When I Shall Be Married: (12 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #818}

I Wonder Where's the Gambler [Laws H22]: (8 refs.) {Roud #428}

I Wonder Where's the Gambling Man [Cross-reference]

I Wondered and I Wondered: (1 ref.) {Roud #21044}

I Wore a Tunic: (1 ref.) {Roud #10505}

I Worry My Heart Away for You [Cross-reference]

I Would Be True: (6 refs. <1K Notes)

I Would I Were in My Own Country [Cross-reference]

I Would Like to Read (I Know I Would Like to Read): (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #15287}

I Would Not Be Alone [Cross-reference]

I Would Not Live Always: (2 refs. 1K Notes) {Roud #7558}

I Would That I Were Where I Wish: (1 ref.)

I Wouldn't Go There Any More: (1 ref. 1K Notes)

I Wouldn't Have an Old Man: (19 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #3719}

I Wouldn't Marry [Cross-reference]

I Wouldn't Marry (II) [Cross-reference]

I Wouldn't Marry an Old Maid: (1 ref.)

I Wouldn't Marry an Old Man: (1 ref. <1K Notes)

I Wouldn't Mind Dying: (3 refs.) {Roud #16077}

I Wrote My Love a Letter [Cross-reference]

I Wth I Wath a Fith [Cross-reference]

I Wunduh If I Ebbuh Reach Home [Cross-reference]

I Wuv a Wabbit: (2 refs. <1K Notes)

I Wuz Borned on the Rivuh [Cross-reference]

I Yield: (1 ref.) {Roud #16374}

I-Yi-Yi-Yi (Limericks): (4 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #10247}

I.W.A. Strike, The: (2 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #25324}

I'Anson's Racehorse [Cross-reference]

I'd Be a Violet: (1 ref.) {Roud #22144}

I'd Like to Be a Friend of Yours [Cross-reference]

I'd Like to Be in Texas for the Round Up in the Spring [Cross-reference]

I'd Like to Be in Texas When They Roundup in the Spring: (2 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #11309}

I'd Like to Find the Sergeant: (2 refs.) {Roud #29391}

I'd Like to Teach the World to Sing: (1 ref. <1K Notes)

I'd Love To Be a Sailor: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #18212}

I'd Raither Be Married to Something [Cross-reference]

I'd Rather Be Dead: (2 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #11780}

I'd rather have a young man with an apple in his hand [Cross-reference]

I'd Rather Suck on a Lemon Drop: (2 refs. <1K Notes)

I'll Ask My Mother (And I'll Let You Know Next Sunday Afternoon): (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #12611}

I'll Awa Hame (I): (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #22220}

I'll Awa Hame (II) [Cross-reference]

I'll Awa Hame to My Mither I Will: (2 refs.) {Roud #6140}

I'll Be a Good Boy: (3 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #4274}

I'll Be a Sergeant: (1 ref.)

I'll Be All Right: (2 refs. <1K Notes)

I'll Be All Smiles Tonight: (19 refs.) {Roud #3715}

I'll Be Rested When the Roll Is Called: (1 ref.) {Roud #21793}

I'll Be Seventeen Come Sunday [Cross-reference]

I'll Be the Binder [Cross-reference]

I'll Be the Reaper [Cross-reference]

I'll Be There: (2 refs. <1K Notes)

I'll Be There in the Morning [Cross-reference]

I'll Be There, Mary Dear: (4 refs. 1K Notes) {Roud #12394}

I'll Be Waiting Up There: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #18152}

I'll Be With You When the Roses Bloom Again: (19 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #2871}

I'll Build Me a Boat: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #10054}

I'll Cheer Up My Heart: (1 ref.) {Roud #5563}

I'll Do Anything Dear: (1 ref.) {Roud #11385}

I'll Drink One (To Be a Good Companion, The Sussex Toast): (2 refs.) {Roud #885}

I'll Eat When I'm Hungry [Cross-reference]

I'll Find My Way: (2 refs.) {Roud #29485}

I'll Fire Dis Trip: (3 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #813}

I'll Fly Away: (11 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #18437}

I'll Gang Doon Tae Yonder Valley [Cross-reference]

I'll Gar Our Gudeman Trow: (4 refs.) {Roud #1560}

I'll Give My Love a Cherry [Cross-reference]

I'll Give to You a Paper of Pins [Cross-reference]

I'll Give You a Paper of Pins [Cross-reference]

I'll Give You My Love [Cross-reference]

I'll Give You One More As You Go: (5 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #3755}

I'll Go Back to Dear St. George Again: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #10908}

I'll Hang My Harp on a Willow Tree (i): (14 refs. 1K Notes) {Roud #1444}

I'll Hang My Harp on a WIllow Tree (II) [Cross-reference]

I'll Have a New Life (In That Resurrection Morning): (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #4309}

I'll Hear the Trumpet Sound: (2 refs.) {Roud #15297}

I'll hire a horse and steal a gig [Cross-reference]

I'll Hit the Road Again, Boys [Cross-reference]

I'll Kiss Ye Yet, and I'll Clap Ye Yet: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #6229}

I'll Lay Ye Doon, Love: (2 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #3355}

I'll Let You Know the Reason: (2 refs. 4K Notes) {Roud #6247}

I'll Lie nae Mair My Lane: (1 ref.) {Roud #6729}

I'll Live Till I Die [Cross-reference]

I'll Meet You in the Evening [Cross-reference]

I'll Name the Boy Dennis, Or No Name At All: (1 ref.) {Roud #6658}

I'll Ne'er Forget the Parting [Cross-reference]

I'll Never Be Yours [Cross-reference]

I'll Never Get Drunk Again [Cross-reference]

I'll Never Get Drunk Any More (I): (2 refs.) {Roud #4625}

I'll Never Get Drunk Any More (II) [Cross-reference]

I'll Never Get Drunk Any More (III): (3 refs.)

I'll Never Leave Old Dixie Land Again: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #15470}

I'll Never Turn Back [Cross-reference]

I'll Never Turn Back No More [Cross-reference]

I'll Never Wear the Red Any More [Cross-reference]

I'll Never, Never Marry the Blacksmith Lad: (1 ref.) {Roud #21094}

I'll Not Marry at All: (20 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #2774}

I'll Not Marry You [Cross-reference]

I'll Owre Bogie: (1 ref. 1K Notes) {Roud #6245}

I'll Remember You, Love, In My Prayers [Cross-reference]

I'll Return, Mother Darling, to You: (1 ref. 3K Notes) {Roud #21719}

I'll Rise When the Rooster Crows: (2 refs.) {Roud #17514}

I'll See You in the Fair [Cross-reference]

I'll Sell My Hat, I'll Sell My Coat [Cross-reference]

I'll SIng to Ye a Story [Cross-reference]

I'll Sing You a Song: (3 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #15095}

I'll Sing You a Song That's No Very Long [Cross-reference]

I'll Sing You One Ho! [Cross-reference]

I'll Sit Down and Write a Song [Cross-reference]

I'll Soon Be Done With the Troubles of the World [Cross-reference]

I'll Stick to Auld Style: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #13017}

I'll Take This Glass into My Hands: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #6036}

I'll Take You Home Again, Kathleen: (10 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #12907}

I'll Taste No More the Poisonous Cup: (1 ref.) {Roud #25984}

I'll Tell Mother [Cross-reference]

I'll Tell My Ma (I): (5 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #2649}

I'll Tell My Ma (II) [Cross-reference]

I'll Tell Ye a Talie: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #13067}

I'll Tell You a Comical Story: (1 ref.) {Roud #16246}

I'll Tell You of a Fellow [Cross-reference]

I'll Tell You What I Saw Last Night [Cross-reference]

I'll Tell Your Daddy: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #3595}

I'll Think On Thee, My Love [Cross-reference]

I'll Wear the Violets, Sweetheart: (1 ref.) {Roud #11391}

I'll Weave My Love a Garland: (1 ref. 1K Notes) {Roud #578}

I'll Write You a Letter [Cross-reference]

I'm Little Piece of Tin [Cross-reference]

I'm 'Enery the Eighth I Am [Cross-reference]

I'm a Bold and Rambling Soldier [Cross-reference]

I'm a Boy from Ohingaiti [Cross-reference]

I'm a Day too Young: (2 refs.) {Roud #1003}

I'm a Decent Boy from Ireland: (1 ref.) {Roud #9420}

I'm a Gentleman of Leisure, of Nobility and Pleasure [Cross-reference]

I'm a Good Old Rebel [Cross-reference]

I'm a Hilsararious, a Rippimatanemy [Cross-reference]

I'm a Hynocereous [Cross-reference]

I'm a Little Acorn Brown (I'm a Nut): (2 refs.)

I'm a Little Dutch Girl: (4 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #13205}

I'm a Little Dutch Girl All So Fat: (1 ref. <1K Notes)

I'm a Little Dutchman: (1 ref.)

I'm a Little Sailor Boy Come from the Sea [Cross-reference]

I'm a Little Tea Pot: (4 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #20416}

I'm a Little Teapot [Cross-reference]

I'm a Long Time Travelling Here Below [Cross-reference]

I'm a Man That Done Wrong to His Parents: (4 refs.) {Roud #1386}

I'm a Man That's Done Wrong to My Parents [Cross-reference]

I'm a Man You Don't Meet Every Day [Cross-reference]

I'm a Minder: (1 ref.)

I'm a Nachel-Bawn Reacher [Cross-reference]

I'm a Nut [Cross-reference]

I'm a Pilgrim [Cross-reference]

I'm a Poor Old Chimney Sweeper: (8 refs. 1K Notes) {Roud #7023}

I'm a Poor Unfortunate Miserable Man [Cross-reference]

I'm a Prentice Boy, My Name Is Bob [Cross-reference]

I'm a Rambler, I'm a Gambler [Cross-reference]

I'm a Roaring Son of the Comstock: (1 ref.)

I'm a Rover and Seldom Sober: (2 refs. 2K Notes) {Roud #3135}

I'm A Running For My Life: (1 ref.) {Roud #18164}

I'm a Saginaw Valley Man: (2 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #6505}

I'm a Soldier: (1 ref.)

I'm a Soldier Bound for Glory: (2 refs. <1K Notes)

I'm a Soldier in the Army of the Lord: (2 refs.) {Roud #12132}

I'm a Stranger Here: (2 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #15589}

I'm a Stranger In This Country [Cross-reference]

I'm a Stranger in this Country (The Darger Lad): (2 refs. 1K Notes) {Roud #3388}

I'm a Tight Little Irishman: (1 ref.) {Roud #5344}

I'm a white man, and I drive mi motor car [Cross-reference]

I'm a Workin' Chap: (3 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #5591}

I'm a Young Man [Cross-reference]

I'm a Young Man from the Country: (6 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #1510}

I'm a Young Man Just from England [Cross-reference]

I'm A-Goin' down This Road Feelin' Bad [Cross-reference]

I'm A-Leavin' Cheyenne [Cross-reference]

I'm a-Longin' for to Go This Road: (1 ref.) {Roud #3430}

I'm a-Rolling: (2 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #15318}

I'm A-Trouble in de Mind (I'm A-Trouble in the Mind): (2 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #11984}

I'm A'Deen, Johnnie: (1 ref.) {Roud #6773}

I'm Afloat, I'm Afloat (The Rover of the Sea): (2 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #2025}

I'm Alabama Bound [Cross-reference]

I'm All Alone [Cross-reference]

I'm All Alone in this World [Cross-reference]

I'm All Out an' Down: (1 ref.) {Roud #15203}

I'm Alone, All Alone (I): (1 ref. <1K Notes)

I'm Alone, All Alone (II) [Cross-reference]

I'm An Irish Boy [Cross-reference]

I'm as free a little bird as I can be [Cross-reference]

I'm Being Swallowed by a Boa Constrictor: (1 ref.)

I'm Bidding Adieu: (1 ref.)

I'm Bound Away: (1 ref.) {Roud #11254}

I'm Bound Away for Canada (My Dear I'm Bound for Canaday) [Cross-reference]

I'm Bound for the Promised Land [Cross-reference]

I'm Bound For the Rio Grande [Cross-reference]

I'm Bound to Cross the Jordan: (1 ref.) {Roud #11872}

I'm Bound to Follow the Long Horn Cow [Cross-reference]

I'm Bound to Follow the Longhorn Cows: (7 refs. 1K Notes) {Roud #5765}

I'm But a Peer and Misguided Man: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #13557}

I'm Crossing Jordan River: (1 ref.)

I'm Deep In Love, My Mind Is Troubled: (1 ref.) {Roud #6597}

I'm Despised for Being Poor: (2 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #7944}

I'm Dying for Someone to Love Me: (2 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #7620}

I'm Forsaken for Another [Cross-reference]

I'm From Over the Mountain [Cross-reference]

I'm Full: (1 ref.) {Roud #9609}

I'm Gaein in the Train: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #18663}

I'm Gaun Some Wye [Cross-reference]

I'm Gaun to the Wood [Cross-reference]

I'm Gaun to the Wood (I): (1 ref.) {Roud #298}

I'm Gaun to the Wood (II) [Cross-reference]

I'm Glad I Live in Wyoming: (1 ref.)

I'm Glad to be Me [Cross-reference]

I'm Goin' Away to Texas: (5 refs.) {Roud #6691}

I'm Goin' Back to Dixie [Cross-reference]

I'm Goin' Back to Georgia [Cross-reference]

I'm Goin' Back to Good Ol' Birmingham: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #16274}

I'm Goin' Back to North Carolina [Cross-reference]

I'm Goin' Down the River Befo' Long [Cross-reference]

I'm Goin' Down the Rivuh [Cross-reference]

I'm Goin' Down This Road Feelin' Bad [Cross-reference]

I'm Goin' Down to Town [Cross-reference]

I'm Goin' to Beat This Rice: (2 refs.)

I'm Goin' To Cross That Ocean By Mysel' [Cross-reference]

I'm Goin' to Pick my Banjo (Old Woman in the Garden): (2 refs.) {Roud #7478}

I'm Goin' to See My Jesus Soon: (1 ref.) {Roud #18148}

I'm Going Away to Texas (II) [Cross-reference]

I'm Going Away to Texas (III) [Cross-reference]

I'm Going Back Home: (1 ref.)

I'm Going Down the Mobile Line: (1 ref. <1K Notes)

I'm Going Down the River: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #10004, etc.}

I'm Going Down This Road Feeling Bad [Cross-reference]

I'm Going Home (California Could Not Hold Me): (1 ref. <1K Notes)

I'm Going Home (I): (1 ref.) {Roud #12042}

I'm Going Home (II) [Cross-reference]

I'm Going Home (Two Long Years): (1 ref. <1K Notes)

I'm Going Home to Clo' [Cross-reference]

I'm Going Home to Die No More [Cross-reference]

I'm Going to Be Married on Monday [Cross-reference]

I'm Going to be Married on Sunday [Cross-reference]

I'm Going to be Mother Today: (1 ref.) {Roud #8093}

I'm Going To Beat This Rice [Cross-reference]

I'm Going to Buy Me a Little Railroad: (1 ref. <1K Notes)

I'm Going To Cross That Ocean By Myself: (1 ref. <1K Notes)

I'm Going To Cross the Sea: (2 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #7674}

I'm Going to Do All I Can: (1 ref.) {Roud #12073}

I'm Going to Fight Mit SIegel [Cross-reference]

I'm Going to Fight Mit Sigel [Cross-reference]

I'm Going to Georgia [Cross-reference]

I'm Going to Get Married (I) [Cross-reference]

I'm Going to Get Married (II) [Cross-reference]

I'm Going to Get Married Next Sunday [Cross-reference]

I'm Going to Join the Army [Cross-reference]

I'm Going to Leave Ol' Texas Now [Cross-reference]

I'm Going to Leave Old Texas Now [Cross-reference]

I'm Going to Ride in Pharaoh's Chariot: (2 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #11906}

I'm Going to Sing: (2 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #12353}

I'm Going to Stand In My Back Door: (1 ref.)

I'm Going to Tell It: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #18173}

I'm Going to the West: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #5113}

I'm Going to Walk With Jesus By Myself: (1 ref. <1K Notes)

I'm Going Up to London [Cross-reference]

I'm Going Uptown [Cross-reference]

I'm Gonna Dig Myself a Hole: (1 ref. <1K Notes)

I'm Gonna Sing When the Spirit Says Sing [Cross-reference]

I'm Gwine Away to Georgia: (2 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #413}

I'm Gwine from the Cotton Fields [Cross-reference]

I'm Gwine to Alabamy: (2 refs.) {Roud #12047}

I'm Henery the Eighth I Am: (3 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #30028}

I'm Henry the Eighth [Cross-reference]

I'm In Love with a Big Blue Frog: (1 ref. 1K Notes)

I'm In Love with a Tipperary Miss: (2 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #9065}

I'm in the Bottom: (1 ref. <1K Notes)

I'm In Trouble: (1 ref.) {Roud #12049}

I'm In Want of a Substitute: (2 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #15676}

I'm Just a Common Lumberhick (Bush LaPorte): (1 ref.) {Roud #4721}

I'm Just A-Going Over Jordon [Cross-reference]

I'm Just from the Fountain: (1 ref.) {Roud #7562}

I'm Just Going Down to the Gate: (4 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #6407}

I'm Just Going Over to Sandy's: (1 ref. <1K Notes)

I'm Leavin' Town (But I Sho Don't Wanna Go): (1 ref. <1K Notes)

I'm Leaving Tipperary: (4 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #3313}

I'm Lonely Since My Mother Died [Cross-reference]

I'm Lonesome Since My Mother Died: (5 refs.) {Roud #6361}

I'm Looking Over My Dead Dog Rover: (3 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #15720}

I'm My Own Grandpa: (4 refs. 4K Notes) {Roud #10444}

I'm Nae Awa [Cross-reference]

I'm nae awa' to bide awa' [Cross-reference]

I'm Never to Marry [Cross-reference]

I'm Ninety-Five: (3 refs.) {Roud #23116}

I'm No' Comin' Oot the Noo: (1 ref.) {Roud #5298}

I'm Nobody's Darling on Earth [Cross-reference]

I'm not going away to stay away [Cross-reference]

I'm Not Myself At All: (7 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #V8651}

I'm Now Twenty-Two: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #6079}

I'm O'er Young to Marry Yet [Cross-reference]

I'm Off for California: (2 refs.)

I'm Often Drunk and I'm Seldom Sober [Cross-reference]

I'm Often Drunk and Seldom Sober: (2 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #3135}

I'm Old But I'm Awfully Tough: (2 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #15460}

I'm On My Way: (8 refs.) {Roud #16309}

I'm on My Way to Freedom Land [Cross-reference]

I'm on My Way to Georgy [Cross-reference]

I'm Only a Poor Little Ewing [Cross-reference]

I'm Ower Young to Marry Yet: (5 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #6142}

I'm Poor But a Gentleman Still [Cross-reference]

I'm Proud to be Me: (1 ref.)

I'm Sad and I'm Lonely: (5 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #414}

I'm Satisfied (I): (1 ref.)

I'm Satisfied (II): (1 ref.) {Roud #3120}

I'm Satisfied With My Gal [Cross-reference]

I'm Scarce Sixteen Come Sunday [Cross-reference]

I'm Seventeen 'gin Sunday [Cross-reference]

I'm Seventeen Come Sunday [Cross-reference]

I'm Seventy-Two Today: (2 refs.) {Roud #4387}

I'm Shirley Temple: (1 ref. 3K Notes)

I'm Sighing to Catch a Nice Beau: (1 ref.) {Roud #11322}

I'm Sitting by the Stile, Mary [Cross-reference]

I'm Sitting on the Stile, Mary (The Irish Emigrant II): (17 refs. 3K Notes) {Roud #2661}

I'm Sixteen Thousand Miles from Home [Cross-reference]

I'm So Glad My Time Have Come: (1 ref. <1K Notes)

I'm So Glad Trouble Don't Last Alway: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #12231}

I'm Standing on a Solid Rock: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #18163}

I'm Sticking to the Murphys: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #7811}

I'm the King of the Castle [Cross-reference]

I'm the Man That Kin Raise So Long [Cross-reference]

I'm the Man That Rode the Mule 'Round the World [Cross-reference]

I'm the Man that Rote Ta Rarra Bumdia [Cross-reference]

I'm the Man that Wrote Ta-ra-ra Boom-de-ay: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #7614}

I'm Thine Over the Left: (1 ref.) {Roud #4328}

I'm Thinking Tonight of My Blue Eyes [Cross-reference]

I'm Tired: (1 ref.) {Roud #17302}

I'm Tired of Living Alone: (2 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #15744}

I'm To Be Marrit in May: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #5559}

I'm Trabling Back to Georgia: (1 ref.)

I'm Travelling to the Grave: (2 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #15242}

I'm Troubled (I) [Cross-reference]

I'm Troubled (II) [Cross-reference]

I'm Troubled in Mind (I) [Cross-reference]

I'm Troubled in Mind (II) [Cross-reference]

I'm Very Very Well I'm Glad to Tell (Shore Cry): (2 refs.)

I'm Waiting for Thee, Nellie: (1 ref.) {Roud #27511}

I'm Wearing My Heart Away for You: (2 refs.) {Roud #11399}

I'm Wild about Horns: (1 ref.)

I'm Workin on a Building [Cross-reference]

I'm Working My Way Back Home: (2 refs.) {Roud #9991}

I'm Working On a Building: (4 refs.) {Roud #4276}

I'm Working on the Building [Cross-reference]

I'm Worried Now But I Won't Be Worried Long: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #4753}

I'm Wukin' My Way Back Home [Cross-reference]

I'm Yorkshire Though in London [Cross-reference]

I'se A-Running: (1 ref.)

I'se Gwine Back to Dixie: (11 refs.) {Roud #18324}

I'se Gwine Land on Dat Shore [Cross-reference]

I'se the B'y that Builds the Boat [Cross-reference]

I've a cherry, I've a chess [Cross-reference]

I've a Jolly Sixpence [Cross-reference]

I've a Lad in Edinburgh: (1 ref.) {Roud #7178}

I've a Laddie in America: (1 ref.) {Roud #18316}

I've a Letter from My Father: (1 ref.) {Roud #11023}

I've a Long Time Heard: (2 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #5026}

I've a Sweetheart in America [Cross-reference]

I've a Wee Dog That Barks at the Moon: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #15097}

I've Always Been a Rambler [Cross-reference]

I've Been a Foreign Lander [Cross-reference]

I've Been a Roving [Cross-reference]

I've Been a Wild Boy [Cross-reference]

I've Been a-List'ning All de Night Long [Cross-reference]

I've Been All Around This World [Cross-reference]

I've Been Born Again: (1 ref. <1K Notes)

I've Been Buked and I've Been Scorned [Cross-reference]

I've Been Faithful to You: (1 ref.)

I've Been Roaming: (4 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #2821}

I've Been to Australia O [Cross-reference]

I've Been to Australia-o [Cross-reference]

I've Been to Australia, Oh!: (3 refs.)

I've Been To Donovan's: (1 ref.) {Roud #18213}

I've Been to France (Turn the Bowl Over): (2 refs.) {Roud #2854}

I've Been to See Miss Jenny-Mae-Jo [Cross-reference]

I've Been to the 'Bama and I Just Got Back [Cross-reference]

I've Been Toilin' at de Hill [Cross-reference]

I've Been Toiling at the Hill: (1 ref.) {Roud #15276}

I've Been Working on the Railroad: (22 refs. 1K Notes) {Roud #12606?}

I've bin to Plymouth and I've bin to Dover [Cross-reference]

I've Bin to the 'Bama and I Just Got Back: (2 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #11765}

I've Built Me a Neat Little Cot, Darling [Cross-reference]

I've Buried Three Husbands Already (Wherever There's a Goose There's a Gander): (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #16725}

I've Busted Broncs: (3 refs.)

I've Fun' a Bod's Nest [Cross-reference]

I've Got a Brother in the Snow-White Fields: (1 ref.) {Roud #11822}

I've Got a Chorus: (1 ref.)

I've Got a Daughter: (2 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #18313}

I've Got a Feeling: (1 ref.)

I've Got a Master and I Am His Man: (1 ref.) {Roud #15768}

I've Got a Mother Gone to Glory [Cross-reference]

I've Got a Mother in de Heaven [Cross-reference]

I've Got a Motto: (1 ref.) {Roud #10933}

I've Got a Mule, Her Name Is Sal [Cross-reference]

I've Got a Shilling [Cross-reference]

I've Got a Wheelbarrow: (1 ref.)

I've Got No Use for the Women: (16 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #4104}

I've Got Sixpence [Cross-reference]

I've Got That Camp Fire Spirit up in My Head [Cross-reference]

I've Got That Scouting Spirit (Girl Scout Spirit; I've Got That Camp Fire Spirit up in My Head): (2 refs.)

I've Got the Left Hind Foot of a Rabbit [Cross-reference]

I've Got the Left Hind Leg of a Rabbit [Cross-reference]

I've Just Come from Sydney: (1 ref. <1K Notes)

I've Just Got in Across the Plains: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #7775}

I've Lived in Service: (1 ref.) {Roud #1483}

I've Lost My Love and I Kenna Weel Fu: (3 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #2075}

I've Lost My Rifle and Bayonet: (1 ref.) {Roud #10525}

I've Lost My Underwear: (2 refs.) {Roud #36107}

I've Nine Bairns and That's Nae Mony: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #7280}

I've Only Been Down to the Club: (1 ref.) {Roud #4941}

I've Rambled THis Country Both Earlye and Late [Cross-reference]

I've Rode the Southern and the L & N: (2 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #8589}

I've Sair'd wi' Men: (1 ref.) {Roud #5922}

I've Travelled This Country (Last Friday Evening): (4 refs.) {Roud #1795}

I've Two or Three Strings To My Bow: (1 ref.) {Roud #4788}

I'ze the B'y that Builds the Boat: (11 refs. 4K Notes) {Roud #4432}

I'ze the Bye [Cross-reference]

Ibby Damsel: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #3635}

Ice Bound Hunting Seals: (1 ref. 2K Notes) {Roud #V44841}

Ice Cream Soda, Ginger Ale, Pop [Cross-reference]

Ice Cream, Candy, Cake and Butter [Cross-reference]

Ice Was Thin, The [Cross-reference]

Ice-Cream Soda [Cross-reference]

Ice-Floes, The: (1 ref. 10K Notes) {Roud #V44842}

Icham of Irlande [Cross-reference]

Icham of Irlaunde (The Irish Dancer; Good Sir I Pray Thee): (15 refs. 2K Notes)

Ickety, Bickey, My Black Hen [Cross-reference]

Ickie Bickie Soda Cracker: (3 refs.) {Roud #19443}

Ickle Ockle Black Bottle: (2 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #20650}

Ickle Ockle Blue Bockle [Cross-reference]

Icky Acky: (1 ref.)

Icky Backy [Cross-reference]

Icky, bicky, cricky, tricky [Cross-reference]

Icky, bicky, soda cricky [Cross-reference]

Icy Mountain [Cross-reference]

Ida Ho: (1 ref.)

Ida Red (I): (17 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #3429}

Ida Red (II): (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #3429}

Ida Red (III): (1 ref. <1K Notes)

Ida Red and Ida Blue [Cross-reference]

Idaho Cowboy Dance, An [Cross-reference]

Idaho, The: (1 ref. <1K Notes)

Idol of His Party, The [Cross-reference]

Idumea [Cross-reference]

Idy Red [Cross-reference]

Idyl of the Plains [Cross-reference]

Ierne United: (1 ref. 2K Notes)

If a' Were Wrocht That's Ta'en in Hand: (1 ref. <1K Notes)

If All of the Raindrops: (2 refs.)

If All the Raindrops [Cross-reference]

If All the Seas Were One Sea: (4 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #19775}

If All the World Was Apple Pie [Cross-reference]

If All the World Were Paper: (3 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #19693}

If But One Heart Be True: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #6096}

If Ever I Cease to Love: (2 refs. 1K Notes) {Roud #V6278}

If Ever I Follow the Ships Again [Cross-reference]

If Ever You Go to Kilkenny: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #16989}

If He'd Be a Buckaroo: (1 ref.) {Roud #3586}

If I Call You Mama: (1 ref. 1K Notes)

If I Can't Have You (I Dont Want Nobody Else): (1 ref. <1K Notes)

If I Could Only Hear My Mother Pray Again: (3 refs.) {Roud #7129}

If I Die a Railroad Man: (3 refs.) {Roud #30223}

If I Die in Arkansas: (2 refs.) {Roud #7628}

If I Die in Tennessee [Cross-reference]

If I Got My Ticket, Can I Ride?: (1 ref.) {Roud #15643}

If I Had a Donkey: (4 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #19735}

If I Had a Donkey Wot Wouldn't Go [Cross-reference]

If I Had a Hammer: (3 refs. <1K Notes)

If I Had a Scolding Wife (I) [Cross-reference]

If I Had A'Known [Cross-reference]

If I Had As Many Wives [Cross-reference]

If I Had But a Thousand a Year: (4 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #23101}

If I Had It You Could Get It: (1 ref.) {Roud #11761}

If I Had My Way [Cross-reference]

If I Had the Gov'ner: (1 ref. <1K Notes)

If I Had the Wings of a Turtledove: (1 ref. <1K Notes)

If I Had Wings: (1 ref.)

If I Live to Grow Old: (2 refs.) {Roud #2093}

If I Lose, I Don't Care: (8 refs.) {Roud #12399}

If I Lose, Let Me Lose [Cross-reference]

If I Was a Blackbird [Cross-reference]

If I Was a Fair Maid: (1 ref.) {Roud #16247}

If I Was On Some Foggy Mountain Top [Cross-reference]

If I Was the Marrying Kind [Cross-reference]

If I Went Up To a Hill-Top: (1 ref. <1K Notes)

If I Were a Blackbird [Cross-reference]

If I Were a Fisher: (3 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #6873}

If I Were a Merry Maid: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #29427}

If I Were a Single Girl Again [Cross-reference]

If I Were As Young As I Used to Be (Uncle Joe): (7 refs.) {Roud #4377}

If I were back 'ome in 'Ampshire [Cross-reference]

If I Were Back Home in Hampshire: (1 ref.) {Roud #16931}

If I Were the Marrying Kind [Cross-reference]

If It Keep On A-Rainin': (1 ref.) {Roud #18176}

If Jack Were Only Here [Cross-reference]

If my mother ask you for me, tell her I gone to Gallerleed [Cross-reference]

If Pretty Maids Could Sing [Cross-reference]

If the River Was Whiskey [Cross-reference]

If the Seaboard Train Wrecks I Got a Mule to Ride [Cross-reference]

If This Book Should Chance to Roam: (1 ref. <1K Notes)

If thou serue a lord of prys [Cross-reference]

If Thou Serve a Lord of Price (For Service Is None Heritage): (8 refs. 2K Notes)

If thou serve a lord of prise [Cross-reference]

If We Have Earned the Right: (2 refs. <1K Notes)

If ye want to learn high farmin' [Cross-reference]

If You Can Love Me: (1 ref. <1K Notes)

If You Don't Believe I'm Sinking: (2 refs.) {Roud #11783}

If You Don't Give Us a Holiday [Cross-reference]

If You Don't Want Me: (1 ref.)

If You Don't Want to Get in Trouble [Cross-reference]

If You Get There Before I Do: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #11821}

If You Have the Toothache: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #1496?}

If You Love God, Serve Him: (1 ref.) {Roud #15262}

If You Love Me Like I Love You: (1 ref.) {Roud #21828}

If You Love Me, Pop and Fly: (2 refs.) {Roud #22178}

If You Meet a Woman in the Morning: (2 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #11792}

If You See My Mother: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #18889}

If You Sneeze on Monday: (5 refs.) {Roud #16325}

If You Want a Bargain Handy: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #13053}

If You Want to Go A-courting [Cross-reference]

If You Want to Go to Heaven [Cross-reference]

If You Want to Know Where the Privates Are [Cross-reference]

If You Want to See the Captain [Cross-reference]

If You Were The Only Girl in the World: (1 ref.) {Roud #25963}

If You Will Walk With Me [Cross-reference]

If You'll Be M-I-N-E [Cross-reference]

If You'll Only Let Liquor Alone: (1 ref.) {Roud #1951}

If You're Able, Set the Table [Cross-reference]

If You're Happy and You Know It: (2 refs.) {Roud #26585}

If Your Gal Gets Mad: (1 ref. <1K Notes)

If Your Wife Is Run Down, Give Her Cod Liver Oil [Cross-reference]

II Wish I Were a Hineaserarious [Cross-reference]

Ijzere Man, The (The Iron Man): (1 ref.)

Ik Kwam Last Over Een Berg: (1 ref. <1K Notes)

Ike Brown's Song: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #16942}

Iky Moses, King of the Jews [Cross-reference]

Il Faut Aller en Guerre (To War We Must Go): (1 ref.)

Il Faut Voir Que Je Me Sauvais (So I Ran Away): (1 ref.)

Ile B A Good Boy & Do So Nomore [Cross-reference]

Ilka Blade o' Grass Keps Its Ain Drap o' Dew: (2 refs.) {Roud #5612}

Ilkley Moor Baht 'At [Cross-reference]

Ill Fares the Family: (2 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #1343}

Ill-Fated Persian, The [Cross-reference]

Ill-Fated Vernon, The: (1 ref. 2K Notes) {Roud #19833}

Illinois Gals [Cross-reference]

Illsdown Fair [Cross-reference]

Im-Hm [Cross-reference]

Imaginary Trouble [Cross-reference]

Immigration: (1 ref. <1K Notes)

Immigration Song: (1 ref.)

Immortal Washington: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #5465}

Imph-m: (3 refs.) {Roud #2858}

Impossible Dream, The: (2 refs. <1K Notes)

Improbability [Cross-reference]

In 1795 [Cross-reference]

In 1845 [Cross-reference]

In a Boxcar Around the World: (2 refs.)

In a Cabin in the Woods [Cross-reference]

In a Cottage by the Sea [Cross-reference]

In a Fine Castle: (1 ref.)

In a Handy Four-Master: (1 ref.) {Roud #19891}

In a Little Village Churchyard: (3 refs.) {Roud #5423}

In an' Out the Windah [Cross-reference]

In and Around Nashville [Cross-reference]

In and Out the Window [Cross-reference]

In and Out the Windows [Cross-reference]

In Arkansas [Cross-reference]

In Arthur's Court Tom Thumb Did Live: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #21162}

In Bed with the Major [Cross-reference]

In Bethlehem City [Cross-reference]

In Bethlehem, that Fair City: (14 refs. 3K Notes)

In Blythe and Bonnie Fair Scotland [Cross-reference]

In Bohemia Hall: (1 ref.) {Roud #9550}

In Bohunkus, Tennessee: (1 ref.)

In Bonny Scotland [Cross-reference]

In Bright and Bonny Scotland [Cross-reference]

In Bright Mansions Above: (2 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #12074}

In Bristol There Lived a Fair Maiden [Cross-reference]

In Burnham Town [Cross-reference]

In Camden Town: (3 refs.) {Roud #1414}

In Came That Rooster: (2 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #27633}

In Cameltoon Once More [Cross-reference]

In Camp with the Henrys: (1 ref.)

In Canso Strait [Cross-reference]

In Castyle there Lived a Lady [Cross-reference]

In Chicago [Cross-reference]

In Collon I Was Taken [Cross-reference]

In Come I, old Father Christmas [Cross-reference]

In Contempt: (2 refs.)

In Cortachy Cottage: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #18047}

In Courtship There Lies Pleasure [Cross-reference]

In Cupid's Court: (3 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #2731}

In dat Great Gittin-Up Mornin' [Cross-reference]

In Dat Great Gittin' Up Mornin' [Cross-reference]

In Dat Great Gittin'-Up Mornin' [Cross-reference]

In Days When We Went Gipsying [Cross-reference]

In Days When We Went Gypsying: (7 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #1245}

In De Mornin' [Cross-reference]

In de Vinter Time: (4 refs. <1K Notes)

In Defense of Polygamy: (1 ref.) {Roud #10835}

In Dem Long, Hot Summer Days [Cross-reference]

In Dessexshire As It Befell [Cross-reference]

In Doots: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #6202}

In Duckworth Street There Lived a Dame: (2 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #9969}

In Eighteen Hundred and Sixty: (2 refs.) {Roud #6616}

In Eighteen Hundred and Sixty-One [Cross-reference]

In Eighteen-Forty-Five [Cross-reference]

In Eighteen-Forty-Nine: (4 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #417}

In einem kiehlen Grunde (In Yonder Lovely Valley): (1 ref.)

In Fair London City [Cross-reference]

In Former Times: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #1262}

In Freenship's Name [Cross-reference]

In Frisco Bay (A Long Time Ago; Noah's Ark Shanty): (4 refs. <1K Notes)

In Good Old Colony Times: (36 refs. 1K Notes) {Roud #130}

In Halifax Town [Cross-reference]

In High Germany [Cross-reference]

In His Faded Coat of Blue [Cross-reference]

In January Last: (2 refs.) {Roud #8571}

In Jersey City [Cross-reference]

In Kansas: (14 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #4455}

In Kerry Long Ago: (1 ref.) {Roud #9309}

In London so Fair: (3 refs.) {Roud #2989}

In London There I Was Bent [Cross-reference]

In Lonely Belvedere: (2 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #2725}

In Low Germanie: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #5609}

In Manchester in Lancashire [Cross-reference]

In Marble Halls as White as Milk [Cross-reference]

In Marble Walls as White as Milk: (4 refs. <1K Notes)

In Measure Time We'll Row: (1 ref.) {Roud #9432}

In Memorial of 77 Brave Newfoundland Sealers: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #V44760}

In Memoriam: (1 ref. 7K Notes) {Roud #30702}

In Memoriam of the poor Fishermen who lost their lives in the Dreadful Gale from Grimsby and Hull, Feb. 8 & 9, 1889 [Cross-reference]

In My Father's House: (3 refs.)

In My Garden Grew Plenty of Thyme: (17 refs. 2K Notes) {Roud #3}

In My Heart [Cross-reference]

In My Laddie's Company: (1 ref.) {Roud #6774}

In North America: (1 ref.)

In Old Paul Bunyan's Camps: (1 ref.) {Roud #6525}

In Old Pod-Auger Times: (3 refs. 1K Notes) {Roud #3739}

In Old Virginny [Cross-reference]

In Our Grandfathers' Days: (2 refs.) {Roud #10924}

In Oxford City [Cross-reference]

In Poland schteht en Haus (In Poland There Is a House): (1 ref. <1K Notes)

In Praise o' Huntley [Cross-reference]

In Praise of Christmas [Cross-reference]

In Praise of John Magee: (3 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #2899}

In Praise of Seafaring Men, in Hope of Good Fortune: (3 refs. 6K Notes)

In Praise of the City of Mullingar: (1 ref. <1K Notes)

In Praise of the Glen [Cross-reference]

In Robin Hood's Churchyard [Cross-reference]

In Rockley Firs: (1 ref.) {Roud #2341}

In Savannah: (1 ref.) {Roud #9576}

In Scotland Town Where I Was Born [Cross-reference]

In Seaport Town [Cross-reference]

In Search of Silver and Gold [Cross-reference]

In Selma, Alabama: (1 ref.)

In Seventeen Ninety-Five: (1 ref. <1K Notes)

In Sheffield Park [Cross-reference]

In Smiling June the Roses Bloom [Cross-reference]

In Soho on Saturday Night: (1 ref.) {Roud #7755}

In Some Lady's Garden (I): (4 refs.) {Roud #3649}

In Some Lady's Garden (II): (1 ref.)

In Some Lonesome Graveyard: (2 refs. <1K Notes)

In Springfield Mountain [Cross-reference]

In Steven's Green [Cross-reference]

In Strichen You Know [Cross-reference]

In Summer [Cross-reference]

In Tarland Toon: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #18048}

In Tarrytown [Cross-reference]

In That Beautiful World on High (I Hope My Mother Will Be There): (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #15249}

In That Eternal Day: (1 ref.)

In That Great Day: (2 refs. <1K Notes)

In that Great Gettin' Up Morning: (6 refs.) {Roud #15228}

In That Morning: (2 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #3349}

In That Old Field [Cross-reference]

In the Baggage Coach Ahead [Cross-reference]

In the Bar-Room (The Celebrated Working-Man): (6 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #3486}

In the Bogie There Was a Tree [Cross-reference]

In the Days of '76 [Cross-reference]

In the Days of Old Rameses: (1 ref. <1K Notes)

In the Days We Went a-Gipsying [Cross-reference]

In the Days when I Was Hard Up: (3 refs.) {Roud #4621}

In the Dense Woods: (1 ref.) {Roud #4686}

In the Evening by the Moonlight (I): (9 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #9591}

In the Evening by the Moonlight (II): (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #10552}

In the Garden: (2 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #18447}

In the Good Old Colony Days [Cross-reference]

In the Good Old Summertime: (8 refs. 2K Notes) {Roud #17274}

In the Highlands of Scotland There's Weeping You Know: (1 ref.) {Roud #6831}

In the Hills of Roane County: (5 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #3387}

In the Jailhouse Now: (14 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #18801}

In the Kingdom: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #11620}

In the Land of Olden [Cross-reference]

In the Lonely Glens of Yarrow [Cross-reference]

In the Louisiana Lowlands [Cross-reference]

In the Mansions Above: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #12019}

In the Men's Apartment: (1 ref.) {Roud #16885}

In the Merry Month of June, Love: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #6209}

In the Month of October [Cross-reference]

In the Mormon Beds Out West: (1 ref.) {Roud #10951}

In the Morning: (1 ref.)

In the Morning (I): (2 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #15271}

In the Morning (II): (1 ref.)

In the Morning by the Bright Light: (4 refs.) {Roud #7776}

In the North Countrie [Cross-reference]

In the Old Carolina State [Cross-reference]

In the Pines: (29 refs. 1K Notes) {Roud #3421}

In the Pit from Sin Set Free: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #7467}

In the Prison Cell I Sit [Cross-reference]

In the Shade I Lie and Ponder: (1 ref. <1K Notes)

In the Shade of the Old Apple Tree (I): (5 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #10242}

In the Shade of the Old Apple Tree (II): (2 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #10242}

In the Shadow of the Pines [Cross-reference]

In the Streets of Laredo [Cross-reference]

In the Summer of '60 [Cross-reference]

In the Summer of Sixty: (3 refs.) {Roud #4978}

In the Sweet By and By [Cross-reference]

In the Sweet Bye and Bye (I) [Cross-reference]

In the Sweet Bye and Bye (II) [Cross-reference]

In the Town of Oxford [Cross-reference]

In the Township of Danville [Cross-reference]

In the Tunnel (I) [Cross-reference]

In the Tunnel (II) [Cross-reference]

In the Vale of Abraham: (6 refs. 2K Notes)

In the Valley: (3 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #11874}

In the Vintertime [Cross-reference]

In the Wilderness [Cross-reference]

In the Woods There Stands a House [Cross-reference]

In the Year of '39: (1 ref. <1K Notes)

In This Ring Stand a Lady Fair [Cross-reference]

In This Ring You Stand So Fair: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #7894}

In This TIme Christ Hath Us Sent: (8 refs. <1K Notes)

In Town: (1 ref.) {Roud #15582}

In Yorkshire City [Cross-reference]

In Zepo Town [Cross-reference]

Inconstant Lover (I), The [Cross-reference]

Inconstant Lover (II), The [Cross-reference]

Inconstant Lover (III), The [Cross-reference]

Increase of Crime: (7 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #4271}

Incy Wincy Spider [Cross-reference]

Indeed Pretty Polly [Cross-reference]

Independent Broom, The: (2 refs. <1K Notes)

India's Burning Sands [Cross-reference]

India's Burning Shore [Cross-reference]

India's Burning Shores: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #550}

Indian Camp-Meeting Song: (1 ref. <1K Notes)

Indian Chief, The: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #20539}

Indian Children, The: (1 ref.) {Roud #15841}

Indian Fighters, The [Cross-reference]

Indian Girl, or Bright Alfarata, The [Cross-reference]

Indian Hunter (I), The: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #2843}

Indian Hunter (II), The [Cross-reference]

Indian Hunter (III), The: (3 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #2843}

Indian Hymn: (2 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #2729}

Indian Lament, The [Cross-reference]

Indian Lass, The: (14 refs. 1K Notes) {Roud #2326}

Indian Methodist Conversion [Cross-reference] {Roud #2729}

Indian Mohee, The [Cross-reference]

Indian Song, The [Cross-reference]

Indian Song: Ah, Pore Sinner: (3 refs.) {Roud #11907 and 16312}

Indian Student, The: (3 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #2844}

Indian's Death Song, The: (4 refs.) {Roud #11212}

Indian's Hymn, The [Cross-reference]

Indian's Lament, The [Cross-reference]

Indian's Revenge, The [Cross-reference]

Indian's Song [Cross-reference]

Indiana Hero, The [Cross-reference]

Indians' Farewell: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #16410}

Indifference [Cross-reference]

Indygo Blue: (1 ref. <1K Notes)

Infantry, The: (1 ref.) {Roud #27866}

Inglewood Cocky, The: (6 refs. <1K Notes)

Ingo-Ango Fay: (1 ref. <1K Notes)

Initiation of a Brother, The: (1 ref. <1K Notes)

Injy-Rubber Overcoat: (1 ref.) {Roud #7820}

Ink Stink: (1 ref.)

Inky Dinky Derby Town [Cross-reference]

Inky Pinky: (1 ref. <1K Notes)

Innishowen: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #9458}

Inniskillen Dragoon, The [Cross-reference]

Inniskilling Dragoon, The [Cross-reference]

Innocent Hare, The: (2 refs.) {Roud #1216}

Innocent Prisoner, The: (1 ref.) {Roud #18137}

Innocents, The: (1 ref. 1K Notes)

Inquisitive Lover, The [Cross-reference]

Insa Ghaorthaidh Thuit: (1 ref. <1K Notes)

Inside the Pearly Gates: (1 ref. <1K Notes)

Inside Those Red Plush Breeches: (1 ref.) {Roud #10264}

Inspiration (The Rowan County Teachers): (1 ref. <1K Notes)

Instruments, The (The Orchestra Song; Zur Feier, Die Geige): (4 refs. <1K Notes)

Inter Diabolus et Virgo [Cross-reference]

Internationale, The: (4 refs. <1K Notes)

Intery Mintery Cutery Corn: (6 refs.) {Roud #19636 and 22840}

Intery, Mintery, Country Corn [Cross-reference]

Intery, Mintery, Cutery, Corn [Cross-reference]

Into the Air, Junior Birdmen [Cross-reference]

Intoxicated Rat, The: (6 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #11257}

Invasion Song, The: (3 refs. 1K Notes) {Roud #4051}

Inverness-Shire: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #6856}

Inverquhomery Ploughing Match, The: (2 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #5943}

Invitation to a Wedding [Cross-reference]

Invitation to Festivity, I [Cross-reference]

Iomairibh eutrom ho ro (Row Lightly): (1 ref. <1K Notes)

Iounndrain-Mhara, An (Sea-Longing): (2 refs. <1K Notes)

Ipsey, Pipsey: (1 ref.)

Irchard of Taunton Dean [Cross-reference]

Ireland Must Be Heaven, For My Mother Came from There: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #5493}

Ireland's Glory: (2 refs. 4K Notes)

Ireland's Liberty Tree: (1 ref. 2K Notes)

Irene [Cross-reference]

Irene, Goodnight [Cross-reference]

Irish Barber, The [Cross-reference]

Irish Boy and the Priest, The: (1 ref. <1K Notes)

Irish Boy, The [Cross-reference]

Irish Colleen, The: (5 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #6459}

Irish Dancer, The [Cross-reference]

Irish Dragoons, The [Cross-reference]

Irish Emigrant (I), The [Cross-reference]

Irish Emigrant (II), The [Cross-reference]

Irish Emigrant's Lament (I), The: (3 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #2747}

Irish Emigrant's Lament (II) [Cross-reference]

Irish Familie, The [Cross-reference]

Irish Family, The: (6 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #850}

Irish Free State, The: (2 refs. 10K Notes)

Irish Girl, The: (36 refs. 3K Notes) {Roud #308}

Irish Girl's Lament, The [Cross-reference]

Irish Girl's Opinion, An: (2 refs.) {Roud #V5153}

Irish Harvestmen's Triumph, The: (4 refs. 1K Notes) {Roud #13468}

Irish Jaunting Car, The: (2 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #5497}

Irish Jubilee, The: (9 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #2916}

Irish Laborer, An: (3 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #1137}

Irish Lady, The [Cross-reference]

Irish Lullaby [Cross-reference]

Irish Mail Robber, The [Laws L15]: (5 refs.) {Roud #1905}

Irish Mollie-O [Cross-reference]

Irish Molly-O [Cross-reference]

Irish Molly, O [Cross-reference]

Irish Mother's Lament, An: (1 ref.) {Roud #9448}

Irish New Policeman, The [Cross-reference]

Irish Paddy: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #30121}

Irish Patriot, The: (4 refs. 3K Notes) {Roud #12486}

Irish Peasant Girl, The: (4 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #5687}

Irish Rebel Spy, The: (2 refs. 2K Notes) {Roud #9178}

Irish Recruit, The [Cross-reference]

Irish Refugee, The (Poor Pat Must Emigrate): (7 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #2558}

Irish Rover, The: (2 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #4379}

Irish Sailor Boy, The: (2 refs.) {Roud #6347}

Irish Serenade, An [Cross-reference]

Irish Shore, The: (4 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #5897}

Irish Sixty-Ninth, The: (4 refs. 27K Notes) {Roud #7455}

Irish Soldier and the English Lady, The [Cross-reference]

Irish Soldier Boy, The: (2 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #22061}

Irish Song: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #5001}

Irish Song (The Gay Wedding): (2 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #23383}

Irish Spree, The: (3 refs.) {Roud #V15031}

Irish Stranger, The: (5 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #1629}

Irish Transport, The: (3 refs.) {Roud #21203}

Irish Trot: (2 refs.) {Roud #5036}

Irish Wake, The [Laws Q18]: (13 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #1008}

Irish Wedding, The: (2 refs.) {Roud #17123}

Irishman (I), The: (1 ref.)

Irishman (II), The: (4 refs.) {Roud #17109}

Irishman, The: (1 ref.) {Roud #10109}

Irishman's Christening, An: (2 refs.)

Irishman's Farewell to his Country, The (The Shamrock Shore IV): (5 refs.) {Roud #1455}

Irishman's Gold Mine, The [Cross-reference]

Irishman's Goldmine, The: (2 refs.)

Irishman's Lumber Song [Cross-reference]

Irishman's Shanty: (9 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #4838}

Irishman's Shave [Cross-reference]

Irishman's Song, The: (1 ref.)

Irishman's Toast, The: (1 ref.) {Roud #V15097}

Irishmen All: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #30131}

Irishtown Crew, The: (1 ref.) {Roud #7466}

Iron Door, The [Laws M15]: (21 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #539}

Iron Horse (I), The: (7 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #5834}

Iron Horse (II -- Utah version): (2 refs.) {Roud #8597}

Iron Merrimac: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #4767}

Iron Mountain Baby, The: (3 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #4162}

Iron Ore by 'Fifty-Four: (1 ref.)

Iroquois Lullaby (Ho, Ho, Watanay): (2 refs.)

Irrawaddy, The: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #20541}

Irreverence: (1 ref. <1K Notes)

Irthing Water Hounds, The: (3 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #5692}

Is It Really Worth the While? [Cross-reference]

Is There Anybody Here: (2 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #10435}

Is There for Honest Poverty [Cross-reference]

Is Your Lamps Gone Out: (3 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #10025}

Isabeau S'y Promène (Isabel): (8 refs. <1K Notes)

Isabeau se promene [Cross-reference]

Isabella: (4 refs.)

Island Jacobite Song, An [Cross-reference]

Island of My Desire: (1 ref.)

Island Unknown, The: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #17557}

Island(s) of Jamaica, The [Cross-reference]

Islaside: (1 ref. <1K Notes)

Isle de France, The: (5 refs. 1K Notes) {Roud #1575}

Isle o' Holt [Cross-reference]

Isle of Beauty, Fare Thee Well: (17 refs.) {Roud #2553}

Isle of Doagh (I), The: (1 ref. <1K Notes)

Isle of Doagh (II), The: (1 ref. <1K Notes)

Isle of France, The [Cross-reference]

Isle of Fugi: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #9417}

Isle of Man Shore, The (The Quay of Dundocken; The Desolate Widow) [Laws K7]: (8 refs.) {Roud #525}

Isle of Mohea, The [Cross-reference]

Isle of Saint Helena, The [Cross-reference]

Isle of St. Helena, The [Cross-reference]

Isle of Wight [Cross-reference]

Israelites Shouting: (3 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #16362}

It befel at martynmas [Cross-reference]

It Came Upon a Midnight Clear: (4 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #24746}

It Can't Be Done: (3 refs.) {Roud #16983}

It Fell Aboot the Mart'mas Time [Cross-reference]

It Fell About the Martinmas Time [Cross-reference]

It Hurts Me Too [Cross-reference]

It is Not the Cold Wind: (1 ref.) {Roud #6528}

It Is Not the White Swan that Floats on the Lake: (1 ref. <1K Notes)

It Is of a Rich Lady [Cross-reference]

It Isn't Any Trouble Just to S-M-I-L-E [Cross-reference]

It Makes a Long-Time Man Feel Bad: (2 refs.) {Roud #15968}

It Pays to Advertise [Cross-reference]

It Rained a Mist [Cross-reference]

It Rained, It Mist [Cross-reference]

It Rains and It Hails [Cross-reference]

It Rains, It Hails [Cross-reference]

It Rains, It Hails and Snows and Blows [Cross-reference]

It Snows And It Blows (Sudden Departure): (1 ref.)

It Takes A Girl to Fool You Every Time [Cross-reference]

It Was a Lover and His Lass: (6 refs. <1K Notes)

It Was a Mayde of Brenten Arse: (4 refs. 1K Notes)

It Was a Mouse [Cross-reference]

It Was A' For Our Rightful' King: (5 refs. 1K Notes) {Roud #5789}

It Was at the Town of Caylen: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #2775}

It Was Christmas Day in the Workhouse [Cross-reference]

It Was Daylight the Next Morning [Cross-reference]

It Was Early Early All In the Spring [Cross-reference]

It Was Early One Cold Winter's Morning: (1 ref.) {Roud #175}

It Was Early One Monday Morning [Cross-reference]

It Was Not for the Diamond Ring: (1 ref.) {Roud #6809}

It Was One Summer Morning [Cross-reference]

It Wasna My Fortune to Get Her [Cross-reference]

It Wasna Sae: (1 ref.) {Roud #5956}

It's a Cold Frosty Morning: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #7889}

It's a Good Time to Get Acquainted: (3 refs.)

It's a Long Road to Freedom: (1 ref.)

It's a Long Way from Amphioxus [Cross-reference]

It's a Long Way to Tipperary [Cross-reference]

It's a Long, Long Way to Tipperary: (10 refs. 1K Notes) {Roud #11235}

It's a Rosebud in June [Cross-reference]

It's a Rough Road to Georgia [Cross-reference]

It's a Shame to Whip Your Wife on Sunday: (7 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #17576}

It's a Small World After All: (1 ref. <1K Notes)

It's Advertised in Boston [Cross-reference]

It's After Six O'Clock: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #6207}

It's All Night Long: (1 ref. <1K Notes)

It's Almost Day: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #11655}

It's Almost Done [Cross-reference]

It's away! Outward the swinging fo'c'sles reel [Cross-reference]

It's Braw Sailin' on the Sea: (3 refs.) {Roud #5537}

It's But a Man: (1 ref.) {Roud #7245}

It's Down in Old Ireland: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #490}

It's Down Where the Water Runs Muddy [Cross-reference]

It's Forty Long Miles I've Travelled This Day [Cross-reference]

It's Funny When You Feel that Way: (4 refs.) {Roud #3693}

It's Gettin' Late over in the Evening [Cross-reference]

It's Getting Late in the Evening: (3 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #10967}

It's Going to be a Long Winter: (1 ref.)

It's Good fuh Hab Some Patience: (1 ref.) {Roud #11910}

It's Hard on We Po' Farmers: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #6709}

It's Hard to Leave You, Sweet Love [Cross-reference]

It's Jesus That Keeps Me Alive: (1 ref.) {Roud #16304}

It's Lookin' fer Railroad Bill [Cross-reference]

It's Me for the Inland Lakes: (2 refs.) {Roud #15922}

It's Me, O Lord [Cross-reference]

it's Me, O Lord, Standing in the Need of Prayer [Cross-reference]

It's Me, Oh Lord [Cross-reference]

It's Mony's the Race That I Have Run: (1 ref.) {Roud #6828}

It's My Delight of a Shiny Night [Cross-reference]

It's No Business of Mine: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #7616}

It's Not the House That Makes a Home: (1 ref.) {Roud #18249}

It's of a Farmer [Cross-reference]

It's of a Pretty Fair Maid [Cross-reference]

It's of an Old Couple [Cross-reference]

It's oft in my love's arms my love to him I've told [Cross-reference]

It's Oh That My Christening Robe: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #6815}

It's Once I Courted As Pretty a Lass [Cross-reference]

It's Raining Here: (1 ref.) {Roud #11810}

It's Raining, It's Pouring: (6 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #16814}

It's Seven Long Years: (1 ref.) {Roud #2757}

It's Spring Time on Earth [Cross-reference]

It's the Fashion: (1 ref.) {Roud #11341}

It's the Same the Whole World Over [Cross-reference]

It's the Sime the 'Ole World Over (I) [Cross-reference]

It's the Sime the 'Ole World Over (II): (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #9621}

It's the Syme the Whole World Over [Cross-reference]

It's Time for Us to Leave Her [Cross-reference]

It's Time I Was a Bride: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #7711}

It's Your Auld Wife and My Auld Wife: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #7276}

Italian Fisherman [Cross-reference]

Italy [Cross-reference]

Itisket [Cross-reference]

Itisket, Itasket [Cross-reference]

Its G-L-O-R-Y to Know I'm S-A-V-E-D [Cross-reference]

Its of a Farmer All in This Town [Cross-reference]

Itsy Bitsy Boo [Cross-reference]

Itsy Bitsy Spider [Cross-reference]

Ivan Skavinsky Scavar [Cross-reference]

Ivan Skavinsky Skevar [Cross-reference]

Ivan Skizavitsky Skivar [Cross-reference]

Ivan Skizavitzky Skivar [Cross-reference]

J. B. Marcum (A Kentucky Feud Song) [Laws E19]: (7 refs. 3K Notes) {Roud #692}

J. C. Holmes Blues: (1 ref. <1K Notes)

J. P. Morgan [Cross-reference]

J. R. Birchell [Cross-reference]

J. V. Johnson: (1 ref. <1K Notes)

J'ai fait une maitresse [Cross-reference]

J'ai Tant d'Enfants a Marier (I Have So Many Maids to Wed): (1 ref. <1K Notes)

J'ai Tant Danse (I've Danced So Much): (1 ref.)

J'ai Trouve une Maitresse (I Found a Young Sweetheart): (1 ref.)

J'avais une Vieille Grand-Mere (Grandmother Complains): (1 ref. <1K Notes)

Ja, Ja, Ja!: (3 refs.) {Roud #8236}

Jack and Gill [Cross-reference]

Jack and His Brooms [Cross-reference]

Jack and His Kind Master [Cross-reference]

Jack and His Stepdame [Cross-reference]

Jack and Jill: (8 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #10266}

Jack and Jill (II): (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #10266}

Jack and Joe: (25 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #782}

Jack and Nancy [Cross-reference]

Jack and Nell [Cross-reference]

Jack and the Dancing Maid [Cross-reference]

Jack and Tom: (2 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #3157}

Jack Barry: (1 ref. 2K Notes) {Roud #7348}

Jack Be Nimble: (6 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #13902}

Jack Combs: (2 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #2}

Jack Dolden [Cross-reference]

Jack Donahoo [Cross-reference]

Jack Donahue [Laws L22]: (26 refs. 7K Notes) {Roud #611}

Jack Donahue and His Gang: (1 ref. <1K Notes)

Jack Dowling [Cross-reference]

Jack Frazier [Cross-reference]

Jack Gardner's Crew: (2 refs.) {Roud #4617}

Jack Haggarty [Cross-reference]

Jack Haggerty (The Flat River Girl) [Laws C25]: (23 refs. 8K Notes) {Roud #642}

Jack Haggerty's Flat River Girl [Cross-reference]

Jack Hall [Cross-reference]

Jack Hinks: (6 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #4431}

Jack Horner [Cross-reference]

Jack in London City [Cross-reference]

Jack Is Every Inch a Sailor: (2 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #4541}

Jack Johnston the Cobbler [Cross-reference]

Jack Lane's Adieu: (1 ref. <1K Notes)

Jack Monroe (Jackie Frazer; The Wars of Germany) [Laws N7]: (42 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #268}

Jack Munro [Cross-reference]

Jack o' Diamonds [Cross-reference]

Jack of Diamonds (I): (2 refs. <1K Notes)

Jack of Diamonds (II) [Cross-reference]

Jack of Tar, The [Cross-reference]

Jack Power [Cross-reference]

Jack Reilly [Cross-reference]

Jack Return'd from Sea [Cross-reference]

Jack Returned from Sea: (7 refs.) {Roud #22807}

Jack Riley [Cross-reference]

Jack Robinson: (6 refs. 1K Notes) {Roud #1794}

Jack Robson [Cross-reference]

Jack Rock Song: (1 ref.)

Jack Rogers: (3 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #9557}

Jack Sheppard [Laws L6]: (3 refs. 2K Notes) {Roud #1903}

Jack Simpson the Sailor: (1 ref.) {Roud #4724}

Jack Sprat: (4 refs. 1K Notes) {Roud #19479}

Jack Tar (I) [Laws K39]: (10 refs.) {Roud #919}

Jack Tar (II) [Cross-reference]

Jack Tar (III) (Come Brave Honest Jack Tar): (1 ref.) {Roud #V23361}

Jack Tar's Frolic: (1 ref.)

Jack the Guinea Pig: (2 refs. <1K Notes)

Jack the Jolly Tar (I) (Tarry Sailor) [Laws K40]: (20 refs. 2K Notes) {Roud #511}

Jack the Little Scot [Cross-reference]

Jack the Painter: (1 ref.)

Jack the Plowboy [Cross-reference]

Jack the Rabbit [Cross-reference]

Jack the Sailor (I) [Cross-reference]

Jack the Sailor (II) [Cross-reference]

Jack the Sailor (III) [Cross-reference]

Jack the Sailor (The Tarry Sailor III): (3 refs.) {Roud #1454}

Jack the Sailor Boy [Cross-reference]

Jack the Soldier [Cross-reference]

Jack Was A Sailor On Board A Whaler: (1 ref.) {Roud #30314}

Jack Was Every Inch a Sailor: (10 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #4541}

Jack Went A-Sailing [Cross-reference]

Jack Went up to London City [Cross-reference]

Jack Williams [Laws L17]: (15 refs.) {Roud #1906}

Jack Wrack [Cross-reference]

Jack-a-Maria [Cross-reference]

Jack-a-Needle: (2 refs.) {Roud #22350}

Jack-All-Alone [Cross-reference]

Jack, Boy, Ho, Boy [Cross-reference]

Jack's Disaster [Cross-reference]

Jack's House [Cross-reference]

Jackaroe [Cross-reference]

Jackaroo, The [Cross-reference]

Jacket So Blue, The (The Bonnet o' Blue): (24 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #819}

Jackets Green, The: (8 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #9520}

Jackfish, The [Cross-reference]

Jackie and Mossy: (2 refs.) {Roud #11226}

Jackie Fraisure [Cross-reference]

Jackie Frazer [Cross-reference]

Jackie Jackie: (1 ref. <1K Notes)

Jackie Rover [Cross-reference]

Jackie Tar [Cross-reference]

Jackie Went A-Sailing [Cross-reference]

Jackie with the Leg [Cross-reference]

Jackie's Gone A-Sailing [Cross-reference]

Jackison and Dickison [Cross-reference]

Jackson [Cross-reference]

Jackson and Jane: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #2913}

Jackson County: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #14052}

Jackson County Jail [Cross-reference]

Jackson's Victory: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #V29199}

Jacksons: (1 ref. <1K Notes)

Jacky Me Lad: (1 ref.)

Jacky Tar [Cross-reference]

Jacky Tar With His Trousers On: (7 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #5603}

Jacky-Jacky: (2 refs. <1K Notes)

Jacob's Dream (Jacob's Ladder IV): (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #2286}

Jacob's Ladder (I): (21 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #2286}

Jacob's Ladder (II) [Cross-reference]

Jacob's Ladder (III) [Cross-reference]

Jacob's Ladder (IV) [Cross-reference]

Jacob's Ladder (V): (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #2286}

Jaeger Gik At Jage, En (A Hunter Went Out Hunting): (1 ref. <1K Notes)

Jail Down Careira, The: (1 ref. <1K Notes)

Jailer's Daughter, The [Cross-reference]

Jak and His Stepdame [Cross-reference]

Jak and his Stepdame, and of the Frere [Cross-reference]

Jake and Roanie: (1 ref.)

Jal Along: (1 ref. <1K Notes)

Jam at Garby's Rock, The [Cross-reference]

Jam at Gerry's Rock, The [Cross-reference]

Jam on Gary's Rock, The [Cross-reference]

Jam on Gerrion's Rock, The [Cross-reference]

Jam on Gerry's Rock, The [Laws C1]: (67 refs. 7K Notes) {Roud #256}

Jam on Jerry's Rock, The [Cross-reference]

Jamaica Farewell: (2 refs. 1K Notes)

Jamaica Girl [Cross-reference]

Jamais de la Vie: (1 ref.)

Jamboree [Cross-reference]

James A. Garfield [Cross-reference]

James and A: (1 ref.) {Roud #11326}

James and Flora (Flora and Jim, The United Lovers): (9 refs.) {Roud #1701}

James Bird [Laws A5]: (34 refs. 12K Notes) {Roud #2204}

James Campbell [Cross-reference]

James Connolly: (3 refs. 5K Notes) {Roud #12495}

James Ervin [Laws J15]: (17 refs. 3K Notes) {Roud #982}

James Grant [Child 197]: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #3918}

James Harris [Cross-reference]

James Hatley [Child 244]: (3 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #4022}

James Herries [Cross-reference]

James Kennedy: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #189}

James MacDonald [Laws P38]: (16 refs. 1K Notes) {Roud #1412}

James Magee (McKee): (4 refs. 1K Notes) {Roud #2492}

James McGee [Cross-reference]

James McKee [Cross-reference]

James Munks's Confession: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #4100}

James o' Broodies [Cross-reference]

James Phalen [Cross-reference]

James Reilly [Cross-reference]

James Stephens, the Gallant Fenian Boy: (1 ref. 5K Notes)

James Telfer of the Fair Dodhead [Cross-reference]

James the Ross [Cross-reference]

James Wayland [Cross-reference]

James Whaland [Cross-reference]

James Whalen [Laws C7]: (18 refs. 1K Notes) {Roud #638}

Jamestown Flood, The [Cross-reference]

Jamestown Homeward Bound, The: (3 refs. 1K Notes) {Roud #4700}

Jamestown, Virginia [Cross-reference]

Jamie and Jeanie: (3 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #3952}

Jamie and Mary [Cross-reference]

Jamie and Nancy: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #9056}

Jamie and Nancy of Yarmouth [Cross-reference]

Jamie Broon: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #5923}

Jamie Douglas [Child 204]: (12 refs. 1K Notes) {Roud #87}

Jamie Foyers: (15 refs. 2K Notes) {Roud #1941}

Jamie frae Dundee: (1 ref.)

Jamie Judge (or, Bonshee River) [Cross-reference]

Jamie Raeburn (Caledonia): (19 refs. 2K Notes) {Roud #600}

Jamie Raeburn's Farewell [Cross-reference]

Jamie Telfer of the Fair Dodhead [Child 190]: (5 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #3364}

Jamie, Lovely Jamie [Cross-reference]

Jamie's Aye Kin': (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #13592}

Jamie's Braw Claes: (1 ref.) {Roud #6080}

Jamie's on the Stormy Sea: (8 refs. 1K Notes) {Roud #2067}

Jane and Louisa: (2 refs. <1K Notes)

Jane Jenkins [Cross-reference]

Jane McCrea: (2 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #6600}

Jane Shore: (4 refs. 7K Notes) {Roud #V5428}

Jane, Jane: (1 ref.)

Janet [Cross-reference]

Janet and Tam Blain [Cross-reference]

Janet Jamieson: (3 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #5623}

Janet She Cam' Doon the Gait: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #13574}

Janey Ferguson [Cross-reference]

Janey on the Moor [Cross-reference]

Janie of the Moor [Laws N34]: (20 refs. 1K Notes) {Roud #581}

Janie on the Moore [Cross-reference]

Janie Sharp Ballet, The: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #4115}

Jarvis the Coachman: (3 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #1312}

Jawbone Song, The: (16 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #7728 and 3657}

Jay Gould's Daughter [Cross-reference]

Jay Legg: (2 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #7030}

Jay-Bird Song or Chant, The [Cross-reference]

Jaybird Died With the Whooping Cough: (4 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #748}

Jaybird Sitting on a HIckory Limb: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #4618}

Jaybird Up a Simmon Tree [Cross-reference]

Jaybird, The: (2 refs. <1K Notes)

Jaybird's Altar, The (I've Been to the East): (1 ref.) {Roud #7664}

Jaybirds Gave a Concert Free: (1 ref.) {Roud #11371}

Je Caresserai La Belle Par Amitie: (1 ref.)

Je Donneraies Versailles [Cross-reference]

Jealous Brother, The (The Jealous Lover): (1 ref.) {Roud #2706}

Jealous Brothers [Cross-reference]

Jealous Husband Outwitted, The: (2 refs. <1K Notes)

Jealous Lover (I), The (Florella, Floella) (Pearl Bryan II) (Nell Cropsey II) [Laws F1A, B, C]: (55 refs. 4K Notes) {Roud #500}

Jealous Lover (II), The: (24 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #500}

Jealous Lover (III), The [Cross-reference]

Jealous Lover (IV), The [Cross-reference]

Jealous Lover (V), The [Cross-reference]

Jealous Lover (VI), The [Cross-reference]

Jealous Lover of Lone Green Valley, The [Cross-reference]

Jealous Sister, The [Cross-reference]

Jealous Woman, The [Cross-reference]

Jealousy [Cross-reference]

Jean and Caledonia [Cross-reference]

Jean and Her Sailor Lad: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #5811}

Jean Chivas: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #6162}

Jean Dalgarno: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #6064}

Jean Findlater's Loon: (3 refs.) {Roud #6089}

Jean Francois de Nantes [Cross-reference]

Jean o' Bannermill: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #7214}

Jean o' Lona: (1 ref.) {Roud #7215}

Jean of Ballinagarvey: (1 ref.) {Roud #9475}

Jean Pirie: (1 ref. <1K Notes) {Roud #6082}

Jeanette [Cross-reference]

Jeanette and Jeannot: (6 refs. 2K Notes) {Roud #391}

Jeanie Shaw [Cross-reference]

Jeanie with the Light Brown Hair: (6 refs. 2K Notes) {Roud #38034}

Jeannie and Davie: (1 ref.) {Roud #7204}

Jeannie and Jamie [Cross-reference]

Jeannie Johnston: (1 ref.) {Roud #13005}

Jeannie o' Planteenie: (2 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #5829}

Jeannie on the Moor [Cross-reference]

Jeannie's Bawbee (Your Plack and My Plack): (3 refs. <1K Notes) {Roud #13579}

Jeannot and Jeannette [Cross-reference]

Jed Hobson [Cross-reference]

Jeff Davis [Cross-reference]

Jeff Davis Rode a White Horse (Jeff Davis is a Gentleman): (2 refs.) {Roud #8813}

Jeff Davis's Ball: (1 ref.) {Roud #6601}

Jeff in Petticoats