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An Annotated Bibliography of the Folk Songs of the English-Speaking World

This page describes the new Ballad Index software introduced with Version 3.0 and substantially updated with Version 5.0.

A full PDF reference manual, with installation instructions, is available here.

The Ballad Index software is a customized FileMaker database designed to allow quick and easy access to the features of the Ballad Index, including custom searches, formatted displays, and direct access to Steve Roud's Folk Song Index. This software is free for any supported systems. It runs on Windows, Mac OS X, and iOS (iPad only).

We strongly suggest that you read the instruction manual, but this is not absolutely necessary. Simply download the software for your platform, install it, and try things out!

Pick your preferred version from the list below:

Note: We also have Ballad Index software to run on a command line, although its features are very different (and, frankly, inferior). We are no longer supporting this software, but you may still download it. Please read the instructions for your particular operating system before downloading the Ballad Index software! Also note that you will have to load the text version of the Ballad Index (and the Supplemental Tradition, if desired) for the software to work.

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IBM PC Family (DOS or Windows)
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Unix-based Oses (including Linux)
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