Banks of Newfoundland (II), The

DESCRIPTION: The singer bids landsmen to "bless your happy lot," since they are safe from storms. His ship is wrecked off Newfoundland; when food runs short, they cast lots to see who will be eaten. The Captain's son is picked, but another ship rescues them in time
AUTHOR: unknown
EARLIEST DATE: 1883 (Smith/Hatt/Fowke-SeaSongsBalladFromNineteenthCenturyNovaScotia)
KEYWORDS: ship disaster cannibalism reprieve rescue starvation sailor
FOUND IN: Ireland Canada(Mar,Ont) US(NE)
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Roud #1972
O. J. Abbott, "The Banks of Newfoundland" (on Abbott1)
cf. "The Ship in Distress" (plot) and references there
cf. "The Kite Abandoned in White Bay" (probable tune)
cf. "The American Aginora" (plot)
The Kite Abandoned in White Bay (File: RySm103)
File: DTnwfndl

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