Orphan Girl, The (The Orphan Child)

DESCRIPTION: The orphan girl at the rich man's door cries, "No home." Ragged, hungry, and cold, she begs for help, but the rich man turns her away. In the night she freezes to death, "but her soul has gone to a home above where there's room and bread for the poor"
AUTHOR: unknown
EARLIEST DATE: 1894 (inscription in a book currently [2010] in the possession of Kirsten Wagmeister)
KEYWORDS: poverty orphan rejection death
FOUND IN: US(Ap,MW,Ro,SE,So) Canada(Newf)
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ST R725 (Partial)
Roud #457 and 4193
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cf. "Sacker Shean's Little Girl" (theme)
NOTES [168 words]: Stephen Foster wrote a piece, "No Home, No Home" (1862), but this song is much more detailed and does not resemble Foster's.
The Darling text, "The Coal Miner's Child," has been localized to mining conditions without in any way distancing it from the other versions of this song. This adapted version, however, bears a special resemblance to "The Miner's Doom" [Laws Q36]. It appears, based on the notes in Lomax/Lomax-OurSingingCountry, that this adaption was created by Aunt Molly Jacskon, but the core of the song is still recognizable (as Jackson admitted).
Roud splits this into two parts, #457, recognized by the "No Home" lyric, and #4193. I think he's probably right, but it's very hard to separate some of the versions, so they are lumped until I can do a full investigation.
List-SingingAboutIt-FolkSongsInSouthernIndiana mentions sources crediting the tune to C. G. Smith and to T. B. Mosley, but I would guess the former is an arrangement and the latter is likely also a shape note arrangement. - RBW
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