Welcome Parents & Family!

Dog Days Parent/Guest Presentation

Congratulations on your student being a Fresno State Bulldog! At Career Development Center, we provide resources to make your students' transition from campus to career as easy as possible. We invite you, however, to be our partners in this goal!

Research suggests that this generation of students respects and relies on the opinion of their parents more than in previous generations (Howe and Strauss, 2000). This means that, as a parent or family member of a college student, you are probably getting many questions related to your students’ major selection and career choice. You could not possibly be expected to know all of the career options following a Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology or a Bachelor of Arts in History (for example), so this is where we come in. Please feel free to browse our online resources in the Students section of this website and refer your students to our services for any of their career exploration and job searching needs.

Career Development Center is here to help your student with the following:

Major and Career Exploration – Not only will we help guide your students through choosing a major, but we will also help them connect their major with career options post-college

Job Searching – We have two job databases specifically for Fresno State students as well as on-campus interviewing and a career fair once a semester to help connect students with potential employers.

Job Search Preparation – Career Development Center will help your student prepare a professional resume and cover letter as well as practice for an interview setting through interview tips and mock interviews

Graduate School Preparation – Career Development Center can help guide your student through the difficult graduate school preparation process in order to help them understand the steps and write a winning personal statement.

Overall Career Coaching – Whether it be salary negotiation or resource hunting, Career Development Center is here to help your student with every aspect of their career exploration and job searching needs. Please ensure your student knows to utilize us.

For tips on how you can help your students, click here.

Howe, N. & Strauss, W. (2000). Millennials rising: The next great generation. New York: Vintage Books.