Career and Major Exploration

Choosing a major is a complex and personal process. At the Career Development Center, we provide you with the tools necessary to assist you with declaring your academic major and finding the right career.

Career Counseling Services

Career counseling can help you reduce confusion, make choices, and create changes in your life suitable for the academic and work environment. It can also help you make better occupational decisions, become more aware of your feelings and needs in relationship to your career choice, and improve your professional skills.

Do you need assistance with deciding on a career, choosing a major, finding an internship, searching for a job, or applying to graduate school? We offer assistance with all of these areas, including:

  • Professional resumes
  • Career exploration and career assessment inventories
  • Graduate school preparation
  • Interviewing skills (including mock interviews)
  • Managing job offers & salary negotiation
  • And much more...

Career counselors are available to discuss any of your career concerns. Please call us at 559.278.2381 to schedule an appointment.

Career Planning

Discover, Investigate, enGage,Succeed

Career Planning: A Four Step Process

The career planning process includes four steps, D.I.G.S. - Discover, Investigate, enGage, and Succeed. Career planning is a lifelong process in selecting an occupation, locating career opportunities, professionally developing one's self in a career, and possibly changing one's career.

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Career Assessments

Career assessments are free tools for all students, which help you discover more about yourself and guide you to academic majors and careers most appropriate for you. 

Self-assessments measure your:

  • Interests
  • Values
  • Skills/Aptitudes
  • Preferred Work Environments
  • Personality

Click here to learn more about which assessment is right for you.

Online Resources for Career Research

California Career Zone

California Career Zone has extensive career information, but tailors it toward California and allows you to search careers by industry.

CareerOneStop Portal

Maintained by the U.S. Department of Labor, Employment and Training Administration, this site contains an extensive amount of career, salary, education, and job search information.

Explore Health Careers is a free, multi-disciplinary, interactive health careers website that gives students (and educators) information about health professions. 

Learn How to Become

This site provides detailed insight into 45 of career fields with custom "how-to" guides.

Occupational Outlook Handbook

The Occupational Outlook Handbook is maintained by the Bureau of Labor and Statistics in the U.S. Department of Labor. It has an extensive listing of careers and information on daily tasks, education required, salary, job outlook. The handbook is revised every two years to ensure up to date information.


This site, also maintained by the U.S. Department of Labor, is a primary source for occupational information. Use it to find detailed, updated information about hundreds of occupations.

The Riley Guide

The Riley Guide introduces you to the online job search, providing many sites and resources.

What Can I Do With This Major or Degree?

Don't know what you can do with a major in ____? This page will help you find out.

Salary Information

Find salary information specific to your zip code through this site.

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