Jobs and Internships

Jobs and Internships

Did you know? According to the National Association of Colleges and Employers Job Outlook 2015 Report:
  • 72.5% of employers prefer to hire candidates with relevant work experience
  • 60% of employers prefer internships/co-ops as the means to gaining work experience

The point is, you need to get work experience while in college! And we're here to help.

Make an appointment with a career counselor by calling 559.278.2381 or browse the following resources for ideas on how to secure part-time, full-time, internship, or on-campus opportunities.  

On-Campus Jobs


Regularly check our online job database, HireFresnoState, for on-campus positions. 

For additional part-time student job postings, visit the Fresno State Auxiliary Services website.


Internships are a way for you to connect your academic experience with the professional world. They help you develop your skills, gain exposure to work environments, and make you competitive in the job market. 

What are some strategies for locating an internship?

  • Registering online on HireFresnoState and searching under “Paid internship" or through the On-Campus Interviewing Program
  • Contacting the faculty internship coordinator in your department for information on internship procedures and verifying requirements for arranging class credit. If you don't have an internship coordinator, try contacting your major advising center
  • Identifying and researching organizations where you may have an interest in applying. Check out websites of organizations where you might like to intern/work.
  • Attending career fairs held each fall and the "Career & Internship Expo” held each spring.
  • Taking full advantage of workshops offered by the Career Development Center on interviewing and resume writing.
  • Networking by speaking with every resource available to you including family, friends, alumni, professors and members of professional organizations.
  • Joining a Fresno State student club or organization which will help provide excellent opportunities to develop leadership skills, network with professional guest speakers and provide community service.
  • Searching online through "Find Volunteer Opportunities" on HandsOn Central California, which offers a database of volunteer opportunities throughout Fresno County. 

Internship web resources:

List of Employers by Industry

Click on your field of interest below to view a list of employers in California powered by You can filter your results by city or zip code, and also explore employers in other states. 

Accounting Advertising African American Studies
Agricultural Business Management Agriculture American Sign Language
Animal Science Anthropology Archaeology
Art & Fine Arts Asian Studies Astronomy & Astrophysics
Audiology & Speech Pathology Biochemistry Biology
Biophysics Botany & Plant Science Business & Corporate Law
Business Analytics Business Management Chemistry
Civil Engineering Classical Studies Cognitive Science
Communications & Media Studies Comparative Literature Computer Engineering
Computer Science Construction Management Criminal Justice
Criminal Law Dance Drama, Theater & Visual Arts
eBusiness Ecology Economics
Education Electrical Engineering English
Entertainment Management Entrepreneurship Environmental Studies 
Equine Studies Fashion Merchandising Finance
Forensic Science Forestry & Natural Resources Geography
Geology & Earth Science Graphic Design & Commercial Art Health Science
Healthcare Management History Hotel Management
Human Development & Family Studies Human Resource Management Interior Design
International Affairs International Business Journalism
Kinesiology & Exercise Science Labor Relations Language Studies
Legal Services Linguistics Logistics & Supply Chain Mgmt
Management Information Systems Marine Science Marketing
Mathematics Mechanical Engineering Meteorology & Atmospheric Science
Microbiology Middle Eastern Studies Music
Nursing Nutritional Science Pharmaceutical Science
Photography Physical Therapy Physics
Political Science Psychology Public Finance & Taxation
Public Health Public Policy Public Relations
Real Estate Religion Restaurant Management
Retail Management
Risk Management
Science & Technology Management
Social Work Sports Management Statistics
Surveying Urban Planning Veterinary Science

Full-Time Job Search

Top Tips for the Full-Time Job Search:

  • Call 278-2381 to make an appointment with a career counselor as soon as possible. Even if you do not have a specific idea of what you want, talking to a professional will help you to find a direction
  • Start EARLY – the average job search takes MONTHS, so you should not wait until after commencement to start searching 
    Prepare a resume NOW – get it ready so it will be ready when an opportunity arises
  • Take advantage of On-Campus Recruiting and Career Fairs to connect with employers
  • Utilize our job search websites and resources
  • Discuss your goals with friends, family, mentors, faculty, and staff. The more people who know what you are looking for, the more people scouting opportunities for you.
  • Personalize your job search as much as possible. Sending out generic resumes to every posting on CareerBuilder will not yield results. However, targeting your cover letter and resume to specific postings will help your application materials to stand out.
  • Be persistent! A job will not fall into your lap (although that would be nice). You need to create your own opportunity by utilizing your resources and spending serious time on your search.

The job search is not easy. It takes time and devotion. Treat it like you do a class and allocate time to it each week.  The Career Development Center is also here to help, so please take advantage of our resources and knowledge about the world of work and the job search. Your Fresno State education has armed you with the tools needed to succeed. We are happy to help you find your niche post college!

Volunteer Opportunities

On-Campus Interviewing Program

Twice a year, in the fall and spring semesters, employers primarily from business, industry and government visit our campus to interview Fresno State students, and alumni for internships and full time entry level career positions.

HireFresnoState is your web-based on-campus interview system. This system includes registration, resume submission and interview sign-ups.

Non-Profit Job Search

In order for you to get a job in the non-profit sector, you have to understand the purpose of the organization, believe in the cause at hand, and show a past record of skills and volunteerism that illustrate you as a good fit for a particular organization. The information below should help you understand the non-profit organization as well as how you can gain volunteer and work experience to help you in your full-time search.

What is a Non-Profit Organization?
  • Defined by Tax status
    • 501(c)(3)…plus 25 other 501(c) categorizations
    • 501(d), (e), (f), 521, and 527 categorizations
  • And Defined By What It’s Not
    • Non-profit
    • Non-government
  • Fills gap between government and for-profit
  • Does “good” or addresses an issue
Types of organizations:
  • Direct service organizations
  • Charities
  • Foundations
  • Professional associations
  • Religious organizations
  • Academic institutions
  • Health-related organizations
Nonprofit Human Resources
  • For organizations with fewer than 50 people on staff, HR is usually handled by the Executive Director or Office Manager.
  • Usually 1 fulltime HR person for an organization with over 50 people on staff.
  • Often only 1 fulltime HR staff person until an organization grows to at least 300 people.
  • The majority of organizations do not have a recruitment budget.
Nonprofit recruitment

They utilize the following channels:

  • Word of mouth (99%)
  • Current employee referrals (93%)
  • Local newspapers (80%)
  • Postings on others’ websites (73%)
  • Recruitment from recent interns (67%)
  • Postings on organization’s own site (64%)

Important Point: You need to get involved and network!

*Data from a 2006 survey of over 300 nonprofit HR staff

On Campus Opportunities
Search for Job and Volunteer Opportunities Locally
Search for Job and Volunteer Opportunities Nationally
If you know you want to “do good”, but don’t know what exactly you want to do, try the "Career Tracks" Exercise below:

Download, photocopy, or cut out/copy & paste at least 50 job postings that when you see them you think:

  • Yeah, I’ve always wanted to do that.
  • Huh, that sounds interesting but I’m not sure why…

Once you’ve collected at least 50 postings:

  • Look for patterns or common themes
  • Create at least 1 (no more than 5) potential career tracks

Assess your end goals (ideal positions, career paths)

  • Take stock of your qualifications
  • Work backwards to your build skills and experiences accordingly

Career Tracks exercise created by David Schachter, NYU Wagner Graduate School of Public Service

Considerations for Resume & Cover Letter
  • Make sure to include your volunteer experience
  • Any additional skills and training you have that would make you a utility player (languages, computer programs, etc.)
  • Show how you are a MATCH for their organization’s values AND functions
  • Show you have exhibited passion and dedication

Job Search Websites & Resources

Fresno State Career Development Center Job Board

  • HireFresnoState is a job and internship database on which students can search for career positions, internships, part-time positions, and on-campus opportunities as well as sign-up for employer visits, information sessions, and on-campus recruitment. 

Metasearch Engines

  • Simply Hired - This site acts as a meta search engine as it searches other job search sites and company websites and brings the results onto one search page. 
  • Indeed - This site overlaps slightly with, but finds opportunities not listed by the Simply Hired search engine.  Checking both sites is advised.
  • Glassdoor - This site is the world’s largest career community site, a bit like “TripAdvisor” for work. They have hundreds of open jobs, detailed company reviews, salary data, and real interview questions shared by employees at just about any company.

Federal & State Government Job Search Sites

Central Valley County & City Sites

Other Fresno Area Sites

Fraudulent Job Postings

Fresno State through our on-line job board, HireFresnoState, posts hundreds of great opportunities for our students.  Despite our monitoring of incoming postings, there are occasional fraudulent postings.  It is important as a job seeker that students carefully review job postings listed on HireFresnoState for signs of potential fraud. Click on the following links for more information: