FS Talks

Reception 6:30pm :: Lecture 7:00pm :: Satellite Student Union

Thursday, February 11th

Dr. Veena Howard :: Awakening the Force of Nonviolence: Gandhi’s Moral Experiments

Mahatma Gandhi inspired activists from Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. to Nelson Mandela, and remains an icon of nonviolent activism. But many have asked about Gandhi's methodology and philosophy: how did Gandhi transform nonviolence into a weapon to confront social and political injustices? This talk will analyze how Gandhi’s idiosyncratic moral experiments in fasting, simplicity, celibacy, and use of local products were integral in developing "soul-force" for nonviolent activism. It will also demonstrate how his public performance as a saint-politician helped awaken people of diverse backgrounds to the power of nonviolence.

Thursday, February 18th

Dr. Lisa Bryant :: Voting by the Numbers: It All Comes Down to One 

Elections are surrounded by numbers.  How many electors are needed to win the presidency?  How many points are needed for a representative to capture a district?  What percentage of Americans will vote in the upcoming election?  All of these numbers are important, meaningful, and useful to understanding what is going on in elections, but some numbers are more important than others, and in the context of our current American democracy, where we follow the rule of one person, one vote, and live in an era of close elections, the most important number of all is...one.     

Wednesday, February 24th

Dr. Martin Shapiro :: Elephants, Glowing Mice, and Flying Robots: Interconnected Forces Shaping the World

The world is changing with blinding speed. Human populations are growing, shrinking and shifting. Global poverty rates are at historical lows but disparity in wealth continues to expand. Technologies are getting faster, smarter, smaller, and cheaper, which is changing humans and humanity in fundamental ways. This talk will show how major global trends are interconnected and how they will shape our future.




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