Fresno State Talks 2015


Fresno State Talks is a student-selected lecture series featuring outstanding faculty who exemplify the University's values of Discovery, Diversity, and Distinction. The honored faculty members deliver a lecture on a topic of expertise, interest, or experience. 

Nominations are solicited from students by asking 'What professor inspires you?". Students are encouraged to recognize a professor that has made a difference, challenged them to think differently, or taken the time to ensure learning, 

The 2015 Fresno State Talks are now available online. Click on the lecture title to view. 

Jes Therkelsen :: The stories we weave, the stories we believe, and the stories we leave behind

The entirety of human knowledge is based on our brain’s ability to think and remember in narrative structure. After nourishment and love, it seems as though a need to tell and hear stories is essential in any culture. We learn, understand, and recall knowledge in story form and this talk explores our most basic means for sharing and interpreting life’s experiences and discoveries.

Drs. Ignacio & Susana Hernández :: Degrees of Connection: Familia, Educación, and Success

Marching along the higher education landscape in the United States has afforded each of us opportunities to earn multiple college degrees while involving our parents and families in the process. In this talk we will dialogue with the audience to share our stories—individually and collectively. Given Fresno State’s designation as a Hispanic Serving Institution, audience members will have an opportunity to learn about our personal journeys, how perceived deficits have in fact served as assets, and a call to action to continue advancing student success. 

Dr. Sergio La Porta :: Who Cares? Genocide, Historical Memory, and Moral Responsibility

2015 marks the centenary of the Armenian Genocide in which approximately 1.5 million Armenians were killed and countless others sent into exile by the Young Turk regime of the Ottoman Empire. This talk will explore how the Armenian Genocide represents a pivotal moment in the making of modernity, and thus constitutes an essential part of who we are as a world civilization today. It will also foreground the challenges the Armenian Genocide, along with other genocides, pose to our post-modern perspective which often views conflict as a series of competing narratives. 

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